can we just address a few things


Truly sorry.

a little something that ang & I wanted to get out as this group verse’s popularity increases. but first I want to start off by saying thank you! thank you to all that have inquired & joined this. the positive reception truly means everything. to those who haven’t yet  / are thinking about it, there’s plenty of room!

NOW onto some things that need addressing or just need to get out there..

since rikers island does have a psychiatry ward, ang & I have decided that obviously this group verse will indulge in that too. it will be a separate building however & this is where ALL inmates can interact, male & female alike. along with that in the regular medical hospital wings as well. 

bring on the females! there’s a slew of male convicts but ladies can be killers too! before we can have any more male convicts we’d like a few more females and staff for both prisons too.

family members are a thing. kids of convicts, lawyers, whatever goes along with prison, it’s acceptable. 

also this is a group verse & there are some fresh new people I personally haven’t interacted with within my time in the fandom & I’m sure there’s people that all of you haven’t played with either. it would be nice if everyone could write together. this group isn’t meant to be cliquey or anything of the sort even for a group. we are all here because we shared a common interest. let’s collaborate, ship, plot, destroy characters & fuck shit up at rikers.

LASTLY, this is a prison verse. to be expected will include & not be limited to an assortment of trigger warning material & mature content that should only be written & read by role players 18+ as stated before, the subject ( s ) of this group will be mature. nothing is off limits.

thank you for reading!

and like yeah, there’s quite a few things that I’m disappointed we won’t get to see addressed - just what the Quincy were doing with the arrancar, a resolution to the arrancar conflict without Aizen or anyone lording over them, shit for Chad to do, Ichigo’s reaction re: actually killing Ginjou got totally glossed over, didn’t it? and confirmation that Kensei and Mashiro are married too dangit

but I can’t seriously complain seeing how the series imploded on itself and subsequently crumbled under the weight of popularity and editorial demands and conflict stemming from that. I’m glad that this chapter was very final without being lacking or dramatic and won’t go on into a “okay this series isn’t actually ending let’s see how his son is doing!”. And it wasn’t a parade of shoving people together Just Because. I hope Kubo gets some goddamn rest and that if he does another series he gets a fresh start.