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100 Prompts That Will Make You Cry: Part 1

Unfortunately, my amigos, we managed to come up with 100 prompts. Here’s part 1:

  1. You’re a ghost haunting your own funeral. You see that nobody showed up.
  2. What are these strangers doing in your house? You’re confused and angry, it’s been a week and it seems like they’re not leaving, they’re not even paying attention to you. You’re the ghost haunting your house without knowing it.
  3. A single man and dog run the Iditarod only to show up with the medicine for his daughter too late. This is his story.
  4. You fight for a noble cause. You complete all the necessary steps. You reach the top of the world doing good deeds to improve peoples lives. It’s your first day of retirement and you watch your hard work comes undone before your eyes.
  5. “You can’t understand how it is to feel this worthless. I just want it all to go away! I want it all to STOP!”
  6. Despite everything they did, everything they went through. It was made clear that their attempts were pointless, as they were too late to save them.
  7. The only thing left for you to do was to leave forever
  8. You didn’t visit your parent figure in hospital the day before they passed away because you wanted to finish your homework. Less than 24 hours later, you get a message from your sibling. “They passed away this morning.”
  9. No matter how hard you try, they just laugh at you. You are a joke, a game, you don’t matter. You’ve had enough.
  10. “Robert, you can’t just leave! There are fifty kids waiting for you! You promised you’d get us out alive. You told them so!” “No, darling, I promised I’d get us out alive. Us, being me and my 500 grand. Thanks for your help, by the way. Sorry about the boiled alive thing. Chao!”
  11. Why did you leave me? It’s been 15 years. Why did you leave? I can’t just accept the fact that you showed up on my doorstep expecting an apology. I have a family now. And I can’t let you pull me into your problems.
  12. Your school, company, or organisation has required you to go to therapy for a potentially traumatic incident. This is the session when you decide to tell the story of becoming estranged from your last living relative.
  13. You can only watch the live news helplessly as, thousands of miles away, an tsunami happens in the country your best friend happens to be visiting
  14. “My head is full of you but my arms are empty.”
  15. Best Friends Forever", we used to say. But now we aren’t even talking anymore. When I see them anywhere, another person is by their side, a new best friend. And I, I am all alone.
  16. Person A shares something that no one knew about them and it is very personal and then they get outcasted by their family and person B is the only one to support them as they cry.
  17. The fire was pretty, swirling in shades of blue and green and purple, if you could ignore the fact it was destroying the planet.
  18. A crying child in the hospital bed looks to you for answers. She wants to know where her mommy is. You have no answer.
  19. “I cannot take it anymore, Sam. You don’t tell me anything, you’ve been disappearing for hours, you have phone calls you don’t want me to hear, and now you forgot our anniversary. I’m done being patient. I have packed my things, you can keep the car and the house. Goodbye.” A small box fell out of his fingers, and a ring with a diamond shining merrily on the band rolled away, as the phone stopped playing out the voicemail.
  20. You unlock your phone, and, ignoring the shaking of your hand, answer the call. “Hey” you say, not even trying to compress the wound, too far gone as you already are, “no, i’m fine. I’ll be with you in a minute or two…”
  21. I knew it would be there, I saved for this special occasion. It was my deserved reward after a shitty day and it was gone. The cupcake was gone.
  22. it was finally summer, his favorite season. He sat up in his bed and told you all about what he did last year. He rode his bike everywhere, he played so many games with his friends, he swam in the town park pool… you were the doctor, and you had come in to bring his parents out of the room to talk to them about how the cancer had spread unexpectedly.
  23. You’ve just had an unpleasant lunch with your family and one of your siblings has just told you that you’ve been horrible the entire meal. What now?
  24. Your mom starts crying
  25. you walk down the street and you see a familiar face. Your heart starts beating faster and you speed up, because Gosh, you haven’t seen them in the longest time, but then as you are about to reach them and scream their name, you suddenly stop because remember that it can’t be them because you’re now on the other side of the world, and you left the person you love far away….
  26. It’s your grandfather’ funeral. The place is packed, he was loved by so many. Then, a small child puts a cup of coffee by his ashes.. (“Have this grandpa, it’s time to wake up”)
  27. The person you love has to be killed in order to save other people. Their death guarantees the others’ safety and it is the right thing to do, and they want to do it, but you have to kill them. So you do.
  28. you have the power to bring back the dead. You quickly realize that this comes with draw-backs since certain parts of them stay dead. someone close to you had an accident and this is the most difficult decision of your life.
  29. the smallest coffins are the heaviest.
  30. Her answer is to gently cup your face with trembling hands. Her smile is gentle and so, so sad. Her breathy whisper reaches your ears, “because love is watching someone die,” and shatters your world.
  31. It had always been her. From the first day you saw her, you knew that she was the one, the one you wanted to spend your entire life with. Day by day, that future became a little more solid, a little more opaque. Until you watched it shrivel, collapse and die when strangers pulled a frail, familiar body out of the wreck.
  32. you wake up to silence, except for the sound of quiet sobbing and a set of packed suitcases in the hall.
  33. “I’m going to… take a nap… just for a minute. I’ll be… right back.” He lies down just where he sat. “Could you… hold my hand?”, he asks of her. She moves carefully around the table, as not to disrupt the game that they will certainly continue. He rests his head on her knees. “Are you there?”, he asks. “Yes, I’m here.” He holds her hand tighter. “Are you there?”, he asks, slowly his voice getting quieter and weaker….
  34. You and your family were in a car crash. You think you’ve survived but in the hospital you found you’ve died and you watch your parents, your SO, your children and your friends mourn. You don’t leave earth. You remain there watching over your loved ones, but when they die, they don’t join you. You are by yourself forever.
  35. Driving home, you hit something. Getting out, you realize it’s your pet who went missing a few months ago
  36. Using the word ‘almost’ is the most melancholic way to describe an upsetting moment. She almost got there in time. He almost caught her. She almost told her. They almost made it.
  37. You realise animals no longer acknowledge your existence. They can’t seem to see or hear you. Your best friend is your dog.
  38. “I’ll never be perfect in my parents’ eyes no matter what I do.”
  39. When you were 7, you were kidnapped when for 15 years. At the age of 22, you are finally rescued. Write about your time held in captivity and what it was like when you were saved.
  40. Time and time again, the prompt guy refuses my Danny DeVito suggestions
  41. “You’re the worst teacher I ever had, but I don’t want you to leave, because you were also the best, in a way.”
  42. after always feeling like you were never wanted around, someone decided to tell you how you felt is exactly right. and now you have a fire in your heart you’ve decided to do something about it.
  43. He was supposed to protect me. Instead he became the one I needed protection from.
  44. “We’ll be finally be able to be together. Just one more year. Then we can finally be happy.” That was the last thing you said to your lover before going back off to war. Now you find yourself in an empty house, holding one last letter addressed to you and the memories of a lifetime of unfulfilled promises.
  45. I’m not sure which was worse: keeping it a secret for so many years, or the look on my mom’s face when I told her.
  46. you moved in a new town a few months ago. One of your friend tells you that he heard your best friend say “There’s no point staying in touch, we won’t see each other ever again.”
  47. “I’m sorry sir, but we’re all out of chicken nuggets.”
  48. You are a stray dog. Your master lost you 3 years ago. You go on an epic and heart-filled journey to find your master, not knowing that they are already dead.
  49. It was the first time your parents said the word proud in relation to you, but you could just feel that was nothing more than a backhanded compliment. It only made you feel terrible.
  50. After five years, they were finally back together. But time had torn them apart and as much as they tried, they were unable to love each other again.
  51. The dark and dreary realisation finally hit you: You’re the one in the coffin. This is your funeral. All these people are upset and crying over you.
  52. The war had been ravaging the country for years. You fought for your country, you shed your blood, you did your part. And yet a mistake is going to be your undoing. Write your last letter before your execution to a daughter you will never come back to.
  53. Your siblings played a game with you, it was called “Who can ignore you the most”. But it’s okay, you knew they love you, because there was still food on the table, and bedtime was still shared in the same room. It’s been years, you’re in the worst time of your life now, and you feel the need to reach out for help. You hope the game is over by now.
  54. You’ve been messaging someone online for years now, chatting with them about this and that every so often. They stopped logging on a month ago. You have no way of knowing if they’re okay, and can only watch and wait for a reply.
  55. You read a late familiar’s diary from decades ago. You knew nothing about them before this moment.Their insight in life is what you need to solve your problems, and your insight could have helped save their life.
  56. “I am so tired.” She whispered to him, inches away from jumping of that bridge.
  57. Every time your father leaves for work, you wonder if he’s going to die. You make sure to say “i love you” every day before he goes, but one day you forget…
  58. you’re the last member of your species, your culture, your language. Scientists are around you, waiting for every bit that you can share, for them to document. They don’t care about you. Although you’re surrounded by people, you’re alone.
  59. your idol, a vegetarian, was forcefully fed a hotdog
  60. Write about the small and big sacrifices mothers make for their children.
  61. You are trapped in a “coma” can hear everything around you, including friends and family coming to say goodbye before your life-support is taken away due to lack of insurance. They can’t prove you aren’t brain dead. You can’t say goodbye back.
  62. “The monsters won’t come and hurt me will they daddy?” “As long as I’m around,” he said, giving you a goodnight kiss. “No one will ever hurt you.” “You’ll come home right? Promise?” “I Promise.” But he failed to keep his promise. He never came home and the monsters got you after all.
  63. Tell the story of someone who goes about daily life, well, tries to anyway. It’s hard for them because they had severe depression. Tell of their struggles and trials. But also tell of their successes.
  64. For Sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.
  65. you’re the last person in the world and you just lost hope for finding anyone else
  66. You went on a great quest with your friends. You slayed monsters together, fended off enemies, and overcame all challenges that came your way. However, your friends perished at the final boss. You’ve just defeated him, and the reality is sinking in.
  67. You are the new Death. The torch has been passed down to you for reasons you don’t know. It is now your job to take the lives of those whose time is up, old or young. Are you prepared to do it? And why were you chosen?
  68. You have become immortal through a game that destroyed your universe. You and and your friends recreated the universe. You remember, they do not. The big bad from the game haunts your dreams.
  69. You wake up and smell something burning. You think someone is making breakfast. You get up to see your house is on fire and you’re the only survivor.
  70. As the crowd around you cheers for your brother’s assassin, you hold him in your arms as you watch his life fade. He was the most hated man in the world, a brutal dictator, a tyrant worse than your father ever was. He was the very kind of man who you hated yourself. Yet you’re crying, looking down upon his smiling face as he watches the crowd and his killer in his final moments, because in the end this was what he promised you. He promised to make a world where no one would have to fight anymore, where there can be peace. And now that the most hated man is dead, there can be.
  71. After a long fulfilling life, you find yourself in the past, at the lowest point of your life. Your family is gone, your friends don’t know who you are, and you’re left with nothing. What do you do?
  72. there’s no pizza in the fridge
  73. You love children and plan to have some one day, until you find out at a doctors appointment that you are infertile…
  74. It’s the effort that counts but it’s the result that’s remembered. Write a story about someone who spent years devoted to their passion but their efforts remain unrecognised, unappreciated because they were ultimately unsuccessful, even after death.
  75. “…you never really loved me, did you.” and the silence said it all
  76. you are a dog going into the vet. You have no idea why your owner is crying. You have no idea that it’s your last visit.
  77. Your parents just told you that they’re getting a divorce.
  78. Your best friend/SO has wronged the gods and has 24 hours to live. You can trade your life for theirs by putting your essence by the mercy of the gods. What do you do?
  79. he spat angrily as he raised what remained of his son “I NEVER LOVED YOU”
  80. write a story where you build up to one character’s death. In the end, that character survives, but another character dies instead.
  81. You are a time traveler, but you never knew it. The only time you successfully did it was when you were a baby, and you’ve grown up a long time away from your original life. One day, you find a shrine… Dedicated to you, by your original family.
  82. You sat across from them at the table, and realized that you had both run out of things to say to each other.
  83. Write a story about an adventurous character who somehow survives all the trouble they get into. These are the memories of an old person, as they remember what they did, with a week of less left before their last breath.
  84. Everyone else had moved on further. You have missed your opportunity to move along with them, and you are the only one left behind in the gray lands. All because of your most annoying habit
  85. “But I rescued you from-” “You killed the dragon! You killed my best friend!”
  86. When you were little, you lost your parents in a house fire. Now, you’ve found out that you have the power to control fire, and are starting to suspect that the fire that killed your parents wasn’t a cooking accident after all..
  87. You spent the past 10 minutes walking back and forth from the lobby to the dance floor in search of them, worrying your ass off. They finally decide to come out and they curse at you for ruining their night.
  88. It was horrible, a pain unbearable to you, the feeling of your soulmate breaking down. The person you once loved, now shattered and scarred from trauma. The worst of part of it, you were helpless. All you could do was sit and watch, but you’d get your revenge. On Death himself.
  89. Your maths teacher gives you a school detention despite the fact that you are 110% innocent of everything you’ve been accused of.   You are forced to stare at a wall for half an hour in silence to think about ‘what you’ve done.’  What happens now?
  90. You confess to your parents about your depression and suicidal thoughts, but they just shrug it off as you being over dramatic. Months later and the sight of your parents still hurts you deep inside, because they never understood you.
  91. You’re in love with your coworker, who’s married and has two kids. He’s quitting job today. He tells you that he loves you.
  92. You’re in a room full of onions.
  93. You’re just about to start your period and you’ve been craving Chinese food all week. You finally get said Chinese food, get home, pull it out of the bag and drop it. You start scream-crying, and your family runs into the room to check on you. What happens next?
  94. Your daughter has been bullied ever since she’s started school due to the fact that you aren’t the richest of families in a pretty nice neighborhood. When she begs you to buy her a doll everybody likes, you know you won’t be able to afford it.
  95. You hide in your room and clutch a pillow, listening to the abusive language your family members through at each other. You hear your youngest sibling being physically abused again, and his screams echo throughout the house.
  96. “We found cancerous tissue. I’m sorry.” “What a way to start my first day of college.” (comment: this actually happened to me, I was diagnosed with cancer my first day of college)
  97. An old man is on his death bed, riddled with dementia.  Volunteering for the elderly with no family left, you visit, but he mistakes you for son or daughter.
  98. I looked in the mirror and realized who was staring back. It was someone I wasn’t content with.
  99. Write a story through the perspective of an abused cat on their 9th life.
  100. Tell a story about a person who never appears in photographs because they were always behind the camera, looking wistfully at everyone’s smiling faces. It is only after they’re long gone that someone finally notices. Old memories are brought up.

Since it has been expressed through the recent survey results that as a fandom we want more activities for everyone to get involved in and more of a focus on our love for Snape rather than addressing the hate that goes on, we thought we’d put a few together; Snape Appreciation Month being one of them! We thought it’d be a good time to do the appreciation month throughout May since Happy Snape Week is on May 28th so it’s a nice way to close things out.

You can show your appreciation through any means whether it’s through a text post, gifset, art or fanfic, etc. just no reposting other people’s work please. Be sure to include the tag ‘snapeloveposts’ within the first 5 tags of your post so that they’re all collected in one place for everyone see. No hate is to be addressed or mentioned here, these events are to be a safe and positive space for the fandom to share their love for the character.

Here is a list of topics we’ve put together to post about on each of the days:

Day 1.  General Snape Love
Day 2.  Potions Master
Day 3.  Head of Slytherin
Day 4.  Spy for the Order of Phoenix
Day 5.  Spinner’s End
Day 6.  Snape’s Parents
Day 7.  Pre Hogwarts Years
Day 8.  Hogwarts Years
Day 9.  Post Hogwarts Years
Day 10.  The First War with Voldemort 
Day 11.  Dumbledore’s spy
Day 12.  The Years Between
Day 13.  Headcanons
Day 14.  Favourite Relationship
Day 15.  Favourite Ship
Day 16.  Favourite Trait
Day 17.  Appearance (how you picture him)
Day 18.  Alan Rickman
Day 19.  Costume Appreciation
Day 20.  A scene you wanted to be in the films
Day 21.  Most Iconic Moment
Day 22.  Favourite Chapter
Day 23.  Favourite Quote
Day 24.  Favourite Moment
Day 25.  Favourite Fanwork
Day 26.  Favourite AU
Day 27.  The moment you realised you liked Snape

For more details I’ve put together an FAQ or you can either message @severusdefender​ or myself. If you could reblog this to help spread the word around then that’d be great, enjoy! ♥

3 Easy Steps to be a better Trans Ally

We all want to be the best allies we possibly can be–but sometimes this means addressing hard truths and making accommodations appropriately. 

Whether you’re a member of the trans community or just a supporter, here are a few things to take into account with your activism/involvement with the community as a whole in order to create the safest and most inclusive space. 

1.) Recognize and address racism in the transgender/LGBTQ+ community
Racism is very much alive and the LGBTQ+ community is not an exception. Although a members of the trans/LGBTQ+ community are minorities themselves, white members often disregard/dismiss racism.

Standing with the trans community means standing with people who have to experience transphobia/transmisogyny as well as racism. Being aware, outspoken, and invested in trans/queer POC(people of color)’s lives is necessary to create an environment that is safe for all. 

2.) Understand the difference between transphobia and transmisogyny. 
While all members of the trans community experience transphobia, trans women/feminine people experience a form of misogyny that can be and often is much more violent than transphobia. Trans women are often not heard, pushed to the back, or forces to desperately defend the oppression that they face. 

A few things to understand about trans feminine people: AMAB people are not “socialized as male.” They are, instead, socialized as trans women and because of that are placed in a very scary place where they have to reject all forms of femininity otherwise they may potentially face physical violence. Trans women have just as much of a right to feminist spaces as any other woman. Trans women are not more represented than trans men or other trans demographics. 

3.) When creating trans safe spaces, remember these two demographics! 
Whether you’re starting a trans project, creating a blog, or writing/reading trans stories–paying special attention to TPOC(Trans People of Color) as well as trans women will create more welcoming and intersectional spaces. 

As members of such a marginalized demographic, it is in the best interest of our community and our humanity to pay attention to these narratives and to validate them with more than understanding. Acknowledging the struggles of those around us, opening up our spaces to people with these experiences, and being willing to work harder to support TPOC and trans women are things that anyone, anywhere can do. 

Thank you for reading and keeping your mind open. Feel free to add to this list. 

anonymous asked:

Hiya! Have any of the mods experiences a similar situation? Recently, my mother has been denying my trans-ness(?) by saying my autism clouds what gender truly is and my trauma makes me want to "reject being a girl" since i'm ftm. I don't know what to say to convince her otherwise, so if any of the mods could share their experiences/help me make a script for talking with her that would be so helpful <3 (Can this please be tagged as TrashRat?)

My mother does not know about my trans status, but she does know about me being queer.


I’ve actually been thinking about this for myself, whether feeling uncomfortable identifying as / being called a woman may be related to autism and / or trauma for me, but I have only told two people so far and both people have been amazingly laid-back and supportive. So unlike anon I don’t have anyone denying my experience / gender, and the potential link between my autism and trauma and my gender identity is rather something I’ve been considering for myself, as a part of self-reflection.

(I’m not sure in how far I’m qualified / allowed to speak on this though? I am technically non-binary so I do feel the “what is my gender linked to” thing (also, it doesn’t really matter? the result is the same, trauma or autism or no), but I don’t ID as trans?)


This is a thing that I’ve found hard to figure out as well. I have pretty strong alexithymia and so it’s a toss up on whether or not me going into shutdown when I’m referred to as a woman is because I can’t cope with the shift to woman from girl, or that it’s fatphobic comments that have been made in the past or it’s dysphoria?? (Spoiler: I’m pretty sure it’s all of these)

As I mentioned in my intro post though, I definitely think that being autistic affects the way I perceive my gender. I haven’t told anyone about questioning my gender but I do identify as trans and it is a very real fear for me to end up in a similar situation with doctors if I decide I do want HRT at some point.

I think though that even if anon’s gender is affected by being autistic and trauma, that doesn’t make their being ftm any less valid. It’s still who they are at this point.


Long Post. For which I apologize. This is, however, my expertise. It is also something that I have experienced, after a fashion - or as Mod Rage said at our conference, “How I autism affects how I gender. How I gender affects how I autism.”

Okay, so, Mod Rage and I just got back from Gender Infinity, which is a gender conference largely for professionals, including medical doctors, therapists, psychologists, etc. Basically, anyone who has anything to do with gender.

I was there as a speaker speaking on this exact subject. This is what I study. This is what I am published in, this is what I write on, this what I speak on, this is my life. The experts in gender were there to learn from me and my team, which spanned activism, psychology, sociology, and biochemistry. I feel absolutely confident claiming that I am an expert in this intersection.

Autism very often does cloud our perception of gender. It does not cloud our judgement of gender. Quite the opposite, because of the effort that we put into to existing in the world around us, we often have a better judgement of our judgement than most people.

There is at least a tenfold increase in clinical gender dysphoria among autistics, but my professional opinion is that this is absolutely a low estimate because of flaws in the studies - namely, most of the studies rely on binary identification of male and female gender and/or they rely on identification by parents, guardians, or caretakers.

Some gender clinics are reporting up to a 30% increase in autistic diagnoses in their client bases than are expected in the general population. One of the panels I attended was hosted by a psychologist speaking, in part, about these specific concerns. They went so far as to suggest that we should consider whether or not autism should be screened for as a matter of course in gender clinics.

This idea that autistics cannot judge gender comes from the idea that we inherently lack “theory of mind” - but whose theory of mind? I am sitting here, typing this up right now. I am aware of the complexities and nuance of gender and autism - so much so that others consider me an expert (particularly where the sociological aspects are concerned).

Like, I personally have a clinical diagnosis for both gender dysphoria and for autism spectrum disorder, the latter of which came from one the directors of a major autism clinic. Clearly, I have some level of what is going on.

Gender is, in part, an internalized sense of self. Having any sense of gender at all completely undermines the very theory that is used to discredit us.

Autism absolutely affects how feel our gender, but it does not prevent us from judging our gender. At the end of the day, you are the only expert on your autism, and you are the only expert on your gender.

At the end of our panel, we were asked a very probing questions by one of the psychologists. Should we be viewing treatment of Gender Dysphoria as a treatment for autism. And the answer is yes, it is a secondary path to treatment. This is the information that the psychologists and psychiatrists and therapists are taking back to their gender clinics.

I want to be absolutely clear, we are advocating for these ideas. We are offering personal and community insight to these ideas. And we are studying these ideas.

There was a (allistic) psychologist at the conference who does already have the Ph.D. behind her name and she was presenting the very same ideas we were from a clinical perspective - it actually worked out that she shared case studies, introduced these topics, asked questions to get other professionals to reconsider their perspectives, and then by either excellent coincidence or brilliant planning, our panel followed and answered many of those questions and challenged those professionals to examine how exactly this kind of gatekeeping arises because of misperceptions of autism.

From a clinical perspective there is something else that is exceptionally important to consider. The DSM does not shy away from stating when and why comorbid diagnoses cannot occur (like how Selective Mutism is not a comorbid diagnosis). Gender Dysphoria is not excluded from autism, and autism is not excluded by dysphoria. More to the point, under autism it specifically says to diagnose other comorbidities if the criteria fit.

What is entailed with gender dysphoria as a diagnosis? Well, you only need two of the criteria to make the diagnosis, and these are the two easiest criteria to make:

  • A strong desire to be some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender.
  • A strong desire to be treated as some alternative gender different from one’s assigned gender.

That is it. Just, I want be a different gender, I want to be treated like a different gender. This, by the way, is the criteria for gender dysphoria that was met in the case study of a significantly non-verbal autistic presented by a psychologist in the workshop before ours. This autistic spoke two sentences and only when people called him “her” or “she” or another feminine pronoun.

“I am he. Call me he.”

Within nine months of treatment for gender dysphoria, he was holding conversations both inside and outside clinical settings. When we say that treating gender dysphoria is paramount to autistic health and mental health, we mean in big ways. This. Stuff. Matters.

So the big question is, well, how do you address this with your mother? I’m not sure. The only thing I can tell you is the science, and why people treat us this way. My experience tells me that someone that is going to use that to dismiss your experiences is going to continue to do so for the most part, and that the best way to handle it is it is safe to do so is just to be persistent.

If she is someone that responds to scientific articles, there are a few that can help but they can be pretty heavy (send me an ask to @candidlyautistic​ if you would like those).

In the meantime, here is a report from Specturm, which is the news outlet for an autism research group. You might find some useful articles here. Articles are listed from newest to oldest. The first two are specifica articles about autism and gender identity, while the last is a general portfolio of autism and sex/gender stuff that will have a lot of stuff that isn’t helpful.

I hope that you find an approach that works well for talking to your mother.

- Sam

anonymous asked:

you don’t have to make up stories omfg. In what class would you ever talk about someone who has FOUR different uncommon identities? Plus, if your class talks about those things, I HIGHLY doubt that anyone in a class like that would laugh at identities. Even if it wasn’t made up, queer people are getting assaulted, disowned, and murdered. Giggles aren’t that deep, I get laughed at for having acne, it doesn’t mean people with acne are oppressed omg

Well anon, I’m not making up stories. In what class would I talk about this? Well, a 102 Sociology class based on Social Problems. 

Here’s my book for the class.

And here’s my notes from today. 

As you’ll notice, we were talking today about race and gender being social constructs. (In a previous class we had touched on the fact that facebook has 58 options for gender.) Today we looked at the sorting of race and racism. (We looked at a fun little activity on as well.)

But towards the end of class we looked at videos from The Whitness Project. The one video where someone said they were nonbinary, queer, pansexual, and were aspec, was Hadley. 

See, and yeah, maybe I would have agreed with you before joining this class that people in this sort of class…wouldn’t laugh. But they do. We all have varying opinions in that class. Actually the majority of us aren’t sociology majors. A lot of people taking this class are taking it for an elective. We have centrists, democrats, and right-wingers. And within that we have people who believe reverse racism exists, some who believe racism as a whole is dead, and some who believe as I do. We have people who ascribe to marxist theories and some who don’t. 

On the first day of class we even went over a collection my professor provided of horrifying things that people had said in previous classes of hers and how we would address them. (The two I remember vividly were that “Hitler did nothing wrong” and “I wouldn’t let my son play with dolls because it’s proven to make them gay.”) 

Just the other day we talked about the NFL kneeling, and there were widely differing responses to it. (We were applying it to symbolic interactionism which we had learned about a few weeks previous to that as well, and hey, if you wanna see those notes too, you can.) We are not uniform because we are in that class. 

That was my mistake going into being a sociology major as well. I found a cute guy who was a sociology major. We talked about racial bias in the court system because we have a criminology class together. Man oh man did I find this boy cute. Then he mentioned something about finding gay sex disgusting (but not lesbian sex) 

Just because we are taking a class doesn’t mean we are progressive. Just because we are sociology majors doesn’t mean we don’t hold toxic views. 

To my knowledge I am the ONLY LGBTQ+ person in that room. While talking about Hadley, they had a hard time referring to them with non-gendered pronouns. Often, they used “she,” and while no one LAUGHED at Hadley being nonbinary, they still weren’t super progressive either. And they did, indeed, laugh. Because it was one, a term they hadn’t heard before, or two, as other people in the class pointed out, they were trying to be special.

I’m not saying that queer people aren’t discriminated against. We are. There are days that I fear for my safety. I’m not saying ace people have it worse. We don’t.

But I am saying, that although I might feel safe for being queer, my ace identity is still mocked and ignored. I still feel ashamed. 

Your refusal to believe this is real, is enlightening to say the least.

Mod Bethany

real quick just wanna address a few things i left out in my original theory post

(keep in mind there are still heavy spoilers for season 3!)

so we know (using that word loosely, but w/e) that shiro is a clone. this can explain a few things

first: shiro is left for dead for seven days before the black lion makes an attempt to save him. we’ve seen from red in s2 that the lions will save their paladins for much less than starvation. why would black wait until shiro was almost dead to do anything?

if New Shiro’s quintessence doesn’t match Our Shiro’s exactly (and quintessence seems to be something unique to each individual, which would apply to clones as well), then it would stand to reason that their connection doesn’t run as deep (but also, that it still exists, since they’re clones after all)

second: shiro can no longer pilot the black lion, even though he was chosen first and foremost for the position and is still the most qualified to lead. in fact, he still is leading, just from the castle instead of a lion.

it’s probably that black knows that this shiro is Fake, so she won’t let him pilot her.

third: i don’t think shiro is aware that he’s a clone, or that he’s being used. i think he believes in his reality. he doesn’t give any indication that he knows What’s Up, or that he’s anything other than sincere. however, we might see a darker turn next season that will probably lead to a realization

anyway the moral of the story is Stop Hurting Shiro. just let him rest. he doesn’t deserve this :/

anonymous asked:

Hi, I'm a nursing student about to start a 5 week placement in my hospitals ICU and I'm wondering if you could tell me some things to read/brush up on? I want to be prepared so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you :)

Dear Anon,

Ah, the ICU. A lot depends on what type of ICU you’re in, but I’ll try to hit the highlights.

Lab Values - Especially your electrolytes (Mg and K), kidney function (BUN, Cr), and liver function (AST, ALT, bilirubin).

Ventilator Settings - Most common are A/C (assist-control), SIMV (synchronized intermittent-mandatory ventilation), and spontaneous. A/C is the most frequently used setting on my unit. It guarantees a set number of breaths for the patient. For example, the patient’s vent settings may be A/C, rate of 14, Tv 450, PEEP of 5, FiO2 40%. This means the patient is getting a minimum of 14 breaths per minute with a minimum Tidal Volume (Tv) of 450mL, positive end expiratory pressure of 5 (the lowest setting, max is about 18, which isn’t typically a good thing), and fraction (or percentage) of inspired O2. Room air is 21% oxygen, so patient’s on a ventilator can have anywhere from 35% to 100% FiO2 to help improve their PaO2 saturation.

At my facility, the pulmonologist’s personal preference determines the vent settings in most cases. We have one that prefers SIMV and another that prefers AC. In some case, however, one is necessary over the other. For example, generally speaking, if a patient is breathing fast, then they would probably do better on SIMV mode. Conversely, if a patient has weak respiratory muscles or left ventricular dysfunction, they should probably be on AC mode.

ABGs and ROME - While we’re on the topic of ventilators, you’ll come across ABG (arterial blood gasses) values. These include pH, pCO2, pO2, HCO3 (bicarb), and base excess. When in nursing school we learned the ROME acronym to determine if a patient was in respiratory or metabolic acidosis or alkalosis. 

Respiratory = Opposite
If the pH is low (<7.35) and the pCO2 is high, the patient is in respiratory acidosis. If the pH is high (>7.45) and the pCO2 is low, then the patient is in respiratory alkalosis.

Metabolic = Equal
If the pH is low and the HCO3 is low, the patient is in metabolic acidosis and should probably get some Sodium Bicarbonate (either an “amp” or a gtt, or both). If the pH is high and the HCO3 is high, it’s called metabolic alkolosis.

EKG Rhythms - All of the patients in your ICU should be on continuous telemetry and Q1H vitals (unless otherwise ordered). This means you’ll see a variety of heart rhythms. You’ll see a lot of Afib, Aflutter, runs of VTach, bigeminy, PVCs, PACs, and everything inbetween. Here’s a good overview of heart rhythms from Duke’s Nursing School. You’ll also want to brush up (or take a crash course) on EKG lead placement.

Common ICU Medications - In the ICU you will see a lot of medications. Patient’s on ventilators will have some type of sedative like Propofol, Precedex, and/or Versed. They may also be on a Fentanyl drip (gtt) for pain control.

Another common medication is Toradol (Ketorolac), but always know the patient’s kidney function lab results before giving Toradol, because while it’s metabolized by the liver, it is excreted by and very hard on the kidneys.

Morphine is another common pain medication you’ll see in the ICU, typically in the IV form. Remember that morphine can cause burning in the veins, so just give the patient a heads up and don’t push it too fast. Also, check the patient’s blood pressure and respiratory rate before giving morphine as it will depress the respiratory system and can drop a patient’s blood pressure.

You’ll also see potassium chloride given a LOT in the ICU. That’s because altered potassium levels (hyper- and hypokalemia) can cause cardiac arrhythmias, so maintaining proper levels is important. At my facility, potassium chloride (KCl) can be given in 10 mEq bags (we call them K-riders) through peripheral IVs. Anything stronger (20 mEq or 40 mEq) needs to go through a central venous catheter (CVC). Refer to your facility’s policy. KCl can burn, so that’s why we limit the concentration in the PIVs.

These are just a few of the topics I would brush up on before you begin your ICU rotation. Obviously there are so many other things I could mention, but I could honestly write a book and no one wants to read that on Tumblr.

One last suggestion: visit and download their free cheatsheets. You gotta give up and email address, but they’re worth it. You can also get their app for $9.99 on either Android or iOS. I bought it and I use it all the time. There are 72 cheat sheets in total.

Oh my gosh! I could go on forever about the ICU, but I’ll stop there and hopefully I haven’t overwhelmed you. Make the most of your time there. Learn as much as you can. Ask questions. Do as much as your instructor and preceptor will let you do! Practice your assessments and before you give any medications, know the common side effects and why you are giving it. The worst feeling is when a patient asks you what you are giving them and you don’t know the answer. It was one of the biggest pains of nursing school, but it is a good habit to get into. Eventually, you’ll become so familiar with your medications that you will rarely have to look them up. But, I still come across new meds or rarely given meds that I have to look up.

OK, good luck! And thanks for the question.

Mursenary Gary

The Hunter’s Son Pt. 2

Characters: Sam x Reader (eventually), Dean, OMC (Jonah), Alexis

Summary: During a missing childrens’ case, Sam runs into a familiar face and one that looks much like his own. Now Sam has to tackle something just as difficult as hunting: fatherhood

Words: 2,801

Warnings: Mentions of cannibalism, slight angst 

A/N: I had way too much fun writing this chapter. Today’s gif is brought to you by Google. I do not own it. Feedback is always welcome! 

~Series Masterlist~

Sam sighed as his brother paced, practically repeating everything he told him.

“So let me get this straight… Back in college she was dared to go into an abandoned place off campus. So you tag along and there was a ghost?”

“Yes Dean. I just didn’t want her going alone okay?”

Dean hummed, “Then the ghost appeared and you handled it. She found out…”

Sam groaned, completely done with this conversation now. “Yes! She even helped me, and she was terrified might I add. She didn’t wanna be alone after that and we drank a couple of beers back at my dorm room. I told her everything okay? I know I shouldn’t have but I did.”

“Then you two hooked up,” Dean teased.

“What? No! Dean seriously?”

“Is that how you two became a thing?”

Sam groaned, “We only had one class. She hated me. But after that it changed okay? Yes we hooked up but not on that night! Y/N was just a small thing before Jess…. That’s it.”

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anonymous asked:

not only MP, now also misha said that cas will be back but we must consider there are also alternate universes, this is making me more nervous I don't want an alternate cas , all the character development and his history with dean lost, it's so upsetting :(

Yeah, I’ve had questions along this line, but I haven’t been able to really answer formally. Along these lines and also in my inbox this morning: (AN: all things in italics are other anon messages… sometimes my inbox helps me out with anons sort of answering each other… Eldritch Inbox):

Hello, i’m sorry if you answered this already, but i do have a question about a certain theory going about about the idea of an au!cas (possibly the one who got killed?) I guess i’m kind of confused about it and was wondering if you’ve either already spoken on it or can expand on the idea? thanks :)


Im worried now theyll just exchange Cas for AU cas and think thats fine because we still have the same actor. The flash did the same thing had the character leavd and brozgh the guys alernative version to stick around


While I can see them (hopefully) using AU Cas in good way for a few eps (tho it doesn’t make sense because there would be no reason for JimmyCas in the other world, but they often don’t address stuff that doesn’t make sense well) I don’t think they would decide to not bring regular Cas back. They have 2 seasons left. I don’t think they would get rid of 1 of the mains. 50% if you counted Crowley. Tho they did that with Angel and the relationship on that show in the last season. Hmm.

Okay, I really, truly 100% honestly don’t think they’re going to use AU Cas at all as a replacement for OUR Cas. If the show is going to open up more alternate realities, I can see OUR Cas (and Sam and Dean) meeting those alternate universe versions for an episode here and there, if only to MIRROR what our Cas is going through, but WHY would they bring Cas THIS FAR in his story, to the point where HE HIMSELF has developed and grown and learned SO MUCH ABOUT HIMSELF, and been prodded by practically EVERY CHARACTER EVER about WHO HE IS and WHAT HE WOULD CHOOSE TO BE if they were just gonna toss him out and bring in replacement copies with entirely different life experiences?

We don’t just love the concept of what would essentially boil down to a random character wearing Misha’s face, WE LOVE OUR CAS. Who we’ve watched struggle FOR NINE DAMN YEARS to get to this point in his understanding of humanity, his compassion, his sense of family, and his LOVE for the Winchesters… like two steps before he was ready to make some BIG FINAL CHOICES for himself… And I can’t think of ANY reason for the writers to just erase ALL of that and start over with a “blank slate” version of Cas. Honestly if that’s what they’re planning to do, I would forever be officially done with this damn show.

Talk about your Jump The Shark moments.

BUT! Considering the Cas we saw on screen looked identical to our Cas, down to the coat and tie, and the fact that the Apocalypse AU didn’t look like they had a Dillard’s, I’m assuming that we have not met a Castiel from that AU. What reason would he have for looking like Jimmy Novak in our Castiel’s outfit when AU Bobby looked the way he did, and when AU demons LOOKED like demons (not possessed humans), and when we heard AU angels were human-hating monsters too… Something tells me AU Cas would look NOTHING like Jimmy in suit and tie. It just makes no logical sense.

Even MAGIC in that AU didn’t seem to work properly. Crowley’s spell didn’t seem to be what closed the portal. It was the nephilim’s birth that closed it.

Which brings me back around to the beginning of the line (just like the structure of the episode, and the meta-ness of the title– a song that ends at the beginning…)

Kelly grabs Cas’s hand, after he’s seen the AU that the nephilim SHOWED HIM SPECIFICALLY, of what the world without the Winchesters would look like– remember in 12.09 when Cas was ADAMANT that the world needs every last Winchester? And he was willing to break cosmic-level deals to make sure the world could keep its Winchesters? To me, in this scene where Kelly needs reassurance about Castiel’s “vision of the future” the nephilim showed him, that is something that’s ALSO forefront on his mind:

Kelly: Tell me again. Tell me again what you saw.
Cas: All right. I saw… I saw (he closes his eyes and concentrates on Kelly taking his hand in 12.19, exactly as she just did now)… I saw the future. (flashback to 12.19, with the nephilim’s power flowing through Cas and lighting his eyes up gold). I saw a world without pain, or hunger, or want. I saw the world that this child– that your child– will create. And it is a world without fear, and without suffering, and without hate. I saw paradise.

As he finishes recounting the memory for her, the lights flicker and we hear the Impala pulling up outside. Like the nephilim was alerting Cas to the Winchesters’ presence.

And then Cas learns that Lucifer isn’t in the cage. He can’t even believe it at first. So that’s something the nephilim obviously didn’t bother informing him about… Dean asks Cas if he’ll be able to torch Lucifer the same way he torched Dagon, and Cas attributes that 100% to the baby (who’s a little busy being born at the moment…). But in 12.19, Cas said it was a combination of their powers… so what’s the truth?

Even as Cas tells Dean that it was only the nephilim working through him, he heals Dean in a way that is VERY DIFFERENT from every other time in history. I’m not the only one who noticed. I refer you again to my inbox:

I think it’s interesting that literally seconds after Cas tells Dean he doesn’t have the nephilim’s power at his disposal, he heals Dean’s leg with the nephilim’s gold light. It makes me wonder if Cas has some of the nephilim’s power within him that could save him. OR when Cas healed Dean, maybe that power transferred to Dean. He seemed oddly invigorated after he was healed, ya know? Like more so than usual.


Hi so when I was watching the second ep after Cas first left the alternate dimension I noticed he seemed a bit off. Do u think there’s any way that he was like possessed or something?

BECAUSE YES! HELLO! I’ve been saying that the nephilim has somehow been using Cas since 12.19. Maybe it’s not “brainwashing” or “mind control,” but I’ve been struggling to explain the nuance here. Maybe more like “infection?” or “poison?” In a similar way the Lance of Michael “poisoned” Cas in 12.12, But that’s not even right.

Like the Angel Tablet was able to direct Cas to protect it over everything else, even his relationship with the Winchesters, I think the nephilim has that kind of power over him. And that for whatever reason, he Chose Cas as his protector.

Cas also tried to prevent Sam and Dean from going out back and seeing the portal in the first place. And then he downplayed it while also being mesmerized by it. But he’s absolutely certain that Jack OPENED the door, and that he will close it too.

Cas then goes up to talk to Kelly alone, and she asks him what’s wrong… and it looks like he’s SINCERELY HAVING DOUBTS. While Dean’s downstairs telling Sam that he has faith in US… 

WE DO NOT SEE WHAT GOES DOWN BETWEEN CAS AND KELLY aside from him holding her hand AGAIN and sort of robotically saying, “Don’t worry, it will be fine. Remember, paradise.”

Did he tell her about the portal between worlds, and the horror on the other side of the doorway her child had opened? When Crowley showed up at the exact right moment, seemingly already knowing about the portal and exactly how to close it (in theory?) When Lucifer shows up out front (seemingly NOT already knowing about the portal?).

And Lucifer’s reasoning is the same as Amara’s was, and the same as Jack the Nephilim’s is– “I can do better than god, so I’m gonna burn the place down and start over to make the world just how I want it.”

Right before Cas attacks, Dean says, “See you on the other side, boys.”


The other side of the house… the other side of the portal.


I think that’s what the nephilim WANTED. And also why he waited SO LONG to close it… because Crowley’s spell was never going to work there. But the nephilim wanted Sam and Dean and CAS TOO on THIS SIDE OF THE PORTAL. I think that AU was the nephilim’s solution to shoving Luci back in the cage. To send him to a world where his vessel bloodline is extinct. A world he can’t possibly destroy any more than it’s already destroyed. He wanted an apocalypse, that’s what Jack gave him.

Cas is knocked out in front of the house. I’m sort of enamored with the idea that he’s still unconscious out there, and the Cas we saw in the rest of the episode was nothing more than a construct– an illusion sent by Jack to act as a lure, for whatever reason. Because his actions after this are a bit confusing…

Sam and Dean lead Lucifer around to the portal and then cross over to lure Luci through. Dean plays bait while Sam and Crowley work the spell (why on THAT side of the rift? Why not on the “right side”?

Sam pulls Dean away to the rift as Crowley sacrifices himself, and for some reason they just stop there? They stand around watching Crowley’s demise. YET SOME VERSION OF CAS THAT DOESN’T EVEN RESPOND TO DEAN, JUST PUSHES PAST HIM AND SAYS NOTHING, just charges through the rift toward Lucifer, and then seemingly just– walks up to Lucifer, stabs him, and then turns right around and comes back out again?


We see Lucifer completely unaffected by the bullets Dean shot him with in the AU, as if Cas hadn’t been expecting Lucifer to be able to follow him out for some reason…

Kelly’s body has mysteriously returned to the bed after the light flash, and Jack’s huddled in the corner of his nursery staring up at Sam with those creepy yellow eyes.

I think Jack’s been using Cas all along, ever since 12.19, and I have seen nothing to break me of that belief.

It’s as if every time Cas gets near Sam and Dean, Jack loses a little bit of that control though. But Jack understands that Dean is both necessary as a motivation for Cas (he does everything for the Winchesters, not for heaven, not even for himself), as well as a potential risk. It’s as if Dean is what’s opening up Cas’s “doorways to doubt,” that he told Dean about in 4.16, right after Uriel told Dean that he was Cas’s “weakness.”:

DEAN: What’s going on, Cas? Since when does Uriel put a leash on you?
CASTIEL: My superiors have begun to question my sympathies.
DEAN: Your sympathies?
CASTIEL: I was getting too close to the humans in my charge. You. They feel I’ve begun to express emotions. The doorways to doubt. This can impair my judgment.

Then in 4.18 Cas relents and gives Dean the nudge in the right direction he needs to stop Sam from making a deal with Lilith (which could’ve potentially STOPPED the apocalypse, but that was before we knew killing Lilith would START it… but feels almost like a test of Cas’s loyalty to Heaven as much as anything, because that entire EPISODE seems in retrospect like a strange loop of Chuck getting to know the players in his own game), and leads directly to him being dragged back to Heaven Boot Camp for reprogramming.

When Cas comes back at the end of the episode, he’s changed. He serves heaven again, not man, and certainly not Dean…

I think Castiel’s “death” in 12.23 is serving the same sort of function. I’m thinking of it as Jack’s answer to Heaven Boot Camp. I am still absolutely convinced that Jack has been influencing Cas’s actions since 12.19, and that Cas is imbued with Jack’s power (hence the golden light when he healed Dean). There is no other explanation for it. Why else give Dean that little cut on his face that we got to see healed with that weird gold light, if it wasn’t to tell us that it was Jack’s power that healed him? It wasn’t clear in 12.19 because Cas was healing an internal injury beneath Dean’s jacket. We didn’t see that healing at work, because we were supposed to be asking ourselves whether or not Cas was being controlled by Jack still… but NOW WE HAVE VISUAL PROOF.

Why would Jack go through all this trouble to keep Cas close while keeping the Winchesters away unless they (or Dean, really) were interfering with that control somehow? Like Cas and his doubts in s4? And even in s5?

Like every time Cas has been “programmed” in Heaven one of his primary objectives was to STAY AWAY FROM THE WINCHESTERS? Like in 7.17 when he was Emmanuel. One day with Dean and he remembered EVERYTHING. Like Naomi controlling him in 8.17, where one day with Dean and he broke free of her control, only to be ruled by the angel tablet and immediately feel the need to run away from Dean again.

We even learned that CROWLEY spent most of s6 trying to convince Cas to stay away from Sam and Dean. It was the foundation of his entire plan to crack purgatory for the souls… 

Instead of bringing Kelly back to the bunker in 12.19, KELLY (under the control of the nephilim already) STOLE THE IMPALA and ran away from the Winchesters. And then when Cas fell under Jack’s power he booped them unconscious and fled.


Because all of heaven, earth, hell, and purgatory KNOW that Cas needs to be kept away from Dean if they want to use Cas for their own ends… and that’s exactly what Jack wants. But how can he sever Cas’s connection to the Winchesters?


He doesn’t have a Heaven Boot Camp with the Dentist’s Chair of Horror.

My guess? The Cas we’re going to see in 13.01 is going to be disturbingly familiar to the Cas at the end of 4.20. Instead of serving Heaven, he’s going to be all aboard the Jack bandwagon. Because Jack still needs SOMEONE, but he needs someone whose faith in him is unshakable. And as long as Cas has ties to the Winchesters as anything more than a symbolic reason for following Jack’s plan for bringing “paradise” to the world, a symbol he’d been willing to sacrifice himself for, then Cas’s loyalty was always in jeopardy.

But resurrected as something NEW, bearing Jack as the source of his power instead of Heaven or God or wherever angel Grace is hooked up to as a power source, he may have much greater control over Cas.

At least, that’s how I’ve been thinking of it…

(and I suspect that Cas will be restored to himself by midseason, and Jack will have effectively moved into Big Bad territory by then…)


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D23: What to expect when you’re expecting KH3 news

Because we need to balance hype with the reasonable management of expectations. 

So D23 is less than a week away and we’re all hyped as hell for many valid reasons, but here’s a few things to keep in mind. 

Some Pessimism

We all want a release date, or at least a window, but there’s no real reasons to say we’ll get one. We can clearly see how the game is progressing, but have no idea of a percentage completion. 

Plus Nomura has stated that we might be over hyped, and the announcement will be ‘normal news’. While this doesn’t rule out a release date, this is a reminder to keep our expectations in check. I think this statement may just be to address the confusion around the ‘final news’ statement - that he misspoke and this is not ‘final’ news. 

Some Optimism

There are however many things we know for a fact. There will be a new world revealed. The new trailer will be longer than the last one. It will be mostly filled with completely new content. 

These things are certain. That alone is enough to be very excited. But what else can we reasonably assume from that. 

I think more than one world will be shown. A trailer longer than the last is too long to fill with just one world. Does this mean more than one world will be announced? I think not, as the marketing department will be carefully spreading them around across different events. I think its quite likely we’ll see new areas of Corona, as we’ve only seen the area around the tower so far. We may see gameplay of San Fransokyo too. Its very likely we’ll see a new form and keyblade as well. I think there will be a couple of story related cutscenes again, at the same level of the orchestra trailer

And we’ve had people at SE assure us the trailer will make us all very happy, along with that Famitsu reporter’s excited freak out, calling it a god game. 

There’s many other things we might see:

-Gummi ships

-Mini games

-Riku and Kairi in KH3 outfits

-Former Org members

-Returning original worlds

-New attraction flow. 

-New music

-Star Wars / Marvel connection (not a world I’m sure, but something)

I don’t think we’ll see more than one or two. 

And of course the chance of a release date/window. This is a very real possibility, if not all that substantiated. 

I personally think its very possible we’ll see a ‘New trailer and world at TGS/Gamescom’. I don’t think SE are going to leave the fan-base adrift anymore, without a date or event to look forward too. 

Only 5 more days to go!

cloud’s p.o/mailbox is now open !!!! ~

i am so very happy to announce that you can now send me and cloud things to a safe mailbox!! (rules and stuff below)

and yes we will reply to EVERYONE because we want this to be an exchange of gifts between people who support us and we are excited to send things out!!

things you can send: 

well, anything within reason, but here are some suggestions: 

  • doggy treats - cloud favourites are bones she can chew etc, but she enjoys anything that is dog friendly!!!! (please make sure you buy them in like a sealed packet, so they can get to us safely and make sure they are 100% safe for cloud, or i probably can’t give them to her)
  • doggy toys - now cloud is quite, uh, destructive, so she likes harder toys that don’t break easy, like kong toys or balls, but anything would be welcomed, just… can’t guarantee how long it’ll survive lmao
  • art / creations - a few people have said they would love to send something but would rather make it and that is so so so fine!! we would welcome art and creations and love them so much, so if you would like to draw cloud that would be amazing, or if you want to write us a letter or make anything else that is welcomed very greatly too!
  • other - a few people have offered to send me (carlyle) some gifts too, like candy from your country, and other stuff etc, and that is very fine and i’m honestly so honoured you’d want to aaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!! pls don’t worry if you can’t/don’t want to though, like at all, i don’t mind.

you can send things physically or from online, just enter the address i provide and it will be aokay !

replies etc:

what we will reply with:

i really wanted to get cloud involved in the reply as much as possible, so i was thinking we would reply with a personal picture of cloud (taken on a polaroid sort of thing, so each photo is original) and on the back, cloud’s paw print and a little thank you message from me!

what to include to get a reply:

whether you’re sending online or physically; we need a safe return address so we can send things back out to you!! if you don’t want a reply that is totally fine, but if you do and i haven’t got your address/somewhere to send it back to, it would be impossible to reply, and i really really want to send something out to everyone who wants it

adding a note inside with the return address on would be great, or add to the extra comments/notes whatever section if you’re sending from online - also would be great if you could include your name (just first/preferred name) preferred pronouns just incase, and tumblr url so i can make the reply more personalised!

EDIT: would be really helpful for me if you could send a post stamp as well!! it is not Super Required but, yeah, would be helpful thanks

other things:

  • you can send things to us wherever you are in the world, and we will reply back always - we don’t mind sending replies overseas
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LT Fandom Drama :/

There’s a bit of drama going on right in the LT fandom now and I’d like to help clear a few of these things up. I have been given permission by a couple users to address the claims made about them, and hopefully we can deal with disagreements in a respectful manner. You want to block me for presenting another side to the arguments? Fine. I just want to show that things aren’t as one-sided as “call outs” would have you believe.

Kiyarasabel is not a pedophile. Shi says that shi interacted online with hir now husband when he was 16 and shi was an adult, but they were just friends. When he revealed his age, she pulled back some from their friendship but still wanted to be there to help him work through mental health issues. Shi is also nonbinary, and I understand there was a situation where shi was discussing personal transition-related topics on a Skype chat which others were not comfortable with. This communication problem is not the same as fetishizing transgender people. As for mpreg, people have different opinions on it. Some trans people prefer it to reading about a transmale character going through pregnancy because it’s a reminder of dysphoria. Personally I don’t like mpreg nor do I want to read it, but if an author is trans or nonbinary and they want to write a pregnancy fic in a way that will avoid giving them dysphoria, that’s their choice.

I also talked with NCC-1337, who is being called a liar. I understand there was disagreement but I have yet to see actual evidence that she has been spreading lies. As for my personal interactions with her, she has been friendly, not aggressive. Unless I see proof that is in context, I will assume she is innocent.

One more thing: this isn’t about a user, but a topic that has created some controversy. That is, Áfram Íþró’s character. Can we just accept that he’s not pure good or evil, but, as elves of folklore tend to be, a trickster? I can see why the next gen Íþró was changed to a character who was less forceful in persuading the kids to change their behavior. If Áfram reminds someone of a bad person/experience in their life, they don’t have to like him and can avoid posts about him. If you like his character, that’s fine too. Agree to disagree, guys.

Feel free to reply to this post, but only if you have something constructive to say, or evidence presented in-context. Of course, everyone is not going to magically get along. But I hope we can agree that working through conflicts is more effective than vaguing and holding grudges.

anonymous asked:

sorry if this comes off as rude but i'm confused as to why you're listening to taz if the mcelroys have done bad things? wouldn't you still be supporting them? again sorry im just kind of confused.

even though the mcelroys have done some fucked shit, theyre one of the few who tend to like. learn and grow from being called on it. i support people who are willing to improve and learn from the past. 

i respect them because they have addressed my issues with their content personally, then apologized publicly, and are obviously open to ideas regarding their mistakes and how to get better. 

and like, if they keep messing up, we can just keep correcting them. i don’t have a problem with it as long as they aren’t willfully ignorant. 

i know as a person of color it might seem odd that im willing to like. guide them into creating better content for us… 

but im really passionate about the idea that as soon as we normalize making non offensive diverse media through white/cis/het people, it’ll be easier to make and popularize our own.

does that make sense?? i hope i phrased this right

Meta: Mako's Fear of Emasculation

Back when Book 2 was airing, I remember seeing a lot of disapproval with Korra, at least during the first half of the season. Perhaps the pacing did us a disservice. Having a full week to reflect on how “stupid” Korra was for “still” trusting Unalaq in between the first few episodes may have undercut her characterization a bit, and only highlighted her missteps. But it wasn’t her handling of the Civil War plot that drew the most criticism…it was her treatment of Mako and her romantic actions. I was never a shipper back then, nor did I really find Makorra compelling in any respect, so their fights didn’t bother me. But I did think Korra was being a bit overly antagonistic and making some big fuck-ups in general.

Upon rewatch, however, I’m finding myself very much agreeing with Korra, both in her handling of the WT politics and in her relationship with Mako. I’m not saying there weren’t missteps, but given the information Korra had, she made the best choices she could. And yet every step of the way Mako acted as a horribly unsupportive boyfriend.

I made this post expressing my disapproval at Mako’s behavior, because I didn’t remember just how antagonistic he was in their fights. “Remembrances” focused on their issue being their jobs pitted against their relationship, but it was more than that. Mako was outright accusatory and callous towards Korra. And it’s not to say she didn’t throw some personal attacks his way, of course. Korra’s just as responsible for their fighting and overall incompatibility. But given how insulting Mako’s comments were to Korra, the fact that he is the one who dumps her is just flooring. I guess Mako felt like she was making his job harder, but rather than engaging in any kind of constructive conversation or explaining his own viewpoint/feelings, he opted to screech at Korra about how badly she kept messing everything up. Twice.

It wasn’t until 2x06, “The Sting,” that I began thinking about Mako’s actions in the context of a psychological need for Mako to place himself as the protector and to feel useful. Given his background, this makes sense and is sympathetic. He was orphaned at a young age, having nothing and needing to care for Bolin growing up. “Protector” is a natural role to him. But it seems that it’s also something that feeds his ego. Ego isn’t inherently a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. Yet Mako’s treatment of both Korra and Asami, and how it did happen to play out with very gendered dynamics suggests anxiety relating to emasculation.

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My Thoughts on 7x02 OUAT

I have a lot of thoughts about this episode, pretty sure no one cares about my opinion but that’s fine I’ll make this long and epic, if you’re a CS fan, please don’t bother reading it just to send nonsense hate. I am in no mood for it. You got your shit, leave the rest of us be. ALSO– ANY criticism of the CHARACTERS does NOT carry over to the actors!! SO LEARN TO SEPARATE.

The first thing I’m addressing is Emma, to get it over with. Initially, Hook and Regina imply that “Something happened” to her, and they can’t dishonor her wishes to not tell Henry. The way they played the scene and the lines, insinuate that something Happened to her, but alas- we find out she simply sat home only a few weeks pregnant. Sorry but it’s a disgusting excuse not to go to her Son’s aide. 

When Emma shows up, she literally has barely any reaction to seeing him, where as Regina was emotional and it was meaningful. Emma only talks about herself and her and Hook’s baby on the way. She even goes on to talk about how they’re nervous about the baby thing since they have not done it before. Sorry but this is just selfish to the extreme. I was very angry at Hook in this whole scenario, sticking to her side like she’s a helpless being. Emma’s interaction with Henry is brief. 

Regina and Henry, Henry specifically says that she should stay with him, because clearly he knows that he’s everything to her, which cannot be said about Emma. Frankly I am sick of people acting like Emma did a lot in Henry’s life, sorry but no, she left him, Regina never did. Emma left him here, in the end of the episode to selfishly go have a new child. Sorry but I will never support that, there is no excuse. 

Hook frankly, I was very angry. He was with Milah, who ALSO left her son for him, and now he’s with Emma who did the exact same thing. It implies that basically women should give up their kids for him, unless they’re producing his. It’s a sick message and I will not forgive it. 

The writing for moments between Emma and Henry were horrible. This was a 6 year relationship that supposedly they developed. No offense but I hated Emma in S1 when she said “He’s MINE!” To Regina– No Sorry, legally he was not. 

The writing they did for Emma/Henry was literally just Emma talking about herself. Hook had barely anything to say about Henry either. Wish Hook frankly was MORE genuine as a character than any of them. 

Sorry Captain Swan fans but Wish Hook is literally Adam telling us that “we fucked up Hook, and we needed to make a hook that had no relationship or involvement with Emma, so we could start him over” — SO DEAL WITH IT. 

Your ship ruined TWO characters. So much, that they had to START hook over in order to keep him on the show. It’s ridiculous, he was reduced to Emma’s husband, and she was reduced to his trophy wife, it’s appalling. 

Wish Hook is genuine and emotional, and clearly has a heart for his lost daughter. For me however, they’re erasing some other things with Hook that happened between seasons 2-6… I am more than fine them erasing CS shit, but they’re erasing some other stuff too, which I am not sure how I feel about it. 

Emma was a disgrace in the episode, she is no savior, no mother, nothing, she is a selfish brat who puts herself before everyone, she is not remotely like Snow White. It’s disconcerting and I feel bad to people that loved her originally. 

My heart was always with Regina, and even villain hook when he began. I understand people are sad about Emma, but thankfully for me she was dead to me since S3 and I am bitter she dragged my character with her. Hook had potential, and now they’re trying to give it to him again. 

Colin nailed it.. in every side of the doubles he played, he was amazing. 

Lana’s emotion with Andrew was PALPABLE– and beautiful. 

Colin, Lana and Andrew together look wonderful and have a great chemistry, and dynamic. 

CS has horrible chemistry, and just look like clinging children, so I’m glad they will never be on screen again, they both are selfish as characters together but what else is new. 

And news flash Cs fans– you never will see their kid or family.. they are going to live blissfully and SELFISHLY without Henry for years. They are literally dead to me… and Adam basically just told you in that episode that it was a mistake and that’s why Rogers has NOTHING to do with Emma– so you can get out of your head about him pining after her.. He’s gonna have a new woman… and his daughter.. 

tri. and the Crests

One of the biggest revelations from Digimon Adventure tri. is that the Chosen Children have the powers of the Crests again.

This was more less easy to conclude by watching Saikai and Ketsui, in which several Digimon partners effortlessly super- and Ultimate-evolved. But, even so, the ability to reach Perfect level again could still be somehow explained by the mysterious powers that now gradually allow the children to unblock Ultimate level. 

However, by the end of Kokuhaku, these feeble justifications have decidedly been destroyed, and we get absolute confirmation: the power of the Crests is back, as strong as ever… and no-one has bothered to explain how and why.

Why is this a potential problem?

As you remember, during the battle against Apocalymon, the big reveal was that the physical Tags and Crests, like Dumbo’s magic feather, weren’t actually needed. As it turned out, the power of the Crests lived in the Children’s hearts all along, and they were able to use it after the Tags and Crests were destroyed. So far, so good.

But, in Episode 27 of Digimon Adventure 02, we learnt that, around 2000, the Chosen Children had to give up the powers of the Crests (basically, in order to fix the distortions in the DW — but it’s a long story). From that point on, the Chosen Children’s partners lost the ability to evolve to Perfect level using the Crests. This explains why everyone was essentially useless during 02. There are other ways to fuel super-evolution, as we see quite a few times in 02, but those only happen in very exceptional circumstances.

So, I know what you’re thinking. I’m actually surprised this isn’t being discussed more. 

Did tri. just quietly retcon a major plot point from 02???

Well, the answer is no.

You see, in one of 02′s smartest moments, the series itself leaves the door open for the Crests to make a triumphant comeback someday.

This is established right there, in Episode 27:

So, the Chosen Children didn’t really give up power of the Crests — still exists in the Chosen Children’s hearts, and, therefore, there is no reason why they can’t use it again in the future. 

In fact, this already happened — in Diablomon Strikes Back, which is set after 02, and where Taichi and Yamato can easily get Omegamon. (You could argue Movie 4 isn’t canon, but that doesn’t seem very likely at this point, and it doesn’t invalidate my point).

Therefore, tri. bringing back the Crests doesn’t contradict 02 or the rules of the universe in any way. It is not a retcon. 

Now, the real question is how the Chosen Children got their powers back. And that’s up to tri. to explain. 

A few possibilities (very HC-y of course):

  • The power of the Crests simply “grew back” over the years. 
    • The act of “giving up the power of the Crests” as a “draining” of some sort, and then the power is naturally replenished over time. Kind of like giving blood, or charging a battery. Maybe in 2002 the Crests’ “power levels” are still too low to power evolution, but by 2005 they’re back to normal.
  • The Digital World gave them back the powers at some point, when they weren’t needed anymore. (Oikawa’s sacrifice, perhaps? Gennai?)
  • If the writers are too lazy to give it an explanation, let’s write this off as just another very plot-convenient Adventure Miracle ™.

Since in tri. the Chosen Children have lost the ability to question quite a few Very Important Things (such as how HImekawa knows about the Crests), and since this doesn’t really affect the plot in a major way, I suspect the issue will never be addressed again. We might never find out why the Chosen Children recovered the powers of their Crests.

Anyway, let it be established that tri. doesn’t go against 02 at all — in fact, 02 is the reason why tri. can afford to bring back the Crests without thinking twice. Continuity is unbroken!

Now that I’ve had all night to think it over, I think it’s time we addressed the elephant in the room.

This is to everyone in the fubblegum tag and all fubblegum shippers in general.

Yes, it did happen. We all saw it. 

But let me punctuate a few things first.

1) We always knew something like this could happen. Honestly though, shipping fubblegum in 2017? We’re hardy if nothing else. We all knew we were betting on the underdog here, and we should pat ourselves on the back for sticking it out this long. But we can’t just pretend it didn’t happen, because negligence breeds delusion, and we’re better than that. 

As far as we’re concerned, Finn x Huntress Wizard is a thing now. Does this mean it’s time to abandon ship?

2) Absolutely not. We didn’t jump ship at the end of Season 3, we didn’t jump ship at Broke His Crown, and this isn’t something to go overboard over. Optimism is the only thing keeping us afloat, and the show can still surprise us in the 12 episodes there are left.

3) That said, we must be prepared for the worst case scenario. The show could end with Bubbline and Finn x Huntress Wizard (or whatever it’s called) and that’s totally fine, but we shouldn’t pretend like it’s the end of the world.

4) We still have our AUs. This doesn’t erase the five or so years of fanart and fanfics that have been made, and it sure as hell won’t stop now. Some dead ships you can still see on the internet every now and then, but those are to be indulged with the harsh truth of reality in mind. That said…

5) Our ship dies when we let it sink. I’ll still be here scooping out the water and patching the hull, not out of desperation but because of the love I have for it and the romantic influence it had on me as a person growing up. That’s my reasoning for it, but at the end of the day…

6) It’s just a show. Granted, it’s one that we’ve devoted a lot of time and thought into a cute ship, but it’s still a show nonetheless. Fubblegum is not only a ship that we enjoy, but a facet of the show we enjoy it through. It is how we explore the characters we like the most and the settings they’re established in and the characters that surround them, and shipping is just one of the ways that we enjoy the show. But I cannot stress this enough, it’s just a show. It’s not a life.

7) So why do we engage in discourse over the idea of two people getting together in a show for kids? Guys. be civil and treat people with respect, even if they have conflicting opinions with yours. This goes for us and the anti-shippers as well. If you are finding it hard to talk with people here over their words, just stop listening. Fans should only argue with each other for fun, nothing more.

8) It’s ok to still ship fubblegum. If NaruSaku and ZukoxKataraa can persist long after their shows ended, it’s fine for us (granted, the latter has been laid to rest rather unceremoniously, but it could’ve been worse). Let’s not go down kicking and screaming. We’ll do this with grace and dignity, if it ever comes to it.

With all that said and done, I’d appreciate it if you guys could help me build a masterpost of Fubblegum fanfics to cope with these recent events. I’m also still accepting drabble requests, and I’ll try to make time to finish my actual fanfics to publish sometime by the end of the year. 

We’re not done yet, you guys.

Hey, So… Can we talk about something?

Before I start, I’m gunna mention (because I’m sure I’m gunna get bitched at anyways… there’s always one…) that this is just my opinion and I feel like it’s something that should be said :)

As someone who is a, I guess, ‘content creator’ in this fandom, I feel like I need to address a few things that I’ve seen happening not just to me but to other people in this fandom as well and it’s unfair to them. 

1st thing: If you use something that someone created such as a gif, edit, art, video whatever… please give that person credit. People work hard to create things for you and it’s not fair for you to just zoom in to crop out the watermark, screen shot it and claim it as your own… If you want to share people’s work, REBLOG it, don’t REPOST it. Also, I’ve seen people take creators content from here and repost it to instagram without giving credit either, please don’t do that… It’s happened to me and it’s such a dick move. And I don’t have an IJ insta account either so there’s really nothing I can do about it. And while I’m here…Please don’t delete people’s captions either, that’s also another dick move that has also happened to me. 

2nd thing: Please do not watermark pictures that you can find right on google… I have seen this ALL. OVER. INSTA. and I don’t think people understand how watermarking works… You can’t watermark a picture that you save right from google just because you found it. You also can’t go around terrorizing people to give you ‘creds’ just because they posted that picture as well… It’s public domain, they could have found it just as easily as you. The only time a watermark is acceptable is when you make gifs, edit a picture to be completely different (adding a filter doesn’t count) or making a video edit or something that you artistically made yourself. Other than that, people don’t owe you credit for anything because unless you took that picture, it’s not yours….Also, it’s worth mentioning that I actually saw someone watermark pictures from Brian’s instagram when they posted it to their own… I mean that should go without saying that you don’t do that but I guess we do have to say it… don’t fucking do that…

I mean, I still can’t believe I actually have to say this but again please just don’t steal people’s shit and claim it as your own… You just posting other people’s pictures and content only makes you asshole. People work hard, people put thought into this stuff, people do it for you and then you turn around and do some stupid ass shit… 

That’s it… If anyone else wants to add anything I missed, feel free… If you got mad at this post, chances are you’re probably one of the people doing it… 

Thanks ✌