can we just this moment broke my heart ok

Can we just take a moment

and appreciate 6x12 for a second here? 

(Warning: a lotta Darvey fangirling at the end)

Ok, first order of business: Gabriel Macht broke my fucking heart. It’s not because we were dating and he broke up with me (lol what a dream) but because his acting was phenomenal. His facial expressions, his pouts, his eyes watering up, I swear he somehow delivered all these nuances with the perfect timing and that fucked me up so hard. I never though acting was difficult, per say (i was told in my earlier years that it was truly just reacting but I am constantly being proved wrong) but I KNOW I could never express such remorse and regret and forgiveness the way he did so fantastically in this episode. 


“I don’t want to be angry anymore, but I don’t know how to stop.”

Harvey’s character development was ah-may-zing in 6x12, which I’m sure is a point that’s been brought up multiple times since the episode aired. But really, if you take into consideration all the resentment and hate he’s held on for who knows how long- think of how long he has deflected trust and intimacy because of it!! Finally seeing him let it go and learning how to forgive was more revolutionizing than any of the session with Dr. Agard that we were shown (sorry, I still love you, doc). He has finally become capable of fighting his own demons by himself, and that is so emotionally healthy for him and I’m so happy because he deserves all of it. 

My last point: I truly think Harvey is ready to be with Donna. I personally thought it would be hard for them to be together when he would just hold her at arm’s length out of fear from his past experiences. I always interpreted Harvey as being scared to love Donna in case of the repercussions if he fucked up. The way he looks at her, now, however, is truly what wholly fucks me up. When she pops into his office after he gets back. When Marcus mentions having babies (WE ALL KNOW HE WAS THINKING ABOUT HER). When he mentions her to his MOM of all people. When they’re hanging up the painting and he ASKS HER FOR HER HELP.   His eyes scream adoration and affection every single time she is on his screen.

 For the first time, Harvey is admitting to himself that he wholeheartedly loves Donna Paulsen and he really doesn’t give a fuck who know it. He is finally (finally finally finally finally finally) capable of loving her the way she deserves and they are both aware of it. SO I SAY, IT’S ONLY A MATTER OF TIME.

in the meantime, someone hold me. 6x12 was so precious. 

My heart broke for Robert tonight, all he wanted was some time with his husband and he just walked away from him.

When will we see this about Robert, about how he is feeling, about his pain. Can we not have a scene where someone just asks him if he is ok. Forcing this baby stuff on him is just shit, the way I see it at the moment this baby is reminding him of his screw up and he doesn’t want to have that reminder when he is with Aaron.

For now I want them to split, I want them to live their own lives, I want Robert to have someone there for him. Someone he can talk to.

Ok… I know there’s lot of hate on the new episode and look, I get it. We had high expectations that weren’t fulfilled. Fine. But I think that it wasn’t all bad. Let’s take a look at some little awesome moments.
First of all, can we please appreciate the development of Mycroft’s and Sherlock’s relationship? The whole scene where Sherlock was about to kill him and Mycroft tried to make it easier for him at any cost just broke my heart. Also Sherlock sticking up for Mycroft at the end…just…this gave me some serious feels.
Also I kinda like the whole Redbeared revelation. Seeing Sherlock changing/erasing his memories because the true was just too hard was really interesting and sad to watch.
And then there are the little things like Moriarty’s enterance (God bless him). Also John and Sherlock redecorating 221b back to it’s exact look was just so heartwarming.

So, I’m not saying that the episode was somehow extraordinarily amazing. I’m not. But let’s just focus on something different than the hate ;)

Thoughts after Flash vs Arrow
Ok so this is no way a well thought review. Just some thoughts i’d like to share with you all.

That is not my secret to tell, Dr. Wells.

I’m sure many of you flashed back to the scene where Felicity told Barry about Oliver’s secret identity in season 2. An angry Oliver told Felicity “That’s not your secret to tell” and now Felicity is saying the same words to Dr. Wells. But i think she didn’t want to tell Dr. Wells bcoz deep down just like Oliver she sensed that Wells may not be trusted.

There is something off about that guy

YESSS! I knew Oliver would be the first one to notice that something was off with Dr. Wells. Oliver senses danger in a way noone else can. That’s what you get when you see targets and threats for so long. I think in the future he’ll share this with Barry.

-You’re going to hock me about this until I say yes, aren’t you?
-I’m a hocker.

This scene right there is the reason why i fell in love with Olicity! It gave me all kinds of season 1-2 Olicity vibes but in an improved way. Now they have a closeness that came with knowing each other for over 2 years, going through many life&death situations together, loving each other, understanding one another… They are totally MARRIED! You watch this scene and understand why Olicity works together, why these 2 can make each other the happiest.

He’s even more handsome in person. And his arms are, like, twice the size of yours. He’s on my three list. My list of three guys I’m allowed to cheat on Eddie with.

In this scene Iris was ME and probably all the other fangirls out there. Heart eyes, deep sighs, drooling over his body! We would all be like her if we met Oliver Queen.

-A guy like you, handsome, rich, can have any girl he wants! -Guys like us don’t get the girl.

Ok both of you are WRONG! No Barry, OIiver can’t have any girl he wants. Actually there is only one girl Oliver wants and he can’t be with her at the moment. And no Oliver! Guys like you and Barry can get the girl. You both deserve love. You both deserve to be with the girls you love. You just need to figure out HOW. Geez! Anyway lemme get serious for a second. What Oliver said broke my heart. Oliver let Felicity go. After seeing the Raylicity kiss he believes that he’s not getting the girl of his dreams. And he’s not letting her go just to keep his focus on The Arrow, he’s letting her go bcoz he meant it when he told Diggle he wants Felicity to be happy. He thinks letting her go means letting Felicity be happy. He’s wrong obviously. But he’ll come around. We just need to be patient.

It’s a tie!

Can i say that the fight scene ROCKED! It was AMAZING. And while i still think Oliver kinda won i’ll accept Cisco’s ‘tie’ comment. I think we’ll be getting another round tho since in the promo Oliver says something like 'lets see who will win once and for all’ I love Flash with my heart but i’m an Arrow girl. I’ll support my fav archer always and forever.

Who was that?
Someone that I used to know.

I think it’s very important that Felicity was there when Oliver bumped into his son’s mother. When this storyline will come to play, Felicity will have a part in it. I have no doubts. Hopefully Olicity will be together when it happens. And while some people says it will create drama for Olicity i feel different. Felicity knows what kind of person Oliver was before the island yet she never judged him. Coz the Oliver she knows isn’t the Oliver of the past, it’s the Oliver who went through horrible events and still survived, the Oliver who is willing to sacrifice an awful lot to save his city, the Oliver who cares about people. So when Oliver will learn that he has a son i’m sure Felicity will be there to support him.