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Relationships (Part 1)

This ended up longer than expected so I’ll post the other half later uwu

2P! Italy and 2P! Germany:
- Luciano acts like he fucking hates Lutz but he really appreciates that Lutz is still with him even if he acts like a huge cuntnugget
- Lutz doss almost anything Luciano tells him to do
- almost
- “Lutz, go fetch me my knives” “mkay” “turns on the tv” “sure thing” “burn Allen’s house down” “oka- wAIT HOLD THE FUCK UP”
- Lutz is kind of dependent on Luciano since he doesn’t really know how to make decisions for himself

2P! Italy and 2P! Japan:
- to Luciano, Kuro is one of the few sane and tolerable 2P’s
- they both fucking judge people when they’re together
- “look at that idiota with the motorcycle” “is he fucking serious?”
- they aren’t exactly “friends” friends, they’re more like “everyone else is a fucking idiot so let’s hang” friends
- Luciano manages to make Kuro do what he wants at times, but Kuro only does things he can gain something from

2P! Italy, 2P! Germany, and 2P! Japan:
- axis bois
- their relationship is already given, with Luciano being the “boss”
- the other two don’t really mind that much
- they hang out every Saturdays at a bar or Luciano’s place to to talk shit about people (mostly just Luciano doing the talking and sometimes Kuro because Lutz doesn’t really hate anyone and he tries to make the topic lighter lmao)

2P! Italy and 2P! Romano:
- Flavio adores his brother to bits and pieces
- he always tries do drown him with affection whenever he sees him
- tries
- Luciano doesn’t hate his brother but is just annoyed even though his actions show “please don’t fucking touch or talk to me”
- he sometimes let’s Flavio hug him out of pity
- the only person who has seen Luciano cry is Flavio

2P! Italy and 2P! America:
- they fucking hate each other nuff said
- whenever they’re in the same room, the chances of a fight breaking out is 93%
- may it be verbal or physical
- “hey look, Mario the midget, is in the room” “you have 5 seconds to run, figlio di puttana”
- Luciano also hates Matt at a smaller degree (who does he not hate lmao)

2P! Italy and 2P! S. Korea:
- they started hanging out the day Luciano went to the Asian’s house and Yonsu was the only one in the house
- Luciano stayed because Yonsu always has private info about the others
- that was the day he found out about Kuro’s browser history

2P! Germany and 2P! Japan:
- legend says they talk about Luciano behind his back
- the said man once found out and they showed up next day in drag outfits
- no one knew what happened
- these two kinkers
- istg
- they probably had a debate once over which sex toy is better
- who won?

2P! Germany and 2P! Prussia:
- Lutz always talks about Gilen, much to the latter’s embarrassment
- whenever there’s a party, Lutz tries to bring Gilen around to help him socialize
- it almost never works
- it usually ends up with Gilen being mentally scarred
- Lutz means well and Gil knows that
- Gilen sometimes over think that maybe Lutz might forget about him since he has cooler friends and is really popular

2P! Germany, 2P! America, and 2P! China:
- fucking bros
- they’re like the 2P version of the BTT
- seriously they’re relationship is pretty fucking platonic that they had normal conversations naked
- they go to skateparks and they pick up girls together
- they have these weird ass competitions almost every week which usually ends up with someone in the hospital
- “i bet you 10 dollars that I could snort all of these pixy stix” “I bet I could do more”
- “yo i have this cool skating trick that we should try” -later- “yep we shouldn’t have tried that”

2P! Germany and 2P! S. Korea:
- the fucking puns
- they both love shitty jokes and puns which leads to the others making sure they don’t end up in the same room
- the once had a pun war that lasted for 3 days
- which means
- 3 days of death for the others

2P! Japan and 2P! Austria:
- they share the love of horror and creepy shit
- hosts the best (scariest) Halloween party every year
- even Allen was scared shitless
- they watch and play horror games together which usually ends up with them ranting on how shitty it is
- Kuro likes staying in Roland’s house because of it’s eerie atmosphere

2P! Japan and 2P! Russia:
- probably the only adults out of all of them
- they bond over shit talking, novels, and politics
- they usually just hang out and read without saying anything
- a few comments here and there
- “why are we even here in the first place” “can we leave?” “let’s”

2P! Japan and 2P! China:
- Zao literally hits on Kuro almost every time he sees him
- the fact that they live together doesn’t help Kuro
- Kuro is the only reason why Zao isn’t straight tbh
- mom Kuro activated
- “love you, Kuro” “fuck you, Zao”
- sums up their relationship
- Kuro actually cares for Zao a lot but you didn’t hear it from me

2P! Japan, 2P! South Korea, and 2P! China.
- Asian nerds
- add 2P! Hong Kong then we’re complete
- Kuro and Yonsu usually talk about nerdy shit and Zao couldn’t relate and he ends up being ignored
- they may have enough money but literally forget to pay bills and rent
- “Zao, what month is it?” “uhhh its June, why?” “you fucking shitface our rent was due last month” “fuck”
- they all know how to speak Japanese, Chinese, and Korean
- whenever they’re together and with a bunch of other people, they speak one of those languages just to piss the others off