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As you can see, it’s Friday.

And as you can see, I have yet again no new Fili for you on this day, Fili Friday, the day of the week where we celebrate Fili and everything that is Fili. (Being pretty, having perfect hair, being hot, being gorgeous, being magical and wonderful, his knife appreciation…you know, just being Fili.) So for that I greatly apologize, as I actually enjoy having something new for you every Friday.

I do, however, have new Fili’s (Fili’s that I hope won’t disappoint) right now. I’m currently working on my project for Febuary that I mentioned, so anything that I’m doing right now is going to be posted in Febuary. And also, things that I need to also work on (gift art, WinterFRE…). I should mostly be finished my Febuary thing this weekend (at least this is the plan…). So yes, I just wanted to apologize for the lack of new Fili’s on Friday, since I genuinely like to have something new every Friday.

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mac and mc celebrating mc's birthday would be nice, you can include the other characters too :)

Two Mac fic in one day! I’m kinda proud of myself, again thanks for sending prompts! And this time it’s not smut just fluff.

“Okay, so I think we have everything on the checklist,” Mac said in a loud enough voice so Diego, JD, and Razi could hear while they were helping set up the birthday decorations. Grace was in the kitchen baking the cake.

Mac decided to have the surprise birthday party at her house because it would be more of a surprise to MC, but this decision did not go without JD complaining.

“I still don’t get why we gotta do this over here” JD grumbled to themselves as they set up a Happy Birthday sign.

“What I don’t understand is why you’re complaining.” Razi snapped back.

“The bowling alley has liquor Razi! So much more liquor than here!”

“Can we just finish decorating?” Diego sighed under his breath.

Mac knew Razi and JD were about to begin an argument, so she turned on her heels to make way to the kitchen.  She wanted to see if grace was okay dealing with the cake by herself. When she entered the kitchen, the cake was already halfway done being decorated.

Before Mackenzie could even open her mouth to say anything to grace raised her hand to shush her, “Don’t break my concentration! I’m so close to being done!” Mac gave her an awkward nod before leaving the kitchen as quickly as she came. She swore grace could be just as scary as MC when angry and today was not the day to test her.

Mac was glad to see that hell hasn’t broke loose in her living room and that instead it was done being decorated. She signed to herself, feeling a little less stressed.  She felt her phone buzz in her pocket; it was MC texting her to let her know she was only a couple of minutes away.  Instantly all the stress Mac had felt was back.

“Guys! she’s only a couple of minutes away so get ready!” she said as she moved to turn off the lights.

Grace ran out of the kitchen-carrying the cake- to join the others. They all crouched behind the couch and Mac went outside to greet MC.  Just as she was closing the door, she heard MC’s  truck roared to a stop in the driveway. Mac smiled to herself as she watched MC jump out of the car eager to say hello. MC walked towards Mac and Mac towards her. Mackenzie opened up her arms, and MC eagerly took the hug. MC got on her tiptoes to kiss Mac, the kiss was short but intense, and it left MC blushing.

“Good afternoon sheriff,”  MC said in a teasing tone as she slung her arms over her girlfriend’s shoulders.

Makenzie’s eyebrow shot up in amusement and wrapped her arms around her waist. “Good afternoon to you too, and happy birthday.” as she finished her sentence she pulled out a rectangular box from her back pocket.

Mac handed the box to MC and watched as she opened it.  Inside was a necklace that had a beautiful rhinestone pendant. MC flipped the pendant in her hand, and behind was engraved ‘Hunt.’  


“I want you to wear my last name until I can legally and officially give you my last name, think of this as a promise.”

MC felt herself tear up; she turned around so Mac could put it on her but also so she wouldn’t see how emotional this made her.  Once the necklace was clasped Mac kissed the nape of her neck and whispered how much she loved MC.

MC turned around and gave a full cat-like grin at her.“I love you too baby, but I’m freezing let’s go inside.”

Mac kept her hand on MC’s lower back and guided her to the door al while laughing at how shamelessly MC could ruin a moment. She opened the door for MC, then stood in the doorway and watched as the lights turned on and JD, Razi, and Grace stood up and yelled Surprize. Diego moved away from the light switch and joined the others.

“Happy birthday, MC” Diego said in a warm voice as a real genuine smile filled his face.

Grace came around bearing a cake that had 24 candles on it a beautiful cursive writing that spelled happy birthday. MC gasped and looked behind her to meet Mac’s eyes.  Mac had her arms folded across her chest like usual, but she was sporting a smile so endearing and compassionate that made MC confident it was all her plan.  She had never been so sure that she would ever meet someone as loving and thoughtful as her.  

MC ran and gave Mac a passionate- yet very messy- kiss and squeezed her into a hug. She whispered thank you in her chest mid-hug.

“…So are we gonna celebrate or did we come over to watch you guys be in love?” Just as JD finished their question Grace smacks them on the arm and both Diego and Razi giggle at that.

“Yeah, let’s celebrate.” MC grabbed Mac’s hand and then walked into the living room to celebrate with family and friends, feeling the happiest she had probably ever been.

I stayed home again from work because of this ear infection. If y’all didn’t know, Houston was shut down these past couple days because we had a freeze warning and had ice everywhere and you know, we don’t know how to drive on ice. Apparently there have been over 400 accidents on the road so far 😞

Anyways, I stayed home again because this dizziness I’m having is getting persistent. But!!! The second episode of How to Keep a Mummy just posted on Crunchyroll and I can’t help but record small clips of g/t worthy parts (which is like the whole episode but is all good) and I hope y’all don’t mind my squeaky sick child voice lol. If you haven’t started watching this show, please do! I hope this clips I post help you do! XD

This needs to be said and I’m tagging everyone on this because its more than Jonghyun

According to a Dispatch interview with a close friend of Jonghyun, he died feeling like a failure and that he couldn’t live up to expectations. Can we please stop putting these idols on pedestals so high that the moment they don’t do as well, they feel like they will plummet into nothing? I would rather have my favorite groups announce they were never going release music again if it meant that they could focus on themselves and live happy lives. At the end of the day, I don’t need a new album. I don’t need a world tour. But what I do need is for my faves to get physical and mental rest. And to know that sales and views dont matter. What does matter, at least to me, is their happiness, them knowing their worth, and that they are enough. Jonghyun didn’t deserve to feel like he wasn’t enough, and no other idol should.



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a longer gentle reminder

traditionally we think that the first days of year, month or week are supposed to be new beginnings, and if you had some resolutions or decided to start something new but didn’t have time, or anything else stopped you, that’s completely okay - please try your best to not be hard on yourself and to not feel pressured by these first days; you can try again, start anything anytime no matter what day it is: please take care of yourself and listen to your body and soul, try to do things or set goals that make you excited and inspired, but feel free to leave them if you feel like they don’t make you feel good anymore

So here’s the deal, kids. Tomorrow, calendar rolls over. New year. Our current timeline is, well, a bit of a hellscape. There’s a lot of fucked up things going on, a lot of fighting. It feels like every day, there’s something new and horrible on the horizon. It’s easy to get discouraged. It’s easy to think that the shit is going to pile up and overwhelm everything good. You can’t fight a huge wave like that.

So here’s what you can do. Three rules for the new year:

  1. Be brave
  2. Be kind
  3. Be careful

None of us, individually, can make miracles happen. The only thing we can do is make our little corner of existence a slightly better place. Improve things for the person next to you, they improve things for the person next to them, and on. It adds up. Make the world a little better overall, and that’s all that matters. So…

Be brave. Nothing about this world is easy, except to hide. We’re not here for that. We’re here to set our feet in light of the shit that’s threatening to drown us, and refuse to run. It’s hard. We’ll falter. But you can always come back the next day and do the right thing that time. Be brave.

Be kind. The world is hard. We don’t have to be. We can care for each other. We can make each other laugh. We can give each other a hand when it’s needed. It’s always worthwhile to be kind to people.

Be careful. Protect yourself. From the world, from people who would do you harm, from your own exhaustion. We take care of ourselves the way we’d take care of our friends. This can be hard to do. But, again, every day is another chance to do it.

Three rules, kids. 

Be brave, be kind, be careful.

It’s how we make this world a better place.

i can’t believe you all are so misinformed and have the nerve to say Harry James Potter never murdered anyone like he really looked snap in the eye and said “There’s no need to call me sir, professor” like we were there

The second the words came out of your mouth– the moment my mind grasped the situation.. I instantly stopped and detached myself from having any feelings towards you. Not in a negative way and not in some petty, childish, upset way. I heard every word and it was true, which made it hurt more.

So instead of typically trying to fight for us, I just flipped a switch. I turned off any sort of memories or feelings I had for you. It was my mind and body’s way of survival: forget you ever happened. Pretend it was some sort of day dream. Otherwise how the hell would I get through this?

Yes, our futures have so much in store for us. We can and will both move on with our lives and try new things; maybe move somewhere new, meet new friends and eventually fall in love again. You’ll meet a good girl that’ll give you everything you want and need, but you can’t compare every next potential candidate you meet to me– it won’t get you anywhere. It’s true when you said our love will always be there. It will be.

Maybe in another eight years we’ll bump into each other again. Maybe we’ll pick up where we left off. Or maybe you’ll be married with that good girl you deserved. With a few kids. That house you wanted. The dog. And maybe I’ll have someone as well. We’ll say “hello,” of course– Always polite to each other. Ask how the other is doing, maybe even give each other a hug good bye pretending that you still don’t make me nervous whenever I see you.

It’s funny how we have always been the masters of bad timing when it came down to us.

—  aftertheam
This is not the end

!Attention all human beings!

Ever since I heard about Jonghyun’s suicide yesterday, I had been in pure shock. It was like I was dreaming and the world was beginning to shift around me. He was one of my favorites in kpop. It was too real, too groundbreaking to swallow.

I was numb.

I led the day mourning his death, unable to focus on literally anything and everything because of how strange and horrifying this all was.

It felt surreal

But, today, I am angry.

Jonghyun’s death had been trending #1 around the world yesterday and his suicide sparked so much conversation. People are beginning to talk about the stress that kpop idols have. People are beginning to talk about just how ruthless entertainment industries are. People are beginning to understand that there is a horrifying lack of understanding and care for mental health issues in both South Korea and all over the world.

I am happy that these issues are being talked about.

But I am also angry that Jonghyun had to die for people to open their eyes to them.

When will we begin to listen and care for one another without needing a tragedy, a martyr, a broken soul to show us the way?

This is a failure.

A failure in society.

A failure of a country.

A failure of the system.

They have all failed Jonghyun. They have failed the one million people who take their lives every year. They have failed our children, our siblings, our parents, our grandparents. They have failed our friends, our families, our countrymen, fellow citizens of the world.

A week after his death everything will go back to being the same. His death will be tragic, but society will cover and forget about everything. Mental health will become another underrated issue and we will need another martyr for people to care again.

But I won’t allow it.

I won’t allow for another precious life to vanish because we forgot to care again. I won’t allow for Jonghyun’s death, and everyone else who had thought that life was not worth living, to be forgotten.

No more tragedies. No more martyrs. No more broken souls.

No more failure.

I am asking for everyone to fight against this global epidemic. I am asking for everyone to do their very best in helping our world with this issue. Just saying ‘hi, how are you?’ or 'have a good day’ can make such a difference to people suffering. We need to show that we care and are there for people in need, that they are not alone. Please donate to charities and engage in your community. Join the conversation. Please get some help if you or anyone around you is suffering.

Do not let Jonghyun’s or anyone else’s death be in vain.

This is not the end.

This is the beginning.


It's in the job description!

*Context: Group is divided into parts trying to kill groups of fighters and wizards that have the team flanked in a large room.The Warforge fighter hasn’t successfully hit anything the whole battle. The Rogue has greater invisibility on (cast while hidden from party) and is killing everything on the warforge side unseen.

Warforge(OoC): Dude, at least leave me the wizard, I haven’t hit anything all day.

Rogue(OoC): Fine, its an unguarded wizard that’s literally up against the wall. But we are on a timer here, you miss again, I’ll have to come back and kill it for you.

Warforge: I got this! Die!


Table goes silent

Rogue(OoC): I return, and throw my returning dagger at the wizard’s face.

*hits and kills*

DM: Well, since you have no idea what happened to the rogue since you can’t see invisible, you swing your mighty axe down at the wizard, and for a moment, you swear you missed, but the wizard drops dead a moment later.

Warforge: Take that! I’m the greatest! (OoC) I can’t believe you stole my kill!

Rogue (OoC): I’m the thief! I steal everything!


merry christmas @thejiminsmolder 🌹🌹💞💞💞

Every election cycle, one of the two capitalist parties will try to convince you to vote for them and not to pursue political action through any other venue because “right now it’s too important, the other guys might win.” They will say “we can talk about building something new after this is done, right now the stakes are too high.” And then, the day after they win or lose, when you ask if we can start working on something new and better, they will say “we can’t do that now, we have to start preparing for the next election, where the stakes will once again be too high to do anything else.”

It’s a perpetual motion machine, and it is imperative that we all break away from it and start building something new and something that actually works for us, rather than be cogs in that machine. It will never give us anything except for subjugation and servitude. Ignore what the voices say. We can build a new way, and we can build it now.

I was digging through my wallet today and found my old rail card from Japan still hanging around in there. I miss using this 😭