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Well, thanks to JE's new interview, I've lost all the excitement I had for Thursday's episode. It will have nothing to do with Liz saving Red and will only be about Liz & her love for Tom, Tom, Tom. Ugh! The writers just don't care about this show. I love James, but the garbage we're given every week is becoming too much. Do you think the show can be saved? It seems like a lot is riding on Thursday's episode & I have a feeling it won't deliver what we are all hoping for.

Anon I’m not sure what “saved” even looks like right now. Even if the show does an about face we still have a lot of shit we’ve waded through with millions of lost viewers and many episodes that are completely unwatchable. We’re talking a show starring James Spader and there are entire episodes that his scenes are the only ones worth our time.

So I don’t know what saved means for everyone but for me I’d like a resolution to Red’s story and a reveal of what happened to his family. I’d like him to live through the series finale and maybe find some peace. Lizzington is a dream at this point since Liz as a character has so little credibility left. Even when she has a great moment I’m always thinking well next ep it’ll be same old snarky Liz. Inevitably they prove me right.

I’m excited for 4.15 because Red still gives me that thrill. If Liz of old shows up that’d be great but I no longer expect her to. I’ll try to ignore Tom because what’s done is done. The pervasive misogyny coming from the writers room is unfixable because tptb can’t see what is broken or why for that matter. Ultimately my answer will always be the same. I’m here for James. Where he goes I go. Cheers:)


“Maz eats ice cream before every game! We realised it’s the secret to his success.” / “Maz gets first pick. Maz, which one do you want?” / “I think I’ll skip today.” / “What? Maz, you gotta have your rainbow sprinkles, bro.” / “I just don’t want it.” / “Serious, Maz, I got, like, three extra.” / “The things I do…‘cuse me - there we go.”

UNDRAFTED: “Okay, but what if it creates a fissure in the space-time continuum?”


HAYLIJAH APPRECIATION WEEK ▹ Day 6: Most Heartbreaking Moment

“I love you Elijah. I have always loved you. And Jackson knew that. He died loving me despite it. And now every time I look at you, it’s like he’s right there, hurting him all over again. He died because of me, so out of respect for him…I have to let you go.”

     "It seems like the right thing to do. You know, I tried that myself. Didn’t work.“

Kiss scene?!

Heartbreak Hotel is such a nice song, so why is it getting reduced down to its three second long kissing scene? Kpop fans getting worked up over kissing scenes is nothing new, but it’s still annoying to watch every time it happens. On Twitter and on Tiffany’s Instagram, all people can rave about is the kiss scene. Kiss scene, kiss scene, kiss scene. People are yet again forgetting that Tiffany is a grown woman. If she wants to act out a short kissing scene in her music video to help further the story, then she has every right to do something like that. You all have no right to police her decisions. Why can’t we just praise Tiffany for the song she’s been excitedly counting down to for the last two weeks? Why can’t we appreciate the amazing acting, the amazing looks, the amazing aesthetics of the music video? Stop whining about the kiss scene, also stop bringing up TaeNy. Sit and appreciate the song for how amazing and wonderful it sounds. Tiffany deserves that much from us.

Jonnor without Connor?

So no Connor for a few weeks doesn’t NECESSARILY have to mean we go without Jonnor.  Some mini scenes that could be included to keep the entire fandom from running off a cliff like lemmings:

The Call:

Jude is wandering around the house trying to find somewhere private to talk to Connor but every room has someone else in it.

Jude:  There is no privacy in this house.  Anyway, no I am not jealous!  You can have other friends.  I just thought you’d let me know ahead of time if you were going to a movie with Snap Back.  

The Text:

Jude’s in bed ready for sleep when he gets a text:

Connor:  I’m going to bed now.

Jude:  U didn’t have to text me that.

Connor:  I know.  Just thought you’d like to know.

Jude:  Cause U miss me?

Connor:  Mayyyybe.  Or maybe I’m’ just supergay for you. 

Jude:  Go to sleep dork. ❤️

Connor:  Night.   ❤️

The Shirt:

Jude comes into the kitchen and is greeted by Stef.

Stef:  Jude, is your phone dead?  Connor just called the house to remind you to bring his shirt to school.  Apparently he left it in your room?

Jude:  <turns six hundred shades of red>


Surprise! Now that the hiatus is upon us and we have four months without new Snowing moments, we have decided to create a hiatus meme to portray the beautiful love between Snow & Charming, as well as the depth of their characters! Every week is a different scene, which starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday. You can make multiple posts, or just one. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to just be gifs. It can be anything, from icons, to fanfiction, to fanart, to edits. The sky is the limit, and we’ll reblog every single post, as long as you tag it as #17weeksofsnowing so we’ll be able to see it and reblog it (you must tag it in the first five tags. another option is #dailysnowing which is our blog tag). You can post as much as you’d like and do whichever week you’d like, it’s up to you! We will all be participating in seventeen weeks of snowing, so feel free to join us! It will be a great way to spread the love between these two powerful characters. The weekly themes are as follows:

  1. may 29 - june 4: snow white + prince charming (includes pre-curse snowing, the missing year/oz, camelot, the season four finale AU, season three fix-it finale, any flashbacks of them outside the land without magic) 
  2. june 5 - june 11: mary margaret blanchard + david nolan (includes cursed snowing in storybrooke, post-curse snowing, neverland, the underworld, the land of untold stories anything of them in the land without magic/resembling this)
  3. june 12 - june 18: snowing + curses (the first dark curse, shattered sight, evil!snowing, sleeping curses, etc.) 
  4. june 19 - june 25: snowing + true love kisses (only TLKs/TLK attempts, not regular kisses)
  5. june 26 - july 2: snowing + hugs 
  6. july 3 - july 9: snowing + parenting (being pregnant, post pregnancy, parenting decisions, anything including emma & baby neal basically) 
  7. july 10 - july 16: snowing + season 1 
  8. july 17 - july 23: snowing + season 2
  9. july 24 - july 30: snowing + saving each other (not just breaking sleeping curses, but any type of save like from the trolls, david protecting snow from the poisoned arrows in neverland, etc.) 
  10. july 31 - august 6: snowing + quotes (anything they have said or others have said about them that makes snowing, well, snowing)
  11. august 7 - august 13: snowing + season 3 
  12. august 14 - august 20: snowing + season 4 
  13. august 21 - august 27: snow white/mary margaret blanchard (a snow centric week)
  14. august 28 - september 3: prince charming/david nolan (a charming centric week) 
  15. september 4 - september 10: snowing + being a team (the idea of them working together, as partners in crime, and being heroes as a team, etc.)
  16. september 11 - september 17: snowing + season 5
  17. september 18 - september 24: snowing + finding each other 

Remember, you can do all of the weeks or only a few, the choice is up to you! In any form, whether it’s graphics, fanfiction, gifs, edits, we’ll reblog them all! Just make sure to tag #17weeksofsnowing (and you can add #dailysnowing just to be sure) in the first five tags so we can see it and reblog it! The only thing is to be sure to post the right themes on the correct weeks because that’s when we will be reblogging/posting the themes. If you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to ask us. Enjoy the seventeen weeks of Snowing, And thank you our wonderful member @argetnallison (Michelle) for creating this beautiful gif set! Please reblog to spread the word!