can we have scenes like this every week

I really think the structure in the last episode hammered down a lot of what Dabb is trying to say, especially in regard to Destiel. We as the audience of course should know that there are things that just don’t happen on screen because we just see a very very tiny glimpse every week but you can forget that very easily when you just watch along because usually Supernatural is a very procedural show.

But starting with 12x12 (of course before that, too, but I feel like we’re having a theme here :P) and the Tarantino-esque episode they started really putting emphasis on the fact that we just don’t have the full picture. That there are things happening that will have to be explored later, that make scenes that happened before much more clearer… that was the whole episode.

Then we had 12x19 with the mixtape. Again, we should know that Cas and Dean (and Sam) spend time - domestic stuff - outside of the episodes but the mixtape really hammered down that this is important and things that may happen off screen may come up later. Especially in regards to Dean and Cas.

And now? 13x01 was a beautiful episode. The stuff we got from Dean grieving at the end of the episode was so powerful. And we - at least my whole dashboard :P - could feel throughout the whole episode that there was something missing, something that should be there. Even without the spoilers we already had it was obvious: how did Cas get there? Why is Dean’s hand bleeding?

Technically, the episode could have made sense without these scenes but it would have felt very wonky. And it’s just a good feeling to get recognition, to realize that yes, there was something missing, we’re still missing part of the puzzle.

Which leads us all to Destiel - all these little tidbits of things shown out of order can be used to show us more about Dean and Cas’ relationship. Things that are missing but make total sense in context and that make scenes seem different in retrospective.

Things that by all means should be there because they make the show better. Because we can pick up these clues and see that there’s *something* going on. And if that’s Dabb’s approach to Destiel then I’m very much looking forward to that.

I’m gonna put my two cents in on why I think Jon suddenly decided to „bend the knee“ and why I think Jon may be playing D@ny.

This is just my opinion and if you don’t agree with it fine. I know that there are people in this fandom who see it differently. Just don’t sent hate, I also know that there is a chance that I could be wrong.

So my last warning that this post isn’t for D@ny stans or J*nerys shippers.

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i'm all for carpe diem, but seriously, how do you find joy in their wedding when at the end it could all be for naught and it could end in a sobbing and emma-less killian? there's a big chance for cs to be doomed if colin stays... therefore no happy ending, no hope... sorry for this, i'm not a nervous nellie and i don't need to be talked down but i can't stop the show in my mind if they'll end cs whether by separation or death. i'm genuinly asking how do you do it?

My philosophy is pretty simple … I focus on the positive.

Everything you are worrying about is the worst case scenario. And while it’s certainly possible that the writers could throw six seasons of hope out the window just to make something work with a continuing storyline for some cast members that stick around for a potential Season 7 … I just don’t think that is where they are heading with this story.

For now I have no confirmation that they even will have a Season 7 … or who would be in the cast if they did … so I choose to spend the next nine weeks looking forward to my OTP getting married and then maybe seeing something after that … right now I have no idea what.

If they doom CS and toss Emma into oblivion so they can start Season 7 with an Emma-less Hook I’ll be pissed … then. But I would rather spend 9 weeks looking forward to the beautiful scenes I know we’re going to get than worry about something that is only a possibility if the worst thing happens.

I kinda feel like fandom has warped the idea of “lower your expectations” into “everything is terrible all the time so let’s see the worst in every storyline” … how about we just meet in the middle and say that some of it will be great and some of it will be disappointing? The way I do it is to just deal with that after I see it.

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Hi B! I'm really curious, and my apologies if you have already covered this, but if you could control Louis' promo up until July 21st, what would you do?

Oh man! I haven’t been asked this yet actually nor have I put a lot of thought into it but let’s see.

Starting at the bottom up, I’d keep his social media at the level it is from now until the 21st with maybe one or two more bouts of fan service.

I’d have him papped either going to or leaving the studio because that would set up future promo for the eventual album.

I mentioned this in a previous ask, but while I’m not sure what events are happening in LA right now, but there’s ALWAYS some sort of store opening or red carpet somewhere so I’d have him show up at one or two of those. One where he’s not the most famous person in the room. Something on brand.

I might steal a page from Liam’s playbook and do the Snapchat filters because I think that was so cool and got people excited. Maybe a scavenger hunt? Have street art around major cities with the song title and date of release.

I’d have some high profile, major market DJs listen to the song and talk about how good it is and how excited they are for everyone to hear it. Totally hype it up. Maybe have some pop culture publications (like entertainment weekly or Vulture) listen too so they can include it in a songs of summer list.

A week out, I’d do a countdown of sorts on his twitter or Instagram. Almost like an advent calendar of sorts. Every day we get something exclusive- a brief clip of the song, a clip of the video, a behind the scenes shot, a fun fact about the song or video etc. things to get people hyped up.

The night before have him do an Instagram video thanking people for the support and getting them psyched for what’s to come the next day.

Although then again, these last two might contradict with THE big thing I’d make happen which is that also about a week out he discovers he’s not the father and he’s so devastated but powering though because music brings him comfort as does bringing joy to other people. That I haven’t quite figured out how to balance just yet.

I know @cuethetommo will yell at me for not incorporating email marketing so I’ll throw this her way to explain how to better utilize that aspect because I’m pretty clueless on that front 😉

Anyway this is all just off the top of my head! I’m sure I could come up with more if I actually sat down and plotted it out more fully.
Go Behind the Scenes With Jenna Johnson's DWTS Blog
Who are the frontrunners? Who will be most improved? The DWTS pro dishes all

Dancing With the Stars professional dancerJenna Johnson, now part of the dance troupe on the ABC series, is taking you behind the scenes of season 25.

Hello E! News readers! I am so excited to be back on the Dancing With the Stars stage this week and I’m even more excited to blog this season for E! News. I always say that there should be a reality show of what goes on behind the scenes at Dancing With the Stars because there are so many fun and exciting things that people just don’t get to see! I hope I can give some insight into that and keep you all in the know of what goes on behind the scenes this season. I wanted to start my first blog this week by sharing my Top 5 things to look out for during season 25.

1. Watch out for these frontrunners
I think that this is one of the BEST cast seasons we have had in a while. I feel like every single celebrity has something to offer, whether that be insane talent, an adorable personality or a breathtaking story. It’s funny because after watching the first episode, I didn’t want to see anyone go home! But if I had to narrow it down based off of the premiere, my early frontrunner predictions would be: Lindsay Arnold and Jordan Fisher, Mark Ballas and Lindsey Stirling, Artem Chigvintsev and Nikki Bella, and Val Chmerkovskiy and Victoria Arlen.

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WHY PB MAKE KENJI SCENES SO RARE, like deadass the entire book of the sophomore is just banging your li every chapter, yet I can't get some alone time with kenji ugh ):

Objective me: Well to be fair from what I noticed, they went first 5 chapters Grayson focused, then the next 5 with Kenji and now I guess Eva. I just wish they spread it out all over equally in each.
My Kenji bias making its entrance: YOOOO I KNOW. The scenes we do have so far w them banging always fade to black after kissing. NAW MAN gimme that sophomore/ES level smut. I needed it 2 weeks ago.


HAYLIJAH APPRECIATION WEEK ▹ Day 6: Most Heartbreaking Moment

“I love you Elijah. I have always loved you. And Jackson knew that. He died loving me despite it. And now every time I look at you, it’s like he’s right there, hurting him all over again. He died because of me, so out of respect for him…I have to let you go.”

     "It seems like the right thing to do. You know, I tried that myself. Didn’t work.“


Okay so ep 12 BROKE ME and I am a train wreck right now but I really need to get this out of my system.

Just some general thoughts on season 1 (BECAUSE WE’RE FUCKING GETTING A SEASON 2) :


We all know that YOI’s OP theme is called “History Maker” featuring Dean Fujioka.  I’m pretty sure everyone has already had this song on loop for like 3 months and analysed every single line so I’m going to get into too much details about it.  However, the title and the lyrics of this OP both tie very closely into one of the themes of this anime, and that is “making history”.  If you haven’t already noticed, this show has had many firsts and isn’t afraid of breaking more boundaries than any other previous animes.

  • first anime about men’s singles figure skating
  • first time writing an anime screenplay for Kubo Mitsurou-sensei
  • first anime OP sang by an actor (I stand corrected, this was a mistake on my part, thanks to the anon for bringing this to my attention)
  • first gay canon relationship in a sports anime
  • first time having a professional sports commentator as a voice actor (I’m actually not sure about this one but I’m going to put it on there anyway.  I’ve seen my share of sports animes and have NEVER seen any of them go as far as this)
  • the only sports fandom that’s okay with the protagonist not winning gold cuz this means FUCKING SEASON 2
  • first time that a fandom united over a single ship
  • this fandom crashed both Tumblr and Crunchyroll because of episode fucking 12

And this is just in real life.  From an in-universe perspective we have:

  • first Thai (Southeast Asian) skater to perform to music from “The King and the Skater”
  • first Thai (Southeast Asian) skater to advance to the GPF
  • breaking national stereotypes (Canadians being assholes and Chinese hating hot pot)
  • first quadruple loop landed by Seung-gil Lee (JJ landed one in ep 12 as well)
  • Viktor Nikiforov as a fiive time consecutive winner of the GPF and World Championships (this has not happened in real life)
  • Yuri Plisetsky breaking Viktor’s short programme record
  • Yuuri Katsuki breaking Viktor’s free skate record
  • probably the first time that two skaters stripped and pole danced at the banquet
  • Yuri Plisetsky winning the GPF in his senior debut (first time in history in-universe)


I keep hearing people say that YOI has great skating animation and I’m just like

Are you sure we watched the same anime?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on the animators or anything.  In episode 1 we did get that mind-blowing “Stay Close to Me” with stunning animation and choreography.  Then a few episodes in and here we have

This fandom has been very nice and understanding when it comes to the animation because we all know that MAPPA is probably running on a very tight schedule and low budget.  After all, this is like one out of a total of two animes about figure skating to ever exist, so they’re obviously not familiar with how much work each episode needs.  

Again, I’m not hating on the animators.  I know they work very hard every week to bring us the masterpiece that is YOI, but I do hope they fix the animations in the blue-ray.  I mean, this is a sports anime after all, we can’t have the critical athletic scenes like this, can we?

But I like how they animate the gay scenes down to the tiniest details


HOLY don’t even get me started on the music in YOI cuz it’s fucking amazing.  There are so many different genres of music compiled into one season.  There are orchestral pieces and rap songs and even an aria.  Honestly I never would’ve imagined seeing all these songs in the same album.  God bless Taro Umebayashi and Taku Matsushiba for composing all the programme songs in this season.


Okay I know there’s like a million posts out there about the references in YOI, but I just wanted to point some out here again.

And that’s just a glimpse of all the effort the creators poured into this series.  You can tell that they really did their research and paid attention every single detail.  I enjoyed watching the new episodes every week and then finding out about where this scene and that scene takes place in the world because it makes the anime seem so real.  They may be just a bunch of animated lines and colours, but at the same time they feel so close to us and so connected to this world.


I think the fandom just all died a little when there was a very obvious homage to Johnny Weir and then Johnny himself began watching the series and loving it just like the rest of us.  Besides Johnny Weir, other skaters like Denis Ten,  Evgenia Medvedeva (reigning female world champion),  Deniss Vasiljevs, and his coach Stéphane Lambiel have also taken an interest.  Hell, Stéphane Lambiel just voiced himself in episode 12!

I love it when the professionals appreciate this show just as much as we do.  They’re the ones out on the ice and they know how the real competitions work.  This proves that YOI really did a fantastic job of recreating the figure skating world.


I don’t know about you, but most of the time when I watch anime, the protagonist is either

a guy (combined any of these tropes to get yourself a typical anime male lead character)

  • parents are missing/dead/never home
  • depressed/always happy and optimistic
  • no friends/extremely popular
  • lacks the ability to socialize/super charismatic
  • only takes interest in one thing
  • siscon
  • extremely attracted to the lead female character
  • tragic back story
  • hacked life
  • has the ability to do literally anything (like jumping off a building and surviving)
  • has an ultimate unrealistic goal that involves saving the world
  • weird hairstyles/hair colours and impossible eye colours

a girl (combine any of these tropes to get yourself a typical anime female lead character)

  • parents are missing/dead/never home
  • super cute with a high-pitched voice/super cold with a low voice
  • extremely attracted to the male lead character but NEVER FUCKING CONFESSES
  • has extremely supportive friends
  • gets into a misunderstanding deeper than the Mariana Trench
  • acts all innocent when she’s actually a bitch/is actually innocent and gets bitched around by the evil side character
  • somehow saves the world
  • invincible and badass
  • weird hairstyles/hair colours and impossible eye colours

I’m sure a lot of us are tired of seeing the same characters over and over again in animes.  That’s why YOI was so revolutionary.  I’ve never related this much to an anime character.  Yuuri Katsuki is just your average Japanese guy that you might run into on the streets of Tokyo.  Sure, he’s one of the top skaters in the world, but off the ice, he’s so ordinary and real.  Many posts have already analysed how his anxiety is portrayed in this show, so I won’t go into details about that.  Instead, I want to talk about how I can personally relate to Yuuri.

Yuuri is one of the top skaters in the world, yet when he comments about himself, he’s extremely unconfident and insecure.  He knows he has the skills but his brain keeps telling him that he can’t do it.  Many times throughout this show, I can almost see myself in Yuuri.  I’ve been playing the flute for seven years and have performed many times in front of audiences.  I practice my butt off for competitions and exams, yet sometimes I just breakdown and fall into despair.  I know how much I’ve practiced, and how much they’ll pay off, but I’m just so unsure of myself.  Before I’m due to perform or compete, I always end up shaking very badly.  I can feel my whole body shivering, my teeth chattering against each other, my heart pounding in my ears, and my hands unable to hold my instrument.  I can always produce the sound I want when I’m practicing alone, but when I’m out there, I just lose it completely.  I wouldn’t say that I have an anxiety disorder like Yuuri since this only ever happens to me in terms of the musical aspect of my life, but I can understand and sympathize with Yuuri on just how hard it is to deal with that feeling of panic.  I’ve sobbed and yelled at my parents during one of my pre-exam breakdowns, and they comforted me by saying that they have absolute faith in me that I’ll do fine and it’s alright if I fail.

Guess what Yuuri asked Viktor to do in episode 7 after his breakdown?

Just have more faith than I do that I’ll win”

Also Viktor is marrying Yuuri even if he didn’t win gold

This leads into the discussion about JJ and his fall from the throne in his GPF short programme.  Personally, “Theme of King JJ” is one of my favourites from this soundtrack (it’s a close second, but first would have to be “Yuri on ICE”), with a catchy melody and motivational lyrics.  At first, I didn’t find him very likable or detestable, but decided to support him anyways because I’m Canadian and I will support my Canadian boy.  However, episode 11 was a turning point for my attitude towards him.  His failure seemed so human, like something that could happen to any one of us.  The overwhelming support he got from this family and fiancée and his fans is reminding us that even though we have our ups and downs, at the end of the day, our loved ones are always there for us.  He’s always so confident in himself and never backs down from a challenge.  I think this character really teaches us a lot about how to face failure with optimism, courage, and to never give up.

Shoutout to Minako-sensei and Mari-neechan for being the most relatable fangirls


Okay I know I just complained about the animation but can we take a moment to appreciate this


I have never been more surprised about anything else in my life.  It’s amazing how Kubo-sensi and Yamamoto-san can surpass our wildest imaginations every week.  We all thought that this was going to be the biggest queer bait anime of the century, but damn were we in for a treat.  LIKE HOLY SHIT THERE WAS SO MUCH FANSERVICE BUT IT AIN’T EVEN FANSERVICE BECAUSE THIS SHIP IS FUCKING CANON.  This has been one hell of a ride, but I know it’s not going to end here.  These creators will never cease to surprise us and I’m certain they will continue to do so in the next season.


Kiss scene?!

Heartbreak Hotel is such a nice song, so why is it getting reduced down to its three second long kissing scene? Kpop fans getting worked up over kissing scenes is nothing new, but it’s still annoying to watch every time it happens. On Twitter and on Tiffany’s Instagram, all people can rave about is the kiss scene. Kiss scene, kiss scene, kiss scene. People are yet again forgetting that Tiffany is a grown woman. If she wants to act out a short kissing scene in her music video to help further the story, then she has every right to do something like that. You all have no right to police her decisions. Why can’t we just praise Tiffany for the song she’s been excitedly counting down to for the last two weeks? Why can’t we appreciate the amazing acting, the amazing looks, the amazing aesthetics of the music video? Stop whining about the kiss scene, also stop bringing up TaeNy. Sit and appreciate the song for how amazing and wonderful it sounds. Tiffany deserves that much from us.

It's Klaroline Wednesday!

Maybe we can do this every week. Choose a scene and relive the moment. I’ve chosen these two back to back scenes that were so meaningful to all of us. Please comment, meta, or whatever you like!

Scene look back:  Down the Rabbit Hole TVD 4x14

Caroline walks in the Gilbert house while Klaus is sitting in a chair patiently waiting.

Caroline: You can’t kill Tyler.
Klaus: Not only can I, I want to. I have a reputation to uphold. Moreover…I want to.
Caroline: I’m not asking you to forgive him. All I’m asking you to let him live, somewhere far from here.
Klaus: So he still gets to live a happy life, after he turned all my hybrids against me.  After he tried to kill me. After he made it his life mission to find the cure so he can use it against me?
Caroline: We all want the cure.
Klaus: Do we? Do you?
Caroline: It doesn’t matter. There’s only one so it’s not like I’m going get it anyway.
Klaus: But if you could… You wouldn’t. Would you? You prefer who you are now to the girl you once were.  You like being Strong…Ageless…Fearless… We’re the same, Caroline.
Caroline: Then show me. You know how much I love Tyler. You can see how scared I am to lose him…If you and I are so similar, then show me your compassion. Show him the mercy I would show you.
Klaus: Mercy? For Tyler?  Very well. Tell him to leave town immediately. And tell him to hide in a place I would never find him.
Caroline: Of course-
Klaus: Tell him this is the mercy I would extend for your sake. That I will give him a head start…before I kill him.

Caroline: How did you get out?
Klaus: I fear something awful has befallen your friend Bonnie.

He approaches. Caroline gets up quickly

Klaus: Don’t worry, Love. You know I would never hurt you.
Caroline: You’ve done enough.

Klaus: I’ve done more than enough. I’ve shown kindness, forgiveness, pity…Because of you, Caroline. It was all for you.

Special Treatment for Sara Harvey? Is a Parent Involved? & What Happened to the Girls During Those 3 Weeks - PLL 6x01 Analysis

Why Isn`t Sara Locked Up?

“Game On, Charles” blew me away and for being the first episode in the season, it did pretty well as far as the amount of reveals goes. But it also filled my head with even more questions. The biggest one, aside from what kind of torture really took place in the girls` bedrooms during those 3 weeks, is why isn`t Sara Harvey locked up like the other girls? She seems to be hiding as opposed to being locked up in the very first scene when she sees the girls walk outside. She later walks around and delivers the girls their meals. We can probably assume she did that every day for those 3 weeks. I`m pretty sure Charles would`ve been too busy planning out Ali`s arrival to run around the dollhouse with food trays. 

So although I believe that Sara, just like Mona, was another place holder until Charles got hold of the real Alison, I wonder whether she had privileges and responsibilities Mona and the girls did not have. Did Charles brainwash her and use her as an “A” team member? Did he send her out on “A” missions? 

How crazy would it be if Sara occasionally assumed the role of “black hoodie” and it was her we saw at the end of certain episodes? 

This Gives Me Hope!

I shared my “Charles” suspects in a video you can see here, and what Spencer said really gave me hope. Based on what she said I can keep the people that are on it on it for another week. Spencer tells the girls that when she was face to face with Charles she felt something, as though he was a cousin, a pen pal, or someone she knows. Jason and Wren definitely fit that description. Spencer has a stronger bond with Jason than Jason does with Ali (after all, Spencer can be seen worrying about him and checking up on him multiple times throughout the seasons.) Wren? Well, there was a time when the two of them were close too. 

Aside from Andrew who is shoved into our faces too much to truly be “A”, I can`t think of any other male character that we know who Spencer could`ve spent a lot of time with. I think that Toby, Ezra, and Caleb are also off the hook so I can`t help but think of Jason and Wren. 


When Mona comes in she says that she was just let out of her room. So does that mean that Charles was the one who undressed the girls and gave each of them a bath? That`d be taking creepy to a whole new level, so I`ll stick to the idea that it was Sara who washed them up thank you very much. 

The Voice - Is It One of the Fathers? 

I got a serious case of deja vu watching this scene. Alison contacts road side assistance. An extremely familiar sounding male voice tells Alison that whatever she needs she can find in the trunk of the car. I watched that scene multiple times and I can`t shake the feeling that I`ve heard that voice before. My first guess was that it`s Pastor Ted (my “Charles” suspect #3), but it also sounds somewhat like Mr. Hastings. Many of my subscribers think that it could be Byron. One of the adults/parents being on “A`s” side has always been something I wanted to see explored on the show, so maybe it`s finally going to happen :)

What Happened In Their Bedrooms?

Whatever it is it`s going to stay with them for a long time and I see lots of therapy in their future. I heard that Dr. Sullivan is returning, so perhaps the girls will meet with her to try and work through their trauma. But back to what might`ve went down in those three weeks. When the girls finally reunite in the hallway Spencer and Emily look terrified, Aria looks plain angry, and Hanna looks…ashamed. One of my subscribers brought up an interesting idea - that Charles might`ve forced Hanna to binge and purge or came up with some other food-related “challenge” for her to complete. Since eating has always been Hanna`s  way of coping with stress as well as a huge source of anxiety, I think it`s a pretty good theory. 

I`m excited to see how and why Aria ended up cutting her hair and reverted back to the “pink streaks” look Jason loved so much. Could Emily`s torture have something to do with Maya or Alison? Spencer has always felt the pressure to be the leader of the group and the smart one, so maybe that`s what Charles used against her. All in all, I think that his main goal was to weaken the girls emotionally and make them turn on each other. Did he succeed? We`ll just have to wait and see. 

Why Did Radley Close?

Charles is about to have a full set of dolls to play with forever and then Radley closes. This can`t be a coincidence. If I`m not mistaken somebody bought the place which begs the question, who has enough money to buy an entire sanitarium? Is Charles this rich? Did Mr. Hastings have something to do with this since he`s always talked about shutting that place down? Very interesting. Everything always leads back to Radley, so having it be closed is actually an advantage because if the girls end up having to go there and look for clues they won`t have to hunt down any nurse uniforms or get fake IDs. 

Who`s The Guy In a Hat?

Looks very much like Andrew but I doubt that Andrew would be strolling around the neighborhood. I`m sure his face is plastered all over newspapers and other media outlets, so he wouldn`t want to expose himself and get caught. Again, I think most of us are in agreement that being MIA and looking slightly sketchy does not necessarily an “A” make. He`s up to something for sure, but I don`t see Andrew being “A” material. So who else could it be? 

The man also looked a little like Wilden, but he is dead. He also could pass for Ian. He is dead too, though. The hat and the black jacket combo does remind me of the guy who came to see Melissa that one time and Spencer caught the meeting on a security camera. If we didn`t find out who that was and I don`t think we did, than it might be the same guy.

Apparently The Girls Like to Play Games… And Someone Doesn`t Like It

I don`t think Andrew wrote this, but whoever wrote it is very confused. So s/he doesn`t find the girls to be evil but s/he sees them as the root of all that`s wrong with the world. They haven`t done anything to him personally, but he wants to punish them and watch them scream anyway. Sounds like a disturbed person`s thoughts, wouldn`t you say? 

Why The Foreign Languages?

Every time the female voice gives the girls orders I get a feeling as though the dollhouse is also supposed to mirror an airport. Ever since the finale I keep trying to come up with a theory as to why Charles wants the girls to be addressed in different languages. We hear German, Spanish, French, and English. The “Welcome” card has greetings in different languages as well. The best explanation I can come up with is that Charles is someone who has traveled a lot and probably has some sort of an airport fetish :D Not sure about the airport fetish part, but the travel part leads me to Ted, Wren, and Byron. 

Random Thoughts

While it helped to get Charles all riled up, burning the Mrs. D/Apple Farm movie was a huge mistake. The girls destroyed enough evidence in 5B, I`m not sure why they continue doing it in 6A. 

Having to choose between saving the room and capturing Alison, Charles chose the vault which says a lot about how important the vault is to him. I hope it hasn`t burned down completely because certain things he has displayed there might be clues.

I loved the reunion outside, and while the Emison/Spoby/Ezria/Haleb moments gave all the shippers the feels, I especially enjoyed this scene because finally, Mona wasn`t excluded. The girls saved her, once outside Spencer was hugging her before she ran into Toby`s arms. We even saw Ali comforting Mona…Let`s hope that after this ordeal there won`t be as much bad blood between them, they`ll combine forces, and bring Charles down once and for all. 

The Sara Harvey reveal…It definitely has fans divided - some believe that this is indeed Sara Harvey and Bethany Young really is dead. Others think that perhaps this is Bethany and Charles has forced her to call herself Sara just like he forced Mona to assume the role of Ali. Personally, I think that the girl we meet in this episode is Sara, but I`m not going to be disappointed if I`m proven wrong because both Sara and Bethany know things that can help up figure out who Charles is. 

The cliffhanger - “Ali, who is Charles DiLaurentis?” was an awesome way to end the episode. You can tell from Ali`s expression that she has no clue, but it doesn`t mean that her family doesn`t…

The season premiere exceeded all of my expectations and hopefully the same level of tension and creepiness that made me enjoy the episode so much will continue throughout the rest of 6A. 

Click here to check out my “Game On, Charles” Recap & Theory Video 

Jonnor without Connor?

So no Connor for a few weeks doesn’t NECESSARILY have to mean we go without Jonnor.  Some mini scenes that could be included to keep the entire fandom from running off a cliff like lemmings:

The Call:

Jude is wandering around the house trying to find somewhere private to talk to Connor but every room has someone else in it.

Jude:  There is no privacy in this house.  Anyway, no I am not jealous!  You can have other friends.  I just thought you’d let me know ahead of time if you were going to a movie with Snap Back.  

The Text:

Jude’s in bed ready for sleep when he gets a text:

Connor:  I’m going to bed now.

Jude:  U didn’t have to text me that.

Connor:  I know.  Just thought you’d like to know.

Jude:  Cause U miss me?

Connor:  Mayyyybe.  Or maybe I’m’ just supergay for you. 

Jude:  Go to sleep dork. ❤️

Connor:  Night.   ❤️

The Shirt:

Jude comes into the kitchen and is greeted by Stef.

Stef:  Jude, is your phone dead?  Connor just called the house to remind you to bring his shirt to school.  Apparently he left it in your room?

Jude:  <turns six hundred shades of red>
The Scream Queens' Finale Will Blow. You. Away.

Tomorrow night’s season finale, in which the final Red Devil is finally revealed, is equal parts hilarious and surprising, and it deserves to be said: Arguably the most thoroughly enjoyable TV event of the season.

For starters: Remember how this whole show was initially inspired by that infamous sorority letter from hell? The one we once had Emma Roberts do a cold reading of? Well, that all comes full circle in a very hilarious way, as Chanel’s email to the Kappas goes viral and makes her a pariah on campus (and the country!). Check out our exclusive sneak peek by pressing play above!

That’s just one of countless very funny moments in the finale. And of course, there’s more murder and mayhem as the final Red Devil killer is revealed.

“There’s not as much blood as you’d think,” Emma Roberts (Chanel Oberlin herself) tells E! News exclusively. “There’s more emotional blood but not a lot of actual blood.”

More importantly, there are some great plot twists (which help to explain some of the previous head-scratchers on the show), and some cry-laugh-worthy scene with Emma and her Chanels, Lea Michele and Jamie Lee Curtis, and also Glen Powelland Niecy Nash that should earn them every award on the planet.

I can’t wait to see it!” Lea Michele (Hester) told me earlier today, adding that she was told who the killer was only a few weeks ago and she couldn’t believe it. “I got the script and I thought it was so good and so smart. When we filmed the final episode, I wrote Ryan [Murphy] and Brad [Falchuk] and was like, what can I say? You guys have been so good to me and given me so many incredible gifts and this is awesome.

“We were all just shocked when we read it,” Emma says of the finale script, “And it just makes every other episode look not crazy at all because it’s just completely off the wall. We had so much fun going back and searching for all these little clues that we missed. I think you guys are going to be pretty shocked!”

Scream Queens has not yet officially been picked up for a second season, but Emma and Lea both say they are really hoping it will be, and that they’ll be a part of it.

Oh trust me,” Lea says with a laugh, “I know where [Ryan] lives. I’ve talked to him about what her role might be, and I would love for it to happen.

Okay you know what I love about this damn show, especially this season? Sure, the episodes might be short, but there is not one clip that doesn’t have a purpose to it and isn’t in some way moving the story line along. It isn’t like other shows where there’s a random specific character storyline each week that adds some comedy and then is never talked about again. Even the cute scenes aren’t there just to be cute, they have a PURPOSE to them. All the clips are so perfectly linked together, and in each clip we learn something new about one of the characters, or later figure out how that clip contributed to their character development. EVEN THE DAMN RANDOM LOCKER SCENES ARE IMPORTANT. That’s why every episode seems to feel so BIG, because there’s never just an episode that can get tossed away as one that doesn’t really matter. And THAT is good writing.

10 Ways Yoruichi might respond to the question, "But where have you been??"

“What Yoruichi’s been up to” requested by distractedmoose. :)

Yoruichi has, of course, just shown up in the manga, and she even mentioned where she’s been (collected energy or something). But! It’s been so long since we’ve seen her, that a person might understandably ask her about it. Maybe something like, “But where the hell have you been since the fake Karakura Town fight???” Here are 10 ways Yoruichi might respond!

1. "Oh, you know. Hanging out. Catching up on my sleep. Ruling over my vast cat army, whose numbers swell day by day and whose members perpetually pledge their loyalty to me their queen.“

2. "I went toe to toe with Aizen. Figured I had earned a bit of R&R!”

3. “I just like to wait until the first wave of ‘all the shinigami have to lose their fights because that’s dramatic’ is over." 

4. "For some of us, 'fashionably late’ isn’t just a lame excuse. It’s a lifestyle!”

5. “Let’s just say my battle leotard needed a LOT of repairs.”

6. “Eh. The fullbringer arc didn’t seem like my scene. I wanted to wait until things got exciting!”

7. “I’m a cat! We cats only show up when WE want to show up.”

8. “I like to visit my zanpakuto every now and then.”

9. “Well I sure know what I wasn’t doing. I wasn’t involved in a weeks’ long 'Who can catnap the longest’ contest with Grimmjow. No sir.”

10. “I’ve been looking for my pants! But I couldn’t find them.”

You know what is awesome? I was complaining that we are gonna have to wait 1 day without the novela, untill it’s monday and it’s back on TV so we can have #Clarina back, but then I remembered that, like, most OTPs in this site are from movies, books, and Tv shows, and people who ship this certain couples have to wait many days (sometimes weeks, depending on how often there’s a new episode or how good the season go) untill a new episode is aired, but not us. Our OTP is from a soap opera, which means is aired EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY INCLUDING SATURDAYS, so we get to see this: 

 every night.

And PLUS: we have SO MANY SPOILERS IT’S RIDICULOUS, and not even like uncertain spoilers, like oh we guess it’s going to happen this idk, it’s gonna happen that, probably on season idk tbh, NO MOTHERCUKERS we have spoilers (which sometimes it even includes photoscreens from the scene) that we can simply find on the official soap opera website, and you can choose to read it or not, it’s up to you. AND I WAS THINKING ISN’T IT FUCKING AWESOME OMFG, because I’m pretty sure I would not handle very well on getting to watch #Clarina only once a week, and even more if there was any kind of hiatus idk.

 oh man aren’t we lucky? omfg


In the script, it was just one sentence. “She’s in a funk. He tries to cheer her up by singing ‘Hold On’ by Wilson Phillips.” If you remember Bridesmaids, that song actually factors in very prominently and long before Kristen was involved with this movie, my producer saw it and was like “Ugh! They used ‘Hold On.’ We have to find a new song.” So we were in pre-production, like a week or two out, and I didn’t have a song yet and we needed to clear it in order to shoot it as a lip sync, so I spent 24 hours listening to every cheesy mid-’80s ballad you can think of and looking in the mirror and lip syncing it myself.
What’s so great about “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship is the fact that it’s a duet. Suddenly the scene became a little more epic because it became about Bill’s character getting Maggie (Wiig) to sing Grace Slick’s part of the song. Bill and Kristen were stoked about doing it almost as a production number. We didn’t spend a lot of time on it, but we choreographed it. But I believe in leaving things loose and open once the camera rolls so it doesn’t feel too staged and rehearsed.
—  Craig Johnson on the epic lip sync scene in The Skeleton Twins