can we have one in hd please

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For AM6 I have one main request: If Alex Turner takes off his shirt, I know it'll be hard to keep breathing, but please spend your last breath getting an hd photo of that boy! Sincerely, a thirsty fan

Oh yes please, and like really HD videos. I mean both Alex and Miles took their shirts off in Cleveland and all we got was this??? We can definitely do better!!

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can we please have the happy version of the dog tags fic after steve dies? i need happiness after all that angst and seeing tony's pain in HD. thank you :)

Okay, wow, I am terribly late about this, but still.

This one is an add-on to this post and since you asked for happy, I’m gonna try it. It’s more hopeful than happy though :D

He came to in flashes of awareness. The ache in his bones, the fogginess of his mind, the blur before his eyes, everything was slow and dull.

And then, in a horrible flash, he remembered the last visual he had seen.

With a lurch of energy far more than he probably could afford, he tried to sit up, only to be pushed down by strong hands.

“Stay down,” a voice, an extremely familiar voice said, “Stop struggling! Stay down, Steve!”

“’ny…To..ny?” Steve rasped hoarsely, voicing more air than sound but the man near him must have understood.

“Yeah..yeah, it’s me,” he heard the voice, Tony’s voice say and he let out a half-sob involuntarily, “No, no Steve, relax. It’s me, I swear. Look…okay, feel this.”

Steve felt somebody hold his hand and guide it upwards, over warm alive skin and onto a face he was intimately familiar with. His fingertips grazed a wide forehead, down a sharp nose, over closed eyelids, smooth cheekbones, through fine facial hair and landed on dry lips. Lips that he could have recognized in his sleep, having known their feel, shape, taste and warmth in a way nothing else could register.

“It’s you…it’s really you…” Steve whispered in wonder, a breath of gratitude, a plea for relief, and felt the lips move under his fingers.

“In the flesh,” Tony whispered back and Steve’s hand was guided down till he reached a warm chest, feeling the soft thrum of a stable heartbeat under his skin, “In the blood. It’s really me, you absolute idiot.”

Steve had to open his eyes then, had to risk everything and open it to see Tony, to see the man he had lost and somehow, by some undeserved miracle found again.

“Oh God..” he choked out when his vision cleared and he saw Tony sitting by his bedside, leaning forward a bit and holding Steve’s hand in his, “Oh God thank you..thank you…”

He didn’t have to tell why he was thanking and whom, it didn’t matter. Tony’s concerned eyes softened and he bowed down to rest his forehead against Steve’s knuckles.

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I know a lot of you are streaming the show on the USA Network website using a VPN app and log-in data from someone in the US. Unfortunately, from what I gather this may only count as 1 viewing if you all use the same log-in. Because of that it may not help with ratings … :(

HOWEVER … there is a way to help the show even if you don’t live in the US, and that is by creating an account on the American version of iTunes and buying the episodes there. VoD purchases of the episodes will count towards ratings! If you are in Germany you also have the option of buying the show on Amazon Video but this does not seem to be available in all countries.

Here is how it works:

  1. Google the address (and phone number) of any random McDonald’s branch in any random city in the USA
  2. Download iTunes and basically tell it that you are American. Use the address you googled to create an account. If you already have an iTunes account in your own country you will need to use a different e-mail address. If the iTunes software tries to “redirect” you to local settings for your country change it back to USA. Do NOT add any credit card or bank account information - instead choose gift voucher as payment option.
  3. Go to and buy a gift voucher for US iTunes (just search for “US itunes voucher” or “us itunes gift”). You will receive a code via e-mail (usually within 12 hours after making the purchase).
  4. Log in to your account on US iTunes and redeem the code.
  5. You can now make purchases on the american version of iTunes. This means you can buy a season’s pass for Eyewitness legally and it will count towards ratings!!!

The season’s pass currently costs 14.99 US$ in SD and 19.99 US$ in HD so buying a 25$ gift voucher (or a 15$ one if you only want SD) on Ebay is more than enough (no need to buy one with a higher value)!

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Let’s keep this show going so that we can have another season with Lukas and Philip (cause for those who haven’t heard yet - showrunner Adi Hasak has said he will continue the Philkas storyline if they get a season 2!!!).

The scrapbook has been sent!!

Good morning everyone! We’re sorry for the delay, but we’re here to inform you that the scrapbook was sent out yesterday morning through express delivery service, scheduled to leave Spain on the 27th of January and arrive in Japan roughly on the 1st or the 2nd of February!

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Because no pitch on the entire planet can save this video from being blocked in certain countries (*cough* Germany *cough*), I’m publishing it here as well. But as much as Tumblr wants to become Youtube, we all know it isn’t, so I highly recommend you watch it there if you can ;)

Clint & Natasha - Bumper Cars
Song: “Bumper Cars” by Alex & Sierra
Youtube for HD:

This video literally took me FOREVER to edit. The pacing of the song is so weird and slow and not at all made for “action couples” xD Also, can I punch the person responsible for the overall colouring of AoU in the dick? I have an impressive collection of colourings, but it was impossible to find one that made THAT MESS look decent, so in the end I just gave up xDD

Now please enjoy and maybe show an exhausted video maker some love ❤