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Jewish Holidays Don’t Work Like Yours

I’ve seen a lot of posts that seem to fundamentally misunderstand the mechanics of more important Jewish holidays, so allow me to clarify a few things: If you’re approaching Jewish holidays the same way you would approach Christian, or even Muslim, holidays, then your framework for understanding our observance is entirely wrong.

We have different levels of holidays. Some of them, like Chanukah, are more minor and don’t really require much of us other than the brief practice of some symbolic rituals, which we can do in addition to whatever else occurs in our normal everyday lives. Go to work, light a menorah, eat a latke, spin a dreidel, attend a protest, whatever. We can do that on minor holidays. 

But our major holidays—which for more traditionally observant Jews, includes Shabbat, our Sabbath—don’t work like that. On Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Sukkot (first two days), Shmini Atzeret, Simchat Torah, Passover (first two days), and Shavuot, we are technically not permitted to work or participate in public life in any way. Now, sure—a lot of us who live in Western countries and aren’t strictly Orthodox have resorted to workarounds for a lot of these. For me, I’ll work during the day on Passover, and have Seder at night, or I’ll go to Shabbat services on Friday, and then go to a portest on Saturday, I won’t really observe Shavuot at all, etc. It’s not ideal, but it’s the price I pay for living in a society that demands my assimilation. But 1) There are a lot of Jews for whom that compromise is morally not an option and 2) For the majority of Jews around the world, even if we’re very assimilated the rest of the time, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur tend to be deal breakers—especially Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement. On Yom Kippur, we do not eat or drink for 25 hours. We do not bathe, we do not wear leather. We do not use lotions or perfumes. We do not have intercourse. We do not work. We do not participate in public life. We go to synagogue and we fast and atone. 

It’s not like Christmas where you are encouraged to spend the day feasting amongst family but can still go out if you so choose (provided anything is open), or like Ramadan, where you can work or go to school during the day and then have Ifthar at night. We’re literally prohibited from going anywhere but synagogue or another person’s house for observance, and asking us to change the way we observe even more than we already do just to get by in Western society really smacks of assimilationist hubris. It’s not like we don’t already face repercussions for this (I straight up got fired from a temp job once for saying I would not be able to work on Rosh Hashanah), but it would be nice not to face them from people who supposedly understand the dangers of white Christian hegemony.

So when major protests are scheduled time and time and time again for Shabbat, Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, etc. there are only two ways we can take it: Either the rest of you are totally approaching our holidays from a place of ill-informed cultural normativity lacking in any intention to correct that failure of understanding despite our repeated pleas to be included, or worse, it’s being done on purpose because people actively don’t want us there. I don’t believe there was anything malicious in this most recent instance because it seems like the organisers are genuinely trying to find a solution, but it is a recurring problem that needs to be addressed, and understanding how we observe is an important component of that. We want to march. We don’t want to assimilate. There should be room for that here. 

A slow-floating boat on the river de-Nial.

    One of my best pals on earth is married to a man who was the Sherriff of a small town in Georgia for over 20 years.  His name is Roger.    I love to get together with them because you can imagine the stories Roger tells.  One of the things he talks about the most is after 20 years how he can tell pretty quickly whether a person is guilty or not and one of the more obvious tells according to Roger is something he calls aggressive denial.

         I think it was Freud who said: “Those who have nothing to hide, hide nothing”.  This dynamic plays out every day on a small level in each of our lives, but more often than not we pay the most attention to it when it happens on a larger scale.  Remember Clinton, Monica and that cigar mess (sorry for the reminder but I’m trying to make a point here) not only did he deny, deny deny, but he was arrogant about it.  How DARE anyone think he did it, blah, blah, blah…and he was guilty as sin.

        More recently we have the case of Brad Pitt, accused of child abuse by Angelina and investigated by child services.    Did Brad go all over the place to talk show after talk show spewing a cloud of denial?   Nope.   I think he made one statement and then went quiet. And you know what?  Brad was cleared of any and all wrongdoing in the investigation.

      See Brad Pitt didn’t have to stand behind a verbal barrage of denial – he was innocent whereas Clinton was guilty with the ONLY thing he had to stand behind was denial.  That’s the tell that Roger sticks with.  Innocent people usually deny only once if at all, then let the truth speak for itself.  It’s the guilty who keep up the denials.

      Now before I go any further, I do have a question. Who in the hell is Liz Warner?   I hear I’m being accused of being a lot of people and if it causes any problem I do apologize to them.  I hate to burst your bubble, but I’m just little ole me. I’ve got  20+ years in the PR business (I will admit, mostly professional sports related but with a LOT of contacts elsewhere), in fact, that little old Starz publicist job ad I posted was sent to me via Glass Door BECAUSE of the resume I have posted on my LinkedIn.  I would give you my LinkedIn profile, but after seeing the nastiness of some people, I think I want to keep my Clark Kent secret.   But back to this in a minute – I want to talk more about denials.

    I laugh every time I get a lot of “hate response” from one of my blogs.  It simply means I’ve hit a nerve with them.  The more they talk about how I am figment of someone’s imagination or stupid or idiotic or not in PR, the more I know that something I said has upset them.   If they truly found what I said to be idiotic and stupid, they’d go “meh” roll their eyes and go on with life, BECAUSE IT WOULDNT MATTER!  Seriously, its pretty much what I do every time I read something they’ve posted!

    The only reason anyone reacts angrily is that they see something that logically refutes their position.  It makes them mad not because they see it as something silly, but because they see it as something that makes their truth look silly!   Remember a few blogs ago when I talked about how most people will respond more quickly in anger than if they’re pleased with something.   This is the same thing.  And nothing makes a person angrier than getting caught or looking stupid.

     I find it funny that none of them are rebutting the CONTENT of what I said…they’re trying to refute me as a person.    So here I am putting out some truths about PR that they CAN’T refute so the only avenue left for them is to discredit me by claiming I’m a non-person or an invention by someone else?  Well, I have an idea that might help some of these people realize they’re dealing with a real gal that I would be more than happy to participate with.

      DragonCon is happening here in Atlanta in the next few weeks and a certain “Captain” is scheduled for attendance, I would assume his “handler” will be there as well.   I’ll have friends that have a booth there so I’ll be happy to show up.  If you want to know if I’m real and verify my credentials, why don’t we just meet and have a nice little chat, I’d be happy to buy lunch even.   I could bring along a couple of players – maybe a couple of the big old linebackers whose personal PR I handle from time to time – I’m sure they will have no trouble convincing you I’m a living, breathing, experienced PR exec.

 Or you could just keep on floating down your river of de-nile…    

I will post what I want to.  You have no bearing on my actions; I am not seeking your approval, mainly because I don’t know you and you don’t know me.  And if you do know me, you also know my opinions and won’t get wigged out if I start posting more than usual.

Who benefits?

And who has benefited right from the start?  When we talk about this shit show and are looking for the “masterminds” behind it, it is important to keep this in mind.

I know that some of you think that JA is the one orchestrating this, but you need to remember the whole picture. The big picture.  And also remember that we do not see and know everything that is going on.  

What we do know is that TPTB, like Albrecht, have a history of controlling their talent (Albrecht’s own remarks show that he thinks of them as commodity), using the fandom, and exerting power in questionable ways.  They are looking to make money.  Make more money, and keep the money that they have made.

That isn’t something that people in Sam and Cait’s position can fight.  Not overtly.  They try.  We can see that and they have tried from the start. The mixed messages, the separate interviews, the presence of TPTB at events and interviews where there is really no need for them (TCA2015,Paley costume…..HEAVY hitters there in ALL camps, etc) show exactly how controlled Sam and Cait are.

But, as I said, they try to influence their image in other ways.  Cait mostly stays out of the fray.  I like that she is engaging with the fandom a little more by interacting on Twitter and IG, and going to cons.  People will “get to know” her better.  And that is what she really needed in this fandom.  (don’t even get me started on this….grrrrr).  She is continuing with her charity involvement, keeps a foot in the fashion world, but has opened up and been a little more vulnerable.  This is helping to change what a lot of people were thinking of her.

Things will always be worse/harder for Sam.  We have gone over the reasons a million times but here is a short list……he was marketed to what Starz saw as their target audience.  He was put out there as hunky (duh), beefcake, and eye candy.  Whether is was his natural personality, enthusiasm, or directive, he interacted with the fandom in a way that gave most a sense of ownership and COULD NOT BE SUSTAINED.

When he stopped working with his former publicist (AK) and hired JA things changed.  We saw them expanding his image.  Piaget, charity work, best dressed lists, serious articles about his ambition, Barbour…….all JA.  All designed to show more of who he is and what he wants people to think about him.  Why it looks so bi-polar is that (as I have said many times) there is his PR and Starz PR.  And we only have to look to SDCC2017 to see that Starz PR is still selling the beefcake, single, flirty, attainable hunk.   

The questions put to them in print and filmed interviews are what STARZ wants you to hear, to know, and to believe.  It is marketing and advertising.  All of that benefits Starz first and anyone else second.  

So, when things come out ask yourself, who does this serve?  Who benefits from this?  Sometimes the answer will be SamCait (not just shippery stuff, although of course that is where I put most of it), sometimes it will be Starz and tptb (anything that causes fandom uproar and attacks does NOT benefit anyone BUT them), and sometimes it will be both..

There is a big difference between playing along (matching shirt pap stroll, etc) because it will happen regardless and you can negotiate benefits for your client ( like a BIG part in a movie with BIG names under the same umbrella), and masterminding something that has only contributed negatively to the image of your client.  

Things look heavy handed (Starz) and half assed (JA) because that is exactly what they are.

Meeting the 78th Class Chapter 1: Naegi Makoto

I met Naegi Makoto today…We talked about the newest games that came out and played them together.

When we were trying out the new games, Naegi-kun said that he wanted to find his life’s purpose at this school. I was…surprised. Even though he already had a talent, he sees his future as being full of possibilities.

…maybe I really can be more than just a gamer.

victoriousgirlgrowsup  asked:

Ahhhhhh, that last FrozenTravel! So good! Is Obi-Wan going to train Xanatos? Probably not going by his mentality(?), but I love how he's giving advice a bit. Maybe he'll get a Padawan later at some point... Can we have more please! Thanks!

Settling his head on his knees, Obi-Wan took a deep breath.

Then another.

And a third.

Fripping hell.

He was getting so tired of nightmares, of pain and exhaustion and the itching doubt crawling his spine every time he tried to be happy.

Slowly he lifted his head from his knees and looked to the side at the sleep ravaged sheets from his restless nightmare, staring at them with a pale expression.

“…I am so tired of fearing the future.” He whispered before pushing up, pushing sweat slicked hair out of his face as he made his way to the fresher.

Throwing his clothes into the hamper he turned the shower on cold and stood beneath the spray, eyes closed as he let his mind wander to his brother, the second part of him, the family he had made.

‘…I am still alive. They are still alive. There is hope. There is a future. I have walked away from love for the family I grew up in and they are still here.’

His eyes snapped open, the Force writhing inside of him. “I am a Jedi master.” The Force surged, a roaring victory inside of him, silent to everyone else. “I am Obi-Wan Kenobi, master of Soresu. I am the silent soldier and the smith of words.” The Force heated the water around him, rising ever louder. “I am the Light who shines on the shadows and I refuse to bow down for the Dark.”


His gait was unhurried but unbroken, firm steps with the ever so soft click of the booted heels.

His shoulders were set and his eyes were calm as a sunny lake of Naboo, every move filled with the confidence of someone who had regained their balance in the grand scheme of things

Fear was natural.

Fear made people feel alive, drove them ever further, but a Jedi was not to be controlled by fear.

A true Jedi found the balance, be they light or be they gray, to feel the fear but not give into it and the dark that waited beyond it.

There was a point where Obi-Wan had forgotten it, forgotten himself and all he had accomplished, the lives he had saved, feeling small and afraid, feeling broken and ruined for the light to ever shine inside of him again. Feeling like Anakin’s betrayal and his own failures as a master and friend had completely drained the Jedi out of the man.

There was a time when that would have been fine.

But he was tired of being scared.

He was the Negotiator.

He was THE Master of Soresu.

He was a Jedi Master.

He had rescued and saved countless lives before the war, had always attempted his best even if he felt he fell short often.

Obi-Wan could not be blamed for others mistakes, could not carry the burden of Anakin’s final decision despite the grand impact it had on everyone.

Obi-Wan could only continue forward on the path the Force now had placed him on and take his own choices and yes it was going to be hard, yes it was going to be terrifying at points and yes he was fully going to make new mistakes and fail again.

But he still had his own legs.

He could still get up and carry on.

And as he stepped into the sparring hall to the sounds of Jedi training, he greeted this new future on his own damn two legs.

The time to let fear reign was over, it was time to be Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi master once again.

Today was a great and terrible day. My shoulder hurts because apparently I won’t let my body relax. I am not sure if I need energy work, a massage, more faith, or just to enjoy that I have a “thorn in life” or a shoulder that hurts.

One of my friends reminded me that we are only responsible for ourselves. I can’t take care of others or Support them without ensuring I take care of my needs. I wish it were winter and more enjoyable to go horseback riding. That is always nourishing for me as is being with one for whom I care.

I hate it when my girl brain raises it’s head as I tend to be less rational and more emotional. Luckily, those who know me and care for me can roll with it. We all have those kinds of days.

I know I am grateful for the experiences I am having. I am grateful for the influences and support in my life. They are perfectly what I need.

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As a (mostly) mono-Red Commander player I really don't mind not having access to Enchantment removal - I've learned to accept that I can't deal with Enchantments (outside of Chaos Warp, that is) and that I must go around them to win. However, would it be possible for Red to get more Enchantment interaction like Aura Barbs?

It’s something we’ve been messing around with. I don’t know when (or if) it will see print but we are experimenting.

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I'm really just curious, how come you don't ship Jon and dany?

I’m still nursing an arm injury so this is gonna have to be short and sweet.

1. The idea of the hero and the “heroine” suddenly meeting and falling madly in love just before they save the world from doom and rule the 7 kingdoms in peace and harmony is just so Disney channel laughable I can’t even being to take it seriously

2. They have literally nothing in common that would make them at all compatible for a romantic relationship. I’m sorry to break it to some people but you kinda need more than “wow we’re both special snowflakes” to sustain a long lasting loving relationship.

3. The entire concept of ice and fire being a metaphor for a Dany and Jon bores me to death and is so basic I would have to advocate for having all of GRRMS books burned and erased from literary history if that really was the point of this epic tale.

4. I’m allergic to basic and on paper everything about Jon and Dany, every so called parallel, every so called book foreshadow and prophecy makes me break out in hives because it’s just so nauseatingly basic. Give me something with some nuance, some complexity. And no “she’s fire while he’s ice” doesn’t count as nuance and complexity. Give me something that naturally evolves and feels realistic to human behavior and life. Give me something that doesn’t require me to suspend all my belief and believe in some magical fated by the universe love. Give me something with real meat and substance, something that allows me to see the complexity of the human heart and mind when I look at it. Jon and Dany just ain’t it and never will be. I knew it before this season aired and the handling of the relationship in season 7 proved my point.


These two are so likeable that I can’t just color one in. (ノ_ _)ノ

Have poor awkward son and blushie food junkie.

(;-◞౪◟-)  Ch.7′s a doozie. We’ll post it in like a day, but have these for now

STARTER CALL.       since the previous starter call i made is old as balls by now thanks to life getting in the way before i had a chance to post them all…     mutuals can go ahead and like this for a  smol starter.     capping at 10.

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do people ever befriend you to get free art out of you? i feel like thats been happening to me and it makes me feel awful :-/ if so do you have any advice for someone like me??

i know the feeling, it happened to me a few times way back during my deviantart days. not so much now, i get more ppl saying things like “can we be friends?” (which, for the record, is not really a good way of befriending someone. friendships develop naturally over time and putting pressure on someone to be labeled as “friends” when you’ve barely interacted is… very awkward.)

if you feel like someone is trying to get free art from you, it’s okay to have boundaries. its hard to say “no” but if they are asking you repeatedly, it’s important to be clear and communicate with them that you feel like they’re using your friendship for their own gain.

when i draw things for my friends, its either for a trade or i do it to surprise them, they don’t usually just ask for something because they respect my time and the work i put into my art. if someone ever asks me “will you draw ____ for me?” or “you should draw ______” i just politely let them know that id prefer not to or that im not open for commissions.

sorry you’re having to deal with this, i hope things work out!

Rant time | A letter for Antis.

Killing Stalking is a horror manhwa, for those of you who don’t know. Not a BL manhwa. It may be tagged as BL because of the high amount of homosexual content, but as someone who’s read it in it’s entirety, I can assure you that most who read it don’t get butterflies in their stomach because of it’s sweet and heartfelt moments.

I would like to take a moment to highlight some of the arguments Antis have:

• We don’t really like it for the psychological horror aspect.

• Everyone who reads it condones and supports abusive relationships.

• We are all terribly insensitive to rape/abuse victims.

• We all, especially heterosexual women, get some twisted high out of seeing Bum abused and then them having ‘make-up sex’.

I’m sure there are more, but this text post is going to be long enough, as is. Let’s start with the first argument.

Psycological horror. One of my favourite subjects. When I first heard of KS, I pictured it as some disgusting BL manhwa. Then I actually read it, because one of my close friends convinced me that I would like it, due to my high interest in psychology. After reading the first few chapters, I was completley intrigued. Was it because I was all, “OMG, Bum belongs with Sangwoo. Tru luv forever. Sangbum will prevail because Sangwoo is actually a good person who deserves all of his wrongs forgiven and forgotten!”? Hell no. I was amazed with Sangwoo from chapter one. Not because of his 10/10 undercut, but because of how interesting his mind was. I’m currently a student who’s planning on attending university to become a psychologist. I’m not some basement stalker who’s completely messed up. Koogi excellently depicts how a person with a really scary mind could have mood swings, unpredictable behaviours, or even go as far as to make murder a sexual thing in their mind. I am going to take a moment here to show you all an exert from the official Wiki page.

“Killing Stalking became a popular manhwa in early 2017 due to its dark themes, display of psychological manipulation, and depiction of physical abuse and violence. It gives an insightful look of how people with mental illness think, how they see the world and how abuse leaves impacts on their mental development.”

Point two; condoning abusive relationships. As a person who was apart of an abusive relationship, I can gaurentee wholeheartedly that I do not support them in any way, shape, or form. People, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, etc. should be in treated with tremendous amounts of respect and care, both physically and emotionally. In saying that, Sangbum is a fictional ship. I don’t ship the two together because I think their dynamic is healthy and normal. I think the two, due to Bum’s Stockholm syndrome, are an interesting pair to watch, especially when it comes to how their dynamic grows and changes. This isn’t the recipe for a healthy relationship in real life, but it creates an engaging dynamic between Sang and Bum that keeps the stakes perpetually high. Do I think they’ll ever be a healthy, loving ship? Fuck no. Would I ever wish their circumstance on any people in the real world? Fuck no.

Side Note: Why do you Antis never have a problem with any other shows/literature that depicts unhealthy relationships, like OITNB and Hannibal?

Point three. The insensitivity to rape and abuse victims. This argument is just bullshit. For starters, I would like to say that, for those of you non-victims who feel the need to baby these people, take a step back. Multiple victims have come forth and said that they’re not baby’s to coddled and protected; they’re human beings too who are quite capable of finding their voice, and are even stronger because of their experiences. I have so many friends who are survivors of rape and abuse, and I can gaurentee I’m not insensitive. Anyone who knows me knows that I am the Mom Friend™ and am a loving and caring person. I understand that some people find the content triggering and disgusting, and that’s okay. That’s more than okay. Just don’t read it. Block all of the tags.

Point four. The sexual high. Thank you, stranger, for telling me how I think and feel. As a bisexual woman who reads this for the psychological experience and beautiful art, thank you, kind fucker, for putting words into my mouth. There are going to be people who sexualize it. Just like in everything else. There are people who sexualize the cannibalism in Hannibal. Where’s your letter to them?

Listen, I’m just tired of going through the tag and feeling attacked. There’s even an anti KS tag. A tag completley dedicated to bullying others for something they love. As a bullying victim, I can say with certainty that it is not alright in any situation. Take something you love. Think about it. Think about it for a long time. And now imagine someone picked every little flaw out of it and bullied you for liking it. Tadaa, Antis. That’s you.

If you don’t like it, stay out of the tag. Stop bullying others and making excuses for it. There is NO EXCUSE for telling someone they’re a bad person because they like a piece of work. NO EXCUSE for bullying, in general.

I’m sure most of you stopped after the first paragraph, but for those of you who didn’t, thank you for your time.

— a message from Woozi.

Why Masterlists are AWESOME

We all understand that making masterlists are a pain especially if you have written a lot of stories and never created one. But they are so incredibly helpful and here are a few reasons why masterlists are awesome brought to you by The Three Musketeers ( @pinkamour1588, @auduna-druitt, and me).

Reason 1: Helps Readers find your other stories. 

Reason 2: Readers can find the other chapters to stories when they come in the middle.

Reason 3: You get more readers and your other readers stay. 

Reason 4: It keeps you as the writer organized.

Reason 5: You can shamelessly promote yourself. 

Reason 6: Your readers can shamelessly promote you. (I like reblogging masterlists and saying read all the things)

Reason 7: Naming Parts helps readers remember where they left off. A simple Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 will do.

Reason 8: Giving Drabbles and One Shots Titles helps readers who make recommendation lists have something to use other than Untitled. I end up having to use that a lot in mine or I give you one or your story doesn’t appear at all (and that is just sad). 

Reason 9: Tagging it masterlist makes it easier to find in searches.

Reason 10: Making a mobile version is helpful (giant pain in the ass and doesn’t always work but when it does it is super helpful for those use Tumblr mostly on their phones). 

Reason 11: It also makes it easier to keep track of prompts or requests you’ve already written! ( @xemopeachx)

You don’t even have to have it super organized like @auduna-druitt and I do. We just happen to be hyper-organzied when it comes to that stuff. Ok so these are just a few why masterlists are awesome. And yes some of those reasons don’t actually have to do with a masterlist but they are still important and awesome. Let me know if you have anymore reasons and I will happily add to this list. 

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I was wondering if you heard that Vrains has changed directors?

Well, seeing this message actually tipped me off about it. Thank you, anon!

So indeed, Vrains has changed directors as of episode 14. Our new director is now Asano Katsuya.

Unlike Hosoda—who has a wealth of experience—Asano is the new kid on the block. Though he’s done some work as an animation director, he’s never worked as the director before. 

This can be good or bad. The director is mostly responsible for the aesthetics of the show, and as YGO Organization notes, the designs for episode 14 were more diverse than what we saw episodes 1-13. We got a lot of new shots today.

Ema’s warehouse:

Akira’s new workstation:

The two of them standing by the docks:

Ema’s apartment:

Ema sporting!! A new hairstyle!!! Which is rarer that it should be lmao:

Some new shots of Yusaku’s apartment:

But to be fair, these are shots that we may have gotten regardless. What’s most notable are the changes in Link Vrains. The digital city is now has a green overcast, instead of the gray we’ve been getting. The setting practically glows. 

But the craziest of them all? We finally got NEW LINK SUMMONING ANIMATION:

These are all very promising signs for Director Asano. So I’m not too worried ^^

listen something i noticed while looking at the designs for lowcarb and his generals is that ¾ of them have the roughly same color scheme (light and dark purples and grays, zethrid has some teal/pink in there) except for ezor, like the woman is a virtual rainbow of color (more proof that she is the living embodiment of all gays lbr)

HOWEVER the uniforms they’re wearing all aesthetically match them?? they all have the same uniform and they all look bomb af while wearing it, even though, for example, ezor and axca have wildly different coloring

so the conclusion that must be drawn here is that the girls took one look at the “standard” uniform with its drab colors and ezor mentions that it doesn’t work for her AT ALL and then they all look at each other and go “yeah we can do better” and design it themselves, adding spots of color and nice shapes because they want each other to feel good while kicking ass and taking names

excuse my rambling but I just really like how we haven’t seen another character with such a magnitude of color in their design that wasn’t meant to stand out in a crowd?? and be the weird comic relief?? like ezor looks amazing, yes she’s bright and fun and colorful but she’s also Part Of The Team™ and made to look like it and I’m so happy that she feels confident in being in this group of amazing women

((also sorry for making this a submission but I needed to talk to someone about this and I didn’t want to flood your ask with messages about how much a love this badass women. you are one of the people I look up to in this fandom and I’d love to hear your thoughts on this!!))

how do you feel about their designs? do you think there’s something lacking? any wishes for the future/changes you want to be made?

((also I just noticed that ezor has a little space under her arms where her uniform is cut out to make room for a small flying squirrel like thing and I just??? fall more in love??? I don’t understand why I do but she’s so cute D’: ))

Tbh I feel in love with their designs after actually seeing them interact???

I love Zethrid’s the most, badass buff mama looking pretty af??? Sign me tf up!!!!!

And Ezor is a babe, she was my favorite but then I saw Zethrid so yeah. I love how colorful everyone is!!!! Any yet lowturd still looks like a washed out eggplant but okay.

The only thing I want in life is more mixed race galra women tbfh, like…If I can get even one more but she’s like anti zarkon/lowturd I can live happy.

I’m just mad at the fact that this board can actually stand to treat the club, the players, and the fans like this. Leo wanted more than anything to prove that this team still has fight left in them and there clearly is none. All of the players are clearly fed up and us signing new players is just one step closer to helping regain our team back. We need better tactics, for sure yeah, and a better administration. But one thing that we really need is to have belief, belief that we can be a team again not a sloppy one but one that teams fear when we’re brought up, that can’t stand the thought of going up against us. Right now we’re playing like children and if we keep this us our reign will slowly start to die. And it pains me to say that since we’ve worked so hard to get here, since our motto is mes que in club, since Leo and Geri have stuck with us so long to only see our beloved club fall down into this hole. And the more destruction this board adds on, the more failed chances are ruining our club. The essence of this beautiful once unstoppable club can be slowly rummaging into an end unless we fire our director, get new signings, and have faith in our club.

Hey, Famers!

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