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I recommend anyone who has finished Trespasser to go back and read the Chant of Light as so much of it can be related back to the Evanuris. The biggest example would be how the chantry says that their Maker created the Fade but we all now know it was Fen'harel, who is a part of the elven pantheon regardless if you consider him a god or not.

And of course, this doesn’t mean that an actual “Maker” might not exist as well, just that the chantry’s core beliefs are founded on false pretenses and lies - which is especially ironic and infuriating considering these views have been used for literal ages as cause for oppressing elves and mages as well as convert them.

Andrastians know just as little about their Maker as the Dalish do about their gods, but the Chantry still likes to pretend it is all knowing and factual.

iKon: Boyfriend Hanbin
  • this boy is so extra that I feel like he’ll literally stop in the middle of traffic if he saw you for the first time
  • tries so hard to keep your attention as soon as you notice him
  • like he’d make his intentions so clear that you’d blush every time you look at him I mean he’d make sure of that…………… me
  • but also he’s such an adorable and loving puppy that you can’t help but like him back over time
  • and he’d want to make things clear like
  • “so now it’s official?? I don’t have to pretend I’m cold to hug you or keep telling the guys that we’re just friends ???? like I’m your boyfriend officially, y/n? should I get some sort of contract to like-”
  • listen he just wants to make sure he won’t get his heart broken
  • if you’re in w/ him, you’re ALL IN W/ HIM FAM
  • his love for animals will never be a match for his love for you but……….you’re gonna have to cry about some cute puppies and kittens and piglets and ponies w/ him bc ain’t no way in heck is he gonna be emo by himself in a petting zoo
  • yall already know but heck it, 
  • he never leaves you alone tho
  • his hands are just always near your neck esp if you’re like hella sensitive in that area and he either softly massages your shoulders or attacks your neck w/ kisses there’s no in between 
  • and just holds your hand all the time 
  • kisses your fingertips too bc he’s THAT guy
  • sometimes unintentionally inviting Bobby to your guys’ dates bc idk he loves his Bestie
  • and thinks there’s nothing wrong w/ having 2 of his besties hanging out on date night :’))))))))
  • but when you tell him like…………no baby this is our private time just the 2 of us 
  • he gets all sad and apologizes like he didn’t mean to make things weird when he was kissing all up on your jaw when Bobby was sitting on the floor next to yall :o
  • he’s so squishy all the time always 
  • you probably will never be able to let him go in the mornings bc he’s like play-doh and wraps his entire warm body around yours 
  • he freaks out over you sometimes in the cutest ways
  • if you tell him you had an assignment due, he’d lecture you on how important work is and that you need to always be on top of your game
  • ofc he’d help you too and tbh you’d be the one getting distracted and not him
  • him biting his thicc ahhh lips when he’s concentrating
  • also when you’re sick, he’s always there to help
  • probably sits outside the bathroom door when you shower or bathe to make sure everything’s okay wow my hort
  • hmmmmm probably knocks and walks right in when he hears no response to have an excuse to shower together, not all heroes wear capes :)))))))))
  • but always blames you when he gets sick the next day ???
  • anyways he’d prefer dates spent at home rather than going out
  • bc you know how exhausted he always is w/ the constant practice and song-writing and being at the studio 25/8
  • his studio is probably your second home tbfh he always wants you there
  • even when you’re not supposed to be sometimes luls
  • he’s just a ray of sunshine
  • kinda dumb kinda fluffy kinda the love of ur life
  • keep him safe 💙

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Prompt: 23. Do you think we’re bad people?
Genre: angst, fluff
Word Count: 2447
Summary: Simon and Baz get into a fight at the winter ball. It ends in disaster.

“Hey, Snow,” I smirk, even though it’s hard and my jaw is tense. “Where`s Wellbelove?”
He stops and I push myself off the wall, because I know that I’ve got him now.

“Is she in the hospital? Have you broken her toes?”
Now he turns around very slowly. I can almost hear the gears working in his brain as he’s trying to come up with a good come-back. His suit is a bit to short at the sleeves and his hair looks disheveled, but of course he still looks incredibly handsome. It’s quite unfair, if you think about it. And it only makes me angrier to see him like this. It’s the overwhelming urge to fix his hair, to take his hand and whirl him through the room that makes my smile forced. It’s the wish to be the one whose feet he steps onto that makes my blood boil.

It’s foolish, but I can’t resist picking on him.

Not even tonight.

Especially not tonight.

This night, the winter ball, is all about romance (Ugh.) and love (Ugh.). And his eyes are sparkling, and he ate six sandwiches from the buffet earlier, and he looks so lost in the big ball room without his friends, and he’s the most handsome boy in the room (Aagh). He hasn’t left Wellbelove’s side all evening (Aagh.). But it’s okay, I’m fine. I finally got him alone and I can finally talk to him, if only in biting remarks and insults. Smirking at him is easy, even when my teeth clench and my heart is beating too fast. It’s easy to glare at him, as I press my nails into my palm. I am fine.
“I’m not that bad a dancer,” he finally scowls and leans forward, eyebrows furrowed. “And – even if – at least I’ve got a date. I haven’t seen you dancing with anyone all night.”
As far as I know, they’re only here as friends, but I think he still feels something for her.
“That’s because I choose not to,” I lie, “I could have any girl in this room. But there’s just nobody that comes up to my standards.”
It’s not true. I look at the bread crumb stuck in the corner of his mouth. My standards are incredibly low.

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I need a super, super sick and pukey Bel, getting sick on Josh maybe?

Bel cried softly, curling in on himself as Josh rubbed his back. He’d started feeling ill before dinner but had forced himself to eat anyway. He was deeply regretting that decision now.

“Is there anything I can do?” Josh asked. He ran his fingers through Bel’s long hair in an attempt to soothe him, but Bel just shook his head.

“My stomach really hurts,” he moaned.

“Do you feel like you’re going to be sick? Maybe we should go sit in the bathroom…”

Bel shook his head. The last thing he wanted was to have to get up and move to the bathroom. Just the thought made his stomach rise nauseatingly into his throat. He pressed his face against Josh’s chest, letting out a shuddering breath as the nausea passed.

Josh slid a hand beneath the loose fabric of Bel’s top, pressing his cool fingers into Bel’s bloated stomach. The touch made his already unsettled insides flip, and Bel shifted uncomfortably in an attempt to escape the touch.

“I’m just trying to make sure it’s not your appendix or anything,” Josh explained, prodding again. “Does it hurt more when I press down here?”

Bel shook his head miserably. His stomach constricted, and something thick rushed up his throat. His mouth opened before he could stop it. Thankfully, all that escaped was a breathy burp.

“Probably not your appendix then, so that’s good.”

“Josh, I don’t feel good,” Bel whimpered.

Maybe Josh didn’t hear him, or maybe he just didn’t catch the urgency in Bel’s tone.

Caught off guard and too sick to even turn his head to prevent it, Bel suddenly pitched forward, his head still resting against Josh’s chest, and emptied his stomach onto both of their laps.

“Bel!” Josh jerked away in surprise, but there was nowhere for him to go. Bel was crying harder now, his stomach continuing to hurt as vomit began to soak into his pants. He heaved a couple times before burping up another wave as his stomach tried to purge itself.

Through his misery he was dimly aware of Josh gathering his already vomit-stained hair out of his face.

“It’s okay, Bel,” Josh said gently.

Bel just heaved again.

One More Little Tragedy of Darkiplier and Warfstache

If you haven’t seen the original post, it’s here.

I thought of one more thing.

Something I said on this post was that Darkiplier’s shell cracks because it “can barely handle the physical agony of having two souls trapped inside of him”.

Someone pointed out to me, “Wait, don’t you mean three souls? What about us?”

And at first I was like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But now I’m thinking.

I’ve seen theories saying that, since Dark walks away from the mirror and we’re still in it, that he pushed our soul right back out, and that he had manipulated us for that chance to be alive again.

I don’t think he “manipulated” us for that, per se, but that mirror thing still bugged me… until now. (I think the gif might be from @markired again, but I’m not certain, sorry.)

Celine and Damien needed us to form Darkiplier, right?

What if… in those last moments the Colonel was speaking to us…

… we saw just how much Wilford needed them?

So we decided to let Dark take over, push us out even, so that Damien and Celine could follow the Colonel.

What if we sacrificed ourselves for this?

What if we literally saw how much poor, broken William needed his only support system, and decided that maybe… it’d be okay if we let go?

What if we let go in the name of love, and that’s why Dark walks away without us, because we see that Will needs Damien and Celine more than he needs us, and we're… okay with it?

This is some Shakespearean sh*t right here.

I know, it’s a stretch, but as a new-founded Wilford Warfstache protector, I find… a weird sense of comfort in this theory.

We might have made the greatest sacrifice we could, for Wilford, our poor, broken Colonel.

And I think that’s a beautiful tragedy.

– *tiny edit tim*

One thing that makes me think this might be true?

You know Mark Edward Fischbach would do it.

sorry i won’t shut up about s4 lotor but i’m saying it one more time for the people in the back (who are still insisting lotor never gaf about his generals)

this is handcuffed lotor right before he escapes. we know lotor can act brilliantly but he has literally no reason to act right now. the only one who can see him is zethrid and he’s about to eject her into space and probably will never see her again. he knows that without him as a bargaining piece, the girls have an even slimmer chance at survival.

but if he doesn’t escape, he’ll be dead. it’s kill or be killed, so he does what he has to do (and luckily he doesn’t have to kill zethrid, acxa, or ezor to not be killed this time).

my point is that lotor has an incredibly sad look here of everything that people are claiming he wasn’t feeling—remorse and possibly regret, for both what he did to narti and what he’s about to do to the generals. and i think it’s pretty genuine this time.

Background of characters?

Sooo I am very curious on each characters backstory so here is a list. I’d love to receive more thoughts on this as well! 

So far we know Neil is jewish with two parents who are divorced from an unknown reason. His dad is very dorky and nerdy while his mother, from comments made by Neil, is his preferred parent. 

Dolph Houston is american, but was raised in a German army base and whose surname pertains to Scotland. No need to mention who he was modeled after.

David is 24 and one of the only characters alongside Max to have his age confirmed. He is also potentially Canadian after season 1 episode 6 with the comment made about his “papers” by Dolph. It is David’s reaction that leads me to believe this. We know after the end of season 2 that he isn’t blind to the realities of the world but rather chooses to see the bright side of things and tries to get others to see the same. 

Max is of Indian descent with parents who are potentially abusive. He flinches back when people get in his face, he is already cynical at the age of 10 for pete’s sake and by the end of season 2, we know for a fact that they practically abandoned him at the camp. 

Gwen I am unsure on. I looked up all her nicknames and most of them originate from Welsh (aka Britain). We know she is a fan of Doctor Who and “wants to have his British babies.” But her skin ton has me a bit unsure until I looked up anglo-indian, which is a mix of Britain and India. Now this is just heavily perceived and in no way accurate without confirmation. (Although I can definitely see her being Hispanic as well.)

Harrison has made hints multiple times that he can use actual magic but when he makes objects disappear, he has difficulty bringing them back. By the finale of season 2, we learn his parents are terrified of him because he made his brother disappear. 

EDIT: Okay, Harrison is totally Bill Cipher reincarnated as a human.

Nerris - I didn’t realize she was female until the last episode and I feel bad, but she wasn’t a character I cared for until the finale. After having seen her parents, I realized her entire family is made up of cinnamon rolls. They are the one and only perfect family. 

Preston Goodplay lives with his grandma and tends to shout a lot because of her bad hearing. His last name as far as I can tell is just purely a play on words, or a pun if you will. 

Nikki used to be a Flower Scout but after her traumatic experience of being driven out, she now seems to have an illness whenever she is near anything prim and proper. And her mom is a gold digger. Enough said.

Neil Armstrong Jr. “Space kid” - has always been so bazaar with his obsession with space but we later learn it is because his Uncle is Buzz Aldrin and his great grandpa is the actual Neil Armstrong. As his uncle commented: “Rocket fuel runs through his veins!”  For those don’t know, Aldrin is an American engineer and astronaut who was the second person to land and walk on the moon.

Gaylord Nurfington “Nurf” was sent to the camp to enroll for behavioral correction while his mom was in jail. He acts crude and bullies the other children, but you learn the reasoning for his behavior is because he was stereotyped into being a problem child at a young age. He was sent to a facility to work out his problems, only to become worse by the influence of other kids. it is also revealed that he explored his sexuality in the past with a boy named Chris.

Meredith Miller "Ered“ - Ered is stereotyped into the cool kids category. It is confirmed she uses people for her own gain and performs poorly in school, hence the bad grades. Ered’s parents are two male agents of the government that have been keeping an eye on Campbell to validate his legitimacy.

Cameron Campbell is the founder of Camp Campbell, which he named after himself. He is a wanted man by the federal government and is always on the run. Apparently he is rich and powerful and at one point had been the prime minister of Thailand. 

jermy Fartz - Nope.

13.01 coda

YAY WE’RE BACK, EVERYONE!!! Did you miss me?? I missed you.

If you would like to be added to or taken off of the master tag list for the season 13 post-episode codas, please send me a message ASAP. Thanks, guys!

Anyway, this scene definitely should have been in the ep.

“Can he teleport?”


“The kid!” Dean snaps. “Does he have wings?”

Sam stutters out that he doesn’t know, and, right. How would he? Dean wipes his mouth with the back of his hand and it comes away bloody - his lip stings where he’s touched it.

He closes his eyes and takes a slow breath in through his nose. He’s trying his absolute hardest to keep it together, but his hands shake regardless.

“We can check along the main roads,” Sam placates, mistaking his silence for frustration. “We’ll be faster in the car than he is on foot, assuming he doesn’t fly, and he can’t have gotten far.”

Dean opens his eyes, but he doesn’t reply. He keeps his back to his brother.

“It’s going to be ok, Dean,” Sam says, only a few feet behind him now, and damn it if that just doesn’t break Dean’s heart all over again.

Soon enough he hears the dirt start to crunch under Sam’s shoes. He has to swerve around Dean to get to the passenger side, his usual post in times of crisis, but Dean lets out a sigh just as he gets his hand on the door.


Sam turns back to look at him, eyebrows raised expectantly.

Dean swallows. “I need you to help me with something first.”

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BACK WITH ANOTHER ONE-SHOT!!! I told you guys I’d have some canonverse klangst, so here it is! Longer than my usual one-shots, and while I don’t want to give a vague summary… there’s a bomb involved. So. Yeah, that’s a thing.

This one is actually inspired by this absolutely gorgeous, angsty art/mini-comic by @littlecofiegirl who is an amazing artist that you should definitely check out!!

I saw this comic on my dash and I loved it so much that I was immediately inclined to write for it? Anyway, here it is! I hope you enjoy!

The plan had been going flawlessly.

Key word being had.

Shiro and Lance were both searching opposite sides of the base for their captured teammate, and Pidge and Hunk were too occupied giving Shiro directions through the maze-like corridors that they neglected to warn Lance of the approaching Galra heat signature.

A cat blocked his path in the hall, staring at him with large, yellow eyes. It didn’t move to attack, but it also didn’t run away.

“Um… guys?” Lance tried over the coms, lowering his gun just a bit. He wasn’t about to shoot a cat, but he still wanted to be on guard.

He didn’t hear the Galra behind him until her hand was on his shoulder.

That was mistake number one.

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Ok so I’ve been thinking a lot about these tweets…

I think I’m faster to forgive than the average person, at least from what I’ve seen, but at the same time I don’t want to be some enabler that sweeps bad choices under the rug like they don’t matter.

Yes, he should’ve never auditioned and taken the job, and continued in that job feeling so guilty about working under a man he believed in his heart molested children. I am upset about that…

At the same time if you were in his place, and the guilt slowly built up until you realized you couldn’t take the money, you couldn’t keep quiet, you had to let the world know what you did– you would have to agree that he did the best he could do after the fact, not being able to go back in time and make it right. He donated his salary, he didn’t have to be so public about how much he believed Woody was guilty, or how much he regrets it. He could’ve been vague about it, feigned ignorance about Woody’s personal life, something to save face a little. But he’s showing true remorse by admitting his cowardice and not making excuses. He’s opened himself up for criticism and he’s not arguing against it, he’s just letting the hate come because he’s upset with his own choice, but all he can do now is apologize and make it a point to recommit himself and stick to his word. The fact that he tweeted that he never wants to compromise his principals like that again means he’s letting us hold him accountable from here on too. We can all point back at it and throw his own words at him if need be. 

And when it’s all said and done, I’m kind of a coward too, I can’t imagine being in a contract with a major movie, only having a little role in one scene, and snubbing a major hollywood player as a newbie. I can see myself trying to think up loopholes why it was ok to continue. “It’s a small part, it’s not like I’m supporting the actors around me”, “I really need this movie”, “Most people in this business are horrible secretly” and any number of excuses would be on my mind. I’m glad he didn’t make those excuses in his tweets at all. He just faced the fact that if he believed it was true about Woody, he shouldn’t have chosen to work in his film.

Breaking the Rules - part 7

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary:  Modern!AU You hate James Barnes with a burning passion and the feeling is entirely mutual. Just when you think things can’t get any worse, you are tricked into attending his sister’s wedding as his girlfriend. Stuck with a bunch of strangers, you come up with a set of rules that are not going to last long.

Word Count:2,176

Warnings: the usual

A/N: I made this extra cheesy so it hurts more. You’re welcome ♥

Breaking the Rules - Masterpage

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You plopped down in your seat, avoiding Steve and Peggy’s inquisitive gaze. Your heart was beating so fast and hard, it felt a woodpecker was trapped inside your rib cage.

When Bucky joined the table, he was visibly nervous, but had managed to collect himself a little. Upon seeing the dark hickey on his neck, Peggy jabbed her elbow into Steve’s side. He woofed out a breath and rubbed his ribs before he turned his head to look at her.

She nodded toward Bucky’s neck and Steve’s eyes widened. He reluctantly placed a ten-dollar bill in her awaiting hand.

Meanwhile, you and Bucky acted like nothing had happened. You noticed that he was trying to sneak peeks at you, but you stared straight ahead, ignoring him.

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Librarian || Bucky Barnes

Relationship: Librarian!Bucky x reader

Summary: You can’t help but slowly develop feelings for librarian Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: none!!!!!!

Word Count: 977 words

A/N: wow i just couldn’t stop thinking about soft!librarian!bucky and well here you go

Being cooped up in the library from late afternoon to early evening definitely wasn’t the ideal way you’d been wanting to spend your Thursday, but your professors clearly had other plans because they were just piling on the work. 

Although you didn’t mind, simply because the librarian happened to be the cutest boy you’d ever seen. He was tall in stature and very well built, usually wearing a large sweater of sorts paired with some simple black jeans. His brown locks were more often than not pulled into a sleek bun, a couple of strands escaping around his face. 

Your favourite days were when his hair was down, framing his face as he had to tuck the strands behind his ears as he catalogued the various assortment of books.

You remember the first time you met those bright blue eyes, being completely entranced in his gaze, his smile making butterflies erupt in your stomach. 

Do you need any help finding anything?” You heard an unfamiliar voice say behind you, startling you a bit. 

“Oh no I’m okay, I’ll just ask the librarian,” you said somewhat quietly, tucking a loose strand of hair behind your ear as you admired the man standing in front of you in his dark green jumper. 

“I am the librarian, sweetheart,” he chuckled as your mouth hung open, a string of apologies flowing out as your cheeks blushed at your embarrassment.  

You’d started coming into the library more often because of him, he never failed to brighten up your day. Even if it was a simple hello you got from him, it made your stomach flutter and your heart thud in your chest. 

“Long night again, doll?” You heard a soft voice ask as you pried your tired eyes away from your textbook, “you know it is, Buck,” you giggled as his own heart fluttered loving the way his (nick)name rolled off your lips. 

“You sure you don’t need anything?” He asked, bending down so he was now eye level to you, “I’m sure,” you said sweetly as he nodded, “you know where I am if anything,” he smiled before leaving you be, leaving your heart hammering as usual. 

Bucky had become your safety net through the months, always there to hear you rant about your professors or that one group member that doesn’t do any work.

He’d been there more than once when school had gotten too much for you and you needed a distraction. He’d been more than happy to wheel in an old TV and play old cartoon while making jokes to ease your stress. 

Which is why you weren’t surprised that you had started falling for him, slowly but surely you had developed feelings for him. You never acted on those feelings knowing you’d rather stay friends and not awkward once friends. 

You were also fairly positive that a man with such good looks most definitely had a girlfriend, although you’d never asked since you didn’t exactly want to venture into that territory. 

“Doll,” you heard Bucky’s voice from where he sat at his desk, “it’s time to go,” he said as you looked up and gave him a weak smile before starting to pack up your things. 

You don’t know how it happened but Bucky had walked you back to your place one night and ever since then it had become a tradition and he refused to let you walk home alone. 

You gave him another tired smile, joining beside him as he opened the door for you, the cold autumn air nipping at the delicate skin of your face, “it’s getting cold,” you said absentmindedly as the two of you began walking back to your place. 

It must’ve been a few seconds after those words left your mouth that you felt Bucky place his beanie on top of your head, smoothing it down, “can’t have you getting cold now can we?” He teased as you let out a small laugh. 

You both walked in comfortable silence, one of you occasionally breaking it to point something out as your arms bumped against each others until you made it to the front of your building. 

“Thanks again,” you told Bucky, standing on the second step of the stairs so you were eye level with him, “it was no problem, doll,” he said softly a small smile gracing his features. 

Tonight felt different. 

Bucky had always made an effort in walking you home, especially on late night, but tonight, there was something more glinting in his eyes. He appeared a little on edge, nervous maybe as he fiddled with his fingers. 

“Hey, uh, are you busy tomorrow?” He piped up, meeting your gaze, “I shouldn’t be later in the evening, why?” You asked calmly despite the fact that your heart was beating a million miles a minutes and your thoughts were racing. 

“I was wondering i-if you’d maybe wanna grab some t-tea with me?” He stuttered and you could’ve sworn that your heart ballooned in love for the man who was always so charming now stuttering and tripping over his words. 

“I would really like that, Buck,” you said softly, a smile on your face as one appeared on his face, “I-I’ll pick you up at six?” He asked excitedly as you giggled lightly, “I’ll see you then, Bucky,” you whispered as you leaned in to give him a quick peck on the cheek before turning around, walking into your building leaving him looking like he slept with a hanger in his mouth. 

His heart fluttered and raced all at the same time the entire way back home as he thought about you, she said yes he mumbled to himself in disbelief as he chuckled to himself. 

“She said yes,” he repeated one last time before walking into his house, anxiously awaiting for your date with him.

D - He took everything from us. He trapped us in here with this broken shell and no way out.
C - It’s true. This whole time I thought it was the house, but I never thought he would follow us here.
D - And we played right into his hands. He’d been planning this for years and now that son of a bitch is out there walking around in my body-
C - Damien, we can’t do this right now. Look I know you have questions and I can’t answer everything right now, just now that Mark took everything from us on this twisted quest of vengeance. But death does not mean the same thing here.
D - What Celine means by that is, this doesn’t have to be the end. You’re trapped in here just the same as us but your body, as broken as it may be, is still out there.
C - Mark’s not the only one that can use this place to his benefit. The same way that I brought you here, is the same way that I can send you back.
D - But you can’t survive on your own, you’re dead after all. The colonel saw to that. 
C - You can’t blame him, honestly he’s a good man. But he’s dangerous now.
D - I know this all sounds crazy. Honestly, I don’t know what the fuck is going on. But I know that I trust Celine. And if you trust us, just let me in and we can fix this, together.
C - I won’t force this on you, you have a choice here. Just know that this is the only way that you can escape. Just relax.
D - This’ll work. I promise

Damien and Celine’s dialogue when we’re in the void(?). Thought this would be helpful for people finding it difficult to hear and for theorists as I’m pretty sure this holds a lot of clues.

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Everybody keeps saying that Kylo is the one who will try and convince Rey to come with him at that moment – that it’ll be his idea to stretch out that hand and ask her to come with him.

Meanwhile I am over here imagining Kylo trying to head off on his own after their fight w/ Praetorian Guards, assuming she’ll head back to her friends/to seek Luke and beg him to continue her training – and Rey just stops him dead in his tracks, saying,

“No. I’m not going back. I…I want to go with you.”

Kylo: (o.O)

Rey: “There’s no one else in this entire galaxy who can understand what we are. They’d all have us destroyed… or use us.”

Kylo: (O.O)…

Rey: “So… that’s it. It’s… just us now.”

Kylo: (0_0) **reaches out hand**

just had my first genuine interaction with someone who spoke japanese and i feel more exhilarated than i had in my whole life

there were a bunch of college-age looking japanese teens speaking japanese at each other and i was like “this is my fuckin chance” so i walked over and we had this grade-A convo:

“excuse me. can you hold my bags for 10 minutes”

“those ones over there?”



and then i went to get some water and came back and one of their dudes was sitting with my stuff so i gave him 1000 yen that i had in my pocket cuz im an awkward american and americans tip people. but i bet i looked real fuckin cool. or at least i gave them an interesting travel story. either way i have water now and im happy.

things we now know about matthew holt (s4 spoilers)

-he can fucking s e e

-his relationship with shiro was more formal on the kerberos mission than we thought


-the entire alias of “pidge gunderson” is based off of matt (hair, glasses, name, actual intent for the alias, etc.)

-instead of being super protectice of pidge, he was really proud of everything she’s done with team voltron and was really happy for her

-he’s smitten for allura

-super cool and suave big brother

-he has a close relationship with his dad (who even has a secret code language with their dad c’mon)

-know his way around a pole ;))) (i’m sORrY)

-getting into the garrison was the best thing to ever happen to him (other than pidge being born probably)

-he’s the one who originally called katie “pidge”

-he was respectful enough to stop calling her that when she asked him to

-lance lowkey wants him dead now

-he’s a devout and badass rebel officer that was willing to drop everything to help the coalition

-he is currently the only one who knows about keith almost sacrificing himself

-him, hunk, and pidge are the biggest team of nerds ever

-would probably die for pidge (same honestly)

-such a fucking dork oh my god

-beautiful pre and post kerberos mission

-loved and respected by all

in conclusion matt holt is the best thing to happen to this season (lowkey this show too) and i have so much excitement stowed away to see his future character development and how he interacts with the team and aaAAAA


Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: Pink lingerie does things to Captain Rogers

Word Count: 2565

Warnings: nsfw af! nsfw gif undercut, unprotected sex (wrap you wang before you bang!)

Author’s Note: old fic; another repost! AND for the nonnie who wanted me to repost “A New Throne” (Lance Tucker x Reader), i’m sorry but my dumbass forgot to take a backup :’(

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