can we have gender benders

So recently I’ve been seeing a lot more ship hate going around for pairings with an age gap, like ereri and sebaciel. I, personally, just kinda ship them, but I have a friend who would go through hell and back to protect them. She got really upset at all the hate in her dash, so I wrote this.  While reading some of the anti-rants I noticed that there were some misinformation. Some are the following:

1. It’s pedophilia. To just get it out of the way, let me say that it is legally stated that pedophilia is when adults go after children age 11 years or younger. In a medical standpoint, its prepubescence to age 13. So ereri, where Eren is fifteen, technically isn’t pedophilia. For the other ships where one person isn’t over 13 years old, I will say yes, it is pedophilia. I won’t say that it’s not. However, what I will say is that most of the time, when there are people under thirteen shipped with someone a lot older, the other person is usually a superhuman or not human at all. (Sebaciel  : Sebastian is a demon. Billdip : Bill is… a triangle. Etc.) So there aren’t any rules drawn out for those things, because as far as I know of, beings such as demons and talking demon triangles do not exist. And I could bring up the point that pedophilia is when adults, a.k.a humans, go after children.  But they still could be pedophilia. (Before anyone gets the wrong idea, let me just say I do not support pedophilia. I honestly do not. I just think its unreasonable to call piece of writing or art that someone worked really hard on ‘supporting pedophilia’ when it really isn’t.)

2. It’s abusive/sexually abusive. The thing I don’t understand is how you know ships are abusive. These are fictional characters, and though it hurts, that’s the truth. There is nothing concrete about. The ships we, the fandom, create, are even less substantial. So there is no physical proof of anything of their relationship as evidence that the ship is in fact abusive. I mean, unless it has been canonly shown that it is (which I understand. If a relationship has been proven abusive, then I will not argue against it), it’s only abusive if you’re interpreting it that way. An example could be ereri. A lot of antis say it’s abusive because of the court scene, but Levi had to do it so that the SC could take custody of Eren. He did it to help Eren, not because he’s some kind of sadistic bastard who loves beating children. Afterwards, he even asked Eren if he resented him, to which Eren said that he did not.

3. Even if you age up the characters, it doesn’t change the fact that in canon, there still is a huge age gap. Um, yeah. That’s true. But like I said before, these are fictional characters that we can change. That’s why we have AUs. That’s why we have gender benders. What makes aging up any different? If we want to age up our characters in a fanfic or fanart that we drew, isn’t that our right to do so? It’s not like we’re trying to change the canon fact (I repeat: we are not claiming that it is canon when we age up our characters).

4. You mischaracterize some of the characters. This…. Is actually something I kind of agree with and kind of don’t. I mean, I really do understand what people mean with this. In ereri, some people try to make Eren a complete uke and I honestly don’t see that. He’s an angry fifteen year old who saw his mother die and wants to wipe out the existence of an entire species. And I can’t see how Levi would be uke either, because, you know, Humanity’s Strongest and all that. However, like I said before, fiction characters and all that. You could argue by saying that if you take away a character’s personality, then is it really that character. I would probably counter by saying if you take away someone’s lifestyle, is it really their life but whatever. It’s hard for me to defend this one because I kind of agree with it.

5. It makes me feel uncomfortable so you have to stop. Um, not to be rude to those who feel uncomfortable, but isn’t it a little selfish to expect someone who really loves the ship to stop just because you said so? I mean, yeah, I do care about your feelings, but couldn’t you just unfollow me and block the tag? That’s like me saying, ‘I really don’t like looking at the color red so you can’t use red in any of your drawings even though it’s your favorite color’ when you could just not look at my drawings at all.

6. It’s gross. Um, okay? That’s totally your opinion and not a fact at all? If you’re trying to prove a point, please support it with facts. I will respect what you think, but please don’t try and convince me that a ship is ‘gross’ without evidence.

Okay, so those are the main six points I think people bring up. Let me just say that I am not trying to convince you to like Ereri. I respect that you may not like a ship. I have my own NOTPs as well. However, you do not have the right to hate on a piece of writing or art because you do not like something. And when I mean hate, I mean the big difference between this:

Hi! I personally do not like Sebaciel so could you please tag your works? Thank you for understanding.

And this:

What the fuck is wrong with you? How could you ship that you gross, sick pedophile? Go to hell.


Also, there are methods to avoid ships you don’t like either.
1. You can block the tag.
2. If you see something without a tag, kindly ask the user to tag their works.
3. I do understand that some shippers are assholes and will not listen to you. Report them, block them, or unfollow them.
4. Same with the posts. Block them or report them.