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It doesn't look like it's ending though? Last year around this time it did. With Louis's sad selfies. Weird trips. His sweatshirt w the closeted gay composer. A change in B's SM. Some unfollows (I think). Tammi even had some cryptic, sad religious tweets. The Hendall leak (seemed like they wanted to prevent Harry being pulled into it). There's none of that now. If it was heading towards an end, certain pieces would be put in place. After the last year, Louis's travel isn't an indicator anymore.

It’s not because we’re not getting the same signs that isn’t ending 

#299 - Pregnancy Scare

Harry: Chewing your lip softly, you stared at the pregnancy test, just waiting. “Is it done yet?” he asked quietly, coming into the bathroom and sitting next to you on the edge of the toilet seat. “Not yet…” you whispered, not even looking at him. Harry nodded his head slightly and started to play with his fingers, the anxiety heavy in the room. “We can’t have a baby… not right now…” you murmured out, breathing out quietly. “I know…” Harry spoke softly, subconsciously reaching over to take your hand. The timer went off, making you jump slightly, yet you didn’t move. “(Y/N)?” your boyfriend asked quietly and you looked over him. “Can you look please?” you asked nervously and he nodded slightly, reaching across the small room and picking the stick up. You watched him with a nervous glance. “It’s… negative…” he breathed out and a huge amount of relief washed over you. “Oh thank god…” You leaned against his side and hid your face. He wrapped his arms around your shoulders and tossed the little stick into the trash. “One day…” you murmured. “But not today…”

Liam: “I can’t be pregnant…” you whispered to yourself. Liam looked at you with wide eyes, staying frozen in his spot. “Well… h-how late are you?” You looked up at him and chewed your lip softly, shaking your head in thought. “Like… a few weeks.” He nodded his head quickly before running a hand through his hair. “I’m so sorry Liam…” you whispered, putting a hand over your stomach. “It’s… it’s okay…” he murmured, his Adam’s apple bobbing. It wasn’t until a couple days later that all your thoughts and worries were finally put to ease when you rushed downstairs to him and threw your arms around his neck. “Holy… what?” he chuckled slightly and put his hands on your waist to back you up slightly. You were smiling widely and tears of relief gathered in your eyes. “I don’t think I have ever been so damn happy to see my period,” you laughed out and his eyes widened slightly before he threw his arms around you and pulled you back in. “Thank god…” he murmured into your shoulder. You smiled widely and kissed his shoulder, pressing yourself as close as possible.

Niall: “Any news yet?” he asked quietly over the Skype camera and you shook your head. “Not yet… I’m waiting for the test…” Niall nodded slightly and let out a small sigh. “What if you are pregnant..?” he murmured and you shook your head. “I don’t know…” He nodded his head again and rubbed his face. “We’ll do this together…” he spoke up and you looked up at him. “If you’re thinking I’m gonna leave just because you’re pregnant… I’m not that kind of person…” Giving him a small smile you bit your lip and continued playing with your fingers. The timer on your phone went off and you looked over it. “I’ll be right back.” You didn’t even wait for his reaction, you just headed to the bathroom and grabbed the little stick, wanting to get it over with. When you saw the single little line, you put a hand on your chest and breathed out a vocal breath of relief. “Oh my god…” “(Y/N)?” you could hear Niall’s voice calling from the bedroom. Chucking the test out, you quickly went back to your computer. “What was it?” “Negative,” you laughed out, wiping your eyes. He put his hands over his face laughing out in relief with you.

Louis: “I’m scared…” you murmured, hunched over the toilet after spilling your stomach contents out for the untraceable time that night. A tired Louis sat next to you, holding onto your water glass. “What if I’m…?” He quickly shook his head. “You can’t be…” he mumbled. “We were safe…” “Things can happen Lou…” you croaked and he just looked over at you. “Let’s go to the doctor then…” He got up and a few minutes later you could hear him speaking to someone on the phone. Now here you were, sitting in the doctor’s office, waiting anxiously for the test results. Your heart started to speed up when she walked into the room. Louis reached across to grab onto your hand and you quickly locked on. “Well, (Y/N), I’ll be straight up with you, you’re definitely not pregnant,” she said and you shut your eyes for a moment. “It’s nothing much, just a fairly rough case of the flu.” You could hear Louis breathe out beside you. “Stay hydrated and just don’t do much okay? Rest and if it gets worse, please come back,” she explained and you nodded your head, thanking her over and over again until she was out of sight.

Zayn: “We can’t afford a baby right now! I thought we were being more careful!” he exclaimed pacing across the kitchen floor. You pinched the bridge of your nose and took a breath to speak. “Zayn…” “We are too young! I’m in the middle of weird shit right now. I can’t afford this. We can’t afford this! And I’m not about to leave you home with a baby!” “ZAYN I’m not pregnant!” you shouted over his rambling and you froze, spinning around to look at you. “What..?” he whispered, looking like he didn’t believe what you were saying. “I’m not pregnant!” you laughed out exasperated. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you for the last 15 minutes!” Zayn looked at you and quickly ran over, locking his arms around your waist tightly. “I’m so sorry… oh my gosh… when did you find out?” he stammered out. “This morning…” He smiled widely and pressed his lips to yours quickly, rubbing the back of his neck. “I swear it’s not cause I don’t want one… just…” “Not yet…” you finished for him and he nodded softly, kissing you once again. “M’sorry…” he whispered, holding you tightly against him.

Finding Out Your Pregnant- Part 2 (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

Part 1

“We can’t have a baby right now. We’re way too young!” Y/N said and I nod my head, agreeing.

“So what do you want to do?”

She puts her face in her hands. “I don’t know.”

I nod but there are a million thoughts going through my mind. The one thought that stands out to me is that we can’t get rid of this baby. It’ll be hard but we can defiantly raise it.

I scoot closer to her and wrap my arm around her shoulder pulling her against me.

“Y/N?” I ask.


“You know there’s no one else that I would want to have a baby with, right?”

She tilted her head up, meeting my gaze.


“Yes, really,” I said, giving her a playful shove on the shoulder.


“I don’t want you to go,” Y/N said quietly, while we were laying on the couch.

“I don’t want to either but I have too. It’s my job,” I told her and she nodded, rubbing her hand on her growing stomach.

I rested my hand on her’s and pulled her against me, doing my best to comfort her.

“It’s only for two months and then when I get back, the baby will be here not long after,” I said and again she nodded but this time, wiped a tear from her cheek.

“You can come to the airport tomorrow, ya know,” I said and she shook her head.

“The fans are gonna find out at some point…..” I added. “You’re not even showing that much. Just wear a loose fitting shirt.”

“I think I’ll pass,” she whispered and turned her attention back to the tv show.

I nodded my head and remained silent. I still hadn’t told management and was afraid how they would react. We had told a handful of people but they had been under strick orders not to say anything. Y/N was worried about how fans would react especially since we weren’t even together. Although I was more than thrilled to be having a baby with my best friend rather than a one night stand I was also worried about how the fans would treat her.



It had been exactly a month since Luke had left and you had been miserable. Your stomach was starting to get big, making it almost impossible to bend over and you felt like you were uncomfortable all the time. Nighttime was always the worst. Thats when the baby was kicking and moving making it impossible to sleep. Lately you had been sleeping during the day messing up your entire schedule.

You were sound asleep when the sound of your phone ringing woke you up. You reached behind you and blindly searched for your phone on your nightstand. You glanced at the caller i.d. seeing that it was best friend, Y/F/N.  

“Hello?” you said, still half asleep.

“Y/N! Have you gotten online today?” she asked, practically shouting.

“No, why?” you asked, now fully alert.

You reached across the bed to grab your computer and turned it on.

“Go to google and type Lukes name in,” she instructed.

You did as you were told and within a few seconds there were thousands of articles about Luke in front of you. However, the very top on caught your sight: LUKE HEMMINGS TO BE A FATHER.

“No no no no no no no no! How did this happen?” you practically shouted. You hung up the phone not even bothering to say good bye and threw it down on your bed.

Clicking on the first article, you quickly skimmed it.

Luke Hemmings, the lead singer of 5 Seconds of Summer, is going to be a dad. A source close to Luke has stated that Luke’s best friend, Y/N Y/L/N is indeed pregnant with the singers baby.

“Although it wasn’t planned they’re both really excited to be parents,” the source told us.

You skimmed a few other articles all of them saying practically the same thing before logging into to tumblr. Your name was all over your dashboard along pictures of you, from your grocery shopping trip this week. You had worn a large t shirt and a comfortable pair of leggings, not caring at the time how you had looked. The t shirt did little to cover your growing bump and it was fairly evident under your shirt.

You were six months pregnant and hadn’t really begun to show until about a month ago. You had done well at hiding the bump when you went out in public but now it seemed as if that was no longer an issue.

Looking over at the clock, you decided on whether or not to call Luke even though he would probably be sleeping. Picking your phone up, you called Luke. His phone went straight to voicemail but you decided against leaving one, instead opting to keep calling him, hoping he would eventually pick up.

Lukes POV

Reaching over I picked up my phone from the bedside table. Realizing it was dead, I quickly plugged it in and waited for it to turn on.

Within a minute of turning it on, I saw that I had 6 missed calls from Y/N. Without checking to see if I had any voicemails from her, I called her back and she picked up on the third ring.

“Luke!” she yelled.

“Y/N! What’s wrong?”

“They know! Everyone knows! It’s all over the internet! They know I’m pregnant!” She yelled, before bursting into tears.