can we have a moment of silence

Team VILT! (Finally) Doing some semblance training!! (Team VILT also means Grimmfuture!au)
  • Alician, collapsed on the forest floor in front of a line of trees which have various amounts of damage, from being completely toppled over to only having some bark torn away, panting in exhaustion: Ve...Verrus...can't we...have a break? Please?
  • Iccarus, sitting against another tree on the side, looking over to his Team's leader, who's standing tall and silent, struggling to not sound exhausted himself: Yeah, maybe a break would be...good, y'know?
  • Verrus, after a moment of silence, starring at the ground, she looks up and speaks with authority: Agreed. However, we must continue afterwards.
  • Icarrus, jumping up and stretches, groaning a bit as he rotates his arm, the golden bangles infused with dust jingling on his wrist, looks behind him to see trees with various scars left by various elements: Hey, how come Nekros doesn't train with us?
  • Alician, sitting up suddenly, an exasperated puft of air coming from her as she does, flexing her fingers and winces at the bloodied knuckles: Yeah, shouldn't we train as a team?
  • Verrus, her back turned to her team, as she's setting up a picnic-styled lunch setting: Nekro's something else. To exercise it with many people around is much more....dangerous. So her and I train on our own.
  • Icarrus, snickers and elbows a drooling-at-the-smell-of-food Alician: Heh, I bet her semblance is something lew-
  • Verrus, turning quickly and smashes her staff to the ground, causing one of her many tattoos to glow ominously red upon her arm, the very same design appearing upon the ground: I suggest you rethink your statement. Or not say it at all.
  • Iccarus, eyes wide, hands up in surrender: Okay okay. Sheesh I'm sorry.

Can we please all have a moment of silence for this brilliant looking Popeye film that was CANCELLED so that the studio could focus on the Emoji movie.

Man what a waste.


okey let’s have a moment of silence for this …. this is one of the rarest moments where we can see Ksoo being so attached to JI and every gesture in him screaming he is his , I really love this adorable moment back and i just can’t get enough of it , not to mention when he give JI the mic after he was so happy watching him dance then he brushed their hands , so cute and full of love really ~ sigh …

The art of being alone is something few have truly mastered. And yet, the whole process is so serendipitous that I wish everyone could. It is not our desire to be alone that leads us to achieve it, but rather, our desire for the exact opposite. It is in searching for company, for someone or something to fill the void within us, that we come to find the beauty of solitude; that we come to understand that not every breathing moment requires noise; that we discover just how beautiful utter silence can be, too.

GOT7 reacting to you bringing home a stray puppy w/o their permission

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Jaebum: At first, he looks disapproving, maybe even a bit angry. After a long moment of silence he says, “Couldn’t you at least get a cat?” while making a disgusted expression on his face. You end up naming the puppy “Kitty”.

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Mark: His face lights up when he sees the puppy. “Aww, he’s soo cute!! Can we keep him? Please??” When you reply “yes”, he smiles and gently picks up the puppy and starts playing with him.

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Jackson: As soon as he sees the puppy, he screams, “OMG I HAVE A TWIN NOW!” as he does his best puppy impression. He then picks up the puppy and starts stroking its fur.

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Jinyoung: At first he’s worried, asking lots of questions like “Where’d you get him?” “Is he okay?” “Why was he abandoned?”After he calms down and you assure him everything’s okay, he picks up the puppy and holds him next to your face. “Hmmm…yup, he’s definitely cuter,” teasing you. You roll your eyes and playfully shove him. He just laughs and you and sips from his water bottle.

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Youngjae: He’s so excited for Coco to have a friend and his face lights up as soon as he sees the new puppy. A giant smile makes its way onto his face and he instantly starts to play with the puppy. “We can keep him, right?” he asks.

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Bambam: He’s scared of the puppy at first, running from you when you say, “Look what I brought home!” It takes ten minutes for him to stop hiding so that you can explain where you got the puppy. He’s against keeping the puppy, but when he sees how much you love the puppy, he agrees to it.

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Yugyeom: He gasps when you enter the room carrying a puppy. His eyes widen and his face lights up. You ask, “Can we keep him?” Unsure of whether it’s allowed in the apartment building, he shrugs and says, “I don’t know…it’s up to know…” But on the inside, he’s super excited and really wants to keep the puppy. 

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Batmom and Beyond

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Prompt: Batmom interacting with Terry

Requested by: @marvelgirl13

AN: Since it doesn’t look like Terry’s going to get a day, so I wanted to write something for him, and I had a prompt, so …  I really enjoyed writing this. I haven’t written much for Terry :)

Words: 770

“Did you know?”

You look up at Terry, and smile. “If I had, you never would have left my sight.”

“Helicopter mom?”

You shake your head and pour a cup of tea. “Can you blame me?”

“I suppose not.” There’s a moment of silence before he says,“How?”

“Same way as with Bruce, I imagine.”

He nods,“So you’re my mother, and the old man, is my … old man.”

You sigh,“Amanda always was too sneaky for her own good. I couldn’t have children. We tried several times, but it always ended … badly.”

“So no unmentioned siblings?”

You shake your head. “The boys are my sons. Dick, Jason, Tim. They’re my sons.”

“They don’t come around often. I’ve only seen them a handful of times.”

You grin. “I suppose that makes you the good son.”

There’s another moment of silence, and you move towards your sitting room. Terry takes the tea pot from you. You pat his hand.  “Such a good boy.” You sit down, and Terry sits down across from you. “My best guess is that Amanda got my DNA and changed your mother’s the same way she changed your father’s. Unfortunately, that doesn’t make me your mother.”  

“A lot of women wouldn’t say that. Most people would say your blood running through my veins makes me yours.”

You grin. “I’m an adoptive mother, Terry. I raised my boys, but I didn’t birth them. That doesn’t make me any less their mother. Mary raised you, cared for you. She is your mother.”

“And what about you?”

“I’m an old woman, Terry. Probably don’t have many years left.”

“Then shouldn’t we get to know each other now? I mean, I’ve been coming around here for years, but I don’t really know much about you or the old man.”

“Is that what you want, Terry?”

You can see the hesitation in his glance. “Take some time and think about it.”

He nods, and leaves the room. Bruce comes in a moment later and takes a seat. “He seems to have gotten over the initial shock.”

“You need to talk to Waller. I’d rather she not do this again.”

“She won’t. She’s got two boys. She knows she’s fine now.”

“Yes. I suppose this means Matt would be ours as well.”

There’s a pause before Bruce says,“We could sue for custody, or have Waller do something. She owes us.”

You shake your head. “We’re in our eighties Bruce. We don’t have much longer. Why bring the boy down? Let him enjoy the mother he actually has. The mother he knows.”

Bruce nods. “I suppose that means I need to update the will. Five ways. Maybe Matt would be interested in taking over the company. Our current CEO is trash.”

You smile. You cover Bruce’s hand with your own. “It’s been a good eighty years, Bruce Wayne.”

He kisses your old, wrinkly hand. “A very good eighty years.”

You don’t see Terry for several weeks after that. He goes in and out through the cave. Still, one morning you come downstairs, and he’s there. Waiting at the kitchen table. “Good morning.”

He smiles. “Morning.”

“Made a decision?”

He nods. “Several. The first of which is that I do want to know you. You’ve been in my life for several years now, and you’ve been like a second mother to me anyways.”  

You take a seat. “And your other decisions?”

“I told Matt. I told him everything, with Bruce’s permission. They’re downstairs talking.”

You nod. “Number two. And number three?”

“That we should have a family day.”            

You stare at him for a moment before the noise hits your ears. You grin, as your boys round the corner. They’re as handsome as ever. But there’s a bit of silver in their hair. Their grins are still the same, and they move towards you with the same enthusiasm they’ve always had. They greet you with hugs and kisses. They’re careful with their movement, careful with you. They all take seats around the table, and you quickly explain your latest discovery about Terry.

They’re a bit stunned. You can see it.  It takes a few moments for them to adjust to the idea before they begin talking, and comparing notes. Thirty minutes later, and they’re talking like brothers, comparing Bruce’s traits.

Another thirty minutes after that, Bruce and Matt make an appearance. Your youngest son introduces himself boldly, and immediately joins in on the conversation. Bruce takes the seat next to you, and you smile. It’s a good day, when you’re surrounded by all your favorite men.

so i went to get a pot for my succulents that need to be re-potted because they’re bullying each other, and i get to the cashier and it’s like dead quiet except for that background music stores have, and the chill cashier dude rings me up and goes through his obligatory questions that take up the time it takes for you to fumble with your card and shit, which, thank fucking god for those questions honestly because sometimes it’s the only human communication i get in a day, and but so chill cashier dude reaches the last of his questions and then we both look at the receipt printing doohickey expectantly but it’s just. taking its sweet ass time. and we look up at each other and i swear to god we both have this soul-bonding moment of oh no the awkward silence it is impending what do we do this is going to be so painful and i can’t have five full seconds of silence with this stranger because then i wouldn’t ever be able to come back here again and it’s a very convenient and well-stocked store, okay, so this just isn’t gonna happen. so i immediately do the thing i do whenever i want to stave off the awkward which is make an idiot of myself, and i start swaying dramatically to the muffled background music while looking anywhere but at the receipt printer which is still doing sweet fuck-all. cashier dude is startled and for a second i’m like i have misread this situation is chill cashier dude in fact NOT so chill?? but then he totally rolls with it and starts swaying with me and we just have this moment in this fucking store rocking out to what i am pretty sure is ‘hold me closer tiny dancer’ and then the receipt prints and we stop swaying because what the fuck why did we do that really and anyway i’m pretty sure he flirted with me in the 2.6 seconds it took him to hand me my receipt and send me off with my anti-bullying succulent pot so we’re gonna have a june wedding, i think

I really just want to hold you close at night, every night. I want to turn over in the middle of the night and hear your sleepy voice tell me to come closer so you can lay your head on my chest. I want to run around the house chasing you because you’re running from me trying to tickle you. I want to come home at the end of a long day and not have to say a word, but just lay there in silence together knowing that we’ve been waiting for that moment all day. I don’t want this distance to be between us. But if sleepless, lonely nights are what I have to deal with right now to have continual nights of holding you, and kissing you, then it’s so worth it.
—  skrewsociety
  • Melissa: So I've a question regarding the part in which Kara's having a monologue after her fight. Will this happen in the presence of someone special? I need to know so i can practice on my own, as the case may be...
  • Katie: <i>*fidgets around on chair*</i>
  • Producers: We thought that maybe <i>*looks at smudged writing on hand*</i> Lucky Luke could be in her office with you, back to back, in silence. Just the emotions and eyes talking, you know? But we can change this part anytime so Kara can have her moment of solitude without anyone else around?
  • Katie: fUckk no
  • Melissa:
  • Producers:

Hi There!! :)

I know I’m behind, and I have every intention of catching up this evening because the husband has a fancy manager’s outing tonight for work which means Conner and I get to eat cereal for dinner in our pajamas because we are not fancy (and we are 100% fine with that)! :) So, hearts to come–I just can’t lose this rare moment of silence at a real computer (SO much nicer for posting).

Yesterday was one of those spectacular days that makes you just SO happy to be alive–so incredibly grateful for simple pleasures and wonderful people.  I went to work for half a day and Conner went with me (LOVE how cool my work is about that always).  He was thrilled because he was given an old tape recorder and some tapes, so he was entertained by that for a few hours.  He was less entertained by my making him wear some of our read aloud props, but I bribed him with fried oysters at Quality Seafood Market for lunch, so he did it. ;) Those faces say “parenting done right,” I think? Yes? :D

My friend Shannon volunteers with me, so after work she joined us at Quality Seafood which was awesome–Conner got to ask her a million questions about South Africa (she moved here from there a year ago). Then, Conner and I took Walter for a long walk in the woods because it was a perfect and sunny, breezy 72 degrees.  We followed that up with dinner at a little country diner within walking distance of our house that we’ve somehow never visited. (How is that possible??)  They had a live band playing classic country music and even though the place was packed, we were easily quite a few decades younger than any of the other patrons. Several of the older people got up and danced, I had fried okra and sweet tea (indulgences I LOVE but rarely have), and I got to enjoy a wave of serious nostalgia since I was raised a country girl but don’t so much identify as such anymore.

Today, I’m off, and Shannon, Conner and I are going hiking and then walking over to the Greek place to have lunch on the patio. Tonight, we’re researching ticket’s/travel dates for our summer trip! :)  Life, man.  It’s awesome! :)

ok but all of the posts saying stuff like “carrie fisher dying is the most fucked thing to happen in 2016”?? what about everything else that was tragic, such as, and not limited to:
- the attack on paris
- the orlando shooting
- donald trumps election
- ebola
- dallas police shooting
- the istambul airport attack
- the zika virus outbreak
- the disney alligator
and yes, rip to all of the tragic celebrities we’ve lost, you will be missed by millions. but guys, seriously, can we take a moment of silence for all of the other beautiful souls that we’ve lost this year who have been forgotten since they don’t have a huge spotlight on them?

God Save The Queen: Part 2

Sirius: *races past Remus, his backpack flung over his shoulder* 

Sirius: *rushed* Out with James again! *looks back apologetically as he heads to the door* Sorry Moons, gotta run! 

*the door slams shut behind Sirius* 

Remus: … Again? *sits in silence for a moment, his fingers twitching as he grips the arm of the couch* *suddenly snaps, reaching for his phone* 

*the phone rings…. and rings… and rings…* 

Phone: … Hello?

James: … Moons?

Remus: I’ve got to get going… 

James: Let me know when you two can come over. Lily wants to have dinner with you gits before she pops a child out of her nethers and we can’t have a social life anymore. *grins* 

Remus: *laughs half-heartedly* 

To Be Continued