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The Summer (20/30)

The Summer (20/30) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 10,221 Words

For reference, @phansdick is Dan, @insanityplaysfics is Phil.

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Warnings: jealousy, handjob, blowjob, exhbitionism, cumslut, cockslut, misunderstandings, implications of cheating

Chapter Twenty

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When a Writer is in Love

Come with me,
take my hand.
We’ll take sticks and
etch our names into the
sand and with them, the
waves will dance until they’ve
washed away.
We can have a bonfire under
the moon, on an old guitar we’ll
strum some chords and sing some
overrated song completely off tune.
We could lose our minds and build
a flying car, travel through space,
and vacation at a five star resort on
Mars where we could swim in the Milky way
and Earth gaze while we sip cosmic drinks
made by a martian at the hotel bar, then
return home with a bouquet of freshly
collected stars.
Maybe we could journey to somewhere
away far, ride on the backs of dragons,
and scale castle walls to a tower up high,
together we’d find the fountain of youth
and win the ultimate prize of an
everlasting life.
Anything is possible when you’re with me,
let me know which adventure you want to
have and I’ll write our story.

Salted Caramel

Summary: She liked him…a lot and she just wanted to get the point across. Too bad the wrong guy got it. Note to self: Check orders before writing little notes to the wrong customer!

Original Scan: ©

Chapters 1-9

Chapter 9: Sea Salt Latte

It takes Y/N about two coffees to awaken from her bleary eyed state of mind, even then she’s sluggish at work, mind working too hard to recall the recipes for a caramel latte, an iced chai with a shot of espresso, and a simple chocolate frappe. All of them being standard drinks and so easy a trained child could do them. Of course that’d be against labor laws so she must do it herself, but if she could she’d put a child back here in her place and go lie down somewhere in a corner.

Today is not her day and it becomes apparent when she gives a customer a cup of hot water and creamer and nearly microwaves a yogurt parfait.

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(same mike and sam moving in thing) Sam gives so many romantic ideas for Mike to show Jess hell even planning how his proposal goes

I am also all for this! I like to think Sam is a romantic at heart and it was the big thing she and Hannah had in common. So Sam would def be like “You should do it on New Years! Right at Midnight! Ooh we’ll have a beach bonfire and you can do it there! And we could get a trained bird to fly in with ring!” XP

fuckign witches part 8


Part 3 - Part 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 - PART 8 (you r here) - PART 9

Keith laughed to himself as Red attempted to bat at the flame, then pulled her back.

“No. Don’t do that, you’ll get burnt.” He glanced at his own bandaged fingers, “I would know.”

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Neighbors Masterlist

Fics in which they are neighbors/live next to each other!

After School Special - phanim

Summary- Dan’s never liked his next door neighour. He’s loud, obnoxious, and brings home too many guys. Dan’s witnessed countless drunken encounters through his bedroom window- and he wishes he hadn’t. But when a string of events leads to Dan playing host to a drunken Phil every night for a month, he can’t help but fall for the constant slurred suggestions.

Concrete Angel - irjustineee

Summary: Dan moves to Manchester with his Mum where he meets his neighbour and future best friend, Phil. Little does he know that Phil could be the one that changes everything.

Cute Next Door Neighboor - skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan gets bored one day when he’s at home and decides to look out of his kitchen window, only to find his very attracted neighborhood raking and jumping into a pile of leaves and gets caught staring at him.

Dan’s Song - phansdick

Summary: ”My asshole neighbor keeps playing the piano at 3 am” au.

Fred -  skinnyjeanshowell

Summary: Dan and Phil have been neighbors for awhile now, but they’ve never really spoken to each other… until Phil needs help sneaking in a cat.

It Started With A Ghost -  Tictacboxes

Summary: Dan gets locked out of his apartment, and he needs to crash at someone’s place. Luckily, his neighbor Phil was available.

Looking For The Stars - crescendohowell

Summary: When Dan finally meets his next door neighbor, Phil, in their junior year of high school they quickly become friends.  But Dan doesn’t get along with his Dad, Phil is hiding something, and they have to keep redefining the line between friends and boyfriends.

Mellifluous Tunes - lesterwishes

Summary: Phil lives on his own in a quaint little apartment right near the heart of London. It was quiet, peaceful and calm. That is, until his new neighbor Dan moves in and decides to make himself known by playing music so loud, the entire building can hear it. Phil finally had enough and goes over to complain but it results in an unlikely friendship.

My Downstairs Neighbor - insanityplaysfics

Summary: Phil accidentally destroys the floor of his bathroom, forcing him and his downstairs neighbor to technically share a bathroom until it can be fixed.

No One Would Know The Sound Of A Ghost - helenismylover

Summary: Dan has barely spoken to his new neighbour since he moved in a few weeks ago, and he’s perfectly fine with that. That is, until Phil turns up at his apartment claiming that he’s being haunted by a poltergeist and seeking Dan’s assistance in a paranormal investigation.

Partners In Crime - notanannoyingfangirl

Summary: After Phil’s ex-girlfriend won’t leave him alone, Dan decides to help his neighbor out by pretending to be Phil’s new boyfriend. However with personal feelings on both sides, and neither willing to admit them aloud, sometimes the lines between the pretend and the actual blur.

Pastel Pajamas And Onesies - steampunkhowell

Summary: teen!phan where they’re neighbors and Phil goes over to Dan’s house at 2am to make out with him because he’s a lil shit.

Sibling Rivalry - dannihowell

Summary: The Howell twins both fancy their new neighbor, Phil.

Surprise Flowers - placingglaciers

Summary: In which Phil slowly falls in love with his new upstairs apartment neighbor, Dan, but doesn’t quite get the right time to tell him.

This Is For You - arcticphan

Summary: Shy!Phil buys a Christmas present for his neighbour, Dan.

This Night is Sparkling (Don’t You Let it Go) - phanlight

Summary: Phil’s reluctant to go to the stupid firework display his family make him go to every year but once he meets one of the new neighbours he realizes maybe he won’t have to spend bonfire night alone.

We Can Go Elsewhere (ao3) - FearMePlease

Summary: Dan and Phil are best friends, as well as next door neighbors, who don’t have the best home life.

When It Feels So Wrong - howellslester

Summary: Dan lives next door and Phil spies on him changing.

Imagine with Taylor for anony (Friend one - Mean girls on school)

Me and Taylor have met each other since I was 5, and he always was that boy who I call when  just wanna talk late at night or will understand me, the one who just stay by my side even he’s got nothing to say, the one who is my angel, protector.

One day we were walking to school and he was making me laughing saying random things.

“I’m just saying: how squarebob can put fire if he’s under water, this is impossible” he was saying, “we’re talking about a cartoon where we got live animals talking and you’re worry about the fact they can light a bonfire” I laughed more, “BUT we have to agree that it’s more unbelievable what I’m saying” he said looking to me, “oh shut up Caniff” I said laughing and then we arrived at my inner hell, I hate there.

I hate school for so many reasons, teachers are rude and idiots, the boys are rude and idiots and the girls are idiots and idiots. I mean, everybody there just want live a normal life being a football player and a cheerleader, and I’m the different one who want a better live, in other city, with a brain in my head, and I don’t hate them like usually, I hate them because they always hate me.

When I arrived there, one girl called Alexia knocked my books everyday, then they wrote things on my locker and all this, Taylor helped me but he isn’t from my school, this always was a important thing and other reason because I hate there, without Taylor I felt like I was naked, without any protection or anything. Nowadays this has stopped, because my mother went talk to the principal.

I was going to my locker when I saw the girls, usually they pass by me without more complications but this day they stopped.

“well, well, look what we got!” Alexia said, “have you already know that the Frogace told her mother and principal called me at his office? ‘oh Alexia you shouldn’t do this’ ‘why did you do this’ he said to me” Alexia said to his friends and I was paralyze in front of my locker. “now, I will say why I do this, but to you Frogace” (a/n: frog+face=frogace)

Then she and her friends start saying really bad things to me, “you’re ugly”, “’you’re fat”, “you an E.T”, “why did you come to school? You’re part of a zoo” and some more to me, I stay quietly but not strong enough, my tears started to appear and they to laugh. All I wanted was go out there, I ran of theirs but I still hear they laughing.

My whole day was a crap, I stayed the break in class, and after school finished I ran to my house, I arrived and went to my room all I could do was cry. I take my phone and call a number that I’ve already memorized.

“hello my beautiful” he said happy, “Tay…” I couldn’t continue my speech, “(y/n)? what did happen? Are you crying?” he shot asks and asks, “please just come here” I said to him, “I’ll be there in two” he said, few minutes later I heard my door opening.

“whats going on baby?” he said and came to my way, when I feel him closer, I hugged him tightest than ever and started to cry, he just hugged me back. “don’t cry please, is that same thing again?” he asked and I nodded.

“baby, you have to know that you’re better than they all, you’re not what they said, you’re a wonderful girl, you’re perfect in your way and they cant put you down, because they’re nothing” I was listening everything but I can’t stop crying. He kissed the top of head, “stop crying, I’m here with you, let me help you…” he said pressing his arms around me, I was feeling protected because he was there. “thank you for be here” I said low against his shirt, “I would be here everyday if you need me” he kissed my forehead now, and I was more calm.

“baby please, promise to me, you will never cry for this more, never, you better than all they.” He said and I nodded, he kiss my cheek and with his arms around me yet, we stayed that night talking about random things like we were used to because it’s for that we have friends.

“I’m just saying: they swim in a sea inside an ocean, wtf!” 

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the-lunar-lorkhan  asked:

Based on your roadtrip tags, it looks like you've had a very adventurous life lmao

I have, I have, I’ll tell the internet the tale of that time my best friend and I were chased by a werewolf on top of a cliff (it was a werewolf, fight me) and we almost died. One day. It’s a great story.

Lake Party.

“Everyone’s invited. All you have to do is bring snacks. If you don’t like water… Then don’t get in it. We might even have a bonfire if we can get it approved. Summer is ending, we need to end it with a blast!”

Klaine Advent Day 9 - Indecent


“Put that thing away.”

“C’mon, babe, it’s not that bad,” Blaine said, motioning to the heap of fabric next to him on the bed. “I think you’ll look great.”

“Of course you do,” Kurt sneered, backing away from the bed like it was a monster ready to pounce. “That thing is indecent, Blaine. I’m not wearing it.”

“But you have to.”

“Says who?”

“Says the invitation, remember? Mandatory dress code.”

“I always knew Elliott was a pervert, but I didn’t think it was this bad,” Kurt grumbled, arms folded across his chest.

“You make it sound like we’re going to some kind of S&M party,” Blaine said, trying not to laugh too obviously - best not to provoke more of Kurt’s ire.

“I’d almost prefer that!” Kurt said, provoking some mental images in Blaine that made him choke. “I have bondage-inspired apparel. I look amazing in bondage-inspired apparel! But this?” Kurt picked up the bulky green sweater distastefully between his index finger and thumb. “This is a crime against humanity.”

“Oh, come on, it’s festive,” Blaine said, smiling. The sweater had knitted Christmas ornaments, jingle bells, and working lights festooned across it, with a gold star on the neckline and a velvet “skirt” around the hem. “It’s totally going to win the ugly sweater contest, too.”

“You really think so?” Kurt asked, hesitantly intrigued.

“For sure,” Blaine said. “It’s completely gaudy. No one could possibly compete unless they literally glued a reindeer to their chest.”

“I wouldn’t put it past Rachel,” Kurt said darkly, but he had shifted his grip to have a better hold on the garment. “And you promise that we can burn it afterwards?”

“I’ll let you light the first match,” Blaine said calmly. “But if you win, I doubt you’ll want to burn your victory sweater.”

“If I win, it can stay. If I lose, we’re having a bonfire when we get home,” Kurt said. “Deal?”

“Deal. Now get dressed, I don’t want to miss Dani’s gourmet eggnog!”