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Can we get some random LynZ facts??

Sure !

Lindsey started working with paper because her mom used to bring home bags and bags of it from her job and it gave her something to do!

She got into dioramas because her and Gerard have themed Christmas presents every year and one year it was dioramas and she became obsessed with it and had a lot of fun doing it :-)

When Lindsey found out Gerard was going to be doing Projekt Revolution too, she started working out and dieting because she wanted to look pretty for him

The first 2 songs she learned on bass were Cherry Bomb by the Runaways and Boys Don’t Cry by The Cure

She got a vine tattooed on her stomach when she was 18 and sometimes has days where she hates all of her tattoos and ‘wants to rip them off’

She’s friends with Brody Dalle!!!!!!!!!!!! (Not a super fun fact, but it makes me happy)

Ember! Ember! Ember!

Awwwww yeah!!!! I’ve been looking forward to this since I started this blog. I love Ember. She was my favorite character for a long time, and even though other characters have taken her place and Desiree is the one I consider my favorite full ghost, Ember is a very close second.

Now, Ember does have a “canon” backstory, but it’s Word of God and never actually talked about in the show. As such, I’m not gonna take it with a grain of salt when talking about her. It’s a decent backstory, but I’m gonna prioritize her song, since it’s something that’s actually in the show.

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Oh my yes, skillful and smart. Also, could we highlight the part when Louis was concentrating on opening the safe with the number combinations, while Harry was asking him to go out on a date with him? with everyone pitching in? That part was so well written. I enjoyed reading it again and again. I can feel the pressure on Louis' part. I was sweating and whimpering.

YES NONNIE WE CAN HIGHLIGHT IT. It was rom-comedy perfect.

“We should go on a date.”

He’s concentrating so hard for that tiny little click that it takes him half a minute to recognise that the statement was meant for him.

His hand slips on the dial and he chokes out a laugh. “What?”

He shakes out his hand and starts again, turning the dial slowly.

“We should go on a date. You and me. Tomorrow night, here in Paris.”

“Mhm.” There it is, the first little click on the second revolution clockwise. He peers at the number – seventeen – and commits it to memory.

“I know this great little restaurant, the owner is a good friend of mine.”

“Big surprise there,” comes Sophia’s sarcastic input.

Three revolutions of the dial later and he still doesn’t hear anything, so he starts turning it counterclockwise instead.

“Also,” comes Harry’s voice, deeper now, private. “You can stay at my place after. I know we only booked the hotel until tomorrow morning.”

Louis hears the words, but they don’t register, not really. There it is, the second click. Thirty-two. There’s more conversation in his ear. He only tunes back in when he hears his name. “What?”

“Are you really gonna do that?” comes Liam’s surprised voice.

“Do what,” he asks distractedly. Three turns again, and again no click. Or did he miss it? No he wouldn’t miss it. Back to clockwise it is. One turn, nothing. Second and there, maybe -


Fuck, was that a click or not? Fucking com in his ear. He isn’t sure, not a hundred percent. He bites his lips, trying to decide if he should count it as a click or start over.

No, work exact, be the best.

He starts over, muttering grumpily, “what?”

Two turns clockwise, stop at seventeen. Three turns in the opposite direction, thirty-two. He switches back to clockwise, listening intently on the second revolution.

“– date with Harry?”

What date with Harry? What are they even talking about? There, that was definitely a click. Four. Louis tries spinning the antique wheel in the center of the door. It reminds him of a ship’s wheel with eight spokes and a handle for each. Something he’s recently seen on a webpage displaying nautical tattoos.

The door doesn’t budge.

Ok not three numbers then. He starts listening for the fourth click, but gets distracted by the conversation over the com.

“– we could even tour the Eiffel tower if you’d want.”

“Eiffel tower?” he asks, not really listening to the answer, instead trying to concentrate on the sounds in his other ear.

“Yeah, it’ll be romantic.”

Romantic? What the fuck is Harry even talking about? What they have – relationship – for the lack of a better word, is a lot of things, but none of them romantic. “Why do you want romance?”

Harry sounds less patient now. “I thought we’d discussed it. If we try this whole relationship thing we need romance.”

Louis hand slips on the dial, spinning it uncontrolled. And he hasn’t heard the last click yet.

Sophia’s snickers come over the com, along with Harry’s deep murmur, talking of dates and romance and exclusivity. Exclusivity!?

“Will you all shut the fuck up!” he roars, hand already starting on the now familiar sequence. “I’m trying to open a fucking safe by sound here and I can’t hear anything with you chattering over the coms!”

Fam, we’re discussing No pressure, No Diamonds today which has been released into a book! Send me your favorite parts/quotes!

When the revolution starts and we kick the racist cops out of our hood the first thing we must do is plant industrial hemp (sativa).
We are going to need a product.

This is one of the proposed projects.
It generates revenue,
The reeds can be used as building materials, bulletproof vests and so many other things

And it grows fast, Dries fast, and the summer crop can be used for winter heating.

boldly go — “star trek au bc we seem to like that sort of thing”* (4k) by @et-in-arkadia part 1, part 2

They’ve stabilized him with with enough meds to get him breathing easily, and a small army of nurses is working on erasing the evidence of wounds. Still, even fever-heated, Enjolras sees that Grantaire has been badly injured.

That it should be on his account would affront him greatly, were Enjolras himself; but in the fiery crucible of it all he can see is what Grantaire has sacrificed on his behalf. Enjolras feels his arm fall into the space within their beds and Grantaire, quieted, reaches for his hand. Their fingers part on impact.

*we do! (we really, really do)

“The Polyphonic Tides of Revolution” by @defractum (WIP) 

Grantaire looks studiously out of the window, even though they’re just in a line, waiting for their turn out of the spaceport. The big commercial buses to the relay station get first priority, obviously, so it’s going to take a while. “People usually have a destination in mind. They want to get to the next galaxy or visit a friend on a moon. If you don’t have a destination, that means you’re just trying to get away from where you are.”

The stranger sinks down into the seat gingerly, as if Grantaire might brandish the guns he really does own and tell him to fuck off at any moment. “I could be a criminal.”

“Yeah, well.” Grantaire shrugs. “I actually am a criminal.”

“The Pangalactic Interstellar Starship Musain” (34k) by @theladyragnell

“Maybe we shouldn’t have taken someone who comes from a planet not hooked into the pangalactic network. Most of us could call home, can call home, when we need to, if we have people there. You can’t, not yet. And no one knows when first contact with your broader planet is expected.”

Grantaire’s phone has battery, but it hasn’t had network in several light years, which is a sentence he never thought he would say. He’s filled it up with photos of the crew of the Musain and the views around the ship and played more 2048 than any reasonable person should, addicting Joly and Bossuet in the process, but there’s no chance of calling home. “There’s really only one person.” And she’s an important person, but he’s trying not to think about that, because then he’ll want to turn around. “I still can’t believe you started Starfleet without me.”

“it’s life, but not as we know it” (4k) by @fivie

“No, it’s my fault,” Enjolras says. Joly nods furiously. “Joly’s right, I projected a human need onto a non-human creature.” He buries his face in his hands. “Ugh, this is such an obvious by-product of the terranormative attitude perpetuated by the Earth education system, I thought I’d unlearned all that…”

“Now is really not the time to be checking your Earthling privilege,” Grantaire says.

“It’s probably time to panic,” Bossuet says helpfully.

“The Subtle Grace of Gravity” (121k) by @samyazaz

“Those doors were locked.”

“They’re not to keep me in. Can’t you read?” His words are harsh but the panic is slowly seeping out of them. The lights are fading, not growing dim but at least easing back to a brightness that’s not quite so intolerable.

“I’ve yet to see anything in here worth those dire warnings,” Enjolras says.

“You don’t see anything at all.” The man’s words are weighted strangely, as though there’s a double meaning to them that Enjolras can’t understand.

“You Are the Moon” (63k) also by samyazaz

“You were supposed to be safe,“ he says quietly.

Grantaire opens his eyes and frowns at him. "What?”

Enjolras is scowling. He presses his thumb to that same spot, harder. Grantaire looks down and sees that it’s right over the puckered, ugly scar that he got a month or so after they joined the settlement, when a neighbor’s combine threw a gear in the middle of harvesting that had nearly torn straight through Grantaire’s shoulder, and likely would have killed him if he’d been standing half a foot to his right. “You teach children,” Enjolras says, like he’s angry. “You’re off in the outer rings of the system on a moon so tiny it doesn’t even have a name, well beyond the usual reach of the law. You were supposed to be safe here.”

And With You (Star Wars AU) (1k) by ryssa 

“Thought you were going to keep me waiting,” Grantaire slips his tumbler off of the table, resting it next to him instead, though he’s certain Enjolras had seen it upon entering. (He hasn’t seen Enjolras in almost a standard month—their little group of glorified bounty hunters had been separated, wandering out to distant worlds, bringing down governments, taking in money.)

“I say cantina and you say how soon do you want me,” Enjolras replies dryly, tucking his hands away in the sleeves of his tunic, waiting for the others to arrive. (He’s just shaven—Grantaire can tell by the smoothness of his jaw. Something to behold, truly.)

*More EXR rec posts

some highlights from the hamilton soundtrack (act 1)
  • “smile more” *heh*
  • the beat boxing at “good luck with that. you’re taking a stand..”
  • the first time other people join in on the chorus in my shot
  • the little chuckle (i think it’s laurens) when lafayette says “anarchy, how you say, oh anarchy”
  • the harmonies in the story of tonight when the rest of the company joins in
  • all of the snickering when hamilton starts rapping over samuel seabury
  • mulligan’s “rrragh”s when they steal the cannons in right hand man
  • the note progression (i still cant for the life of me figure out what instrument that is) when the cannons go off
  • basically all of the backup vocals in helpless
  • the faint “LADIES” when they rewind in satisfied
  • the keyboard vamping when they start talking to burr in the story of tonight (reprise)
  • mulligan’s quiet “ooooh” when laurens says “i heard you’ve got a special someone on the side, burr”
  • lafayette’s offended “what?!?” when hamilton tells them to go away
  • “inimitable”
  • “we’re gonna fly a lot of flags half-mast” “raise a glass”
  • “wasHINGTON cannot be left alone tO HIS DEVICES-”
  • “the best thing he can do for the revolution is turn ‘n go back to plantin’ tobacco in mount vernon” “OOOoohh”
  • all of the percussion in ten duel commandments
  • the harmonies when they count from 1 to 9
  • hamilton’s broken “sir” when washington tells him to go home
  • “the war’s not done” overlapping with “i knew you’d fight until the war was won” 
  • the complete tone shift at “yo. turns out we have a secret weapon”
  • “hamilton, hamilton, ha- ha- hamilton”
  • the whoas coming back from my shot in history has its eyes on you
  • lafayette’s voice fading out when he says “’til we meet again, let’s go”
  • the first “we won!”
  • “i’ll do whatever it takes-” “i’ll make a million mistakes”
  • the irritation in burr’s “co counsel. hamilton, sit down”
  • “burr, we studied, and we fought, and we killed”
  • “i don’t understand how you stand to the side-” “IIIII’LL keep all my plans close to my chest”
  • the harmonies at “how do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive?”
I might be a french revolution enthusiast

Can we just imagine

1. Welcome to Paris

“When we first sliced their necks in Palais-Royale/Took their severed heads put them in a bin”

2. Blank Space

“I could show you incredible things/Liberté, égalité, fraternité”

3. Style

“You got that nobility, daydream look in your eyee/And I got that good girl no faith and a giant skirt/and when we go crashing down we don’t come back ever/’cause we never get out of prison”

4. Out of the Terror


5. All You Had to Do Was Stay

“Here you are now, trying to leave, and I don’t know what to say/We’ve been picking up the pieces, of the famine you caused.”

6. Slice it Off

“Monarchs gonna fake fake fake fake fake and the commoners gonna pay pay pay pay pay but baby I’m just gonna slice slice slice slice slice SLICE IT OFF SLICE IT OFF”

7. I Wish You Would

“I wish you would stop that, wish I’d never joined the jacobins like I did/Wish you knew that, we’ll never get peace as long as you live.”

8. Bad Blood

“Now we got more problems, and I don’t think we can solve them/We killed a lot of people, and baby not we got bad blood! Hey!”

9. Wildest Dreams

“Say you’ll remember me, being your leader staring at the guillotine baby, white hair and red hat, say you’ll let me lead you even if it’s just in my willldest dreams”

10. How You Get La France

“Chase them like a mob, from Versailles to Paris. They’ll run away to Austria and try to save their lives”

11. The Bastille

“The Bastille left a permanent mark/The Bastille is burning in the dark”

12. I Know Places


13. Clean

“Napoleon came bursting in, when we were dying that’s when we were terrified/And in the year 1804, that’s when the streets were finally clean.”

14. Democracy

“It’s all fun and games until Robespierre loses his mind.”

15. New Gouvernement”

“Baby we’re the new Gouvernement, come on come along with me!/La Marseilles is the national anthem/We sing it proudly!” 

crap my siblings say 4: the reckoning



“That’s one thing I definitely don’t miss about high school.”
“I’d like you all to meet my girlfriend/boyfriend…”
“Why anyone would pay five bucks for a popsicle is beyond me.”
“Did he/she ask you to prom?”
“I’ve got three girls demanding rides to three different banquets, and I’ll go insane if you don’t come with me.”
“Bloody Mary is my sugar mama.”
“I don’t speak Dothraki, goddammit!”
“She sings that damn Britney Spears song one more time and she’s going to find out what ‘toxic’ really means.”
“You’re making me feel old. I swear I’m gonna have wrinkles after this.”


“I never thought the day would come when it would be my turn to wear the cap and gown… I’m finally getting out of this hellhole.”
“I’m not crying, it’s just raining inside!”
“Yeah, I wouldn’t put that on your resume. Murder is totally unprofessional.”
“Sometimes I turn up Formation and dance around my room like I’m a strong, independent black woman and not a weak teenage white boy.”
“She wore a mask, but I knew it was her. Who else would use the word ‘cockwaffle’ in a sentence?”
“Man, I’d ride him like a rollercoaster. No homo.”
“I think I can ask to go to the bathroom in three languages, does that make me trilingual?”
“Can you wall-twerk?”
“This is the last time I’ll walk this hall. I should be so happy.”
“Don’t tell anyone I said this, but I’ll miss you most of all.”


“I have lines to memorize, teams to cheer on, asses to smooch!”
“What do you mean, you don’t want to commit a felony?!”
“I firmly believe that somewhere beneath all the fakeness and manipulation, everyone’s a decent person– except for her. She’s just a bitch.”
“They’re coming for me next.”
“Want to burn the homophobic principal at the stake with us?”
“I looked at the first question on my physics final and it took three people to keep me from running away.”
“I’m gonna punch you in the dick.”
“I can’t hear you over the sound of my social life slowly being murdered.”
“Why are you nerdshaming me?”
“I touched his butt with my butt and it’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
“Damn you, bunkbeds.”


“I heard loud screaming and then someone shouted, “WATCH MY KUMQUATS!”.”
“Are you blackmailing me into moving your furniture?”
“I can’t believe you met the love of your life who still doesn’t know your name.”
“Someone get this fruit off my head.”
“Your lines aren’t memorized and the world is literally ending.”
“My life is just an endless cycle of you telling me not to do the thing, me doing the thing, and you getting pissed off because I was right.”
“Do my hair before I shove this barrel brush up your ass.”
“This day was going to be perfect, and then you came along and peed in the shrubbery.”
“Shut up about your stupid fanfiction.”
“Eat a butt.”


“When I was little, I ate all these tiny jewels my mom used for making necklaces. When she changed my diaper and saw precious stones in my shit, she thought she’d hit the baby jackpot. I hate to imagine how disappointed she was when she realized the truth.” 
“You’re such a deluded little acorn.”
“Why am I the only one here who isn’t bat-crap freakin’ crazy?”
“I’m the Oreo guardian.”
“Will you quit pretending to be fictional characters for five minutes?”
“Please name your firstborn after a meme.”
“I think we broke a few laws. Not laws of justice. Laws, like, laws of physics.”
“Did Newton even like figs, though?”
“Which is all a great idea until it turns out I’m a lesbian or a toad in disguise.”
“I don’t care if you were here first, you can go do your homework in your room while I watch My Little Pony!”

Day 7: How to get into and enjoy Classic Who

I thought a lot about what I could do for the free day.  There’s plenty of meta to talk about and I’m pretty sure I still have my Big Finish Rec list somewhere.  But part of appreciating is being open to encouraging others to also appreciate, and Classic Who can be very, very daunting to get into, and that’s without mentioning the Extended Universe.  So while this might not be overly useful to most people participating in this fest, I figure there’s still plenty of friends you’ve all been dying to get them into Classic Who.  XD  These are just some suggestions that are mostly geared to New Who fans who are interested in delving deeper, but feel free to ignore or disregard part or all of it.

So without further ado, a How to for Classic Who for those that are looking to start the old series.

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That moment when Bernie Sanders slayed the debate but you still votin’ for Hillary Clinton.

Grampa Grumpykins shut it down last night, and I was pleasantly entertained by the debate as a whole.  At this point, who is really tuning in to find out where Hillary or Bernie stand on an issue anyway?

It’s more about “who is making a better case that they should be President” and if you’ve already cast your lot with Bernie or Hillary, a debate isn’t likely to change your mind.

1) You’re probably familiar enough with the issues to have already taken a stance if you’re willingly tuning in to the debate.

2) Either you believe in Bernie’s passion for a revolution or you believe in Hillary’s pragmatism to maintain the current direction of the country.

Or you’re like me and you’d love to see a revolution but have absolutely no faith in Bernie’s ability to change the entire direction of American politics on a hope and a prayer and a strong moral center.

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Guys, #WeWantNattie is going to be super important tonight

The episode description for tonights TD says “Nattie takes drastic measures when she fears the WWE is phasing her out.” As seen in the promo clip it really gets to Nattie. Her fears seem to be justified right now because she was first reduced to a valet and is now being left out of the Divas Revolution despite being back on the road. Nattie is only 32 for crying out loud. Yes the show is scripted but this storyline obviously has some roots in reality. 

Please can we show her some support tonight? Just send her positive messages on twitter and tell her how much we miss her. Use #WeWantNattie if you can and use it as often as you can. Nobody deserves to feel that way.