can we go back to the start tho

Who is Suho?

♡ Kim Junmyeon 

♡ Our “guardian angel”

♡ Leader-nim

♡ Is a single-mom with 8 children

♡ Is still suffering from the pain Kris has caused when he left his love

♡ D A D  J O K E S

♡ His jokes have the power to make you cringe until you cry

♡ but we,exols will laugh anyway

♡ Xiumin who is also the oldest laughs at suho’s jokes regardless

♡ Once a wise man said “Your jokes aren’t funny so stop”

♡ That wise man was kyungsoo

♡ Chen also doesn’t find him funny

♡ He didn’t think twice before he roasted Suho on Happy Together

♡ “Stop it’s not funny”

♡ S A V A G E

♡ S for Savage

♡ “You should stop screaming”—>about lay’s monodrama

♡ I ain’t joking this boy can roast anyone

♡ “Here,poison,eat and die”

♡ “I didn’t watch her movie either”

♡ “It’s my broadcast so I’ll do whatever I want”

♡ Bbh:I got twice more handsome than the last time you saw me

   Suho:0x2 is still 0.

♡ “Why were you born?

♡ Iconic line from his drama—>”I’ll sue you later”

♡ Sehun is his little baby

♡ They have a special connection between each other

♡ Our little maknae also learned how to roast from the master

♡ “I have a real older brother tho”

♡ Waited for almost 4 hours to scare kai

♡ Failed

♡ $uh0e

♡ He rich

♡ He’s the type of person who will shove his credit card to your face

♡ And he’ll be like “I’m rich so tell me what you want”

♡ He’s got some*looks around* nicccee abs

I’m pretty sure they’re made of steel

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♡ He’s actually a soft bunny

♡ Loved by everyone

♡ Slept during the day in Dream Concert and staff covered him with a blanket

♡ Loving towards his members

♡ I bet he makes all those lame jokes just to make them happy

♡ As much as he gives,he also receives

♡ Takes care of all and remembers important dates

♡ Celebrated Sehun’s birthday without a bottom but its ok

♡ Lovely towards anyone

♡ Loves taehyung

♡ Loves bts

♡ Since he’s the leader,he has a really good relationship with any other group member

♡ Talks to girl group members

♡ Russian Roulette

♡ Loves,loves,loves it

♡ Won’t stop dancing to the song with a poker face on

♡ They actually had to stop him so they wouldn’t be embarrassed in front of Red Velvet

Too late

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♡ After that, he went in front of red velvet and started dancing to russian roulette

Words can’t explain the cringe

♡ Looks good

♡ In photo shoots

♡ While sleeping

♡ While breathing

♡ The royalty concept was created for him

♡ He was meant to be the king

♡ I love it when he explains why is lay absent.Is it just me? ok

♡ Bless his voice

♡ It’s already blessed tho

♡ “Curtain”

♡ No more words needed

♡ Appreciates art

♡ Is art

♡ He starts the speech during award ceremonies

♡ Can seem strong and powerful as a leader-he already is’-

♡ But sometimes,he can’t hold back just like any of the members

♡ Looked really strong and talked calmly during the award ceremony but after,the staff found him crying

♡ He loves exols

♡ so much

♡ We also love him

♡ He was the one who cheered up the members and told everything is going to be ok when krishantao left

♡ I think he’s the strongest member’

♡ Loves to travel

♡ Travels a lot

♡ His dance isn’t appreciated enough

♡ His looks aren’t appreciated enough


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♡ Can speak 3-4 languages

♡ Even though he isn’t fluent

♡ Kai is a hoe for him

♡ Kai loves to talk to him while they can feel each other’s breath

♡ He is a soft bunny who wants to love everyone and spread love

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ok so can we just have a moment of silence in respect of what happened with me today?

so I was at the water park and this rather kinda scary ride (and it hurts the back fuck only just for a few minutes after tho) finally started working and it was really high up and when I went up to go down, it was really crowded and there were these two “overly friendly” and “very touchy” friends that looked just like Sirius and Remus (but without the scratches on Re) and then:

Sirius look alike: *holds Remus’ hand* *kind of whimpering but like really quietly and not actually whimpering* can you go first?

a teen bc we were all crammed waiting for our turn: what, are you scared

Remus look alike: *protectively steps in front of Sirius look alike* don’t you have to go cry to your mama because that’s what you are? piss off

also Remus *turns to face Siri look alike* of course I can go first and I’ll wait for you at the end, okay? *kisses the hand he’s holding*

Sirius: *blushing* thank you


This goes for the new followers as well.
Why gay? What’s Chojete?

So, who is who…

They’re from @amnesiachara that’s a blog for @ask-the-asterisk‘s Chara (duh) ( Really cool blog, check it out, 100% will protect all the babies there, go follow)

And, this peep that y’all know already

“Whaatt?? Two Charas??? Whaaaa???!!”

Oh yeah, sweet Chacha.

So you’ve probably seen the word Chojete around. That’s just the ship name for these two dorks, that might seem cute but actually went through a lot of shit before. Starting with Choco’s reset //warning really old art// and other tiny arcs and events im too lazy to tag ( Still check out their body swap tho, it has major stuff for both sides, /Red’s  - /Choco’s )

And where did the name come from? Well. Red used to have a crack nickname long ago, Rojete, back when we started to ship them. Choco x Rojete = Chojete. //lmao

It all started with this harmless post and became stronger with rps and headcanons.

Tag is #chojete for both blogs, you can find all that gay shit there.

-Min OUT.

Joker Imagine - Used & Tortured

Depressive thoughts, violence, bad words, cruelty, sex etc MIGHT TRIGGER YOU; DO NOT READ! Please stay safe Pumpkins <3 X.

Anonymous said:Hi. I know that this is a veeeery sensitive topic and all, but could you write a Joker x reader story where she has been used sexually and tortured because Joker’s enemy kidnapped her. Then Joker could find her or something, idk..Thanks

(Is it just me or does it look like there’s tears in his eyes in this GIF?)

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Your P.O.V.

My body was trembling from every hit I had gotten, every word that made me so scared and also the wet and cold weather. I was lying on the grass in a park here in Gotham, probably close to death soon. It was late and night so this area was very isolated. Everything hurt. The rain water hit my nearly naked body, making me cold and my breath turned into fog.I was only wearing a ripped shirt that covered my back, my bum a little bit and my shoulders. My wounds stung so bad and I couldn’t help myself. I just lied on the dirty ground in agony. My kidnapper had dumped my body here after holding me in a dirty cellar for many days straight.

‘’No..’’ I whimpered and gagged as I remembered everything he had done to me. it would haunt me for the rest of my life -if I’d even survive from this anymore. I bet that I’d be literally dead within the next hour or two if I wouldn’t get help. But who would want to help me? I was Joker’s girlfriend, a maniac, a murderer and a very bad criminal.

I inhaled a sharp breath as I felt a sudden sting in my abdomen. I was grossed out, simply disgusted after being humiliated like that. It made me cry out the rest of the tears I had. My kidnapper had used me to fulfill his sexual desires. My eyes shut and I tried to wipe that memory out of my head. I had been so scared, so vulnerable, so alone. The worst part was that his house had a weird thing that blocked all signals from outside. J predicted that something like this could happen so I had a tracker under my skin. But it didn’t help much there.

How could he even love me after this?

I tried to push myself up from the muddy grass, but my arms were too weak. My left arm had a shooting pain that made me whimper and fall down on the ground, face first. It was probably broken. That’s it. I gave up trying to save myself. All my hope had washed away with the pouring rain. Joker had probably thought that I had dug out the tracker and left him for good. He had probably given up looking for me, meaning that I was all alone. I never thought I would die like this.

‘’Y/N?’’ A familiar voice called out my name. My eyes opened and I stared at the ground, seeing a pair of legs a few feet away from me, but I couldn’t find energy to look up. It sounded like Frost, Joker’s most trusted henchman and also a friend. ‘’Y/N are you there?’’ He asked me worriedly and got down. That’s when I saw his face, looking tired yet hopeful. The rain had wetted his brown hair. Suddenly I felt ashamed. I was covered in ugly bruises, cuts and overall I was full of wounds. I was supposed to be stronger, not a weak little woman. J must be so disappointed in me.

‘’Boss! She’s here!’’ Frost yelled loudly and looked to his left. Then he looked at me again. ‘’It’s okay Y/N, you’re safe now.’’ Frost told me reassuringly, but I heard his voice like an echo. I was too weak to even answer him. I heard someone running over after a while and then I knew that Joker saw me. ‘’ Dr. Quinzel’’ I heard his raspy voice full of worry. Then he kneeled down and picked me up in his strong arms. It hurt a little, but we both knew he couldn’t just leave me on the dirty ground.

My head was resting against his chest and my arms were hanging my by side. I was too weak to move my muscles. I looked up to his face and saw that he and gotten little sleep as well. His scent made me feel safe, but that just made me want to cry more. I didn’t want him to touch me..I didn’t want to be here. I was a disappointment! 

‘’S..Sor..ry’’ I mumbled weakly, feeling how my throat ached as I tried to speak. J clenched his jaw and I could almost see how red his eyes were. It’s like he was crying or holding back tears, but I couldn’t tell because of the rain. Suddenly my breath hitched in my throat and my vision got blurry. J tried to say something, but I couldn’t focus on his words that were a mess in my ears. Before I knew it, everything turned black like the night sky without stars. My body gave up trying to stay awake and so I blacked out in Joker’s arms..


A much softer surface was keeping me safe. It was the first thing I noticed when I woke up. I fluttered my eyes open slowly and saw a big window on the opposite of the room I was in. It showed Gotham city probably in the morning, a very familiar view. It was the same as in Joker and my bedroom. Wait..

I looked around and saw that I was in fact in our bedroom. The grey purple walls were the exact same as before, the white door, the door to the walk-in closet, the paintings on the wall, simply everything. Where was J?

Suddenly all the memories flashed back to my mind, reminding me of the awful truth. I pulled the blanket away with my right arm because I could barely move my left arm. Then I sat up and felt pain everywhere in my body. I knew very well why. I wanted to find J. He was the only one I felt like I could trust now. So I stood up, feeling lightheaded as I got on my feet. I held onto the nightstand and took a few deep breaths. Damn I was dizzy.

A groan left my dry lips and I forced myself to walk out of the room. Our penthouse was big, but I knew that if J was home, he was in his office or in the living room. So I tried to get myself to his office, hoping that he was there. As I walked through the penthouse, I held onto the wall because my legs were weak. Finally after nearly stumbling with each step I took, I reached his office. I touched the door handle and then opened the door carefully. That’s when i saw something shocking.

J was sitting on the middle of the floor, surrounded by knives, guns, champagne, clothes and weird shit, everything put in a spiral. The things were pointing at him and I saw that he was holding a gun. ‘’J?’’ I called out his name quietly, a little scared to startle him. It was obvious that he was losing his mind. He didn’t hear me. Then I saw him throwing an empty bottle of something away, making me flinch. ‘’Oh I’m gonna kill ya..’’ He growled with a low voice, talking by himself angrily. I gulped and tried to keep myself strong. I couldn’t start crying again, I just couldn’t. I had been weak enough for a long time now.

‘’J..’’ I said a little louder and walked inside the room. I couldn’t find support from the walls anymore as I tried to walk closer to him. Also I had to watch my every step. He turned around and looked at me quietly before standing up. His red lips were parted and his breathing was raspy. Silently he walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me gently. I took one breath and it was enough to make me close to crying. I held my breath and held back the dumb weak tears as I wrapped my right arm around his waist. My left arm was broken and someone had put a gypsum on it.

‘’I thought I lost you’’ He whispered while touching my hair softly. His words just pushed my tears closer to the edge. I nuzzled my face in the crook of his neck and tried to stay calm. ‘’You gotta tell me who it was.. Okay?’’ He told me seriously, blood-thirst obvious in his voice. A whimper left my mouth and I started crying in his arms. He tried to shush me and he gently rocked me on the spot. All the pain, both physical and mental was too much for me to handle.

‘’I-It hurt so much’’ I admitted quietly while sobbing into his chest. J’s muscles were tense and I knew he was stressed as well. ‘’It’s over now baby..’’ He reminded me softly. I just nodded but the tears kept flowing down my face. I coughed a few times because my throat was full of shit and I had broken ribs which made breathing harder. ‘’I c-can still feel him’’, I whispered and wanted to shower so bad. I wanted all of his traces out of me forever. I wanted to rinse my skin with acid (again since I had done that once) to get rid of his fingerprints. I wanted to claw every part of my body that he had touched just to make him untouch me. ‘’He..J he..’’ I started, but it was like the words were stuck in my throat. Of course it was obvious that the guy had beaten me up, but did he know about the other part? 

‘’He raped me’’ I whimpered quietly, afraid I would be less important for J now. But I couldn’t live without him knowing so I just had to tell him even tho it made me feel so dirty.

‘’I’m going to kill him Y/N. I’m going to make him pay for everything he did to you. Okay? Does that sound good? We can fucking torture him together if that’s what you want’’ He started with a strong voice, but it cracked a little and it sounded like he was holding back tears. I nodded again, letting him understand that I wanted that. But could I face that guy again? ‘’I just need you to help me to find him’’ He whispered and then pressed a kiss on my head.

‘’I will’’ I promised and then sniffled. J would keep me safe. What surprised me the most was that he didn’t laugh at me, nor call me weak. He was actually hurt by this and I was shocked. J was rarely even sad, sometimes upset but that’s it. It just proved once again that he cared about me.

(Part 2)

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I’m Really Not Over that scene we had with bex and andi tonight about that Gabriel dude like….part of what makes toxic relationships so, well, *toxic* is how difficult it is to get out of them

sometimes it’s almost like a drug…I’ve only experienced it on the friend level (hell even going through it rn irl) rather than the romantic one, but even so a lot of it is similar. the other party just wrecks you over and over and maybe you logically recognize the toxicity and abuse, but emotionally, you just *can’t let go*

and we see that v clearly in andi mack atm esp in the fact that bex spent time putting Gabriel’s pic back together after she first ripped it up in s1, like….goddamn, that is…a Very Toxic (abusive even, maybe?) Relationship Indeed

glad that younger viewers are getting exposed to this harsh reality tho; it can really save some lives if we start the dialogue on this issue early on

My OTP IS REAL!! [miniminter & tbjzl]

you pushed your older brother shoulder “fuck!” you sobbed as you got scared again. “and another jump scare for y/n minter!” Simon hugged you. you once in a while appeared in Simons videos, today it happened to be a lifestream. you’ve been playing horror games since Halloween was coming “you just are too easy to scare, little sis.” stubborn you nodded your head no until the comments agreed. “come on, guys a little back up here for you favourite Minter.” you pointed at yourself smiling at the camera. “forfeit time!” he yelled. you made a sad face thinking why you agreed to do a forfeit every time you got scared.” you really are a bad person.” you pulled another face him making you eat marmite with mayonnaise.

“now we are going to do something more y/n friendly,” he paused “as I don’t want to come off as the worlds worst big brother.” now you both smirked to the screen as you pulled your bag of makeup out. “and we found a victim.” Tobi jumped up in between the two of you. “ I didn’t agree to this.” he shook his head. “we are going to ask our good friend Tobi here some questions about us.” Simon patted Tobis back. “and if he’s wrong, I get one more makeup item to later on put on his face.” you laughed maliciously. “I like this!” you added. “what is our favourite holiday and why?” Simon asked. Tobi was taking a while to answer “I doubt between Christmas and Halloween. I’m gonna go for…christmas!” “and why?” you tried to hold your laugh knowing the answer was wrong again. “you get to be with the hole the family and you both like eating.” he then said. “you should have gone for Halloween.” Simon grabbed your bag and tossed it to you. “ pink lipstick, perfect for the look I have in mind.” Tobi let out a big sigh “why? I feel like your playing a trick on me.” he waved his eyebrows. “mum, made us wear every year a costume and we loved it. I was once an elephant and Simon a chicken.” you thought back to your childhood. “which you can find a picture from on my Instagram @yourusername. “that filthy self-promo tho.” Simon marked. “ok, we asked all our questions.” a smirk started growing on your face. “what about you guys decide what Tobi is going to be this Halloween.” you looked forward to this as Tobi and you had been flirting around a lot and it’s not your fault doing someone’s makeup means getting very close to their face. simon wasn’t a big fan at first that one of his good friends and little sister were flirting especially when he was in the neighbourhood but lately, he just found reasons to get the two of you closer.

@heart-eyes-the-sidmens turn him into a cat. btw y/n and Tobi would be goals!

@mini-sdmn I want Tobi to be a spider and draw a web on y/n’s face cause they are into each other! jokes.

“let’s turn you into a cat then,” you said laughing at the comments. “if you have any question meanwhile, you can ask them.” you and Tobi had some stares and you couldn’t really focus and the cat you were supposed to paint on his face. “can I talk to you after the stream?” he whispered as you bended down to add the details. “sure,” you said quick listening to the questions Simon asked.

“so we will and the stream here. make sure to check out Tobi’s channel and all his and y/n’s social media.” you all waved to the camera and read some goodbyes from the viewers.

“I’m going downstairs for a drink. want something?” Simon asked. “some ice tea.” you both said at the same time making you smile. “y/n? I asked Simon of this is okay and I just wanted to…” he stopped and looked away. “Tobi, I like you.” you blurted out. suddenly your lips were on his. his hands on your cheeks and the lipstick on his lips on yours. BLING BLING.

@the-sdmn-our-cute OMG! KISS AGAIN! ❤

@slay-that-sidemen FREAKING WHAT? MY OTP IS REAl!!


simon let the stream run and you could feel your cheeks turning red. you quickly ran to the screen to check of the kisses was visible and yes it was.

@we-are-the-sdmn-fandom ship it hard tho!!

@may-we-sdmn-again girlfriend does my makeup will be soon out. LOL.

“Simon, ffs” you yelled before saying “guys, this all will be explained later but I first need to kick my brother’s ass.” you turned the stream off and grabbed Tobi’s hand running downstairs.

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What the fuck is going on?? I come on tumblr and see that Obama mentioned SHINee. (Will this just start a ship war.... I mean Baekhyun tho... poor guy) lol

me too friend I’m starting to think we all fell asleep in 2015, dreamed the nightmare that was 2016 up and woke up in 2017 to a zombie apocalypse but with less zombies and more…………….obama oppa

also @ baekbama shippers back off taebama is confirmed Canon so :///

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OMG, ok, i never visit Japan, how is the people, the touristic places, the karaoke's (lol).? Do you sleep in a bed occidental or a futon? Wait... The katsudon? it tastes good?

i hope this is not gonna be long….. ahaha
the people 
having lived here for almost two years, there’s one thing i can say about japanese people. or, better, about people in tokyo because let me tell you, they are a different community ahah. they are totally oblivious of things around them. they walk in the streets totally absent-mindedly and often they clash between each other (and against me)
in tokyo there are notices and warnings everywhere saying to pay attention when walking, not using the smartphone while walking, not rush into the train (people got stuck in the doors closing causing delays) and not trying to pass people on the escalators. 
toyokko (people that live in tokyo) are probably the most rude japanese you’ll ever meet. because they are always rushing, they need to go to work, they don’t care about their surroundings as long as they get where they want to.
and when people say that japanese (toyokko in particular) put work ahead of everything, it’s true. it’s their way of thinking and since they are born they know a time in their life will come when they’re gonna dedicate all of themselves into working. japan is a collectivist society so anything you can do to contribute, you must do it at all costs. that is why japan works so well apparently. the kindness of every single person here it’s a cultural thing, and it’s because ‘you have to’. I am NOT saying that they are not kind, but if we are talking about costumer service and anything that concerns taking care of costumers and making things work, most of time is just a cultural-social mask.
some months ago, when north korea fired -and failed to launch- a missile close to japan sea, the whole tokyo metro blocked for one hour for security reasons (even tho north korea is on the other side of the country and the sea) and all the people on twitter were lamenting that they were going to be late for work and actually protested because, you know, work. and it was a saturday morning i tell you.
I don’t want to get into the discrimation and racial themes because it would be too long but i’ll tell you that some months ago in kyoto (one of the most touristic places) some flyers started to be seen that recited ‘I am glad I am japanese’ and ‘let’s raise the hinomaru (japanese flag) in our hearts’. now, a lot of japanese people were utterly disgusted by this kind of propaganda (looks like it was done anonymously by some shinto nationalist group) and some of them were also frightened by this nationalist movement that is starting to spark, but it says a lot. 
actually in the past year there were countless nationalist marches in japan that urged the ‘foreigners’ to go back to their country and blah blah. that thing is everywhere and we know. but even if most japanese don’t agree with this nationalist shit, it’s true that even if you live in japan your whole life, feeling integrated is very difficult if not almost impossible. 
my friend’s mom, she’s italian, lived here for 30 years but even with that, and even if she’s a permanent resident and talks in japanese perfectly, she is still sometimes discriminated because she is western-looking

but aside these things that you mostly notice when you are not a tourist, japan is a very good place. everything works because everyone make their best effort to make it possible and it’s a thing I can only admire. i love living here after all and I am making my best efforts to be able to stay (my visa is bound to expire at the start of next year so either i found a job or I find the money to pay for university or i am forced to come back to italy) because even tho it’s very hard to make friends and often thing are very difficult to understand, it’s really a country worth living in and despite everything it gives you a lot of possibilities.

I LOVE KARAOKES THO we often go to celebrate the end of finals and it’s very very fun (unless you’re with someone that sings boring songs they only know) and it’s a very good way to spend time with friends!
I sleep in a bed now but in my previous house i used to have a futon (i still have it, it’s rapunzel’s lol i found it for 5000 yen and it had a cute design). futon are good for sleep if you have all the layers but they are expensive… now i have a bed tho so i use the futon for when i have people over. 

katsudon is indeed good! but thinking about it, it’s really nothing special: it’s rice with pork cutlet, onions and half-cooked omelette. i love onions so it’s one of my fav plates but the rice bowl is so big it’s difficult to finish…  

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AHHHH THIS WOULD BE SO CUTE i should be doing my chem prelab and yet

you heard a loud smack! echo throughout the gym. pausing in your spot, you scanned the room on autopilot, as did everyone else after hearing the sound. you saw peter parker standing there, rubbing his nose, and when he turned you could make out a red mark, presumably from where a dodgeball had made contact.

you couldn’t help the laugh that escaped, making eye contact with peter right as it happened. he looked shocked, his eyes wide and his nose starting to drip blood. it sobered you up a little, your smile starting to waver, but then peter smiled widely, ducking his head sheepishly.

you bit back a wider smile, looking away from him and wondering why your cheeks were suddenly feeling so hot to the touch.

the best part about being a monster is not caring what happens to myself

Summary: In which Phil has synesthesia - an ability to “see” sounds and “smell” colours. However Dan has a secret, which is an eating disorder.
Genre: fluff & angst
Word count: 6.7k
TWs: swearing, vomiting, eating disorder
A/N: Huge shout out to @ohmygoyouguys​ !!! This fic wouldn’t exist if it was’t for her!

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can we talk about that last scene? alec tucked into the corner, arms curled defensively/protectively around himself. he only comes out to comfort izzy and even then he keeps one arm curled around himself and then brings the other back up. avoiding eye contact and even tho he's the leader not saying anything. not even anything snarky about the mirror and even tho he was the only one suspicious of seb to start with, just going 'we're all responsible for this' and just a;kjnsdflkabsdf!!!!

-about the last scene of 2.18-

l m a o talk to me about this anon im fucking dead on the inside, i mean look:

i mean no fucking offense but this is killing me to even look at and just ???? he was so fucking quiet throughout…everyone was theorizing about the mirror, throwing in knowledge and assuming things but the only thing alec did was take the burden off his sisters shoulders and we all know when he says “we are all reponsible” he means himself most of all but……other than that…he was just so awfully quiet….not saying a single word to anyone about anything, just standing there hugging himself, playing it off as crossed arms but he looked so hurt, so fucking…lost…………i cant imagine what the night must have been like to him. i dont want to, bc he’s spent nights at the institute before, by himself, since their fight about the sword, but none would feel like this, like ice cold emptiness and not knowing where home is bc he wants a single person he can’t have and its just ? fucking heartbreaking, the way he kept barely holding himself together.

Wedding Series TW: The Proposal

Scott :

Scott, Stiles, and I decided to go to the movies well originally it was supposed to be a date for Scott and I, but he felt bad for Stiles after he told him he couldn’t hang with him tonight. I didn’t mind though Stiles has become one of my closets friends almost like an annoying brother who I love very much, besides arguing with him about random things is pretty funny. “Well the movie doesn’t start for another half hour sooo what should we do” I said and looked at both boys they looked at each other and shrugged “we could play that shooting game” Scott said I looked behind me “how about you guys go shooting isn’t my thing meanwhile I’m going to the bathroom” I said and walked to the bathroom. For some reason Scott seemed a little nervous and kept looking at Stiles but then again those two are always acting weird. I touched up my make up a bit before walking back out. As soon as I walked up they both shut up about whatever they where talking about, probably boy stuff I thought to myself. After they finished their little game we went to try and win something off the machine with the claw. Of course none us had luck but I did come close to getting this stuffed monkey but ended up falling off the claw. “Y/n let’s take pictures” Scott said and tugged my arm towards the photo booth “we should start off with silly faces” Stiles suggested “um… Stiles I think it can’t fit us all” Scott said scratching the back of his neck it looked like realization had hit Stiles maybe that was Scott’s hint that he wanted some alone time with me, I don’t know but for sure they were acting weirder than usual. “You guys go ahead I’m gonna get some snacks before it starts” he said walking away, I felt kind of bad “we can make it work” I suggested and he looked at Scott so I looked at him but he just smiled it was a sneaky smile though. “No no its fine I been third wheeling long enough” he said “you could always call Malia” I said even tho they broke up they seem like they want to be together again “yeah we haven’t been on speaking terms and last time I tried talking to her she glared right at me… kind of scared me” he said and walked away. Scott and I got into the booth and put our money in and decided on our theme. “How about first normal, silly face, kissing, and me kissing your cheek sounds good” he asked me and I nodded. The countdown began and we did our pose which was normal, then we turn to each other and stuck our tongues out that’s when I saw what he had pulled out. He had a ring I was so overwhelmed I forgot what was happening and all I heard was clicking from the pictures “marry me Y/n, you’re my world and honestly I couldn’t picture my life without you” he said tears were about to escape my eyes “of course I’ll marry you” I said smiling as big as I can. Our last picture was him putting the ring on “I wanted us to remember this day and whats better than pictures of it” he said and kissed me “is this why you and Stiles been acting weird tonight” I asked “I wasn’t sure how to propose but I knew tonight was gonna be the day. I’ve been wanting to ask you for weeks just couldn’t figure it out. Since the day I met you I knew I wanted to marry you, I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you, I just had this feeling that I finally found my soulmate. I love you princess” he said and kissed me “you’re the sweetest baby I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend” I said and hugged him. We got out the booth and Stiles was standing there with the cheesiest smile “come here you two I’m glad I was part of this night kind of. My two best friends engaged” he said putting an arm around both of you. The three of you happily went inside the theater.

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here’s a thought

so I was reading a bunch of YOI metas, discussing the unexplained turnaround in Victor’s decision to go back to skating in episode 12, instead of the retirement his whole plot arc was leading up to,

and i had this weird little idea

what if victor intends to go back to skating…and lose?

bear with bear with

(and this is more of a detailed hc than a meta, but i hope that the imagining comforts you, if you like me are feeling terrified about the writing and plot arc of yoi s2.)  

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*Sno opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. She was lying on the concrete and someone was standing above her. Wait. Isn’t she supposed to be dead? She was awoken from her thoughts by a vaguely familiar voice* “Sadira! Can you hear me?” *The person knelt next to her. No. It couldn’t have actually worked, could it? She had actually brought Cassandra back* *weakly*
“Mom?” *Cassandra sighed in relief and pulled Sno close*
“Oh my god, Sadira. I cannot believe you killed yourself for me.” *Sno tried to hug back, but she couldn’t find the energy*
“Mom, can we go home?” *Cassandra smiled through the tears that were running down her cheeks and nodded*
“Of course.” *Cassandra started praying to Gabriel*


Reinhardt is 7′4″ without his armor, to my knowledge. In the short
Honor and Glory, Balderich appears slightly taller than him. Playing
off that notion (tho my shitty eyesight could be wrong?) I’m going to
set Great G.Pa’s unarmored height at 7′6″. It’s only a few inches but
that can mean the world of a difference to some people.

Also, if Reinhardt is 61 present day Overwatch, thirty years ago during
the short he’d be 31! Do we know exactly how old Balderich was back
then? Not really. His mustache is black / grey. It could be starting to fade,
though he honestly doesn’t look like he’s well past his 50′s. Reinhardt
does call him Old Manso he’s at least above 40 no?

With Blizzard’s means of meshing / detailing age, it’s hard to say. He still
looks young enough to at least be 45? That makes him 14 years older
than Reinhardt during the Omnic Crisis and 75 during present day.
I may change that though. What do you folks think?

I know Ciitroid’s ‘death’ is sad, but can we just talk for a sec about how badass Bonnie is in this scene? She just saw her Zygarde slam Blaziken Mask into a building like it was nothing

Tho the attack was directed at her but he took the blow. And yet, she still faces it down:

Now, the poor kid is sad (and very likely afraid too since she’s crying), and she still starts singing to it.

As it’s pretty much towering over her, and the vines look like they’re going to strike again, her Dedenne and Meyer’s Blaziken move to defend her, but she doesn’t even flinch or back away. NO, THIS LITTLE FUCKING GIRL STARES IT THE FUCK DOWN.

All the while still singing to it, to which we get a flicker of response, but it still charges up a Dragon Pulse, and Blaziken Mask dives in to save his daughter.

She reaches out to the mind-controlled and enraged legendary that’s charging up a fucking point-blank STAB attack:

And then it fires, but the attack is redirected into a building–tho they almost have the debris fall on them only to be blocked by Squishy, who’s regained control.

I’m a sucker for this power of friendship shit:

But, yeah, that was fucking awesome.

Daiya no Ace Act II: Ch. 37

Let’s start from this

I know this picture is just to show us the amazing pitchers and chatchers (batteries) of Seido but still those two in the middle…..could you please stop positioning your hands as if it was actually touching!?!?!?!? Furuya’s right and Miyuki’s left hand tho…..“The Triangle” didn’t stop at 35 I suppose.

Now Miyuki use his baseball hat? Like his Seido baseball hat???? Idk, maybe it’s just me but I think it’s rare for him to use the hat?? Cmiiw tho~

And the 1st batter. Why are you becoming more and more handsome and reliable everyday??? Is it because you’re a third year now? Or you’re just plain awesome to begin with. Nabe and the stand’s cheers, Eijun’s adorable singing and is that Miyuki’s proud face? I know you guys knew what I’m going through.

“All set for an attack. Seize the momentum, Cleanups!” Haruichi……..why……..I got goosebumps srsly. Like I’ve been waiting for this match and tho we knew the previous batters succeed this is Amahisa-boy we’re talking about ;;__;; Miyuki in the back tho…..

Some important things like how the kouhais adore Sawamura-senpai (yes, Sawamura senpai I’m cryinggggg), Koushu being over sensitive just by hearing Eijun’s name, Ochiai who finally, finally, acknowledge Eijun’s capability to become the starting pitcher…..I can say, Daiya no A is getting more and more interesting (if not frustrating) like you can’t help but getting excited to read the next chapter (or I wish I’m not the only one with the thought lol).