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Silent Treatment (Taehyung)


Word Count:773

Request: a scenario where taehyung and u fight, then you give him the silent treatment and he begs for ur forgiveness but ur a tad stubborn??? fluffy and happy ending tho!

A/n:I really hope you enjoy reading it! I’m really excited to get back to writing, hopefully you really like this!~Joy

You were sitting in the living room, arms crossed as Taehyung let out a heavy sigh, his hands started to rub his temple. “Y/n I’m sorry, but I can’t help what the company says is good for the company.”

“So you’re just going to pretend we aren’t dating? You never once brought me up to your managers when they told you that you would be dating a beautiful model?” You yelled, as you started to pace around the room.

“And get my ass kicked? We promised to keep our relationship a secret so you wouldn’t get murdered by my fans!” Taehyung spat back, you stopped in your tracks, turning to look at him.

“Excuse me? I can’t believe you’re blaming it on me!” You cried, as you started to walk away.

“Where are you going?” Taehyung screamed, as you kept walking, as you approached the door of the bedroom you shared you looked back.

“I’m going to bed!” You yelled, as you opened the door, slamming it loudly.

“Come back here! I’m not sleeping on the couch tonight!” Taehyung yells back.

“You can go to your super hot and super rich Girlfriend.” You yelled back through the door.

You decided there was no point in talking to Taehyung, he would move on to you there was no point giving yourself hope. When you woke up Taehyung was already at work, so you decided to chill in the living room, watching movies alone. You occasionally checked your phone for texts that Taehyung might have sent to ask how you were doing, but there was nothing. 

You looked at the snow, falling peacefully, as if it was a slow dance. Usually snow kept you happy, a feeling where you knew everything was going to be alright, but yet all you wanted to do was cry. The snow made it even worse, it made you think how unfair life was, and how you would never be good enough to keep the ones you loved. You didn’t get too deep into your thoughts, Taehyung opened the door, and smiled at you.

“Why were you just staring at the window? You seem bored” Taehyung observed, as he tried to give you a hug, but you only walked away. “Again with this?”

You only ignored him, there was no point, you knew he was going to leave you. Why would you try? You knew it would only hurt you more when she stole him away from you.

You only went down to cook dinner, you knew Taehyung was helpless without you when it came to food. So you made him some food, adding a sticky note on the wrapped up food. ‘Heat it up before you eat’

You ate in your room, you didn’t want to try to talk to Taehyung at the moment, you finished eating, grabbing your plate you went out of your room to go clean the plates, once you opened the door you stepped on a piece of paper, looking down you saw a pink sticky note written ‘I’m sorry’ If you weren’t in the mood you were right now you would be so happy, and you would head to Taehyung to give him a kiss, but you didn’t.

You kept walking, you knew nothing would come out of being stubborn, but just knowing that Taehyung could leave you for someone he could actually hold in public and kiss her without having to worry about the consequences with the fans, or the company, you knew you had no chance competing with her. 

you continued to walk towards the kitchen, in there was Taehyung holding a bouquet of flowers, smiling brightly as he held one sticky note with ‘I’m so sorry I should have said something, I’m sorry for lashing out at you, forgive me?’ written on it. You couldn’t help but smile, you realised you had nothing to worry about, because Taehyung loved you more than he would ever love her.  “I’m so sorry I got so jealous and insecure I thought you were going to leave me for her” You confessed, as Taehyung let out a giggle.

“Y/n I ended it with her this morning, I even told bighit about us” Taehyung smiled, as he gave you a hug.

“I can’t believe you would do that for me? Did they beat you up?” You asked, as Taehyung only laughed.

“Nope they were super accepting, they thought it would be better to show me happy when I officially can take you to dates and stuff like that” Taehyung smiled, as you smiled back. “I love you Y/n, don’t you ever forget.”

“I love you too!”

The Only One

Prompt: “One where Bucky gets jealous because his girl is getting close to her ex again and he gets sad and insecure but then there’s FLUFF!”

Pairings: Bucky x Reader

Summary: You start talking to your ex again and Bucky’s insecurities come out.

A/N: I’m starting to think a lot of us feed off of a jealous Bucky. I’m mean I can see why. Bucky being jealous over us would be hot af. This is longer than expected! Hope you like it tho!

Word Count: 1807

“Are you sure?”
“Yes. I’m positive he’ll love it.”
“Okay, thanks. I’m so glad that we’re actually going to do this. I’ll see you later.”
I hung up and sighed sticking my phone back into my pocket.
“Hey doll.”
I jumped and turned to see Bucky leaning against the door frame.
“Hey babe. What’s up?”
“I was just about to ask you the same thing.”
I raised an eyebrow in question, “Okay. Nothing, I guess. Just hanging out.”
“Steve told me you were in here.”
I smiled, “Yea. I wanted to come see you.”
“Here I am.”
I shot him a questioning look, “Is everything alright?”
He sighed then smiled and walked over pulling me into an embrace, “Yea. I’m sorry it’s just been a rough day.”
I leave upward to press a kiss to his lips but he pushed away, “Wanna watch a movie?”
I shot a confused glance his way then sighed, “I actually have to get going in a little bit. I was hoping-”
“Okay that’s fine. I have to get back to training anyway. I’ll see you later?”
What’s wrong with him?
Bucky was out the door leaving my head flooding with questions and possible answers as to why he was acting so weird.
I mumbled to myself, “I guess I’ll leave now. Yea I’m sure. Wouldn’t want to get in your hair.”
I grabbed my purse and left quickening my pace as thoughts raced through my mind.

Bucky’s POV:
The only thought racing through my mind was ‘She’s cheating on me.’
“Bucky are you okay? Hey buddy slow down.”
Steve was standing in front of me holding my shoulders . I looked around and all eyes were on me.
“Oh sorry.”
“You look pretty rattled.”
Everyone looked genuinely concerned. I sighed, and ran my fingers through my hair.
“I… I think Y/N might be cheating on me.”
Natasha got up from her seat, “And why would you think that?”
I shook my head, “She’s been acting really weird lately. Like she’s alway talking to someone on her phone or texting. Just now I’d walked in on her saying, ‘I’m so glad we’re actually going to do this. I’ll see you later.’”
Steve widened his eyes in shock, “Where is she right now?”
“I don’t know. She told me she had to do something so I just told her i had training anyway.”
Tony stood up, “Well? What are we waiting for?”
Steve sighed, “She’s an idiot if she’s cheating on you. That would be the stupidest shit she had ever done.”
Tony sighed, “LANGUAGE! So let’s go see what she’s doing. And if she’s cheating we’ll give her a stern talking to.”
Natasha snorted, “‘Talking to?’ Ya sure. Then she’ll just date one of you idiots.”
Clint elbowed Nat, “Shut up.”
Natasha grumbled and I looked around at all of them, “Are you sure about this?”
Tony chuckled, “Sure. This is a great plan. Avengers assemble!”

Normal POV:
The whole drive over to the diner was spent thinking about how weird Bucky was acting today. When I got to the diner I pulled out my phone as I walked inside to check if I had any missed messages or calls from Bucky.
“Hey, Y/N. Everything okay?”
I sighed and took the seat across from Dean.
“I dunno. Bucky’s acting weird.”
He raised an eyebrow in question, “What do you mean?”
I twisted the promise ring Bucky had given me and looked out the window, “He turned away when I leaned in to kiss him and he told me he was ‘busy’ so we couldn’t hang out.”
Dean gave my hand a small squeeze and I turned back to him, “Y/N. You’re over reacting. Maybe he’s had a rough day and just needs to cool off. He isn’t stupid so he wouldn’t leave you.”
I smiled, “Thanks Dean. I’m glad we stood friends.”
He chuckled, “I think it was fate that we didn’t work out. We’re much better as best friends.”
I grinned, “Agreed.”

Bucky’s POV:
“Do we really have to hide in this van?”
Tony shot a glare to Natasha, “Yes. We do. If we don’t she would see us before we see her. Now shut up and watch.”
We all watched silently as Y/N sat down at a table with Dean, her ex boyfriend. We ducked down as she looked out the window and then when we looked back up she was smiling and Dean was holding her hand.
I could see Steve tense and almost everyone else did too. Everyone but me. I didn’t have time to feel anything, because when I looked back a pair of bright fiery Y/E/C eyes were staring right at me.

Normal POV:
“Okay so let’s talk about next weekend. What were you thinking of doing?”
I looked out the window and immediately became overcome with rage.
The avengers were sitting in a van, in the parking lot watching me.
I turned to Dean and said to clenched teeth, “Murdering him.”
“What? Where are you going?”
I stormed out of the restaurant with Dean trailing behind me. I got to the van and pushed the door open.
Tony nervously waved, “Hey Y/N fancy seeing you here.”
“OUT OF THE CAR! All of you.”
Clint shrugged, “It’s technically a van but…”
“CLINT. Shut the fuck up and get out of the ‘van.’”
Everyone got out of the van but Natasha. She sat with her arms crossed in the drivers seat.
“So you’re cheating on Bucky but they still let you push them around? I actually liked you Y/N. I expected better.”
I inhaled deeply and turned around to Bucky, “You thought I was fucking cheating on you?!?!”
Steve rolled his eyes, “We know now. Why would you go back to this idiot?!”
I growled, “A better question is why am I dating someone with such idiots for friends?! I sure as hell know Bucky would never do this alone.”
Tony sighed, “I came up with the plan but-”
I snapped, “Did I ask? You’re all fucking idiots. I wasn’t cheating on Bucky! I wouldn’t ever cheat on Bucky!”
Steve looked at me and rolled his eyes again, “Then why were you with this idiot?”
I sighed, “I WAS PLANNING OUR ANNIVERSARY DATE YOU FUCKING IDIOT! He was helping me because I wanted it to be perfect!”
Natasha raised an eyebrow, “Why didn’t you ask one of us for help?”
“That would work right? Asking the avengers to help me plan a special date with my boyfriend who happens to be one of them. Did i mention you have no fucking idea what I’m like and how I want this? You would all just take control.”
Steve sighed and looked between me and Dean, “Couldn’t you have asked someone else?”
I ran my fingers through my hair and huffed, “No and I didn’t think it would be a problem. Bucky I love you but I can’t do this.”
Bucky looked up at me with wide eyes, “What are you saying?”
I gave a sad smile and gestured around, “This? I can’t do it. I can’t date you if you don’t trust me. I can’t have the avengers chasing me around because you don’t like my friends. I’m sorry Bucky.”
I started to walk away and the avengers quickly followed, “Y/N wait! Don’t do this.”
I turned around to face Steve, “You made yourself pretty clear when you called Dean an idiot. I’m not dating someone who doesn’t trust me and wants to control my friends.”
Tony grabbed my wrist, “You’re not. He never said those things. We did. Bucky loves you-”
I pulled my wrist away, “I love him too, but I’m not dealing with this shit. Right now you all ruined it. I’m sorry but…”
“Y/N… Please.”
I looked over at where Bucky remained standing as a tear slipped down my cheek, “I love you okay?”
I got in my car and close the door. I stuck the key in the ignition and drove away from the diner. Away from Bucky. Away from that part of my life.
~ 1 Week Later~
It had been a week since I’d last spoken to Bucky. I mean it wasn’t like he hadn’t tried to reach me. He had tried a bunch of times i just ignored him. I couldn’t bear facing him, after all it might turn into me dating all the avengers,yet again.
Right now I was on my way to see Dean. He had texted me an address and told me to meet him there. He said it was important and to dress nice. So here I was walking into this building wearing a knee length navy blue dress and black heels.
I opened the door and called out, “DEAN? Why am I here?”
I walked down a hall to see a trail of rose petals. I sighed and followed the trail. I t stopped outside on a balcony. The balcony had lights strung around it, a beautiful view and a table in the middle set with food. But what made me drop my little purse was seeing Bucky standing in the center of it all.
I stood here with wide eyes gaping at the sight before me.
“Y/N, please just let me explain before you leave.”
I nodded and went over to the chair across from him.
“The only reason why we were all watching you was because you had been acting strange. And that day I heard you talking on the phone and from this side of the conversation is sounded like you were cheating. I wasn’t going to tell anyone but I’d stormed into the kitchen and they noticed something was wrong. When Tony suggested that we go see for ourselves it sounded like a good idea. But now I realize it was stupid. I should have just talked to you about it.”
I sighed, “You should have.”
“I just… I don’t know what to do sometimes. No one’s ever loved me before. And I’ve never loved anyone, until I met you. I never understood why you loved me so much. I still don’t. I’m a horrible person who’s done horrible things. I’ve hurt people. I’ve killed. But yet you always act as nothing else matters when you’re around me.”
I smiled up at him, “That’s because it doesn’t. You’re perfect to me. Those things you did don’t make you. You weren’t you when you did them. I love you for who you are Bucky and that won’t ever stop. You’re the only one for me.”
I giggled, “Really.”
“You’re the only one for me too.”
“That works out perfectly doesn’t it?”
He leaned forward and pressed his lips softly to mine, “I love you.”
I smiled and ran my fingers through his hair, “I love you too. But keep Steve under control this time around, okay? Can’t have captain america bashing my friends.”
He chuckled, “Deal.”

graphic battle vs. pstl-pcy 

→ round one: exo-k bias 

*Sno opened her eyes and took in her surroundings. She was lying on the concrete and someone was standing above her. Wait. Isn’t she supposed to be dead? She was awoken from her thoughts by a vaguely familiar voice* “Sadira! Can you hear me?” *The person knelt next to her. No. It couldn’t have actually worked, could it? She had actually brought Cassandra back* *weakly*
“Mom?” *Cassandra sighed in relief and pulled Sno close*
“Oh my god, Sadira. I cannot believe you killed yourself for me.” *Sno tried to hug back, but she couldn’t find the energy*
“Mom, can we go home?” *Cassandra smiled through the tears that were running down her cheeks and nodded*
“Of course.” *Cassandra started praying to Gabriel*


anonymous asked:

Rebounding back to Mormon mark, can we get some headcanons on him please?

- very fucking kinky
- always watched fucked up porn in high school
- his eyes get shiny when you start talking dirty to him
- normal sex is boring for him
- can’t really fall in love
- even tho he’s into fucked up shit, he still feels the “oh the lord is watching me and i’m going to hell” feeling 


Can we give it up to Harleen Quinzel (Harley Quinn) For not fighting Dinah Lance (Black Canary) when she found out that Black Canary is pregnant. She does not go any further like most Villians would. Most would not care that a Hero is pregnant, even after Black Canary asks to go back to fighting. Because they are starting to get close. But then Black Cananry finds out that Harley Quinn, and the Joker had a child.

You have to understand Harley tho. In their first session with the joker, she introduced herself as Dr Harleen Quinzel, but says that he could refer to her as Harley Quinn (like the medieval jester Harlequin.)  Joker had been silent until then, but he suddenly began laughing and asked if she was flirting with him. She shows the Joker her blossoming insanity, and obsession towards him. Joker finds this appealing, and Harley helps him escape various times, before eventually becoming his henchgirl. In some of the other retelling of her origin it is explained that she was a psychology student working part time as a stripper to pay her bills. The Joker is not the best of poeple, but you cannot say that Harley Quinn does not love him even tho she acknowledged his abusive behaviour and broke off from him. After a long relationship.

“He loves her as much as he can. He loves her in his way.” -Paul Dini (Talking about the Joker’s love for Harley.)

Source: Injustice Gods Among Us Year 2, Chapter: 12-13


Loser, lonely me
A coward who pretends to be tough, really
A mean, useless me
In the mirror, I see, I’m
Lonely me, a jackass covered in scars, that’s me
Dirty, plain trashy
In the mirror now, I’m a

Honestly, I’ve never fit in with the world, ya know
I was always alone, that’s what’s up
It’s been a long time, eh, since I’ve forgotten babe,
About love, that’s the story

I can’t listen to hopeful love songs anymore
You and me both, we’re just sad clowns, it’s scripted tho
I’ve come too far for this
I wanna go back home
To when I was young so

At some point, I just know (yeah)
I started looking at the ground more than the sky these days (oh)
It’s hard even to breathe now (woah)
I hold out my hand but no one holds on now, these days
I’m a

Loser, lonely me
A coward who pretends to be tough, really
A mean, useless me
In the mirror, I see, I’m
Lonely me, a jackass covered in scars, that’s me
Dirty, plain trashy
In the mirror now, I’m a

It’s a cycle of girls and mistakes, boo hoo,
Love them for one night, that’s the system
And hate these lies and can’t own up to it
I just don’t know why, but just when morning comes
Because of my selfish pleasure, that’s it baby
Everything is being ruined
Can’t stop this dangerous speed run
Now I have no interest, no fun
I’m going home
I wanna go back
To how it was before tho

At some point, I just know (yeah)
I’ve gotten scared of people’s eyes that I must face every day (oh)
I’m sick of crying so I tried smiling now (woah)
But no one recognises me, the me right now, these days
I’m a

Loser, lonely me
A coward who pretends to be tough, really
A mean, useless me
In the mirror, I see, I’m
Lonely me, a jackass covered in scars, that’s me
Dirty, plain trashy
In the mirror now, I’m a

I curse the blue skies that shine above me now
Sometimes I wanna lay it all down
When I stop wandering at the end of this road
I hope I can close my eyes, without any of these regrets

Loser, lonely me
A coward who pretends to be tough, really
A mean, useless me
In the mirror, I see, I’m
Lonely me, a jackass covered in scars, that’s me
Dirty, plain trashy
In the mirror now, I’m a



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This Months Fic was chosen by @actuallydrarry 

Vera Verto by shewhxmustnxtbenamed. 


Words:281940 Chapters:47/47 Rated M

Authors Discription: Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, and it is quite adventurous; He gets in a relationship with his worst enemy, only to find out he is in cahoots with a previously known death eater. Harry tracks him down, leading to a domino effect of complicated situations.
Many things happen in this story. Harry goes back to the Dursley’s to get closure, Draco goes to the Burrow, The Weasley’s go to the Manor, Harry shows Draco the mirror of Erised, Draco wearing Harry’s Weasley sweater (a lot!), Harry tracks down the resurrection stone, Harry and Draco become godparents to someone other than Teddy, Andromeda and Narcissa make up, and there are a few near death experiences. This is full of Harry and Draco’s romance, but there is so, so much more.

Fic Chooser actuallydrarry: “It’s honestly one of my favourite 8th year fics, very interesting plot line that keeps you on your toes.”

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just back from the hormone clinic !! I got the prescription for testogel which I can start next week if my blood tests turn out good !!!!!!!!!!!!! due to my diabetes I will have to start on lower than normal dosage for a couple of months so we can see how it affects my blood sugar but !! I can most likely start t next week !!!!!!!!!!!!

i just woke up from a dream about burnie burns??? we were in his office and talking and telling stories while painting props for something???? and we kept making some joke/innuendo about something called the “western stroke”???

then we started drinking because apparently im such an alcoholic i could smell the flavored vodka in his freezer??? and he was such a gentleman, when he thought i was gonna puke (even though i wasnt going to) he pulled the trash can closer and pulled my hair back?? like how nice of you? wtf tho??????