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Emotional Wreckage, One Line at a Time™
  • “Rubbish. We become rubbish.”
  • “Look. Look at me. Come wake me up. For still here I be.”
  • “I’ll never leave you again.”
  • “Can anybody be happy if they aren’t free?”
  • “There’s a beast running wild no question. But I fear the wrong monster’s released.”
  • “Because he loves her.”
  • “Let’s go home.”
  • “We’re together now, its going to be fine.”
  • “So much for true love.”
  • “Lumière, my friend. It was an honour to serve with you.”
  • “I set her free. I’m sorry I couldn’t do the same for all of you.”
  • “The outside world has no place for a creature like me.”
  • “Come back! Please don’t leave me. I love you.”
  • “It’s foolish I suppose, that a creature like me might one day earn your affection.”
  • “I can feel a change in me. I’m stronger now but still not free.”
  • “It’s as if I’m seeing it for the first time.”
  • “I am not a beast!”
  • “Easy to remember, harder to move on. Knowing the Paris of my childhood is gone.”
  • “It’s dangerous” // “Yes it is.”
  • “Keep it with you, then you’ll always have a way to look back at me.”
  • “He’s not a monster Gaston, you are!”
  • “Why are we not human?” // “Because she doesn’t love him.”
  • “When the master lost his mother and his cruel father took that sweet lad and twisted him up to be just like him… We did nothing.”

Finally, Evermore in its entirety, but especially:

She will still torment me, calm me, hurt me, move me, come what may. Wasting in my lonely tower. Waiting by an open door. I’ll fool myself, she’ll walk right in. And be with me forevermore.

His Precious Little Flower

My precious little flower

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader

Plot: Bucky is dating a girl who owns a flower shop but he hasn’t told any of his friends including Steve about her because he’s protective of her and doesn’t want them to scare her off because she’s shy. the team end up stalking him to see where he goes and they see him kissing her inside her shop.

A/n surprise I’m actually posting this a day before I was going to ! I hope you guys like it. My next fic is going to be a winter13 smut so look out for that

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Bucky Barnes was in love, its as simple as that. The only problem was that he hasn’t told his friends about you. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of you, it’s just that he knows how his friends were and he didn’t want to scare you off. You were totally ok with the fact that Bucky hasn’t introduced you to his friends. From what you’ve seen on the news they were very confident and that intimidated the hell out of you.

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One of my favorite things about that shouldn’t-have-been-deleted Memori scene is how giggly they are in bed. The scene both starts and ends with Emori laughing, first at him making a joke and then at the end when he pounces on her. A lot of sex scenes are treated with this unrealistic level of Seriousness, and what you don’t see is couples being playful with each other and having fun.

Despite the iffyness of her being chipped later on, we see a bit of this in “Demons” too, like she is basically going “boy where is the nearest place you can give me an orgasm” and LOOK HOW CUTE:

or when he turns her around, actually being kind of dominant and sexy, and she just has this giant grin on her face:

So going back to the deleted bit - between the intimacy with her hand and his little ‘we make a good team please tell me you like me?’ we see them both have a moment where they’re vulnerable and reassuring and safe together. But what’s really beautiful to me is how *happy* they are. Just delighted with each other in a very Murphy/Emori way. I just think it’s really sweet to see them like that and it’s such a healthy portrayal of sex between them.

Fatherly Figures Pt. 3

Lin-Manuel Miranda:

Vomiting Warning

This was the third morning this week that you spent hunched over the toilet with Lin rubbing your back. “It’s okay. It’s okay,” he whispers, kissing your hair.

You shakily stand up and brush your teeth.

“C'mon,” Lin says, holding his arms out for you. “Let’s go lie down.”

“I’m fine. Don’t you have some meeting to go to?”

“Yeah, but it’s not that important. You’re more important.”

You roll your eyes. “Go to the meeting.”

“But-” he protests.

“Go.” You kiss his cheek and go into the kitchen. “Get dressed.”


You knew exactly why you were getting sick. You just didn’t want to believe it, so you put off confirming your belief until it was absolutely undeniable.

You bite the inside of your cheek, while you wait for your timer to finish. As soon as your phone rings, telling you that the fifteen minutes have passed, you hear Lin open the door to your apartment. “(Y/N)?”

You turn off the timer and run over to the front door without looking at the test. “Hey!” You give him a quick kiss. “How was the meeting?”

“Boring, per usual. How are you feeling?”

You bite your lip. “I, um.”


“I think I might be pregnant,” you say in one breath.

His eyes widen. “Really?”

“I just took a test. The timer went off when you came in.”

“Well then, let’s find out.” He takes your hand and walks into the bathroom. He picks the test up. “Oh my God!” He tosses the test back onto the counter and hugs you, picking you up. “You’re pregnant!”

Leslie Odom Jr.:

You slowly walk into your son’s room, smiling when you see your husband sitting in the rocking chair in the corner. He rocks your son gently. As you get closer, you hear him sing softly. “Pride is not the word I’m looking for. There is so much more inside me now.”

You rest your hand on his shoulder and sing with him.

“You’re such a good dad,” you whisper, kissing the top of his head and carrying your son to his crib.

“Because I’ve got a great mom helping me out.”

Anthony Ramos:


You hated listening to your daughter and husband argue. She was generally a good kid, but there were times she messed up. Just like everyone else. You remembered having arguments like these with your dad.

“Dad! It was one time! I came home!” she yelled.

“You were supposed to be home at midnight,” he reminds her, “not three in the morning. Your mother and I were worried sick! We had no clue where you were! You are grounded until you can tell us where you were.”

“Why? What does it matter? You’re just going to be mad.”

You sigh and come out of the kitchen. “Steph, please. Just tell us where you were.”

“With Em,” she mutters.

Anthony lowers his voice. “Who?”

“Em, my girlfriend. Okay? Are you happy?!”

You sit on the couch and motion for her to sit next to you. “You have a girlfriend?”

“I’m gay. I was hoping that you wouldn’t find out.”

Anthony sits on the other side of her, placing a hand on her back. “Why? We would have loved to meet her.”

“You aren’t mad?”

“That you’re gay? Not at all. That you disobeyed us? Yes.”

“Am I still grounded?”

You take a deep breath. “We’ll see. You seem to have been through enough for one night.”

Daveed Diggs:

You rest your hands on your stomach. “You better stay there until your daddy gets home,” you mutter, looking at your stomach. You were almost nine months pregnant and felt like you could give birth at any moment. That would have been fine, if Daveed were home. He was supposed to be coming home today, but this was the third time that his flight was delayed.

You smile when you see a call from Daveed. “Hey, babe. I just got off the plane. How are you and our son?”

“I’m pretty sure we’re having a girl and we’re good. Very pregnant but good.”

“Mom said it was a boy. Do you want to tell her she’s wrong?”

“We’ll find out soon enough. I feel ready to burst.”

He chuckles. “Wait until I get home. Thirty minutes tops.”

You’re Comfy

I actually wrote something. My writers block disappeared for a little. I hope you guys like it. It was just something cute that came into my mind. Lately just getting a lot of domestic/family Chris feels so be prepared for that. 

For these imagines (not involving the Chris x Marissa ones) I’m going to use the same names for the kids just to make it a little easy, but I’m going to keep these Chris x Reader so you guys can imagine it’s you. 

Daughter - Anna, oldest son - Matthew, youngest son - Austin.                     Anna is 4 years older than Matthew and 6 years older than Austin.

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He had walked to the same place almost a million times now, to leave a family member there. 
A lot of his closed ones now chose to live there.
He also wanted to just stay there and not return back home.
He tried his best to find a place there but nothing worked.
It was as if the place was giving indirect messages and speaking to his mind.
It was as if the graveyard said, “A lot of space is already occupied by your family.So, there’s no vacancy whatsoever. Please live your life until we have space.” 
He took a chance by living through those tough times and somehow he didn’t want to go back there even if it had space. 
It was as if his family members laying inside said,“ We have taken your space here, while you can live a longer beautiful life. It makes us happy here.”

Spring Comes Again (Namjoon x Reader)

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Today was the day. He was finally entrusting you to his secret place as he liked to childishly call it in his head. His closest friends, practically his brothers, knew about this place as well, but never asked to ask him to accompany him to that place. It was almost sacred for as treasured and safe it felt to him. It made him feel comfortable to go there and free his mind after a long week of schedules. He loved the pace, it kept him busy and fulfilled, yet he needed time to unwind like everyone else. That was why he was bringing you with him today. You’d had an awful week, and you’d finally confessed that to him last night through quiet words and tears he could hear over the receiver of the phone. He wasn’t able to be with you then, and felt awful for not being able to comfort you physically.

Instead, he knew he had a few free hours the following day and invited you to meet him there to seek solace and peace. You’d gratefully accepted, although initially you felt hesitant on the inside, because you knew that Namjoon had never brought anyone else to his “secret place.” You dared not tell him your fear you held of being exposed to this wonderful part of his he kept away from everyone else. Instead, you trusted that he’d given the decision plenty of thought and was prepared to share once the opportunity was right in front of him.

That brought you to the present afternoon. It was chilly but not too cold, and the scarf around your neck kept out the inevitable chill that would do its best to squirm its way into your insides. You were waiting, the sun shining, warming the spot you were standing in like you were a lizard sunbathing on the rocks. You turned up your face to the sun and closed your eyes, not bothering to put on your sunglasses. You wanted to feel the rays and the brightness through your lids.

It was in this way that he found you as he came meandering down the sidewalk to meet you at the entrance to the park. The wind was blowing enough to lift your hair into the wind, curly strands twisting themselves around each other. Your hands were at your sides, and he noticed that you were smiling widely. You turned then upon hearing his approaching footsteps, and your smile did not falter as you took in his figure.

“Joonie,” you greeted and met him halfway, stepping into his arms and encircling them tightly around his frame. He hugged you back just as tightly and felt a smile appear on his face, one that hadn’t been very visible all week due to the normal stresses and demands of his work.

“Hi Y/N,” he spoke lowly into your ear, brushing your hair back to make sure you heard him clearly.

“Thank you for inviting me,” you pulled back from his embrace and couldn’t help the shy tone from sneaking into your voice.

“Thank you for coming,” he replied coyly and you grinned before he placed a hand on the small of your back and began to guide you down the connecting trail. You stepped side by side, catching up after your long week. Ordinarily, you’d at least have the time for a facetime call during the week around your various schedules, but this week had been particularly hectic. The holidays were quickly approaching and as the wedding season swung into high gear, the full service bakery you worked at needed you on staff at least 40 hours a week to keep up with demand. You loved your job, but the work was hard, and it did wear on you, especially with the early morning hours that were required for your tasks.

The two of you talked about any and everything, sticking close to one another to keep out the chill. After an hour, the two of you decided to take a seat on a bench, two steaming hot chocolates in hand from a nearby vendor in the park. You sipped slowly, careful not to burn your tongue. You unconsciously leaned into him and he threw an arm across your shoulders, tucking you into his side. You smiled up at him and became distracted by his dimples, staring as your eyes wandered over his smooth skin.

“Y/N,” he spoke, and if it wasn’t for the fact you saw his lips move, you wouldn’t have even registered that he was speaking, for you were so caught up in his features. You shook a bit and tried to respond intelligently, but it was too late. He was chuckling at you and you blushed before turning away briefly. In no time though, he was gently grasping your chin to bring your attention back to him. Although your blush didn’t show on your cheeks, he could feel the warmth beneath his fingertips.

“Whaaat?” you whined, pulling a face that made him laugh even harder.

“You were staring at me,” he said, finally releasing your face from his gentle hold.

“I was,” you tried to bravely acknowledge and failed to morph your expression into one of indifference. Instead, he could see in your eyes a conflict of happiness and fear.

“You can tell me,” he spoke up after he was done studying you. He could really see you fighting now, first looking down to your open palms, and then looking back at him, and then out to the scenery of the park. He tucked you a little further into his side and you placed one hand on his knee closest to you, as if bracing yourself.

“I like you. Like highly regard you, want to make you happy forever, want to cherish you and your feelings and memories,” you blurted out. He smiled then, one of the biggest ones you’d seen to date on his face, teeth showing widely and everything.

“I have a question,” he said in response, turning fully to face you.

“Yes?” your voice sounded breathless to your own ears now.

“Do you think I’m handsome?”

“Very much so. Like goodness, yes,” you replied and he full on laughed and you were drowning in his dimples again.

“Y/N, can I kiss you now? Cause I want to make you happy forever too.”

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” you said eagerly and leaned forward to meet him in the middle, the same as the two had always done throughout your friendship. It was sweet, not too short and you felt yourself smiling through, pulling back to look into his beautiful big brown eyes before going in again. He’d brought you to this place, showing you his heart, and now you could show yours.

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Hey baby girl!

“Do we really need to go there now?” You ask your friend Hannah,who took you off your bed at 8 a.m on a Saturday.

“Yes we do have! I promised Jack that we are having breakfast there,we can’t just decide to not go now.”

“But you were the one that promised,not me!” You keep complaining,but you knew she wasn’t going to let you go back to your place,you’re almost at the coffee shop.

“Can you just shush please? We are going there! I don’t care if you are happy or not.” You look away,but keep walking beside her. She knew that you’re only complaining because she woke you up earlier then usual.

You could see the coffee shop know on the next block,and Hannah phone rings. She step forward to answer the call and you keep walking behind her. You feel a arm hugging you on your shoulder,and your heart skip a beat. You try to go out of the arm,but he holds you and when you turn,you can see Shawn. You didn’t saw him for three months already,you missed him as hell,at the moment you saw his face,you put your hands on your mouth and your eyes tear up.

“Hey baby girl! I missed you!” You jump on his arms,making him laugh and hold you tighter.

“I missed you too! What are your doing here?”

“I had a break from the tour,so I decided to come see you. We don’t see each other for three mouth already.”

“Thank you babe! I love you!”

“I love you too sweetie! So,someone told me you didn’t had breakfast!” He said making you laugh and hold your hand,taking you to the coffee shop. You look at Hannah who smiled and you thank her mouthing,and then your attention is back to Shawn.


*** I don’t think you know how hard it is to find a picture of Hap smiling. ***

“Where’s your kid? I thought she was supposed to come over.” “She is. She’s got a midterm project for her computer class that she has to do but she needs help. Juice volunteered to work on it with her.” Happy didn’t seem to ok with the idea and Jax decided to mess with him. “They gonna do it in his dorm?” Hap’s head swung to Jax quickly. “They ain’t doing shit in his dorm. They’re going to sit on the picnic table outside.” Jax laughed and was thankful he only had boys. Happy knew that Juice was the only one that could help you with something like that so he allowed it but he didn’t really like you being at the clubhouse.

Almost as if on cue, Juice walked out of the dorm hallway, talking on his burner. “Yeah. No i’m heading out now. Be there in a little bit. Bye.” He hung up the phone and looked up to see Happy standing in front of him, blocking his way. “Who was that?” “Your daughter. She’s outside but she wants to meet at that new coffee shop, do her pap-” “No.” Happy walked out of the clubhouse and waited for you to get to him.

“Hey daddy.” “You’re not going to the coffee shop, you're staying here.” “I know we agreed on that but I just thought it would be better to do it there.“  "You’re staying here.” “Dad, I won’t be able to concentrate here. I’ll get distracted and not be able to finish.” Happy took one look at your furrowed brows and pouting mouth and let out a breath. “Fine.” He turned around to Juice who had followed him out and poked him roughly on the chest. “You have her out for 3 hours, then you bring her here.” Juice nodded as you wrapped your arms around your father’s neck. “Thank you daddy.” You kissed his cheek. “I’ll call you as soon as I get there.” “You better.” You and Juice walked away to your car while Happy headed back into the club house.

Jax and Chibs looked up and then looked behind Hap towards the door. “Where’s she at?” “They’re going to go to the coffee shop.” Jax chuckled. “What?” “I just thought you would’ve put up a bigger fight.” “Whatever.” Chibs pointed a finger at Jax. “You better hope you never have a girl laddie. You’ll be in the same boat. I miss my Kerrianne but I sure am glad I didn’t have to deal with her teenage years. Then I might’ve been as whipped as this one here.” Happy grumbled and slammed back a shot, watching the clock to make sure you came back on time.


The party was in full swing. Shots, Croweaters and joints were being passed around and Hap was sitting at the bar without a single one, waiting for you to get back. Jax came over and threw an arm around his shoulders. “Why don’t you chill out, have some fun. She won’t be back for another hour. Just let loose for a little while.” Happy took one more glance at the clock before nodding and heading over to the couch.

About 10 minutes later, Happy was sitting on the couch by the pool table with the new blonde Croweater in his lap. Her lips moved against his neck, his hands settling on her hips and holding her down on him. He was heavily making out with her when Chibs tapped his thigh. He looked over through hooded eyes. “Yeah brother?” “Your kid is coming over here.” “What? She called?” “No, she’s right over there.” Happy threw the Croweater off of him and nearly onto the floor. He straightened out and grabbed a nearby pillow, placing it over his crotch and you came towards him. “What are you doing here, sweetheart?” “Juice and I finished early. I want to go get ice cream with you. We haven’t gone in a while.” “I’m a little busy honey.” “You don’t look busy to me.” You put your hands on your hips and you heard Tig laugh.

“You should’ve seen him a couple seconds ago.” Happy threw a dirty look towards Tig and the rest of the guys snickering at his comment. “Please daddy?” Happy groaned to himself as you looked up at him with wide innocent eyes. “Yeah, alright. Let’s go.” You smiled widely and held out your hand to him. He put down the pillow and grabbed your hand, turning to tell the guys he’d be back later. “Well I was hoping you would come over to my place after and watch a movie with me too…” Hap nodded and smiled at you. “Ok princess. We can do that.” The two of you began to walk out of the clubhouse and into the night air, the guys all looking at each other.

“Man, that little girl’s got him wrapped around her finger like a god damn ring. I can’t believe it.” “I can’t believe he just missed out on new pussy to go get ice cream." The guys laughed at Tig and shook their heads. "You’re a special one, Trager."  

eghfeithrean  asked:

Family au when the kids are older Pidge is declared "absolute favorite" by Keith simply because she's the only one shorter than him.

But IMAGINE KEITH BEING ONE OF THOSE PARENTS THAT ARE REALLY FIRED UP AT THEIR KIDS SPORTS GAMES. Poor Shiro having to monitor him and Lance from being overly critical of referee calls. (2)

OMG Keith would be that kind of parent! You see, they really weren’t expecting their kids to be into sports. Maybe Lance, yes. But Hunk and Pidge? They seemed more fit for science and literature clubs. BUT. They were all part of their high school teams. [The Voltron Family] (there are newly added fics in that post!! Go read them!)

Hunk = Football
Lance = Baseball
Pidge = Soccer

And honestly, Shiro and Keith sometimes cannot keep up with their games but they all try their best to be in each and every game of their kids. There are times wherein the schedule for the day is like baseball for Lance in the morning and soccer for Pidge in the afternoon and then football for Hunk in the evening. It was intense but damn are they so good at what they do.

Keith: RUN LANCE RUNNNN!!!!! *standing up while cheering*
Shiro: Keith, sit down. You’re—
Keith: Shiro, I don’t care if I’m causing a scene. MY SON IS OUT THERE DOING HIS BEST AND I’M NOT GONNA BE ONE OF THOSE PASSIVE PARENTS WHO DON’T—*looks back at the field and sees Lance doing a homerun* OH MY GOD! *whistles* THAT’S MY BOY!!!!! WAY TO GO LANCE!!!!! 
Lance: *sees his Daddy Keith* *fist in the air* *smiles so wide despite all the sweat on his face* *dances like an idiot on the field* 
Keith: *points at Lance while looking at Shiro* *frowns* Okay, he NEEDS to stop doing that. THAT is just embarrassing. 
Shiro: *laughs* You’re so proud of him.
Keith: Of course, I am. *smiles* He was so lanky and now look at him, running like a fricking cheetah like no big deal. *looks at his watch* Will we make it to Pidge’s game in an hour? *looks at Shiro*
Shiro: *checks his phone* Yeah, I can drive us there in 15 minutes.
Keith: Okay, now let’s go and congratulate our son. He showers the longest. I’ll call Pidge and Hunk to let them know about the result of Lance’s game.

So Shiro drives Keith and Lance to Pidge’s game in a different stadium.

Shiro: *sees Pidge walking out with her team* PIDGE!!!!! OVER HERE!
Pidge: *looks at the bleachers and sees her family* *waves* *shouts* CONGRATULATIONS, LANCE!!! *thumbs up* Knew you could do it!
Lance: *grins* Obviously, DUH! Now go kick some butt!
Keith: Honestly, where does she even get that cackle from?
~The game starts and the crowd was going wild~
All three: *standing up* *watching intensely*
Keith: *chants to himself* You can do it, baby. You can do it.
Pidge: *kicks the ball and scores a goal*
Keith: *jumps* OH MY GOD!!! THAT’S MY DAUGHTER!!! *looks around the bleachers* THAT’S MY DAUGHTER WHO JUST SCORED A GOAL!!!! *looks at Shiro and Lance* DID YOU SEE THAT? DID YOU SEE WHAT THAT LIL GIRL JUST DID????!!!
Shiro: We did, Keith. We did. 
Pidge: *gets called by the referee*
Lance: *groans* WHAAAAAT WHAT NOW?? THAT WAS DEF A GOAL! THAT WAS NOT A FOUL!! *rolls up his sleeves* I’M GONNA—
Shiro: *stops Lance* No, you are not going down there. Stay.
Keith: Well I’m going to give them a piece of my mind.

Pidge’s team wins and now they’re all driving down to watch Hunk’s game in yet another stadium.

Pidge: Whose got kids who are fricking BORN WINNERS??!!! *looks at Shiro and Keith* YOU DOOOOOOOOOOO~ *finger guns* *winks*
Lance: *laughs* Hunk better not cry when he loses. Losers are not accepted in this family of awesome.

Hunk DID cry. But he cried because he scored the final touchdown and he was a sobbing mess. Lance cried. Pidge cried. Keith cried. Heck, Shiro cried.

Keith: Oh my god. I knew you could do it, Hunk. But oh my god. *hugs* My lil baby just—
Hunk: *laughs while sniffing* I can’t believe I did that, too!
Pidge: *glomps Hunk at the back* Now we’re all winners! How great is that? You know what this means, Daddy Shiro? *eyes him*
Shiro: We’re all happy and proud of you three?? *smiles innocently*
Pidge: Nooo!!!! You and Daddy Keith are going to treat us to that pizza parlor and we get to have one each!!!
Keith: *gasps* Pidge, can you even finish 4 slices? What more 8 slices?
Lance: *places arm around Keith* Please, Daddy Keith. Do not under estimate your children and their capacity to consume food after winning their games.
Pidge: I’m way too hungry I could probably even eat Hunk’s share!
Hunk: HEY!!! NO STEALING OF PIZZAS, PIDGE. We’ve talked about this!

In the end, Hunk still shared his pizza with Pidge. ;)

Keith: This is so tiring but I’m way too happy to even think about it.
Shiro: Three games in one day.
Keith: They should’ve just joined normal clubs! Wasn’t there an art club in that school? But nooooooo. They just have to join the sporty ones.
Shiro: *laughs* They’re having fun and you seem to be enjoying it.
Keith: *laughs* I am. I guess you could say I’m glad they didn’t join the going-home club like I did back in high school.

Request: Make things right

Request: One shot where I’m jax daughter and he like thew me out and one year I become successful with singing and they come see me in my singing and listen to the song I sing you don’t own me by grace and colors by halesy and the WHOLE (i.e.) like tara and gemma is there club is shocked and they try to talk to me but security doesn’t let them so they follow me into my Manson and they are shocked I have a huge house and a baby girl but they tell me they need help with money and I help them and happy ending BTW the baby girl is happy’s 

Song reader is singing, HERE

It was hard to write this one. I’m writing the request, but I don’t believe Jax would not want a child, it doesn’t matter who is the mother, but I wrote it and I’m sorry if this offend anyone, somehow. 

Tig Trager Warns You, This Imagine Contains: mentions of sex, rejection, depression

Originally posted by sonsofanarchyfans


The leather kutte was missing, but I could easily see him as a Son. I was finishing my beer when he entered the bar. Nobody else paid attention to him, but I couldn’t look away. He noticed, locking his brown eyes with mine and licking his lips. He got closer and we started to talk as we drank. I had stopped in that place, on Charming’s city limits, just for a beer before hit the road, but there I was, spending hours with that mysterious man. Booze made me bold and next thing I knew we were in the back of my car, having sex. I scratched his tattooed scalp and moaned as we both came. I sat next to him, trying to catch my breath. He put his jeans on again and hopped off the car, just like that, no names asked, no cuddles after the sex.

I sighed and jumped to the driver’s seat, pulling my skirt down my thighs again. He leaned on my window and I glared at him.

“New in town?”, he motioned to my suitcase on the passenger’s seat.

“No”, I hissed and started the car, “I’m leaving”


3 years later…

I closed the blinds when we got closer to Charming. We wouldn’t stop, just pass through the little town, but I didn’t want to see it. I had left a while ago, but it still hurt to think about my life there.

I had avoided SAMCRO, the famous motorcycle club, my entire life, but it was kinda hard to do it when my father was the VP. My mother had been one of his one-night-stands and he didn’t want to be father, not when he was so young. Jackson Teller, my father, was trying to forget his girlfriend, who had left him, so he was drinking and having sex with random girls. We didn’t have a good relationship, actually he practically ignored me, unless club was going through a lockdown because one of his enemies. Then he would send someone to pick me up and I would hide somewhere at the clubhouse and wait for the lockdown to be over. I was invisible.

One day, someone finally noticed me and I had the chance to leave that place and I did it. I hadn’t been close to Charming in years, I thought in gave it just a quick look, but before I could open the blinds a child crying got my attention. She was more important than Charming and its people.

Happy’s POV

Jax had been acting strange all day, nervous and smoking one cigarette after another. Club wasn’t going through any trouble as far as Happy knew, so it must be personal. Gemma arrived at TM, mother and son had been locked inside her office since then. When SAMCRO’s president finally entered the clubhouse again, he looked at his brothers and announced they would go for a ride that night. He thought it would be some club business, but Happy found himself in a concert, looking at the stage, waiting for the singer.

“How you never told me you had a daughter man?”, Happy inquired, turning to at Jax, who was standing next to him. Tara, Jax’s old lady, and Gemma were there too.

“We never had a good relationship”, his brother sighed, pinching his nose, “I was lost, it was just one night, but… I couldn’t be a father, I was too young and I hated that child and her mother for awhile… I was wrong, I should have been a better father. You have no idea how much I regret this. I don’t know what I am doing here, but maybe I get the chance to make things right”

He didn’t know how Jax would do that, but Happy would be there for his friend. He never had thought about being father, he didn’t do relationships, but Happy would never give up on his child, he would want to be the father he never had.

The lights and a man announcing the singer caught his attention. Happy turned his look to the stage again and there she was, Jax’s daughter…And the girl he had sex with on his first night visiting Charming.


Happy felt a lump on his throat. How that had happened? He had had sex with his president’s daughter, a girl that should be completely off limits for him. However, they had met each other in a bar, he didn’t know who she was, they hadn’t said their names. It had been a random, half naked, quick and incredible hot fuck in the back of her car.

Y/N was singing and she was good. The lyrics said “You don’t own me, don’t try to change me in any way” and Y/N was pouring her heart out, he could see it. SAMCRO family was watching the show in awe, people singing Y/N’s songs with her; in a short time, she had conquered fame and it would only grows.

“Come on”, Jax called his brothers as soon as the show ended. They tried to get close to the stage, but security wouldn’t let them pass. Happy saw Y/N from afar and she turned her head in their direction when Jax yelled her name. She got pale and someone pushed her inside a car.

“Let’s go brother”, Happy pushed Jax back to where their bikes were, “We can think about this at the clubhouse”


“Are you sure?”, Jax asked as they parked the bikes in front of a house in Los Angeles.

“Yep”, Juice nodded, admiring the place too, “What’s the plan?”

All the Sons looked at their president. Jax took a deep breath and just walked to the gate. They waited as he talked on the intercom; it took a while but someone was finally coming from the house. Happy put his sunglasses up and saw Y/N there. She didn’t look pleased to see them.

“What are you doing here?”, she barked, “How did you find me?”

“Y/N please”, Jax begged to his daughter, “We need to talk”

“I don’t think so”, Y/N shook her head and turned her back on them. Jax was about to yell, call her back when a little girl came running, a woman chasing her.

“Mommy!”, the girl giggled and Y/N glanced at the bikers outside her gate. She lifted the little girl on her arms and walked away, but not before Happy could notice the girl’s big brown eyes, just like his.


A couple of days had passed and the atmosphere around the clubhouse couldn’t be worse. Jax was disappointed his daughter didn’t want to see or listen him; and now the club was going through financial problems. Happy couldn’t bear that situation anymore, so he hopped onto his bike and drove to Los Angeles, only stopping at Y/N’s gate. He asked to talk with her on behalf of Jackson Teller.

“Could you please tell my father I don’t want to speak with him?”, Y/N barked on the intercom, “If he insists, I will call the police”

“I need to talk to you Y/N. This is Happy Lowman, the guy you fucked on the back of your car years ago”, he blurted and she gasped on the other side.

“I don’t wanna talk to you or any Son. Leave me alone”, she said after a minute of silence.

“No”, Happy clenched his jaw, leaning closer to the microphone, “I saw your little girl. How old is she? Two years old maybe? Who is her father?”

“It’s not your business”, Y/N hissed.

“Yes, it is, because I think she is mine!”, Happy heard her gasp again, “I won’t hurt you or my daughter. I won’t take her from you, but I want her to know me, I want to be a part of her life… Listen, I know you don’t want to know about us, but… Your father is really sorry, he wants to apologize and… This is too much, but we could use your help, financial problems… Think about it. You know where to find us”

Days later…

SAMCRO had done some business in the last few days, but it wasn’t enough, they were barely keeping their heads above water. They needed a big deal soon. Happy was outside the clubhouse, trying to think and come up with a plan, when a car entered the parking lot. Y/N hopped off the car, surprising him. She looked at Happy and opened the back door, lifting her little girl from the car seat. He walked toward them, looking at the girl on Y/N arms. She looked up at him and he could see the resemblance.

“Do you wanna hold her?”, Y/N whispered. He raised an eyebrow, not sure if he had the right to do it. She smiled and nodded, “She is your daughter”

“Y/N?”, they both turned around at the sound of Jax’s voice.

“Hi father”, Y/N started to tear up and grabbed an envelope from her purse, handing it to Jax, “I heard you guys needed help with money”

“Darling…”, Jax sighed and pulled his daughter to his arms, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. I should have tried harder, I should have… I don’t have to help us, especially after everything I put you through”

“I won’t lie to you father, it still hurts, but…”, she pulled back and wiped the tears, “We should try it and… Maybe she is our second chance”

Y/N looked to her daughter and Happy walked closer to them. Jax looked from the little girl to Y/N, “Is…Is she my granddaughter?”, he was crying too, “Jesus!”

“Yes, she is”, Y/N answered, looking at Happy, who nodded, “She is your granddaughter and Happy’s child”

“What?”, Jax asked as Happy let him hold the little girl.

“Long story”, Y/N grimaced, “We should go inside to talk about this”

As everybody walked back inside the clubhouse, Y/N stayed behind with Happy. “Thank you”, she whispered.

“No”, he held her arm, making Y/N look at him, “Thank YOU, for helping us and let me see my daughter”

“This won’t be easy Happy”, she sighed, “And after my own experience, I expect you to be a great father”

Happy Lowman had never imagined he would be a father someday, but was sure he would do his best to be a good one, “Yes, I will”

NCT U/127 Reaction - You surprise them with a warm back hug

Taeil: Oohh!!!” you just startled him, but he becomes happy in a moment. It was unexpected to receive such a melting hug…he was longing for some warmness and you knew exactly how to make him feel better… “Can we please go somewhere else? People are just staring at me, we are in public…let’s go to our hidden place ^^” he starts to feel a bit shy after a while, since you won’t let him go but you’ll have to continue your cuddle session somewhere more comfortable :D

Taeyong: Aiiii!!! You’re tickling me, what are you doing?” you just order him to stay like this for a while since it was your wish to make him feel loved this time. You knew he always acted like a big man showing you warmly all the love he has for you, but deep inside he just a cute baby who also needs to feel loved and be cherished…Of course, he really loves your surprise, so much that he will even start talking in a aegyo voice asking you how was your day, if you ate, if you are tired…not even in this moment, he won’t stop worrying about you..

Yuta: “But who’s that? Oh…my baby! What are you doing?” he feels your body touching him from behind and your hands travelling around his chest and he doesn’t even know what happened to you today. “If this is an attempt to feel my abs today, you better make sure to pay me back for that! This is not for free, even if you are my girl!” Of course he loves it, he would sleep like this forever in your arms! Later he will laugh about how innocently you fell for his joke… It wasn’t that kind of “pay” but well, if you want…how could he refuse it? :p

Kun: “I wonder who’s that? Honey??” Of course it’s you! It was such a good surprise…he totally loves it! Your arms wrapped around his waist suddenly made his dirty-mind fly away…no, he just thinks he should enjoy first your warmish body and receive your love, before he could decide how to retrieve all that warmness he received…

Doyoung: Wait…don’t tell me you also love doing these kind of things? Honey? Answer me…” you just moan an “yes” after burying your face into his shirt so you could feel better his scent and warm heat…Your hands touching his chest can feel already his heart beat increasing…he’s overflowing with love!

Ten:Uhhh, hold a minute…where are you touching?” you accidentally wrapped your arms a bit too low…but he somehow likes it? “Wait! Who said you could let me go? I did not give permission! ”he hold your hands firmly strongly around him, giving you no time to react. He needs to enjoy a bit more the feeling…

Jaehyun: My baby? Awww! Is it a special day today?” he is pleasantly surprised because you never did such things before, not even when it was just the two of you alone…He admires your courage hugging him in a public place and he’ll even turn to hug you back tightly, because you really deserve it! You just made him feel even better and increased his love feelings for you!

WinWin: Aaahhh this is what I love honey!” he spreads his arm up so you could wrap around himself better…he really, really loves long warm hugs and now feeling you from behind, you are like a warm soft blanket…he wishes you could stay like this forever…

Mark: Ahh I almost had a heart attack…stop doing these things, you’re gonna get me killed one day! “ but in the end he lets out a giggle since he feels a bit ticklish too…you better stay like this for a while since it’s embarrassing for him facing you, this is not an usual kind of affection girls do…at least that’s what he thinks…

Haechan: “But first, where is my kiss? Is this how you greet me??Tzzz…” he always complains even if you do something he loves…it’s in his nature, of course. But naturally he will accept your warm feelings…don’t get surprised if he will fall asleep later, it’s not everyday he gets to relax into your arms…

My theory and I’m out. They’re actors. They were all given scripts on what they can and can’t say. To avoid being frogmarched through an interview with the press manager like a naughty child, they have to stick to the script. Ryan probably skips events so he can avoid all of that because heaven knows what the puppeteers would make him say.

Either way, I’m not here for the drams or even the actors. I’m here for the beauty that is Robron without all the background noise. It’s my happy place and it’s not happy right now. So, can we all please go back to “I love you more” and Robron working together against a common enemy? How about speculations of who’s the little spoon, what kind of baby stuff they’ll have when Victoria is their surrogate, and whether Vadam and Robron will ever get that double date? Give me your fluff!


I am terrified.
Tomorrow i go into surgery and internal biopsy.
Thing is, I’m not terrified for me. I’m not afraid of losing my life. I’m not afraid of the complications that could arise, not afraid to have cancer. I’ve lived a full and happy life for the last few years.

I am terrified that after a failed first marriage, my wife will be alone again.
That we built each other up from dark places, and without each other, either of us could go back at any time.

I am terrified that my stepchildren, who finally have a male role model that has taught them tolerance and love for other people and each other, could end up looking to their abusive biological father for advice and guidance. Trying to please a man that can’t or won’t love them could ruin them the way it almost did me.

I am terrified that my “family” (Mother and Father) will do with my death what they did with the death of my sister. Which is to say, use it to make people pity them so they can bilk money out of said people to buy “nice things” that they “deserve”.

I am terrified for my princess in a deep way. A girl who tells me that I’m the only man who’s ever been this kind to her. Which is saying something, because i don’t feel especially kind at times. A girl who just got away from someone who made her feel less than. A girl that loves me with a depth and ferocity, a passion that I’ve never had.

I’m terrified for the people that I’ve met here and other places, that have given me that 2 a.m call from a hopeless dark place. The people that I’ve talked down, taught how to remember that people care and love them no matter who they are. That there are good people left in the world. That empathy exists, even if you have to teach it to yourself over the years. And that EVERYONE deserves to live and be happy.

I am terrified at the fact that, for some people, me touching their lives was not a good thing. Even if i meant it to be, sometimes it just isn’t that way and i don’t know them any longer making an apology next too impossible.

I’m not terrified for me. I’m terrified for the impact that I’ve made on peoples lives. I never thought i would. I never thought I’d be a husband, father, daddy, lover, support system, friend, role model, colleague to anyone. Now that i am those things, the thought that all of the people in contact with my life every day could be losing them scares me.

There was a time when i wanted to die. When i thought none would miss me and no-one cared for me. Now that so many people do, it terrifies me.

What am I doing with my life ? This is it, folks, I promised and now I deliver, here comes the Hajime Hinata analysis, since after months in the fandom, I’ve decided to write something about one of my favorite - and probably one of the most complex - character in the serie, Hajime Hinata. His complexity is often ignored by the fandom, and he is often characterized as the ‘protagonist with inferiority complex, but still nice’ which is a very superficial analysis for a character we spend so much time with. But that may be part of the problem : everyone has the feeling he knows Hajime Hinata, also because we see so much of him, while we have to gather the scratch from the other characters.

With the approaching release of Sdr2.5, and unless we get a big surprise from the upcoming game, we’ve now seen everything about Hajime Hinata in canon material. I will use both Sdr2 and Dr3 for this analysis. My goal is to paint a consistent picture of Hinata through it, one that could help to understand how his character evolved the way it did and what set this - apparently average boy - apart from the rest of the world.

Fasten your safety bells, please, we’re going into Hinata’s ( intact, for now ) brain. It’s going to be fun.


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Don't Cry

Words: I have no clue
Paring: Wonho (Hoseok)/reader
Genre: Fluffy/angst
Author: Luci
Your body jerked as you woke up from a deep sleep, your heart pounding. You reach next to you only to find the bed cold and empty, its now when all your senses return you notice the sound of running water coming from the bathroom that was adjoined to the bedroom. 

Throwing the covers from your body you shiver as bare feet touch the cold wood paneling. You shuffle forward reaching for a discarded sweater that was surely your boyfriends as it reached mid-thigh on you, it was cold but the bathroom exuded heat and you could feel it seeping from beneath the door frame. The door was locked, huffing you knew that it couldn’t be a good sign. Padding over to your vanity you shift through the contents that lie atop it until you find a bobby pin, bending it you make your way back over to the door to pick the lock. Once successful, you push the door open slightly to peek inside. You could just make out a shape sitting on the floor of the shower, the glass doors fogged over. You could feel the sweat prick at your skin as you made your way over to the shower. Shedding off your clothes you can feel your chest grow tight as you hear the little hic-ups and sniffles coming from your boyfriend.

He jumps slightly when you open the door, His eyes red and swollen. You wonder how long he’s been here for as guilt washes over you. The tears burn your eyes but you fight them back knowing he needs you right now. Closing the door you sit down next to him, His face was buried in his knees. You kissed the side of his head before grabbing the shampoo, kneeling behind him you run your soapy hands through his hair.

“My goodness is yout hair soft,” you give it a slight tug, “you know it’s not fair, you look so good with any style AND colour of hair.” His hic-ups have stopped for the most part as you wash out the shampoo before using conditioner. “We will leave this in for a bit so it’ll be even softer, just how we love.” You grab your body wash, it was rich and smelled of vanilla. You poured a bit on his back before rubbing it in. “Oh boy your back is pretty, how is it even possible to have such beautiful skin?” He glances over his shoulder at you, He looked so small and tired but you pulled the best smile on your features as your fingers worked over his tense muscles. “But you know, as nice as the muscles are, and oh my are they nice, you still look 10/10 without them.” Your hands lock together around his chest. It was taking everything in your to not break, but when he didn’t respond it took what was left of your resolve.

You move so your sat in front of him, your hands grab his face forcing him to look at you. “Listen to me Shin Hoseok, you are the kindest human being I have ever met. Your words are so gently and your laugh literally makes flowers grow. Your so fucking cheesy it makes me gag and i love every second I get to spend with you. Yes your body is fucking amazing, but I don’t give a shit about the abs, your smile makes my soul rest easy, The way your soft lips are always so hesitant to touch mine makes my heart flutter. Your caoulused hands touch so softly sometimes I even question if you actually touched me. You bring so much happiness to me, But more importantly your fans. The rest of the guys wouldn’t even hesitate to tell you how amazing you are, I know this because they love you. None of us ever want you to feel like this, and if taking your shirt off makes you uncomfortable then don’t do it. No one will ne mad at you, and if fans have anything to say then they aren’t really fans. I’ll even personally fight them.” His arms came and wrapped around you neck, it was now that you realized you had started to cry.

“Please don’t cry,” His voice was soft in your ear, His skin smelled good as your face lay in thr crook of his neck.

“Please baby be happy, we all see how amazing you are and I’ll repeat everything twice a day of i have to so that you can start seeing it.” You felt gentle kisses being placed on your shoulder.

“Thank you,” his arms squeezed you before his hands found your face so he could kiss you, “let’s go back to bed, yeah?” You nod kissing him again

A Second Announcement

Amanda here again.

Sheila has asked me to let you guys know that she’s taking a break from this blog and presumably from the fandom as a whole. Frankly, I can’t blame her.

If you’re a friend of Sheila’s you can decide how and when you’d like to contact her. Everyone else, I’d ask that you please respect her space.

I’m still going to be doing stuff on here in the meantime. I’m also going to turn back on the asks in a day or two so we can continue with our usual shenanigans. 

Again: we love our wonderful followers and I will do everything in my power to make this blog will be a fun, safe, and happy place again very soon

66. "I won’t let you get hurt.“ 70. "I can’t stand seeing you like this.” HAPPY

The day was going great. I was out grocery shopping with Momma Lowman and we were almost done.

She was going to show me how to make one of Happy’s favorite dishes for dinner tonight.

I had found Momma Lowman down the noddle isle when my buggy was hit.

Looking up, I saw the last person that I ever wanted to see… my mother.

“Well, look who it is.” She said, with a snide tone.

I never liked the woman. Growing up, every chance she got she’d put me down, embarass me, hit me- you name it. An abusive woman all around.

I swallowed, my mouth dry. I just wanted to go and hide in the darkest corner.

“You’re not going to say anything to your mother?” She asked.

I could see the pleasure written on her face.

When I regained enough of myself, I walked briskly down the isle to Momma Lowman.

“Just run away, it’s what you’re good at!” My mother hollered at me.

“Y/N, honey. Who was that?” Momma asked.

I shook my head, ready to go, “Noone Momma. Can we go please?” I asked, wiping the sweat from my brow.

She put the ingredients in the buggy, “Of course. Let’s get you out of here.”

For a woman of her age, she kept up with me.
Once back at Momma Lowman’s, I carried all the bags inside and placed them on the table.

The kitchen was a mess, pancake mix and syrup all over. I had just cleaned this morning.

Happy came downstairs and saw the look on my face, he knew something wasn’t right.

“Baby girl?”

Fighting back the tears, I pointed to the mess and went up stairs without a word.
Happy stalked outside to confront Miles.

“Which one of you made pancakes?” He demaned.

“I did.” Miles said, helping Kozik lift the crate of guns.

“Go clean it up.”

“Can’t Y/N or your Mom?”

Happy growled, “They ain’t your maids!”

“Just go, he hates messy.” Kozik said.

Happy hissed, “Get inside!”

“Happy?” Momma Lowman called from the living room.

“What is it Ma?”

She twisted a tissue in her hands. “Y/N’s upstairs, crying.”

Happy became livid. Who the hell would make his woman cry?

“Something happen at the store?”

Momma Lowman nodded, “Yes, some woman was yelling at her. She broke out in a sweat and was quick to leave.”

Happy kissed his Mom’s forhead, “Thanks Ma.”
I took a cold wash cloth and wiped my eyes, but the tears just kept coming.

I hated when ever I saw that damned woman. It practically always triggered a panic attack.

I took a deep breath and jumped when I heard the bedroom door click. Turning, I saw Happy leaning against the door, his arms folded. He looked pissed.

“What happened, baby?” He asked, his tone much softer than what he looked.

I sniffled, “My mother rammed her buggy into mine at the store.”

“Shit.” He said.

I’d only ever told Happy what my mother was like. He’s never met her and I hoped like hell he wouldn’t… I’d be so embarassed.

He came over to me, taking the wash cloth from my hand. Gently he dabbed at my cheeks and eyes.

“Talk to me, girl.” He said, moving some hair from my face.

I explained how humiliating it was for me to behave like this after all this time; how her hold on me still hadn’t been broken.

“Something’s gotta be done, Y/N.” He said, rubbing my thighs as he kneeled between my legs.

“I-I don’t know w-what to do Hap.” I said, getting choked up.

He brought my forehead to his, “I can’t stand seeing you like this.”

“I hate putting this shit on you,” I told him.

The fire sparked in his eyes, “I’m your Old Man. If I can’t take care of you, then there’s something wrong.”

I sighed, pecking at his lips gently, “You’re a great Old Man, Happy. I love you.

Sealing his lips to my in a longer, more proper kiss, he then hugged me. "I love you too, baby girl.”

He went on to talk about his plan on ridding the woman who birthed me from my life for good.

“I won’t let you get hurt.” He vowed, running his fingers through my hair.

I nodded, burying my head in his neck and inhaling his scent. Happy was the only curable thing for me from the poison that I had the misfortune to call Mother.

B’s Log: IDOLiSH7 Special Interview

The actual first and my last translation from the October issue of B’s Log is the interview with IDOLiSH7! The interview is ended with a small commentary on the set list they used at the concert RESTART POiNTER was first performed at.

You can read other magazine translations here

IDOLiSH7 Live Report: Something in the world you’re in

A spotlight shines on the members.

The intro that springs up dances in your chest.

And then, you could hear the voice you’d been waiting for.

IDOLiSH7′s new song, “RESTART POiNTER”, was revealed at the concert on this day. Nanase Riku (below, Nanase) took up the center. A few months after the sensational news of the center change spread, Nanase has returned.

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Chris’ Little Sister. (Josh x Reader)

Prompt: The sister of Chris returns from boarding school for vacation. He is very protective of her. Josh always had a crush on her. He flirts with her at a party. They have sex.

MOOAAAAR JOSHXREADER SMUT PLEASE???? (preferably with a slightly embarrassing ending, where they get caught or something) 😁😁

A.N - I decided to add those together so yeah, two prompts in one fic! It gets smutty af. Warning you now kids. There’s also swearing. It’s also one of the longest I’ve ever written I think…

“I am so excited for this party!” You leaned back on the seat of Chris’ car, feet resting on top of the dashboard. “It’s nice to be home.”

Chris raised his eyebrow at you, “What? You couldn’t wait to get out of here.” He chuckled as he shook his head, “You practically begged mom and dad to send you to that school and every year you come home you complain.”

“Yeah but that was until I realised how awful it was there!” You threw your hands out dramatically and rolled your eyes. “Just, make sure that tonight is awesome okay? This summer has to be amazing.”

Chris shook his head in amusement as he parked in Josh’s driveway and you both stepped out. The music was being blasted so loudly you could hear it from outside. Looking down at your outfit you made a face, feeling a little under dressed for the occasion in just a pair of black converse, high waisted shorts and a black top. At least you were comfortable. 

Chris pushed the door open and you followed after him, looking around at all the people in the house; the party was really pumping. Jess appeared in front of you and screamed so loudly you could actually hear her over the music. Her arms flung tightly around your neck in a tight hug as she bounced up and down. “Oh my god, hi!” She squealed, pulling back from the hug and looking at you. “It’s been so long, what, they don’t have phones at your school?”

You rolled your eyes and sighed deeply. “Its a hellhole. No reception whatsoever.” The whole place was like a prison and you were so happy that after this summer it was your final year. “Can we go get a drink please?”

Jess nodded and grabbed your hand, pulling you toward the kitchen. You hadn’t noticed Josh stood by the wall, watching you and Jess head to the kitchen. Smirking he walked over to Chris and patted his shoulder, grinning. “You didn’t tell me your sister was back.”

Chris raised his eyebrow at Josh; he knew about his little crush on you and honestly, it put him on edge. He pushed Josh’s hand off and sniffed once. “Yeah, its her summer vacation or whatever.” He shrugged his shoulders. “Why do you care?”

It was Josh’s turn to shrug his shoulders, trying to play it cool. “Nothing, it’s just I would have liked to be told these things.” He couldn’t get the thought of how hot you looked in his head. “So, come on cochise, you gonna let me ask her out?”

Chris tried not to laugh at this. “You really think I would let you-”

They were interrupted by you, a red cup in her hand filled with vodka and lemonade. You took a sip and eyed your brother and Josh suspiciously. “Whatcha talkin’ about?” You questioned as you took your cup away from your mouth; god was that drink strong.

Josh and Chris exchanged looks and shook their heads. “Nothing, nothing.” They spoke together.

“I was definitely not talking about how hot you look tonight, no sir-ey.” Josh flashed a bright smile at you, his eyes gleaming with something you couldn’t quite read.

Chris coughed loudly and was about to say something, only to be interrupted by Ashley who looked very excited to see him. “We are going to talk about this later, okay bro?” Chris spoke low so only Josh could hear before being whisked away by Ashley, a bright grin on his face as they began talking.

Josh turned his attention back to you, his eyes scanning over your body very slowly, not really caring if you noticed or not. “How’s school?”

You raised your eyebrow and took another sip of your drink, making a face at the taste. “Really? You wanna talk to me about school?” You scoffed, “And here I was thinking you were the fun one Joshy.” You teased him, touching his arm flirtatiously as you spoke, tilting your head a little. That gleam in his eye was back.

He laughed at your words and took a step closer to you. “Well what would you wanna talk about?”

You shrugged your shoulders and drank the last of the liquid in your cup and setting it down. “I could always tell you about how great you look but I feel like you would already know that.”

You rolled your eyes but couldn’t quite hide the smile appearing on your face. Flattery would get him everywhere. “I could also tell you that I’ve been really looking forward to seeing you. I mean, sure I only found out you were home today but…” His words trailed off for a second as he took your hand in his, his eyes holding contact with yours. “I’ve been thinking about you for a while.”

Your breathing hitched slightly in your throat and you tried to stop your face from blushing but you couldn’t help it. It was strange. You didn’t think Josh would ever have a crush on you. You hadn’t really thought about it before. Sure you had a slight crush on him but nothing more than that. Hearing his words lit something up inside of you and before you know what’s happening his hands are in your hair and his lips are hot and heavy against yours. Maybe it’s the alcohol but that kiss…that kiss was amazing. Sending shivers through your entire body. You wanted nothing more than to just keep kissing him. You would if you didn’t have to come up for air after what felt like a lifetime of having his lips on top of yours.

“Wanna take this upstairs or in a closet or….something?” 

You couldn’t help but giggle as you took Josh’s hand and led him up the stairs, thinking that the bedroom was probably the better idea; anyone could find you inside a closet. You pulled him into his bedroom and closed the door, your lips meeting back with his as you pinned him up against the wall, your hands running through his hair and his lips passionately kissing you, his lips soft but the kiss was hard.

With one motion he lifted you up and carried you to the bed, practically throwing you on top of it as he crawled over to you, his arms supporting him as he kissed along your neck and down your body, pulling your shirt up over your head and throwing it onto the ground. You lifted yourself up and started to undo his shirt, your own lips kissing along his jawline, wanting to keep in as much contact as possible. As the shirt landed on the ground, he pushed you back down gently so you were lying back down on your back as he started to undo your shorts.

As he looked up at you he smirked and moved back up to kiss you, his fingers gently caressing you over your underwear. Your legs opened a little as his hands started to get a little faster, making your breathing becoming a little heavier. His mouth moved down to your bare breasts as he took one in his mouth making you gasp as his hot mouth covered your nipple and he sucked on it, his hand pushing away your underwear as he inserted a finger inside you. Then a second and a third. His hands pumped inside you making you whimper and moan,biting hard on your lip so no one could hear.

“Aw baby, you not gonna moan for me?” Josh smirked up at you as he took his fingers out from inside you, much to your dismay. “Why not?”

You could barely string a sentence together.

“What do I have to do?” That smirk was still on his face as he kissed you, his lips sloppy but you didn’t mind too much.

Now it was your turn to tease him.

You held the kiss, running your hand down his chest and pushing his boxers down. You took a hold of his cock and started to rub at it gently, feeling his body twitch at your touch. Smirking you took hold of it and started to rub your hands up and down the shaft, applying different pressures as your fingers worked their way.

“Oh, fuck me….” He moaned out, his hands resting on the headboard. 

You stopped and smirked up at him. “What was that?” You whispered in his ear, grinning as he looked at you. 

You gasped as he pulled you down the bed so you were eye level with him and you positioned yourselves. Josh leaned down to kiss you once more before whispering. “I said fuck me.” The smirk came back on his lips as he pushed himself inside of you, making you both let out a low groan as he started thrusting himself inside of you. Each thrust was hard as he pulled himself out before slamming back inside of you, making you moan out loudly.

Your hands scratched down his back as you spread your legs a little wider so he could go deeper, each thrust sending waves of pleasure over you. You didn’t think this was how tonight was going to be but it was definitely better than you had ever imagined. One of Josh’s hands rested on the headboard as he continued to slam into you, the only sound that could be heard in the room was your moans and the soft thump the music coming from downstairs. 

Josh adjusted himself until he found your sweet spot, loving the sound of how much louder you sounded with each thrust which sent you over the edge. A warm sensation ran over your body until you felt like your whole body was about to explode.

You felt yourselves getting closer and closer, shouting each other’s names as you reached your orgasm both riding it out together, your breathing slowing down and heavy, your body beginning to relax as you both came to a stop.

Josh kissed you once before rolling off of you, laying down beside you and one arm wrapping tightly around your body. You smiled and turned on your side so you were looking at him, both of your bodies glistening with sweat, smiles on your faces.

Josh tentatively reached out and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear. “How was that?”

You chuckled and shrugged your shoulders, a teasing look on your face. “Oh, y’know, could be worse.”

Josh feigned hurt and put his hand to his chest. “Wow, that really hurt my feelings.”

Leaning forward you placed another kiss on his lips, a nice soft kiss, one that showed everything you were feeling right at that moment. You could feel Josh smiling against your lips and you sighed contently. “You know,” You began, tracing circles over Josh’s arm.

The door suddenly swung open and Chris and Ashley stumbled inside, their lips locked and their bodies held tightly together.

“Woah, cochise!” Josh burst out laughing, clapping his hands. “Nice work!”

Chris and Ashley froze in place and you suddenly realised what was happening.

“OH MY GOD (y/n) WHAT ARE YOU…WHAT THE FUCK?!” Chris looked you both, his eyes narrowing at the pair of you.

You suddenly realised you were very naked and dived under the covers, pulling them up to hide your body. “Look I can…I can explain Chris!”

“Explain what? That you were fucking my best friend?” He turned to Josh. “And you were fucking my little sister! Dude, she’s my little sister!”

Josh stood up, not caring that he was naked, with his hands in the air. “Look, dude, she’s not some one night stand or something!”

“The fuck she is!”

“She’s not! Chris I promise, I told you how I felt about her…” Josh looked at you and you both couldn’t help but smile at each other. “I didn’t expect this to happen but it did and-” He looked back at Chris, shrugging his shoulders. “I really like her man.”

Chris looked at both of you, his eyes flicking between you both before sighing. “Okay, fine, whatever…You have my blessing.” He sighed and lifted his finger up to point at Josh. “You hurt her and I swear to god!”

Josh walked over to the bed and sat down beside you, placing a sweet kiss on your lips. “You don’t have to worry about that, bro.”

Chris made a face and exclaimed loudly before turning to Ash and pushing her out of the room. “Do not need to see that!” He closed the door behind him and you and Josh burst into laughter.

“Well that wasn’t awkward at all!” You groaned, putting your head in your hands.

Josh just burst into laugher. “Just be glad he didn’t see us going at it.”