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Harry Styles - Positive part 1

hi, could you please write one where harry and his wife are getting a divorce and she finds out that she’s pregnant again but doesn’t to tell him because they already have a daughter together and the little one tells harry the baby news thank you

Thank you so much for requesting it. I’m sorry it took me so long to write, but I’ve been really hooked up with school lately. I hope you like it .xx 

 The air was thick and tears were streaming down her face, as she looked down at the now signed paper, indicating that it now was officially over. They were no longer married to each other and it broke her. Her already broken heart was breaking into a million pieces and she couldn’t even think straight. It had all happened so fast, him confessing that he had been unfaithful to the endless fights and finally the divorce. But the hardest part was telling their four year old the news and it broke them both to tell her - both of them nearly breaking down in tears as she thought it was her fault, promising to be a good girl. 

“Can we talk? Darcy is taking a nap.” He asked her, bringing her back from her thoughts. 

 ”Yes.” She sniffled, not realizing she was crying until now. She laid the papers down on the kitchen table before wiping away her tears, turning around to face him. 

 ”Can we discuss things now without fighting?” He sighed, running his hand through his hair. 

“I guess.” She mumbled, already knowing where this was going. They had been fighting about it for a week now and it always ended up with her crying while he would storm out of the house, not coming back until the next morning. “Look, I just don’t think it’s fair. Why can’t I’ve Darcy every other week?”

“Because Harry she is the only thing I got left, okay. I need her here with me.”

“And you don’t think I need her too? She’s the only thing I got left as well. So stop being to selfish. God dammit.” He hissed at her, feeling the anger boil up inside him. 

“Don’t you dare call me selfish.” She hissed back at him, “You’re the one who ruined this family, not me. You’re the one who was sleeping around with some model. So, don’t you dare call me selfish. If anyone is selfish it’s you, Harry.” She stormed out of the kitchen and headed towards the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. She couldn’t contain herself anymore and broke down in sobs. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t hold it all together anymore, everything was crumbling under her and she was lost. She was lost because she lost the love of her life, she was lost because their daughter was now going to have divorced parents; something they had promised each other would never happen. Lost because she just found out that she was pregnant with their second child and only she knew. Lost because she didn’t have the heart to tell him. It wasn’t supposed to go this way. She wasn’t supposed to be pregnant when he was about to leave. She couldn’t bare the thought of telling him, when he would leave the next day and not coming back to her. 

“Mamma, mamma.” A little voice interrupted her, coming from the other side of the door. She quickly stood up and wiped always her tears before opening the door, revealing their little girl. Her hair messy after her afternoon nap and her stuffed animal was tucked under her small arm as she yawned, rubbing her eyes with her little hand. 

“Hi sunshine, did you have a nice nap?” She asked and picked her up, sitting her on her hip as she kissed her forehead. 

“Yes.” She lisped, “Were you crying, Mamma? Were you?” She touched the cheeks of her mother with a worried expression across her face. 

“Yes, baby. But mamma is okay now, I promise. I love you.“ 

"Love you, mamma. Down." 

"Of course, my sweet girl.” She kissed her forehead once again before setting her down. As soon as her legs touched the ground, she toddled into the bathroom and returned a few minuets, holding something in her hand. 

“Look mamma, look.” She giggled and showed her the white thing she had found. Her eyes widened, heart beating faster as she saw what her daughter was holding. 

“Honey, where did you get that from? Give it to, mamma." 

"No, I’ve to show daddy.” She giggled and ran out the room, her stuffed animal long forgotten as it was laying on the bedroom floor. She quickly grabbed it before hurrying out of the room, trying to catch her before she reached her father.

“Daddy look. See what I found.” She said and climbed onto his lap, showing him the stick. 

“What is it, darling?” He asked curious as he gently took it from her hand, getting a closer view to what his daughter had shown him. His stomach instantly tightening as he saw what it was. It was a pregnancy test and it was positive.

What We Missed (Part 6)

Summary: Steve and Darcy talk to Bucky and you, respectively, and suggest a meet-up.

Word Count: 450

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

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Darcy grins widely as you just stare at her, wondering if she’s actually being serious. She had just finished her date with this Steve guy and claimed that he had a best friend that she wanted to introduce you to.

“Do you know who is best friend is?”

“Well, no, but-”

“Then, no.”

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I understand the whole sleep talking thing but what I don’t understand is the princess dragon dream and why I’m in it.”

Steve startles awake. Not an uncommon thing, except that this time it wasn’t due to a nightmare. He was actually having a pretty good mid-afternoon nap, which was why he was a little surprised about the sudden surge back into wakefulness. And then he spots Darcy, casually sitting on the coffee table, her legs crossed under her and a cup of tea in her lap as she watches him. Her hair is tied in a slightly lopsided knot atop her head. Unabashed at having been caught watching him sleep, she merely raises a hand in a wave and then raises her cup to blow on the top. 

“Good sleep?” she asks.

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