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“Oh, so this is the girlfriend I’ve heard so much about,” Peter commented, glancing at you when Neal opened his door.

“Friend,” both you and Neal corrected at the same time.

“She’s here so early, I thought-“ Peter started.

“You thought wrong, she had an early flight in,” Neal quickly stated. Was he embarrassed? You laughed a little.

“Well, don’t let Neal corrupt you. He’s gotten into some bad habits lately,” Peter warned you as Neal shooed him out the door.

“Got to get to work?” you asked Neal once the door was shut.

“Unfortunately, that’s what Peter’s presence usually means,” Neal said. “June will be back soon with that coffee she promised, and hopefully you and her can get the couch turned into a bed for until you can find a cheap place.”

“Thanks, Neal,” you said as he started out the door.

“You do realize Peter won’t be the last person to assume we’re a couple,” Neal warned.

“We might need to get matching ‘Not my boyfriend-slash-girlfriend’ shirts,” you joked with a sigh.

After Neal was off work, he decided to take you walking around the couple blocks he was allowed to go with his anklet, just so you could get to know the area.

“Hey, Peter, and Sa-you’re not Sarah,” someone called over. Neal stopped to turn and look, smiling at the new person. You gave a shy wave.

“Mozzie, meet Y/N. Y/N, my best friend here, Mozzie,” Neal introduced. “She’s going to be staying with me for a bit, so no barging in like you usually do.”

“Don’t want me walking in on any fun?” Mozzie asked with a smirk.

“FRIEND, Mozzie, just like you,” Neal corrected as you laughed. “I don’t want you walking in on her changing while I’m off at work or something.”

“Sounds like we need those shirts as soon as we can get them,” you commented to Neal.

“Not soon enough.” Neal grumbled.

On the seventh day of #PAIN fic...

12 Days | Masterlist

A/N: Here we go, pals, LUCKY NUMBER DAY SEVEN IS HERE! Messages may or may not be piling up in our inbox again and we will do everything we can to get to those soon (stupid real life is getting in the way of talking to you cool cats). But until then, WE HOPE YOU ENJOY TODAY’S STORY AND THANKS FOR ALL YOUR KINDNESS BECAUSE WE’RE STILL YELLING ABOUT IT.

are these getting gradually more #PAIN-ful as we go? was that intentional? there’s no way to know.

Word Count: 2,195

At some point, your life seemed to have plateaued. You were almost twenty-six years old, almost at the age where you’d be closer to thirty than twenty. Nothing in your life had necessarily gotten worse in the four years since you graduated from UCLA, but there was also nothing pushing you to get out of bed every morning. Nothing about where you were or what you were doing was exciting to you.

After two full years working for the LA Times, you realized that they were never actually going to promote you. Two years of grunt work and entrance-level pay and writing about real estate rather any of the numerous fascinating story ideas you pitched each week and you could tell that none of your bosses had any intention of helping you move forward with your career.

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EXO react to their child becoming sick

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*As always gifs do not belong to me. Credit where it’s due. 

Xiumin: He’d be pretty diligent in making your little boy feel rather placid albeit the circumstances. Minseok would be able to remain rather composed, knowing that your son’s cold will pass within the upcoming days. He would also be slightly lenient in implementing sleep. “Alright buddy. Since you took your medicine so well, it shouldn’t hurt to watch a little more cartoons.” 

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Luhan: Luhan would be the type of parent that consistently reminds their child to stay positive throughout the ordeal by reminding them that soon they’ll be able to do the things they love within due time. “Come on buddy. You have to take this nasty pill if you want to feel better. Remember, if you take it daily, we can play soccer soon!” He’d pinky promise to play a matchup with your little boy as soon as possible. 

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Kris: So incredibly giving and doting towards his sick little girl. Even though she doesn’t favor the chicken soup her mother left for her, Kris would still go out of his way to make the perfect tomato soup that his princess loves, albeit his limited cooking prowess. “You should feel much better tomorrow princess. You’ve been so good. Once you’re better, let’s go out–where ever you want.” 

Suho: One of the most responsible and calm members in this scenario. Joonmyun is already used to looking after the members in the same predicament (hence his frequent uses of his first aid kit) so attending to his sick little girl wouldn’t be so daunting. Frequently, he would turn to the internet for more in depth remedies. “Okay princess, you can have only one lollipop. You shouldn’t have anymore than that! Otherwise, I’ll never hear the end of it from your mother!” 

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Lay: With a humidifier nearby, Yixing would be most efficient in staying by his little boy’s side while his cold subsides. He’d be the best at murmuring soft encouragements, while softly rocking his son within his bed. “My brave prince, you’re doing so well,” he would softly say while putting his son’s filaments into place. Yixing would be sure to play a playlist of relaxing classical music for his son to drift off to sleep with. He may also carefully ‘fly’ his little boy around playfully, if he couldn’t fall into somnolence as easily. 

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Baekhyun: “You wanna hear that story again?” Baekhyun would question his little boy, as his son fervidly nods in approval, eliciting soft chuckling from Baek. “You really like it when I read it huh?” He’s the best at keeping his son entertained and keeping the atmosphere lighthearted and jovial. No matter how many times his little boy asks Baek to read him the same bedtime story, he’ll be sure to comply, doing all the funny and overdramatic voices for each of the characters. 

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Chen: Like Luhan, Chen is excellent at getting his little daughter to comply to any instructions he doles out for her, with an enticement always accompanying his instructions. “You have to rest more princess. If you do, then we can watch cartoons more. Remember, we still have to watch the newest episodes~” He’d linger by her bedside, until somnolence claims her for the remainder of the day. 

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Chanyeol: He’s a bit hesitant and reluctant while looking after his little girl alone, frequently referring back to his wife’s instructions for tending to her. Even then, Chanyeol will periodically call his wife, just to affirm that he is carrying out the various tasks properly.  “So it’s one teaspoon–no! One tablespoon right jagi? I know this is the fourth call, I just need to make sure!” 

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D.O: Easily the most natural and diligent at taking care of his child. There would be absolutely no leeway/holding back, as Kyungsoo would be most bent on restoring his son’s health back to it’s typical state. Even with a common cold, Kyungsoo wouldn’t take this lightly. He’d be highly attentive to his son, making sure he receives the right amount of medicines, soups, and rest, with no excuses. 

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Tao: He’d voice his sympathies towards his little boy, while gently placing a cool rag upon his forehead, as a way to mitigate his son’s fever. “How could this happen? My son never gets sick! This is so unfair for you buddy!” while placing all his little boy’s stuffed animals near him, Tao would continue to lightly pat his head amongst his wandering thoughts. “Let’s hope you get better soon so we can get those new shades for you! You want to look as cool as daddy don’t you?” 

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Kai: Snuggles, snuggles, and surprise(!) more snuggles. He’s going to linger near his little princess until she makes a full recovery. Though Jongin is somewhat agitated with how persistent his little girl’s cold is, he doesn’t show it outwardly, and is rather collected while keeping his daughter beside him as they watch marathons of cute cartoons. Eventually, it won’t even be a surprise to find Jongin and his little girl within a deep slumber upon the couch, cartoons still playing in the background. 

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Sehun: He has plenty of tactics to counter any obstructions his persistent little girl might hurl at him. Normally, his daughter would be able to obtain her way just by putting on her signature ‘pleading’ look, able to get her father to comply to her wishes. With her cold still unrelenting, Sehun isn’t going to display as much leniency. So each time she puts that face together when she refuses to take her medicine, Sehun will chuckle amused, before waving a finger at her. “That’s not going to work this time kitten. You’re sick. And your mother and I expect you to make a quick recovery. When you’re all better, then you can try that on me.” 

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hi! Can I get headcanons where the RFA meets MC in real life for the first time, only to find that she's super short? Like 4'11'' or less? Thank you!

Hello Anon. Me myself.. I’m short as hell. So this is no problem for me. 
I used to be 4′11″ but I think I’ve grown a little! I hope… Gah… I need to measure my height now.
Alright! Let’s let this going!  (V and Saeran under the cut~)

- Mod V.


  • He honestly thought you were a tiny monster at first. 
  • Or a child.
  • To him, Children are the worst monsters.
  • Once he gets over the whole monster ordeal, he just scoops you into his arms and gives you a deathly tight hug, just squealing about how tiny and cute you are.
  • He often teases you about your height- calling you things like Tiny But Mighty or Little Spoon
  • Those are the simple ones.
  • He gets very original with these names.
  • Whenever you cant reach something, he’ll get it for you… Only to hold it up out of your reach and laugh like an evil villain.
  • Oh, You want to kiss him? Cue him getting onto his toes and looking down at you, chanting “Kiss me” as you whine.
  • He actually thinks you’re the cutest thing to have ever walked the earth.
  • Does he worship you as his god now?
  • “MC… Please grant me the strength to finish work today.”
  • You’re now having to explain that you’re not some goddess.
  • He’s now given you the title “Goddess Of Cuteness”
  • He won’t stop
  • He won’t listen to reason
  • You’re trapped with this new nickname.
  • Now he’s got Zen doing it?!?
  • Anddddd now he’s back to teasing. He just loves switching between these two modes.
  • He also really likes giving you piggy back rides.
  • and carrying you bridal style
  • he just loves holding you


  • Oh my god…Does this mean he’s no longer the small one?!? YES!
  • He had no issues with this from day one.
  • Yoosung is suddenly proud of his height. Like… Really really proud.
  • Is this what it’s like to be taller than someone?
  • This feels like a superpower
  • He loves helping you when you can’t reach something-
  • It makes him feel needed.
  • He’s started helping you reach things you easily get on your own…
  • But you still love him regardless.
  • The cute smile he gives you when you say “Thank you” makes it all worth it.
  • Poor little cinnamon roll offered to let you sit on his lap at dinner. So you wouldn’t have any trouble.
  • In front of the entire RFA
  • He can’t understand why Zen is looking at him that way…
  • He seems to really like when you sit on his lap while he’s playing LoLoL. 
  • It’s so easy to play even though you’re right on top of him.
  • You fit into his arms so perfectly. Cuddling is just a bliss.
  • He has given you a new nickname!
  • …Bunny. He calls you bunny.
  • Why? Because they’re smal and cute,of course!


  • This first meeting was certainly interesting.
  •  He had to take a moment to process the height difference.
  • He quickly took a liking to resting his chin atop you head.
  • He has no problem with crouching so he may kiss you.
  • …Well he didn’t
  • But now its starting to strain his neck
  • Well… He’s bought you a stepping stool.
  • Does he expect you to carry it around with you everywhere you go?!?!
  • “Just in case of emergency kisses~”
  • He purposely hide all of your shirts so you’d be stuck wearing one of his!
  • … And now he’s given himself a nosebleed.
  • He can literally never be mad at you because you’re so damn adorable.
  • His neck and back really ache from looking down at you all the time
  • But your adorable face distracts him from the pain.
  • He’s forever amazed by how much talent, wit, intelligence and love can fit in a package so beautifully tiny.
  • Nothing is as cute as you trying to reach a jar of coffee or sugar from the top shelf.
  • Hugs are the best feeling ever… It’s the perfect opportunity to kiss your forehead.
  • He has a million reasons to laugh. Like- even when you wear heels, you’re still shorter.
  • If you’re ever upset- He’ll probably be too busy thinking about how cute you are to actually be upset with you.
  • If you ever need to reach something- He’ll lift you up so you can get it.


  • Oh my god… it’s a real life kitten!
  • Well…You know he had to ask how old you are.
  • He doesn’t seem to bothered by it… He doesn’t really tease you- but you always notice the smile that lights up his features when you have trouble reaching something.
  • His favorite moments are when you pull him down so you can whisper in his ear.
  • What a perfect armrest he has obtained!
  • He’d never admit it… But he loves the fact that you have to get on your toes to kiss him.
  • And even then you struggle- D’awww…
  • Don’t worry… You’ll never have to worry about your pants being to long again!
  • He’s had clothes custom made just for you and your petite little body~
  • Seeing you and Elizabeth the 3rd cuddling is what he lives for. 
  • He literally treats you like a kitten when it comes to psychical affection.
  • You can not make him happier then when you decide to sit on his lap.
  • He’s really possessive- so if anyway flirts with you, he’ll lift you up by your shirt and kiss you.
  • Once he notices that your feet aren’t touching the ground- he actually chuckles! 


  • When first meeting you- she’s not sure what to think. 
  • “You’re so short… N-Not that that’s a bad thing!”
  • She feels really bad about commenting on it.
  • She does offer help when ever you need it, but she doesn’t do anything unnecessary.
  • She wants you to know that you can do things on your own- Your height won’t drag you down.
  • The praise you get from her after achieving something you’d normally need help on is really nice though!
  • She’s like you’re own little cheerleader.
  • Oh? You can’t do it?
  • Suddenly there was no possible way you could have.
  • There’s no way you can be defeated.
  • She doesn’t even acknowledge the fact than you failed.
  • It didn’t happen.
  • “It’s okay to be short. There are plenty of things you can do that tall people can’t.”
  • Now she can’t help but love this height difference.

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(( Alrighty, so Alex mun and I have gotten a few requests now to make a sort of catalogue so y’all can flip back to the story thus far. You know, for continuity’s sake~. Most likely, this involves us both making a masterpost page on our respective blogs that everyone can easily get to. We’ll start working on those very soon! It may take a while, since our blogs have…grown a lot. But in the meantime, if you guys have any questions or anything, please feel free to ask! 

@reaganalex if you have anything to add, go for it babe. )) 

She Got The Boy

About 95% of this was written on my phone on the beach, because apparently my brain didn’t want a vacation from writing as I expected. I love the song, someone (I think simplyfragile) had talked about it, and then my dear K made this beautiful gifset…So I finally wrote down what goes through my mind when I hear the lyrics. Takes place sometime this fall. Hope you all enjoy! 

The first few times the laughter had come over the comms Felicity had been thrilled, because it seemed as if Oliver had finally found some common ground and could work peacefully with Laurel. But the third night in a row of little jokes, old memories, that were met by Oliver’s deep husky chuckle, and it started to grate on her nerves, just a bit.

She knows she’s being ridiculous. It’s a good thing they were finally getting along, especially since they needed Digg out in the field with Thea right now. Positive work environments and all that. But there’s a small (tiny, really) part of her that is just a little jealous of these memories of carefree Oliver that Laurel speaks so fondly of.

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Could you do OQ with either 19 or 20, (sad kiss or tired parents kiss) :))))

Hopping on the “Dear Theodosia” bandwagon for Outlaw Peanut here. If you haven’t listened to this song, do yourself a favor and do it!

30 Day Drabble Challenge Day 22

I’ll make the world safe and sound for you

It’s half-past three in the morning when Robin hears the front door open. He sits up, immediately alert, and the little bundle in his arms stirs, making a little sound halfway between a squeak and a sigh. Her eyes scrunch and her lips twitch, and he shushes her softly, looking up just in time to see Regina stride into the room, kicking her shoes off as she goes.

“Hey,” he says softly, shifting his grip on his daughter, this precious little girl who still has no name, who is now breathing easily in his arms again, snug in the blanket and hat from the hospital. His body does not relax just yet–for one horrible, unthinkable moment he thinks that Zelena is wearing Regina’s face again, but one look into her eyes as she notices the baby in his arms tells him all he needs to know.

Zelena would never look at a child with such tenderness, not even her own. Robin knows that much to be true.

“Hey.” Regina’s voice is raspy and exhausted, defeated, and there are dark circles beneath her brown eyes as she crosses the room to him. “I didn’t think you’d still be up.”

“She doesn’t have a cradle yet,” Robin says simply, a little note of helplessness in his voice. “And I didn’t want to put her in the bed with me–”

“Probably a good call, when she’s this little.”

“I know we can get all those things soon, and they said that she could sleep in the little carrier they gave me, but she didn’t like it, and I decided that my arms were as good a cradle as any.”

The infant in his arms makes a little snuffling noise in her sleep, and they both smile. Up close, Regina looks even more exhausted, and he wonders if her magic has taken a toll on her or if it’s simply the emotional turmoil of the day. She looks at him once as if asking permission–the fact that she feels like she has to breaks his heart in two–and he gives an encouraging nod, watching as she runs her hand over the baby’s head gently. The baby leans into her touch, pursing her little lips, and Robin smiles. “I think she likes you.”

“I didn’t mean to be gone so long. Sorry you had to handle that all on your own.”

“I wasn’t alone. Henry was a great help. He’s become quite the baby-whisperer over the last few months–his words, not mine. And I do have a bit of experiene in this particular field.”

She manages a wry smile, running the tip of her finger down the baby’s smooth, soft cheek. “Yes, but not in this particular land.”

“Well, you’ve got me there.”

“Has she been giving you any trouble?”

“Not a even a little. She’s the easiest newborn I’ve ever encountered. Just a little bit of fussing at mealtime, and when her nappy needed changing, but she was right as rain right after. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“That’s impressive. I didn’t get a wink of sleep when I first brought Henry home.”

“Same with Roland. He was an angel when he was happy, but if he got upset or uncomfortable…the men at camp used to say they’d never seen a baby with a better set of lungs.”

“So I guess it’s nice that this little one is a change of pace.” The baby is holding onto her finger now, gripping tight even in her sleep, and Robin hears Regina’s breath catch.

“I guess whoever’s writing our stories now decided that we could use a bit of a respite, given the circumstances,” Robin says softly.

“Yeah.” Regina falls silent a moment, just watching the beautiful bundle in Robin’s arms. “She’s beautiful.”

“She’s perfect,” Robin echoes.

“Your arms must be killing you.”

“They’re a little sore, I will admit.” He glances up at her, meeting her eyes. “Would you like to hold her?”

She looks surprised, her mouth dropping open for just a second. She closes it just as quickly, biting her lip as she nods. Robin smiles, carefully maneuvering his sleeping daughter into the arms of his soulmate, watching as she settles into the crook of Regina’s arm. “Now, there’s a perfect sight,” he says, stretching his aching, tired arms above his head as Regina settles onto the couch next to him. He watches them for a few minutes, watching as they get to know each other without words, his daughter and the woman he knows will be by his side every step of the way, helping to raise her, letting her know that she is beautiful and unique and loved.

The woman that he hopes will be the mother to the girl she now holds safe in her arms.

“Did you ever find–”

“Not yet,” Regina whispers. “Emma’s protection spells are too strong. I just came here to get some sleep, and then I’m going to have Belle look up a few counter-spells for me. If I can get into Emma’s house, I sure as hell am going to try to do it.”

“And then what?”

“If I can stop whatever Emma’s got planned for Zelena, I will. After that? We’ll figure it out, I guess. We always do. And we’re going to get Emma back. That I’m sure of.” She looks down at the sleeping child in her arms. “We’ll make things right again. We’ll get Emma back, and we’ll make the town safe again. For your daughter. For Henry and Roland. For all of them, and for us too.”

She’s bruised and exhausted and hurting, and yet she’s never sounded more determined. Robin wonders if, like him, the little girl in her arms has given her something new to fight for.

“I love you,” he whispers, setting his hand on her cheek when she looks up at him again.”

She smiles at him tiredly as he leans in, kissing her lips softly before wrapping his arms around her, guiding her to rest her head upon his shoulder.

Tomorrow, they will have more work to do than ever. But tonight, all he needs is right in front of him.

  • Wanted to apologize about the lack of any new costumes in awhile. The truth is we've done three projects since December, but we can't release any photos yet due to working with people. We will have some new costumes soon that we can share. And as soon as we get the go ahead on those projects we will share the craziness that has been going on! Stay tuned!