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Musing about being a POC and queer individual in the TMNT fandom:

I think the hardest part of being in the TMNT fandom for me is the fact that I am not white, am not straight, am not cis, or even neurotypical, and… I identify fairly hard with the turtles because of those things. 

But then… they’re drawn or written as all of those things probably 90% of the time when people are humanizing them, and its just. so hard. to let that go, even though those people have no idea they’re affecting some random person across the internet. Compared to the hundreds of others who don’t feel this way, my personal opinion doesn’t really matter.

I don’t hold it against anyone for their headcanons, and I have never a day in my life sent hate to a person for having those headcanons, since I know those depend almost entirely on the personal life and experiences of those individuals.

They still bother me though, since I feel like it erases a large part of what the turtles’ identities are, which is being a minority among minorities.

They’re the only four of their kind, and pretty much utterly isolated from the rest of the world. They’ve never fit in, and never will, because they are inherently different from the rest of society. They are, in a phrase, freaks of nature.

My circumstances aren’t as extreme, not even close, but I know that feeling on a personal level regardless. Having them portrayed as the socially acceptable norm, it erases a large part of what makes them so interesting; which would be their sheer alien-ness from the rest of us. By making them ordinary cis white straight etc etc in humanized headcanons, I feel it takes away from their original characterization as a minority.

And it just really bothers me, as a single individual in the fandom, to have characters I identify with so strongly become pretty much the complete opposite of who and what I am, and thusly become no longer relatable. It’s just a difficult thing to deal with sometimes, especially since I have no power to change it other than ignoring the content I don’t like.

I hope no one takes this as an insult to their personal headcanons about the series; its just the words from someone who’s never fit correctly to any box, and found a strong connection to four characters who I felt were similar to me in that sense.

Roller Coaster

I’m like a roller coaster in the night
Approach with caution
You never know what you’ll get next
When you’re on it in nothing but moonlight

I’m like a roller coaster in the night
The loudness when everything is dead silent
The sound that can blend in but still catch your attention
It’s true, fast, rough and loud

I’m like a roller coaster in the night
Not knowing isn’t always best
You’re excited to get to know more
But then you kinda wish you knew less, the highs and lows,

I’m like a roller coaster in the night
People are excited to get know
But only few could handle it
Always left having scared people off

I’m like a roller coaster in the night
The thrill is always there
The scariness of not knowing is always there
That’s just me, a roller coaster in the night


When: Tuesday March 28th (when the dvd comes out!)

What: Post a picture of yourself with the tag (fantastic beasts meetup) and say a few things either about yourself or about FB! You could list your favorite characters or say who you would want to cosplay! Anything is welcome!

Rules: BE NICE! I want people to come together for the release of Fantastic Beasts and make new friends! So please don’t put anyone down or be rude!

Hopefully this gets a few notes and we can all meet some new people on Tuesday! Have a wonderful weekend, everyone! :)

One eye open like CBS
Turn on CNN
And what I see? BS
He got shot
She got shot
Who did it
The one who is supposed to protect them
Look out for them
Society, dont give a damn about you
But couldnt make a dime with out you
Life of a young black person in America
Don’t be color blind
Be aware, keep in mind
That they don’t care
Who you are, where you are
The have a gun, you’re black.
Just like that, it’s over. Say your prayers

Quickie because we now set up our Twitch thing so you guys can see what we play to get some ideas! Take note that we share a PS4, no other consoles yet. Also you can ask questions or request some things while we play, or even play with us if you have it too! We’ll plan to be streaming one to multiple games every weekend and Friday, usually between 6pm to 2am (Pacific Standard Time). I will do a stream tomorrow. Check it out maybe?
We named it HKissakie, so since I liked Kisseki, and my partner liked some variation of Saki, we put it together and made that weeaboo-as-fudge name.


NEW VIDEO: “How To: Blue Neighbourhood 💙

This week my friend Troye Sivan released his debut album and to celebrate I did the only thing I knew how to do: make dumb jokes and put things on my face!

Honestly ya’ll changing your URL’s like every week stresses me out lol 

Hey guys.

My boyfriend is really insecure about himself because he isn’t majorly fit or ripped or anything. He doesn’t like himself even though I think he’s amazing. Can we get some notes on this? To show him that he doesn’t have to be “perfect”?