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Can I have a Taehyung tongue appreciation post?? Pls?

his tongue is my favorite tongue 


no pls put that tongue back

pls I’m begging you 

oh my

oh lordy me

I’m so offended 

why you gotta

just why




Oh my god

I’m done

so done

he’s looking so innocent here but we all know that he’s anything but innocent 

Oh my god


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whose booty is he touching

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can you just get out

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arrest me pls

so I’m doing this on mobile, and lemme tell ya….it’s very frustrating lmao. so if anything doesn’t work blame my phone 

hope you like it :)))

pics and gifs aren’t mine

ReVel challenge

since i loved doing my sone challenge, i decided to make one for my babies, so here i present you all, the red velvet challenge !!! 

Feel free to make edits/gifs/graphics and tag your work with “#revel challenge” you don’t need to, but its easier to find each other works

so here is the challenge!

  • (5) favorite music videos
  • (5) favorite live performances
  • (5) favorite moments
  • (5) favorite hairstyles
  • (4) favorite photoshoots
  • (4) favorite outfits
  • (4) favorite choreographies
  • (4) favorite covers
  • (3) favorite pairings
  • (3) favorite variety shows
  • (3) favorite concepts
  • (2) favorite era
  • (2) favorite collaborations
  • (1) favorite member
  • red or velvet
Dating Minho Would Be Like

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  • Very protective
  • Wants you to be healthy
  • Would wake you up at 6 am to go work out with him
  • But you wouldn’t move
  • Would go by himself 
  • Waking up by hearing the shower
  • Going to shower with him
  • Morning shower sex
  • Making him breakfast 
  • Back hugs whenever you were cooking 
  • Taking you to the set whenever he has to shoot a drama/movie
  • Very competitive
  • Would want to impress you all the time
  • Taking you to theme parks 
  • So he can win all the prizes for you
  • Having to get a little cart to put all the things we won for you
  • Giving him a blowjob in the car
  • Having to be discrete with your relationship because of the fans
  • When in public he plays with your fingers when no one is watching
  • Being really proud of you
  • Laughing at your funny faces
  • You laughing because of his squeaky laugh
  • Loves to see you whining
  • Squeezes your cheeks
  • Kisses you all the time when you’re alone
  • Takes you on secret dates
  • Surprises you with a trip to London
  • Would put things in a higher shelf just to see you struggling to get them
  • Thinks about married life with you
  • Always gives you little hints that he wants to marry you
  • You’re completely oblivious 
  • Always brings you little gifts
  • Kisses on your forehead
  • Whenever you fight he’d be very loud
  • And very angry
  • Would probably storm out of your place
  • Comes back with flowers
  • Make up sex
  • He’d be very dominant 
  • And passionate 
  • Low moans 
  • Waking up to breakfast in bed 
  • “Good morning Princess.”
  • “Good morning Dibidibis!”
  • “-_-”
  • Making fun of him whenever you were with the rest of Shinee
  • Being best friends with Taemin and Kibum
  • Minho being hella jealous of them
  • Will punish you when you get home
  • “What did I tell you about making me jealous on purpose?”
  • “Not to do it”
  • Puts you on his lap 
  • Light spanking
  • Orgasm denial 
  • Watching his movies/dramas whenever he’s away
  • Getting jealous of the girls in the movie/dramas
  • “I miss you babe…”
  • “I miss you too, so why don’t you open the door Jagi?”

Roach Motel

by mldrgrl
rated: PG-13
summary: for @leiascully‘s Sharing a Bed writing prompt. Immediately follows the end of War of the Coprophages.

“You know, I never thought I’d say this to you, Scully, but you smell bad.”

“Cheer up, Mulder,” Scully said, still by his side as he turned to walk away.  “There are other entomologists in the sea.”

He glanced down at her, feeling bad about cracking wise a moment ago.  The whole parking lot reeked of dung, not just them.  He put a hand on her shoulder, careful to stay clear of any smears of fertilizer.  “Follow me back to my motel, Scully,” he said.  “We can clean up and get the hell out of here.”

By some small miracle, there was a plastic bag in the back seat of Mulder’s car from a pitstop he’d made on the drive up.  They both discarded their overcoats and wrapped them up to lock in his trunk.  She was tempted to just shuck it and accept the loss, but he insisted his dry cleaner was a miracle worker and she’d have it back as good as new next week.

They would have to find somewhere, once they were back on the road, to wash the splatters of dung from the cars.  For now, getting the literal crap off themselves was more important.  By the time they made it to Mulder’s motel, however, it was apparent that neither of them were in any condition to make a long drive.  The all nighter was catching up to them and between his chronic yawning and the battle she was swiftly losing to keep her eyes open, they agreed to take a rest before heading back to DC.

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Morgana: I want to beat you to death with a blunt object. I want to get one of those high end fashion mannequins, grab them by the ankles and bash your ribcage in. I want to sharpen 5 pencils, bind them with a rubber band, put them in your mouth and punch the erasers. I want to strap you to a bead of nails then strap that bed of nails to the hood of my car so I can watch you suffer as we drive over speed bumps on a mall parking lot during an earthquake. I want you to somehow survive a terrible car crash and somehow not survive a small fender bender on the way back from the hospital.
Morgana: Thank you, that’s called “Dad”.

Jurassic Park  {Sentence Starters}

  • “You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.”
  • “I won’t tell anyone you threw up, just… just give me your hand.”
  • “Yeah, yeah, but ____ were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, that they didn’t stop to think if they should.”
  • “Are they heavy? Then they’re expensive, put ‘em back.”
  • “I refuse to believe that you aren’t familiar with the concept of attraction.”
  • “So you know, try to show a little respect.”
  • “Look, we can discuss sexism in survival situations when I get back.”
  • “That is one big pile of shit.”
  • “I bet I can climb over the top and get on the other side before you can even get to the top.”
  • “No. I’m, I’m simply saying that life, uh… finds a way.”
  • “Should we chance moving him?”
  • “Gee, the lack of humility before nature that’s being displayed here, uh… staggers me.”
  • “Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth.”
  • “And that’s when the attack comes. Not from the front, but from the side.”
  • “———–  Clever girl.”
  • “That doesn’t look very scary. More like a six-foot turkey.”
  • “What’s the matter, kid? You never had lamb chops?”
  • “Hold on to your butts.”
  • “You read what others had done and you took the next step.”
  • “There. Look at this. See? See? I’m right again.”
  • “You didn’t earn the knowledge for yourselves, so you don’t take any responsibility for it.”
  • “The world has just changed so radically, and we’re all running to catch up.”

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Seriously had to put a wet floor cone out in our parking lot while it was piss pouring rain because a woman came in and said she fell getting out of her car and we 'should warn people about these kinds of things'. We (other cashier and 2 baggers) laughed and joked about it for a solid minute before we realized she was completely serious. Customers can't read, can't count, and apparently can't grasp that water is wet if we don't put a cone out.

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I'm sorry but Taehyung wrote a fucking letter to Jimin for his bday and tried handing it to him in the most casual way possible and I'm crying ?? ajskdkgl why are they like this

Taehyung to anyone besides Jimin: “Look okay, he is the center of my universe, the Earth to my moon, I mean, I love that dude more than basically any human on this planet and I buy him extravagant shit without batting an eye because you can’t put a price on this, on what we have like y’all don’t get it I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with this man, it’s just me and him til the goddamn end, just me and Park Jimin, there is Only Him.”

Taehyung to Jimin: “Take this letter…. Buttface….”

He Wants to get Intimate but He’s Your First - BTS


Seokjin: I would never hurt you,

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Yoongi: Come on, you’ll be in great hands with me

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Hoseok: I feel honored to be your first,

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Namjoon: I feel so special that you picked me..

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Jimin: Baby, you know I’ll take the best care of you

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Taehyung: It’s my first time too, but we can help each other right?

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Jungkook: Way to put pressure on me babe..

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My sister and I like to play this game where we visit the free health fairs, specifically the free hearing tests, and we try to see who can troll the doctor the best. My sister does a great Ben Wyatt impersonation when she is “diagnosed” with hearing loss. This is followed by falling to the floor, sobbing, and then calmly getting up, putting her hearing aids back in, and walking out the door.

Tattooed Metal

From this request: can I request tattoo soulmate au with Bucky ? (After Civil War)


**Obviously, we’re going to pretend the real events of the end of Civil War didn’t happen for this story


“Come on, Bucky. We’re going out.”

“Out? Where?”

“I don’t know. The park. The movies. The museum. Anywhere. You just need to get out.”

Steve watched as Bucky self-consciously shifted, putting his metal arm behind him, out of the line of sight. Steve knew the arm bothered him more than he let on. But he’d been stuck inside for too long.

“I… can’t.”

“Yes, you can. Besides, there’s two lovely ladies downstairs who I promised we’d take to lunch.”

Bucky stared at his friend before shaking his head slightly. “I never would’ve thought it.”


“That we’d be to the point where it was you setting me up with someone. Seems like not that long ago, you were a skinny little punk who couldn’t even think about talking to a girl without quivering in his boots.”

Steve smiled. “What can I say? I learned from the best.”

The corner of Bucky’s mouth twitched. “I… I don’t know. I just…” His eyes dropped to his arm.

“Hey,” Steve said, stepping up. He laid his hand on Bucky’s left shoulder, showing him that he wasn’t afraid of the arm. “It’s okay. Just… wear long sleeves, test the waters.”

Bucky’s eyes dropped to the floor.

“Buck. I promise you, one of these days you’re gonna find the best girl ever and she’s gonna love you, all of you.”

The two were silent for a few moments.

“Thanks, Steve,” Bucky finally said. “I, uh… don’t suppose there’s any way to get out of this lunch, is there?”

“Not at all.”


The lunch passed without anything exciting happening. The girls were pleasant enough but Bucky didn’t feel anything drawing him to either of them. The group went their separate ways after lunch, the girls promising to call.

“They’re not going to call,” Bucky said as he and Steve turned and headed back to the apartment.

“No, they’re not,” Steve agreed.

The two passed a small fruit stand, one that was visible from the apartment’s window. Steve sometimes stopped by the stand to pick up some plums for Bucky.

“Hey, Y/N,” Steve said, waving to you.

“Hi, Steve. Hi, Bucky.”

Steve saw Bucky’s eyes widen and his body stiffen.

“You want some plums?” you asked. “They’re on the house.”

“Oh, Y/N, we couldn’t accept that. We’ll pay for them, just like everyone else.”

You smiled and shook your head, pressing a few of the fruits into Steve’s palms. “Please. You’re one of the most loyal customers. It’s the least I could do.”

Steve smiled. “Thank you, Y/N.”

“Thank you,” Bucky mumbled.

The two headed across the street and up the stairs to their apartment. Once inside, Steve put the plums in the bowl on the counter. He watched as Bucky drifted into the living room, standing near the window.

The window that looked out upon your fruit stand.

Steve slowly approached. “You like Y/N.”

Bucky said nothing for a while. “She’s very pretty. And sweet. And smart.”

“You should ask her out sometime.”

Bucky shook his head. “There’s no way she’d ever…”

Steve began to put together a plan. Bucky wouldn’t like him going behind his back, but it was for the best in the long run.


A few days later, when Steve knew Bucky was distracted by a book, Steve went back to the fruit stand. It was a hot day and you were dressed in a modest tank top.

“Hi, Steve,” you said when you saw him approaching. “Back for more plums?”

“Actually, I’m here for something a little different.”


“I was, uh…. I was wondering if perhaps…” Steve’s eyes trailed over you, trying to figure out how to get the words out.

But then his eyes landed on your left bicep.

“What’s that?”

You were startled by the question and looked at where his gaze had landed. “Oh, um… it’s my tattoo.”

“What’s the significance of it?”

“Seriously?” you asked with a tiny smile. “Steve, it’s my tattoo. The symbol that will lead me to my soulmate?”

“What? When did you get it?”

“It appeared a few days ago.”

Steve couldn’t help but smile to himself.

“Although,” you continued. “I doubt I’ll ever find out who it’s directing me toward. After all, it’s not very telling—it’s just a red star.”

“Y/N, you don’t know how wrong you are.”

You cocked your head to the side.

“Would you like to come to dinner at my apartment tomorrow night?” Steve asked.


And so, the following night, Steve set about preparing dinner. Bucky paid him no mind, thinking nothing was out of the ordinary until the doorbell rang.

“Hi,” Steve said as he answered the door. “Come on in.”

Bucky listened, trying to figure out who was at the door.

“Buck! Come here.”

He slowly entered the kitchen, finding you standing next to Steve. His heart began to pound, his palm began to sweat. “What is she doing here?”

“I invited her over.”

Bucky felt light-headed. He realized that he was in short sleeves—his arm was on full display. He turned and ran down the hall.

“Hey,” Steve said, sprinting after him. He followed Bucky into his room, watching as he began to tear the room apart, looking for another shirt. He searched for a few moments before crossing to the window, planning an escape.

“Buck, no,” Steve said, leaping across the bed. He stood in front of the window, blocking his friend’s path. “It’s okay.”

“No, it’s not! She’s here, in our apartment. She saw my arm!”

“And was she horribly disgusted by it?”

“I… I don’t know.”

“The answer is no, she wasn’t. She barely even glanced at it.” Steve watched his friend. “Come on. Let’s go eat.”

Bucky let his friend lead him back to the kitchen where you were still standing awkwardly. Steve made Bucky sit at the table while you followed suit.

You smiled at Bucky. “You okay, Bucky?”

He nodded, eyes on the table.

Steve brought the food out and the meal started, awkwardly quiet. Steve tried to make conversation and you played along, but Bucky was nearly silent, giving one-word answers.

Finally, Steve pulled out the hail mary. “Hey, Y/N, would you mind showing Bucky your tattoo? Maybe he’d have an idea as to how to find your soulmate.”

Bucky looked up as you rolled your sleeve up, revealing a red star. “What is that?”

“My soulmate tattoo,” you said. “It showed up a few days ago. And I have no idea who it’s supposed to lead me to.”

Bucky looked to Steve who gave him a wink. He turned back to you, studying your tattoo again.

It couldn’t be real.

He stood suddenly and ran into his room once again. He sat on the bed, head in his hands.

This couldn’t be happening.

A few minutes later, there was a slight knock on the doorframe.


Bucky looked up and found you standing before him. He straightened up, tucking his metal arm behind him.

“Are you okay?”


You stood for a moment. “Can I sit next to you?”

Bucky nodded, watching as you slowly approached him. You sat down on the mattress, not too close, not too far away from him.

“What’s going on with you?” you asked gently.

“I…” Bucky bit his lip. “Your tattoo…”

You cocked your head, waiting for him to continue.

“Can I show you something?” Bucky asked.

You nodded and watched as he turned himself toward you. He rolled up the sleeve of his shirt over his metal arm, revealing the red star. Your mouth fell open in surprise—was this really happening?

“May I?” you asked.

Bucky studied you for a moment before nodding. He watched as you slowly reached out, your fingers running over the star. The look on your face was one of wonder, not fear, not disgust.

“I… I can’t believe this.”

Bucky felt his lips pulling into a smile, but his brief moment of happiness was destroyed by another thought. He pulled away, looking at the floor.

“It can’t be me,” he said. “I don’t have a tattoo. And I can’t get one where you have one because…”

You were quiet for a moment before standing, walking out of the room. Bucky sat in silence, knowing that he’d ruined the moment, ruined your happiness forever.

But a few moments later, you reappeared. You said nothing as you sat down on the other side of Bucky. Your fingers pushed his sleeve back up and Bucky watched as you uncapped a sharpie, scribbling something onto his metal bicep. You smiled at your work before looking up at him.

Bucky glanced down and saw writing inside the star on his arm. After a moment of studying, he saw that it was your name.

“What’s this?”

“Your tattoo.” You capped the marker and set it on the bedside table before slipping your fingers in between Bucky’s metal ones. You stared up at him. “It’s only fair.”

Bucky couldn’t help but smile.

a list of summer-themed AUs for you to consider
  • “i’m at the beach and some kids thought it was funny to bury me in the sand when i dozed off can you please dig me out” au
  • “it’s unbearably hot and we’re both fighting over the last handheld electrical fan at the shop at the amusement park” au
  • “hey i just met you, and this is crazy, but i get sunburned really easily so can you please help me put sunscreen on my back?” au
  • “i’m alone at the open-air bath and you noticed and scared off someone who tried to steal my bag while i was in the pool, how do i demonstrate my undying gratitude to you” au
  • “thunderstorm after a menacing heatwave and we’re both getting weird looks for dancing in the rain” au
  • “i have no idea who you are but you just fainted right in front of me holy shit dude you need to drink more in this heat” au
  • “we both chased after the leaving ice cream van like ten-year-olds and now we’re both out of breath and a bit embarrassed” au
  • “i clearly reserved this deck chair by putting a towel on it why on earth are you lying on it who the fuck do you think you are” au
  • “everyone else is on vacation and we’re both stuck in our boring home town wanna hang out and mope about it together?” au
  • “i accidentally crashed your campfire party at the lake when i just wanted to go for a swim but you were really great about it and invited me” au
  • “i lost my swimming trunks while performing the world’s greatest ever cannonball dive and now i can’t find them at the bottom of the lake and i’m stuck in the water PLEASE HELP ME” au
  • “i don’t know you but you fell asleep in the sun next to me without putting sunscreen on and you’re slowly but surely turning an alarming shade of lobster red, i guess i better wake you up” au
  • “some asshole left their dog in the car in the blistering heat and we both noticed and are debating on what to do” au
  • “i just dove into the water right next to you without thinking much about it and didn’t realise you were skinny-dipping holy shit this is awkward” au
  • “we’ve been running into each other in the graveyard while watering the flowers all summer i guess it’s time i introduce myself” au
  • “hey neighbour, i bought loads of stuff for this barbecue but all my friends canceled on me, wanna come over and eat with me” au
  • “you’ve been camping in a crappy tent next to my really comfortable caravan/motor home and it’s been raining cats and dogs for ages, do you want to come in and have a hot cocoa to warm up?” au

 I don’t know about you but i honestly need Linda Park back on The Flash as a series regular in s3, like can you imagine all the Parkwest scenes, CAN YOU? Iris and Linda just hanging out, chilling talking about work, being badass reporters together, bringing down corrupt organizations, having girls night out, talking about life. Linda teasing Barry and Iris. Iris having a friend out of starlabs, a friend that isn’t Barry no offense Barry.  Linda helping Iris and the starlabs team, maybe even putting the doctor light suit on to help? Also Linda getting to know Wally (because i am already Westpark trash). Barry and Iris side-eyeing them because they know whats up. Also can you imagine all the BTS pics we would get of Malese and Candice???? they are just adorable. Honestly just give me series regular Linda Park @ flash writers.

i know girls who can’t kiss with the lights on 
and take cold showers in the dark
and who sit in their rolling cars instead
of putting them into park
and boys who bite their lovers necks 
the same way they bite their nails
and only want to get aboard trains
they know that they can derail 
and i know people who wear their veins like secrets
and who shiver when they sweat
and i am trying to get to know you but
we haven’t made eye contact yet.
—  K.P.K
Imagine #2- Tyler Seguin

“A day at the Dog Park”

“You know Tyler sometimes I think you love Cash and Marshall more than you love me” you say with a smile at your long time boyfriend Tyler Seguin. “Oh shut up you know I love you” with that he turned to look down at his dogs and using his best baby voice- “isn’t that right guys? We all love (Y/N) don’t we” you can’t help but crack up at him and help him put Cash on to his leash while he get Marshall settled into his.

On the car ride to the dog park you both cranked up the radio and sang along to every song that came on on the radio, “We are such lame dog parents” you laugh out when you guys arrived, Tyler smiles at you “but I love every second of it babe” he plants a quick kiss on the top of your head before turning his attention back to the dogs. He got them both out of the car and he took over Marshall’s leash and handed you Cash’s, Cash and you had a strong bond he was always hanging all over you- “wow babe I think Cash likes you” Tyler laughed out as you both stood there watching Cash lick away at your leg “I guess he gets that from his daddy” you reply with a wink. Tyler breaks into a smile and begins to walk towards the area designated for dogs.

You guys were the only ones there so you had no problem unhooking Marshall and Cash and letting them run free. For being such large dogs, they really had a lot of energy. You had brought some of the dog’s favorite toys with you so you pulled them out and began to throw a frisbee out to them- “Wow my babe is athletic” Tyler says with a cheeky grin- “I learned everything I know from you” Tylers smirk quickly turned into him kissing you, as much as you wanted to continue this- you were in the middle of a dog park. You pulled back giggling- “Tyler Seguin you stop it right now we are at the park with our dogs save this for later” “For later?” he says again with his classic Tyler Seguin smirk- “Yeah later- if you’re a good boy” He laughs and assures you he will be. The two of your spend the remainder of the day playing with Marshall and Cash in the park and having a good time. After that as well as a picnic in the park, you returned home to make good on your promise to Tyler.

Barry started the car as I put the last little things we needed. I got in the front seat and plugged in my phone to the aux cord. He then pulled out of the drive way and headed towards the freeway.

“So the first place we are going is?” barry asked as he kept his eyes on the road.

“I don’t know maybe, California, ya know, and then maybe we can head to Arizona and head around there.” I said as the next song played.

“Okay, babe do you know where I left my glasses?”

“nope, didn’t you put them in the car?” I asked while looking through the bag.

“we forgot them then.” barry said as he switched lanes and stopping at a rest stop.

He parked the car and got out.

“okay, babe, can I pleasee go get my glasses real quick? you know I won’t take long.”

“barry,” I whined “you promised that you wouldn’t use your speed while on the trip…”

“I know but…”

“But we can buy you new ones.”

“fine.” He said as he went back in the car and onto the freeway.

then house of gold started playing.

She asked me, “Son, when I grow old,
Will you buy me a house of gold?
And when your father turns to stone,
Will you take care of me?” I sang as the next part played.

I will make you queen of everything you see,
I’ll put you on the map,
I’ll cure you of disease.

Let’s say we up and left this town,
And turned our future upside down.
We’ll make pretend that you and me,
Lived ever after happily. barry sang.

I laughed to myself and looked out the window and watched the birds fly by.

Barry kept his eyes on the road but sometimes I would catch him looking at me.

“What are you looking at barry?”

“the most beautiful person ever.”

“so you’re staring at tyler joesph. you wish man.”

He laughed as his hand left the wheel and onto my thigh.

I looked at him and he just smirked and kept driving.

I decided since I only slept for like an hour to take a nap (a/n me rn)

-time skip-

I woke up and saw barry parking the car, I looked and saw the golden gate bridge, I always wanted to walk over it.

Barry parked near as we saw that we can rent some bikes we did.

we rode the bikes over the golden gate bridge.

after that I wanted to go to alcatraz. we got on the boat and went (a/n I’ve never been there so idk what’s it’s like, talking about alcatraz lol)

after that we got into the car and drove to an In-n-Out. after eating i was tired so I guess I fell asleep.

-time skip-

I woke up the car stopping abruptly and Barry’s hand over my chest.

“Yo, what happend?”

“This car just stopped and his lights are out soo…”

“o how long was I asleep for?”

“for about an hour and a half.”

I looked out the window to see a sign that says LA and somewhat miles.

“Okay either, you used your speed OR I slept alot longer than you said. don’t lie barry.”

“you were out for like the whole ride.”

He then drove off the freeway as I stared at the tall buildings of LA.

The city looked nice, and it was like the middle of the night so there was no cars. It was so calm.

We got to a light, it was red, there was a group or friends crossing the street probably drunk by the way they were walking.

I laughed and to find myself looking at barry again.

“What are you looking at?”

“the most beautiful person.”

“then stare at yourself.”

“Miss me with that cheesy shit BOi!” I yelled as I rolled down the window.

I stuck my head out as barry blasted the music.

He drove to the beach and parked. before we left we took off our shoes and put on some shorts.

I ran to the water as barry followed. I let the waves hit my legs as I saw the moons reflection on the ocean.

Barry then hugged me from behind and put his head into the crook of my neck.

I could hear him mumbling but I couldn’t understand him.

“What did you say bear?”

“I said I love you.”

“I love you too barry.”

I guess we were distracted as a big ass wave and crashed on us. I heard barry laugh as he wrapped his hand around my waist and let his head rest on my shoulder.

I turned around so we were facing each other.

barry walked to the car and got some blakents and throw pillows.

we laid them down and we took off our shoes.

we laid there till I started to drift off remembering the sun rising over the ocean.

I woke up to barry shuffling around.

“hey bear, I think we should go.”


we got to the car and I put my hair up and barry put on the GPS were the nearest coffee shop was.

he then parked in front of this small place.

we got off and walked in. I looked at the menu and decided to get just a regular coffee (or hot chocolate if u want).

we sat down and started to map out our way, we ended up arguing if we should go to Las Vegas or someplace in Arizona.

this is a real quick imagine I was thinking of doing a part two maybe, if it goes good then I will love u guys that’s for 12k read and 2K on tumblr

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jay park: *features girls of many different races in his mv’s, talks about beautiful women from multiple races, is from one of the most diverse countries in the world and is obviously attracted to many different races as a result of being from the u.s. & involved with its urban culture*

y’all: …

jay park: *put a black girl as the lead in a korean mv, which is extremely rare for kpop/khh, in which she does look sexy and attractive but is treated as the love interest and not just a girl there to show her body off*

y’all: um this is not okay he’s just fetishizing black women in particular, with his lyrics and his dancers and his video girls REMEMBER THE TINASHE REFERENCE HE IS BEING PROBLEMATIC 

also y’all: *spend all day obsessing over your korean oppas and their abs and their aegyo and how hot they are*

Werewolf!Jimin as a Father

(also fun fact, when I was writing this, I didn’t realize I wasn’t in my drafts and actually posted it as I was writing it bc I thought it was a draft so for everyone that read this before, I didn’t mean to post it yet sorry for any confusion!!) And now it is time for our squishy sweetheart, the actual angel, Park Jimin aka chim aka speaking of squishy can we talk about how fucking precious Park Jimin is like ??? how the hell is someone so cute so sweet I just wanna protect him and make sure he feels loved and warm and happy and just wrap him up into a blanket burrito, put on a show he likes, get him some snacks make sure he feels super happy and just protect him bc he’s so p r eciOUS

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  • I see chim having his bby before marriage
  • He definitely wouldn’t mind if kids came after marriage though
  • He just loves his bundle of joy, no matter when she arrives
  • If the bby comes before marriage, he’ll definitely want her to be the flower girl without a doubt
  • Bc to see his princess stumbling alongside with Jin, halfheartedly and confusedly tossing flower petals out of the basket Jin holds out to her would be adorable
  • Lil tiny Park cheeks just picture that for a second okay LIL TINY ITTY BITTY CHUBBY CHEEKS
  • But also her just being more interested in the petals themselves rather than worrying about tossing them around but then she sees Jimin and just runs for him bc “daddy!!!”
  • He’d be so smiley and just :D bc even though she’s technically not supposed to do that, it’s so fucking cute ??
  • Jin holds her while the actual ceremony takes place but she’s so excited and has no idea why she just knows everyone else is really happy
  • Freaks out when she sees Jimin start to cry (happy tears) at the reception and is just wiping his tears off as fast as she can
  • He has to explain that to her that yes dad’s fine they’re all happy tears tell me that shit doesn’t sound cute as fuck
  • But rewinding to before the lil nugget is born
  • Jimin would be such a good boyfriend tbh
  • Cuddles 25/8
  • “Hey chim what do you wanna do today??”
  • “Cuddle”
  • “What should we do for your birthday?? Do you wanna go that cute lil restaurant we saw??”
  • “Cuddle”
  • “Wanna watch a movie??”
  • “Is that your lowkey way of asking for cuddles bc yes always”
  • His favorite time to cuddle is the early morning bc sleepy cuddles !!!!
  • Lil sleepy chim just snuggling into the blankets and wrapping you up in them to share the warmth
  • You’re never cold when chim’s around
  • Bc he’s a werewolf, he’s forever warm to the touch so whenever you’re cold, you can just snuggle into him, which he’s 100% okay with no complaints whatsoever he’ll even let you share his jacket with him
  • Tries to make breakfast for you but ends up just pouring you a bowl of cereal or calling Jin over
  • Tae basically lives with you tbh
  • Of course chim’s close with everyone in the pack but tae’s his bro they’re buds they stick together
  • You’re super close to Tae as well bc it’s kind of like a package deal
  • It’s that way with all of the pack but especially with tae
  • You date one of them, you get 6 new brothers welcome to the family
  • Your couch is renamed tae’s bed
  • It isn’t rare to come home to see Tae playing some video game or watching a show, with Jimin but also sometimes it’s just him
  • Slips in his grocery list with yours bc “you guys need to have the good snacks if I’m gonna be living with you”
  • “No one invited you to live with us??”
  • “Make sure you get two of everything”
  • You don’t mind though bc while the boys do treat your home like a second house, they all respect your space too
  • They understand that sometimes you just wanna chill with chim and have a movie night or a game night or just have some sweet pillow talk that usually involves a really giggly chim
  • Bc tired!chim = giggly!chim
  • Like hysterical, tears running down his cheeks, silent laughter
  • You and chim are both v v open with each other about everything
  • He knows you wouldn’t mind a child, you know he wouldn’t mind one so when you find out you’re gonna be have a lil bby Park, you just get really excited
  • You know that smile that chim gets where his eyes do the eye smile thing and it’s so cute and the cheeks do their thing and it’s all adorableness
  • That’s the smile he gets when you tell him
  • Tae’s the first person he tells bc he walks in shortly after you tell chim with a popsicle and is just like any reason he looks like he just won the lottery??
  • Yoongi’s the second bc yoonmin trash
  • Jimin would be s o protective the entire pregnancy
  • From the day he finds out until like you’re all healed up, he’s super !!!
  • Touches the bby bump every chance he gets
  • You two could just be chilling on the couch, doing your own things and he’ll have his hand resting on the bump
  • Not really doing anything just keeping his hand there to just be like hey I’m here
  • Giggles for two weeks after feeling the bby kicks and brags about it to everyone
  • The boys that do have kids kinda just smile bc they remember feeling that way but he definitely gets a weird look from Yoongi bc the fuck you already told me she kicked, she’s been kicking for like a month chill
  • Buys literally all of the things
  • He doesn’t really realize how quickly bbys grow out of things and is getting 50 of everything and you have to tell him by the time you get to like 40th onesie, she’ll be too big for it
  • He takes every decision super seriously, whether he needs to or not
  • Things like the name and whether or not you should move into a bigger house or just live in the one you have now, those get passes bc those are big parts of it
  • “Jimin it’s been an hour just pick a damn shirt”
  • “But this one says daddy’s princess and this one says daddy’s angel SHE’S BOTH OF THOSE THINGS”
  • “Oh my god”