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Seth Rollins - Took you long enough

Prompt: Could I make a Seth Rollins request? Something cuts and fluffy where the reader has been with him for a long time. Even before him getting into wwe. And they’re still not engaged/married yet and the reader is wondering when he’ll propose. I just have this image of Seth sneaking peeks at her Pinterest to get ideas for a ring and stuff. Idk if that makes sense at all but I hope it does 🙊
Requested: by anon
Warnings: None
Words: 1800+

You and Seth had been together for a long time. You went to the same high school back in Davenport. He was popular, known by everyone and you, well you weren’t the bottom of the food chain. You had your group of friendships and you didn’t really stray from them. You knew Seth from the moment you started high school. He didn’t know you. Your first official meeting was when he joined your local gym. You were both 16. You quickly found out that both of you had a love for wrestling and wanted to get into the business. From then on you spent every day together, working out and training together. At first, you just hung out at the gym but your friendship soon evolved to hanging out at school and people quickly noticed. When the two of you started dating you were the talk of your school. 

No one thought your relationship would last but then you made it to a year and then graduation. And now here you are over 10 years later, still together and now in the wwe together. Your relationship has been through a lot. Both of you decided to follow your dreams to become wrestlers that caused some problems in your relationship. Distance being the main one and injuries for both you and Seth. Over the years you went to different promotions and Seth was offered a wwe contract before you. You travelled the world while Seth worked through NXT and onto the main roster. 

You were so proud of him. Eventually, you had made a big enough name for yourself on the indies that you got offered a contract. You were in NXT for a year and now here you are, finally with Seth on raw. 

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Great confession from a follower!

My wife fucked another guy today for the first time in 12 years.
My wife fucked another guy today for the first time in 12 years.
I want to start this whole thing off by saying that this is 100% real… I do not have anybody in my RL that I can even begin to discuss this with, so I am going to get it all out of my head right here. If you do not submit it on your blog thats okay :)
Background - My wife and I have been married for 10 years (10 years exactly on 07/07/17, yeah we were one of the 7/7/07 couples), for the past 5 years I have been asking her to sleep with other men, but shes always said NO WAY.
About a month ago - However, about a month back she was at the mall shopping for a birthday present for our daughter (and other things) all by herself…She told me that while shopping for a dress she got hit on by a young guy in his early 20’s…My wife is 36, but looks like shes much younger, blonde, green eyes, and about 130 lbs (the pic above is of her and I about a year and ½ ago), she is beautiful…So getting hit on wasn’t new to her. The change this time was in how she received it…Apparently her and the guy really hit it off and talked for a little while, he was very complimentary and flirty towards my wife, and my wife apparently returned the favor. It didn’t go any further though, the young man asked for Wifey’s number, but she refused…
She was scared to tell me about it at first, even though she knew what my fantasies were…once she told me about this encounter I of course encouraged her to take it further. She denied my requests, but this definitely had a major effect on our sex life…
Fake David - I went out that weekend and purchased a 8 inch white realistic dildo that we named David (after the young man she met at the mall)…Since that day we haven’t had sex one time without the fake David being involved…we have RP’d doing Double Penetration, Double Vaginal, Masturbation, clean up and pretty much anything else that we could think to do with Fake David…It was amazingly hot for me, but I still never imagined it would go any further than this…My wife would always remind me that its just fantasizing…its just RP…
Today at the mall - So fast forward about a month or so to this morning…We are about two weeks away from our 10 year anniversary, and she wanted to go out and buy herself a new summer dress to wear for our night out. We have an overnight babysitter and are planning on going to Blackhawk CO, which is a small mountain town about an hour away from Denver CO.
She didn’t want me or the kids to tag along because she also was picking up my anniversary gift.
When she left she said that it shouldn’t take her more than an hour or two…Four hours later she sends me a text saying “Sorry hun, I ran into David…but im on my way home now”
My wife got home around 7pm, and we put our kids to bed at about 8:30…so I couldn’t ask her anything for like 90 minutes after she returned. She gave me a big fat kiss when she walked in the door, and then poured herself a glass of whine…
Once the kids to bed she told me what happened…
“He followed me to my car” - While at the mall she had to go back to the department store that David worked in to pick up my anniversary present. She was waiting in line at the customer service desk when she said David walked up behind her and whispered “Hello Candy”…
She was startled so let go a little yelp apparently! but she thought it was funny…they got to talking again and David mentioned that he was about to go for his lunch break, and wanted to see if she wanted to join him…She declined, and gave him a hug and left.
Fast forward about a half hour or so, and my wife was heading to her car, shopping complete. He apparently started following my wife when she left his store because when she shut the trunk to her car David was standing right there…He apparently pushed her up against the car and started passionately kissing her right there!
Then she said things escalated rather quickly…she opened up the back seat to our SUV and they got busy right there in the mall parking lot! They didnt have a condom, so he pulled out and came on my wifes stomach (and a little on her shirt).
Coming into today, my wife had slept with two guys total in her entire life…now its three, and shes not sure of David’s last name…
I am not even sure how to feel now, other than insanely horny. I am hoping that next time I can watch and maybe even join in :)

Renegades- 2

Summary: Life with James “Bucky” Barnes was supposed to be the American Dream, until you accidentally become the target of a well-known drug pusher with no reservations about putting a bullet in both your heads. Now on the lam, the two of you will go to extraordinary lengths to survive. 1990s AU

Words: 2342

Master   Part 1   

James Barnes was everything your parents had never warned you about. You didn’t get the speech growing up about safe sex and how smoking was bad for your lungs or how you should never drink and drive, ergo there wasn’t much warning for you about men like him. To be perfectly fair, there weren’t any men like Bucky.

When the morning sun finally rose, Bucky made good on his promise. With the sun coming in the open windows, you could see the disarray in which he lived. The bed was shoved into a corner, sheet-less, and the apartment itself looked like a frat boy’s dream. Bucky gathered his things quickly, jumping into a pair of wrinkled jeans and tugging on a shirt with a faded logo before dragging you promptly out the door.

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Drabble #7 - “You’re smart and successful with an adorable belly.”

Submitted by: you-make-me-wander

Description: Scott and Allison visit Stiles and Lydia in San Francisco to find that after five years of marriage and with a baby on the way, Stiles and Lydia are still very much in love.

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Pregnant!Lydia, Established Relationship

Part 7 of the “Birthday drabbles” series

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To my younger followers,

I’m sorry the world is such a mess.
Don’t listen to fear.
Do what you enjoy.
Go to concerts,
Go to the mall.
Travel and see the world.
Breathe in the air.
Learn about the earth.
Learn to protect it better than our parents did.
Study science.
We’ll need you.
Study the animals.
They’ll need you.
Be a teacher or actor or politician.
Love whoever you want to love.
Especially love yourselves.
Get married or don’t.
Have kids or don’t.
Have fun whenever you can.
Learn from our parents mistakes.
Learn about every culture and religion.
Make friends with whoever you can.
Don’t let hate consume you.
Study history so the bad doesn’t repeat.
It always does.

There’s always a tomorrow we can make better.

anonymous asked:

Bass Jenna marry me pls we can get preds season tix and drink boxed wine in our PJs 💕

we don’t usually respond to this type of flattery but your tasteful use of emoji tells me u are very nice so we’ll consider letting u court her IF you promise not to ever give her any spoilers about house of cards and drive her to get mall food court teriyaki every day. and surprise her with bouquets of hattie b’s gift cards. these are our terms

anonymous asked:

So I have noticed that you are very pro-revival. I'm having a hard time getting to that happiness about the revival. I was wondering if you could walk me through a couple things. First and for most, the ending. You keep saying that there was closure... I don't see closure I just see unanswered questions. Second, I really didn't understand emily's change in character. She did a total 180 and I feel like she was kind of cruel to Lorelei. Help?

I think the first thing to understand is; the word closure needs to be taken pretty openly.

I did get a lot of closure. For me there are three people you look to for this; Lorelai, Rory and Emily. There who we all want it in. So one at a time. 

I think, most obviously, we got it for Lorelai. From the very beginning of the series we see Lorelai as this woman who, despite keeping up this veneer of a happy-go-lucky wonder woman, is extremely vulnerable, insecure and flawed. One of her biggest insecurities being the idea of finding the “whole package”. I mean, how many times did we here Emily and Richard complain that she wasn’t married, or the town remark on how she was single. For me the end of the revival did two things; we finally see Lorelai work on embracing these flaws and let down her shield a little bit. I think this can be seen in her allowing Rory to go ahead with the book, opening up to Emily about the day in the mall with Richard and finally confronting Luke about getting married. Seeing Luke and Lorelai finally get married gave me such incredible closure on their arc. I think the scene in the kitchen when Luke lays out how he feels and how he will never ever leave her really gave me a sense of “everything will be okay for them”. They’ll always have issues with communication and they’ll always bitter; but they’ll be okay and they’re happy and thats what counts.

With Emily, again I felt a great sense of closure. I think for Emily its hard to describe. We see her in the beginning floundering to understand how to live her life without Richard. She’s alone in this massive house, her days are empty and nothing brings her joy because she is broken without him. I think what gave me closure in the end for her was this 180. We see her go from such uncertainty, to finally living a life she feels happy and comfortable in. her entire life had been dedicated to being Richard’s wife, without his this crucial part of her identity was removed. She found new focus with her job, she moved out to a smaller space where she wasn’t so alone and she found a little family who, in many ways, took her in as opposed to the other way around. I love that Rose Abdoo played Berta, because it brings that essence of Stars Hollow into Emily’s life. I think her final scene with Lorelai, about the loan, is also very telling. We all know it repeats the dialogue from the pilot. However, it’s Emily speaking and not Richard. This shows us how independent she now is and how she has learned in the past year to take over that role. She isn’t defined by being his wife and has learned to be independent. She’s not putting him behind her by any means, but she’s learning to survive without him. In the end, we see her finally get what she wants with that small portrait of Richard and, most importantly we see her on a journey to being okay, and finally happy. She has a support system and I know that she’ll be okay. Knowing this, gave me closure.

Rory is more tricky. For me, the growth Rory takes in the revival is what gave me closer. She is able to put leaning on Logan as an emotional crutch behind her. She realises she can do it alone. That she doesn’t need his house to write in, or to run to him when things get hard; that she’s stronger than that. This was a journey for her certainly, but I found it so satisfying seeing her come out of that. I also think the direction her career takes gave me a sense of closure. The revival showed a Rory lost and confused with no direction. We see her finally get a sense if where she’s going and once again finds something that she is passionate about; which we don’t see in the revival until this point. Crazy as it sounds, the pregnancy also was okay and not a crazy cliffhanger for me. I am okay leaving Rory with this because; I know she will be okay. I know that baby will be so loved and taken care of by not just her, but Lorelai, Luke, Emily and the entire town. It’s not Lorelai getting pregnant and having to run way at 16. It’s not this tragic thing that all end her life and destroy her potential. It’s the opposite, and I know she’s strong enough to do this, and I think she does too after her discussion with Christopher.  I know she didn’t pick a guy, but she’s 32. She has so much time to find love!! With Rory what I think is key to remember is her age. At 32, will your life be fully resolved and happy ever after? No. Was Lorelai married at, or even near settled in the Pilot at 32? Hello no! Rory still has most of her life ahead of her and I think it would be crazy to see her totally settled. 

At the end of the day this is a show grounded in reality. It’s a show about real people. And, in the real world, sadly we don’t get clear closure. Lorelai says it herself about her dads passing; there was no storybook moment. Life just happens; you can’t plan for it and it never will ever be resolved.

I think it would be bad writing for a show like this to offer a full happy ever after’s worth of closure. But, for me, here is why I think they gave us just enough; because each of them went on a healing journey and in the end we see them all okay. What’s more, we see them all happy, or on the road to happiness. That is what I derive my closure from, because life will never resolve itself and all I could ever hope for them is that they’re happy.

Name- Hannah
Age - 21 (as of today whoop whoop!)
Location- North Carolina
About me-
Pinterest addict. I could spend hours on end flipping through idea after idea on there. I love diy crafts, new recipes, and all that good stuff. I am a stay at home mom with two beautiful boys. Married to an amazing husband. I love photography, cheap wine, and Netflix. I work at an antuiqe mall on the weekends, and love real vintage stuff. (Not the take vintage that’s coming back in style)
Perfect pinpal-
A lady close to my age from somewhere rather far away. Who just wants to get to know someone from far away. I would love to add some photos of where we can home, I think it would be neat. Maybe even occasionally little trinkets from local places.
If you see something that you think you could connect with, message me here, or

Michael: You Get Hate

Could you do like a really cute one where you get hate right in front of him making you think that you’re a terrible girlfriend and don’t deserve him so, he does something really cute to show you that your perfect? (Preferably with Mikey but I don’t really mind tbqh) ♥

~ok so I’m pretty sure this one of the worst things I’ve written in my whole life. I’m so sorry. I feel really bad >.<. Anyway, I hope this is kind of what you were hoping for. If not, then again, I’m sorry. I’ve had trouble writing a lot recently, whether it be writers block, illness or tiredness I’m not sure. Probably all three. Anyway, to the imagine.~

You’d been out shopping at the mall with Michael all day. It was fair to say he was getting quite restless and wouldn’t stop begging for food, preferably pizza. If it was possible to marry a food, you were certain Michael would marry pizza.

“Please babe, can we go for pizza now? We’ve been walking around for two hours.” He put extra emphasis on the two to prove how just fed up he was. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he starts to pepper kisses all over your neck and up to the bottom of your ear. He knew exactly how to get your full attention. You liked that Michael was a clingy boyfriend, some people would hate it, but you loved being able to hold hands all the time or cuddle constantly and to not have him complain about it once. He obviously enjoyed being as close as to you as possible and you reciprocated those feelings.

“Yeah, I’m getting pretty hungry anyway.” You turned around and pecked his lips. Michael cheered jokingly and took hold of your hand.

Hand in hand you wandered your way to the food court, window shopping on your way around and gazing at all the pretty clothes that you just couldn’t afford. You decided to go to an open seated pizza place, so you could sit outside of it and still watch all the people passing by. With Michael being quite famous now, you’d usually hide away from people but there hadn’t been many fans around that day. Michael went up to order the pizza while you sat and scrolled through your twitter. When you first started dating, the amount of hate you’d received was sickening but it had died down a lot recently. It was lovely knowing that the majority of the fans were finally accepting you into the family even if it took them a while to come around.

A group of teenage girls approached your table with a determined look on their faces. It was slightly odd but you didn’t question it. You went back to looking at your phone and noticed a few hurtful comments in your mentions but tried your best to ignore them. Eventually, one of the girls in the group decided to approach you with a stern expression. She looked sort of annoyed with you when she really had no reason to be.

“Hey, can I help you?” You asked timidly, feeling quite intimidated by the girl.

“Are you Michael’s bit on the side?” Her comment struck you like a bullet to the heart. What the hell? That comment was completely uncalled for and incredibly rude.

“If you mean girlfriend, then yes.” You replied, feeling your anger starting to burn inside you.

“Well, where is he?” The girl demanded. There was very few occasions when you’d been personally approached by rude fans, but this was even worse than anything you’d experienced before.

“Why should I tell you? You’ve been incredibly rude to me.” You didn’t like to be horrible to the fans, but why should you be nice to her? You got enough mean comments without her adding to them.

The girl shook her head, laughing a little, “It’s funny that you think he actually loves you.” You told yourself it was just jealousy speaking on her behalf but you didn’t like to be treated this way. You wished for Michael to return quickly, but he didn’t show. “Why would he love you anyway? You’re not even that pretty. You resemble the back-end of a donkey, actually.” That comment really did it. Standing up from the chair, you grabbed your belongings and stormed into the pizza place. It wasn’t as busy anymore and you found Michael easily. By the time you reached him, tears were flooding down your cheeks and you were a mess.

“Whoa baby, what’s wrong?” He pulled you into his chest immediately and kissed the top of your head. Stepping out the queue, you stood at the side of the shop and explained the situation. You could see the anger flare in his eyes and you knew he wouldn’t let this slide easily.

“She said you didn’t love me.” You couldn’t even bare to look at him. Honestly, you knew better than to believe something like that, but it still planted doubt into your head.

“Of course I love you, you’re everything to me.” He held your face in his hands and kissed you gently on the lips. “Come on, we’re going to go and have a little chat with her.” You really didn’t want to face her again, but you knew Michael was going to force her into an apology. Not that it mattered much; her words had already caused their damage.

Exiting the shop, the same group of girls approached you and you stood behind Michael. You couldn’t even look towards them because you knew they’d be mocking you for reacting in this way.

“Oh my god, you’re Michael Clifford.” The girl who’d been horrid to you spoke and the falseness of her voice was almost puke-worthy.

“Yeah, I am and this is my girlfriend, (y/n). Who, I do believe, you’ve just been awful to, am I right?” His voice was laced with venom. He didn’t even regret being horrible to this girl. She was no longer a fan in his eyes, not after the way she’d made you feel. Nobody upset his girl and got away with it.

“Well, I wasn’t. She was rude so I reacted.” The girl’s voice trembled and it was obvious she was lying. Her confidence was crumbling beneath her feet.

“(Y/N) would never be rude to a fan unless they gave her a reason to be. I know exactly what you said to her and if you ever say anything like that to her again, it’ll be the last words you ever say.” Michael towered over her and the girl cowered.

“Michael, don’t, it’s ok.” You whispered into his ear, trying to calm him down.

“No, it’s not ok. It’s anything but ok.” He turned his attention from you back to the girls in front of him. “The truth is girls, (y/n) is incredible and she makes me so happy. She’s my everything and I love her more than I’ve ever loved anybody. So this hate towards her stops now and I think you should apologise to her.” You stepped round to stand by Michael’s side, feeling safer now that he was with you.

All of the girls apologised, including the bitchiest one, you’d expected her not to but she was clearly quite afraid of Michael at this point. Once that was finished with, all the girls walked off looking ashamed about their ridiculous actions.

“Thank you, but you really didn’t need to do that.” You were surprised by Michael’s outburst. It wasn’t like him to do things such as that. Then again, people were trying to hurt you and that’s one thing he’d never stand for. Anybody who caused you pain would have to face the consequences. Michael took both your hands in his and looked you directly in the eyes.

“I did need to do that. They weren’t going to make you cry and think that was totally acceptable. Nobody makes my girl cry ok?” He was smiling sweetly at you and you returned the gesture. “There, that’s the smile I love to see. I love you so much (y/n), never forget that.”

“I love you too Mikey.”

“So, uh, can we get that pizza now?” You couldn’t help but laugh, he must have been starving by now. You nodded and this time you both went inside to order. Michael held you a little closer to him and always made sure you were ok.

The rest of the day went perfectly. You continued your shopping spree with Michael acting like a complete idiot. He’d try on all the women’s hats and sunglasses in the shops you went into just to make you laugh. He was really an amazing boyfriend; you were so blessed to have him in your life. When you finally finished shopping, you both went to his apartment and cuddled on the sofa watching numerous chick flicks until you fell asleep wrapped in his arms. 

From: @papanara                              To: @lyssala

notes: I’m lyssa’s kinda-sorta “secret” santa!!! We can’t have this lovely lady going without a gift fic so I have swooped in and dusted off my eremika writing skills as best I can!!! I tried to do something a little different, so I hope you like it!

summary: Mikasa and Eren’s daughter Mina has a Christmas wish: that her parents finally stop being dumb and just get married already. 2.2K words.



“Mom, I want to get Grandpa Levi that for Christmas.”

Mikasa stops her fast-paced walk through the mall to look at whatever her daughter is pointing at through the nearby shop window. Normally it’s something shiny or big that catches her eye, but this time it’s not a toy, but rather a ridiculous product sold in the As Seen on TV store.

“A…chillow pillow?” Mikasa makes a face as soon as she says it aloud. The ridiculous Comic Sans font in hot pink isn’t helping it seem any better of an idea, either. “You sure?”

From her place on top of her shoulders, Mina leans her head down and attempts to meet her mother’s eyes. “Yeah! Dad says that Grandpa has a hot head? Maybe it will help him sleep.”

Mikasa snorts and give’s Mina’s leg a good pat. “That wasn’t what Eren meant.”

Mina wiggles on top of Mikasa’s shoulders before she lets out an “Ohhhh. He meant that Grandpa gets agitated a lot.”

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