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Margaret and Mary Tudor, princesses and later Dowager Queens, the daughters of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York, the sisters of Henry VIII. Born nearly a decade apart, the two knew little of each other after Margaret departed to Scotland, yet shared the same passionate and self-possessed nature, choosing their own mates to the scandal and scorn of others.

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It’s not just about Dean’s childhood shaping Dean’s present, it’s also about how the show reinforces the status quo every other season. It’s about how Dean is pressured into playing his caretaker role, it’s about how the show has been set up. Putting all the blame on John or Dean’s messed-up childhood is not technically correct, because, it takes away the blame of the situation from other, equally responsible parties.

Every time Dean tries to break the mold, every time he tries to get away from Sam or from the thankless job he’s been assigned to–he’s forced back into the game –this is not a one time occurrence, its a pattern. There is always something that needs to be fixed, there is always another disaster that needs to be averted, another apocalypse just waiting to happen. And Dean is lectured, beaten, subdued back into continuing to work with Sam because “the world’s fate hangs on Dean’s shoulders”. And now, after Chuck’s made it official, after Chuck has declared Dean responsible for everything under the sun,  it’s very unlikely that the pattern will break.

As much as Sam talked against Dean playing the Daddy’s little soldier to John, Sam did expect same kind of loyalty from Dean. According to Sam, it was only bad when Dean listened to John, but it was perfectly alright when Dean listened to Sam. Sam’s been pretty manipulative and devious plenty of times over the course of last eleven seasons and I don’t really see all of those actions as some kind of left-over projection from his childhood abuse. Also, let us not pretend that only John had the “Let us use Dean as a weapon/soldier/blunt instrument” mentality, because that is certifiably untrue. In fact, at this point of time, I’d have a hard time finding any character that genuinely cares for Dean as a person without any ulterior motives.
Each semi-competent male hero has a more talented female sidekick. Why isn’t she a hero?
The sexism of the hyper-competent female sidekick trope, in one chart.
By Constance Grady

The hyper-competent female sidekick is often an attempt at feminism

This approach is kind of a halfway-there response to feminism. We all know it’s poor form to relegate your leading lady to the damsel-in-distress role, so let’s make her competent! Actually, we’ll do you one better: We’ll make her more competent than the hero. Girl power! Guys are always such bumbling idiots, right, ladies? Except, you know, when it’s important. When it’s important, only a guy can get the job done.

And so we have Hermione and her Mary Poppins bag singlehandedly keeping Harry and Ron alive all through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. She wards their invisible tent, brews Polyjuice Potion, and hexes Harry into unrecognizability when they’re captured — but it’s Harry who kills Voldemort, of course.

We have Trinity in The Matrix, who is so heart-stoppingly competent during our first encounter with her, and who is allowed to accomplish so little throughout the rest of the trilogy while Neo repeatedly saves humanity, that film critic Tasha Robinson named the Trinity Syndrome after her. (Trinity Syndrome: “the hugely capable woman who never once becomes as independent, significant, and exciting as she is in her introductory scene.”)

Dear Sherlock fandom

No I don’t want any of your tjlc
No I dont ship Johnlock
I am quite happy with shipping Sheriarty
Does that mean I think its really freakin canon? No.
It’s ok if you ship Johnlock you go, it’s also ok if you ship Sherlolly, Adlock or whatever the fuck you want.
But for the love of god stop rubbing it into my face, stop hijacking tags that don’t even belong to THIS FANDOM
I want to enjoy my destiel without reading how Johnlock is going canon 2017 and Destiel isn’t. I don’t need that.
Have you heard about queerbaiting?
And how the hell are you all getting super excited about the idea that Jim Moriarty really wants to drug and rape Sherlock?
Why do you hate Mary so much?
What the hell is going on in this fandom?
Get some freakin chill.

  • miraculous fans: how is everyone so blind?? how does NO ONE realize that marinette is ladybug and adrien is chat noir??? mari doesn't even change her HAIR and both of them disappear all the time and -
  • miraculous fans: there's no way that gabriel agreste is hawkmoth. it's totally his twin brother
  • Female character: *is generally kind to everyone, sweet, good manners, isn't a troublemaker*
  • Fandom: can we plz get more interesting female characters???? I hate these goody goody Mary Sues who never sass adults or kick puppies like strong characters should!!1!!
  • Male character: *is generally kind to everyone, sweet, good manners, isn't a troublemaker*

okay but Soul Eater Wizard of Oz AU where Marie is Glinda and Stein is Oz and Maka, as Dorothy, shows up after all that trouble with her gaggle of friends and the great Oz isn’t answering so she rips down the curtain and it’s just Stein and Marie making out and Maka throws her hands in the air like “You could have just brought me here in the beginning and saved me so much trouble!” to Marie and Marie just laughs nervously

Swan Queen is unintentional? Then why does shit like this keep happening...

Season 3, Episode 18

Here, we have some obvious concern from Regina:

She knows that Zelena is powerful… even more powerful than her, and she is worried that even Emma might not be able to defeat her. And of course, this alone can be read as platonic. It is by no means unusual for friends to worry about each other’s safety (well, they’re not exactly friends at this point, but what else do you want me to call them?!). 

… but then we get these looks from Hook and Mary Margaret:

Surely it can’t be that much of a shock that Regina and Emma would ever be concerned for each other’s safety, especially after everything that’s gone down between them up until this point in season 3. So what exactly was the point of these expressions (and for these two shots to be so lengthy)? I’ll let you come to your own conclusions…

And seriously, has anyone been keeping track of how many times Mary Margaret has given Emma and Regina this look? I feel like if anyone knows what’s really going on between these two… it’s her!

Next, we have a shot of Emma as she walks away with what I can only imagine as a look of sheer (gay?) panic:

She glances over at Regina for a split second:

And who’s looking back at her? Oh yeah…

And as usual, Hook tries to take advantage of the situation by leading Emma down the stairs… but she’s just not interested (or maybe just distracted by a certain someone?):


So yeah. Adam and Eddy- if you want us to believe that Emma and Regina’s relationship is completely platonic, then maybe you should stop coding them as two lovesick lesbians/bisexuals in denial. Just a thought…

I get why she’s named Ellis because SHONDA, but she seriously couldn’t have picked ANYTHING better? Grace for Seattle Grace? Christina for Yang and Derek’s middle name? Mary for Merry-Go-Round because we can’t get rid of this fucking carousel theme? Elevator? Ferryboat? One Night Stand in a Terrible Dive Bar Turns Into The Love of Your Life And Then Shonda Rhimes Kills Him Off, Ruining Everything and Alienating the Entire Fan Base? Sorry, maybe that last one’s a little long.

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how do you think cas will react when he sees dean is alive? how amazing that cas got sent to dean. i need to see dean introduce cas to mary :) "he's an angel" and mary just smiles and embraces him but then shit hits the fan cause sam thinks hes dead but you know what... cas and dean are together and thats all that matters to me

mary smiles at dean. “i told you angels were watching over you.”