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Incase you were wondering this was my conversation with Mamrie….

Mamrie: hi! what’s your name?
Me: uh erm cayla, oh my god you’re so *pause* gorgeous
Mamrie: oh you are too! So how are you?
Me: *worries about gretting rushed off and rushes* I’m good, erm. Can I erm get a picture on your back?
Mamrie: oh um sure, we can try
Me: *gets on mamries back*
Mamrie: Oh Cayla you weigh like two pounds!
Me: *realizes that I’m kinda touching her boob and moves hand*
-takes pictures-
Mamrie: alright cayla this ride ain’t free Mamrie: So do you want to get a normal picture?
Me: Yeah! Sure!
-another picture-
Mamrie: Good meeting you!
Me: You too *throws hands up in air because I met Mamrie Hart*
Mamrie: *laughs and does the same hand thingy*


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The Proposal part 1

Hannah Knew she had to do it soon as she was going away on tour in two months and she need grace to know that no matter where she was she would always love grace and have her on her mind. So today was the day she would go out and buy a ring, no the perfect ring. She picks up her phone and calls Mamrie.

“Hey min Hart how can I help you this fine day”

“I need your help Mamrie. I am going ring shopping and I need your opinion on the ring I have my eye on. Will you come with me?” Hannah asked.

 “erm… Sorry Hannah I can’t I promised grace I would help her with a video today could we rain check and do it tomorrow” Mamrie enquired.

 “Oh ok then well I am still going to go and buy it and just trust that I know her as well as I think I do. Have a nice shoot with grace and I will probably see you later.”

 “Ok then Han see you later on. Have a nice shopping trip”

 On hanging up on Hannah Mamrie phones grace to conform what time she is needed to be at Grace and Hannah Place. It was still strange for Mamrie to have both of her friends in one handily location and it was still new for her after all the pair and only been living together for 6 months and it was all still new for them too as well as Mamrie.

 “Hi Grace just wanted to phone and check what time you wanted me over later to shoot your video?”

“Oh Hi Mamrie how about you come over for about 12 and then we can spend the rest of the day just hanging out? Maybe stay for dinner?

“Yes that sounds great see you in a couple of hours then. Bye grace”

“Wait Mames can I ask you something really quickly?”


“Have you spoke to Hannah today?”

“Yer I had a chat with her a bit ago why?”

“Did she seem a little off to you?”

“Not at all why do you ask?”

“Oh nothing doesn’t matter just me being silly I guess. See you later Bye”

And with that grace hung up the phone and began to prepare for the video her and Mames where planning on shooting later on. Grace was busy rushing around organizing thing when she caught the sight of the clock from the corner of her eye. Shit she thought Mames is going to be here in 20 minutes and I still haven’t showered. Quickly grace jumped into the shower and got dressed that is when she noticed that her ring was missing. She wore it every day and now it wasn’t where she had put it the night before. Panicking she franticly started searching her and Hannah’s room to see if she could see it.

After a couple of minutes searching with no joy she heard the knock of her door followed by Mamrie calling into the house.

“Hey Grace where are you?” Mamrie Yelled out looking around the house that was now really starting to look like a cosy house.

“In the our bedroom. I have lost my ring Mames the one Hannah got me last year on our 4th anniversary.”

Mamrie could hear the distress in Graces voice and rushed to her aid. On entering the room she saw a sad looking grace rooting through her jewellery box desperately looking for the ring. Mamrie took out her phone and text Hannah to see if she had any idea where the ring was. The message read “Hey Han have you seen the ring you got grace last year she can’t find it and it really upset about it? x” Mamrie waited quietly for a response from Hannah but in the mean time she needed to calm grace down and let her know everything was going to be ok.

Mamrie’s phone bleeped and to her joy it was from Hannah “Hey Mames I have the ring I needed it for the size to get her engagement ring. Tell her not to worry and I will help look for it when I get home in a bit. Just about to leave town now x” 

“Ok grace Hannah says not to worry and she will help you look for it when she get home. So shall we go and shoot this video then we can all look later when she get home”

“Ok Mamrie give me and minute to compose myself and we can start shooting” 

About half way though the video Hannah arrived home and entered the house as quite as possible as to not distracted her friends from there video. She headed straight up stairs to her and graces room and was shocked by the state of it. There were clothes all over the place and graces Jewellery box had been emptied out onto their bed.

Hannah started the clean up process putting all of graces jewellery back into it place as well as the ring that had caused all this mess in the first place. Once she had finished with the jewellery she began with the clothes that where all over the floor. At this point Hannah heard graces sign off “I don’t know” and the sounds of her two friends heading towards her. 

Hannah stopped what she was doing and sat on the bed waiting for Grace and Mamrie to come and find her. When grace entered the room she looked around at the now clean room and headed over to Hannah giving her a kiss as a hello then stepped back and looked around.

“Did you find my ring babe” Grace enquired

Hannah pointed to the nightstand where the missing ring was now sitting.

“It was under the bed Gracie” Hannah stated looking right at Mamrie and giving her a wink

“Oh my god thank you so much for finding it babe I was so worried it was lost forever.” 

Hannah stood up and walked over to grace wrapping her arms around her and placing a gentle kiss on her temple Hannah broke the hug when she heard Mamrie cough. Both grace and Hannah looked over at Mamrie and started to laugh. 

“Should we head out for something to eat?” Hannah asked 

Both Mamrie and Grace said in sink “Sure let go”

Part 2 will be up tomorrow

Part 2