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TBBT: The Veracity Elasticity (10x7)

If you haven’t watched, SPOILERS ahead.

Awww! Loved it!!!! I watched it 3 times today’s because there is so much to in this episode. So let me jump right in.

1. Fun with flags:

I enjoy any episode that has “Fun with Flags” in it. How cute are Sheldon and Amy when they do these shows? That’s when their nerdiness really shines through. 💖 It’s so funny how over the top and awkward each movement is when they are recording. Can we make a petition to have Fun with Flags be a real YouTube vlog? Lol! 😂 I enjoyed “Footprints on the Moon” as musical guest too. Nice touch, guys! 👍Always a fan of FOTM!

BONUS: How cute and significant was the theme of the show they both worked on. According to them it was “flags of 2 regions coming together as 1″. That’s how they view their relationship. Can we get an “amen”? 🙌

2. Living together life:

Did you guys notice how comfortable and normal they are living together? Raj and Howard left and they were both tidying up and planning dinner, chit chatting about her apartment with Sheldon offering to help her with her landlord. But poor Amy looked so nervous lying to him. 😕

3. The guys have lunch at Caltech:

Finally, a Caltech lunch scene! 😆 It feels like ages. It was nice to watch them going back and forth with their random conversations on the asteroids and the kale. And Howard patronizing the guys of course was gold. I laughed too hard at Sheldon’s “I feel both flattered and hurt. Like when people say I look like a skeleton form the Night before Christmas.” LOL! 😂

4. Sheldon is worried about Amy:

Aaaaagh!!! 😲 He is head over heels for Amy (we knew). He is not good at noticing other people’s feelings or when others are lying to him but with Amy is different. He knew something wasn’t right and he also knew she was hiding something from him to the point of not being able to eat or sleep. 😳 Poor baby! It was driving him crazy because he trust her so much.

5. Lies:

Penny putting Leonard’s stuff into storage was not cool. 😡 She knew this was part of what Leonard stood for since she met him. Come on Penny! And Amy keeping that her apartment was fixed from Sheldon… Come on Amy! There was no need for that, ladies.

6. Klingon and Ubbi Dubbi:

I found this scene amusing and extremely hilarious. How funny was listening to them 4 and their lines with the subtitles? Hahaha 😅😉 Sheldon’s face when the girls start talking Ubbi Dubbi was priceless. Icing on the cake when the rest of the gang joins them and Howard started speaking Klingon too. Everyone (including Howard and Bernie) fessed up quickly and Amy also apologized to Sheldon. It looked like she just wanted to crawl under a rock. Penny on the other hand was not having it “And what? Your wizard robes are next to go?” was her response to Leonard expecting an apology. I will admit it may have been mean but it was funny. However, can we get and episode where Leonard’s is served justice. He is a wonderful guy and attractive too. I don’t want him to be the underdog all the time. I get it, Penny’s beautiful. I mean did you see her outfit in the sex dungeon scene? 😍 Stunning! But Leonard hold his own too, Kooh-Vakh!

7. Sheldon is open to the possibility!!!!!:

When asked by Raj, Sheldon specifically said he considered their experiment to be positive. Squeal!!! 😀 He has enjoyed living with her. Amy’s “Are you saying you’d like to live with me?” broke my heart. 💔 It almost seemed like she was not expecting for him to be on board after all this weeks and how much they have grown. She still fears flight risk-shut down-closed off-guarded Sheldon. 

“I’m open to the possibility” Sheldon replied and then I died. Go Sheldon! 

I have to say I get the whole “but that’s my room”… Because it totally is. Let’s not forget he was living in 4A way before Leonard or Penny even lived in the building. I know some may not agree but Leonard and Penny got married and Penny had her apartment and it was Leonard who moved in to Sheldon’s apartment so technically its not only his room but his apartment. But I understand why the writers are doing it this way. Not to be petty, but it’s his room. Just sayin’.

8. Good night kiss:

Sheldon and Amy talking before bedtime!!! Feels! 😻 And of course, their adorable peck on the lips. 😚😚😚 Oh, my babies!!!! Did you all notice Sheldon is the one that continued thinking about the logistics of moving in together and making it work once again? He presented various options: Penny’s apartment, Amy’s apartment, a new place or move to a new city. But let’s not forget he hates changes so this is huge for him. Being with Amy is not the hard part for him, is the changes (ie. losing his bedroom) that is causing him anguish.

BONUS: “That’s my girl”. Yes she is. Agh!!!!

9. Comic book store:

How awesome that in one episode we got to revisit Fun with Flags, Caltech cafeteria and the Comic book store? In TBBT universe, each set means so much to us viewers. Anyway, how cool the guys asking the hard questions and Sheldon still taking the moving in with Amy issue very seriously? (Sheldon called it a “significant decision”).

“Do you love her?” and “Do you like living with her?”. Thank you Raj and Howard for asking the hard questions. The answer rolled right out of Sheldons mouth without hesitation: YES AND YES!!!

10. How PERFECT is Amy?

She is more than perfect. Okay, she lied which wasn’t cool. However, she wasn’t happy about lying, it’s not her element. She was honest in her apology too. But she is so understanding and patient. She really knows him, knows how to calm him or steer him and is willing to wait for him to meet her where she is at or meet him where he is at. No wonder Sheldon is in love with her. Some examples;

* She knew how to change the subject by steering the conversation in a way that caught his attention after the Fun with Flags. Sheldon said himself he found the topic “irresistible” and she knew it which was why she did it. I think this is the third time this season that Sheldon is kinda intrigued and titillated by something Amy says.

* When they were in bed, she wasn’t the one to approach their living arrangements. She let him lead the conversation about were they would live but when she saw he was overwhelmed, she didn’t ignore or minimize his feelings. She wanted to help him calm down and looked for the right way because its Sheldon we are talking about. She “sang” the Star Trek theme. Then he requested the 2001 space Odyssey. Did you see his face as she was singing it and then the big smile when he laid down?

* When Sheldon was in the hallway he seemed truly torn. 😢 When he told her he was there contemplating Buridan’s donkey, it must have been hard for her and she could have taken it as a form of rejection. She simply said “I understand” and was willing to give him his space. He seemed once again mesmerized by our Vixens knowledge of what he was referring to. Not only that, she threw in a few other references that got his attention once again focused on her because only Amy can challenge Sheldon’s brain and his heart at the same time. 

BONUS: Without a struggle or complains he ends up following her. That is their relationship. He is attracted to her and is willing to follow her and do things for her that are out of his comfort zone because she does get him but at the same time challenges him. She waits for him when she needs to but leads him when necessary. And he follows because she speaks his language, and he sees her as equal intellectually and he truly admires and respects her. This is what makes #ShAmy so special!

Awesome episode and I have to say, I’m loving Season 10 so much! 

BTW, I saw the promo right after the episode for next week and ended up rewinding that a dozen times. Can’t wait for next episode to try and figure out why on God’s green earth Amy Farrah Fowler (or any woman for that matter) ever turn down Sheldon’s “sexy” attempt. I don’t know whats up, all I saw was the commercial since I’m unspoiled but Amy please. Don’t you know that Sheldon is like a man made of sugar in a world of ants?🐜🐜🐜

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Can we just get an AMEN for Louis' wet skin? Because his skin just is ridiculous when wet (well, all the time really). I think Harry had to ignore him on stage or he wouldn't have been able to stop himself from pouncing on him. I mean, look at him!



Thoughts on “Degrassi: Next Class” Season 3

So I just watched the third season of Degrassi. I have so many thoughts and I’ll try to list them down below. Here we go:

- Before seeing the third season, I thought that I was going to hate the entire Miles/Lola thing. Surprisingly, I didn’t hate it. Actually, I kind of liked it. Well, besides from the fact that Miles cheated on Tristan, THAT I hate. But it’s okay. I accept it. They do look kind of cute together.


- I was bored with Maya. I foresaw what was going to happen. Nothing surprised me, absolutely nothing.

- Also, I was so damn happy about the subtle mention of Cam and Adam. It made me cry. I was bawling my eyes out.

- Shout out to Netflix for making Degrassi air at the same time in Denmark as the rest of the world, WITH Danish subtitles. Thank you!

- I still don’t like Jankie. And Frankie is still annoying.

- Tris, my little baby. My angel. You’re alive. I’ve missed you <3

- Also, I’m not buying the entire “oh Miles, I forgive you” scene. I think that Tristan will leave Miles in the fourth season. When Tristian is back to his normal and fabulous self, he’ll realize that he’s not okay with Miles cheating. As much as I am all for Triles (I LOVE THEM), I think that Miles was an ass for cheating and Tristian doesn’t deserve it.

- Miles needed a friend and yes, Lola did help him, but I do not tolerate cheating in any form.

- I want more Winston.

- Esme is improving.


- Shiny is bland. Very bland.

- The only good playwright is Eli. End of story.

- Zoë and Rasha ARE SO DAMN CUTE. I loved the openness of the gay characters in this season. It was so freeing.

- Hunter is hot. He’s smoking.


- Grace is beautiful.

i know i’m making a huge deal out of this but hear me out

jackson was in a car accident caused by saesang fans and he injured his back and was seen at the airport holding his back

but you know what this angel did

he asked the people in the car if they were okay before he left ( according to 

can we get jackson a medal for being the nicest human alive say amen hallelujah goodbye


Happy Birthday Dhani ♥

“That’s it really,  it’s all love. Whichever way you look at it, it’s all love. How much you can get from each other & that’s determined by how much you’re giving to each other. But it all starts within ourself & then it spreads to those around us  Good & bad. But basically that’s it, I think it’s the love that we can generate is equal to the love that we get back. Amen” - George on love, taken from  introduction to ‘This Is Love’  video

Patton Oswalt, who not only voiced Dr. Bartholomew Grahsrihajul & a Klokateer on Metalocalypse, he also tweeted to help save our show during last October, lost his beautiful wife this week. She was 46 years old.

I didn’t feel I was overstepping in this situation by offering condolences on behalf of everyone (hope that’s ok).

Can I get an amen (of sorts) - if we give this a ton of notes and kind comments I’ll tweet him a link to the post in a few weeks.

Let’s all take a moment to remember Badman era. When literally every single member was tanned except for Himchan. Why, Himchan? Why?

Just go to itsbap and look at pics from that era. All the tan. Yongguk was tan. Daehyun was tan. Youngjae was tan. Jongup was tan(ner). Junhong was even darker and looked tanned! Can we get an amen for Badman era?