can we get a scene pls

these two are such soulmates I stg

also pls watch dennou coil its some tight shit and the kids are such good characters

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I'm looking for a fic for some time because I don't remember the title or definite tags to look for... there is a scene that's stuck with me, where Stiles and Derek are already close and the Sheriff just found out. They are alone hugging on the couch and having a heart to heart, when the Sheriff gets home or getting off the stairs & he found them.. in that moment he understands that things between Stiles & Derek are more serious then anticipated or something like that. Hope you canc help me pls

We sadly can’t but maybe our followers can?

when you find out that the director throws out all of yoo jung’s lines and most important emotional scenes between him and seol that were already recorded and replaces them with in ho i mean, yeah, we need to see in ho taking out the trash¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and washing the dishes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  walking to class ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  staring at jung and seol interactions from afar for a good 80% of the show??? duh.¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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28.) It's just you and me tonight. We can do whatever we want ;) heh heh with Tythan pls

oh O h O H this is gonna be good

“It’s just me and you tonight, we can do what we want”

                                                { Smut Warning }

Ethan sat in his room alone. No one else was home. Except Tyler. Kathryn and Amy went out to go shopping and Mark was hanging out with Matt and Ryan.

Ethan was watching some show, and a quite sensual scene came on. Ethan just watched his laptop screen, like a child seeing boobs for the first time. It turned him on quite a lot. He could get away with a little bit of fun right?

He slid his hand down his basketball shorts and into his boxers. He stroked himself softly. Breathy moans came from his lips. The door knob to his room turned. He tried to stop himself but, he was too far in.

“Ethan, do you want pizza or dinner” Tyler said looking at his phone before looking up at the boy. His head was thrown back and his hand down his pants. his eyes were closed and his face; bright red. 

“E-ethan” Tyler stuttered slowly becoming aroused by the sight of the small boy pleasuring himself.

Ethan opened his eyes, still dazed.

“T-t-tyler I can explain” he stutters still on the edge

“No need to explain” Tyler says walking closer

“Hmm” the smaller boy says

“This is like a dream to me”  Tyler says “I just want to be the one doing these things to you”

His hand sits on Ethan’s thigh, creeping up his shorts. Tyler’s hand meets Ethan’s. Tyler pushes his hand away and starts to stroke for him. 

More moans escape the smaller boys mouth.

Tyler stops leaving the boy longing for more. Tyler pulls down the boys shorts, leaving him fully naked. He moves his computer. Ethan’s hand creeps down to Ty’s bulge (his girthy cock XD). Tyler lets out a deep moan.

“You don’t know how bad I wanna fuck you right now”  Tyler whispers

“I want you not be able to walk for days” Tyler whispers again

“But what about Mark and-” Ethan starts

“It’s just me and you tonight, we can do whatever we want” 

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I hope we get a lot of sambucky scenes in infinity wars. I know marvel doesn't give a shit about bucky but pls let him be happy and develop a friendship with sam... if y'all can write 1 million movies with t/ony st/rk as the main then you can give bucky And sam some good screentime literally the bar is so low to make me happy right now

the bar for me right now is sam and bucky smiling at each other once

i will be satisfied 

i will be at peace

Since we’re doing the time jump, can we have a scene where Emily is getting hit on aggressively by a guy at the bar, and she gets Alison to pretend to be her girlfriend, and when the guy finally leaves them alone Emily is all apologetic and Alison says something like “I’m happy to be your girlfriend at any time.” with her cheeky Alison smile. Can it happen pls

teen wolf things I will NEVER get over or forget
  • what the fuck is stiles’ real name
  • stiles’ sexuality: we all know he is bi can you please stop being so gross and “baiting” it seriously 
  • why are all the scenes darker than the nogitsune’s soul
  • pls make tw brightly colored again
  • pls my eyes hurt
  • the berg that is green
  • isaac randomly leaving
  • derek randomly leaving
  • wtf was season 4 and who was the benefactor lol
  • the lack of humor after 3b
  • is malia a feral child or not?? how is she doing advanced math when she lived in the woods for 8 years with no education?? not hating but idgi
  • killing allison and erica. pls resurrect 
  • so for 5 seasons have stiles and lydia been friends or hated each other make up yo damn mind jefferey before the stydia fandom kills u
  • just tell us who greenberg is please
Why Kanto (and Sinnoh) games deserve remakes


  • 20th anniversary coming up???!
  • fire red leaf green had no animated battles, we need animated battles
  • 3D pallet town and lavender town music?!?!
  • had no cut scenes, we need kanto cut scenes
  • most open plot, literally so much could be done its endless
  • oras was amazing look what they did with oras?
  • the lavender town scene in 3D!?!
  • the poor female protag needs more love pls lonely child
  • 3D ss anne party, 3D silph co. tower, 3D cinnabar island, 3D jerk rival, 3D professor who gets mad at us for riding bikes indoors?!!
  • genwunners can shut up because now all 700+ pokes are in ur precious kanto 


  • because haters gonna hate
  • 3D distortion world!?!?
  • 3D SnoW
  • Um poke-etch?!!?
  • um 3D cut scenes with poke-gods, like woah
  • holy flower town in 3D yes pls
  • can I just stop explaining its in 3D eyeyahhh
  • u know you wanna see barry, cyrus, and cynthia remade
  • diamond and pearl they’re gonna have cool remake names u know it
  • !?!?!!3D sinnoohhh!?!?!

I need both of these now thank you.

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What so you want to see most from the upcoming Punisher series? What sort of scenes?

i answered that a couple months back in a really long ask and if you wanna read that it is HERE

honestly there’s just so much i want?? but i don’t wanna get my hopes up for things but it ultimately comes down to i really really want to see flashbacks of marine frank, and i think we need to see at least one scene w/ his family because then we could see the contrast ya know? like soft dad and gentle loving husband to a killer. also pls can we get a really good shirtless scene?

Here we go.

While I enjoyed the episode, the Tsukishima Brothers conversation scene felt rushed and that’s possibly because the last half of their conversation was cut out entirely, and that the kagehina scene that happened after was actually used to break up the tsukibros scene in the manga, so they had that short bit and that was it. But something important was even taken out of the first half of their conversation.

This bit here

Which shows just how hard the last few years have been for the BOTH of them, how much their past affects them. Akiteru, who was all smiles and talked to Kei with such a casual air seconds before, wears this expression when his back his facing Kei. Kei is watching him, watching that back as he tosses up a volleyball, like he used to do as a kid although not quite. The past is something that lingers between them, but neither of them quite have the guts to bring it up, out of fear of opening old wounds for the other.

Akiteru has suffered just as much Kei, but how they handled it was different, as Akiteru later explains when Kei starts asking him questions about if he’s still playing volleyball.

And now, onto the latter half of their conversation that was completely omitted, save for a compressed and abridged version during the preview at the end of the episode.

Akiteru knows Kei is a first year regular (he must keep tabs on his little bro through Mom tbh.) It was Akiteru’s goal to become a first year regular, but he never became one at all throughout his 3 years of high school. But rather than being bitter or resentful, he praises his brother and doesn’t let Kei talk himself down when he shrugs it off as just being because of his height. Akiteru tries to convince him that even if he is a regular for his height alone, it is still something he should be proud of and utilize as a weapon. After all, not everyone is over 6ft tall. Kei expresses veiled insecurity, and Akiteru is having none of that. He won’t let his brother.

Akiteru’s explanation after about having a great ace or someone who’s really tall being the difference between victory and defeat comes up again later during the game against the guy who’s over 2 meters tall, but it’s also Akiteru’s way of telling Kei that he, himself CAN MEAN the difference between victory and defeat.

That last line (or rather, a more condensed and casual version of it, since the manga makes it seem rather serious) plus the next 3 in the following panels made it into the preview at the end of the episode.

I suppose this last bit isn’t so important that it HAD to make the anime, but it still would have been nice to see them banter like this. Also, we learn an interesting thing about Akiteru’s character and that is he still thinks of Kei as cute, and gets upset when he doesn’t act it. (As an older sister myself it is known fact that no matter how big and old your younger siblings get, or how uncute they act at times, they still cute af.) Also the cut-away to the half-moon feels significant, considering the moon symbolism that always comes up with Tsukishima, and considering the brothers share the name Tsukishima.

I suppose it was still nice they did include that last bit about height and uncuteness in the pv instead of completely cutting it out altogether, but the significance of that scene in it’s entirety is still lost.

It’s possible they could always include it in the next episode or whenever they go up against the team with a 2 meter first year. But I’m not holding my breath.

Tips for T100 S4 Writers:

- Stop with the: ‘Clarke saves people, everyone hates Clarke, Clarke leaves, everyone fucks up without Clarke, Clarke returns and saves everyone’ cyclical plot bc it’s getting annoying.
- Actually just stop making everyone so mean to Clarke.
- Bring back Wick and give him an agonising and violent death scene in his first 5 minutes. Just cause.
- Is Bell a meanie? Is he a fluffy good person? Who the hell knows give him a side pls I can’t deal with this love/hate relationship anymore.
- More kids killing other kids bc let’s be fair that’s the basis of the whole show whether we like it or not.
- Treat minorities with care + love, like small bunny rabbits and kittens.
- Give Raven a girlfriend. Pretty much everyone wants it.
- More Indra and Octavia scenes.
- Let Kabby be more in love.
- ArK fLaShBaCkS.
- Monty + Jasper doing drugs together and being happy.
- Change up the ending. S1, Clarke pulls a lever. S2, Clarke pulls a lever. S3, Clarke pulls a lever. S4, maybe a button or something? Please?

Add more buddies it’s too late for me to think

Okay but also we can safely assume that Laf helped Perry clean up in the mo’. Can you imagine that scene? Laf very gently talking to Perry, stroking her hands to get the blood off, using a towel to get the more dried blood off (and promising to clean the nice white hand towels with bleach later), one hand on Perry’s back or moving her hair out of the way as Perry helps them, possibly some forehead kisses for reassurance. And then helping Perry change shirts; not even in a sexual manner, just a very caring manner. We’ve always seen Perry being mother hen and taking care of her chicks but now Laf is taking care of their friend.