can we get a scene pls

So what I got from the newest episode of "Watching Sanvers Scenes on Youtube".
  • Alex: Valentines Day?
  • Maggie: No.
  • Alex: Valentines DAY?
  • Maggie: Seriously nope!
  • Alex: Communication?
  • Maggie: Heternormativity really traumatised me and I might never be over it.
  • Maggie: I am revealing a tragic and very realistic backstory to you that a lot of our fans can probably identify with.
  • Maggie: It would need a lot of screentime to resolve this issue properly.
  • Maggie: But we don't get that much screentime because white cis fuckboy needs to fuck the former protagonist of this TV show.
  • Maggie: After all, this is a family TV show and we can't tell happy straight ally (TM) families that they are traumatising young queer children.
  • Maggie: So gotta go bye!
  • Some time later.
  • Kara: Yo, Maggie, it's nice that you adressed some issues so the gays can identify with you.
  • Kara: But now it's really time to quickly resolve this because after all this is a family's TV show. And if we really adressed properly that heteronormativity is hurting and traumatising young queer people, we could not really make white cis fuckboy fuck me in another scene of this tv show.
  • Kara: So pls just get your shit together! We need the gays to be happy and distracted from the bullshit we are going to pull.
  • Some time later.
  • Alex: What is going on, Maggie?
  • Alex: I forgot my personality at home when I put on that dress.
  • Alex: Let's slow dance it out.
Supercorp and Sanvers Fix-it Fics/Missing Scenes, 2x18

Alex sees what a Bisexual Mess Kara is with Lena and she Knows –

Kara comforts Lena on The Couch (how it could have ended) –

Lena doesn’t push Kara away after Kara tells her about Jack –

Kara is turned on by Did I Mention I Was a Luthor –

Lena tells Kara why she saved Supergirl instead of Jack –

Maggie goes with Kara to the restaurant instead of what’s his name –

The Superfriends intervene with Winn when they notice Lyra’s abusive behavior –

The double date Lena wanted, Supercorp and Sanvers style –

The Thursday morning Sanvers sex we were all thinking about –

Maggie joins Alex for (actual) Thursday morning knife practice –

Alex and Maggie comfort Kara after she survives the car explosion –


On Alex’s propensity for being terrifying and torturing people, and Maggie finding this unacceptable –

a comprehensive list of  reasonable Gendrya shite i want

-her bursting into the room and him standing up quickly from the table of men he’s sitting at “Gendry!?”.. “Arya.. My Princess-” “Shut up” AND A HUG while the other men are like ?????????? and then Jon walks in and he let’s go of her and Jon just raises his eyebrows and walks away

-friendly teasing, arm punches, tickling, “Milady”

-tying a dirty handkerchief to his war hammer and saying “Don’t die.” 

-him asking her to dance at the feast and they get all the way onto the floor before realizing neither of them can dance. “Shall we just.. get more some more mead?”

-them standing or sitting next to each other at least. just in the same damn frame pls.

-an ”I can be your family” parallel or 2 or 17 

-someone to notice that they look like Robert and Lyanna. like i want Jorah to see them reunite and have a look on his face like: “de ja vu thooo!!!!” 

-u know that scene when King Elizabeth Swann gives that epic “hoist the colours” speech to the brethren in PotC3? and Will Turner is looking at her like she is the most amazing person to ever exist? YEAH. yeah. i just want Gendry to look at Arya with utter amazement and pure respect.

-her to use her faceless man skills to fight him in a play fight and win. can she get him in a headlock or something? and like when she let’s go he must react like Linguini did in Disney’s Ratatouille when Colette pulled all the knives out of his sleeves like “WOW!!!” :D with fucking acorn hearts in his eyes. 

(just fuck me up.)

DEGRASSI SEASON THREE IS ACTUALLY ONE OF THE BEST SEASONS OF A SHOW I HAVE EVER WATCHED ! So intense yet lighthearted and just so real - its beginning to give Skins, Skam, etc. a run for their money again. Everything in just ten episodes proves what wonders being picked up by Netflix has done for the show. Pointers ….


 - Lola and the Gamer Club was so unexpected but so great

- Lola and Yael’s friendship was so amazing and one of the best female friendships to be portrayed on Degrassi IMO. Similar to that between Gamer Club and Lola, they’re such an unlikely pairing but Yael’s support towards Lola and her abortion during episode eight killed me, it was so beautiful

- Grace and Jonah are also one of my favourite friendships on the show bar the fact that I am receiving vibes that replicate season two Grace and Zig. Pleassssse just let there a be a bloody platonic friendship between a guy and a girl, Degrassi, plssss I beg


- I just really love how every character was depicted as so flawed and problematic yet loving and full of worth this season, it was so wonderful to see and it kind of gives hope watching. I’ve more confidence in myself and others after watching ? 

- The writing was A***** this season. I cannot find a way to criticise it really. Also, A**** writing. Eric, Olivia and Ana all need some kind of recognition after their time on the show following their exits next season - such incredible actors//actresses 

- The refugee plot was so so amazing and I really hope that the information we learn about Rasha and Saad’s backgrounds gives some insight to or a change of heart in anyone watching who has a negative outlook on the refugee crisis. Also, I love how Rasha is a refugee from Syria, muslim and gay, it was just incredible 

- I almost cried watching Zoe come out after watching her so clearly struggle in the past few seasons and it broke me when she moved in with Grace after being kicked out by her homophobic a*s of a mom. Zoe’s come such a long way - like, can we just see her happy now, or ? Also, can I just say that Zasha are one of my otps ? Coool (other two are Hael and Fronah.)

- Goldi’s plot !!!!!!! Her character development is ace and I just love how imperfect she can be but how she learns so much. Also, as somebody who cannot stand religion, I couldn’t help but admire and respect how dedicated she CHOOSES to be to her faith. Also, when she supported Rasha coming out YASSSSS 

- MAYAAAA MY BBY MAYA ! Her plot struck too many chords and it all made so much sense. In reality, Maya has been a ticking time-bomb for such a long time; she had to boil over at some point. Every tiny aspect of every one of her seasons was so important and poignant. It was kind of nice for her to have a happy ending for once. Also, they better not revert back to her old look next season - HECK NO, KEEP THAT CURLING TONG AWAY !

- We finally got an insight into Esme’s background ! Esme is one of those characters who’s problematic behaviour is sometimes too regular for me to understand or accept but after those final scenes in episode ten, wow ! Esme is going to NEED to have a more prominent role in season four - Chelsea really stole that episode as such a capable actress.

- Lola’s abortion storyline was flawless, it couldn’t have been done any better. It really was the best depiction of abortion in both literature and TV/film that I have come across or heard of. Everything from discovering that she had been taking the pill the wrong way to Yael telling her that she was coming to the appointment. The procedure scene was so so vital and important plus the interaction with the doctor was brilliantly written. I also thought that it was so important that Lola was the pregnant girl in that storyline after being fobbed off as the ‘bimbo’ for song long. Manny Santos-development vibes, yass !

- Episode five was probably my favourite episode this season. It ticked every box with both comedy and addressing the pressures and expectations of sexual behaviour and thoughts on both men and women. I had me both in stitches and in awe like IS THIS EVEN REAL 

- I enjoyed Lola and Miles’s platonic relationship so I was a little disappointed when they ‘hooked up’, especially since both are so often depicted as promiscuous and without a conscience. Oh, well. But besides that, I did love how supportive they were towards one another.

- Grace is making me so upset, ohmygosh, episode seven. No words. I was so glad that she changed her mind.

- Well, we can finally understand why Baaz acts like such a d*ck - he is insecure ! That scene where he is basically admitting to being jealous of Hunter was beautifully done and even more so when Hunter let him win the eh, ‘measuring’ contest.


- I haven’t really thought much about the Tristan in a coma storyline yet. I’m not sure how I feel about it uh


- Did everyone glow up this season or what ?!?!?!?!?!! Especially Hunter and Maya - DAMN ! In the early seasons of Next Generation, the then-cast apparently used to wear their own clothes in scenes rather than outfits from a wardrobe especially curated for their characters. It seems as if the current cast and crew are heading back this way (only have to look at Reiya and Hunter’s hair, plus Lola and Maya’s hair and outfits.) which I looove - realistic looks and all that.


 - Saad’s camera ? Where can I get it ? Pls ? Someone ?

- “You know what they say …. Big feet …” This show, I can’t handle it ohmygosh, bless the Gamer Club YES 

- Yael and Hunter are the cutest, I love them both as friends and a romantic pairing and I really love how the show are portraying their difficulties in finding a balance ! Also, we really saw a softer side to both of them and they’re just ahhhhh

- TWIN TIME ! TWIN TIME ! TWIN TIME ! We need more twin time and Hollingsworth sibling scenes in general 

- Am I the only one who was delighted that there was no sign of the Hollingsworth parents this season ?


- Hunter’s hair and Jonah’s hair and guyliner ayyyyyy

- YAEL IS SUCH AN AMAZING CHARACTER ! I love how they included the ‘girl on girl hate’ ‘I’m not like other girls’ kind of thing and how she realised how in the wrong she was. Also, she has no chill ! The measuring scenes, omfg

- JONAH APPRECIATION ! How could anybody hate this smol bean ?

- Is Winston still only here for comedy, or ? Come on, lads !

- Degrassi incorporating such healthy discussions on attitudes towards sex, death, etc. is just the best. BRINGING IT BACK TO THE OLD SEASONS, AYY !

- will the writers give Frankie a break omfg this girl needs decent development !!! Character development !!! Where u at 

- Zoe’s mom just needs to stahp.

okay i should probably stahp now

I still can’t believe Emerald and Kate kissed and we didn’t get to see it. Like can they like make it a blooper or something or release it as a deleted scene!! Just pls let pats and deels kiss or at least show us this one.

(Edit- By the way- this happened back in season 5. So they kissed back in season 5 :(!!! I don’t understand. Why did they even film it if they’re just going to cut it out? Maybe wait for a better moment? Like Pats coming back from Hong Kong? Idk! Anyways- link is listed down in the replies!)

They brought back the EYE GLOW!!!

They added HIGHLIGHTS!!!!!!!




Bellamy x Raven ship aesthetics

don’t ask me when i grew obsessed with them i’ve been obsessed with them separately forever but i’m obsessed with them TOGETHER but ofc the show won’t give me a SINGLE SCENE of them ALONE i always end up shipping the ships who never get anything.

We have the perfect opportunity for Pre Kerberos flashbacks in Season 3, and I’m being completely serious about this. We’ll probably see the team struggling emotionally without Shiro being there. And Keith is supposed to fly the Black Lion, he’s supposed to be the head of Voltron. With the character development he got in S2 it’s unlikely that the writers will ignore how Shiro’s disappearance has affected him. And the thing is we don’t know specifics about what they were, how they met, how Shiro changed his life? And “changing his life” is something they can’t just ignore…

Keith won’t just be thrown off by suddenly leading the team. The others are probably going to question his orders in the beginning. Lance will probably challenge his judgement. (He’s a good balance to Keith though). I kinda think that Keith would ask Allura to fly Black at first, but no, Black trusts him. And Allura has to be at the castle. She can’t. Black won’t listen to anybody else. He has no choice. And he also has to (feels the need to) live up to Shiro’s expectations. With all that happening we HAVE to have a scene where he’s just alone and thinking back to when they first met.

would anyone be willing to do one line of voice recording for my podcast?

I want more voices to overlap in this one scene?? Dm me if ur interested and I’ll give u a line! It’s most likely going to be 2-6 words, not long lines or anything!!

U can just record it on ur phone and then email it to me (

Pls volunteer!! We r just a couple of college kids lookin to make an audio drama with lowkey queer representation, and we need all the help we can get.

Also if ur not going to record any, could u please reblog this to spread the word?? Thank u!!!

U can listen to our first two episodes @squadpocalypse

can we pls have the deleted scenes of jake and amy kissing bc apparently jake isn’t always motionless and hardly touching amy in the kisses its just the final scene we get so can we please have some happiness

About Time - Evansson Fanfic

A/N: Alright, here it is! My first fanfic on this Tumblr. It’s probably not going to have many chapters but I promise I’ll finish it. I know I’m not an awesome writer but let me know what you think of this first part, pls. :)

ps: I will probably change the title of the fic but for now that was the only thing I could think of.


Chapter 1

“CUT!”  the director yelled “It’s great, both of you. Let’s just try that last part again, see if we can get a better shot.”

Chris was in Atlanta for the Civil War shooting, that was the last scene of the day, the church scene with him and Scarlett. He enjoyed when they had scenes like that, they had so much history together and their chemistry always turned into something special when they were acting.

“That’s perfect! And we’re done for the day, thanks, guys!” Joe Russo yelled and everyone started packing their things and equipment.

“Ugh! God, I’m jaded. Why is it so hot in this place?” Chris said as he and Scarlett walked to the hotel where they were checked in, just a block away from the church place.

“Yeah” Scarlet said. He looked at her, she didn’t seem to have listened to his complaint.

“Are you okay?” he asked, snapping her out of her thoughts.

“Uh…Yeah, I just- I think I just miss Rose, that’s all. I haven’t been away from her this long” she said, but Chris sensed that there was something else bothering her.

“I understand. Well, we only have one more day of shooting, then you can go back to see her”

Later that night, Chris was in his room having dinner and worrying about her, sad to think that she probably wasn’t feeling any better. The truth is he never stopped feeling the way he once felt about her, he just succeeded on ignoring it, but that didn’t stop him from wanting to make her feel as happy as he could, he felt as if it was his responsibility to cheer her up at that moment when she had nobody else.

A few minutes later Scarlett heard someone knocking on her door, she tempted to just pretend she was asleep, even though she was sure she wouldn’t be able to sleep properly that night. But instead, she decided to open the door. Chris Evans was standing in front of her in his sweatpants, holding her favorite movie in one hand and a large bag of Gummy Bears on the other one. She smiled.

“What is this?”

“I thought it might cheer you up.” He shrugged, smiling back at her.

“I think it’s already working!” she laughed “Come in.”

Chris put the movie on the DVD and they sat on the bed to watch it, the bag of Gummy Bears in between them. This wasn’t a strange thing for them. With so many days traveling to shoot Marvel movies, there was a lot of free time, and they shared so many interests that usually they found something to do together.

By the end of the movie, Chris looked to the side, she was asleep. He smiled and tiptoed his way out of the room.

“Hey…” but she had woken up.

“Oh, sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you”

“No, it’s fine” she said, walking towards him. “I’ve got a very light sleep”

“I know” he said. The next moment they just looked at each other. They never knew what to say or how to react when one of them said something that acknowledged the fact that they once were much more than friends.

“Anyway, I just… Thank you. That was really nice of you.” She said, smiling.

“You’re welcome” he smiled back “And look, I know there is something else bothering you, I respect that you don’t want to talk about it. But whatever it is…It’s gonna be fine.”

“I don’t think it is. But thank you”

He gave her a long hug. She embraced him so tight he felt butterflies in his stomach and his heart ached.

“Good night”

“Good night”

Chris went back to his room and lay on the bed, but for a long time his eyes remained wide open and his thoughts traveled back to memories that he had never allowed himself to remember. It was during the filming of Nanny Diaries, he and Scarlett have had worked together before and were good friends since then, but when they were together again on that set something changed and they connected in a way neither of them thought to be possible. Before they even had their first screen kiss they were having secret dates and long nights together, making love and watching movies. They were in love, and if it was up to him they would still be together, but Scarlett had a conviction that if they made their relationship public the exposure would ruin their relationship and she valued his friendship too much to let that happen. He tried to argue and convince her otherwise, but after a while he just accepted it and they have been just friends since then. But when you end a relationship the way they did, it’s much hard to get over those feelings, that’s why he never did. And he tried, he really did. As the years passed he learned to live knowing that he would never feel that same way again towards anyone else, and he remained by her side, proud of the friendship they had maintained and glad that he had the opportunity to work with her so many times. Now and then those feelings would come back stronger and he would consider telling it all to her, how he had felt all those years. He even thought it would help if he opened himself to her and shared his feelings, but to do that would mean opening that wound again, the wound he took years to close. So he remained in silence, and she did the same.

these two are such soulmates I stg

also pls watch dennou coil its some tight shit and the kids are such good characters

anonymous asked:

i want lance to put up a mcfreaking fight and start sleeping in blue and then hes like why cant allura do it?? so she tries and red is like, nuh uh honey, so lance begrudgingly goes in red and hes like no offence but i miss blue :( and she like... purrs??? idk i want red to comfort lance

I was wondering how blue felt about this too!! I’m a little bit worried…I wonder who’s piloting blue in the meantime?

anyway, with this whole “lance piloting the red lion” business (assuming he really is piloting the red lion and that red interior wasnt just the result or some critical error inside of blue or whatever) we can pretty much assume we’re gonna get some meaningful keith & lance scenes out of it right? please? …please?

No McDanno for some more episodes. Scott wasn’t there filming episode 8.07, and he will also be away for at least 8.08 and the major part of 8.09. That makes just 4 episodes (8.01 - 8.03 + 8.06) in total for our beloved couple.

We know that Scott has injured his left elbow which is also woven into the H50′s s8 plot. We’ve seen the pics of him wearing the brace on the set. So it looks like the first half of s8 has not many broments left for McDanno fans. Let’s hope the second half will reunite Steve and Danny in some great episodes, though my hopes aren’t high. 

It looks like s8 is the season of Kamekona and Jerry and the newbies and all the other charas that were promoted to series regulars all of a sudden. 

Nevertheless, we hoped that PL and the writers would now focus on the special bond between McDanno, as PL was never getting tired of pointing out that McDanno is the heart and soul of H50. And s7 was very promising as well, as we had some episodes that reminded us of the flow of the first 3 seasons.

Season 8 feels kind of disrupted with the main focus on characters who aren’t exactly fan favorites. Sure, the newbies have to be introduced and all. But we doubt they can carry the load or make up for the missing interaction between Steve and Danny. So far PL can’t live up to his promise of more McDanno scenes …

anonymous asked:

Could you elaborate your parkour Keith head canon?

okay i don’t know much about parkour from a skill POV but i would absolutely YES i would love to talk about keith + parkour at 4.30am with you i can’t think about anything i would RATHER DO than this tbh.

  • keith moves very fluidly but with force and everything he has no takebacks. every action has clear-cut purpose, too. he’s not a waster of words and nor is he a shuffler or someone to dally around. in fact, if he’s troubled or stressed it’s actually the opposite as we see a few times he tends to go completely still and motionless before either leaving the scene or an explosive - to a degree, depends on situation/context - outburst 
  • the reason i mention that is bc this kind of movement isn’t something you can hesitate with or have doubts, you’ve got to be all in and just do it. some of this is stuff relies on you to trust your body and instincts and skills. 
  • that is something we know keith is capable of doing - it’s not being arrogant of conceited, it’s just be assured in knowing who he is in this way. keith does know what he’s about and what he’s good at there’s not point really pretending but he’s not a show-off either - but also he’s not gonna sleep on something he can do and also actually likes doing what’s the point in that in his eyes lol  
  • also like i was thinking about this the other day and have spoken about it here and here but… when keith gets knocked down he is pretty much always back on his feet in an instant. it is so god damn impressive and sometimes you watch him fight he’ll manoeuvre his fall to land in a way he can quickly use it as leverage to land on his feet or get himself up swiftly. the one time really significant time can think of where he actually really is so still after being knocked down significantly in person not in lion and cannot get up and is in 2.08 which just demonstrates the extent of the trauma he’s enduring bc for keith not to get up or haul himself up this guy has like the most fierce endurance ever  - that is alarming. i mean you just need to look at start of 2.03, 1.10 even earlier in 2.08 and other times for a few examples of how quick he is to get back On It. i cant find my post my keith tag is such a mess all my posts are just in no order on my keith blog im sorry lol. 
  • bet he likes the thrill and adrenaline of it too. 
  • you see this? this is him. it’s true. he could totally do this !!!!! ahhhhh!!!! 
  • OKAY BUT WITH THE SMIRK IN BOM I MEAN COME ON. don’t tell me he hasn’t done some badass parkour stunt or something with that expression before lmao. just imagine. hhh im gonna get into pre-garrison territory here soon but i see a Scene in my head and it makes me so happy. keith is the best. 
  • the way he twists that knife in bom is just *clenches fist* he moves is with such firm power and it’s unwavering all or nothing OH MY. he’d just…. i swear he’d be so good at parkour he’s agile and fast with his moves in that respect. 
  • and i know this isn’t about parkour at all but…. can we pls talk about the iconic Keith Kick tm some time bc it honestly gives me life.  

i love keith + parkour. i will always support keith + parkour, always. thank you for asking me about it!!! 

7x02 notes (spoilers ahoy!)

- okay GREAT episode. I mean, really.
- Varys my man! Yeah you tell the Dragon lady how it is!
-Daenerys can you stop being so beautiful pls I’m trying to concentrate
- Tyrion being such a good advisor! I feel like we haven’t heard much from Tyrion lately and i hope that changes
- Tyrion shading Ellaria for murdering Myrcella genuinely made me emotional and think of him smiling and playing with them in seasons 1 and 2. He fucking loved his niece and nephew (obvs not Joffrey) and now they’re dead and Ellaria can just go and choke
- Jon with Sansa and Davos being his most trusted companions gives me life. Could we add Brienne and Lyanna Mormont to the mix pls?
- Jon once again being publically overruled. Leadership never works out for him. Ever though he’s right.
-where was Tormund?!
- Brienne smiling at Sansa being named Queen in the North? 😍
- Jon choking out Littlefinger is my new aesthetic
- can Jon pls watch Arya skin Littlefinger he needs more reasons to smile
- speaking of my girl Arya, once again her scenes barely amount to 10 minutes but so long as we get at least one Arya centric episode I’m cool (jk i want it all to be about Arya)
- Her face when she learns that Jon is at Winterfell!
- I called it btw! I said she wouldn’t know her family home had been reclaimed!
- Referring to Brienne as a knight bc she had armour? Nice subtle throwback there ;)
- “I didn’t do that” talking about the Frey pies Arya you shady bitch 😂
- The Stark theme as Arya chooses to go North to her family! I’m not crying you’re crying!
- actually think we’ll most definitely be seeing Nymeria again, I frickin loved that scene.
- give Maisie Williams all the awards. Her little smile as she said “that’s not you”. my heart!
-he can keep Ellaria but i want Yara back
- seriously that’s the end of the Sand Snakes? Ffs well that was pointless.
-also i suspect that Theon is just planning to get help to save his sister but fUck her tears when he jumped overboard 😭😭😭

Also - no Bran, and neither him nor Arya appear in next week’s promo. Could that be good or bad?

This is not exactly a full reaction thing but I’ve had next to no sleep and I have to be up for work in 5 minutes.

I’m not gonna lie, all I want is a Stark reunion. Jon is going to Dragonstone JUST as Arya and probably Bran are getting to Winterfell bc the writers love being twats like that.


List of things I need in the httyd books:
  • no seriously WHERE did she go questing?? what did she fight?? i need answers!!
  • “There were dragons when I was a boy.”
  • stormfly/toothless dating answers?? stormfly has kids in the (in)complete book of dragons?? WHO’S???
  • does fishlegs finally get a girlfriend??? i need to know??
  • NOW
  • who is adelaide?? she needs some backstory over here! like how old is she?? were her and hiccup friends??? are they still friends?? did they hate eachother?? was snotlout a good brother??? hOW IS SHE DEALING WITH HIS DEATH
  • M A L E B O G B U R G L A R S
  • where are they??? where???
  • can we get some lgbtq in here??
  • im at least 3% sure the vikings were pretty chill with that
  • maybe ace?? or at least asexual?? can we some aces up here???
  • small reference???
  • pls i need this
  • MAYBE???
  • windwalker needs more love
  • excellinor death scene on repeat?? pls she’s worse than Umbridge (or at least tied)
  • “lol remember that time alvin tried to be king?”
  • *snort* “the idiot”
  • dragons

Quick Thoughts on TRR book 2 Chapter 2

• Hana! My darling little cinnamon roll! YOU’RE HERE 🙌

• Adelaide y u so pushy

• I like that Madeleine is pretty much as disinterested in Liam as he is in her lol. Their entire “relationship” is the definition of 😑

• Liam I love you but work on not keeping your heart on your sleeve pls pls or we’ll never make it out of here alive 😨 Why are the writers so inconsistent about this. We know Liam can don gameface on like it’s warpaint. We’ve had confirmation of that in the flashback scene too. This is the second time they have him show his feelings for the MC in public. On one hand I understand it’s all we’re gonna get for quite a while but on the other please make sure you let the man act like the statesman that he is.

• Now here is where I feel a little cheated when it comes to the diamond scenes. Hana’s is a “make hot cocoa and chat about Hana’s life in China with her parents”. She makes vague references to Madeleine inviting her back but doesn’t tell us anything about King Liam’s involvement in doing so…which she clearly knows about. That honour goes to Drake. It’s not like there is some super grand reveal abt how things went down: we already KNOW that Liam needed to pretend he didn’t care but still wanted to make sure she was protected. The only revelations we actually get are: 1. He knew Maxwell would work on bringing her back to court, even though he wasn’t in touch with the Beaumonts 2. He spells out what Hana and Drake’s roles are and makes it clear that he is leading the investigation on this to the reader.

Why didn’t we have the bit about Liam telling Hana he would bring her back to court placed here? Of course chronologically it fits Drake’s narrative because the offer to Hana came right after the three of them learning abt the MC being taken away. But storywise nothing would have been lost by placing that flashback in Hana’s scene. Why was Drake given the lion’s share? You toast marshmallows with him, get a flashback and some romance with him if you want, which is fine, but I felt the Hana scene had so, so little in comparison. Sorry but IMHO my girl deserves better.

• I liked the option of gaining the maid’s trust (hello there Tina! Last I saw you you were stuck in that island with the rest of the “Ember of the Sea” crew 😂). It reminded me of all the ways the MC would build reputation in the previous book. I also like the fact that she mentions her being a waitress when she gives the maid that tip.

• I really liked the flashback scene on its own because we barely ever see Liam as an authority figure from the MC’s perspective. We see kind Liam, romantic Liam, considerate Liam. You have to REALLY REALLY read between the lines to see the parts where he actually exerts his power. And here we’re given authority-figure!Liam in all his glory. As a Liam stan I have to admit I was a little turned on 😂😂😂

• As I mentioned here, Liam is also aware something super-sketchy happened with Olivia. I’m not surprised. I want to see how in what capacity she will return. I want to see this character back with a bang.

• I’m very curious about that maid calling what happened to the MC a prank. Honestly? She probably has seen the news, knows that the MC’s reputation is destroyed because of this and she still calls it a PRANK?

well frig now this Starscream-Thundercracker-Skywarp fusion has got me all sorts of thinking… now i absolutely need an episode or comic where there’s a weird accident and the seeker trine becomes fusioned like this because so many ideas, so many possibilities

  • they retain their individual selves and switch between them like TFA Blitzwing switches between his faces
  • their mass/size doubles or triples in size. they’re finally bigger than Megatron. Starscream of course immediately wants to use this opportunity to overthrow Megatron. Skywarp is still kinda loyal to him and also scared shitless to do it because “it never ever works Starscream.” Thundercracker just wants to get the hell out of these guys’ heads and get his own body and brain back.
  • they argue with themselves in their fused body. A hilarious scene where they confront Megatron but can’t take action because they’re still arguing amongst themselves and their face just keeps rapidfire changing between SS, SW, and TC. “Yes kill him! No we can’t! Fuck get me outta here!” Megatron just stands there bemused and amused.
  • also a bigger body size would allow for my other wishlist item, BIG ASS BEAUTIFUL WINGSPAN. triple the body size, triple the wingspan!! (i dont care about the physics. just give me big wings pls)
  • yes they can still warp but it’s a slower process and this annoys Skywarp
  • i want them to have giant ass null rays on their shoulders (like Armada SS) that are triple the firepower and can obliterate everything
  • i need this like burning now holy shit