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Heck I love Blupjeans as much as the next guy but can we get some Carey and Killian up in here?

Oh hell yes, I love sweet flips. 

Carey and Killian organize BoB team sport days, they always go for dodgeball and they are the Queens of the game
Killian loves to knit and gets into the habit of knitting things for her cold-blooded sweetheart who gets chilly easily. Carey sports an array of lovingly crafted sweaters, scarves, mittens and socks. 
Also just a side though, Carey in a keyhole sweater for date night. Ah-hellyes
Carey fell for Killian when she first arrived at training and saw her sparring with four other dudes and owned their asses. The first words out of her mouth in front of Avi were “I want her to punch me.” Which she immediately regretted since Avi was standing right there. 
Killian is a member of fantasy groupon because she likes killing time that isn’t sparring and asks Carey to join her (platonically)
Killian had no idea Carey liked her up until Crystal Kingdom
While they were kicking crystal robo ass together, they were talking as well like 
“So” Carey flips off a robot and sends it to Killian to hit with her crossbow “what are you doing tomorrow night after Boyland’s funeral?” 
“Uh…nothing” Smashes a robot in half, “Why?” 
“I…was hoping maybe we can grab dinner and movie?” Killian totally pauses and everything sort of just clicks
After that they are inseparable. 

Crafting -- it’s a mission

Psst, Jay!?

Hi! It’s me! Someone I’m not allowed to name gave me a mission. To teach you to craft. Yes, yes, I know. That’s totally an adventure! Dunno what Josh was thinking…

Ehem, yes. What do you wanna make? I’ve been making jewelry lately. Maybe something nice for Charlie? I got a feeling I have something to make up for…

What? Something with snails??? Nope! No really, Jay, I don’t think that’s an adventure I’d like Charlie to remember.

Ok, we need a bit of fabric, old clothing or so, to make some strips we can roll up into beads for a necklace. Wha…? Jay? Where did you get these strips from? Yes, yes, it should match Charlie’s clothing but… isn’t that one of her favourite shirts??? I’m so dead!!! Please, Jay, please put it back together! …

Whew, thanks! Looks almost like new, doesn’t it? In fact, I’m not quite sure if it ever looked that new before…

Anyway, here use some of my fabric strips. Now we need some good glue and we can roll the strips up like this… …. erm … Jay? What kind of glue is this? And why have I forgotten to put on gloves? Again!

Huh? Eww, what the heck is Skalapyrian tree snot? Never mind – our fingers won’t come off the bead! Or off the table!!! What do we do now?

No, absolutely not! Remember the last time you made a universal solvent!

Nooo! Please don’t call for Charlie! …Honcho? … hm, ok… maybe…

Jay??? Where did you…? Hey, you left your hands behind!

… …

H-hi, Honcho! I can explain? Basically it’s all Josh’s fault. No really! Yes, I promise we’re going to be more careful. Thanks!

…Phew, that was scary.

Ok, let’s forget about the beads for now. We need some charms. Hm, something goth. A skull?

Wha… ? Where have you been this fast? And is that a real skull??? You found him in a king’s grave? His name is Aššur- what? Yes, nice to meet you too. Wait – why is he talking? No, I’m not going to grovel at your feet. We kinda got over that a long time ago. No, you listen, Mr Ash…

Waaah! Jay! Look at the plants, they are all wilting! It must have been a cursed grave! Get this skull back to where you found it! Right now!!! No, I don’t care that your new friend is bored and wants to go on adventures. Hurry up, please!

Yes, that’s way better. The plants are looking kinda black, though. I don’t think they’ll recover… Let’s just go with these little silver skull charms. Yes, I know they’re not real. But that’s better than Charlie wilting all the plants she passes, right? Plants are kinda important! Why? Because they become food! Haha, yes, I thought that would convince you.

Last thing we need is some bling. Even punky goths like bling. Something sparkly and… Huh? What’s that you have there, Jay?

A f***ing SUPERNOVA????? Now we’re all going to die for sure! And I have just renovated the kitchen! Aaaaahhhhrrrggg!!!

It’s… really tiny, isn’t it? Did you shrink it? Sorry, her? No? She really is that small? Oh. Yes, it must be frustrating to never get looked at because all the other supernovas are so huge and shiny. No one here even knows that there are such tiny supernovas at all! Are you sure she is safely contained in this… baubly thing? Diamond globe? Yeah, in there. Ah, ok. Hm, she’s really pretty and sparkly. And spreads such a nice warmth. Yes, I think she would be looked at a lot. Admired even. Reckon that would make her happy? Yes? Ok then, let’s do this.

I’m just gonna glue a little bail to the globe, right here… No, Jay, my glue this time! Hey, hold still! It tickles? Haha, I didn’t know. There we are. Turned out pretty, didn’t it? A necklace for Charlie. And nobody got killed! … yet.

Oh, not at all! You’re very welcome! Go, bounce away!


… …

Mission accomplished. Agent feverfew out.

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Bro can I get some Victor the Dad friend hc’s?

oml Victor my BOY ok so I’ll preface this with some age info- I’m p sure he’s oldest, I picture him as like 18 (and then Millard at 17, then Emma at 16, etc….)

BEST BAKED GOODS, he literally makes the best brownies known to man

He’s exceedingly observant, so he’s very good at picking up context clues for when Mill is stressed or tired and physically PICKS THIS BOI UP and takes him to the kitchen and teaches him how to bake (and make hot chocolate the first few times after Millard burns whatever they’re baking so intensely its inedible, but he gets better after the first few lessons)

The FIRST to sign up to attend Claire’s tea parties, catch this boy in a tu-tu with hair bows on him suspenders because his hair was to short to braid every weekend. He brings cookies and is super convincing when he pretends Claire’s tea is good

The second person Fiona is able to open up to and talk to

The best shoulder to cry on, After Abe left Emma he let her sleep in his room and rant and cry and cuddle for as long as she needed to kind of get over him

The original “Olive Rope Holder”, and he used to do cool tricks and let her spin in the air and stuff but one time he got too into it and let go of the rope (it was inside and she was fine) but he got so nervous that the duty was passed to Bronwyn


He’d sneak Hugh honey even when Miss P confiscated it or grounded him from his Honey Privileges

The BEST at handling Horace’s nightmares and seeing right through his “drama queen everything is fine I’m a rich gentleman” facade and sort of helping him through his current and past trauma via cuddles and bad jokes just to make this sleepy crying boi laugh

MOST PROTECTIVE DAD FRIEND, Enoch has built up a shit ton of walls and he very carefully breaks them down and gets ridiculously defensive of Enoch whenever one of kids says something insensitive towards him, because if anyone understands depression it’s Victor

BEST OLDER BROTHER honestly I could make a WHOLE post about the Bruntley siblings but Victor practically needed to raise his sister because of their step father and he makes sure she knows he doesn’t blame her for killing their step father and is the super protective and sweet with her (I mean he’s still an older brother so there’s still all the teasing and things that come with being an older brother but he’s a VERY GOOD ONE)


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there's no way for anyone to do anything about how these kids will grow up to be like, though??? i mean, yes, fame at such a young age and all the pressure and GROSS comments their "fans" make IS dangerous as heck for them but hopefully they'll be alright :/ it is very sad but ?? we can't do anything

we can’t realistically do anything, but catch me defending these kids til the END OF TIME !!! anyways i just hope they have good support systems to surround them !!!! which they probably do !! i’m really not that worried about them growing up in a bad way like,,, i’m sure they’ll be fine ??? like idk it seems like they’re handling things pretty well as is so hopefully ! as life goes on ! things continue to be ok for them !!! :^) 

Attention followers!

My friend and I got into a car crash today and the back end of her car got smashed up pretty bad. We don’t really have the money right now to fix it, and she needs that car for getting to school and work.

So, I am trying to help with funds here too, seeing as she drives me to school as well. 

I will be taking commissions for accessories, costume pieces, wig styling, shirt/shoe painting etc… 

Links to my work are under read more as to not block up your feed! 
Even if you can’t help out, sharing would be super kind of you. We can discuss prices and the like. 

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I also read that Sasil "going up the mountain" scene as Hasil getting impatient and Sally Ann being hit all at once with reality. (never once did I think she was complaining! Heck, I have a tough time hiking!). I've always wondered what Sasil would argue about -- aside from outside forces.

Hahaha. I think it’s the first time we see Hasil actually get impatient with Sally Ann. And yes, it is a bit of a reflective point for SA of “how did I get here… do I turn back… where else can I go…etc?”

That’s the thing about perception and interpretation, something can be seen 10 different ways. What some read as complaining and whining others saw as genuine tiredness and being upset. Either way, SA walked her ass up the mountain. How many would have REALLY done that Hasil or no Hasil?

Who knows what they’s argue about. Lol. There’s plenty of room for disagreement and misunderstandings. We haven’t spent that much time with them, and they haven’t spent that much time together. But, I’m positive they’d find something to argue about.

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Please post more screencaps of sim Bechloe. I need to see how their lives pan out.


Here we have some domestic af bechloe, as Beca just got home from work and is eating the mac and cheese Chloe made. Obviously talking about her day and how it SUCKS that she’s at the bottom of the ladder for her career as an entertainer, but she doesn’t mind the work

Here we have Beca practicing some guitar for her job so she can get the promotion, and also because Beca is gonna be a BOSS at guitar and songwriting.. she just needs that push ya know

Artist Chloe is next and honestly  I’m just SUCH a slut for this headcanon so I couldn’t not include it, ya know?

And HERE we have Chloe giving Beca a rose after asking her out on a date (which she said yes to btw).. WHICH ALL LEADS UP TO

THIS. Note Chloe’s closed eyes and Beca’s wide-eyed expression, as if to say “dude, what the heck?!” but also like “shit, this is happening.” GOTTA LOVE

Life is Strange (Final Thoughts)

First Impressions - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Final Thoughts

At long last, after what seemed like an interminable wait, “Polarized” the last episode of Life is Strange has swept up on us much like the timenado horrorcane has finally swept up on Arcadia Bay!  Only with much less death and destruction, I hope.

I’ll get to my final decisions here in a moment, but first, my overall impression of the game as a whole.  Holey moley, what a great game this is.

It has its issues, to be sure.  They obviously tried to make the textures look like watercolor, and to a good degree the effect does work and can be gorgeous a lot of the time, but if you stop to look more closely and at length, you can see that it’s actually disguising some pretty low resolutions and polygon counts in a lot of places.  Likewise, the animations when characters are talking to each other outside of cutscenes are pretty simple, with a handful of stock poses and movements being cycled through.  The most obvious of these for me was the way almost everyone would occasionally reach up to brush something away from their cheek.  The lip synching is pretty terrible too, even taking into account their attempt to fix it up with this latest update.  It’s better, but still not really good.

But there is so much about it that is great and more than makes up for these minor deficiencies.  The story is absolutely killer and well worth playing LiS for all on its own.  Several questions are left wide open by the end, but since they’re going to be making a season two, there’s still a chance these points are going to be addressed.  The characters are all interesting, both as individuals and as a whole, with all but a very few getting a range of facets to show off, be it villainous, sympathetic, or otherwise.  The time-rewind mechanic is wonderfully implemented, and the puzzles revolving both around it and other elements are generally pretty well thought out and executed.  I love the music and I would very much like to throw money at them in exchange for a soundtrack download.

Amazing job, Dontnod!  Now make more, please!

And on to the spoilers!

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