can we focus on something for 2 minutes

Me, starting a project: alright we’re gonna do this in order. None of this writing the end first and getting stuck. We always do that. Let’s try another method. No skipping ahead. None.

Me later, the last 30 pages of the book fully written out, the first chapter in shambles, completely stumped on how to progress through chapter 2: oh goddamnit

coalescence {nessian au}

Coalescence is defined as the process of joining to form something or to bond, or the union of two things in one completely new and unique in which the original parts are still recognizable. It’s also the term used to describe the union of two galaxies.

Tags: Nessian College AU. A lot of feels.  A lot of bickering.  A lot of teasing. Song based. Sisters bonding. Attempted Sexual Assault. Rated mature due violence and sexual content.

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Always thankful to @rowaelinislife​ for correcting my english mistakes. 

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She leaned in her seat, pen held in her right hand, waiting to slide over the paper as she followed the teacher’s words. This was the best and the worst class she was assigned so far, it was interesting but complex and challenging. At least she had a good study partner.

Thomas moved in his chair, closer to see Nesta’s notes. His dark hair caught the light, as it always had done, and she didn’t shift her focus while he wrote in his own book of notes.

They had met last semester in their criminal law class and, different from many of the guys that had their eyes on her, he didn’t scare easy. It took two group studies and a ride home to get her talking with him about something else other than law, more three rides until she invited him to her apartment, one more to get Thomas inside her bedroom.

Easily, they fell into an uncomplicated rhythm, agreeing that no one was interested in dating, that they had much work to do and college was commitment enough. The truth was that Nesta didn’t love Thomas, she enjoyed spending some time with him, the sex was good, he was smart enough to keep her entertained afterwards and they could share opinions and notes about their classes. And, of course, they could see other people.

Nesta bit her lip, her mind drifting for a moment from the new topic in criminal law - part 2 out 3. Did Thomas know about her statement last week? They certainly didn’t text and with the last month spent doing semestral exams they had barely seen each other, except for studying.

The exams were over and if he thought that they would be back in their old routine…

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2 Minute Time Under Tensions Sets ~ these are great with most movements but for today we Breakdown bicep curls ~ take a lighter load of DB (20lbs shown) and curl with a slower eccentric focus for 2 minutes nonstop. I like to change grips between supinated & neutral (hammer) every 5 Reps or so. When most sets last 15-30 seconds max doing something for 2 minutes can be a major game changer for your body. Enjoy and tag me at #jeremyscottfitness if you blow up your guns with this light load high volume set. #mondaymotivation #workoutmotivation #fitnessmotivation #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #personaltrainer #biceps #workout #health #menshealth #womenshealth #fitstagram #fitspiration #reebok #curls #movember #scottsdale #phoenix #az #arizona #onlinecoaching (at Spire Health Club)

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This is Sara, a mom of two who completely transformed her body in 60 days! Can you believe these results? i am pretty excited to take a photoset of my own just like this, amazing how much a body can change in just 2 months, isn’t it?

I think sometimes its hard to even realize that anyone could do this, YOU could do this, with some focus, willpower and encouragement. This could be anyone in those photos, if they truly want it they can have it, even though its hard to remember that sometimes.

If you want these kinds of results in as little as 25 minutes per day, lets make it happen. Message me and we’ll find something that works for you and your lifestyle, because everyone is different. We all have different needs and finding whats right for us is the key to success. I will fight with you every step of the way as your free coach, because nobody has to do this alone. 25 minutes, thats what? one episode of a tv show? That’s no time at all, it’ll fly by!

This is my life, helping others, so if you’re ready to make a change like Sara did, lets talk!

The world cannot make you happy, it is a state you must be in prior to ‘happy’ events even happening. This inner being also determines our passion, so to increase it, one must look inward first. This is where meditation comes into play. Meditation is known to bring a deep peace, but this particular one can help us to be more present and enjoy whatever we must do in life.

Step 1: Find something beautiful, wonderful, delicious, etc., like a flower, seashell, or piece of fruit. Pick it up, look at it for a moment, then place it out of view.

Step 2: Take a seat somewhere and get comfortable. Close your eyes and breathe deeply and normally, in a relaxed way.

Step 3: Try not to pay attention to what the mind is thinking, just focus on the breath, feeling your heart fill with love and passion.

Keep this up for five minutes. When that time is over, reorient yourself, and go retrieve the object from before the meditation. Take a closer look at it and meditate upon what makes it unique, lovely, or delicious. You will begin to feel a deeper connection and understanding to your chosen object.

Now, next time you meditate, instead of using a beautiful object, focus on your beautiful self.

You will be able to more deeply appreciate yourself and focus on this inner light and joy that is so integral in our happiness and passion level. Make it a practice to do this meditation every day. It only takes 5 minutes! Alternate between focusing on loved objects and yourself.

The ability to gain this kind of presence can transform our daily lives and make the mundane seem phenomenal. Hoping this brings passion into your loving relationships, as well as your lives!

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You have Castiel

So at Phoenix Con this last weekend there was a blink and you’ll miss it exchange that got very little tweet coverage or videos posted. But it made me pause and go… wait, what? Did he really just say that? 

At the Jensen/Jared afternoon panel, they are asked which character they think is most important to the plot.  Jared takes the opportunity (as he does) to talk about how he had the most fun in season four (cause he met Gen) and then expands on demonblood!Sam a little more:

Jared:  “I loved that… (turns to Jensen) and I think you’re kind of going through it this year with the Mark of Cain… (turns back to audience) it’s really funny to play a character that’s kind of … super powerful all of the sudden … you kind of start to feel it like, yeah, this is cool”

Jensen: “Yeah, but I don’t have some hot chick to make out with all the time”

Jared:  “That’s true"  (turning to Jensen) "you have Castiel”

crowd commences screaming, Jensen laughs, Jared is grinning madly 

This feels… different.  Like something has shifted.  Cause for so long Jensen has had a “I don’t talk about Destiel” wall up and questions about it with him are very awkward (honestly still are, per that morning in the Gold panel) and I don’t think we’ve EVER seen Jared tease him on stage about Destiel that directly.  Seriously, the two of them know which questions are hard for the other to answer, and they have each other’s backs and cover for each other when it’s needed. They take care of each other on stage. So for Jared to feel like it was ok for him to blatantly suggest Dean/Cas make-out sessions?  I mean… I know some of you don’t watch con videos, but for those that do - doesn’t this feel like something that JUST DOESN’T HAPPEN?  So… what has changed?

squints in the direction of of the next 5 episodes they know about that we don’t yet

Video link and extra commentary below the jump, if you want.

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To Clear A Few Things Up

First of all, I would like to thank everyone for your kind messages and support over the last few days. It has been amazing to see the love that you all have shown and both Tisa and I are grateful for it.

Now, to clear a few things up

1) The MeninistTweet account is vile. Parody is one thing, rape “jokes” are another and they are never okay in any capacity. I responded for two reasons: to correct an account that has consistently degraded women and because I will not allow them to shift the focus of our special moment to something else. My wife is witty, attractive, my best friend, and can tell a hell of a joke. A real joke, not what that account calls a joke. Knowing that I was marrying her and that we would officially be a union within a few minutes was enough to make me cry tears of joy. She’s awesome.

2) That was not a banana peel, it was a mini calla lily. Geeze.

3) I did not respond to that tweet in that way just because “my wife was following me on twitter,” or “because my wife made me.” No. It is possible for a man, on his own volition, to stand up for himself and his family. To simply reply to something that is wrong and fix it. Even with something small such as your order being wrong at the drive-thru – would you just take the wrong order and go? No, you would explain the mistake, get your food, and go. Likewise, if someone is defaming mine or my wife’s character, I’m going to correct them and keep on. That should apply to all facets of life. Stand up for yourself.

4) Men, we have to do better. In general. We just have to do better. Every little bit counts.



So Kylo Ren is telepathic to a degree we haven’t seen in other characters and I am so curious about how and when it first manifested. Kids touch their parents’ faces a lot, either from affection or being silly in play. So one day was he just like “Mommy don’t worry about that proposal tomorrow in the Senate. You’ll be great! And the Senator from Arkanis IS a fool.”

And once they figure out he can read minds are they like “So Luke is this a thing? Did you know this was a thing?” And Luke’s just all shrug emoji because he’s had like 2 minutes of formal training and hasn’t come across anything like it in his studies.

And like okay we know that in the novelization he does touch people’s faces and in the movie he at least reaches out his hand but is that necessary or does it just help him focus on exactly what he needs to draw out? Does it always hurt or only when he’s looking for something specific?

And what if it was something he could always do in some way, but he just assumed everyone could until he had the words to articulate it and found out that wasn’t the case? Did everyone assume he was just a natural little empath until then?

As a child was he able to shut the noise out? Was Luke able to teach him how to shut it out and focus it? Did it affect his friendships?

Seriously I have so many questions and I so hope that after more of his backstory is revealed in the movies we get a novel about Ben Solo and the years leading up to TFA.