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Doctor appointment went as well as it could. I started the whole thing off by saying I wanted to do something about my weight. We had a good talk about it and I think he can help me.

• My weight was higher than ever measured before.
• My blood pressure was not terrible.
• Took blood for cholesterol, diabetes screening, and to get a testosterone level.

When my blood work comes back we will see if I need to go on any meds. For now I will be going to the doctors office and weighing in every two weeks.

Dear WWE Creative, we are all so so tired of seeing the same match between Sasha and Charlotte. The first few times it was great we loved it, the two women have an amazing connection in the ring. They are both extremely talented Superstars, but there are also many other talented women on the roster. Alicia Fox for example. Use the talent you have, write a new story line. Use the talent of ALL the women on the roster. Please do something. We're all tired of seeing Sasha verses Charlotte every week on Raw. Sincerely, the WWE universe.

I don’t know if everyone feels this way but I’ve seen many post that agree with my feelings.

Now that the season has ended... Let’s talk a bit about how Takarai Rihito-sensei loved Yuri on Ice

from Takarai-sensei’s twitter: twittakarai

Episode 1:

“I’m so excited about next week’s Yuri!!! that I streamed the first episode (on TV) while I was doing my work. I can already see myself crying by the time we get to the last episode. I’m so grateful that I have something to look forward to every week for the fall season… Thank you… Where can I donate my money… [I’m not entirely sure if this is what she means here ><]”

Episode 2:

“Ooh the opening is changing subtly. Will there be more and more audience (in the bleachers) each week? >Yuri!!!”

[Well that didn’t happen but the opening did change again in Ep11 xD]

“I want to eat Katsudon in the middle of the night…”

[This is probably not related? But… Hehehe]

Episode 6:

“This week’s Yuri was also impressive in many ways /(^o^)\”

“This episode has many skating scenes, which look like a lot of hard work… I’m glad that it seems like the staff put in the most effort into Christophe’s skating scene~ (^ω^)”

Episode 8:

“The Mamo (aka Miyano Mamoru, JJ’s seiyuu) as usual”

“Ma- Makkachin….. ( ;  ; )”

Episode 10:

“Phichit-kun is such a nice kid that I want him to be my little brother or son”

“Congratulations on your marriage”

Episode 12:

“Just as I was thinking ‘Yurio—!’, the last episode ended… A 12-episode season flies by so fast”

Joker x Harley Week?

Hello everyone! 

So I’ve been talking to a friend of mine  @joker-x-harley and we think we have an idea that would bring the community together and also just be a lot of fun. 

Have you ever been in another fandom that has a week for their ship? The point of the week is for everyone to get involved and basically just have a week dedicated to their ship and their love of that ship. You could get involved by writing fanfics, headcanons, drawing art, cosplay, making gifsets, your other talents, or you can simply reblog if that’s what you want. And everyday of the week is themed for the prompt of the writings, artwork, etc. 

Would anyone want to do a week like that for Joker and Harley? Like maybe one week every three months or something like that. I think it could be a lot of fun! Let me know, we can try to make it work. 

I’m tagging a lot of people because I genuinely want your opinions on if you would participate and/or if you think this is actually even a good idea. 

@harleenfrancesqvinzel @monroeisabadass @harleyrotten @crystallinee-waters  @mabelmadnessss @madness-driven @harlzquinzel @murderous-manipulative-angel @whatever-fangirl @mad-neverland-saviour @royal-flush-gang @redandblack22 @x-mars @jargotquinn @jokers-dream-car @yesharleyhaha @harlspuddin  @ask-harley-quinn @ask-mistah-j  @jokersquinn  @kirsty-lou666

Please please please make sure to tag people if I forgot someone (I’m so sorry if I forgot you) and please tell me your opinions!! 

💚💜 + 💙💗 

Special Appeal For The Lazy Tamaki Appeal

For just 30¥ a week you can help this poor boy become less over princely. Everyday Tamaki Suoh has to suffer with being a rich heir with 100’s of staff supporting him every time he needs something, but with your help we can calm him down and get him the true help he needs to realise he can do things by himself. Call now and help not just Tamaki but 1000’s of other rich kids like him. This was a special broadcast to help Tamaki realise that he can carry the tea tray to the back himself and also hold his own doors at the club without moaning or whining ❣️ -Fuji<3

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Dun dun dun it’s that time of the year again~ What’s more exciting than an Inavember in the year that Level-5 revive the series? Celebrate by joining us today!

What is Inavember?

Inavember is a fan-content challenge to commemorate the Inazuma Eleven series by Level-5. During November, share the soccer love by drawing, writing, cosplaying, video-making, etc. and upload your works via tumblr or twitter. We are striving to make this a yearly event!

How to participate:

  • Do something! Art, music, photography, writing, all welcomed as long as it is related to Inazuma. Feel free to use the optional prompts provided if you are stuck on inspiration!
  • Post it on tumblr/twitter/ social media of your choice
  • Tag it as #inavember so we can reblog/retweet it!

Don’t feel stressed out if you can’t participate every day. Do it every two days, once a week, or even once a month.This is supposed to be a fun challenge to show your love for Inazuma!

Please post your own content. Any violation to this rule will not be shared on this blog and the perpetrator will be reported.

Keep the NSFW stuff like R18, gore (little blood is ok and will be tagged as such), etc. minimized. Inazuma Eleven is an all-age series and we want to keep it that way for Inavember. This blog will only share posts that are safe to view for everyone.

If you wish to let us post in your place, use the submission box or send an ask so we can do it for you.

Have fun and sakka yarouze!

I get the feeling many of the Robron fans complaining about the current sl do not watch soaps. Soaps operate under different rules than weekly dramas, especially when it comes to characters. Soap characters will often make the worst possible decision bc it adds to the drama. Soaps have to have as much drama as possible bc they air daily, and have to have something for each episode. We also can’t have the SSW quality every week. ED spent about three times as long shooting that week’s episodes (which is probably why robron were scarce in the following weeks), and probably spent the same amount of time on those scripts. They can’t do that constantly, and to be frank, it’s ridiculous to expect it. If you’re not a soap watcher and are here just for Robron, please readjust your expectations. For its genre, Emmerdale is very good with fairly consistent writing. If you think I’m exaggerating, please check out Hollyoaks (which I also watch, but fully admit is trash 95% of the time with 5% being really well written, like the Halloween aftermath from this year) or check out any of the American soaps, which are horrible, and pretty much unwatchable (as an American, who grew up with them, I can attest to this).

Cozy Night In - Bucky Barnes

Requested by anonymous. Part of the Autumn Fic Meme requests.

“Please Steve, any other day,” you said, looking at the captain as he worked on the training schedule for the upcoming week.

 "Why can’t you just reschedule?“

"Why can’t you? You have us doing something every single day. Can’t we just get one day to relax?” He sighed and looked up at you. 

“Do you already have something planned?" 

"Yes. But I’m not gonna tell you what." 

"Why not?" 

"Because you won’t want to now. And you’ll most likely tell Bucky. It’s a surprise.” He sighed and eventually nodded. “Fine. You can have Wednesday off." 

"Yay! Thank you!” you said, throwing your arms around him quickly. He sighed and hugged you back almost reluctantly.

“You’re welcome. Make sure you make it worth it for him.” 

“Oh, of course.” You ran towards the door, but then stopped and looked back at him again. “Promise me you won’t tell him I have anything planned.”

“My lips are sealed.”

“Thank you, Steve,” you said, running off once more to plan.

Wednesday finally came, and you were waiting inside your shared apartment for Bucky to come home. Even though he had the day off, he still decided to do some personal training of his own. Sitting on the couch with a glass of champagne in your hand, you waited patiently for him to walk through the door. The door creaked open, and a very sweaty Bucky walked in.

“Hey,” he said, smiling widely. “What are you doing?”

“I thought you and I could have a date night. Just have some time to ourselves to relax,” He walked into the living room and leaned down to kiss you.

“That sounds amazing. But I have to clean up first. I’ll shower and come back.” He stood up straight again but you grabbed onto his hand to stop him.

“Shower? Hmm, maybe you should take a bath instead.”

“Really?” he asked, a smirk growing on his face.

“Yeah. Maybe I’ll join you, too.” He grinned and latched onto your hand, pulling you up.

“That sounds even more amazing.” You smiled back and kissed him. He took your hand and led you towards the bathroom. After he shut the door, you watched his eyes widen as he saw the candles you had lit through out the room. He looked at you in amazement.

“I planned,” you said with a shrug. He shook his head in disbelief and smiled. He leaned in once more to kiss you as he started undressing. You helped him pull of his t-shirt slowly, and then he did the same for you. Every single time your lips were apart, you brought them back just a moment later.

“I love you,” he said quickly.

“I love you, too.” The two of you finished undressing and crawled into the bathtub together. Bucky’s feet were next to your thigh, while yours were in his lap. You reached across the tub to the toilet, where you sat a bucket of ice with a bottle of champagne. Awkwardly, you poured two glasses, making sure to keep the bubbles from spilling over the bath.

“Thank you,” Bucky said when you handed him his. You clinked your glass against his and smiled before taking a drink. “How did you plan all this?” he asked, running a hand up your calf. 

“What do you mean?”

“I mean, how did you set all this up without one of us having to do work or train?”

“I sold my sold to the devil.”

“Steve?” You chuckled and nodded.

“Yes. I begged him to give us one day off.”

“Really? Did you tell him what you had in mind?” You smirked and leaned forward, kissing Bucky again.

“No. That’s probably one of the reasons he agreed. I told him he wouldn’t want to know what we were doing.” Bucky smiled appreciatively and pushed some of your hair out of your face with a wet hand. He started laughing randomly and you looked at him in confusion.


“I’m pretty sure the last time I took a bath with someone was when Steve and I were kids.” You snorted and felt the bubbles of the champagne rise up to your nose.

“No way.”

“Don’t tell him that either.” You chuckled and shook your head.

“I won’t.” 

“Thank you,” he said, taking another drink of his glass. “And thank you for this amazing day.” You smiled back at him, but shook your head.

“This isn’t the only part of our date.”

“You’re full of surprises.” You wiggled your eyebrows and nodded, pulling him back towards you. 

After a long make out session, and your bath was over, you both changed into comfortable sweatshirts and sweatpants. Once you changed, a knock came from the door.

“What’s that?” Bucky asked.

“Another surprise. Just sit down,” you said, grabbing your wallet and walking towards the door. A pizza guy was waiting outside your door, and after you paid him, you brought the two boxes back into the living room.

“Two pizzas?” he asked when you sat down.

“Yeah, that way we don’t have to share.”

“Oh my god. I really love you,” he said, leaning over and kissing you again. “I don’t know how I’ll ever make this up to you.”

“If you kissed me again that’d work.” He grinned and complied. However, you pulled away again so you could eat. After taking a few bites, you stood up again.

“Babe, what are you doing now?”

“Shh, just eat your pizza. I’m playing your favorite movie.” He laughed and you smiled, popping the movie into the player. When you sat back down, Bucky threw his arm back around you. Relaxing into his arms, you rested your head on his chest. The movie started, and you both ate quietly. When you were done however, Bucky tilted your head so you could look at him.

“Thank you so much for this. I don’t know how I’m gonna repay you, but I’m gonna try.” You smiled and leaned up to kiss him. 

“You don’t have to.”

“I’m going to though, and I promise it won’t be as relaxing as this,” he said with a devilish grin. You smirked back and shook your head. 

“I think I can handle whatever you have in store for me.”

“Yeah?” he asked, getting closer to your lips.

“Oh yeah.” 

“Good,” he said, finally closing the gap between the two of you.

Aunt Scripty’s Reblog Drive: Day 1

Hey there humans!

Aunt Scripty is shooting for the moon!

Yesterday marked 11 weeks since this blog started rolling waaaay back in October.

We survived NaNoWriMo together.

We built a freaking empire together.

I wrote you guys an eBook as a way of saying thanks (the link goes up here in a little over 8 hours).

And in the last 11 weeks, well, there have been a lot more of you than I expected:

But I need your help.

You see that last number? 4,350? (Holy shit that’s a lot of you.)

I’m striving for something.

It would be FREAKING AWESOME if we wound up at 5,000 followers by Sunday afternoon.

That would be a hell of a thing to accomplish together: 5,000 new friends in just 3 months.

But I need your help to get there.

What Can We Do?

Every day this week I’m going to ask you to reblog a post. Not this post, but a specific post I’m going to link to.

Tonight’s post is:

Medicine in the Wasteland: 1/? 

I’m asking you to give that post a reblog.

(I’d like it if you tagged it with Aunt Scripty’s Reblog Drive, but you don’t have to.)

The goal is to make sure people who’ve never been exposed to this blog see some of the very best of the blog.

What Else Can We Do?

Tell your friends. Tell your writing groups. Tell your classmates and your beta readers and everyone you know who makes words. Link them all to .

And keep on being awesome.

Whether this gets done or not, whether we hit the target or not…. I love you guys. I love you all. You’ve made me a very happy Scripty.

And moreover, I’ve built a family, completely without trying.

I love you guys.

xoxo, Aunt Scripty

can you hear my heart

summary: Second thoughts plague your mind and you wonder whether breaking up with Hoseok was the best idea in the first place.

word count: [563]

category: angst

a/n: I have not written in a while, guys, so please spare me this one thank you :) 

Like falling raindrops on a window;; my mind is getting stained by you.

It’s been a month. Four weeks. Your eyes came to a close as the rain beat against the roof of your home. 

“I just don’t think I can do this anymore, Hoseok.”

“I-I see..”

“We..don’t belong together in this way.”

The lump in your throat swelled with every word, and tears were burning the back of your eyes, but you remained steady. The boy was eerily quiet, something you weren’t used to, and when you turned to look at him, his long bangs shielded half of his face.

I guess I’ll see you around then.”

And then he left.

What did you expect? An apology? His begging for forgiveness? The atmosphere never left your heart, the empty spaces where he used to stand made you feel sick. The lump in your throat nearly choked you as you thought back to that day, the words that you knew you didn’t mean. The tears you never saw on his face. It hurt all too much. 

You couldn’t bear it. 

Suddenly you were running, running through the rain dripping down your back and soaking through your layers of clothing. His laugh was ringing in your ears and his smiles flashed at the back of your head. Your chest heaved for air, gasping as the water droplets splattered across the top of your hair. 

Why did you do it?

Every night you spent alone, every hour you waited for him to come home, every minute you wondered where he was, it was frustrating. But the uncertainty, the tiniest possibility, was better than knowing he was never going to come back. 

You waited, and waited. The rain never ceasing and your eyes still dry, despite the urge to want to sob. 

But then, the rain finally stopped.

Your eyes searched the skies for the last remaining droplets to see a blue umbrella over your head. Turning to the side, you saw him. 

His small stubble accumulating across his jawline, his hair messily tucked under a beanie, and his eyes..

It broke you.

Tears came out in hot streams across your face, your vision blurred and your chest heavy. Ho..Hoseok… He took you into his arms and you hit his shoulder with your fist. Your arm was weak as you cried out his name over and over. Hoseok..come back to me.

The arms pulled you in and you felt like collapsing. Hiccups of a sob ran through him, your head pressed against his chest felt it all. 

“Y/N, you need to stop c-coming here. Hoseok is–”

You sloppily wiped the tears from your face and stood to face the building again. 

“What do you mean? Hoseok is inside, playing with his dog and making dinner for us.”


“Hoseok is inside. He’s laughing I can hear him.”

You raked your fingers against your thigh and stared at the building, your eyes becoming blurry again.

“Hoseok…he’s in..side…”

But you didn’t dare go into the building. You didn’t dare go because you knew that when you opened the door to his apartment, everything would be inside but him. You knew that you weren’t going to find him smiling on the couch with his puppy in his hands. You knew he was gone, but five words remained.

Jung Hoseok, deceased, car accident

MAKE A BUDGET: and stick to it. making a budget can be confusing and difficult, but what we’ve found is that understanding where your cash flow is coming from is absolutely key. be realistic about the goals you set, and set aside a small buffer amount each week in case something comes up. budgets don’t have to be the same every week, because what you do in a week can change.

check out our second post in the finance series: how to budget

USE CASH: and leave your bank card at home. studies have shown that people are more likely to spend less when using cash because there’s a better sense of how much money they’re spending/saving. besides, using cash will force you to stick to a budget!

BRING YOUR OWN FOOD: we love food but food is expensive. buying groceries every week or two and making your own lunches/snacks can save you a lot of money in the long run. (see this buzzfeed article for some recipes)

BUY GENERIC BRAND: because most of the time, generic brand is just as good as name brand. don’t let prejudice keep you from saving money!

TAKE ADVANTAGE OF FREE THINGS: if you want to hang out with your friends, consider free events happening around you. there’s usually always something happening on campus. at the very least, you can always get the free swag from those events!

APPLY FOR SCHOLARSHIPS: yes essay writing can be a pain and it may seem like a snowball’s chance in hell that you’ll get it, but just do it. a lot of scholarships don’t get as many applicants as they make it seem so you have a better chance than you think you do!

TEXTBOOKS: borrow them from a library if you can and take pictures of the pages you need (or just do your work at the library.) failing that, see if your school bookstore lets you rent textbooks instead of buying them! If you absolutely have to buy your textbooks, buy used whenever possible. don’t be afraid to scrounge the internet for a cheap(er) copy.

EVERY CENT COUNTS: even though Canada has discontinued the penny, this still holds true. as broke students, we all know that sometimes that nickel can make or break your day. so save what you can, even if it doesn’t feel like much!

this is by no means an exhaustive list. if you have more tips, send us a message and we might make a follow up post!

I want to make 2017 the year of BODY CONFIDENCE! Something that every single woman should feel. 😍Join the #BBGCommunity and I on a 12-Week Challenge kicking-off on the 9th of January! We will be starting ALL TOGETHER from WEEK 1 of the BBG (using my BBG guides OR app, just select week 1) , YES this includes me too! 👏🏼 Soooooo excited!

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Because I can’t stop talking about his coat, lemme just bring up all of the buttons and screens that Colress installed. I’m kinda glad he dumped the weird collapsing/folding tablet for something that’s easier to carry (and probably makes his arms stronger too) but why wouldn’t he just put screens on the sides of the sleeves that are actually facing him? Y’know, so he can read what he’s typing later. Of course by now he doesn’t need to look at what he’s doing to file data as we see when we lose to him in the Battle Tree but during the first few weeks of using that suit there’s no way he didn’t have to crane his neck down every once in a while.

Huh, I wonder where he goes to dump all the data he gathers each day. Like does he rent out the hotel room that the players never have access to? Or does he have a lab somewhere that isn’t the Aether Lab?

Tame the Beast By Taking Away His Bully Pulpit: Something We Can Do in the Immediate Now To Take Away Power From Donald Trump

I’m sorry to begin every post with, “I don’t have a lot of time,” but unfortunately, it will always be true. Over the past few weeks, I’ve largely felt immune to the fact that Donald Trump will be President next week. I admire people who protest, but I didn’t really see the need for furor or action in these dead weeks when nothing has actually happened; I wish that what the media had focussed on, instead, was telling me what, exactly, the attorney general does, and why it’s so scary that Jeff Sessions might get the position, as opposed to whatever the fuck Donald Trump said or did on any given day.

Then, last night, when the news broke that Donald Trump might have been caught watching prostitutes give each other golden showers, or shitting on his face, or whatever; that maybe there was a tape of him beating Melania in an elevator; I got interested. Do you know why? For the reason that I think none of us like to admit to ourselves; it’s entertaining. Donald Trump at his worst is the best entertainment. Not a lot has happened these past few weeks in terms of major news events, and we are a nation that is bored after the holidays. I am comfortable admitting that to myself; I hope you are too.

The reason why I hope this is because I think that the more attention we give Donald Trump, the more he thrives. I just watched part of his press conference an hour earlier; this is a man who is drunk on his own power. He has been able to rewrite the history of his own life after winning the Presidency, and watching all of the media outlets that, for years, made him into a joke, suddenly have to take him seriously. I watched him talk about how he “always” checks for cameras in rooms and travels with bodyguards; like, really dude? Four years ago he was the aging fatso with a toupee who hosted a primetime reality television show; he was lesser than Ryan Seacrest. If someone had released a tape of him watching prostitutes getting golden showers, they would have given about as much of a shit as they did watching Hulk Hogan fuck his best friend’s wife, which was not that big of a shit.

I think the media is still trying to work out how they will cover the Trump presidency. It’s easy to vilify them, but I think that many of the best outlets do feel as though they are doing a public service that needs to be approached with dignity and seriousness. They are reporting on all things Donald Trump not because it is entertainment, but instead, because that is what the media does; upholds the checks and balances of our government by keeping a watch on the actions of the members of our government.

But I want to propose something radical. Just in the way that Trump is eschewing all tradition by not holding press conferences; not traveling with a media posse wherever he goes; not getting daily press briefings; why doesn’t the media eschew with the tradition of covering everything a president elect says or does. Let’s be honest here. Yes, it would be potentially damaging that Donald Trump was caught in a lewd act; but it won’t make a difference to our country unless he is actually being blackmailed, or if in some way he committed an impeachable offensive.

Giving him the microphone to spread his falsehoods does no one good. Relegate Donald Trump to the back pages of the newspapers. Keep him off the daily updates. What I would love to read is why, actually, covering everything this man says or does is a public responsibility. The way I see it, the public responsibility is to take away his power. All of his power lies in his ability to hold sway over the nation with his idiocy. If we take away his microphone, we take away his power, at least until he does something that actually will have far reaching consequences in actual reality.

In the meantime, I think we owe it to ourselves to spend less time feeling outrage, and more time doing good in our daily lives. Donald Trump is not worth our emotions. He is a terrible, dishonest, lying son of a bitch, but he is also a worthless piece of shit. Yes, he is the president of the United States – but what, exactly, does that mean? Again, I ask myself, is the president so all encompassing in his power that the majority of my time needs to be spent thinking and reading about him, or are we giving him that power partially because he is asking for it, but mostly because it is entertaining?


Once upon a time, after rediscovering Teen Titans, I decided to dive into the fandom and write fanfiction. And as a result, I started this side blog dedicated to my favorite pairing in that fandom. Today, we’ve hit a milestone; there are now 1,000+ of you following this blog.

I know that for a lot of people on this site, 1,000+ followers might be nothing, but for me, it means so much. You all have been so supportive and kind, and have shown so much love for my stories, that I just want to thank each and every one of you. And to do that, I wanted to do something a little bit special.

Requests are always open here (provided that I have time), but for this whole week, you can request almost any ship or prompt, and I’ll do it. No questions asked. 

Here’s the rules:

1. No ship harassment or hate will be tolerated whatsoever. This is a blog that welcomes all BBRae shippers and Teen Titans lovers, multishippers included. Things will be tagged appropriately for your convenience

2. I will not accept any adult x child ships. This means no Slade x Robin/Terra etc. and no Damian x Raven. (My writing is based on the animated show; Damian is way too young in that universe. Sorry!)

3. No hardcore smut.

Okay, now that we’ve discussed the rules, let’s talk about requests! I will take requests via ask or message, though asks are preferred. Please include character names and the main ship name, so the prompts can be properly tagged. For example;

Beast Boy and Raven (BBRae), insert prompt here if applicable.

Of course, I will accept BBRae prompts too. (Obviously XD)  So please, head to the ask box and start requesting away! And thank you guys again for being so utterly amazing. I feel so fortunate to have all of your support, it means the world. :)

Originally posted by teentitanz

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask! 

-mod vixensheart


Britchell Contribution Fest:  Prompt 1/3

Shouts out to all britchell/mitchers shippers out there. Yes, I’m speaking to you, talented people. <3 We’d like to see and read more from you.

Every week for the next 3 weeks (starting today: Sunday November 27th) I’ll post a manip set on this blog. This manip is your prompt for the following week.

Based on it, you can contribute in any way you want : drawings, gifsets, fanvids, photosets, other manips, drabbles, ficlets, whole multichapter fics, music mixes, poems, headcanons, ANYTHING!!!

All you have to do is create something and tag it with  #britchell,  #mitchers, #britchell contribution fest.

You are free to repost one or both the manips with your contribution. 

For any questions message me here.

IT BEGINS!!! 😈 Join the #BBGCommunity and I on a 12-Week Challenge kicking-off on the 9th of January! We will be starting ALL TOGETHER from WEEK 1 of the BBG (in my guides OR app) , YES this includes me too! 👏🏼 Soooooo excited!

I want to make 2017 the year of BODY CONFIDENCE! Something that every single woman should feel. And for the next 12-Weeks, the journey to body confidence is our goal !!
I want you to follow this challenge WITH me. I’ll be sharing updates with you every week including workout videos we can do together as a team - stay tuned for details! As you girls know, @tobi_pearce and I recently launched 💧We created @sweat because we wanted to give you ladies more support by providing more connectivity. Our free female-only forum is a safe place for women all around the world to communicate, support, motivate and encourage each other 💜 Support and motivation is KEY during ANY kind of fitness journey. Amongst our other hundreds of discussion groups, we’ve created a SWEAT Forum discussion especially for the 12-Week Challenge!

To get get ready for the challenge setup YOUR FREE trial of my workout app TODAY💪🏼 (link in my bio)

And to chat on the FREE forum about the challenge, head over to to join and connect with our AMAZING community of women!

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kara x alex fic rec masterpost

so for week 3 of the Supergirl Appreciation Project we should do something for our favorite ship! So I thought, why not do a fic rec list! I do my rec lists the same way @mlamachine does his: i read every single fic in the tag. Not all the fics are kara/alex romantic, but most of them are.

multi-chapter, longer stories

People Gonna Talk - Alex the Hero, Cat the reporter and Kara the anxious baby; its the holy trinity of Supergirl Fics, and it’s all in here. If you only read one fic from this list, friends, read this fic.

Heartbeats - i love fics that really explore Alex’s feelings in insane detail, and this fic delivers and it’s so good

The collide series - emotionally gut wrenching, hurts your soul, amazing.


made memories we knew would never fade  - kara learns english, tries out some slang, loves emojis more than she should, and i screamed for a million years because this is so cute. no romo.

Sensory Overload - fics in which Alex takes care of Kara are the Most Important

your heart is glowing (and i’m crashing into you) - small baby children Kara and Alex dancing on the rooftop. and its literally too cute.

learning the language - BABY KARA IS DETERMINED TO WEAR CARDIGANS and other important things happen in this fic

if i fall and hurt myself would you know how to fix me - this was so hard to categorize? bc it’s not REALLY fluff, and yet it is? and i love it? Also, it has the line “ If Kryptonite is deadly to her health, then Alex is dangerous for her heart.” which is the best line of all fic ever.


Superinfection - what did i say about kara and Alex taking care of each other fics?!?!?!? and this one has the ADDED BENEFIT OF GRUMPY SICK!ALEX


A Fighting Chance - alex likes fighting dirty in the depower room

your imprints on my skin - a truly amazing piece of pwp which is ten thousand words long so enjoy this a+++ fic ladies

grounding grind - my first ever supergirl kara/alex fic and it was perfect and everything i needed

The First Time, All Over Again - it’s more fluff than smut, but it is mature, so it’s here now

alternate universes

A Lie Less Ordinary - a fake dating au, because who doesn’t adore that

we were both young when i first saw you - an au where kara, alex and lucy meet when they’re all in high school. no romo, but adorable.

Broken Dreams - im really worried this fic will never update, so im including this in this fic rec as a gentle reminder

none of my own stories are on the list, but if you wanna check them out…..[winks at you 29 times]

More AU prompts

So my last list of unconventional aus got really popular???? SO HERE ARE MORE

“I’m the slowest on the track team and you’re the fastest and we were doing this run through the wilderness and I was super far behind so no one noticed when I fainted but then you found me when you were somehow ALREADY GOING THROUGH A SECOND TIME???” AU

“You think I’m a literal genius but we got partnered up for labs in science and OH SHIT you can’t know that literally every time I do a lab something goes terribly wrong GOD dammit I’m supposed to be the smart one” AU

“We’re sitting next to each other at a classical concert and oh my god I am so pissed at the people clapping between movements that is nOT GOOD ETIQUETTE oh shit I think the security realized I snuck in please help” AU

“I work at target and you’re doing one of those projects where you live in target for a week as a social experiment, I guess…I don’t really care, but dude you need to spread the beds the right way I keep getting in trouble and yes of course I notices you’ve been fucking living here” AU

“You’re a painter trying to sell art at the Art festival in my town and I really loved your art and I was going to buy one the next day but you were gone so now I have to go on a quest trying to find the next town the festival is in so I can find you to buy your freaking painting” AU

“You’re so freaking closed up and serious I’ve never heard you say more than two words what are you doing in this nightclub??? Oh wait dang you can dance” AU

anonymous asked:

I ask all of them except for 5 bc i can't think of a dare :) good luck answering :)

4. do you have a nsfw blog?

7. tell an embarrassing memory or story
Okay so in my first year of highschool, two years ago or something we were in England with my class. I hadn’t been talking much Dutch that week so in the last day I asked my friends ‘Is boot met een d?’ what is in english: ‘is boat with a d?’ and my friends still tease me about it.

8. how often do you take showers?
Every day

9.  what was your first blog URL?

1. if you had to hug anyone who would you hug
All the people I talk to on here

2. whats your favorite flavor of ice cream?

3. whats your favorite color?
Very dark green

4. if you have pets, what are their names?
Bearded dragon named Fred

5. do you like a warm bed or a cold bed?

6. whats a really good memory you have?
Meeting @jumpgoldstein 

7. favorite song you cant stop listening to?
Me, myself and I - Bebe Rexha

8. do you drink water with or without ice in it?
I never drink water

9. do you like to use correct grammar when you type or just type all lowercase?
It depends in which mood I am. If I’m enthusiastic you probably won’t understand a word I type

10. whats something thats made you laugh recently?
Lazy town memes (thanks @janiemarie2004 )