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I feel like there's a lot of bad sides to hoseok maybe you could share some of his greatest sides, also I hope you are doing great and taking care of yourself ❤️

um did someone call for hobi appreciation ?? sign me tf UP 

can we discuss how his moon, venus, and mars all form jupiter aspects. jupiter is a planet that represents him well: bright, cheerful, jovial, and you can’t forget e x t r a. it’s no wonder he’s walking sunshine. so kind hearted and generous too, we all need a hobi in our lives

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but wait, he’s not all fun and games. his sun, mercury, and venus are all conjunct saturn. this is what makes him such a hard worker and perfectionist towards his craft (which is, of course, performing). from rapping, to dancing, and even singing, he excels; a true triple threat. like, everyone else took 4 hours to learn the DNA choreo but it took him 10 minutes ?? talent.

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and no one can deny his raw passion and dedication. his powerful aura is remarkable, and i believe his multiple pluto aspects play a role in that. pluto is the planet of transformation, and i think that’s truly something he does when he steps on stage 

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whoa, man, whoa. What a ride that was like dang, infobomb and, like, dang man that was so good!! Just, so much to process though so forgive me while I try and organize my thoughts.

First, okay, so Topaz is great. She’s great. I really hope we see her again

Surprising but also not surprising - a Diamond shattered Pink Diamond. I know that’s been discussed at length because, among other things, in real life, only diamonds can cut diamonds. I figured that would come into play somehow, since its a pretty well-known fact. But Gems don’t necessarily follow gemstone rules so

Also, another Gem I love, Zircon. The defendant one. She figured it out, something no other Gem seemed to have before. 

Blue Diamond definitely didn’t seem to know, but Yellow Diamond? Hm. And where’s White Diamond in all of this? How is this new information going to affect the Diamond Authority? It would have to cause dissent among them. And what happened to cause a Diamond to shatter Pink Diamond? Was she growing sympathetic to the Rebel cause or was it just a power grab (perhaps caused by her weakened position due to the rebellion?)? How come so many eyewitnesses thought it was Rose that shattered her? Illusion? Shapeshifting? A straight-up lie (Eyeball seemed pretty convinced, though)? I’m so so excited to find all this stuff out

I love all the off-colors? They’re great, they’re all great, I already want to see them all again they’re great all of them

Lars’ “redemption arc,” so to speak, is so good! I love how he developed over this arc and in the episodes to come (I imagine). I’m just so looking forward to where his character goes from here and just. I just really like it. Just way to go Lars!

Also, we know what Lion is now? He’s a lion brought back to life by Rose’s tears (so Rose could heal organics too??) That’s one big ol’ mystery solved… partially solved.

Anyways, this is really scattered because that was just so much to process (also I’m fighting a migraine so I’m a little unfocused tbh) but man that was so good! So good!!


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Genre: Smut, fluff, angst (it will contain smut in the next parts)

a/n: The story will have another part. So dont worry, im not cutting you off

Description:Jungkook is a  photography major in collaage. Every girl likes him yet he only has eyes for his camera, until he -even tho he hasnt realized it yet-  finds his muse.

Part1 Part 2  Part3

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Hello. This will be my first official article in my series on energy work or direct magick. Today, I’ll be discussing visualization and its uses for this purpose. I’ll also be discussing my own theories as to why visualization works so well for this.

Later articles will give practical, how-to information, but this one will be more theoretical. Much of what I’m going to say here qualifies as UPG, or at least just my own personal theories. Does it make sense to you? Read, and formulate your own thoughts!

I want to begin by saying that visualization is far from the only route to effective magick. Many people use other methods, and get great results from that. Also, not everyone can visualize. We all have different talents, and we use our skills differently.

Still, plenty of witches (like myself) do use techniques of visualization in energy work. It works pretty well for me, both for energy work and more traditional spellcraft. Most books on witchcraft include sections on visualizing, too, so it’s undeniably popular. Why is that? What makes this particular technique effective?

Cynics who hear about witches visualizing will often say something like, “Oh, so you’re playing pretend and imagining things. Okay.” While visualization does exercise the imagination, it has effects beyond mere imagining. After all, everyone uses their imagination. With witches who visualize, intent and focus takes the experience beyond imagination to create change in the world around them.

Most of us, when visualizing, reach a point where we cease to be able to control what we’re experiencing. This may sound scary, but for most of us, it is very subtle and not frightening at all. Much of energy work, after all, involves visualizing the flow of energy. This is, in the beginning of the exercise, wholly imaginative.

But, most of us find that, at a certain point, our visualization takes on a life of its own. While we can visualize and control (for example) energy flowing, it often does unexpected things or behaves in ways we did not predict.

So, visualization is more than just imagination. How does it work, then?

I think the explanation rests in the nature of energy itself. I myself believe that the force behind magick, the energy that makes it all possible, is conscious on some level. Not only that, but it reacts and responds to actions of our own consciousness. Thus, where our attention and focus goes, it follows.

This is true whether we’re visualizing, or just exercising our will. Of course, though, there’s inertia as well as other forces that direct this flow, as well. Thus, while we may be able to control it a bit, it will often do unexpected things. Again, this points to visualization indeed being “plugged in” to something beyond mere imagination.

Thus, visualization is a synthesis of sensing and directing energy. At least, that is my theory, and I believe that’s why it’s so effective for magick and spellcraft. The next article in this series will focus on using visualization and making the leap into sensing energy. Later articles will talk about directing it, grounding, centering, and more.

My Top 5 Root Moments

Shoot Week Day 1 - Favourite Root Moments

(All gifs are mine. They took forever and they’re Not Good, and I’ve developed such a massive appreciation for everyone who spends the time making these things.) 

1. Root’s view of the universe (317)

This scene perfectly encapsulates Root’s misanthropy. The idea that she presents here is Camus’ Absurdism, which describes the conflict between the universe’s inherent meaninglessness and our need to find a purpose. Camus argued that the only true way to resolve this conflict is by embracing the Absurd – acknowledging the chaos of the universe while defiantly searching for meaning anyway. This episode, which is the springboard to Root’s redemption arc, concludes with Root doing just that. The Machine gives Root’s life meaning, but She encourages Root to make her own choices. Root also admits that she cares about Shaw, Finch and even “the helper monkey.”

2. Shapes and symphonies (510)

Can you believe that Root discussed philosophy and metaphysics and made a joke about Shaw’s glorious ass all during a lethal shootout? Legends only.

This entire speech was great, but I particularly like the lines in the gif above. It’s such a contrast to Root’s previous thoughts about the universe being “infinite and chaotic and cold.” Instead, she indicates that we forge our paths in the universe – which, as I discussed earlier, sounds very similar to the idea of “embracing the Absurd.” 

I also appreciate how meta this line is. Root and Shaw, aren’t real, but they still mean everything to me, both individually and as a couple. And even though they are no longer on our TV screens now that POI has ended, we can still keep them alive in our imaginations through our fics, art, gifs and so on.  

3. Root’s newfound sense of belonging (510)

Root spent the majority of her life alone, shunning humanity. This moment in which she admits to Shaw that she’s finally found a family and a sense of belonging was hard-fought, which makes it all the more gratifying. She had to earn Team Machine’s trust. She risked her life for them repeatedly and even endured brutal torture. But as she said, she wouldn’t change any of it. 

4. Root and the truth (301)

I loved Root from the moment that she pulled a gun on Finch in 123, but this is the scene where she became my favourite character of all time. This monologue is incredibly chilling and really conveys Root’s power. Her voice shakes from the thorazine that she’s being forced to take and from rage (at her confinement and at this psychiatrist, who easily fits her definition of bad code). It’s a tremendous performance by Amy Acker. 

5. “Maybe someday” (411)

In Prophets (405), Root says that a good end would be a privilege for her. Here, she gets what she would probably feel is a “good end”.  As Root knows that she is about to die saving the world, all she wants is confirmation that there could be something between her and Shaw someday. The way her face lights up at the mere possibility of them having a future together absolutely breaks my heart.

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So, you know I'm rather new to the fandom, and this will be my first comeback, and I want to do anything I can to help make this comeback a success for our boys. Can you tell me what I can do? like I dont know if I will be able to buy the album, but what other things can I do and where? Thanks~

Sure thing! I’ll give you some basics of what a typical comeback is like for fans! I hope this info is helpful for all BABYz and thanks to the awesome BABYz who provided tutorials for all of these methods!

Social Media

The easiest method is to just promote BAP as much as possible for every comeback. Whether it’s Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, introducing BAP to other K-Pop fans as well as people who are not into K-pop is seriously so helpful. The more we talk about BAP, the more exposure they’ll get, which will lead to more fans and more opportunities for BAP in the future! 

I cannot stress this enough when I say that when discussing BAP on social media PLEASE keep your posts and comments positive. Talk about how great the songs are, how perfect the MV is, write about OT6′s flawless singing and dancing, etc; however, DON’T make negative posts criticizing BAP/BABYz/other fandoms because it really reflects back on BAP. DON’T start rumors or spread them, DON’T post or repost negative comments/posts from others, and DON’T write negative comments directly to BAP on sns. Also, even though we all can agree TS sucks, it’s clear that they go out of their way to avoid any concerns from BABYz. Even though it’s frustrating, before you send them emails, call their offices, or threaten to fly to Korea and punch every employee at TS in the face, PLEASE think of what your words/actions will do to BAP. We don’t know what truly goes on with BAP and TS, so it’s best to remain positive and focuse on promoting the boys and patiently waiting for news from TS and then we can punch everyone if they fuck up as usual :D

Physical Albums

Even though you’re still unsure about buying a physical copy of the album, if you do end up deciding it’s best to buy from stores whose sales count towards charts, such as Gaon and Hanteo. Preordering is also really important for sales within the first week, so here are a few verified stores for each chart in addition to TS Ent.’s official store:

Hanteo: KPopTown, KpopMart, YesAsia (there is a global site and US site, this is the global site link)

Gaon: Melon, MNet


Searching for BAP online will actually help them gain exposure and hype about their comeback. Simply go on the Naver website or app, type in “BAP ROSE”, click on and share articles on your social media, clear your history, and repeat! 

There are also search attacks that we do, in which there are scheduled times for BABYz to search about BAP on Naver in order to get them trending. If you check BAPdomination on Twitter, they post the schedules and search words for each day.


Voting will help BAP win on music programs, as well as for appearances on various variety shows (which will increase their exposure and popularity). The Vote4BAP Twitter provides info for where streaming/voting can be done.

You can vote for BAP on Show Champion, Inkigayo, Music Bank, Music Core, and MNet Countdown using the tutorials provided by BABYz.


Streaming allows for digital sales, which count for roughly 50% of votes on music shows. In order to stream, you need to purchase passes on sites like Genie or Melon. 


Melon streaming can seem intimidating, but there are literally soooo many wonderful BABYz who are always offering to help set up an account, or even stream for you (a lot of BABYz actually advertise this kind of help on Twitter/Tumblr/Instagram so make sure to stay on your social media grind during comebacks!). In order to stream on Melon, you need to create and account and either use your PC or dowload the mobile app. There’s a document that BABYz made that explains the whole process along with an FAQ if you have any trouble.

TS YouTube Channel

You can also stream the official MV on TS Ent.’s YouTube channel (it’s best to watch the MVs on TS’s channel even though 1theK also posts the MV and has more subscribers [which means more exposure] but really focus on TS’s channel first and foremost. Stream in 720p or above, like/comment/share the MV on all social medias, watch the full MV without pausing AND at a volume above 50%. Also DON’T click replay or refresh the page; instead, play the video incognito or clear your history. You can also create a playlist of just the MV so that it continuously loops.


Streaming can also be done on Tudou to help BAP win on THE SHOW. Open this link in incognito mode and click the orange button beside the ROSE MV. You don’t have to watch the whole MV ~ there are two lines when the video loads: orange and gray. Let the gray line load fully after you press play and that counts as a stream. Make sure you don’t mute the video while it’s playing, otherwise it doesn’t count. As always, delete your history/cookies and try from all devices and computers.

Naver TV Cast

Finally, streaming can be done on Naver TV cast, but the options listed above tend to be the most used by fans (especially Tudou - BAP tend to win a lot on THE SHOW since it’s a system solely based on the input of fans’ streaming, but it has been known to be messy sometimes when counting votes so NEVER STOP STREAMING lol).

Fancafe/Daum tutorial

itsBAP actually has a tutorial to make an account to join BAP’s official fanclub, in case anyone was interested in this option as well!

Of course, there are so many ways to support BAP in their comebacks, but above all just being a loyal BABY is the best support you can give! Let’s all work together to make this comeback a success and make 2017 BAP’s year! Fighting! ♡

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Hi, could you do a fic where Spideypool are a secretly married couple and have to hide the fact from citizens /enemies when they are dp&sp ?

It’s been so long, and the reason is, I GOT INTO UNIVERsITY!! Yay!! I’m gonna try and pump some of these out, but yay!!

Peter stumbled into the Avengers building, coffee cup in hand, barely awake.  Tony had called him in extra early, which was unsurprising. Ever since he had started working for stark industries, he was called in either for work business, or superhero business. Tony was the only one who knew about his double life, so it was touch and go when he walked into the building.
Peter let himself in, punching in the code to the lab tiredly.  He froze when he saw the Avengers standing around tensely. He clutched his cup to his chest and resisted the urge to pull down the mask he knew wasn’t there. They all paused in their conversation to stare at Peter until the silence was too awkward and he had to laugh nervously.
“Peter,” Tony said, waving his hand at him to come into the room. “We’re in the middle of something, but you can just come in and work. Just stay quiet over there, okay kid? I need that thing fixed.”
Peter nodded and swallowed down the feeling that he had made a mistake. Was he supposed to come in uniform? He sat in the corner and put his headphones in, but he could feel Natasha and Clint’s eyes boring into his back.  
Steve cleared his throat. “Okay, so we are in unanimous agreement about what we discussed?”
Out of the corner of his eye, Peter could see a few hesitant nods.  He pulled out his toolbox and started quietly working, even though he had finished this project weeks ago.  
“Good, then I guess, let’s bring him in.” He could sense a hardness in Steve’s voice that Peter recognized as dislike. He had a sinking feeling in his gut, even before the door opened and Wade’s familiar voice.
“Hi, team! I brought snacks!” Peter turned to see the bright leather of Wade’s Deadpool suit, and groaned a bit, pushing himself into the corner more. Wade hadn’t spotted him yet, but he knew his situation would be a hundred times more embarrassing when he did.
“Okay, listen pal, just because your working with us doesn’t make you part of our team,” Clint grumbled
Wade stepped forward and laughed obnoxiously. “Gee, that’s rich coming from you, cupid.”
Peter felt himself involuntarily tense. Clint was an okay guy, but he and Wade were not on good terms. He resisted the urge to turn around and tell Clint to keep his bitter remarks to himself, but Natasha beat him to it.
“Boy’s please, your making our guest uncomfortable.” He felt a tight grip on his shoulder. Oh god. Peter shrunk into himself as Natasha gave him a look, and recognition flicked across Wade like a light globe.
“Oh, this is just too good!” He laughed clapping his hands together and rubbing them cunningly as he walked around the table to stand by Peter’s hip. Peter glanced at him, trying to give Wade his best warning look, but as per usual, it had no effect.
“Where are my manners? I’m the Deadpool of your dreams. And you are the handsome beauty of my dreams. I’m digging this nerdy college boy look baby! It’s really turning my floppy drive into a hard disk if you know what I mean!”  

Peter felt embarrassment crawl up his neck as Wade regarded him. The room paused again and Steve piped up.  

“I’m not quite sure what that means but please, let’s get to the issue at hand, and leave Tony’s employee’s out of it.”
“Why Captain of course, but there’s nothing I’d like more to have my hand on Tony’s employee. Peter, is it?” Wade leaned down to speak to Peter, tiptoeing his gloved fingers across the desk.  
Peter sighed. Wade absolutely loved doing this, pretending that they didn’t know each other. He liked having a special secret all to himself.  
“Don’t worry baby boy, I know that you already know me. I’m like, big news now or whatever.”
Peter felt the corner of his mouth twitch up.  He turned back to his table, as they started discussing “important” things that they needed Wade for.  
Wade wasn’t listening, even though Peter was. Wade was too busy smiling at Peter and watching him tinker around with scraps.  
Once the meeting was over (Peter assumed it was over, because Bruce had stormed out, and Thor was now trying figure out how to eat the doughnuts Wade had brought) Wade turned back to him with a cheeky grin.
“So baby, now that all that stuffy business is over, howsabout we go out for some grub! As you can see by the god currently stuffing his face, I have great food taste. I’d love to take you out and treat you well, baby.”
Peter smiled looking at him and lowering his voice. “I thought I was cooking tonight? I bought ingredients yesterday.”
“They’ll stay good for one more night Petey, let’s eat out tonight! Now that you’ve got a high-tech job, I think we should celebrate!”
Peter snorted and set down his screwdriver. “We can’t go out, Aunt May is visiting tomorrow remember? The house is a total mess hun.”
Wade pouted and tugged on Peter’s sleeve like he did when he was trying to get his own way. Even after a couple of years, Peter still couldn’t resist it.
“Fine, if you go home right now, and vacuum, we can go out for dinner.” Peter leaned closer and dropped his voice even lower, just the way he knew Wade liked. “And then we can get cozy in bed with dessert and watch the next episode of whatever show you want.”
Wade moaned and wrapped his arms around Peter’s shoulders whispering into his ear “This is why I married you.”
Peter made a mock-offended sound. “Wade, I married you. Now go vacuum, please.”

Wade was standing on the sidelines, next to the one and only Captain America, ogling at his husband’s ass in tight spandex. No matter how many times he woke up next to Peter, his sweet ass still blew Wade away.
“Good god, that is a sweet goddamn ass. Oh, bless.” He watched as Peter flipped in and out of buildings, being the first part of their four-part attack plan against some bad guy. Wade wasn’t really listening, he was only there to make sure Peter was safe, and to watch his amazing body.  
Steve looked back at him with a frown. Wade rolled his eyes.
“C'mon Cap! I know you’re all about righteousness and whatever, but don’t tell me you don’t sometimes have a peek! It’s natural man, every red-blooded male does it yo!”
Wade ignored the skeptical look the hero gave him and clapped him on the back. “Nothing is as good as Spidey’s ass, though, by god. I’ve never seen anything so beautiful, and I doubt I ever will.”
Steve looked uncomfortable, shifting his shield in his hand.  
“I don’t appreciate that kind of crude conversation. Aren’t you…married.”
“Oh yeah! I’m so married! Married hard!” Wade ripped off his glove and showed his ring for emphasis. Peter and Wade had bought it together, and for once, looking down at his rumpled skin actually made him feel proud. The gold nestled there reminded him of Peter’s vows, of his promises to love and cherish him, every part of him, even the parts that Wade didn’t like.  
The memory made Wade’s heart squeeze and made him smile goofily. When he looked back up, Cap was giving him an incredibly strange look. Wade didn’t really care.  
Peter landed on the wall next to wades head, signaling the second phase of their plan. Cap sprung into action, diving into the battle as Wade moved over to scrape his husband off the wall.  
Peter laughed, swinging around him before noticing his bare hand.

“What’s this then?” Peter challenged with a smile. “A wedding ring? We’ve been rendezvousing this whole time and you’re married? I can’t believe it.”
“Yes, it’s true. I’m married to the most beautiful, funny and smart man in all the world! He has the most bangin’ bod, well, second only to you.”  
Peter snickered, taking the moment alone to twine his fingers with Wade’s and play with the ring.  
“He sounds like the luckiest guy in the world.”
“He will be tonight. I’m making pasta.”
Peter laughed, patting his head as Wade put his glove back on. “Well, I’m jealous. And busy. If we keep trapezing like this we are going to get found out.”
“I like how taboo this is baby.” Wade said, wiggling his eyebrows, “What do you say, after this, do you wanna get out of here? Go somewhere a little more private? We can have a bath together? There will be wine and Ben and Jerry’s.”
Peter smiled, placing a chaste kiss on Wade’s mouth before climbing up the wall. “Sweetie, you had me at bath.”  

Chapter 50 Eremin Meta/ Theory/Headcanon

So, first, I’ve got to say that I’m really, really, really busy. I’ve got a graduation thesis to finish until next week, so I really can’t do much over here. Btw, I’m so glad Eremin Month and Ex0’s comeback will be after I’m done with that damn thesis, but anyway, let’s get to the topic.

First, I’ve got to say that I didn’t watch the last three or four episodes of Season 2 (I really don’t remember where I stopped, that’s how crazy I am over everything I have to do). In any case, I knew that the chapter 50 episode would come out one of these weeks, and I checked the Eremin tag because, well, I wanted a sneak-peak of how bad it would be. Well, from what I’ve seen, it was bad indeed.

So, I grabbed my volume 12 and went to look again at the scene, just to soothe myself a little (or to scream over how baffling this whole thing is, whichever you prefer), and I noticed something. starts talking and Ere.n looks at Armi.n, we all know it. But then, says the following:

Ere.n is looking at her, alright? Look how cute this Ere//Mika moment is. We can’t deny that it is touching, though I can’t look at it with shipper eyes. Anyway, then, in the next page, we have this:

I don’t think it’s too clear in this image, but in my printed version is it clear enough to me. I’ll point it out: says she’s thankful for Eren being with her and she says “Thank you for teaching me how to live”, as you can see above. Then, Ere.n is looking at her, but in the last panel we have here, you can see that he tilts his body AND face towards Ar.min, while’s back is facing Ar.min, which means Ere,n isn’t looking at her. I’m not here to belittle’s and Ere;n’s relationship. What I wanted to say is: Ere.n hears what says and looks at Ar.min. My shipper goggles say it’s not coincidence. Let’s see why:

From what we’ve seen, Isa.yama has emphasized time and time again that it was Ar.min who has shown Ere.n a new perspective of life, and, from there, Ere.n has a goal in life, he’s not living meaninglessly. Ar.min was responsible for that, and it is explicitly said in the manga more than once. I’ll just throw here one of these moments, so people who don’t pay enough attention won’t say I’m delusional (and because I’m never tired of this scene):

So, what does this all mean? Well, after said that Ere.n taught her how to live, he looks at Ar.min. Coincidence? My shipper goggles say no. What I take from this is: Ere.n looks at Ar.min because, in his case, Ar.min is the one he’s thankful for teaching him how to live, and he doesn’t want to lose that. But this is just a theory to make me feel better about that damn anime, my headcanon. If anyone agrees, great; If not, it’s okay, but if you come to throw shit at me, well, I don’t have time to discuss, but if I had, I have an arsenal of receipts to throw at anyone who comes saying eremin isn’t all that.

Hope we can all overcome this and that Isa;yama proves us again, as he always does, how important they are to each other.

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So i very strongly sided with the mages until i saw what it turned into at the end of da:2 and what happens in da:i, i can fully support wanting more freedoms and to be given a chance at a real life, but what it looks like theyre trying to do is rebuild the tevinter imperium and i cannot support that, but i still dont agree with the templars either, and honestly this whole thing couldve been avoided if the chantry had been a little more lenient with the circle

What it leaded to in DA2? I don’t know what you mean really. Unless you mean Anders’ actions, but he wasn’t acting with any other mages. And at the end of the game he was so fused with Justice I don’t think we can even be sure he would’ve acted the same way if he were just himself. Also, what it lead to? It led to the mages - who did not do anything - all going to be killed because of it, well actually Meredith had already sent for the right of annulment before Anders’ actions so… yeah I can’t really see how I’m meant to blame mages for that? There are a few instances in da2 when mages do bad things, but they’re always a reaction to the insane amount of abuse in that circle.

And what do you mean in da:i? In what way are they ‘rebuilding the Tevinter Imperium’? Please send in another ask because I don’t get it? I might be missing something?

I do agree that the Chantry could’ve avoided the whole thing, but it would have meant an entire restructuring of the Circle, not just ‘being a little more lenient’. The Circle would have to stop being a prison and become an actual place where mages can be save and learn in safety. And I don’t think the Chantry would ever be willing to do so, considering how much power and money they would lose.

I view the question of ‘templars vs mages’ as simply this: are the horrors of the circle a justified necessary evil to protect the rest of the population from the possible crimes, or accidental destruction caused by mages?

That’s the only question that matters. That’s where the true grey morality of this issue comes in. Do you think the chantry is right that mages are so inherently dangerous that they need to be held prisoner their entire lives? That the Chantry has the right to decide which of them need to be made tranquil, or punished in other ways, and which entire circles get to be murdered down to the last child?

My answer is always going to be no. That’s why I support the mages. Always. And not just because we’ve already seen more peaceful solutions in game.

Just think about it, in the real world if we determine which groups are most likely to commit violent crimes, would you support pre-emptively locking them up? (Remember, modern day weapons can be as dangerous as any magic we’ve seen in game.) Probably not.

And let’s be clear, even a circle where there is no abuse is still a horrific idea in principle:

- Being locked up the rest of your life

- cut of from family

- not allowed to go outside 

- not allowed to form romantic attachments

- not allowed to have a family (and having any child you might have taken away from you)

- living with armed men instructed to kill you if you necessary 

- being constantly told you’re basically a walkign bomb so dangerous the world needs to be protected from you

- Living with the threat of the right of annulment your whole life

- Living with the threat of being made tranquil (yes yes, until you pass a horrifying test, unless you live in one of the circles that ignore that rule and oh yes the chantry and the circle has a huge monetary incentive to make you tranquil or suggest you allow them to make you tranquil even before the test)

Even if this prison - and it is a prison no matter how cosy the beds - doesn’t suffer from any abuse of power it’s still a horror show. But then I don’t think there will be a circle with no abuse. Just because predatory people are often dawn to positions where they can enact abuse and get away with it and the circle is the perfect place; no one gives a shit about the mages. Also, the only circles we’ve seen in game have been abusive, I find it odd to presume there must be a perfect circle where there is only the horrors of it being a prison.

And I haven’t even gotten into the whole idea that the Chantry makes money off making people tranquil, which kinda motivates them to make more mages tranquil, if only to keep the money flowing. Or that if the Chantry ever admitted that mages don’t need constant surveillance it means they will either have to admit that the templars are mainly there to be the Chantry’s military arm, or cut down on how many templars there are, and so weaken the Chantry’s power. (That’s what I mean when I say getting rid of the Circles would cost the Chantry too much.)

On the subject of ‘trying to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’, I have to say the abuses of the Tevinter Imperium are not caused by magic, so assuming a society where Mages are free and able to be in positions of power, is going to be ‘like the Tevinter Imperium’ is just not how it works.

Slavery isn’t something exclusive to magic (well using spirits as slaves as well might be), and (blood) magic, is just the tool they use to enact their cruelty. If they had no magic they would find other ways. And to be frank, while I’m sure the other nations we have seen in game would claim moral superiority over Tevinter, I don’t think they can. Look at the way they treat the elves? Look at what the Chantry has done? Profiting off making people tranquil, making Templars addicted to something they control?

Also, remember the elves being sold into slavery in da:o? Do you think that was the only time that happened? It seems pretty unlikely doesn’t it?

So yes Tevinter is horrible, but I think the problem with saying ‘they want to rebuild the Tevinter Imperium’ is that it fails to recognise that the other nations have their own horrors and that depending on who (or what race) you are in Ferelden or Orlais, your life might already be as bad as that of the lowliest person in Tevinter.

It’s easy to judge the mage rebellion for causing too much destruction etc etc, but it’s not like the Chantry would ever have willingly let them go. The mages were pushed in a corner, they didn’t one day decide that they would cause this. I would love it if peaceful revolution was possible but it isn’t. It’s always a question of what are you willing to sacrifice to gain your freedom.

DA:I could have been a great morally muddled story about what is justified in the name of revolution, of freedom. It could’ve shown us a mage rebellion where some are forced to fight, where some mages only take revenge for the abuse they suffered, while others desperately tried to find peaceful ways to change the world. It could have shown us templars being pushed to the edge by the chantry, and those who gleefully hunt and kill mages. It could’ve shown us exactly how much it costs templars to break with the Chantry.

Cullen does to a degree show us and in DA2 we had Samson, but I would’ve liked something like a Knight-Captain who objected morally to the abuses of the Chantry, tried to reason with them to go against amoral orders and ended up with the Chantry cutting off his lyrium supply so he was forced to watch the templars under his command suffer and a few of them die. Actually that would’ve made a great quest that with show us exactly how little control templars really have.

I’m just going to end with some links with more information on the mages and the Circle/ Chantry/ templars. I think all these help to get the whole picture on the situation for mages, necessary to understand why revolution was unavoidable (and before you judge their rebellions as ‘going too far.’) 

1. A post discussing why Anders did what he did and why other options weren’t available. I’m not entirely decided on whether I support Anders’ actions myself, but this is an interesting read on why the mages had to rebel to gain any power and why it’s difficult to judge them for it. It also touches on more abuses of the Chantry.

2. A post with a number of reactions to the idea of the Circle being ‘a nice place’ which it can’t be by its very nature. Also mentions some other abuses that will happen in even ‘peaceful circles’ like Anders’ punishment of solitary confinement for a year, which is literal torture and if you want to understand to what extent a quick google search will do on why solitary confinement is torture.

3. A great post about why tranquility is not a mercy and in fact a system that is incredibly vulnerable to abuse (and not just in da2). Also touches on how the Circle provides the Chantry with funds (and so power, which of course makes their ‘magic is evil we will protect’ you bs stink a little more.)

4. A post discussing why not all templars can ‘just stop taking lyium’ which helps to show that they’re basically trapped in this system as well.

5. A post combining resources about the abuses the mages face in da2, I’d recommend reading it even if you feel you know all of them already because I’ve played da2 many many times and I was surprised by some of these. Also remember that just because this is the worst circle we’ve seen it does not mean the abuses are unique to this circle.

6. A post explaining more about the Chantry and why it needs its military arm, and how it abuses that power. ties in to how they can’t admit that mages don’t need constant surveillance without either admitting the real use of templars.

7. A post about the theory that templars aren’t meant to protect mages but are meant to make sure there aren’t too many mages. (In other words, they are there to kill mages.) I don’t necessarily agree with everything in the post, though it does make sense that the Chantry would limit how many mages there are in any one circle to prevent an uprising. Still the post contains some interesting discussions about the templars tactics and how they don’t make sense if they’re meant to just protect mages. This of course does not mean every day templars are aware of what the real order are and I imagine there are templars who truly believe they are meant to protect mages.

8. A really good post on why Meredith wasn’t ‘just doing what she thought best’ and was pretty horrible before the red lyrium business. Also, while it’s easy to say meredith does not represent the Chantry the fact is the Chantry never stepped in and at the very least it shows how rife this system is for abuse and how little people or the Chantry care what happens to mages.


‘Lord Almighty, now that You have our beloved Dussolier in Your arms, I pray to You, remind him of that afternoon when we ran away together from the orphanage. Remind him of the fear and freedom we felt on that rainy afternoon. And reassure him there’s nothing wrong, freedom and fear are always together, like an old married couple, each willing to die for the other. Remind him of Sister Mary at age twenty, her hair flowing and blonde and drenched in sunlight as she ran and sank baskets. Remind him of that indelible, archaic picture of beauty that so stirred us, in silence. Now I know very well that neither he nor I will ever forget that picture. Remind him, Lord Almighty, of all our endless late-night conversations, in that big one-room dormitory, under the blankets, how we whispered in secret about our one and only, inexhaustible topic of discussion: our future. We were children then, and that’s what children do: they paint the future in colours that reality can never know. Remind him not to grieve over all our shattered dreams. We wanted to live the lives of the great baseball player, the elderly gas station attendant on the county road, the heroic soldier, the lowlife New York musician, the fireman, the blue-water sailor. Remind him not to weep when he remembers that instead we lived only the simple, drab life of the priest, such a strange life, a life of hope and prayer that You, Lord Almighty, really do exist and might think about us.


anonymous asked:

Do u have any tips for writing English essays?


  • i usually don’t start with the introduction / thesis statement.
    • i’ll construct my argument first, then figure out how i want to present and conclude my essay.
    • i think that writing a thesis to summarize the thoughts in your body paragraphs is a lot easier than trying to make the body paragraphs match a thesis.
    • plus, it allows you to refine, change, and expand your ideas!
  • i saw this on a post once (i forget where, sorry!) but it was something along the lines of “if you can’t imagine yourself dropping the mic after saying the last line of your conclusion, it’s not strong enough”
    • which is actually great advice!!
    • however i would advise against saying some overly grand assumption / generalization loosely based on your essay
    • ex: if your argument is that pizza is a good meal (fair point), you can’t end with “pizza has shaped generations of brilliant thinkers and without it, the world would be a darker place” (um)
  • always, always, always avoid trying to sound smart
    • i used to do this and i swear when i read my old essays my eyes want to roll out of my head (wow sorry that was super graphic)
    • don’t throw in fancy vocab if there’s a simpler, clearer way to write it
    • split up sentences, sometimes commas just aren’t necessary, it just makes the sentence drag on, the main point is lost, how tragic
    • be concise whenever possible. simplify. simplify. then simplify again.
    • try to write your essay so that someone who has no understanding of the topic can read it and understand your points
  • do a write-through where you don’t go back and edit stuff. just write.
    • i think a lot of people try to edit their drafts while they write, which is fine if you’re in a rush and won’t be able to proofread/revise later
    • but in general i would start with a session where you just write down all of your thoughts and arguments
    • don’t try to organize them, don’t edit, just get those ideas written
    • after you finish writing, edit it and set it aside. read it again after a day or two and you’ll probably see lots of things you want to change!
  • also, this leads to the next point: write early
    • leave time for big writing assignments!!!!
    • (and practice what u preach, hannah *squints at looming due dates*)
    • this will give you a lot more time to refine your ideas
    • i read a book yesterday that basically gave a three day schedule (doesn’t have to be consecutive days) for essay-writing: one day for writing a solid outline, one day for actually writing, one day for revising
    • even if it doesn’t take you three days, know yourself. know how much time it should take you to write an essay you’re happy with, and plan accordingly.
  • for thesis statements, one of my english teachers says that you should always ask “so what?”
    • if you can’t explain why your essay is important/interesting and worth reading through your thesis statement, your thesis or essay needs to be improved
    • “x book talks about gender inequality, which is an important subject in this day and age” – so what? how does it talk about gender inequality? why is it important? ask yourself questions about your essay as if you are a critic reading it for the first time
    • you could improve the previous thesis by adding details “x book discusses gender inequality, in particular the significant wage gaps in y industry, through its use of z writing strategy" or something
    • now we know what type of gender inequality, we know how it’s explored in the book - it’s a much stronger thesis!
  • peer editing is great!!
    • i cannot recommend peer-reviewing essays enough. it can be so so helpful to hear feedback from another person!
    • plus, if you edit someone else’s papers, you can learn from them by adopting skills/tactics that you enjoy in their writing
    • everyone benefits. yay!

that’s all i can think of off the top of my head. i hope some of those were helpful to you! if you still want more tips, you can check out my english tag or my essay tag for lots of awesome posts :) have a fantastic day!

Avengers Chatroom: OTP

Requested by Anon.

Pairing: Steve x f!reader

Scenario: Steve and reader are having a private chat until Clint decides to butt in, resulting in everyone else joining.

Steve has created a chatroom.

Steve has invited Y/N.

Steve: Hey, Y/N, are we still on for our usual lunch tomorrow?

Of course, Steve! :)

Great! I look forward to it. Bucky has been going on about this new movie, maybe we can see it afterwards?

Do you mean the superhero one? Based on us?

Yes, that one! Also, there’s something I’ve been wanting to tell you. I couldn’t build up the courage before, but I think I’m ready. I was also scared that I could lose you.

Steve, you know I will always be here for you, no matter what. You can tell me.

Clint has invited himself.

What do we have here? Hmmm? A SECRET DATE? CONFESSIONS OF LOVE?

How… Did you manage to join…

This is a private chat.

Don’t try to change the subject, you two. Also, I am one of the best assassins ever, it wasn’t hard.


You heard the lady.



Steve doesn’t like me!

I um, well


You are being worse than a 6 year old.

Clint has invited Nat.

Why the hell is Clint cackling like an idiot next to me?

Omg! You two? Congratulations!

No not you too, Nat!


Nat has invited Bucky.


Buck, please.

Was it his abs, Y/N? ;) Love at first abs? They’re great, huh?

Oh so you think his abs are great?



Bucky has invited Sam, Tony, Bruce, Thor and T’Challa.

T’Challa: Wakanda would be the perfect honeymoon destination.

Sam: Awww yeah Steve! Get some!

Steve: All of you are being highly inappropriate!

Thor: Congratulations, Brother Steven! You are welcome to host thy wedding upon Asgard.

Bruce: I would have never guessed you two would be a couple.

Tony: How are you going to break the news to Wanda that she now has a step-mom?

Steve: Can you all leave? We were having an important discussion!

Clint: About what you’d name your children?

Y/N: You are so annoying, Clint!

Tony has invited Wanda, Vision and Peter.

Peter: Tony I have homework

Peter: Oh! Sweet! Cap and Y/N!

Wanda: FINALLY, you two are together!

Clint: I KNOW RIGHT?!?!?!

Vision: The way they stare at each other was becoming uncomfortable.

Y/N: Why am I even friends with all of you?


Peter: I would be happy to babysit your kids.

T’Challa: As would I.

Tony: Uh,no. I will. Uncle Tony > Everyone else.

Steve: You would be a terrible babysitter, Tony.

Wanda: He doesn’t deny the possibility of kids with Y/N!

Bucky: I am going to be the godfather of their kids.

Sam: Excuse you. I will.

Steve: THAT’S ENOUGH. There’s something I really have to tell you, Y/N.

Y/N: Hold on Steve, let’s leave this chat first. I’ll make a chat THAT CLINT CAN’T HACK!

Y/N has left the chat.

Steve has left the chat.

Clint: Pfft, imma invade that chat as well.

Sam: Hurry up.

Tony: I want to know what Steve was going to say.

Clint has left the chat.

Nat: So, turns out Clint couldn’t hack their chat and it crashed his phone.

Bucky: NO! DAMN IT.

Bucky has left the chat.

Tony: Well this isn’t fun.

Tony has left the chat.

Peter: I have to finish my homework

Peter has left the chat.

T’Challa: And I have to go rule my country.

T’Challa has left the chat.

Sam: Man, NICE GOING CLINT! Nat please show him that.

Sam has left the chat.

Wanda: We can tail them tomorrow.

Vision: Good idea.

Wanda has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

Bruce: Well that was fun while it lasted.Bruce has left the chat.Thor has left the chat.Nat has left the chat.

I’m just going to put some thoughts into the ether… and understand I mean everything I say respectfully and appreciate the thoughts that have been put into the OB tumblr space. I’m not singling anyone out, just responding to discussion.

First I just want to comment on the concept that it makes people lesser fans or fetishists or gross to only like certain parts of a show or certain characters. I draw the line at that. Everyone relates to something different.

When the criticism is leveled specifically at fans who like Delphine Cormier, I’m going to just talk about my own opinion as I can’t speak for everyone. But I am one of those fans who now only watches Orphan Black for a select few plots, mainly Delphine and Cophine. Why? Because I have found the writing to be disappointing. I feel mired in the exact same narratives again and again with little character progress or growth (except surprisingly in plots I have ceased caring about, like Allison or Rachel - there is actual interesting character development there, in my opinion). I was actually looking forward to Rachel’s turn as the big bad the most and so far it feels the same… meandering plots when it should be focused and tight and driving toward an end… not tiny moments of intense mortal danger that get resolved in one or two episodes. There’s no long-term tension or drive toward a climax and that’s a big reason why my interest has fizzled out.

One might ask why I cling to Cophine then when it’s basically the same thing over and over. Cosima doesn’t trust Delphine. Delphine doesn’t communicate with Cosima. As a fan of that relationship, I can say it’s written poorly and a lot of my interest in the plot has been shaped by fandom and fan speculation. At the same time, I am deeply invested in the characters that have been created and I want to see the plot come to a conclusion that makes sense. Either way, I am attached, even if tangentially, until the end.

I think we can all agree that the acting is fantastic and the show started amazingly and the premise is very interesting. But for me, it lost its way so I’m hanging on to what I can hang on to. I can’t force myself to like the whole thing anymore but I can try to enjoy what I can enjoy.

Now when it comes to the idea of fetishizing characters (not actors, mind), I have to ask… what does that mean? When did being a fan of a character or couple become fetishization, and on which side do we get to be self-righteous fans and on which side to we get the honour of being labelled gross? Delphine being someone’s favourite character isn’t gross. Clone-clone shipping isn’t gross. Unconventional ships aren’t gross. Shipping in general isn’t gross. So where is the line?

Is it the graphic fanfic? The gifs? The self-satirizing posts? Looking forward to seeing a character on-screen? All the elements that are present in *every* faction of the fandom?

How about that the majority of Delphine teases by OB this season have been Cophine kissing? Is that gross? Is that reductive? (That, I would argue, *is*, and contributes to this idea that Delphine fans are this gross part of the fandom that can’t enjoy anything outside Cophine… the truth is we can, or I can… when you give me something good or new or satisfying as a narrative.)

Not everyone likes everything about OB. But I personally don’t see anything pearl-clutchingly bad about Delphine fans.

What I do find gross or crossing the line is when people write idiotic posts about a group of *fans*, which I’ve been seeing off and on for the last few months. You can criticsize plots and characters and ideas without shaming or ostracizing the real people behind the fandom. That’s fucking gross behaviour, from any part of the fandom toward another part.

But I’m not going to sit by and be like “oh no no I’m not one of *those* Delphine fans”. *Which* Delphine fans, then? The ones that read raunchy fanfic and joke about Cophine sex and Delphine ships? The ones who also go ahead and ship other clones with other people? The ones who can relate to Delphine but not Donnie? That’s all of us. I’m not about to go and create a false division there, too. I’m not better than any of you. We’re all here to glean our own experiences and entertainment from the show.

I don’t know how anyone can spend much time on tumblr without feeling shamed on a regular basis. It is one of the most unforgiving communities I’ve been in. But for OB, it’s been the best source for me - a customized feed for my interests where I’ve had great discussions and enjoyed lots of great fan works.

But let’s just get real about some things. To keep singling out Delphine fans in eloquent posts squashed between gifs of women making out on Gypsy and OITNB and random jokes and politics and pictures and social justice and quotes… you’re just like us. We are all here to enjoy the show and to be ourselves in some way, especially if we can’t in “the real world”. So can we please move the fuck on from this need to feel better than another group in the fandom? Enjoy the show, enjoy the parts you like - because I guarantee that no one but a few vocal shits give even an iota of a fuck what you’re personally into or what you’re personally doing on your blog. Embrace it!

Ok. Many things happened last year. Awful things that I don’y dare remembering. But my reason to stay in this hell place (besides some good friends that make the experience worth it) is because I believe in gillovny. I ship Gillian and David and I want them to be together because I truly believe they love each other. If I remember well shipping a couple stands for a strong wish to see those people together. And I want to see David and Gillian together. I don’t care about any girl or some british director who seems to like exhibiting his bare ass at public pools. Disgusting.
So, can we talk about MSR and that terrific trailer we got? Can we discuss all those crazy theories to explain the mess Carter made only to drag us all to his personal platonic hell? That would be better…
Also, can we talk about the once-over Gillian gave at David, so thirsty, so eager? Would anyone mind to discuss the way David stared at Gillian, right into her eyes, saying some nonsense about “stars aligned” when everyone was talking about Carter’s birthday? And the way she grabbed his thigh? And how he tried so hard to be the funniest guy in that place only to make her laugh at his lame jokes so she can feel better and less anxious? Those are great topics.
Everyday we can choose if we want to focus on the dark side or the bright one… I choose the last… because Gillovny is so much more than all of this negativity we’ve seen.

anonymous asked:

I mean getting arrested for violence is a risk im willing to take but that doesn't mean I shouldn't be mad over getting arrested. I mean fuck that's why we do that shit in the first place lmao? We hate the entire system and everything is a reason to get mad including people getting arrested

I know white people LOVE to use Dr. Martin Luther King as a rhetorical device for their shit, but I saw this quote yesterday that I think is especially relevant to this discussion:

‘YOU express a great deal of anxiety over our willingness to break laws. This is certainly a legitimate concern. Since we so diligently urge people to obey the Supreme Court’s decision of 1954 outlawing segregation in the public schools, it is rather strange and paradoxical to find us consciously breaking laws. One may well ask, “How can you advocate breaking some laws and obeying others?” The answer is found in the fact that there are two types of laws: there are just laws, and there are unjust laws. I would agree with St. Augustine that “An unjust law is no law at all.” ' 

You can read the rest of his Letter from Birmingham Jail here, where he goes into more detail abt what constitutes an unjust vs a just law. But at the end of the day, if you’re capable of squaring and justifying the violence of the police, the military, and the state, against people who are not capable of defending themselves against these institutions, but can’t for the life of you rationalize WHY any oppressed minority would want to defend themselves and their dignity through the use of violence if need be, then you need to evaluate your stance from a different perspective. Preferably a less assholeish one.

- Mod A

Changes and Survey Results

Hello, everyone! You’ve probably noticed by now that our URL has changed, and we are now @hetaliafandomdirectory! We’re sorry about the inconvenience of the change–we’ll do our best to get things up and running again by October!

When we do return, we’ll be doing a lot less than we were! We’ve received a lot of great advice from talking to people and via the survey, but the best advice of all was this: “stick with your vision”! It made us realise that we’ve been somewhat recklessly adding tasks to our workload on the basis that they’d be good for other people, without thinking about ourselves. As a result, we’ve ended up doing more than 10 hours of work each week in our dwindling free time. Not only has this put a lot of strain on us–so much that we were ready to leave the blog–but it’s often meant our tasks were not done properly or were not done at all. That’s no good for anyone!

Therefore, we’re changing focus, and reducing our workload! Here’s what we’ll continue to do in the future:

  • Maintain the Directories
  • The Shout Out (and other promotions)
  • The Fandom News
  • Birthdays
  • Character Weeks

And here’s what definitely won’t be continuing, with some explanation as to why:

The Creator Queue and Fanfiction Round-Up

The Queue started out as a thank-you to the first people who joined the Hub, and then continued because it was good for creators and followers alike. It was easy at the beginning, when there were only 50 or so blogs to queue from, but now there’s over 200! Because of this, the Queue takes about 4 hours over 2 nights to do, and it’s really tiring, so mistakes occur a lot. The Fanfiction Round-Up only takes about 2 hours maximum to compile, which is easier, but it wouldn’t be fair to keep one and not keep the other. We’re really sorry about this, and understand that these features are what a lot of people joined/followed for, so it’s okay if anyone would like to leave the Directory or unfollow us as a result!

Talking Points

Though Talking Points were a lot of fun, they originally took 4 hours of time, and even their new format needs more time to manage than we feel able to give. Unfortunately, we won’t be running them any more either, and we are very sorry to everyone who enjoyed them as much as we did!

The Fandom Awards

This will likely be a cause for celebration for some, but we unfortunately don’t have the time to be able to run the Fandom Awards this year. It’s sad because last year’s event saw a lot of love spread for a lot of people, so if we can, we hope to run an event that can cause a similar amount of positivity and appreciation! However, without the incentive of competition, this is unlikely.

We’re still unsure about some other stuff, such as the Showcase. We’ll think about these as we sort out the blog over the next week, and then let you know when we’re ready to continue. If you have any questions about something else the Hub used to do, send us an ask and we’ll say if it’ll continue or not.

Anyway, here’s the results from the survey! They’re under the cut to save space!

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Avengers Group Chat

Wrote this on my phone while sitting in a waiting room, it’s just for fun…. don’t take it too seriously…. just enjoy! 😘


Chat has started. Say hi!

Rage_monster788: is everyone here?

TheRealTonyStark: I’m liking the name Bruce, glad I was of some help. ;)

eagle_eye: Yeah, yours didn’t take much thought though. Way to use ur real name, Stark.

TheRealTonyStark: … and eagle_eye is so much better? Is hawk not good enough for you anymore?

Nomad_1920: we all just need to relax.

TheRealTonyStark: 1920, really Cap? You are old as balls.

Nomad_1920: nomad was already taken… I had to add a number

TheRealTonyStark: LOL, nomad isn’t that great of the name to begin with. We get it you’re not into the whole America thing anymore but cmon, nomad!

Itsybitsyspider: cut it out stark. We’re here to discuss business.

Princess_leia_is_Bae: woah, who’s the other spider in this chat?

Itsybitsyspider: it’s Nat, the one that’s actually good at their job.

Princess_leia_is_Bae: no need to get hostile now… I’m still learning..

Princess_leia_is_Bae: tell her Mr. Stark

theWORTHYone: what does… bae mean?

Wanda_and_vision_4ever: according to google, it’s a colloquialism for the word “babe”.

Wanda_and_vision_4ever: this is Wanda now, how is everyone today?

War-machine-666: Really? A joint account? You guys make me sick.

Wanda_and_vision_4ever: it was Wanda’s idea

Wanda_and_vision4ever: … and it was a great idea 💗

TheRealTonyStark: Rhodey! Nice touch with the 666, like war machine wasn’t bad ass enough already.

Rage_monster788: can we please just start the meeting? Is everyone here?

Eye-of-the-panther: I’ve been silently waiting for you all to get it together. Practically fell asleep over here. 😒

Rage_monster788: okay, I’ll let Mr. Captain Rogers take it away…

nomad_1920: okay, so first we have to discuss the events that happened in Brazil this past week.

____Fuck-the-avengers has joined the chat___

TheRealTonyStark: who the fuck?

Fuck-the-avengers: hey you guys, sorry I’m late, what did I miss?

Princess_leia_is_Bae: babe, right now is not a good time I’m doing work stuff!

Fuck-the-avengers: yeah but I’m pretty much an avenger too, I mean I can’t really die LOL 😂

TheRealTonyStark: Peter, get your boyfriend out of this chat or I will 😡

Princess_leia_is_Bae: Wade, DM now!

Fuck-the-avengers: oh yall know what that means 🍆🍆🍆🍆💩💩💩💦💦💦

____TheRealTonyStark has banned Fuck-the-avengers from the group chat____

Princess_leia_is_Bae: uhhh… sorry about that guys…

Nomad_1920: We’ll discuss this later when I get home.

eagle_eye: oooohhh Spidey’s in trouble now lol

_____TheRealTonyStark has banned eagle_eye from the group chat_____

Itsybitsyspider: TONY!!!

TheRealTonyStark: oh cmon, you all know he gets on everyone’s nerves.

TheWORTHYone: That is true.

______Peters_fuck_buddy_69 has joined the chat____

Peters_fuck_buddy_69: Can’t get rid of me that easy!! 😘😘😘

TheRealTonyStark: ah geez, fuck this.

TheRealTonyStark left chat 7:00 pm

TheWORTHYone left chat 7:01 pm

Nomad_1920 left chat 7:01 pm

Itsybitsyspider left chat 7:01 pm

Eye-of-the-panther left chat 7:01 pm

Rage_monster788 left chat 7:01 pm

Wanda_and_vision4ever left chat 7:02 pm

War-machine-666 left chat 7:02 pm

Princess_leia_is_Bae: thanks a lot, Wade. Now everyone hates me.

Peters_fuck_buddy_69: not me, I still love you smookie pookie 💗💗💗
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: bring that ass over, Daddy’s feeling feisty tonight 💦🍆💗
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: I stole a couple beers from the corner store for us
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: or was it from the old lady down the street?
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: I forget, just come over, I’ll be wearing my sexiest lingerie
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: aka my skin 😛😛😛
Peters_fuck_buddy_69: see you soon pookie!

Peters_fuck_buddy_69 left chat 7:06 pm.

Princess_leia_is_Bae: well…fuck.

The whole “reading theory is ableist” convo is kind of getting rehashed again and the thing that amazes me every time is that pretty much everyone misses the bigger picture, which is that yea, some people literally can’t bring themselves to read or understand big, dry texts no matter how much effort they put into it, but still, there are ways of learning which don’t individualize the responsibility for reading and understanding and interpreting dry, technical, and jargony texts. Some people are able to read, digest, and interpret these texts all on their own, and that’s great! But a lot of people can’t and no matter how much you insist that we can, we really can’t. 

The solution to this problem isn’t to just call anyone who says that reading theory isn’t attainable for everyone an “anti-intellectual” or a closeted fascist, the solution is something like an anarchist free school, or reading and discussion groups with an emphasis on discussion and sharing ideas. Like the fact that this aspect is conspicuously missing in discussions like this is pretty telling. It’s cool that ya’ll got normal working brains and can sit your ass down in a chair for 8 hours reading and be able to digest it all on your own, but that’s not the reality for a lot of other people. Stop telling me that I’m just not trying hard enough or that I’m being anti-intellectual, shit like that IS ableist.

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crones gnomes and clowns

Last week Me and @luxtempestas were swimming and for literally an hour we started to brainstorm a hypothetical RPG called “Crones Gnomes and Clowns” in which the three player races were the titular beings and we discussed the lore in how said creatures come into being and their society.

Crones are kinda like vampires since humans can become a crone but some crones are born that way. They are all lead by the great “master crone”. Gnomes are an all male race that reproduce by corpulating with the Earth which fertilizes the gnome eggs beneath the soil. Clowns spontaneously generate based on whether it would be funny at the moment for a clown to be in a particular space.