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Not that kind of friends

Request: @spiderween   37+41 with Steve, please! Can’t wait

Prompts:   37) “You’re so cute when you’re tired, you know.”

41) “When did you get so beautiful?”

Words: 1000

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Fluffy, so much fluffy

Thank you @widowsfics  for beta this for me 

Credit to the gif owners 

Everyone knows that couple of friends. That kind of that are not really friends but they are not really lovers. You can see all the love and how much they care about each other but they never really admit those feelings out loud.

You grow up watching these friends and you never truly understood why they never said anything to each other until now. 

Since you met Steve, you fell in love with him. He was kind, sweet and really easy to look at.  He made you feel safe, protected and when you were around him you only felt happiness.

You suspected that he felt the same way about you for a while now, he was always hugging you and giving you forehead kisses. He treated you with so much gentleness, nobody ever treated you like that: like you were something so precious that need it to be taken care for.

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Serial Killer AU(Part 5)

Here we go again! What a nice smutty and fluffy chapter we had last time huh? Lol, the calm before the storm. The next part will probably take a couple more days to be written cause it is the ending.

Part 1 | Part 2| Part 3| Part 4End 1| End 2|  

Marinette was what one would consider way too relaxed for someone who was on the way to a crime scene. It had been the first one in three weeks and she wasn’t sure how to feel about it. Since a certain night on the roof, the mysterious murder stopped appearing. Every person in the department was on the edge about something big happening, something unexpected. And it seemed like it came. When they got the call, the person o the other side said they can’t just explain it through the phone. They had to come and see by themselves. Tikki was gritting her teeth, obviously not happy with the development. Marinette bit her lip. It couldn’t have been Adrien. He texted her telling her he was working on a special project just half an hour ago.

Once they reached their destination, the technical crew along with Marinette and Tikki got out of the car and headed towards the side alley. The crowd was already restricted on that sidewalk and the road had been blocked save for the police force. When they reached the murder scene, Marinette felt her heart beginning to beat frantically. On the side of the alley, across the wall nine people were hanging, their bodies impaled on the building in such a way that it formed a huge heart.

So that was the special project.

Tikki was barking orders left and right, but Marinette couldn’t take her eyes off the wall. Anger aside, she couldn’t help, but feel a little flattered. Hell knows how much time he spent putting this plan together to create this thing when it wasn’t even dark outside. She will still kick his ass for this, though, no matter how flattering it was.

Marinette was raging. She slammed the door of Adrien’s flat behind her as she walked in the living room. He was just taking off his mask when she stormed in. He glanced at her surprised before a smile took over his features. It looked rather odd when he only had his cat lenses without the mask.

“Princess! So good to see – ouch.” he settled his palm over his cheek and looked at her surprised. “What did I do to deserve that slap?”

Marinette was fuming. “Nine people at once? Are you insane?”

He shrugged. “No, I wouldn’t say so.”

Marinette glared at him, before her eyes changed to something he couldn’t quite place. A mix of sadness and exasperation. “Why are you doing all this?”

“Oh, buginette. You are still focusing too much on me and not enough on them in this whole.thing.” he leaned over, pressing a loving kiss to her forehead. “Now, if you excuse me, I need to wash all the scum off me. There is sole meunière in the fridge if you are hungry.”

Marinette watched him disappear behind the bathroom’s door with a frown on her face.

Checking the background of the victim was a downright nightmare. She got special permission from the département de l'information to use their database. Adrien’s words were haunting her. What in the world was about those people that she wasn’t focusing on? The research of the deceased hadn’t gone too far, that was true. They had no close relationship or family, their job situation was nothing out of normal, neighbors confirmed there was nothing that could give off the vibe of a conflict with anybody. After she realized it is Adrien doing all this, she thought it made sense. She knew all he had been through with losing both his parents and she was sure he would never pull someone else through that pain. So what was about these people that made him kill them. Adrien never showed any tendencies to criminal, let alone homicidal behavior. She was missing a key piece here and he had given her a vital clue. There was something about these people. Marinette kept scrolling through the file. Until she found something that made bile rise in her throat. Opening a new tab, she accessed the file of another victim. Her eyes bugged out. She kept going through the different files, feeling both sick, but also satisfied enough she finally got a pattern.

Marinette leaned back in her chair with a sigh. Pulling out the phone that wasn’t tracked by the services, she dialed Adrien’s number.

“Ma choupinette!” Adrien’s cheery voice exclaimed through the speaker. “How are you?”

“It’s not your place to serve them justice,” Marinette stated, getting directly into the topic. “There are authorized institutions to do that.”

“You finally caught up! How sweet of you, ma minette, but do answer a question of mine. Did they do their oh so called job?”

Marinette bit her lip. They didn’t. All of the cases were swept under the rug and the identity of the assailants was kept anonymous or simply declared unknown to the public, even though they were very much known by the people in charge of the investigations. Still, it didn’t justify murder. “There are international organizations that could have taken care of it then.”

“And who would have brought it to them when they are kept secret by the people who were supposed to solve them, huh?” Marinette’s shoulder fell. He was right. “Admit it, princess. They would have never been brought to justice. Someone had to do something.”

Marinette inhaled. He had a point, but… “Over ten people, in two months. Do you know what will happen if you get caught with murdering all these people?”

She didn’t need to be there with him to know he was smirking smugly. “Good thing that I won’t be caught. Also, buginette, please, let’s not refer to those things as people.”

Correct. She shivered in disgust just thinking about the reports. Yet, there was still something out of place. “How did you get all the information from? How do you know how to find these people?”

“Oh. A wise old turtle is kind enough to guide me when it comes to that.”

Marinette frowned, before sighing, not sure what to do or say anymore. “Why all the love declarations? And your oh so called gifts.”

Adrien chuckled. “Oh, my declarations of love were as honest as they could be. And well, didn’t you know cats bring corpses as gifts for their loved ones?”

“You are not a cat.” Marinette stated, somewhere between amused and worried.

“I’m your cat. And… wait, hold on.” Marinette tapped her fingers against the desk as the noises of Adrien speaking with someone else echoed through the speaker. “I have to go buginette. We have a midnight photoshoot for a new perfume. I’m sure we can continue our little chat another time. See you tomorrow morning?”

“Yeah. See you.”

“Go home and sleep, mon cœur. Je t'aime.”

“Je t'aime aussi.” she said before closing the call.

Marinette fell on her mattress with a heavy sigh. Her whole body was screaming from how much she had stayed awake. It was well past three when she arrived back from the department. Both her heart and head felt heavy and her moral compass was spinning like crazy.

There was only one thing she was sure of. It can’t continue like this.

Paris was terrified. People who would never be targeted by Chat Noir were too scared to go out of the house. It was a constant state of panic that took much out of the life of the city. But at the same time, Adrien had a very good point. If no one was bringing these people to justice through the legal means, then someone had to do something.  It didn’t surprise her at all Adrien would like to bring justice, hell knows she wanted too. But killing something just doesn’t come without a toll on your mental state. Adrien needed help.

Marinette covered her face with her palms, trying to concentrate on something on anything that could solve this whole mess that was going on. She wasn’t sure how much she stayed like that, one thousand different scenarios and outcomes running through her mind. Blinking a couple of times, she took her phone off the night desk. After a quick search, Marinette nodded, knowing what she had to do.

Yet, she couldn’t help, but open her phone gallery, checking or a specific picture. She took in the contents, beaming smiles, and happiness. Who would have guessed they will end up in this situation? Marinette run her fingers over the screen of her phone. She could feel tears pricking at her eyes.

“I’m sorry.”

“It’s Kinda Distracting...” (Joji)

Anon Request: I really would like to read a post about the reader trying to get Joji to stop editing for a bit and to pay attention to her, like he’s trying to focus but he eventually gives in? Like maybe reader just starts to give him the succ and he can’t help it? I just love this blog it’s chill if you have other stuff to do too dude

I sat in bed, patiently waiting for Joji to finish whatever he was doing on the computer and climb in bed next to me. I had been libidinous for the past week and a half, craving his touch and wanting his hands all over me. At first, I left him alone, wanting him to finish whatever project he had himself set on. But as time went on, the less he came to bed. I would hear the water of the shower on, signaling he was occupying the bathroom, but he would come out newly dressed in some sleepwear and then go back to his “man cave” to proceed with what he was doing earlier. I laid there on my back, trying to make myself engaged in some other activity other than just staring blankly at nothing. The TV bored me and made me lethargic, my eyes drooping slowly. I sat up rapidly, slapping myself out of it, I went over to Joji’s little “man cave”, opening the door, I saw him behind his desk on his laptop in nothing but his plaid, flannel pajama pants. I leaned on the doorframe using my shoulder as I crossed my arms over my chest. I bit my lip as I watched him: his damp hair slightly getting in his view as his eyes concentrated on the screen, his bare torso exposed as he sat there unbothered.

“Hey.” I let out softly letting my fingers dance across the wooden frame of the door, “You coming to bed?”

“Uh…what time is it?” he asked without looking up, the mouse clicking louder than usual.

“Currently, it is twelve o’ three a.m.” I answered looking at the nearby clock.

Fearlessly, I walked into the room hoping I’d catch his eye, but I didn’t succeed. I sat on the edge of his desk and he sighed, telling me he wasn’t finished with what he was working on. With my bare legs, and being in nothing but my underwear, he wasn’t paying attention. Joji loved it when I showed off this much skin and would refuse to keep his hands off of my body. He was not even close to finishing up his work, but that didn’t mean he had to put me off the way he was. I brought myself back onto my feet and walked behind the chair he was seated on, I placed my hands-on his shoulders and massaged them lightly. Leaning into him a little slightly, I placed a soft kiss on the skin of his neck, earning an annoyed groan from him.

“Baby, not right now, okay? I’m not done editing yet. And after I’m done with this I need to edit a video I’m uploading soon.” he whined as he shrugged me off, “We can continue this tomorrow, okay? I promise.”

“You promised me yesterday…” I muttered.

Although it dawned on me that I should leave him alone so he can edit at his own pace without feeling rushed, I couldn’t help but grow more impatient as the minutes, hours, seconds, went by. I sighed and brought myself to my knees, not wanting to let any more time to go to waste. I made sure to make quick movements before I changed my mind completely. Joji was always one to cherish his time alone when it came to editing, and I was the one to always respect that, but he’s never edited this long before. Crawling my way around his desk in order to enter through the open front part of it, I was pretty bothered by the fact he hadn’t noticed me duck down onto my hands and knees or noticed me as I crawled away. My chin came in contact with his knee lightly as I placed it on there, hoping he’d get the gist of what my actions were trying to show him. Joji seemed to not have any reaction to what I was doing so I amped up my motions: I let my hand trail up his clothed leg, the loose fabric so thin I could manage to feel his leg hairs through his pants. My hand stopped at his crotch, to which he then sat up straighter with a jolt, “Whoa, hey…what are you doing under there?” he asked me confused.

“I just wanna touch you a little bit…” I admitted as I continued to caress his groin area.

“Babe, come on out from under there. It’s kinda distracting…I told you I’m busy editing.” he sighed in his ‘I told you already not to do that’ tone.

“Keep editing…I promise you wont get too distracted.” I explained as I somehow found my hand creeping it’s way into his pants.

Joji agreed to letting me touch him as he worked. There were a few times, within the couple of minutes that I sat there jerking him off, I felt him suppress moans and grunts. As he grew harder I decided to let my mouth do the rest of the work. I took his length from out of his boxers and his pants, the cold air making him feel relieved due to the temperature rising in his pants. The clicks of his mouse continued as I begin licking up his shaft slowly, then taking him in my mouth as I swirled my tongue along his tip. Joji gasped then cleared his throat, as if he didn’t want me to know how good it made him feel because he was too busy focusing on his bright screen. Taking more of him in my mouth was always challenging since he was big in size but it was well worth it if it meant getting a reaction out of him. He groaned in a rough manner, his clenched fists now lying beside him. With one hand on his shaft, I made swift movements with my wrist skillfully as I carried on sucking. Sooner than expected, his hands found their way into my hair, entangling in the nest on my head as he tried putting my hair in a ponytail. It wasn’t long enough until his moans became irregular and more notable as they got louder. He sucked in a breath as I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him. His eyes were dark as he bit his lip, motioning me to keep going. I knew he was close and instead of me making a witty comment, I went back to sucking him off. Using my tongue to massage his length as I bobbed my head up and down with his help, he cussed in Japanese. It turned me on when he did that and even if this was just me sucking him off and not him fucking me after, I didn’t care…he was a sight to see what he was in pleasure.

“Y/N…fuck.” he breathed.

Placing my hands on either side of his thighs, I took more of him into my mouth, earning moans from him, I took it as my sign of approval.

“Y/N..” he moaned with his hand entangled in my hair as the other was clenching the arm of the chair, “Fuck, stop…I- I’m gonna cum.”

The thing I loved most about sucking Joji off was that he would always try and cut it short for fear that he might cum too quickly but would give in anyway if it meant that at the end of the day it would be me getting the job done. His grip on my hair got tighter and he cussed once more in his foreign language before whispering, “Fuck, just like that, baby.”

Doing as I was told, he moaned, his cock twitching in my mouth as his cum doused the back of my throat. Letting out a chain of cuss words from his lips, he lightly panted as I persisted to suck him off. Joji let out a grunt and removed my lips from his cock. I studied him attentively as he got up from his chair and held out his hand to me. Thinking he was going to help me up from my spot under his desk, I was in for a wild ride when he instead yanked me up on my feet and turned me around so that my butt was facing him and my hips were pressed against his desk. It was as though he’d finally snapped out of his trance and acknowledged me, as he should.

“Thought you didn’t wanna get distracted?” I provoked, turning my head to look at him.

Joji was strenuously removing my underwear from under the oversized shirt but soon stopped once it fell to my ankles. He chuckled to himself, “Thought this was what you wanted?” he told me in a taunting manner as he slipped a finger inside me.

I gasped and gripped the desk so hard it made my knuckles turn white. Joji went on and added another finger, he pumped them inside me vigorously. Hanging my head low as my moans grew louder, he suddenly stopped. About a few seconds passed by with no action or motion from him so I turned around to see what it was he was doing and I witnessed him sucking his fingers before he grasped his cock and pushed himself inside me at a fast pace. I grabbed one of his hands that was placed on my waist and tightened my clutch on it as he filled me with every inch of him, clouding my mind with euphoria. Joji grunted in an animalistic manner when he began thrusting faster and rougher, taking my leg and propping it up on the desk made it more so he had more access and could go deeper than he already was. I removed my hand from his and slammed it flat back on the desk, letting my hands and arms glide forward so that the upper part of my body was occupying the desk. Joji’s fingers worked my clit earning a loud moan from me.

“Joji..” I warned him with my eyes shut tightly as I focused on how sensual he was making me feel.

Alternatively, he took this as his signal to get rougher and faster, which is exactly what he did. I brought my self back up on my hands and Joji began ramming me with his thick cock, turning me into a spastic moaning disaster. My moans became consistent and as did his. Gripping his hands tightly, I came all over him as he continued thrusting distortedly, letting me know he was going to cum, so I turned around and took his length into my mouth once more as I planted my my knees on the floor. Joji’s hands went straight for my hair as I sucked him off, he moaned in a raspy deep tone. Once he came, I swallowed willingly and got up, observing his panting figure as he plopped himself into his swivel chair, tucking his dick away. He was sweaty and so was I. Picking my underwear up with his fingers, he smiled and threw them at me, “You gonna go back to editing?” I asked with my eyebrow raised as I began putting my underwear on.

“I’m not done with you yet…that was round one, I’m taking a small break. So there’s no use in putting those back on.” he laughed referring to my lace underwear as they were hooked with my fingertips.

I slid them down and went to sit on his lap, “Let’s move this somewhere more comfortable.” he winked at me.

Distracting him was my best idea yet, and even Joji agreed.

Bob Morley Imagine: My Bellamy

Requested by @jazminblake (I know it’s a little late but happy birthday 🎉😘)

Summary: Reader witnessed something terrible during her visit at home. Now she tells Bob about it and breaks down because no one loves her. But Bob tells her otherwise.

Inspired by a song: Never gonna leave you by US the duo

Word Count: 1326

Originally posted by bellamyblake-imagine

The sound of my doorbell buzzing trough my appartement filled my ears pulling me back to the reality. 

Pushing away the thoughts of an incident that had happened during my visit to my home, I hesitantly stood up from my comfortable spot on the couch and made my way to the door.

I had no idea who it could be and I wasn’t happy at all that someone disturbed my peaceful moment of feeling miserable.

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A Woman - The Hobbit

“Could you do Thorin’s company reacting to a female 14th member who has a boy cut?”

The company of Thorin Oakenshield had departed Hobbiton early that morning. Bilbo had come sprinting up the trail shortly after their departure and the company now found themselves, a few hours later, at a fork in the road where the Great East Road was intersected by the smaller Green Way.

“We continue East on the Great Road!” Thorin called out.

“We do not!” called Gandalf, riding up to the leader.

“Surely one as travelled as yourself, old man, knows our path lies to the east along the great road.” Thorin said.

“Yes yes. And we will continue east….tomorrow.” Gandalf said.

“We can make it four more hours before nightfall.” Thorin said, raising a questioning eyebrow.

“Perhaps. But we must wait here for the 14th member of our party.” Replied.

“Another stray?”

“An associate and a close friend. She has been collecting information for me in the far north that I hope will aid in our quest.” Gandalf said, dismounting his horse.

“A woman?” Both of Thorin’s eyebrows shot up.

“A very capable woman.”

Thorin shook his head, but said nothing. He called for the others to begin setting up camp, several yards from the road itself. A fire was started and a few hunted rabbits were set to cook. For another few hours the company relaxes, smoked their pipes, and had low conversations. The sun had just dipped below the horizon when the muted sound of hooves made everyone look up.

A rider in a dull blue cloak, hood raised, trotted into camp and Gandalf stood.

“Y/N” he called up to you. “Your punctuality never ceases to amaze me.”

You swung off your horse.

“And here I was expecting to have to wait several days for your arrival.” You teased. You raised a hand to pull off your hood, not noticing several of the dwarves’ eyes going wide at the sight of your hair cropped closely to your head. As you entered conversation with Gandalf and Thorin, the other whispered about you in hushed voices.

“A woman?”

“Can she even lift that sword? It’s huge!”

“She has less hair than Bilbo.”

“Maybe she’s sick.”

“Women do not belong on these sort of quests. They are weak.” Dwalin mumbled as he went to bite from an apple. He jolted when a small dagger flew through the air and buried itself in the apple. He turned to see you standing with your hand twirling an identical dagger. You grinned and winked.

“Women also have great hearing.” You said, turning back to your conversation with Gandalf.

Original #12: Do You Believe In Clairvoyants?

Length: Medium

As described in a previous story, I serve as my campus’ midnight listener. During the day, I’m a student. But during the hours of midnight and 2AM, I head up to my office – an old storage room, where I provide listening services for students who need to express themselves anonymously without fear of being judged or ridiculed. A thick, black curtain separates myself and the students, providing maximum privacy.

Up til now, I’ve heard stories that intrigued, disgusted, and impressed me. But none had actually changed my life. At least, not until I met Carla.

It was 2.30AM, and I was finishing up yet another midnight listener session. I was knackered from listening to an hour’s worth of relationship laments, and was looking forward to retiring to my room in preparation for my midterms the next afternoon. So you could imagine my annoyance when I heard the door squeak open.

“Sorry, I’m done for the day. Come back tomorrow, please,” I said.

“Please. I need to – I need to talk to someone. If I don’t, I think I might go mad.” A female’s voice rang out.

Now, this wasn’t the first time I had students approach me after my specified listening hours. However, I’ve almost always turned them away. But there was something different about this voice that made me pause. Unlike that of most other students, this voice was laced with a tinge of desperation that I simply could not ignore.

“Okay. Okay but let’s keep this short, please. We can continue tomorrow night if you want,” I sighed inwardly and settled back down onto my chair.

“Thank you.” There was a shuffle of footsteps, and then a slight creak as the student sat down across the curtain.

“How may I address you? You can use a fake name if you want,” I asked.

A moment’s silence, and then: “Carla. It was my cat’s name.”

“Okay, Carla. Whenever you’re ready.”

“I… I’ve been having nightmares lately. Really bad ones. I wake me up in the middle of the night, screaming, and I can’t go back to sleep. I know my roommate thinks I’m going crazy. She doesn’t want to talk to me anymore, doesn’t want to look at me anymore.”

“I’m sorry to hear that, have you tried speaking to her?”

Carla sighed loudly in irritation. “No. Look, I don’t want to talk about her. I want to talk about my nightmares. It’s always of the same thing. The same damn thing.”

“What is it about?”

“A fire. A big fire and I’m always in it. Sometimes the nightmare begins when the fire first starts, but sometimes it just starts in the middle. I’m in the middle of the fire, it’s so hot, everything is burning and everyone is screaming. It’s foggy and I can’t see anything clearly.” As Carla described her nightmare, her voice began to grow shrill in panic.

“Just shapes, running around! Screaming and crying. There’s always books on the ground, going up in flames. Books, falling off their shelves and catching fire! And I’m running around, trying to escape but there’s no way out. There never is!”

Carla paused and I could hear her breathing heavily. It was during this brief respite that I realised that I too, had been hooked up emotionally into her story. I was sitting, quite literally, at the edge of my seat, and was leaning forward in anticipation. I opened my mouth to speak, when Carla continued.

“The air is thick and hot. I can’t breathe, I’m suffocating. Everyone around me is falling to the ground. The flames are getting bigger and bigger! I try to crawl for the exit, but I can never reach it.”

“And then what happens?” I croaked out.

“I wake up. I always wake up as soon as I pass out in the dream. I wake up, and I’m screaming and I’m crying and I’m sweating and thrashing. It takes me ages to calm down and I can never go back to sleep,” Carla’s voice broke in mid-sentence.

For the first time in many sessions, I was at a loss for words. I had so many questions in my mind. Eventually I spluttered out a question.

“You said there were books in your dream?” Yes, a weird question, I know. But it was bugging me.

“It’s always in the library. The fire. It starts there.”

“I see. Well – since these dreams are getting in the way of your sleep, have you tried taking sleeping pills?”

“No pill can help me,” Carla laughed darkly and snarled. “Do you want to know why?”

I winced involuntarily in my seat. Up until this point, Carla had displayed a wide range of emotions. She had gone from desperate and pleading, to panicky and shrill. Now, she exuded a sense of cockiness and cynicism. I couldn’t get a handle on her at all.

“Sure. Why?”

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Distractions pt 7

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 4 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 || Pt. 7 || Pt. 8 || Pt.9 || Pt. 10 || Pt. 11 || Pt. 12 || Pt. 13

Yoongi x Reader (ft. Jimin)

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Summary: Getting help from him was great…but you hadn’t expected it was going to be difficult for you and for your fluttering heart.

Word Count: 1783

Originally posted by berry852

You were bent in an awkward position which caused the muscle in your leg to stretch and make you feel uncomfortable. Jimin watched as your face distorted in response to the small amount of pain and so he came over to help. As if it were second nature, he laid his hand on the side of your hip and adjusted you in the correct way,

“You just gotta tilt your hip a bit more.”

A small tingling feeling coursed throughout your body. The feeling didn’t make you uncomfortable…it made you feel nervous. It was like a swarm of butterflies was let loose to flutter around inside your stomach. Subconsciously, you smiled and adjusted yourself to better fit the curve of his hand. 

“Yeah, just like that. With your hip positioned like this, you can easily ease into the next move without accidentally pulling something.” Jimin was focused on the dance and especially focused on helping you. He looked very professional as if he was an actual dance teacher who ran his very own dance academy, which made him look very manly and dependable. Aside from that, with the sweat dripping down his chin, and his shirt clinging to his glossy skin and his hair sleeked back….you felt a rush of heat attack your face. You didn’t really have any close contact with an attractive young male ever since…well…Yoongi, but you internally scolded yourself for swooning over the first guy who came your way. It wasn’t like he was attracted to you in that way and vice versa….or so you thought. 

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You’ll Be Here Right? - Michael Clifford Smut

BestFriend!Michael smut i didn’t think it’d end like the way it did when i started writing but oh well . smut part is short fyi

1200ish words


It happened again. This time it was Tom. Last time it was Jake and next time it’d probably be George. It felt like an endless pattern. They’d ask Y/N out, she’d agree, after a few dates she’d fall for them then get her heart broken. The only constant boy in her life was her best friend Michael. Michael was also a  part of this routine, she’d always come crying to his door and he’d always gladly be a shoulder to cry on. This time was no different. Y/N was currently knocking on Michael’s door, while trying to wipe the tears silently falling from her eyes.

Michael sighed as he saw Y/N crying at his doorstep. He was used to this but he was starting to get frustrated. Seeing the girl he likes telling him about how much she likes other boys then crying about how much she loved them was getting too much.

“Tim this time was it?” Michael asked. “Tom. And i really loved him this time Mike believe me!” she corrected him. “Sure.” Michael said rolling his eyes while leading her to the living room. “I’ll bring the ice cream then we can watch the romantic movies you wanna watch.” Y/N nodded and patiently waited for Michael. Michael always kept ice cream in his fridge for two reasons; Y/N’s ’ time of the moths ’s and Y/N’s break ups.

They spent the next 4 hours cuddling and watching movies. Y/N was half asleep for crying all those hours and Michael playing with her hair wasn’t helping her. Suddenly Michael’s phone rang and he gently placed Y/N off of him and went into kitchen to take the call. “Hey bro we’re heading out to a bar you coming?” Calum cheerfully asked. “Nah bro i’m with Y/N.” “Oh shit another break up?” “Yeah..” Michael sighed. “You have to tell her how you feel Mike. It’s not only destroying you but it’s also destroying her.” “I can’t Cal. She just broke up with that Tom guy and she swears she ’ loves ’ him.” “Bro she always says that. Do you really think she means it?” “I know she doesn’t but what am i supposed to say? Hey Y/N i know we’ve been best friends since forever but i’m an asshole who’s got a crush on you.” “You like me?” Michael startled when he heard Y/N’s voice and quickly turned around, muttered a quick i gotta go to Calum. “Umm what? haha who? Me? No way!” Michael sweated nervously. “Michael i heard you, you can’t hide it now.” Y/N said rolling her eyes. Michael was fuming. He started yelling, “Yes okay maybe i have a crush on you so what? Maybe i don’t want to hear about all those amazing dates you go on, i wanna take you on those dates. Maybe i want to love you the right way so what Y/N?”

After Michael’s violent yells they were both quiet. Michael sighed and said “I’ll understand if you walk out that door now and i promise i won’t be mad just please don’t make me more embarrassed than i am right now.” “There’s nothing to be embarrassed Michael.I’ve liked you since 9th grade but i thought you only saw me as your best friend. That’s why i never said anything.” “Wait you’re not joking right?” Michael asked shocked. “No Mİkey i’m 100% serious.” Y/N giggled. Michael took shy steps towards her,slowly touched her cheeked and whispered, “Can i kiss you?” cause he thought the spell’d break if he spoke a little louder.

Y/N didn’t give him an answer, instead she smashed her lips against Mike’s. It didn’t feel like kissing all those other boys, this time she felt the love Mikey had for her. Michael lifted her up and sat her on the kitchen counter. Their lips stayed locked, never once breaking. Y/N’s hands were in Michael’s hair playing with it meanwhile Michael’s were roaming Y/N’s body, exploring the territory he’d always wanted to explore but never got the chance. He pushed her skirt up a bit and finally placed his hands on Y/N’s inner thighs. Y/N could feel herself getting turned on from the closeness of his hands. “Take me to your bedroom please Mike.” Y/N begged. Michael lifted her up and carried her to his bedroom.

They continued their making out on his bed. Y/N started moving her hands lower but Michael stopped her. “Y/N i want you to be sure about this. I don’t want to be just a rebound. I want you to be sure about you feelings before we do this.” Of course Michael wanted to have sex with Y/N, he just didn’t want her to wake up the following day regretting everything and leaving him. “Mike i’m as sure as one could be. Trust me when i say i have feelings for you i mean it.”

After hearing Y/N’s words, he quickly took his tshirt off. Nothing could stop him now. He was gonna make sweet love to the girl who he liked for the longest time, loved even. Y/N rolled Michael on his back and explored the revealed skin of his chest. She kissed his neck, left a few hickeys here and there, then continued her way down. She motioned Michael to lift his hips up so she could pull his pants and boxers down. Y/N reached to touch his hard member but Michael suddenly sat up and said “Wait! I want you clothes off too.” Y/N sighed and took her tshirt and skirt off. She looked a bit distressed. Mikey immediately realised that and asked her whether she’s ok. She shrugged it off and said she was. Y/N reached for his cock again but she wasn’t interrupted this time which pleased her. She placed her hand on the base of his cock and slowly stroked him. Y/N lifted her head up to look at Michael’s reaction, he had thrown his had back, letting out quiet profanities. Liking his reaction Y/N took him in her mouth and jerked him faster. “Yeah baby keep doing that.” Michael ran his hand through Y/N’s hair urging her to go deeper. She let go off his cock and deepthroated him. Michael let out a load moan, he didn’t know she had it in her. Not knowing what to do with her other hand, she decided to just play with Michael’s balls. “Y/N! Y/N! Y/N IM COMING BABY YES YES YEs!” Michael moaned and pulled at her hair. Y/N came up to kiss his lips after he came. Michael unexpectedly turned her over and kissed down her body.

“Michael no. No please stop.” “Why what happened baby? I thought you wanted it.” “I do it’s not that. It’s just i’m sleepy you know. My eyes are still puffy from crying.” “Oh. Okay i get it anyways we can continue tomorrow or another day. We have all the time we want now.” Michael said smiling. He spooned her and felt complete bliss. He was finally with the girl he wanted for so long.  " I cant believe we’re finally together. I feel like this is all a dream and you won’t be here when i wake up but you’ll be right baby?“ Michael asked yawning. “Yeah, sure.” “Promise?” “… Promise.” “Goodnight i think i love you.” After saying that Michael closed his eyes it was apparent that he was tired. Y/N was wide awake though she waited for Michael to fall asleep and to her luck it didn’t take long.

She slipped out of his hold and quietly put her clothes back on. She cast one last look to Michael then turned around and left the room.

A New Chapter (Ch. 6): Home Again

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester x Platonic!Reader

Length: 1355+ words

TW: Descriptions of Injuries

A/N: I decided to split this Chapter into two parts! It was too long, and I felt like this new split is way better. Feedback is encouraged, but not necessary. Let me know if you want to be tagged, or removed from the Tag List!

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Sam waited for hours in the hospital. The sun finally appearing brightly through the windows of the waiting room. He had checked in Y/N, telling the police a story about perhaps an abusive boyfriend in the picture or a robbery, and how they were long distance friends who had planned to meet up, but she never showed up, leading for him to go to her home to check on her.

“Y/N L/N?” the doctor called.

Sam ran to the doctor. She was in her mid-30s, her fiery red hair a stark contrast against white coat. “Is she okay?”

“Hello, I’m Dr. Carter. Y/N had a lot of injuries ranging from shallow to severe injuries, but thankfully it wasn’t life threatening. Aside from the superficial wounds, she has five broken ribs, two hairline fractures on her collarbone, both her wrists are twisted, the bones in left ankle was crushed- it looks like he shattered it with a blunt object, and her right knee is twisted- perhaps from trying to escape against her binds, and her trachea is badly bruised from being strangled and also her screaming probably. Her state was only worsened because of the lack of nutrients given to her in the past few days. We have her hooked up to an IV, and morphine, so she will continue to be unconscious until perhaps tomorrow.”

“Can we see her?”

“Of course.” The doctor led them to a few rooms down the hallway, opening the door for the two boys. “I will give you some time alone. If you have any more questions, feel free to find me.”

Sam slowly walked up to her bed, seeing her face covered with cuts, and black and blue bruises. There didn’t seem to be a part of her that was not covered with bandages and gauze. The younger Winchester choked back a sob, his hand reaching out to touch her face, but stopping himself midway. “I don’t want her to wake up alone,” Sam softly said, sitting by the foot of her bed as Dean sat on the chair, silently agreeing with his brother.

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Good Girls Are Bad Girls (1/4)

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Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 1223

Warnings: None

Pairings: Peter Parker x Reader

Type: Fluff

Note: There are four parts, tell me if you want to be tagged

Requested: Nahhh


I pull off the mask and stuff it into my bag before exiting the bathroom. I shuffle quietly down the halls of Midtown High, avoiding eye contact, but I hear something that makes my spidey-senses tingle.

It’s a faint squeak and a muffled cry. I follow the sounds of whimpering around the school until I turn a corner to see (Y/N) sitting near a tree with her head buried into a book. I watch her from afar to see her shoulders were shaking from crying or heavily breathing.

She was so into the book, it was obvious she had vivid feelings for it. I chuckle and look around to see if anyone could see me before turning my gaze back to her. I smile and look down, shuffling my feet back and forth.

Maybe I should talk to her.

I know the book she’s reading, and I know what part made her cry…

(I may or may not have seen her check it out and checked out the same book as well to read it…)

I take a deep breath and lift a leg to walk towards (Y/N) and I think of what I could say.

Oh, that book’s good. Isn’t it?

Oh! Hey Peter! Yeah, it is! Wanna talk about it?


Hey (Y/N), you okay?

Oh yeah, it’s just a (sniff) sad story.

Yeah, I just read it.

Really? What’d you think of it, Peter?

Oh, I thought it was really good, I hear there’s a movie coming out for it…

Maybe we should see it together!

How about a date then (Y-

I blush at that thought before realizing that I was only a few feet away from her. I freeze, absolutely unsure of what to say.

But it didn’t matter…

The bell rang.

I groan at this, capturing her attention.

She looks up from the book with red eyes and a shy smile.

I stare back at her, frozen in place and unsure what to say.

She mouths ‘Hi’, and gets up to pack her stuff.


She looks up, expecting words that I couldn’t get out of my mouth.

Since when could I not express my ideas into coherent words?


“What?” She asks, looking startled and rather hurt.

Did I say that out loud?

She nods slowly, not quite meeting my eyes. I want to kick myself.

“Wa-wait, (Y/N), I wasn’t calling you an idiot! I was calling myself an idiot… I’m sorry.”

She gives me a small smile and whispers,

“It’s fine.”

So softly that I could barely hear it, even with my Spidey-Senses.

What now, Peter?

She looks at me one last time, smiling before leaving for class.

“Wait, (Y/N), uh,”

She turns around and gives me a questioning look.

Think, Peter… Think!

“Would you, um… Want to be my partner for the Chemistry Project?”

Her eyes widen a little, and now I really want to kick myself.

“Or, um, if you already have a partner that’s uh, fine, I guess,” I answer quickly.

She smiles again, and my heart gets caught in my throat.

“Yeah, okay, Peter. That sounds great.”

She waves goodbye and, for the third time today, I stand frozen, watching her walk away.

I laugh a little.

I can’t believe I actually mustered enough courage to talk to her for that long…


I close my locker and swing my backpack over my shoulder as I scan the hallways, looking for (Y/N).

When I spot her, I see her gently placing books into her locker and retrieving a few notebooks to bring home.

I watch her as she brushes her hair out of her eyes and carefully closes her locker.

Everything she does is so… gentle and light. It’s mesmerizing, it’s just pleasing to watch.

I shake my head and look down, not wanting to seem like too much of a creep and make my way towards her.

When I get close enough, I clear my throat to get her attention and to hope my voice doesn’t crack.

She looks up and smiles, raising her eyebrows.

A sign meaning to say: “What’s up?”

“Um, I was wondering when you wanted to work on the project? I can give my address and number so we can meet up when you’re free. Actually we can walk to my place right now, if you want. I don’t have any homework and I don’t really have anything better to do. And I guess we can finish it now if we focused. If you want! I mean! And, I’m rambling, aren’t I?”

I look down, cheeks burning with embarrassment…

“It’s um, fine. Peter. Um,”

she lets out a small laugh and my heart flutters. I look up and she continues.

“Can we start tomorrow? I didn’t tell my parents that I wasn’t going to be home today. If that’s okay with you.”

“Uh, yeah. That’s fine. That’s great. Um, here let me um,”

She understands and opens her locker to take out her notebook.

“Here, let me hold that for you,” I say, gesturing towards the books she was balancing on her hand.

She opens her mouth in protest but looks up at me before blushing and offering me the books.

I take them from her and hold them while watching her rip out a piece of paper and fold it before tearing it neatly in half.

Everything she does seems to be so perfectly coordinated, it’s driving me nuts.

She pulls out a pen from her back pocket and writes her number on to the paper.

I get so caught up watching her, I didn’t realize she had asked me a question.


“Oh, um, sorry, uh, what did you say?”

She asked me again,

“Peter, can I have your number and address?”

“Oh, uh right. Yeah, of course!.”

I told her my address and she wrote it down before taking her books back and giving me the slip of paper with her number on it.

“Um, (Y/N)? You forgot to give me your address.”

Her head shoots out from her locker for a second before she mutters,

“My, um, parents. They don’t like me having guys over…”

“Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t mea-”

“It’s fine, really, Peter,” she whispers, obviously wanting to end the topic.

She shuts her locker again and I notice she has a poster in it.

A Spiderman poster.

“You like Spiderman?”

She looks up at me, blushing furiously. (Y/N) fumbling with her lock.

“He’s sort of… really cool.”

“What about him is cool?”

She stops fumbling with her lock and looks at me. She smiles widely.

“He is just so brave! He saves people, he does his best to keep the city safe… And, he doesn’t do it in a boastful way! He’s just a guy who has amazing abilities and decided to use it to save people! It’s spectacular and selfless. Him, putting himself in danger to keep others out of danger… and,” she stops talking, noticing how much more vocal she was becoming and her utter fangirling.

“I- uh- I’m sorry. I really like him,” she says before blushing deeply and locking her locker.

She smiles at me quickly, muttering a thank you and sorry before turning around and walking away quickly, leaving me flabbergasted with my mouth open.


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Bellamy Blake - just listen to my voice

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You tightened your grip around the knife in your hand. If there was one thing you hated, it was hunting. Fighting people, no problem. But hunting meant killing animals, and even though you weren’t necessarily the biggest animal lover, killing something defenceless just felt wrong. You were very good at hunting though, which was too bad, because Bellamy had forced you to come along, knowing how well you could handle a blade. And because you didn’t want to come across as weak, you had rolled your eyes and joint the other hunters. It didn’t have anything to do with the fact you kinda liked Bellamy, even though you hated him at first. You shook your head, focusing on the present. You looked at the animal in front of you, not really knowing what it was. It looked like a wild boar, only bigger. You closed your eyes for a brief moment, breathing in deeply. When you opened your eyes again, you aimed at the animal, and threw your knife, which hit the thing right in the neck. You saw Bellamy raising his eyebrows at you, and you shrugged.

Atom cheered quietly. ‘Well done, y/n!’

You smiled, and the two other guys who’s  names you didn’t know, complimented your throw as well. You forced a smile, not feeling very happy.

Bellamy turned to the two boys. ‘The two of you, take it to the drop ship.’ He said, nodding towards the creature.  ‘Atom, y/n and I will stay a little longer, maybe we’ll be able to catch something else.’

And with those words, he turned around and walked away. You looked at Atom questionably. He just shrugged and  ran after Bellamy. After waving quickly at the two boys, you followed Atom and Bellamy, deeper into the woods.

‘Let’s go back, we aren’t going to find anything else.’ Atom said.

‘We can’t go back yet, we need as much food as we can find.’ Bellamy insisted.

‘Bellamy, Atom is right. It’s starting to get dark. There might be grounders.’ You said reasonably.  He groaned quietly, but didn’t stop walking.

You rolled your eyes. ‘Bellamy. I’m not interested in getting killed because you’re so stubborn.’ When he didn’t react, you continued. ‘Why don’t you wanna go back? We can continue looking for food tomorrow.’

He shook his head. You caught his eyes for a brief second, and you realised why he didn’t want to go back.  You continued walking in silence, when Bellamy suddenly stopped.

‘What is it?’ Atom asked nervously.

‘Hush.’ Was the only answer.

The three of you stood in complete silence of a minute or so, when you heard the sound of twigs breaking. You snapped your head in the direction where the sound came from. A grounder aimed at the three of you. It was unclear to see on who, but you didn’t need to think twice to throw your knife. it landed right between the eyes of the grounder. Atom and Bellamy looked at the grounder, whose body fell forward.

‘Nice pitch, y/n.’ Bellamy smiled. However, that smile faded quickly when he turned around and looked at you. You didn’t saw the look of horror on his face. All your attention went to the arrow sticking out of your stomach.

‘Well, that doesn’t look good.’ You said softly, before falling over.

Bellamy stood next to you in a second, catching you before you could hit the ground. He lied your head on his lap, and started pressuring around the arrow.

‘Atom! Get help!’  Atom, who stood frozen in horror, finally moved, running in the direction we came from.

‘I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.’ Bellamy muttered, a tear pooling in the corner of his eye.

‘it’s not your fault.’ You tried to speak out loud, but it came out as a whisper.

‘Yes it is. I should’ve listened to Atom and you.’ He shook his head.

‘yeah, you should’ve listened, but I know why you didn’t.’ He looked at you questionably, so you continued. ‘Everybody sees you and Clarke as the leaders. They’re all counting on you to keep them alive. That’s a big responsibility.’

He nodded and pushed a little harder on your stomach, and you flinched.

‘Sorry.’ He muttered again.

You tried to laugh, but the pain made it sound humourless. ‘You really need to stop apologizing.’ You grinned, and his lips twitched.  

‘c’mon, tell me something about yourself, distract me.’ You smirked and wiggled your eyebrows at him, and he laughed.

‘Okay, just listen to my voice.’ He started talking. About how he always took care of Octavia, and how that was also the reason he came to earth.  You listened, and found yourself liking him more and more the longer he talked. He wasn’t just some hot, cool guy. He was also sensitive, and loyal to those he loved most. You started to blink slower, until you could barely open your eyes.

Immediately panic crept in Bellamy’s voice. ‘y/n, open your eyes!’

You blinked again, and muttered: ‘I’m so tired. I’ll just sleep for a few minutes.’ You closed your eyes again, and even though you heard Bellamy yell at you, you couldn’t get yourself to open them again. You felt as if you were floating away. It was a nice feeling after all the pain, and you didn’t want to go back to reality, where the hurt was waiting for you. You breathed in deeply, and lost consciousness.

The first thing you felt was someone squeezing your hand softly. You blinked a few times to get used to the lighting, which was sheer, but seemed bright after having your eyes closed for so long.  The person next to you squinted his eyes. It took you a second to realise it was Bellamy.    

‘Oh, hi Bellamy.’ You tried to sound nonchalant, which worked pretty good.

‘you have no idea you glad I am you waked up.’ He sounded relieved. However, as soon as he realised he’d said it out loud, he shrugged. ‘it’d be bad if we’d lose our best hunter.’

You forced a smile, trying not to show how much that last comment had hurt you.

You tried to come up with something to say, but you didn’t have to, because that moment Clarke walked in. ‘Y/n, I see you’re awake.’ She said sarcastically, and you grinned in her direction. When you tried to sit up, the pain in your stomach increased. You groaned quietly, and Bellamy pushed you back gently.

‘Lay down, silly.’ He grinned at you, and you couldn’t help but smile back.

Clarke smiled, and started leaving. ‘I see you’re in good hands. I’ll check in on you later.’

As soon as she left, Bellamy’s face went serious. As soon as you two locked eyes, you couldn’t look away from his piercing gaze.

‘Listen, y/n…’ He begun, his voice not more than a soft whisper. ‘Seeing you almost die today made me realise something, and I think I should tell you, now I have the chance.’

You chuckled. ‘Are you saying you’re expecting me to die soon?’

He shrugged. ‘Everybody could die every moment, especially with all those grounders around. But, what I was trying to say is, I like you.’

Your heart jumped at his words. ‘I like you to.’ You whispered.

He shook his head. ‘No, I mean I really, really like you, not in a friend way.’ He looked to the ground, and you couldn’t suppress the smile creeping on your face.

‘ I really, really like you to, also not in a friend way.’ He grinned at your words, and weaved your fingers together. That moment your heart overflew with joy, and the pain in your stomach decreased, and disappeared to the background. It was then that you realised, you’d never been happier in your life.


Title: Arguments 

Character/s: Park Seo Joon 

Genre: Smut

Word Count: 1,703

Originally posted by kdramastuff

Whenever you and Seo Joon are together, you always have a fun time. Arguments between the both of you happen rarely. Both of you are pretty chill and you get along with a lot of things.  Seo Joon rarely gets mad at you but when he did, he doesn’t show it to you. He’d ignore you for a couple of hours and then both of you will go back to being lovey dovey again. However, this fight was different from the fights both of you had before.

The two of you had a pretty heated argument a week after Seo Joon arrived from Japan. Two days day before he arrived, everything was fine. You talked on the phone to planned a date as soon as he arrives but that wasn’t the case the day after that. Coincidentally, one of your close friends was having a vacation at Japan and he claimed to have seen your boyfriend out shopping with another girl. You thought he was just playing with you but he sent you a photo of him. You didn’t know how to feel about it. You knew your boyfriend wouldn’t cheat on you but you clarified it with him anyway. He told you he just happened to bump into an old friend of his back in high school while he was looking for a gift for you. You trust Seo Joon so you didn’t ask anymore about it.

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The Boy King (Chapter 3)

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Prologue / 1 / 2 /

Title: The Boy King

Genre: Royal AU

Rating: PG

There was a remarkable difference in Jooheon’s demeanor since that day in the village. You awoke one morning to find your more strenuous chores had been given to other servants, and you spent most of your day tending to smaller matters in his quarters.  He held court more often, and was becoming more lenient with his restrictions.

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Alternate Ending - What went wrong?

I’ve been receiving messages regarding the ending and some of y’all want this series to have a prequel or sequel. Even if I plan to write either a sequel, I won’t be starting it straight away. I want to start writing for other artists first (Jay’s ass can sit in the corner for now). And I’ve always imagined this series to have two endings so that’s what I did. 

If you’re interested listen to You and Me by Marc E. Bassy Ft. G-Eazy during the read. The lyrics quite match with what I’m trying to portray in this ending! 

Hope you enjoy this alternate ending :) 

Jasmine: You done in there?

You nearly dropped your phone when you heard Jasmine’s voice.

You: Give me another minute!

Jasmine: Are you waiting for it? Come outside!

You got up from the toilet seat and went to wash your hands. You held your breathe and opened the bathroom door holding the test in your hands.

Jasmine: What does it say?

You: I haven’t looked at it. Can you look at it and tell me?

Jasmine nodded and took the test from your hands. You closed your eyes as Jasmine studied the test. She went back into the bathroom and took the empty box to see which lines meant what.

Jasmine: Umm the test it’s…are you ready, [Y/N]?

You nodded and still your eyes were closed.

Jasmine: It’s negative. You’re not pregnant, [Y/N].

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Tim: Come on, Alfred, I really want to get some sleep. Just take him, will you?

Alfred: Correct me if I’m wrong, Master Tim…but aren’t you the one who brought him home?

Tim: What’s the big deal, Alfred? He’s cute, he’s furry–

Alfred: I’m afraid animal husbandry isn’t in my job description.

Tim: Aw, come on! You won’t even notice he’s here! [passes Teekl to Alfred] Here. I’ve got school in, like, four hours. We can continue this tomorrow, if you want.

Alfred: We will not, because tomorrow after school you’re taking this…creature to a pet shelter!

Tim: Fine, fine!

–Tim Drake with Alfred Pennyworth (Robin #157 – Things That Go Bump in the Night)

anonymous asked:

Reader and Kara dancing and singing to electric love by Borns? (No gif)

It was a slow day at work, Kara wasn’t as tired as she usually was due to lack of crimes around the city. This left Kara with a bunch of energy, energy she spent on cleaning and flying around the city. She’d just come back from her fifth time around the block to find you on the couch, music playing softly as you snoozed there.

“Hey sleepyhead,” she coos, softly palming your cheek. You nuzzle into her touch, urging her to join you on the couch. She laughs at your softness, ruffling your hair before perking up.

“Something wrong?” you mumble sleepily. She shakes her head, skipping over to the stereo and gently adjusting the volume knob. A smile spreads wide across her face, there’s one on yours too when you realize what song is on.

It’s Electric Love by BORNS, the song that might or might not have been playing at Noonan’s when Kara bumped into you for the first (and not the last) time.

“Remember this?” she laughs as the music softly thrums throughout the apartment. You nod, Kara helping you off the couch and holding you close.

“ Candy, she’s sweet like candy in my veins.  Baby, I’m dying for another taste .” Kara whispers, pressing a wet kiss to your neck. You hum eagerly in response as you mumble the second verse.

“And every night my mind is running around her,  Thunder’s getting louder and louder.”

“Baby, you’re like lightning in a bottle, I can’t let you go now that I got it,”  She giggles, swaying you to the music around the furniture. 

“And all I need is to be struck by your electric love. Baby, your electric love,”  Your eyes bat wearily, as your mind fumbles for the words to the song. Kara sways the both of you over to the bed, placing you down gently.

“You’re sleepy,” she smiles, pushing your hair out of your eyes.

“Yeah,” you admit, curling into her side.

“I think we can continue tomorrow, my little songbird.”

You smile at Kara, thankful she understands, and for the fact her voice, singing or not, helps you go right to sleep.

The Wildcat and the Bear (Part 2)

Part 1 (AO3 Link)

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Of all the people on earth, she had been paired with Cassian? Cassian?

When she looked back up at him his expression was almost pained. She saw so much in his eyes in that moment, from lingering want to desperation until she saw, finally, acceptance.

He bowed his head, falling to his knees before her, his hand going to the totem he displayed on his bare chest. His eyes lifted to her, bravery shining through, “I know you do not understand this very well,” he said to her quietly, “but I beg you try. To give me a chance to show you.”

He was pleading, begging her and she didn’t know how to handle it. The commander of the Night tribe was at her feet pleading with her.

He bowed his head again and took the totem from his neck, lifting it in his hands as an offering. His next words, spoken with eloquence and consideration, “It would be my utmost honor if you were to allow my arrows to protect you and my shelter to keep you warm, my hunt to fill your belly and clothe you and my totem to lay on your chest.”

Her breath left her as she looked down at him. His long black hair was fallen over his shoulders, covering most of his face. What… what was she supposed to do? She looked around at other people’s faces. On the faces of the tribe members she didn’t know well she found mostly smiles. On the faces of her family and friends she saw bewildered looks, wide eyes, some mouths agape.

Her eyes ended up locking with Feyre’s, who was wide-eyed herself. Feyre simply nodded at her encouragingly.

She felt her chest going up and down but couldn’t seem to catch a breath. She looked back at Cassian still kneeling before her and she tried to calm herself enough to feel the air coming in and out of her lungs.

She couldn’t just leave him there, she couldn’t just say no. She couldn’t imagine the devastation he’d face if she turned around and left him there. He’d begged her, literally on his knees, pleaded for her to understand. She couldn’t just walk away…

As soon as she felt her lungs expand she reached for the totem he was handing her, nodding slowly.

As her hands touched his, he lifted his hazel eyes to her, his face hard with resolve, eyes still as kind as she’d ever seen them. He took her hands to his lips, placing a kiss on a knuckle on each hand.

He lifted himself from his position and together they placed his totem onto her neck, where it gently rested on her chest. He nodded to her, his throat bobbing as he swallowed hard.

Cheers rang around them and she felt herself being led away. She felt a little removed somehow, like she was watching everything from afar even though she could feel her hand in Cassian’s. The heat of his hand was the only thing that registered as they walked, he was the only thing that seemed real. His gleaming black hair that fell down to the small of his back as he led her… Cauldron boil her she had no idea where they were going, what was happening.

She hadn’t been here for the last of the bond rituals and Feyre hadn’t elaborated on what happened after they got paired. For all she knew now she would have to bed Cassian in front of the entire tribe; if that were the case, she’d probably run away, she just couldn’t imagine bedding anyone, much less in front of everyone she had ever encountered.

When they stopped in front of his tent she was on the verge of panic until Cassian turned toward her with kindness. He maneuvered her so she was in front of him, bowing his head at her slightly. He turned to the people that had followed and said a few words before turning back to her and urging her inside.

She didn’t know what to do once she was inside the tent… her breathing was slightly uneven and she felt faint. Not that she would tell Cassian that, she couldn’t look weak right now, especially not right now.

“Sit,” he said quietly from behind her. He walked further inside, extending a hand showing her she could sit on his furs.

She wouldn’t have, any other day, but she couldn’t think, could barely breathe. Walking over she took a seat on the furs. It was the middle of fall and it was starting to get really cold so she appreciated the warmth it brought her. Everything else, on the other hand, brought her nothing but an anxiety so great she didn’t even understand it. Especially the male who was currently lowering himself to sit next to her.

“I- um… I…” he tried, then sighed as if in defeat, “I do not know what to say.”

For once she had to agree with him, what was there to say? They had just gotten married, for all intents and purposes. Against their will. Basically.

“How does this work?” She murmured, “Am I to be your wife now? And nothing else? Am I to lay on my back and let you have your way with me?” The more words she spoke the angrier she got, until the last question was asked in an uncivilized growl.

He looked at her, face somber, “I expect nothing of you other than patience and willingness to understand.” His lips turned up before he said, “I would never expect compliance from you.” He sighed again, “As for the other question, I won’t even touch you, today or ever, unless you want me to.”

She snorted, “I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you.”

“I’m not.” He said seriously, “It was a statement, not an invitation.”

She just sighed, all the fight leaving her at once, “Now what?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know, this is new to both of us.” He looked around, thinking or distracting himself, it was hard to tell. Nesta could feel herself drifting away each moment that passed in silence. She had her eyes closed when she heard him say quietly, “You seem tired, we should simply sleep tonight. We can figure everything else out tomorrow.”

She nodded, too tired to argue. He continued on, “You can make yourself comfortable on whatever side you prefer. I will sleep on the other side and give you as much space as I can.” He looked at her apologetically, “The housing arrangements are not something I can change,”

She sighed again, “It’s not your fault,” she admitted. She must have been very tired indeed if she was being this reasonable, but the thought didn’t stop her from continuing, “We… we’ll see what we can do. Tomorrow. For now, I don’t have my sleeping clothes with me…”

He walked to his clothes and offered her what was obviously his nightshirt, “Will this do?”

“Yes, it’ll do fine.” She took the shirt and it dawned on her that she didn’t have a place she could change privately. She pulled the shirt to her body looking around awkwardly.

It seemed to dawn on him as well, “I will turn around,” he said quietly. As he turned she quickly shimmied out of her clothing and into his shirt then tucked herself into his furs.

As soon as she settled herself in a comfortable position, her eyes closed of their own accord and consciousness deserted her, leaving her to blessed sleep.

For the first time since Nesta had left her family home behind the walls she woke up feeling warm. Whereas normally, in the past few weeks when the weather had gotten worse, she woke up shivering, today she felt warm and toasty like there was a source of heat right next to her. In the early morning haze of her thoughts she didn’t remember anything from the night before, so she just smiled and snuggled further into her furs and fell back asleep.

Cassian had woken up to a head of golden brown hair in his face. He had been pretty startled before he remembered everything that had happened the night before. Mother and Cauldron what a mess. He had moved carefully, aware that he had his arms around Nesta and unwilling to wake her. Truth be told when he had thought about waking up with Nesta he had imagined the lead up to be very different. Mutual, for one. But instead this is what he got was someone that had been paired to him without wanting to, had been scared he was going to demand she give herself to him…

Now he just stood looking over the training of his soldiers. Not that he was paying any attention, his mind was so far away he might as well have been in a different plain of existence.

“Commander,” he heard a very distinct voice say from behind him. Great, now the Elder was here to check up on him.

“Elder,” he answered with due respect, turning around to face him. Rhys’s grandfather was a respectable looking man, from his impressive height (shorter than himself and even Rhys, but still impressive), his posture to the violet eyes that shone like stars, befitting to the Elder of the Night tribe.

His smile wasn’t gentle in the least, but rather forceful in a strange way, “Thinking about your mate?”

Cassian had the urge to scowl at him and bark a very rude “none of your business” but knew that would get him nothing but a lecture on the proper respect due to your elders and especially the Elder so he contained it and offered a smirk instead, “She gave me a lot to think about.” No lie there, she definitely had, but his attitude was very misleading as to what she had given him to think about.

The Elder’s eyes narrowed at him, as if he could see through his carefully constructed facade, he seemed to ignore it as he nodded, “Yes, well, tomorrow I plan on officially welcoming Nesta into the tribe by way of naming. Wildcat was indeed quiet fitting, as we saw in the fire last night.”

Cassian just nodded. Oh, great his wife type person - that didn’t want to be his wife type person - was going to officially become part of the tribe so that she would be able to officially become his wife type person. What. A. Fucking. Mess.

“You know how everything is going to go, I expect that you’ll explain everything to her, though I will be passing by your tent to check up on both of you later today.” The Elder continued, non-plussed. Great, awesome, now he had one more thing to throw at her. He was quite certain that Nesta would hate him by the end of the week.

“Cassian?” He heard again, feeling a poke at his side. The Elder again, trying to get his attention, “Are you happy, son?” He asked gently, hand lifting his hand to Cassian’s cheek.

He just sighed, “It’s different than I thought it would be… In fact I didn’t think I’d ever get something like this…”

The Elder just nodded, “It will get easier over time. I have sensed a very good match between you two, but even so you must let understanding and love grow between you, and that, young one, takes time.” Cassian just nodded, feeling overwhelmed, “Go, take the week off.”

“A week?”

“Go take care of your woman.”

Cassian almost laughed at that, Nesta Archeron wasn’t his , she belonged to no one but herself and that wouldn’t change because it was one of the things he loved about her.

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