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What do those shirts that say gender is over -if you want it- mean?

Gender is a social construct that can be changed if we were just open minded enough.


Strange how rapidly associations can change

Today, we hear the word ‘terrorist’ and immediately assume ‘Muslim’ or ‘Islamic State’

But when I was growing up in Britain in the ‘80s, if you heard the word ‘terrorist’, the immediate assumption would have been ‘IRA’

Same word, new association


                                there’s only one thing we all know for certain and that is …

as much as i enjoy the craftsmanship of disney films, whenever i think back to movies whose stories i found memorable, disney is never something that comes to mind

like if i were to think of any disney(not pixar) movies that left me with an impactful story it would be lion king just because of nostalgic value, hunchback of notredame, bolt, and arguably even meet the robinsons..

End hate in Voltron

If you think that the Voltron fandom has become toxic lately; you’re right. 

But we can change that. If your blog is a place where the characters of color stay characters of color, reblog this. If your blog is a safe space for ALL shippers- and not just the ones that ship what you ship- reblog this. If your blog doesn’t support Shaladin but won’t bash it, reblog this. If your blog supports Shaladin but doesn’t send rude and mean messages to people who don’t, reblog this. If your blog is a place where anyone is welcome, reblog this. 

And don’t stop there. Spread the word, but also take action. Don’t reblog/post things that white wash characters, don’t reblog/post stuff you see as pedophilia, don’t reblog/post things that you know aren’t okay, don’t reblog/post racist things, don’t reblog/post hurtful things. Lets freaking end Hate in Voltron. Because there is too much of it. And its not only whats going on your blog. If you see someone getting harassed for what they ship, take action. If you see people getting death threats, take action.

Voltron is the defender of the universe. But we’re the defenders of each other.

Hey kids in the US. Things are feeling grey lately, but we gotta keep at it. Go to peaceful protests, call your representatives, and attend meetings in your area. Raise your voice, and please stay safe. <3 

Paul and I had been together since he was fifteen and I was sixteen.
—  John Lennon, The Beatles: Anthology (317)

you know, at this point, I could almost just leave my icon alone until december when it becomes relevant again