can we calm down now

A few thoughts:

1. Like it or not, Maggie’s role in S2 was to be Alex’s girlfriend. It’s a shame we won’t have the chance to see more of her as an independent character, but we are not necessarily going to see less of her, because that’s a narrative role she can easily cover as a recurring character.

2. Look at the screen time and storylines Lena and James had in S2. Being a regular or a recurring on this show doesn’t necessarily mean something at all.

3. Floriana is not coming back to give closure to her character, she is coming back for multiple episodes, period. Maggie is still part of this show and it’s very unlikely they’re gonna break up Sanvers (if not for angsty purpose).

4. We are probably gonna have a new Alex’s storyline. I can state enough how much I loved her discovery journey during this season, but I’m always excited to find out more about her!

5. You hate Floriana Lima? You are gonna see less of her on your screen. You love Flo? She is gonna have bigger projects. It’s a win win.

I can make it feel better (Ethan)

Summary: Helping the twins film their latest video, Ethan ends up getting hurt in the process. You help him with his injury and he’s thankful for it. You in up confessing your feelings getting caught up in the moment. 

Warnings: Blood but only a little. 

A/N: So this is my first imagine so bare with me, please. :) 

I was helping Grayson and Ethan set up for their latest video. Cooking with the Dolan Twin part 2, they claim they actually were going to try this time. But I seriously doubt that the most they’re going to do is mess up the kitchen…and themselves.

I was a year older than the twins so when Cameron wasn’t around it was my job to make sure the twins didn’t get into much trouble. I knew the twins for about a year and we been close ever since. I was a fan of them ever since Vine and it was a dream come true when I met them at the restaurant I’m working at. They always stopped to get pancakes.

“You have the camera set up Y/N?” Ethan asked.

It was something about his voice that made me go weak in the knees. It took me awhile to admit it to myself that I actually have a crush on Ethan. Even though it wasn’t a huge age difference, I was not too quick on liking someone younger than me.

“Yeah, it’s focused now,” I replied giving him a thumbs up. He smiled in return. What this boy does to my heart, it’s just a smile calm down.

“Okay, we can record now,” Grayson said.

I nodded and hit the record button.

“What’s up guys we’re back!” Grayson shouted.

“I wanted to say it,” Ethan pouted. I giggled at the face he was giving Grayson.

“Fine let’s say it together.”

“What’s up guys we’re back!” Both of them yelled throwing an arm around each other’s shoulders.

“For today’s video we’re going to be cooking up some nice delicious meals,” Ethan said.

“It’s like the cooking challenge we did a few years ago but we are professional chefs now,” Grayson added. It took everything in me to not laugh.

“So, we’re both going to be making pizza and whoever makes the tastiest pizza wins. The loser has to sing a song of the winner’s choice at the end of the video.”

“Now let’s get cooking!” Ethan yelled.

They started getting out the dough from the cans, they claimed they are professionals but used can dough. But it was quicker to do since waiting for the yeast to rise would take to long. They sprayed their pans and laid the dough down.

“See this is easy,” Grayson bragged. He flashed a smile at the camera surely make the fans go weak.

Ethan elbowed Grayson then Grayson put his finger in the sauce wiping it on Ethan’s nose. The red sauce dripped onto his lips and he licked it.

I hope they don’t make a mess in the kitchen because I’m going to have to help clean it up. Soon they started cutting up the toppings, of course, Ethan had to have pineapples.

As they both were cutting Ethan let out a scream. I looked up from the camera.

“What happened Ethan?!” Grayson asked with a worried expression.

Ethan held his hand up, blood oozing down his finger. “I cut my finger nothing too serious,” he joked but the pain was written all over his face.

I turned the camera off. “Let’s go clean it E,” I said.

He nodded and we went towards the bathroom, I turned the light on and told him to wash his hands. They usually kept their medical supplies under the cabinet. I opened it and pulled out what I needed. He sat down on the toilet after washing his hands.
I took a cloth and dried his hands then got a good look at the cut. It was deep but not too deep. It was still bleeding so I put the cloth back on to add pressure.

“Just have to stop the bleeding,” I said. I looked up and he was staring back at me, it was intense. Like he was thinking hard about what he was going to say. I turned away looking back at the cut, taking a slightly deep breath to calm my nerves.

After a few minutes, I took the cloth off and saw it stop bleeding which means he didn’t cut anything important. I got a Q-tip and some Neosporin to prevent an infection. I put the cream on the Q-tip and applied it to his cut.

“Thanks for helping me,” he said breaking the silence.

“No problem, just be careful next time,” I responded.

He laughed, it was something I could listen to every day. It made my day better to hear him laugh. After I was done applying the Neosporin I started to get up to go get him a bandage. But he pulled me down stopping me from going any further.

“What’s wrong Ethan?” I questioned.

“Um…listen I always wanted to tell you this but I just didn’t know how to say it,” he stammered.

My heart started beating faster, he had a serious look on his face. I bit my bottom lip to distract me from jumping up and running out of the bathroom.

He continued after a pause. “I like you…like a lot and I know the bathroom is not the most romantic place to confess my feelings. But I couldn’t hold it in any longer.”

It felt like my eyes were going to pop out of my eye sockets. My crush actually likes me back, when does that happen? I probably look like a fish without water with my mouth opening and closing.

“Say something!” Ethan begged.

“I li-like you to…for a long time actually,” I confessed.

It felt good to finally get it out, especially since I know he likes me back.

“Why didn’t you tell me Y/N?”

“I didn’t know if you would feel the same way so I decided to keep it to myself, kind of hoping the feelings would go away. But it never did.”

“Well good it didn’t,” he replied with a chuckled.

“Yeah,” I said with a smile.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked grinning like an idiot.

“Go for it,” I beamed.

He lifts my chin gently and started leaning in slowly. I had to stop myself from biting my lip since that calms my nerves, so I just settled on placing my hand on his knee. His lips finally touched mine moving slowly to savor the moment. His other hand moved to the back of my neck pulling me closer. It was a gentle kiss but it was everything I could ask for. His lips tasted like pineapples since he ate a few before cutting his finger. Pineapple tasted better on him.

“Sucking faces…gross,” someone commented. It couldn’t be anyone but Grayson.

Ethan and I quickly pulled apart catching our breath. My lips still felt tingly from his kiss.

“Way to ruin the moment Gray,” Ethan grumbled as he frowned at his twin brother.

“I only came to check up on you guys because you were taking to long. To my surprise, you were making out.” Grayson explained crossing his arms leaning against the frame of the door.
I turned away embarrassed about the situation. Not kissing Ethan but with Grayson walking in on us, this is just awkward.

“But I’m glad you finally made your move E, took you long enough,” Grayson laughed. “You can go back sucking faces when we’re done with filming.”

With that Grayson walked out and I turned back to look at Ethan whose face was a bright red.

“Well let me bandage your finger,” I said getting up from the floor my knees aching from staying on the ground for that long.

“I can’t wait to get him back,” Ethan retorted while holding out his injured finger for me to put the bandage on.

“I’ll help but first could I steal another kiss?”

“Of course you can,” he smirked.

“God I love your smile,” I praised as I leaned in tasting his lips once again.

Was that awkward? Too much cliche? Well, I always wanted to write imagines just didn’t have the heart to do them. But I hoped you like this and if you want to request something about the twins feel free to do so! If you want to chat also send something. :)

stydiashipper24  asked:

Could you do #94?😍 But could you right it as if they were dating or married and sleeping in the same bed? By the way you writing is fantastic!!😍☺️☺️

94. “I had a bad dream again.”

Lydia wakes when she feels the bed move. She never new how light of a sleeper she was until she started sharing a bed with Stiles. The boy never stops moving. Never. 

She turns to face him only to find him tangled up in the sheets, sweat beaded on his forehead and his hands clinched into fists. Lydia immediately knows what she needs to do.  

She turns on the lamp on the bedside table and sits up. Carefully, she takes his hand in her’s and holds it tightly. Her other hand goes up and brushes his hair back from his face. 

“Stiles,” She says, her voice calm but still loud enough to wake him. “you’re just dreaming.” She gently shakes his shoulder, making sure she doesn’t startle him. 

She releases a breath she didn’t know she was holding when his eyes flutter open. “Lyds?”

“Yeah babe, it’s me. You okay?” She lays back down, wrapping her arms around him, just trying to provide as much comfort as she can. 

He presses his face into her shoulder and sighs. “I had a bad dream again.” 

“I know, you wanna talk about it?” She runs her fingers through his hair, knowing it calms him down. 

“No, not right now. Can we just…just lay here?”

“Of course” 

“I love you Lyds.”

She presses a kiss to his forehead. “Love you more.”

Super Sentai Fandom, Lets calm down for once

And here we go, everyone saw the scans and now we’re all going through rants right now.

Can we calm down for a moment? Please? Just to hear this opinion out?

I’m not disappointed in Lucky becoming Shishi Orion at all. Yes. I actually like it. And it’s not because I want to be the one asshole that opposes every opinion, it’s because Kyuranger has always surprised me.

When I think about it, this situation isn’t different from all the rest of outcries that happened earlier.

“Lucky is getting a Pegasus power up oh my god we’re all doomed!”

Pegasus turned out to be such a great character ya know? He’s sentient, annoying, really hyperactive, and fucking threw Lucky around like a bouncing ball. And the second time what would have been a perfect excuse to showcase him, Lucky couldn’t have the Pegasus Kyutama to help him, and in turn we got the debut of RyuuViolet/Ryuu Commander.

Kyuranger is literally the “What I expected Vs What I actually got” Meme. It’s q nutshell.

We thought it was funny and weird that Spada was a chef in the middle of a bunch of warriors. Now we’re admiring him for being a fucking chef and love him and food puns.

We thought Lucky was going to be a Takaheru, but instead he’s a BanBan, at least in my own opinion.

We thought Xiao was going to be the annoying stupid comedy relief, only he’s a fucking badass warrior with serious past moments and is actually a nice and caring guy.

Or the biggest one: Everyone started complaining that we would stay on Earth for the rest of the season, and that all the glorified planets will be gone. We were wrong. Apparently they’ll leave Earth after a few more episodes, and then we’ll start the space journey to hunt down some ship.


It always pulled through, and it always gave us something to the contrary. It actually gives a damn about te audience, and always tried to make sure everyone gets something and screentime. It gave us nice comedy balanced with horrifyingly serious backstories so that all ages can enjoy the show.

For all we know, Shishi Orion might be the same position as Den-O or Kamen Rider W, or maybe something even better.

Let’s just trust the writers for once shall we?

hockeyfanatic910  asked:

Can you do a Zach Werenski one where the reader is swedish and she is really close to Alexander Wennberg so it makes Zach jealous and they end up getting into a really big fight then can you please give it a really really cute ending😆

Zachary Werenski; Jealousy

Sorry this is kind of short :((( Any Swedish I used it from Google translate. Just a heads up, and sorry this took soo long! I get requests all the time and I’ve been meaning to write this one for a long time. Enjoy!

You were munching on a slice of pizza, your best friend sitting next to you and about ready to scream at the soap opera Skilda världar you were both watching. Your other friend, Zach, had just texted you saying he was going to be there soon and was bringing Chinese. But, you had decided to eat lightly before he came. (If lightly was two slices of the amazing Italian delicacy.)

“De är tvillingar?”//They’re twins?

“Uppenbarligen.”//Apparently, you answered. You loved having a friend who spoke your mother language to talk with, because not very many people who didn’t live in Sweden took the time to learn it. There was a knock at the door, and before Alexander could throw something at the TV, there was a buzz from your apartment intercom. It must have been Zach. You buzzed him in, and in a matter of moments he was in front of your door holding up a take-out box.

“I have brought an offering, your majesty,” he bowed in front of you and then got up from his low point before walking into the humble abode.

“Wassup, Zach? Hur mår du?” He raised an eyebrow, and the other man scowled. He didn’t understand how to speak like you both, and got kind of mad when he couldn’t figure out what you two were saying to each other behind his back. You had recently expressed your feelings for somebody (cough cough Werenski cough cough) when he had been right there, and you were so flustered he thought you were both being very inappropriate and saying stuff about him.

“I’m alright, how about you?”

“Pretty good, honestly. Thanks for the food, servant,” he joked. Zach didn’t take it as such.

“Tell your favorite person in the world that I’m not his servant.”

“Lätt på honom, okej? Var snäll. Du vet varför//Easy on him, okay? Please. You know why,” you began. But he cut you off.

“Det var bara ett skämt!//It was just a joke!” Putting your hands on your hips, you scolded him some more and watched as Zach decided to butt in.

“Guys! Seriously, it’s fine. I don’t care. I know that you’ve been friends for forever and everything but give me a break!” He was yelling now, his anger getting the best of him. In the huff of everything, time seemed to stop as they yelled back and forth. Your thoughts were racing like NASCAR, and you had no clue about how to stop them. So, you hollered.

“STOP! The both of you! This fighting is nonsense. Please,” you said. Now they had no words to say whatsoever. Zach rubbed the back of his neck bashfully and Alexander had his gaze down to the wooden floorboards.

“Sorry,” they said in unison.

“Now can we just watch my soap and calm down? The two man children nodded, and looked exactly like a puppy that had just been kicked. You really wanted them to resolve their differences. WHo cared that Alex knew you for longer because you had grown up together? No one should have. But, at least now they were quiet and not ready to rip each other’s heads off.

The rest of the night, you put subtitles on your soap so both Zach and Alexander could watch it at the same time. They were both hooked, and you loved it. Very platonically, you grabbed Zach’s hand and squeezed. He did the same back to you and you sighed, watching as Rebecka tried to ruin Daniel and Sandra’s relationship slowly.

“I’m sorry I got you jealous back there,” you whispered in Zach’s ear. He blushed a deep red, shaking his head.

“I wasn’t jealous.”

“Sure you weren’t.”

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Can I have a scenario with Lithuania where he snaps and is just sick of trying to get his crush to notice his feelings? He gets very desperate and will do anything to make his crush love him

You did say ‘snaps…’ I hope this is alright with you! :)

He was about ready to give up. And, by give up, I mean give up trying to be nice. No matter what he did, no matter what he said…they remained oblivious. They never noticed his feelings. Or, if they did, they never said anything about it.

But now. Oh, now he was done. Everybody seemed to forget one little detail about Lithuania. He wasn’t just one of Russia’s slaves. In the past, he’d defeated Prussia. He’d saved Poland. Hell, he survived this many years in Russia’s house. He was done trying to play the nice guy.

And it had become evident, with him breathing heavily in the middle of the room, furniture having been thrown here and there, with his crush, trembling slightly, huddled in the corner.

“T…Toris…?” Came the hesitant reply, their eyes wide with shock and fear. He didn’t say anything, but turned his head to face them. His expression didn’t help calm their nerves. The deranged look on his face only added to their fear.

“Toris, this isn’t funny anymore…” They stammered, unable to scuttle back any further. He had finally completely turned towards them, his hair covering his eyes.

“Why?” He mumbled quietly, voice slightly raspy from the earlier screaming.

They froze, completely and utterly confused, but not wanting to set him off. “Why what?”

“Why won’t you notice?” He looked up, revealing his eyes filled with an odd mixture. Love, hate, and heartbreak, all rolled into one. “First it was Belarus, now you…why don’t you notice my feelings for you?”

He started moving towards them, earning a flinch. “I…I didn’t know. Please calm down. We can talk this out, okay? I know now, so, if you’d just cal-.”
“Don’t tell me to calm down!” He went back to screaming, strides becoming faster. In an instant, he had crossed the room, and grabbed them by their hair. “Why won’t you love me!? I’ve been nothing but nice, nothing but kind, nothing but sweet! I’ve listened to everything you’ve had to say, including your romantic interests!”

All they could do was start to cry, the pain rendering them unable to speak.

“Stop crying! Do you know how it feels, listening to the person you love drone on and on about other people? About having FEELINGS for other people!?”

They continued weeping, only able to repeat the same phrase over and over again. “I’m sorry…I’m sorry…”
“You don’t have to be sorry. From this point forward, I’m done letting my heart be dragged through the mud. You’re going to love me.”

He pulled up their head, his grip on their hair firm. Looking into their wet eyes, he smiled.The same kind of smile he saw every day, for years upon years. The same kind of smile he frequently saw on the face of Russia.

“I’ll make you, if I have to.”

Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari - Miyasaka Haruki

This series is an R18 drama CD (not meant for minors. There will be explicit terms used in this CD) by Apricot.
T/N: Here’s my translation to the 3rd volume of Sore wa Sasayaka na Koi no Hajimari. Please do not repost on tumblr or copy to any other site. If you want to share this translation please reblog or link to this post  

Summary: You meet a gentle kindergarten teacher when you were looking for your fallen button and the relationship between you two starts to develop.
CV: Shingaki Tarusuke

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I feel like yoongi saying no homo is just more proof of him being a highly chaotic gay

this is whats the problem it was in print so u couldnt read the sarcasm. this is the same chaotic gay behavior as proposing to ur (gay) significant other and saying no homo as u wipe away ur tears of gjoy its ok everyone i figured it out we can calm down now

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Bakugou watching his s/o WHO has a flight quirk pull out of a free fall?

Flying, something you loved to do but Bakugou had never gotten the hang of. You always tried to get him to enjoy it, holding him close as you would float off of the ground in the kitchen or something. But he never seemed to like not touching the ground. You never took offense to him not liking it, but you did when he insulted your quirk yesterday. He had said that if you didn’t control your quirk you could end up dying because your quirk would fail to work and you could fall.

Why would you not be able to control your quirk? He could kill everyone with his if he couldn’t control his! So why was he so cautious about your quirk?! This was all going through your head as you stood at the top of one of the buildings in the training area. You had never done something this drastic before, but you had to prove this to him. And what better way than to jump off a building in the middle of training?

“(Y/N) DON’T YOU FUCKING DO IT!” you heard in the earpiece and laughed. Bakugou was freaking out in the control room where he could see you standing at the edge of a building smiling. You turned and winked at one of the cameras, grabbing one of the enemy robots and fell backwards off the building. “(Y/n) please tell me you know what you’re doing.” you heard All Might in your ear and you smiled and nodded, “Of course I do.” Then you heard more yelling in the back and more of Bakugou freaking out about how you were going to die.

You watched as the ground approached quickly and you let got of the robot and pulled yourself up and out of your free fall. In the ear piece you could hear cheers as the bot smashed to the ground and you stood back at the top of the building. Then the earpiece screeched and you had to pull it out of your ear before you went deaf. As you walked down the stairs to get to the observation room you put the earpiece back in to hear All Might apologizing about the noise, Bakugou was still yelling. You laughed and told him not to worry.

You pulled open the door to where everyone else was in the observation room and were thrown to the ground. “What the hell do you think you were trying to pull?!” Bakugou was standing above you and you groaned a little from the impact of the ground. “I was using my quirk to beat the enemy.” you sat up and he knelt down and growled, “You were trying to kill yourself you idiot! What did I tell you about your quirk?! If it doesn’t work one day and you pull a stunt like that you’re going to die! And leave me all alone here without you….” He started out yelling and ended up whispering by the end. “You need to know Katsu, my quirk won’t just stop working. Trust me babe. I won’t kill myself and leave you.” you pressed a kiss to his forehead and he furrowed his brow and pouted slightly. You laughed a little and pressed another kiss to his lips and stood from the ground.

All Might cleared his throat and you turned to him, blushing that the whole class just saw Bakugou’s freak out. “Now that Bakugou has calmed down, can we review your fight?” you nodded and All Might smiled. “The use of your quirk was amazing. I would not suggest doing that to an actual villain since we don’t want to kill them, but it worked for this exercise. Well done.” Bakugou had wrapped his arms around you and was not letting you go for the life of him and whispered in your ear, “Well done my ass. Don’t do that again or I’m going to chain you to the fucking ground.” You laughed a little and pressed another quick kiss to his temple, “I won’t, but don’t doubt my quirk ever again or you might be the one plummeting to the ground.” Bakugou’s eyes went wide and you smiled at him, “I’m joking dear, I love you.” and with that, you left to go get changed. “Ooooooh, Bakugou is in the dog house!” Denki and Kirishima laughed and Bakugou whipped around, explosions flaring, “Shut your fucking mouths!”

anonymous asked:

tbh i love that clip of magnus's petty ass, and i love that he's kinda wary and vulnerable when it comes to relationships. there's such a huuuge difference in age, experience, and power between him and alec that it would be easy for their relationship to feel very boring and unequal with him as the perfectly mature wise sage teaching alec all about love. it's so much more interesting and healthy if they both have flaws and insecurities and moments of immaturity and pettiness.

Same, and i think every relationship is new, too. Magnus might have had relationships in the past, but it doesn’t mean falling in love isn’t new every time. Alec is his own person, this is a brand new relationship for both of them, and they’re each going to be learning about each other – all their favorite foods, what makes them tick, the things that make their knees weak. These are things they both have to put work into learning, not just one or the other.

So yeah, I agree, it’s nice to see them both a little unsure about their footing and watch them slowly work it out together. Magnus, I think, has enough experience to know how to open communications where Alec might be hesitant to, but I don’t doubt Alec will put in quite a bit of effort, as well. We’re already seeing it happening when he approaches Magnus on his own to apologize and to talk. And if you don’t realize the significance of this, remember that just days ago Isabelle literally had to blindfold Alec and drag him into a room before he would talk to Jace and even then he stubbornly refused to until Jace spoke up first. So Alec coming to Magnus first all on his own is a pretty huge step for him and I think it says a lot about how important his relationship with Magnus already is to him.

DeBrincat, Strome lead Erie to 4-2 victory over Seattle at Memorial Cup

WINDSOR, Ont. — Alex DeBrincat knows this may be his only chance at capturing a Memorial Cup. He’s put his Erie Otters on the right track to making it happen.

DeBrincat opened the scoring, then assisted on Dylan Strome’s go-ahead goal early in the third period as Erie beat the Seattle Thunderbirds 4-2 on Saturday in the first game for both teams at the 2017 Memorial Cup.

“It’s huge to get that first win, it kind of gets the nerves out of you,” said DeBrincat. "We can calm down a little bit (now) and play our game.“

The Otters have been one of the top teams in the Ontario Hockey League in recent years, but it took DeBrincat and Co. three tries to reach the Memorial Cup.

In 2015, led by Connor McDavid, Erie was ousted in the OHL final by the Oshawa Generals. And last season the Otters were eliminated by the London Knights in the OHL’s Western Conference final. Both Oshawa and London went on to win the Canadian Hockey League’s biggest prize.

"Words don’t describe winning that (OHL) championship to get here,” said DeBrincat, who was drafted by the Chicago Blackhawks 39th overall in 2016. 

DeBrincat, Strome — who was returned to junior by the Arizona Coyotes — and the Raddysh brothers, Darren and Taylor, gave Erie a strong core to begin the 2016-17 season. The team got an added boost when they acquired forwards Anthony Cirelli and Warren Foegele via mid-season trades.

“Some of us it’s our last chance, this is big for us. I think this is kind of our year, we went all in and hopefully it pays off,” said DeBrincat.

Carl Stankowski gave the Western Hockey League champion Thunderbirds (0-1) a chance to compete by stopping 31-of-34 shots. He had to come up big early and often as Erie controlled the game.

The 17-year-old netminder stretched out his left leg on a Cirelli redirect in front to keep it scoreless through the first period. Stankowski then went post-to-post to get a piece of a Strome shot soon after.

The Otters made life difficult for the Thunderbirds with their forecheck, pinning Seattle in its own zone for most of the opening period.

“You got here playing a certain way and you’re not going to change that,” said Erie coach Kris Knoblauch. "It’s Erie Otters hockey, it’s what got us here and what we’ll finish with.“

Stankowski was at it again to start the second period, stopping Taylor Raddysh on a breakaway just over a minute in. He followed that with a glove save on DeBrincat from point-blank range on an Erie power play.

He couldn’t stop everything, though, as DeBrincat finally put Erie on the board on the same power play at 5:40, tucking a shot between Stankowski’s arm and body.

"It was a big goal for me, and the team too,” said DeBrincat. "We were struggling to get a goal. Their goalie robbed me right before that and I had another Grade-A chance and it trickled through.“

Scott Eansor responded for Seattle to tie the game, snapping a shot blocker side on Troy Timpano from the off wing at 9:40.

Jordan Sambrook restored the lead for Erie, but two sides went into the second intermission tied 2-2 after Austin Strand beat a screened Timpano 1:08 after Sambrook’s goal.

The Otters held a 29-14 shot advantage after 40 minutes.

Strome gave Erie a 3-2 lead just 1:36 into the third period. He scored from the top of the goal crease, finishing off a play with Taylor Raddysh and DeBrincat.

Seattle had a chance to tie the score midway through the third, but Timpano turned away Ryan Gropp, who chose to shoot on a 2-on-1 break. Christian Girhiny iced the game with Stankowski on the bench at 18:41.

"A bit of our identity wasn’t there during the game and we’ll correct a few things,” said Seattle coach Steve Konowalchuk. “We have a few individuals who can rebound.”

Notes: This was the first meeting between two American-based teams at the Memorial Cup since 2007 when the OHL’s Plymouth Whalers faced the QMJHL’s Lewiston Maineiacs… Seattle faces the host Windsor Spitfires (1-0-0) on Sunday. Erie plays the QMJHL’s Saint John Sea Dogs (0-1-0) on Monday.

Kyle Cicerella, The Canadian Press

I was listening to npr and they played the recording from the 911 call the night of the pulse shooting and it was so horrendous I feel so sick.

It was from two hours in to the attack and the person was calling trapped inside the nightclub begging the police to do something and then 911 person was saying why they couldn’t save them in a really dismissive and infantilizing tone I just started crying. Like the 911 person kept saying “OK I need you to calm down right now” and “we can’t send anybody in because we have to secure the building, do you understand what I’m saying?” as if the person was in the middle of the fucking hostage situation trap in the building with the live shooter I’m going to scream

The Power of Laughter

A very pregnant reader make their way down to the burrow for Christmas Eve festivities when things something unexpected happens

Warnings: None

A/N: Characters from the potterverse belong to J.K. Rowling

Masterlists Here (x) (x)

“Y/N you remember what the doctor said about being active this late right?” George asked as he carried the presents wrapped for your red headed family.

“George, I promise I’ll be fine. This baby isn’t going to come on Christmas Eve. He’s quite cozy in there,” you assured him. “Besides you know I’d feel horrible for missing the Weasley Family Christmas.” You were in the last month of your pregnancy and George was constantly worrying about when the baby would arrive. He always insisted that you stay home when anything remotely exciting was happening with the family, but you were sick of it. You had to get out of this house or you’d go stir crazy.

“Fine, but we’re taking the car. There is no way I’m apparating with you this far along,” George informed as he led you to the car.  You couldn’t help but roll your eyes, you didn’t want to apparate either not because of your pregnancy but simply because as of late apparating made you sick to your stomach. Vomiting upon arriving at the house was not your idea of a Christmas greeting.  

“George you just need to relax. We both know the due date and it is early January,” you declared as you sat down in the car. “Now can you please calm down so we can have a nice time at your house.”

“I know I’m just paranoid I guess. Fred’s been telling me pregnancy horror stories when Angelina isn’t around,” George divulged. “I know I shouldn’t listen to them, but I can’t help it I’m so nervous.”

“George, I am going to yell at your brother the moment we arrive. I honestly don’t understand why he’s doing that to you when you didn’t do that to him when Angelina was pregnant,” you huffed in frustration. When George didn’t response you turned to look at him. “Wait, did this to Fred too?”

“If I said yes would you be mad at me or-“ George started but you cut him off.

“You and your brother are awful honestly. While I’m scolding Fred Angelina is going to scold you. How old are the two of you?” you frowned as you crossed your arms in displeasure however you couldn’t stay mad for long as George started laughing. Soon the whole car erupted into a fit of laughter as you and George laughed at the madness of the situation. You stopped laughing abruptly when you felt a slight pain in your side followed by warm liquid trickling down your leg.

“Is something wrong Love?” George asked as he grabbed your hand. When you felt a second of pain you gripped George’s hand tighter. “Do we need to go to the hospital?”

“I think he decided now was the perfect time to join us,” you gasped as you felt another pain in your side. “Do you think you could-“ you didn’t have to say another word before the car lifted off into the air and toward St. Mungos.
It wasn’t until late afternoon when you heard the cries of your son in your room. You and George were absolutely exhausted from an eventful night, but you couldn’t be more thrilled.  Somehow even though your son was several days early, he appeared to be in perfect health. When you finally held him you couldn’t help but cry tears of joy.

“I just can’t believe he’s ours George,” you sniffled as George placed a kiss on your forehead.

“Our little Christmas miracle,” George echoed. “Only a Weasley could be brought into the world from the power of their parents’ laughter.” You couldn’t help but agree as your gazed adoringly at your little Christmas baby.  

Okay, people. I need to clear some shit up.

1) I’m not a girl, I’m a man.

2) I AM fat and thus CAN speak for fat people.

3) I made the post because I was sick and tired of my sisters fat shaming me and was trying to be positive.

4) Yes I know there are diseases associated with being obese, I’m not a goddamned idiot.

5) NO I’m not tagging this. If you are determined to see more of me you can check my blog.

Can we all calm the fuck down now?????

Road Trip

Pairing: Max/Chloe/Kate/Victoria (Arcadia Gays, Life is Strange)

Rating: T (mild swearing because it’s Chloe, and Victoria really)

Word Count: 864

Genre: Fluff. Useless, pointless, trashy fluff

Notes: Based on pricefieldtrash​‘s prompt, “imagine chloe, max, victoria, and kate, going on a road trip that takes several hours but then chloe manages to get them all lost and max is like “chloe we need to stop for directions we have no clue where we are” and chloe is like “nO i have everything under control” and victoria is like “jfc why did i agree to this” (but secretly she’s having fun) and kate is trying to calm everything down” Have at it.

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