can we bring this beautiful photo back



Lesson number one:
Don’t believe every thing you see on the internet.

Hey did you know that there’s only an estimated 120 West Estonian Shepherds left on the planet?

*reblog - omfg guys how sad we need to bring this beautiful breed back!*
*gets 23,837 notes*

NOPE. That’s a regular old German Shepherd. Long haired. Sable coat. BUT, since someone has stated a breed that literally does not even exist and posted a cute photo next to it everyone with an eye for anything cute and maybe 3 braincells has bought it. GUYS PLS.

~actual real example time~

What the internet says: Siberian Husky X Pomeranian! Looks like a husky puppy but never gets bigger! how perfect! omg just so cute! totez need one!!1 Pomskies are my absolute new fave breed. LOVez it!~

What it actually is: A Finnish Lapphund puppy. OK?!

Internet says: Siberian Husky X Golden Retriever. Cutie!! I neED ONE!

What it actually is: Blue Merle Australian Shepherd. once again a breed not even remotely close to what’s being advertised.


Lesson number two:
Designer breeds.

Obviously there are tons of cross breeds around the world; considering that most pedigree dogs now have come from the cross breeding of many earlier breeds, it should be to no surprise that the world will continue to create new breeds. The Labradoodle, Cockapoo, Puggle, Maltese Shih Tzu etc. Are all well known and loved “designer” breeds. These have been proven to work through time and numbers. The Labradoodle was originally created as a hypoallergenic breed to help the blind who were allergic to fur. 

Recently, however, with the growing fascination for Huskies, an alarming amount of Husky cross breeds are appearing. These are creating an appeal for the dimwitted who see something *omfg just so cute1* (even though the picture wasn’t even of the cross breed stated!) and create a rise in consumer wants. With this, puppy mills jump into action and churn out this new fan fave. (puppy mills are a whole other can of worms i’ll open for another time)

Dumb designer husky breeds that you should not buy:
(generally because of false advertising)

Chusky - Chow Chow cross Sib Husky.

What they actually usually look like:

(not that he isn’t still beautiful!)

The Goberian - Golden Retriever X Sib Husky
(actually a merled aussie as well)

What they actually usually look like:
She’s a cutie too tho :*

Pomsky - Pomeranian X Sib Husky.
(actually an Alaskan Malamute puppy)

What they actually usually look like:

That said…

never hesitate to adopt.
any dog.

But don’t be fooled by idiots on the net and always do your research. 
Don’t be a sheep. Figure it out. jfc.

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That is such a great idea! I know there are a lot of respectful and nice Katie/Lena/Supercorp fans, and really talented people. We should fill those tags with love and support. Tag our happy and nice headcanons, analysis, fics, gifs, pics, videos, drawings, even opinions. Even if someone thinks they shouldn't tag it, they should. I'd rather read a nice opinion in those tags than hateful posts. As a new fan, I love when someone brings back old interviews, or bts, or videos. It's great to see it.

You heard it here Katie fans.

Tag it all!

Tag your love!
Tag your fics!
Tag your art!
Tag your gifs!
Tag your photo sets!
Tag your thinky thoughts!
Tag old videos and interviews!

Let’s all do what we can to help keep the Katie McGrath tag beautiful. I want so much amazing content that any hate or troll posts that come up are never even seen! Do it!

Scarborough Bluffs

Considering the Scarborough Bluffs are less than 30 minutes from downtown Toronto, I must admit I am shocked and appalled at myself for never visiting them until this past Saturday. Because, whoa Nelly, they are awesome. 

On Saturday my sister, Lily, three eager dogs, and I zoomed 18 minutes east of Toronto and arrived at the Scarborough Bluffs. I had heard of the Bluffs many times, but never really thought to head there, until spontaneously Saturday afternoon, after previous plans had fallen through, I asked my sister if she wanted to go for a walk there, and luckily she obliged. 

We spent over three hours wondering the paths and beaches, and the people-less Bluffs did not disappoint.  

The Bluffs themselves are a 15km (9.3 mile) stretch of significant “geological sedimentary” and have been described as a “geological wonder.”  Pretty cool, right? Especially as the layers of sand and clay exposed in the cliffs display an incredible record of the last stages of the Great Ice Age.  They’re very unique to North America, and have attracted worldwide scientific interest (way to go Toronto!). 

Here’s what the plaque told me, 

The first 46 metres of sediments contain fossil plants and animals that were deposited in a large river delta during the first advance of the Wisconsinan glacier some 70,000 years ago. They are covered by 61 metres of boulder clay and sand in alternating layers left by four subsequent advances and retreats of ice. The final withdrawal of the glacier occurred some 12,000 years ago.

Neato, right?

They must have once been absolutely massive, because unfortunately now you could see signs that they were/are eroding. Even once I touched them, I could literally grab a hand full of soil from them, as they were so soft (ps. I  didn’t).

But it wasn’t just the actual cliffs that were showing off that day, but also Lake Ontario. I swear the photos don’t do it justice, because it was beautifully blue and clear on Saturday. 

The ducks were enjoying it, and you better believe Abbie wasted no time jumping in as well (despite the cold temperatures). 

The gang of us spent over three hours wondering the paths, and maneuvering from park to beach to trail. It was pretty awesome. 

And, I absolutely have to mention the beach. This is without question the best Toronto beach I have come across. It had no rocks or pebbles that I could see, but rather beautiful golden soft sand.  Again, how had I never been here before?

And as you can see, the fall colours, along with the blue water, and golden sand as far as we could see, made for a beautiful walk. 

The dogs couldn’t get enough of it either. 

I mean, look at her! Flying over the sand to bring me her ball. 

The sand itself was also rather cool, with all the different minerals visible in to one’s eye.

And I have to admit, it was a dream to photograph. I took all these photos with my iPhone, and I *pats self on back* think they turned out very well!!

I wish I loved something as much as Abbie loves her ball. And the water. And walks. 

I definitely would *not* recommend visiting the Bluffs during the summer months, as I’ve heard parking is insane, and the beach is a hot mess of bodies in the sun, along with family picnics everywhere, but if you’re in Toronto in the Spring or Autumn, and looking for a stunning walk, I would highly recommend them for an afternoon oot n’ aboot!

And here’s one last photo (not taken by me, here’s the source), but I think it’s so cool!

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If thats the case everyone including v and saeren going to the grand canyon together

omg I love you


  • so excited!!
  • it’s just a big hole in the ground
  • but it’s in another country?????
  • dis boi be trippin
  • so many bad selfies he just can’t stand still
  • almost falls in
  • falls asleep on the drive back to wherever they’re staying that night, poor kid tired himself out


  • so many selfies
  • more tourists want to take photos with him than of the actual canyon
  • constantly comparing his beauty to that of the natural wonder
  • gets bored rather quickly
  • whines about being bored
  • “it’s just a giant hole in the ground the magic is gone can we goooo”


  • finally she can relax
  • just really?? loves the landscape
  • super into the history/culture of the area
  • takes a few photos so she can look at them and remember how peaceful she felt when she’s back at work
  • the coffee here is actually really good, i should buy some to bring back with me


  • wow elizabeth 3rd would look stunning against this landscape
  • too many tourists
  • so dusty
  • why did i wear a suit why is it so hot is there a heatwave this is unbearable buddy Arizona is always like that either it’s hot or it’s not
  • ends up buying a tacky tourist shirt because he’s just dying from the heat and doesn’t wanna ruin his suit
  • buys a child size of the same shirt for Elizabeth 3rd


  • full on cowboy outfit
  • send shitty snapchats to everyone
  • seven i’m right here just talk to me jaehee make him stop
  • has to be stopped from diving headfirst into the canyon BECAUSE YOU KNOW HE WOULD 
  • scares off all the tourists tbh
  • gives Yoosung a piggyback ride when he gets tired
  • pockets are full of rocks


  • so many photos
  • the lighting is really good here
  • stares out at the landscape for the longest time
  • just leave him there for a few hours it’ll be fine
  • really glad he came
  • ((i don’t know a whole lot about V yet I’m so sorry aaaa))

I’m so sorry I don’t know anything about Saeran yet so I don’t think I can write him well at all please forgive me.

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I know everyone is sad because we haven't had any new sheo news, but can we please just remember that sheo went to Italy together and had a bomb ass photoshoot where they both looked hella fine?? seriously one of my fav photo shoots👌 we need to bring it back!

Hi there, generous anon!

Thanks a lot for the reminder! That photo shoot is one of my favorites as well! They look flawless, gorgeous and beautiful than ever! 

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

My heart cannot take this much beauty in few pictures. Oh my gosh! 

Alpine start from the winter hut on the Aguille de Midi. See if you can spot the skiers!

I have mixed emotions about this trip. On the one hand it was one of the most painful and tortuous days of my life, on the other I got to share it with one of my best friends and it was in the most beautiful place on earth!

I’m generally not a landscape photographer but I took this after spending a night melting snow in a winter hut with no door above 3000m. This photo brings back so many memories. We had been walking for hours to get to the hut after having abandoned our attempt to summit La Dent du Geant. I was so tired by the end I genuinely considered telling @stuarthonickclimbing to leave me behind (dramatic as always). We had run out of water and had to melt snow all night to get a drink.

I’ll never forget that sunrise though!