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Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU's

(None of the photos, art or aesthetic posts in this are mine, just used as visuals to go along with it)

We all know canon Kylo and how he looks, but what about those other AU’s? I present, the ultimate list of Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU’s!!

First we’ve got Smuggler Ben Solo, aka what Kylo would have been in the SW universe had he not chosen the dark side and was not force sensitive who takes majorly after his father:

Then! We have another favorite, Jedi Ben Solo! Another SW universe AU had Kylo not chosen the dark side. Tends to take after Leia, but still has his fathers attitude for sure:

Much like Jedi Ben Solo there is also Senator Ben Solo/Amidala. Given his lineage to one of the most famous and successful rebellion leaders and public figures, the young senator not only has big shoes to fill but does so boldly. Still carrying that Solo charm, Ben negotiates his way through the galaxy, fighting for the policies and actions he sees as doing right by the galaxy:

Then there’s a big favorite, Emperor Kylo. Basically still in the SW universe, but this time Kylo is free from Snoke’s control and able to be the grey jedi we all know he wishes he was:

Then we have a whole LOT of modern AU’s.

First, my personal favorite, what we can consider triplet/punk/generic modern/rock band Kylo. Like canon Kylo he’s got a bit of an anger problem but is highly intelligent and skilled in his craft (whatever it may be), he also has a dicey relationship with his parents. Though his demeanor is off-putting and intimidating, he’s secretly very emotional and thoughtful. In the triplet AU he’s most likely either the oldest or middle brother and is also the most intimidating of the three.

Then we’ve got College AU Kylo, who knows what he’s studying but a lot like modern Kylo above he’s fairly mysterious, kind of brooding and quiet, but reader certainly notices him whenever he’s in their nearby proximity. Given how intense his presence is. Most likely has a tendency to stare.

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#1 - “The skirt is suppose to be this short.”

Hamliza - SPN AU


Alex looked down at his outfit with a grimace; a black blazer over a white t-shirt with a low V, matched with skinny jeans, so tight that he had to keep adjusting his front so his nuts wouldn’t keep getting squished.

He prayed that they found these damn vamps tonight.

Alex and Eliza had come to this city when they caught wind of disappearances of several young adults around their age within a span of a few short weeks. Going undercover as FBI, they had learned that all the disappearances seem to have taken place near a pretty popular night club.

Hence why they were here in their motel room, changing into their new “disguises”

“I still don’t understand why we couldn’t just do this dressed as feds…or even in our normal clothes?” He calls out to Eliza behind the bathroom door as he examines his reflection in the mirror. He didn’t look bad, if he could say so himself, but he sure as hell didn’t feel like himself. “If I even attempt to run in these jeans they might just rip apart..” he mumbles as he goes exits to meet up with his partner.

And he stops right in his tracks when he sees her.

Eliza turns to face him, having just finished getting ready herself. “And risk them finding out and bailing before we get a chance to spot them? No, if they really do pick up their victims at this club, this is the smartest way we can hunt them down: by blending right in.” She eyes him up and down with an appreciative smile, “Besides, when am I ever gonna have another opportunity to see you in pants that tight again?” There is certainly a bit of a hungry edge to her teasing. Though Alex makes no acknowledgement right away, his eyes still glued intently to the outfit Eliza had chosen for tonight.

“Right…” he mumbled dumbly as he finally steps away from the doorway. “You certainly seemed to have,” he clears his throat awkwardly as he tries to will his blush away, “ventured out of your usual wardrobe for this case as well..”. Eliza just smiles as she looks down at her outfit; a form fitting grey, high waisted mini skirt paired with a loose, low cut black top with spaghetti straps. With the stilettos and dark makeup, she looks like she’s ready to dance the night away instead of getting ready to slice off some vampire’s head.

Eliza just shrugs unashamedly, “The skirt is supposed to be this short,” she grins playfully at her hunting partner/boyfriend, “remember, it’s all for the job.” She emphasizes that point lifting the skirt to show a thigh holster with syringes filled with dead man’s blood attached to it.

Alex shivers pleasantly as she turns to determine what dagger she would be able to sneak into the club, adjusting the front of his pants once again. Only this time, to control the bulge that was trying to form underneath.

Oh yeah, he hopes that they finish this job incredibly soon..

Shadowhunter gear set (Sets #1-11) (#12)

Set #13: “Now we can blend in without glamours!” said the Shadowhunter designer who came up with this gear while failing to understand it was still kind of weird. Nevertheless, at least it’s faster to put on than the other styles.

The real gag is: Normani Kordei did a cover and sung like five parts by herself over simple 808 tracks by layering and harmonizing with her own voice