can we be best friends plz

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Last night I got asked by a mf couple to be the third in their first three way. I'm 20f. I've been in quite a few mff threesomes, two fff, and the guy from the couple is in a poly relationship so hopefully he and I can have an mmf three some with our other male best friend, who is bi and apparently has discussed it with my other guy friend. I've always fantasized about dp, so I hope I get to do the mmf one as well 😍 it feels great to have so many opportunities for group sex right now.

Can we trade lives plz?


Accidental Confessions

Requested by @nvevr Heyy can I request? Id love to have a Got7 scenario where y/n is Jackson’s bff and hes the only one that knows about y/n’s crush on Bambam but y/n and Jackson gets into a argument and he acidentally shouts it in front of everyone (even Bambam) plz?

Thanks for requesting babes! Hope you like it. And sorry it’s so short :)

-Admin Katie

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“Jackson Wang!” You yelled, not happy with your best friend for taking your book out of your hands.

“If you didn’t have your nose stuck in a book twenty-four seven, then we wouldn’t be having this issue now would we?” He retorted, and you stared at him, raising a brow.

“Alright. If I don’t have my book back, I will unleash hell upon you. 3….” You began to count, holding your hand out for the stolen book. He laughed, “2….” he wasn’t laughing as hard as a second ago, and seemed to be sobering up, hearing you not give up. “1….” He quickly put the book in your open palm, as soon as you took a step closer to him. “That’s what I thought.” You sat back down on the couch, and heard the guys laughing, which stopped when you both glared at them.

“Yah, why are you two like this? It’s almost scary how alike you can be.” You heard BamBam complaining, and grinned. What you didn’t realize, was Jackson was grinning as well, which made them all freaked out. “You’re doing it again!” He covered his eyes from the sight of you and Jackson, smiling like the weirdos you were.

Later in the day

“If you’d stop beating around the bush, you would be able to tell the girl about your feelings you babo.” You scolded, hitting Jackson on his arm lightly.

“Yeah, well you’re one to talk. ‘Oh, BamBam. He’s so cute, and sexy, if only I didn’t have a crush on him, I wouldn’t be so weird and awkward.’ ” He imitated badly, and froze suddenly. You glared at him before hearing a cough from behind. Turning around, you saw all the guys standing in the doorway of the kitchen. Feeling your face flush dark, you muttered a ‘Thanks for that’ to Jackson before taking off. You could not believe he said that, in front of all the guys, including BamBam. That was so embarrassing. You were stopped on your way out of the house by a hand on your arm. Stopping and turning, you found BamBam. It wasn’t a second later that his hands were on each side of your face and he pulled you in for a short and sweet kiss. When he pulled away, he was smiling shyly.

“I like you.” He declared, and then it was your turn to smile.

“I like you too.” You replied, before giving him another kiss.

Ok but can we talk about HOW BIG an asshole Brian is?? Caleb has stood by his side for years, apologizing for him, looking out for him, convincing people he’s a good guy deep down… AND THEN WE FIND OUT HE’S BEEN CHEATING WITH HIS BEST FRIEND’S GF FOR WHO KNOWS HOW LONG??? Screw you Brian and screw Caleb’s gf, whatever the hell her name is

Hey peeps! plz talk to me! My message thing and inbox is ALWAYS OPEN

if we used to talk or if we have never talked, just say hi! I would love to make some new friends/reconnect with any old ones!

If you are having a bad day and want someone to vent to, vent to me, i will listen and give virtual hugs.
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if youre bored, come chat and we can talk about sims, other games, life or just random things.

seriously just message me i am nice to everyone and would love to meet someone new! 

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Requested: Nurp

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x Reader

Words: 568

Warnings: Tiny bit of swearing

I had literally just sat down when I got a text from Jack.

J : Hi! Can you watch my new vid plz? It’s really special. I want u to see it!

Y/N : Do you think I wouldn’t? your videos are my life!




I laugh at Jack’s use of the nickname he gave me when he discovered I owned a huge teddy bear, and stand up to go get my laptop.

Jack and I had met over the Internet a couple years ago, and really hit it off. I watched his videos and he watched mine. We got in touch via Twitter and have been best friends since. And, well, I kinda sorta maybe might have developed a crush on him. But I’m almost one hundred percent sure he doesn’t like me in that way. So I have to settle with best friends. Which is good enough for me.

I plop back down on my sofa, and click into my subscriptions. Sure enough, there is Jack’s video. But when I see the title, my heart drops into my stomach. The video is called “I have a crush…” I decide to watch the video anyways. I’m his best friend. I need to be his wingman. I start to build up my walls as the video starts.

“WAPSH WAPSH! TOPODAMORNINTOYALADDIES, MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE AND TODAY WE’RE GONNA BE DOING ANOTHER VLOG! I know I’ve been doing this a lot recently, but I promise, this is for a good reason. I have a crush, which you already know from the title, I guess.” He giggles.

He then goes on about how beautiful, and wonderful she is. I sink deeper into a pit of darkness as he says all the amazing things about this girl, wishing I was in her place.

“Ugh, it’s so hard to be saying this on the Internet, because I know she’ll be watching. That’s her entire life. I just wish I could tell her in person, but unfortunately, she lives overseas, so I can’t. I miss her so much. My little bear.”

My eyes widen.


Stay calm, I tell myself. It might not be you.

“So, well, what I guess I’m saying is, Y/N, I love you, so so much. You and all your quirks, and your fangirling. Your beauty, your humor, the way you can make me smile bigger than anyone else I’ve ever known. And I have one question, one I’ve been dying to ask ever since the day we met. Y/n, will you be my girlfriend?”

I start screaming. Tears of happiness start falling from my eyes. The man i’ve loved for years, just told me he loves me back.

I get another text from Jack.

J : Look out the window, love

I scramble to my window, and I see Jack standing there, with a bouquet of red roses.

I grab a coat and run out of my door, rushing down the three flights of stairs, and out the front door. I run into Jack’s arms, kissing him like there was no tomorrow. He kisses me back, just as passionately.

We stop for breath, and his forehead touched mine.

I love you, my little bear. He whispers.

I smile, and kiss and kiss him.

Your answer is yes. I whisper back. I would love to be your girlfriend.


Summary : You’re on your period and Shawn’s all cute and taking care of you and stuff aw.

PS tell me if ur on your period, tell me we can be period sisters and sync every month whoo! Xx yeah im weird okay enjoy

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You woke up, eyes fluttering to the sudden light. Looking to your left, you saw Shawn still fast asleep softly snoring. Pff and he said he didn’t snore. You chuckled as his nose scrunched up because your hair tickled him. He was so cute, and he was even more adorable when he was sleepy. You watched him sleep, noticing how his mouth hung slightly open, how his eyelashes rested on his eyelids and how he would smile ever so slightly sometimes. Your mouth opened, and suddenly your yawn turned into a groan. A stabbing pain hit you in your abdomen. Ugh Mother Nature. You got up slowly and walked to the bathroom to put a pad on. Glancing at your appearance in the mirror, you walked back to the bed. A few minutes later, you were twisting and writhing around in discomfort. No position alleviated the heavy weight pressed against your uterus. Man, cramps were the worst. Shawn noticed, and woke up.

“Hey kicky.” He said softly, his voice a little deeper than usual because he was tired.

“Mhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhm shut up.” You moaned, bringing your knees up to your chest. That didn’t help, so you switched position for the hundredth time, lying on your stomach in the star position.

“What’s wrong baby.” He kissed your earlobe.

“Let’s just say I hate being a woman.”

“Aw poor baby.” He said, rubbing your back. This soothed you, and you fell back asleep. A couple moments later, he asked you if you were hungry.

“Um Shawn, I’m on my period. I’m always hungry.”

So he got up, and started cooking in the kitchen. A while later, a delicious smell flew into the room and you decided to get up. Throwing you hair in a messy bun, you put on some sweats and Shawn’s burgundy hoody. Normally you would hate putting loose on loose, but today you didn’t care one bit on how you looked.

You went down the stairs, the cinnamon-y scent getting stronger. You saw Shawn in front of the stove and you went to wrap your arms around him. He liked being hugged from behind like this.

“Aren’t you the best boyfriend ever, cooking for me and everything.”

“You bet.”

He turned around and stared at you.

“I know I look ratchet as fuck.” You said, pointing at your face and your hair.

“I find you’re cute. No seriously, you don’t need makeup to look radiant, and your hair doesn’t need to be super perfect to compliment your beautiful face and you look the best wearing my clothes.” He smiled.

At this you blushed. Shawn always made you feel gorgeous and you loved him for it.

After breakfast, you crawled up together on the couch, turning on another episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. (IF YOU WATCH FRIENDS PLZ TELL ME WE CAN BOND TOGETHER)

The whole time, Shawn had one hand around your shoulder and one on your stomach, keeping it warm. The cramps died down, and the random mood swings didn’t even come. Periods weren’t so bad after all, as long as you had a Shawn Mendes.

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Ugh so I like this guy and we've been friends since before I liked him but we don't talk in person even though we go to the same school and a while ago I told him I liked him then he stopped talking to me for a while and I don't want that to happen again so I haven't told him I like him but I really want to know what he thinks of me he calls me cute sometimes and I tell him he cute but idk ig hat means he like likes me more ham a friend but ughhhh idk what to do help plz

Hey there :) The best thing you can do is straight up ask him. I know that he stopped talking to you when you told him you liked him the first time, However, you cannot sit here and let this eat you up inside. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Go up to him in school, face to face and tell him how you feel and ask him how he feels. If he wants to be just friends, you have your answer, if he wants to be more, then go for it. If he stops talking to you again, Do you really want to be with someone who treats you like that? I know it’s scary and hard sometimes, But communication is always the key. Not saying anything will make you over think and stress when you could have the answers whenever you want. I hope this helps.

Advice from: @king-of-a-queen

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i feel like jin is the only one who's still happy to play the third wheel role, all the others have no time for it any longer lololol or maybe jin is their minder now to make sure they don't do anything toooo gay in public as he's always with them these days (just kidding of course)

jin is like the best friend of the main character in one of those cliche, gay wattpad stories. the one that’s always like “um if u could plz stop flirting in front of me, that’d b wonderful” and is like “listen, just bc u started dating them doesn’t mean we can’t have our bro dates.” lmaoo. 

either that or jin, jimin, and kook are all in one relationship, being cute boyfriends together. 

no but for real, jin is such a third wheel, i feel so sorry for my boy. like, he is legit always with them, or close to them. and it looks like an older brother who has to watch his younger brother and his younger bro’ bf on their first date because they aren’t old enough to go anywhere on their own. 

Valentine's Day with Yoongi

And now it is time for half of the Daegu line, my highkey spirit animal, the ever so talented, Min Yoongi aka Suga aka d-boy

  • Okay let’s do this
  • Yoongi is a laidback lover
  • He’s a very laidback person in general
  • But when he goes for romantic, it’s romantic as fuck
  • We’ve all seen what a sweetheart Yoongi is underneath all of that “yo i’m so cool swag”
  • The proof is in the fact that on his birthday, he gave gifts to the Army instead of just chilling like most people do on their birthday
  • Like he went above and beyond for the Army
  • He handwrote hundreds of notes and took different pictures for everyone
  • And that was all bc he wanted to !!!
  • He can be lazy when he wants to be but he’s a total sweetheart who works super hard too
  • Like if he did all of that for the Army, imagine what he’d for his love, his best friend that he gets to make out with
  • Which btw, is what he calls you when he introduces this
  • “This is my best friend but we also lowkey make out and stuff so technically we’re in a relationship but we’re also best friends”
  • I just wanted to point that out real quick but back to my point
  • He’s pretty chill most of the time but every now and then, for no real rhyme or reason, he spoils the fuck out of you
  • He already lowkey spoils you
  • Bc while he can walk around and be like of course I can say no to you I’m not whipped, the second you pull out the puppy dog eyes and are just like Yoongi plz, he’s done he’s gone he’s gotta
  • But typically, that’s with lil things like a box of chocolates or some ice cream
  • He likes to leave lil tiny notes stuck around your shared apartment
  • Each one of them is different
  • Some are more casual and are just to get you to laugh a bit
  • “Hi you’ve probably just woken up if you’re in here so good morning bby get your ass back into bed and cuddle me I’m probably really cold rn”
  • “Hey you must be making coffee, make your loving boyfriend a cup too plz and thnx”  
  • “Oh someone’s having some cereal, you know who likes cereal it’s me it’s your bby so share plz”
  • But some are a bit more romantic and loving and are meant to make you smile maybe blush a lil
  • “Your smile’s cute you’re cute ily”
  • “Idk if I tell you enough but your eyes are my favorite part, especially when they’re giving me that lovey dovey look”
  • “You mean the world to me, even the lil things you do like when you stay up and wait for me to come home”
  • Valentine’s Day with him is relaxed but also really really romantic
  • He has this knack of being able to find the perfect balance of not being over the top but also doing enough to make you feel loved 
  • On the actual day, he turns off all of the alarms and lets the both of you sleep in to your heart’s content
  • It’s actually really nice bc you get to wake up feeling all refreshed and comfy bc Yoongi seems like such a good pillow
  • He’d also use you as a pillow too bc he’s cute like that
  • Like you could wake up in the middle of the night and see his head resting on your chest or your stomach and you wonder if that’s even comfortable but hey he likes it
  • Valentine’s Day may as well be renamed to cuddle day bc the two of you don’t get out of bed until like 2 or 3
  • You wake up a few hours before that of course but you spend your time wrapped up in each other’s arms
  • I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again bc it hurTS ME but sleepy voiced Yoongi !!!!!!!!
  • Like his voice is already lazy and raspy but when he’s sleepy that shit intensifies
  • It’s honestly a bit difficult to stay awake bc his voice is so calming and is lowkey lulling you to sleep
  • When you two do finally get out of bed, you order some takeout bc both of you agree you don’t wanna do any work today
  • You just wanna lay back and enjoy being with him and having him in your arms
  • He gets you a giant teddy bear
  • It’s literally bigger than he is tbh
  • “When I go on tour, I wanted you to have something to hold and cuddle, I named him Yoongi”
  • He also writes you a song that explains how in love he is and how he feels about you bc he wants you to know that he does appreciate everything you do for him, even if you think he doesn’t notice
  • It’s really really sweet and it does make you tear up a bit bc it’s so personal and you can tell it’s just for you
  • Like normally when he writes songs for you, he writes it for the public too so he can’t get too personal
  • But this song was for your ears only so he didn’t have to hold back at all
  • The gifts are simple but they mean so so much to you and to him that he could’ve given you a diamond necklace and it wouldn’t have been as perfect
We Are Not Soldiers (Part 2/2) (Steve Rogers/Tony Stark x reader: Based on CA:CW trailer)

Request:  I know requests are closed, but after the trailer I gotta. When requests are open, can you plz write one where the reader (Tony’s kid) and Steve are best friends. And he always talks to her about Bucky. And then Steve finds Bucky. But all that fighting stuff happens and she picks her dads side because she feels it’s right even though she don’t wanna. And Steve’s upset. She ends up switching side, which upsets Tony. Her and Bucky start dating, because he trusts her. End how you want.

Ok, I love this request, but please forgive me that I’ve made changes and used it to continue one of my other stories that ties into this really well (it’s linked below to read first).  I hope you still enjoy it, and I’ve tried to stick to your idea but with a shift in how the characters are related.  Since it’s based from the CW trailer, it will just be this one part.

We Are Not Soldiers : Read this first if you are not familiar with it to better understand the reader’s characterization

“Captain, while a great many people see you as a hero, there are some who would prefer the word, ‘vigilante’.”

Sitting next to Steve at the conference table, you could feel how upset he was getting with each word uttered by General Ross, but you knew not to interfere.  You could feel your own anxiety building and knots churning in your stomach as you listened, knowing that the world you lived in was about to change dramatically.  

“You’ve operated with unlimited power and no supervision.  That’s something the world can no longer tolerate.”

Your eyes shifted to Tony, sitting at the opposite end of the table from you and Steve, sensing his building anger as he looked back at you.  You still hadn’t formally taken a stand on the Accords, knowing some of the details from him before the meeting today.  Some of it made sense, allowing for regulation of the Avengers and other enhanced or superpowered people, but you didn’t agree that your ability to decide when or how to act would be taken from you, and you didn’t agree that anyone having a secret identity should have it stripped away.

Steve was anything but a vigilante.  He had saved the world countless times and was one of the most well-known symbols of the free world.  It was ridiculous for him to be called that in any way other than merely the literal translation of the word; someone pursuing justice without a legal overseeing authority.  

“General, you have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about,” you argued, “to call Steve, or any of us for that matter, a vigilante is the most ignorant and uneducated thing I’ve ever heard.  Your stance on enhanced and superpowered people is well known, and to reduce this discussion to your limited point of view is insulting to us.”

“You don’t have to be here, (Y/N),” he countered, moving to stand in front of you.  “Please don’t feel that because your brother and husband are here that you need to be too.  I’m sure they can handle themselves.”

“Oh, I know they can,” you said as you grew more incensed and now stood to match his posture, “but they don’t represent me. I can do that on my own.”

Steve sat forward and put his hand over yours, gently squeezing it so that you would look at him. “It’s okay, (Y/N), just sit down,” he whispered.

“Yes, Captain, please take control of your-“

“Excuse me?” you spat, snapping your head back towards Ross, “what did you just say?”

Steve stood now and grabbed your arm, leading you away from the table and into the hall.  Tony watched but didn’t interfere as you had expected, only watching when you passed him.  “(Y/N), please, you need to stay calm.  Yes, the man doesn’t know what he’s talking about, but we need to play along until I can figure this out with Tony.”

“Tony isn’t on your side. He’s not going to back down, and you know that.”  You took a deep breath and squeezed your eyes shut, leaning back against the wall to try to calm yourself, “this is only going to get worse.”

“I know.”

“I feel like I’m being ripped in half, Steve.”

“I know that too.”


A week later, the team gathered in the conference room at the tower, a copy of the Accords at the center of the table, and the signature page next to it with the deadline for accepting or denying it only an hour away.  The team had been held up in the room the entire day and a clear division had formed amongst them with half following Tony’s lead and the others siding with Steve.  You alone were the only one yet to make a decision on your allegiance and it was destroying you.

“(Y/N), you need to make a choice, I’m sorry,” Tony said, standing across from you with a pen in hand and held out for you to take, “we can’t wait any longer.”  He pushed the paper in front of you and looked at you hopefully, wanting you to side with him as his teammate and as his sister.  

You looked towards Steve, but his gaze was lowered to the ground, almost refusing to look at you until you chose your allegiance, as if he were scared that you wouldn’t be with him. “Steve?”

“Decide, (Y/N).”

With a shudder that ran down your spine, you took the pen from Tony’s hand and signed your name. You immediately felt Steve’s rage, though from the outside he looked no less calm than a moment ago.  Standing quickly enough to topple his chair, he stormed past you and out of the room without a word.  You stood to follow, but Tony grabbed your arm to stop you.


“Let. Me. Go.” Pulling your arm away angrily you followed Steve, running to catch up to him before he entered the elevator towards your shared room; the doors began to close but you shoved your way between them just in time.  “Steve, where are you going?”

“I can’t stay here anymore, (Y/N).  I’m not an Avenger if I don’t sign.”

His voice was calm and matter-of-fact, but you still struggled to keep his rage from taking over your mind; it was almost too strong for you to push away.  “You’re leaving?  You’re really walking away from the team?  From me?”

The doors began to open and he pushed himself through before they were done, seeming desperate to get distance between the two of you.  “There’s nothing for me here, (Y/N).”  He didn’t look back at you, pausing at the door to your room before entering, “I have no reason to stay.”


“Suit up, (Y/N), time to go.”

It had been two weeks since you had heard anything from Steve, and now Sam wasn’t even answering his phone.  You looked up at Tony wearily, a mission being the last thing you wanted to do right now.

“Do you really need me, or are you taking me because we’re understaffed?” you asked sarcastically.

“We need you, I promise. This is big,” he said, standing at a distance but with his gaze locked on you.  “Still nothing?”

“He wants to call me. I can feel that.  But he won’t,” you sighed, “because of you.”

“Sweetheart, we’ve been over this a thousand times.”  He finally took a few steps towards you with a hint of apprehension, stopping abruptly when you stood and faced him with your arms crossed.  “If we can’t accept limitations, we’re no better than the bad guys.”

You opened your mouth to reply, but your phone began to ring.  Pulling it from your pocket you turned it over and paused in shock, seeing Steve’s name across the screen.  “That’s not the way I see it, Tony.  Excuse me.”

“Make it fast, we need to go now.”

Glancing over your shoulder to make sure he didn’t follow, you ducked around the corner into the hall and opened the line, despite the sick feeling in your stomach and sudden sense of dread.  


“Don’t go on this mission. I know they’re sending the team in, but it’s too much and I can’t fight you.”

“How do you know?” You waited, but there was only the sound of his breathing from the other end of the line.  “Steve, why would you be fighting me?”

“Because Sam and I are already here.  I found him, (Y/N), but they’re coming for him.  I can’t let that happen.”

This was why you were filled with that feeling; you were being sent to fight your husband and Tony didn’t tell you.  You were being sent in to remove him as a threat, along with Sam and now Bucky; Steve knew that if Bucky was on his side, the team didn’t stand a chance against them.

“Steve, we have a job to do. I agreed to that when I signed that damned piece of paper.  If they know you have him…”  You gently thumped your head on the wall, cursing that moment that ripped your family in half, struggling even more now with the decision you had made.  “I know how much Bucky means to you, but stay out of this one, please.  You’ll only make this worse.”

“Are you saying you’ll arrest me?”

“No, Steve,” you paused, considering your words, “I’m saying…they’ve ordered us to take you out on sight if we see you interfering with us.”


When the jet landed at the site the first thing you did was try to find Steve, trying to sense if he was there or not, but you didn’t, and it gave you a very small sense of relief that maybe he had left as you had asked him to.  Tony gave a nod and opened the door to a war scene; screams and yelling filling the area, with buildings toppled and destruction nearly everywhere you looked.  

“Tony,” you whispered, “what the hell are we getting into?  And why didn’t you tell me he was here?”

“How do you-“ he gasped, looking at you in shock, “wait, he’s the one who called you, isn’t he? (Y/N), tell me right now.  It was him, wasn’t it?  Is he still here?  Do you know where he is?”

“Oh my god, I can’t believe it,” you mumbled to yourself, “Tony, you can’t expect me to fight my own husband.  You can’t.”

“You signed that agreement. If you don’t follow it…” he said, his voice trailing off, “if you don’t follow it, then you know there will be consequences.”

With a glare at him you ran past out of the jet and into the action.  He took flight immediately, flying out of your sight, allowing you to duck into a nearby building to pull out your phone and dial Steve’s number frantically.  When the line opened, the voice wasn’t the one you were expecting, but a relief nonetheless.


“Sam, where are you?”

“I’d rather not say.”

“Sam, please, tell me where you are.  I’m here. I’m not going to fight you.”

There was a long pause; you heard Sam’s voice become distant, followed by Steve’s, sounding urgent and hurried.  “I can see you, just stay there.”  

A few minutes later he was at your side, standing over you with his arm on the wall over your head as if he was shielding you from something.  “Sam, please, take me to him.  I can help.”

“(Y/N), you know how much I want to trust you,” he whispered in a harsh tone, “you know that.  But I need a good reason.”

“Because I love him, Sam. How much more do you need?”

His lips slowly grew into a wide smile his arms suddenly wrapped around you, lifting you from the ground in a tight hug, pressed so firmly that you could feel his laughter building in his chest.  “Good enough for me!  Welcome to the dark side, sweetheart!”  Sam took your hand and led you through the cold and dirty building, up several floors to an open room where Steve and Bucky were waiting.  

You looked at your husband cautiously, raising your hands to show that you weren’t there to threaten or fight him.  Bucky was at his side, watching you nervously as you approached.  

“Steve, do you want me to help him?”

He nodded at Bucky who signaled you to approach, allowing you to put your hand over his.  A wave of strong emotions hit your mind, with anger, fear, confusion, and relief all assaulting you at the same time.  His body visibly relaxed at your touch, willing him to calm down and focus so that he could make his escape.  You released him and stood, backing away towards the door.

“Don’t leave,” Bucky said urgently, standing to come after you, but halted by Steve’s hand across his chest.

“Steve, go.  Please.”

“No, not without you. You know he’s wrong, don’t you? You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t.” He moved towards you but you stepped further away.

“You’re both wrong.  But he expects me to follow orders, and I can’t do that to you.”  You rushed forward and took his face in your hands, pulling him down for a quick kiss before you turned again to leave. “I’ll keep you one step ahead of him.”


Almost a week had passed before you talked to Steve again when you called him with the news you had been dreading since the start of this whole mess.  They were calling you in again, but this time, he refused to back down. They wanted to take Bucky and you knew he would die trying to save him rather than let that happen.  

“Who’s on your team?” he asked quietly.  “Which of my friends am I fighting?”


“Tell me, (Y/N).  I need to know.”

“You only need to worry about Tony.  They’ve planned out their matchups on this end.”  

“So, who did you get on that draw?” he chuckled quietly, but it didn’t sound or feel genuine.

“Scott.  Can you believe that?  At least give me a challenge.”

“I like to hear your voice, (Y/N).  It’s the only thing that makes me smile anymore.”  His voice began to crack slightly as he spoke, and your heart began to ache.  “I’m sorry about this.  About all of it.”

“I know,” you whispered. “Nothing lasts forever.”  

You startled when Tony knocked on your door, calling to you from the other side, “we’re up, (Y/N).  Two minutes, get what you need.”

“Steve, you know what’s about to happen,” you pleaded, giving it one last shot to stop the inevitable, “do you really want to punch your way out of this?”

“I love you, (Y/N). I’ll be ready.”  With that, the line closed, and the next time you would see Steve would be from standing behind Tony, preparing to watch your only family try to destroy each other.


Sitting next to Natasha on the jet wasn’t much of a comfort, since she normally kept to herself before a mission.  Today she knew that her assignment was to take down her best friend, and you could feel how much it was hurting her the more she thought about it.  She was trying to plan her attack and how to counter the moves she knew Clint would use, but she couldn’t focus and her frustration was beginning to show.

“Calm down,” you whispered, “you’re flooding me and I can’t concentrate.”

“I’m about to lose him. I can’t calm down.”  She turned in her chair and looked at you skeptically, studying your expression carefully, “wait, you seem awfully calm yourself for someone about to fight her own husband.  What’s going on?”


“No, it’s more than that,” she pushed, “what are you going to do, (Y/N)?”

“We’re here,” Tony announced, “remember the plan, remember why we’re here.  None of us want to do this,” he said as he looked at you, “none of us.  But we’re left with no other choice.”

The jet door opened with your brother exiting first, leading the group into the building where Steve was last sighted with his own team in tow.  Your heart began to race with each step closer, and your breathing quickened and felt tight in your chest.  Your mind went back to that night in the gym when you broke up the fight between Tony and Steve and you wished that you were back there; that was child’s play compared to what was about to take place.  That was nothing.

Tony stopped in front of a large steel door when it didn’t open for him, reaching up to pull it open; he knew Steve was waiting on the other side.  You put your hand up on the hands of his suit and he paused, looking at you with a confused expression.  You pushed up on your toes and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek and took your place behind him, holding your breath as the doors resisted him and screeched open slowly.

You finally exhaled at the sight of Steve, with his team behind him, Bucky at his six with a gun poised to attack.

“Captain, you seem a little defensive.”

“Well, it’s been a long day.”

They slowly stepped closer to each other, Steve with his shield raised and the sound of Tony’s repulsors charging.  Steve looked at you briefly with a small nod, signaling that the group at his back was ready for you to make your move, and that they had you covered.

Stepping out of his shadow, you passed Tony and took your place behind Steve, accepting a handgun from Clint and pointing it at the team you were just a part of.  “You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice.”

Steve positioned his shield to cover you, standing his ground when he saw Tony’s eyes darken and his face fill with a red anger at the sight of you joining him, now standing next to the wanted assassin that he was supposed to finish. 

“I’m sorry, Tony,” Steve said, his tone remorseful, “but he’s my friend.”

The feeling of heartbreak from Tony almost took your breath away, and tears filled your eyes.  This was it.  The beginning of the end.

“So was I.”

Part 3

Hey PSA about Dog walks and Pokemon Go

It’s great that we are all getting out and walking but plz consider ur best friends paws. The pads on their feet can get burned and blistered if they walk on hot surfaces for to long.
Also ur best friend needs water, like you.

Plz Trainers don’t get so distracted that you neglect ur walking buddy

In short:
Out side it hot and doggies don’t have sneakers or water

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They went to Kindergarten together.

Thomas remembers painting with Teresa and accidentally spilling blue paint on her clothes – something that escalated pretty quickly and ended with both of them being covered in various  colors and then being scolded by their parents.

It’s a pretty good foundation for a friendship, if you ask him, and there’s never been a day that he regretted befriending her.

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The Past Hurts - Andy Biersack
Can you write one of were me and Andy have been friends since we were little but then when they started the band we hadn’t seen each other since until at a concert when your at a signing, plz? Thanks!☺️

Sorry if it’s short, I hope you like it c:

Currently, I stood near the end of what seems to be a never ending line. It was the late evening following a concert performed by Black Veil Brides, there was a signing and I couldn’t resist going. I longed to see my old best friend, a man who’s never seemed to leave my mind since I first met him. Diverting, my thoughts seemed to dwell on the moment when I was younger.

I was in the woods - alone - as the sun was approaching it’s set. It wasn’t my first time I spent there, sitting under the sky that was coated in stars. I enjoyed getting out of my house and going for long walks. It was a small simple woods and it calmed my nerves. Trees swayed peacefully, until I heard a crackle of twigs to my left. It made me jump, my hands quivered slightly. Intently, I listened out for following sounds, but there was none. Maybe it was a fox - I often see one or two scuttling around here. I never usually got scared; I was always here at sundown, I was used to the odd occurrences that happened around here. But for some reason, my nerves were on the edge. Slumping back against a tree, I retried to settle. But there it was again, that crackling sound of sticks, and this time it felt closer. I enclosed my legs tightly to my chest, who was it? Or, what was it? Admittedly, I was scared. Was it a person? Or something else? Something worse? Hurriedly, I stood up, I didn’t plan staying here scared to my wits for a longer amount of time. I took a step away from my tree, then another, and another. I didn’t hear the unnerving sound once more. By now, the sun had almost vanished, and the shadows were at their longest stretch. It was a mesmerising moment to witness, and I soon forgot about the strange noises and walked on in the direction of my house. Suddenly, I crashed into something. Something taller than me, something that was alive and breathing. We both launched our bodies in opposite directions and trumpeted noises from our mouths. For a moment, my heart left my chest. I was purely horrified. But the horrifying atmosphere didn’t last long as I heard a burst of laughter from the other thing - person - that banged into me. It was human, he was human. I let out a sigh of relief as I tried to regain my breath.

“Oh, I am so sorry. You scared the shit out of me until then.” He murmurs between laughs. His voice was low and seductive, it hooked me right up. Then, my eyes met his. And boy, have I ever laid eyes upon anything as beautiful. A crystal blue shone in his iris’, they were more gorgeous than diamonds and held deeper fortune. My heart officially was thudding and stuck in my throat, my cheeks flushing with colour. Noticing, he tilted his head with a slight smirk. “I’m Andy.” He introduces, looking back at me with an intriguing glance. “Y/N.” I flutter my eyelashes awkwardly. I tried to look as appealing as possible, but I doubt it worked.

…From that day, up until our late teen years, we became bestfriends. Nothing more than that, although I wished it had proceeded onto something better. He was a great friend: sensitive, funny, caring. I had fallen so hard for him that I was unsure if I ever wanted to get up. However, the day came that Andy and I parted, when he went off to live his wild dream: to become a rock star. I thought he was nuts, and I was slightly hurt by his actions. He was good at singing, hell yes he was, but he wouldn’t become famous just like that. How could he of left this bestfriend? Due to that, we left each other on bad terms. I refused to talk to him. I never returned his calls, texts, anything. How could he expect me to? I shut myself away in my world of hurt, and I never wanted to leave it ever again.

As the years went on, Andy and his bands name got bigger and bigger: Black Veil Brides. Soon enough, they were known practically everywhere, performing shows and what not. Admittedly, I missed him, so god damn much. But I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t just hunt him down and expect him to welcome me with open arms. Hell, he probably won’t even recognise me, or remember.

Then, a bad feeling hit me in the stomach. What was I doing here? What should I be expecting from Andy by seeing him at some signing? What difference will it make to what happened between us 7 odd years ago? All of the sudden, all my confidence of reuniting with my old bestfriend left me. I was regretting this… What a stupid idea. He won’t realise who I am, he won’t know what I’ll want. Well, I don’t even know what I want. This might just be some stupid goose chase for all I know, he won’t recognise me. I can bank on it…

“Hello?” A voice struck me out of my stupid thoughts. I realised I stood, alone, before the whole band. How many people must’ve walked past me in my heart-weakening day dream? “Hello?” The voice repeated, and I looked up. Only to meet the familiar eyes of the boy I used to know. They still glimmered in the right way, oceans still waved and crashed around, feeling much like my stomach right now. Butterflies were swarming. “Miss, are you alright?” Andy stood up from the signing table and stood in front of me.

“Andy..” I murmured breathlessly. It was him. With shorter hair and fairer features, it was definitely him. “Do I know you?” He drowned slightly, tilting his head like he used to. “You look awfully familiar.” He added, frown increasing. “It’s me… Y/N.” I smile frailly at my old bestfriend. “You know, from Ohio… We used to be friends…” I kick my feet awkwardly. He won’t remember…

Unexpectedly, he swings me up in his arms. “Y/N!” He cheered with a grin. I suddenly felt sixteen again, my heart dancing, his smile lancing contagiously on his lips. I earned some slightly confused looks from the rest of the band and they began to mutter between themselves. “That’s Y/N?” I heard Ashley whisper. But my eyes were set upon Andy as soon as possible as he blurts words excitedly.

“How long has it been? Oh it’s been years, so long, way too long. But look, I made it, didn’t I? I told you I would, I told you I would get somewhere. Look at me now - I’m famous Y/N! People know who I am, they know my music! I help people, I save their lives - me! I knew I could do it, I just knew it!” He says enthusiastically. “…you just never believed that I could.” His voices drifts, leaving our happy conversation far behind. “I… I’m sorry Andy…” I mutter, tucking some hair behind my ear. “I just…” I swallow hard. “It hurt me, it really did.” I drop eye contact. “What?” Andy asks, his hand lifting my chin. His touch sends shivers down my body. “When you said you were going, it just made me feel like you were leaving not looking over your shoulder, not once, even for me, and I was your best friend. I thought I meant something to you, and you just vanished, saying you were going to leave me and everything else behind. You have no idea how much that hurt me, Andy.” I murmur distantly. Talking about it triggered my old feelings, and I suddenly felt sad, although reunited with the man who used to mean the world to me. “Y/N..” Andy begins, searching for my eyes. “I, I never thought of it like that… From your point of view. I thought you, you thought I wouldn’t get anywhere, and that I’d fail. I thought you were pissed off because I was living my dream and you weren’t.” As he says the last sentence, a flame ignites in my temper.

Living the dream?” I reply, squinting my eyes. “And I forgot about your easily your temper flared.” He mumbles quietly to himself. “You know, Andy, I could’ve lived my fucking dream. But you was too busy wrapped in your own little world to give a shit about my dream.” I hiss, it felt time to express my anger at him. “Your dream?” He raises his eyebrows. “Yes, Andy. My dream.” I say almost sarcastically. “Or were you too absorbed in thinking about yourself the whole time.” I growl. “What, what was your dream?” He asks intrigued. “To be with you.” I whisper to him hesitantly. “I wanted to be with you so badly, and you didn’t even see it. I wanted you to love me, and I wanted you to ask me to come with you.” I look at him hopefully. “…But you never asked.” My eyes divert and look to the floor. “And then you left me, alone, with no friends. Not a hope in the world.” I say coldly. “How on earth could you of expected me to want to talk to you? That’s why I never returned any of your calls or texts. I couldn’t stand the thought of you. My best friend, the guy I loved ditched me like I was a worthless penny.”

Turning my back, I walk away from Andy and the rest of his band, who were clearly shocked by me and Andy. I kept my head down and continued to strut angrily away from Andy. Of course it was a shit idea coming here. Who cares if he was my bestfriend? Who cares if I loved him? That’s all in the past, and I never plan on going back there ever again. The past hurts. Like fuck it does.

“Y/N..” I hear Andy’s voice and scuttling behind me. Ignoring him, I carry on walking. “Y/N,” He says louder, tugging at the sleeve of my jacket. Quickly, I shudder him off me. I don’t want him or anyone touching me. But he takes a firm hold of me and I stagger backwards into a street lamp. “Oh, Y/N.” He says, brushing a tear away from my eye with his thumb. “What.” I say sternly. “You know what.” He tilts his head apologetically. “I’m sorry for being an ignorant asshole those years back, really I am. Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?” He looks down into my eyes. Although it was dark, the blue tint still caught my eyes. “What was the point, Andy, really?” I suck on on my gum. He knew, what’s the point of confessing my feelings for him when I found out he was leaving? “If you just told me that, I, I would’ve…” He bites his lip and frowns. “Would’ve what?” I ask, eyes not being able to leave his luscious lips.

Spontaneously, he presses his lips to mine. Pinning me up against the street lamp, I lose my breath. I don’t know how to react, but soon I slink into the motion of the kiss and I wrap my arms around his neck. I’d never thought he would do this, ever. My heart melts in my chest after completing a series of somersaults. Parting away from me, I see the shy smirk on his face the day I first met him. “…I would’ve done that.” He smiles hopefully.

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Tbh; Phil seems like the guy who would drive back his friends home safely after a party if they got too tipsy. In general, he'd be that guy friend who'd protect his friends and make sure nothing happens to them. That is how nice Phil appears to me. I bet there have been occurrences that he had to watch Dan bc we all know dan loves to drink and Phil is that considerate sober friend who's like "Protects the bear at all costs, no one touch.". Idk this is what i think about.

Phil is DEFINITELY the kind of person who asks you to message him to make sure you got home ok. He’s totally the kind of friend you can tell secret to and he won’t ever tell anyone and I bet he’s very good at comforting people and just being with them, you know? He has that chill air about him, like you can just sit with him and exist for a while and maybe you’ll both blog in separate computers and giggle at stuff for no reason and he’ll just be happy because you’re happy. 

I also feel like he’s that more silent friend in the friend group and it seems like people don’t give him attention, but deep down literally everyone loves him to death, always stop to listen to what he has to say and would be willing to protect him at all costs. 

And I’m not even talking about Dan, because let’s be real here: Dan is all nervous energy, always tapping and doing and saying things to fill in the silence. But he’s a 100% comfortable with Phil and he doesn’t need to worry about doing, only being. And I think that’s one of the reasons he loves Phil so much: they complement each other quite nicely! But I’m off-track…

I also think he definitely is very protective of Dan, but in more subtle ways. He takes care of him not to let him drink too much or do something he’ll regret later, but not in a way that other people would notice too much. And I bet you he doesn’t even need to raise his voice at Dan like ever. They just get each other, just a look is probably enough. I bet he’s always looking out for his best friend in the smallest of ways, so small that not even Dan himself realizes most of the time.

Phil’s also DEFINITELY the kind of person who doesn’t need to say ‘I love you’ or ‘I care about you’. You just know! It’s there in every ‘Be safe’, ‘Don’t forget your coat’, and ‘I’ll wait till you get home so we can watch it together’. It’s always there and you just know.

I LOVE what you think about, anon! Plz, always feel free to send me cute headcanons <3

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Hey, could y'all rec some fics where they have a secret relationship! (With smut plz. Omg I am filth) I love this blog! 😍😍

Hey Dear ~ We just recently answered an ask just like this in the last round of asks. You’ll be able to find it here. You can find a similar ask here as well. And I found a few more for you! (omg. i totally missed out the “smut” part, so some of these may not involve smut. but still worth the read!)

Enjoy (「・ω・)「

- Admin S

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Calum’s POV

I know this night was not going to end well.The boys had invited (Y/N) over with a couple other friends for a “casual get together” around the pool because we all wanted to see each other before our headliner tour in America. (Y/N) had just got back from Uni in England 2 days ago and when she’s jet lagged she is up for anything.

“Hey Cal,You’re looking a bit nervous.Is it because she is coming over?” Ashton teased putting a couple steaks on the grill.

"What are you talking about.” I looked away hiding my blush.

“We read your song book.” Michael smirked"You have nothing to hide.“

"It was the night we were all telling secrets.When you fell asleep,we thought we were all clean,so we thought it would be a good idea and we found some great songs and secrets.” Ash quickly explained 

“Can I hear some?” Your voice awkwardly slid into the conversation.

“(Y/N)!!” Michael screamed tackling her in a hug. “We missed you! Cal couldn’t shut up about you on the way back.”

“I talked my neighbors ear off on the plane about you guys. She was even a fan but at one point she got annoyed.” You giggled passing hugs around to Ash and I. She held me for a little longer,We could of stayed like this for forever but you ruined the moment.

“Where’s Luke?" 

"He went to pick up some more food.” I stuttered. Does she like him?

As the night progressed on I knew the boys were planning something.

“So have you been working out Calummm? I can totally tell.” A girl from my 10th grade English class asked casually placing her hand on my bicep.

“Uhhh yeah.” I laughed directionless. 

“Do you think you could show me how you got so buff sometime?" 

"uhh- i  uhh”

“Hey babe, I couldn’t find you a soda,is a water okay? You smiled at the girl. Intertwining your hand in mine,like it belonged there. 

"Oh. Um. I have to go.” The girl walked off surprised. Catching the eyes of Michael,who got the other boys attention.They started whistling and whooping leaving me the only choice to take my hand away.

“Can I have everyone’s attention for a moment?” Luke called off from the balcony.

“We are going to make this party a little more fun and interesting. We are going to play-”

“Please not more strip poker.” you huffed running you hands through your hair. I couldn’t help but admire how you always do that when you’re nervous.“

"TOO HOT.” Luke yelled getting a loud cheer from the party. 

“but there is a twist.” Ashton yelled waiting for the volume to go down.“We are playing it in the pool AND the couple who is chosen is someones OTP AND you are closing your eyes while playing.”

“This is going to be fun.” You sarcastically whispered into my ear,sending shivers down my back. 

“Who’s choosing first?” I yelled wanting this to be over asap.

“Well that would be me.” Michael laughed 

“Girls on the left, Boys on the right.” Luke called 

“May the odds ever be in your favor.” You mutter before being pulled away by some friends. 

minutes later I was shirtless,blind,and nervous. Only to be pushed in the pool. 

“Marcooo” You voice echoed gaining a few giggles from the crowd. 


“Mystery boyy. You can’t hide forever”

Your hands found my face. You pulled them away and your lips found mine. After a good ten second lip lock you bit my lip pulling  and my tongue begged for entry. Two minutes kiss deepening more and more and I became weak and gave in.I pulled your legs around my waist and the kiss deepened more. The crowd was going crazy and now chanting for us to open our eyes. Hope flooded through me as I watched you open your beautiful eyes. Suddenly I felt ashamed. 

“No.” You whispered quickly getting out of the pool and running inside the house. 

“(Y/N)! WAIT!!” I screamed following her.

SO that was the first make out scene I have ever wrote so let me  off the hook pls. PART TWO +

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boys don't suit skinny jeans, espesecially ripped jeans. like stop seriously ew

are you sure about that? enjoy yourself some hot man spam of men in jeans my friend - E

i’m not even sure if this is allowed 

probs illegal 

how can you not appreciate this 

this shit fucked me up

i think this is the best type of spam anyone can ever receive 

but LOOK

what did we do to deserve this

lord bless the Beckham’s genes and their jeans (see what i did there, HAHAHA love me plz)




like wtf 

throwing a bit of Ed in for good measure 

did anyone deserve this? -


guess da legs


and lets just face it 

they look 9876567890% better than these sort of jeans

*drops the mic*