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1000-alshain  asked:

So, okay, I don't think I knew all that re: Leia's torture. I mean, I knew there was torture, but now I just want to hold her and tuck her in bed and bring her a warm glass of milk and stand outside her door protecting her all night. Yikes. Knowing that, it's also a wonder that she found it in her heart to not only forgive her father, but also name one of her children after him. I mean. What a badass.

Honestly, I just kinda wanna wrap Leia in five blankets and protect her from everything ever. Most especially from her own father. Like…okay, I just have so much respect for Leia, considering she ever came to find as much forgiveness for Vader/Anakin as she did. Because if that had happened to me? I doubt I would have ever been able to do it…

And I know that there are people out there (such as my own roommate) who get upset because it takes Leia so long to even begin to forgive Anakin. Angry that she never really has a great relationship with him. Because “But there was good in him, and he was Vader when he did those terrible things.” (And yet, while yes it was Vader, Vader was Anakin—and though I feel like Anakin/Vader, at least, tried to disassociate the two, they truly were inextricably bound together.) So yeah, being perfectly frank, I’m entirely with you on the whole “it’s a wonder that she ever even forgave him at all” front. (And honestly, that is one of the reasons why Leia Organa is such a hero and role model for me…)

Someday I also want to explore Anakin’s response to the whole issue as well. Because after he “returned” to being Anakin (and by that I mean he defeated the darkness, and returned to the Light), I get the feeling that what he did to Leia would probably have been some of his greatest regrets.

(Also, veering slightly down a rabbit trail of meta, can we just talk for half a sec about the scene in RotJ when Anakin dies? How his last words were “Tell your sister…you were right.”? I will firmly maintain, until the day I die, that what Anakin actually wanted to say there was, “Tell your sister I’m sorry.” But he knew he couldn’t say that. He knew she’d never accept that—that him saying that would only make her hate him more. And so he did the only thing he could think of—he wanted her to know that Luke was right, and that though he’d done those terrible things, there was good in him that had ultimately won out. And so he hoped that she would understand that that was him saying that he regretted everything that he’d done. That what he’d done was horrible, and cruel, and unforgivable—and that he wasn’t going to ask for forgiveness (though I think he probably sort of does, once, later. But only once, and it’s more of an “I’m sorry, Leia” than even a “Please forgive me, Leia”). But like…his last thoughts were of his children, and of his remorse of the things he’d done to them. To Leia. Ugh, just leave me in a puddle of tears on the floor, why don’t ya?)

I think this whole thing also really adds in a horrible, terrible layer into the friction between Luke and Leia, and their differing viewpoints of Anakin. Because on the one hand there’s Luke, who was hunted and maimed by their father, who their father tried to warp and turn to the Dark Side. And then there’s Leia, who their father captured, tortured, for all intents and purposes killed (more than once), and then of course, as we all know, held her down and made her watch as her planet was blown up, and then as her lover was potentially murdered. Like, of the two of them, Leia definitely saw the worst side of their father. 

And honestly, it kind of annoys me how Luke is always so “Leia, you have to forgive him, because he was actually good. There was good in him, Leia, and you have to recognize that!” Because she never saw that. Everything that Vader personally did to her was nothing but the worst kinds of pain, and causing the worst kinds of damage. (I mean, I guess I can’t necessarily say that, as we don’t know anything about her childhood, or her time in the Senate. For all we know, they could have had perfectly civil conversations—but that veers into a whole other line of headcanoning/meta that I’d rather not travel down at the moment.) I honestly kinda feel like Luke, even after everything that happens in ESB, is kind of naive and blind to the evil that was Darth Vader. (Which was good, don’t get me wrong. If he hadn’t been, I’m not sure that he ever would have been able to redeem him.) But he just…he doesn’t understand what Vader’s done. Oh, he knows that Vader tortured Leia. That he made her watch as her planet was destroyed. He knows that Vader used Leia and Han as bait, torturing Han in the process, before freezing him in carbonite. He knows all of those things. But he just…he doesn’t really understand the full magnitude of it. (Which tbh is probably because I doubt Leia ever sat Luke down and was like “For the record, I know what burning to death feels like” (etc.).)

ANYWAY. This turned into a really long-winded word-vomit. All of that to say, though, Leia really is a badass, and is honestly one of the strongest characters I have ever seen ever. And is such a great role model. And is just…a wonderful character that I honestly wish I could protect for eternity.

TVD 5x22: “Home”- Random Thoughts Of The Week

This week was the week: the one where the Bullshit Diaries said goodbye to us after what turned out to be the worst season (so far), for the second year in a row. Nope, I don’t even wanna think about next season yet. Let’s enjoy our freedom first: a summer without Julie Plec and Caroline Dries.

But before we do that, let’s see what happened in the season finale of the TVD.

  • Stefan is dead, but his hair remains perfect. Magical.

  • Caroline cries…an unicorn dies somewhere.

  • Damon and Elena barely giving a fuck about Stefan’s death. How surprising. Not.

  • LEXIIIIIIIIII. THAT is a face that I’m glad to see back on my screen. She always had Stefan’s back. 
  • “My brother is over there" This scene was so…bad. Because A) I don’t care that Damon’s feelings are hurt, and B) the acting was cringe-worthy. Besides, that smelled like a failed attempt to make us care about Defan somewhat. BUT…what is a Defan anyway?
  • "Let’s not forget who else is at the top of the search and rescue list” Enzo…why is he even here?
  • “Stefan saved your life" Looks like Caroline is the only one who keeps track of all the good deeds Stefan has done. Point for you girl.
  • Caroline snapped Lukas’ neck without blinking. She’s the only one caring about getting Stefan back. This is so incredibly sad. But another point for Care.
  • The Travelers…blah blah. Don’t care. Never have, never will.
  • Michael Trevino is another actor whose talent is wasted on TVD. But I still want Tyler back because I love him, ok?
  • Gosh all these mentions of Alaric mean that he will come back from the other side. Great, another character to prop Dullena. Just as if we didn’t have enough already. GAG ME.
  • Lexi addressing the Steroline problem. This is really gonna happen next season, isn’t it? Crap S6 hasn’t started yet, and I’m already starting to hate it. Congrats Plec and Dries.
  • SILAS!! *fangirling*
  • "I feel like I’m teaching calculus to an infant” LOL Silas. His one-lines are always so perfectly delivered. Paul King Wesley ladies and gentlemen.
  • “Is it a crime for someone so good- looking to be so sad all the time” Silas, you can’t understand what it’s like to have awful people such as Damon and Elena in your life. 
  • “Can we talk about the irony in us blowing up the only place dumb enough to hire us?" Another season passed, and one again Matt didn’t get a proper storyline. TVD writers, you suck so fucking much.
  • "Project Kaboom needs someone to trigger the explosion” “OK. wait you?” Warning: rand ahead. First can we talk about the fact that Elena was completely fine with someone going on a suicide mission BEFORE she figured out it was Damon. THAT IS SO SICK. Secondly, she didn’t want Damon to sacrifice himself for his fucking brother, the person who has always put Damon before himself. THAT IS SO FUCKING SICK. You know what? Elena IS A FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT. 
  • Speaking of shit…I find it ridiculous that the writers couldn’t come up with a logical storyline, such as REMOTELY detonating a bomb or something to trigger the explosion. But hey, I’m using my brain here, so, nevermind. Still: Plec and Dries will always come up with contrived storylines to force the whole “Damon is a hero” down our throats. PS: Attempt failed.
  • Elena, I’ve seen [a future with you] since the second I laid eyes on you” MY BULLSHIT METER IS GOING CRAZY IT’S NOT EVEN FUNNY. I mean, will you look at that. The writers are pretending either that we’re a bunch of idiots, either that we completely forgot what happened during the first three seasons of the show. Because if I remember correctly, the first time Damon laid eyes on Elena, he was still searching for Katherine, the love of his life. But yet you tell me he had already envisioned a future with her? Was that before or after he snapped his brother’s neck? When he abused her best friend maybe? Or tried to kill the other one? Or maybe while he was wishing for her to die? Geez guys, this love story was truly romantic from the beginning. Ha Ha Ha. No.
    YOU KNOW WHAT WRITERS? FUCK YOU. PS: trying to make Dullena romantic? Another failed attempt.

  • Of course the best new character of the season (aka Silas) had to go. Well done writers. Still, I love badass Bonnie who doesn’t take shit from anyone. So yep, I’m conflicted on this one.
  • It’s been my privilege to watch you grow into the beautiful woman you have become" OMG THE FEELS. The relationship between Bonnie and Grams has always been special to me.
  • "I love you Bonnie”. “I love you” THIS IS SO SAD I CANNOT.
  • Elena and Damon want to blow themselves up, fully aware of the fact that they’re gonna come back. That’s not heroic, that’s a calculated risk. And beyond that: I don’t care so…
  • “You need to come home to your brother” “No I can’t”. WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU CAN’T ELENA? You mean you put Damon above your own brother? This girl is too fare gone to be redeemable at this point.
  • When you get the girl” Oh look, bad habits die hard, Alaric is objectifying Elena. Again. Talk about another ruined character for DE. I’m so over this misogynistic stuff.
  • “What kind of best friend would I be if you died before Stefan got his brother back?" OMG Lexi why do selfless? I know you mean it well for Stefan, but trust me, he’d be better off his jackass brother who only brought misery to his life.
  • Damon didn’t make it through. Damon is dead. Whas that supposed to be a shocker? If so: you failed Plec and Dries, we had predicted that weeks ago. Further proof that you suck at being writers btw.
  • Not giving a fuck about this self-centered bitch who only cares about Damon. Elena, you can cry me a river. 
  • Paul Wesley’s teary eyes =  my heart breaking into a million pieces. FML
  • Elena was the greatest thing that happend to Damon’s life?!? Heads-up jackass: without Stefan you wouldn’t have lived at all. GO FUCK YOURSELF. 
  • Also, can we talk about the fact that Damon didn’t even bother saying goodbye to his little brother? What a waisted occasion to highlight the relationship between the brothers. But nope, Damon kept his last chance to say goodbye for Elena. And then the writers expect me to root for Defan? This ship sinked a long time ago Plec and Dries.
  • The last Bamon scene was so great though. I really loved it. No wonder that was Kat’s favorite scene of the episode.

Ok, well, that was once again an underwhelming finale. Alaric’s back but not Lexi. THIS IS A JOKE. But I get it, Plec has a lady boner for Ernesto too. The only thing I’m almost looking forward to are the Bamon scenes, because Kat and Ian have really nice chemistry (look at the way they looked at each other in the last scene). You have to be blind to not see it.

Except Bamon, I don’t even have one storyline I’m excited to see unfold. Stefan is gonna go dark I guess, Elena will pine over Damon, more Dullena being shoved down our throats, Steroline will happen (fanservice anyone?), Alaric will wear his Damon/Dullena shirt, Enzo will take screentime away from the core cast. Matt and Jeremy won’t have a proper storyline….

Yep, nothing interesting. My last hope is for the sixth season to be the last, so we can be free from TVD. I mean, based on the ratings, Plec and Dries should notice that the majority isn’t happy with the way the show is being handled. They should take a clue that their show is going downhill. But alas they have their heads too far up Damon/Ian’s ass to even realize this. So yes, I truly hope S6 will be the last, the show has run its course anyway.

With that being said, thanks to all of you who took time to read my weekly and humble thoughts. Not going to lie, talking shit about TVD with you all has become the most entertaning aspect of the show!

See you next season for another year of my ramblings, or whenever shit will come out of the writers’ mouth for some good ol’ rants ;)




Catching Up with Captain Swan 4x20

ft. The Charming Family 

Note: I honestly don’t know where they’re going with the finale but I swear with every passing episode, I’m just more and more proud to be an Emma fan. And I’m proud to see this character on screen who’s perfectly imperfect and good by choice. Also, you know there really aren’t many men in the world that are as perfect as Steve Rogers, but let me tell you something Killian Jones is right up there with him.

when Once Upon A Time is over, I’d like a spin off show with Captain Swan and Snowing – that is all.

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