can we also talk about how hot they were in this ep

The A-mew-sing Sequel To Adrien’s Game

This time, there are only four episodes covered but a lot of pictures so I’m adding a “read more”…eventually.  Also, Ladybug is on Netflix!  Go watch.  Here we go with the next four eps!

The last time we left our boy Adrien, he was developing his flirting technique with the lovely Marinette.  Or not.  It’s fun to speculate though, right?  Right?!

…ANYway, let’s see how he tops the almost kiss.

 In “Darkblade” (Le Chevalier Noir):

  • Marinette decides to run against Chloe for class something-or-other
  • To the utter delight of 95% of the class
  • That’s right man, just play it cool…

In “The Mime” (Le Mime):

  • Hey, I didn’t know y’all were gonna be here too lol!
  • Smooth move, dude.  Just play it off like you had NO IDEA.

Our cat son heats things up below the cut!

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Was Viktor Annoyed at Yuuri? (Or why Viktor Nikiforov was such a bully in Ep. 2 and 3)

You know how we can’t seem to read Viktor’s character in the early episodes? Is he on Yuuri’s side? Or is he really a bad guy?

I think what lent to the confusion is that there were circumstances that we did not know at the time. Now though, we know that Viktor came to Japan by Yuuri’s invitation, which Yuuri conveniently forgot, leaving Viktor in the cold – confused, alone and friendless, surrounded by strangers in mother-effing Japan.

I imagine that between meeting at the hot springs and Viktor falling asleep after eating, he had tried engaging Yuuri in conversation, maybe tried getting that old spark between them back. Yuuri, though, sober and thinking that that was their first “real” meeting, probably just stuttered and ran off and just generally acted evasive and odd.

Viktor tries…

…but Yuuri Katsuki just keeps going

What does he mean what? What is even happening??

Eventually, Viktor’s fuse just sort of shorts and before he could stop himself, he is asking Yuuri about his victory-katsudon and asking why he would eat it when

Lmao, the little shit.

If we go thinking Viktor is somewhat annoyed at Yuuri’s rather cold welcome, this actually leaves us with this wonderful thought: a pissed of Viktor Nikiforov is still adorably entertaining.

Look at this dork. He is caustic,


and is just downright merciless.

Given all that though, he also drowns his sorrows alone and gets himself shit-faced when it all becomes too much.

Viktor Nikiforov is basically your standard passive-aggressive girlfriend with a side of drunk Russian.

I can just imagine Viktor drunk-slurring in Russian at the locals of Hasetsu, lamenting about their insensitive golden boy who swoops in on unsuspecting world champions, makes them fall for them, invites them to Japan and then proceeds to act like nothing happened. Can you imagine the nerve of the guy? To hell with Yuuri Katsuki! He will pay for this. Viktor will choreograph the most difficult short program in history and make him skate it!

Good thing probably no one in Hasetsu can understand Russian.

I think this was also partly why he agreed to Yuri P’s demand to come back to Russia if he wins Hot Springs on Ice. Even if Viktor later seemed to regret it (which I talked about in this meta), I think at that moment, Viktor thought that it didn’t matter much whether he stays or goes. Yuuri Katsuki was not what Viktor expected, and he no longer knows where he stands with the other boy.

Besides, Yuuri is confusing af okay. Really? Eros is katsudon? The program rings no other bells whatsoever?

Like bruh, you’re not even high??

One of my favorites is when Yuuri went like this

and it is so reminiscent of that adorable thing kids do when they want their favored person (like a parent or a teacher) to be proud of them (“so please watch me do this amazing thing okay!”). It is a sign of affection from Yuuri to Viktor, but just look at it from Viktor’s point of view. You seduce me, forget about me, and now you want my attention again – so many mixed signals, Yuuri!

Lmao, look at Viktor’s wtf face:

It’s like he doesn’t know what the hell is going on anymore and his soul just died a little.

One has to hand it to Viktor, though: he is not the kind of person who would sabotage a fellow skater by doing something awful at the start of their program. He reins himself in and somehow finds it in himself to encourage Yuuri.

Viktor also seemed to calm down at the end. He… forgives Yuuri? Here, I think – after seeing Yuuri figure out Eros.

Did he catch a glimpse of the skater he knew, or perhaps the boy he danced with at the banquet? Or did he see something else in Yuuri, nearer to that boy in that video who seemed to understand “Stay Close to Me”?

I think eventually Viktor decided to just become Yuuri’s coach for real because he is talented and worth it; whatever is between them can be settled on a later date, when he knows Yuuri more.

Really, it was a journey becoming Yuuri Katsuki’s coach - literally (because wow, how many hours is it from St. Petersburg to Hasetsu) and figuratively (because emotional and psychological stress is a thing, and this is why you don’t drop your day job because you met a cute boy at a party).

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Hello! Could you do an analysis of jikook in 2017? Thank you! They're so sweet !!

*So Anon, this ended up being long because I didn’t realize how much Jikook has been happening these past 5 months*

Jikook 2017 (So Far~)

Jikook started out the year nice and sweet, standing next to each other to welcome in the start of a new year. A little whispering here, a little eyeing of lips there. A little hand on Jungkook’s waist from Park Jimin. Very fluffy, soft and simply Jikook.


They had public rehearsals that included soft little conversations to the back (a little lip eyeing) and Jeon walking up to Jimin smiling at him while he fluffs his hair or plays with his managers’. Aaaaaaand then Jeon decided he needed to add a dash of naughty. Because his lovely Jiminie has been bending over in front of him every time they perform BST, and he’s literally shedding blood, sweat and tears because of him. He couldn’t take it anymore! So he gave in to his impulses and rubbed & smacked the jibooty. (Much to Bangtan’s laughter and Jimin’s disbelief). His massive bunny smile after makes Jimin forgive him (but not trust him, after all JK is his dangerous weakness).

They watched each other in the eyes and smiled while trying to sing PPAP (lol). They crashed everyone’s interview together and when it was time for their own they teased and fooled around. Jimin also asked JK if he was the reason for his happiness and JK lied with a smile.  At MAMA (I think?) Jungkook threw down some hella extra dance moves for Jimin. He even did a seductive look and dance move to Jimin. Jimin of course laughed, loved it and played along (honestly the immediate reactions to each other were so ughhh, the chemistry! They were so in sync!).  

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Heey, could you maybe write something about Theo being Liam's anchor?

Hey! Sorry this took so long, i started writing it like, the second you sent it to me and then got stuck so it’s like totally off canon for the rest of the season after the zoo ep which is where it starts)

“You’re joking. Right?”

“Do I look like I’m joking?” Theo said with a hearty sigh. Liam blinked at him, wondering what strange alternate dimension he’d wandered into.

“ want to be my anchor?”

“Yes. Nothing would please me more.” Theo said dryly. “Of course I don’t want to be your anchor but until this is over you need to figure out how to control your anger properly. An anchor will help with that-”

“And you’re going to be my-”

“Yes, Liam. For the millionth time. I’ve had easier conversations with brick walls.”

“That’s probably because brick walls can’t call you out on being an ass.” Liam grumbled.

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Opinionated Riverdale Highlights:

Ep. 13: Season Finale


•They punned “Cliff-Hanger” too!

•The Alice & Jughead narrative is giving me life!!

•They just referenced Scooby-Doo!!

•I fear we have been trolled, the comic digest FP was reading was a Sabrina Spellman one (that’s how they made her ‘appearance’).

•I’m sorry but what is Fred hiding?!?

•Is no one going to talk about Betty actually being a Blossom??

•Love Camila, but is Veronica just becoming this arrogant needy girl or is it just me. Like she seems soo annoying, “forget it, I’ll do it on TOP of everything else I have to do”

•V did you really have to stand up to make that announcement.

•I love how Archie is just like “we’ve kissed” like acknowledge the poor girl standing next to you boo, she wants to shine.

•Kevin was just added to scenes so people don’t forget he’s part of the gang too.

•RAS petty idea of love triangle madness.

•Really RAS? You write Archie head over heels for Veronica in almost all the episodes and now you decide he should be troubled about it, make is seem like maybe just maybe he like Betty now.

•Oooh Hermione showing her true colors now

•Also in the beginning of the series they were struggling to find workers and now all of sudden Hermione found some to replace the Serpents so easily?!?

•What is that woman hiding?

•Cheryl is tying lose ends, how is no one suspecting her to commit suicide, I mean her mom practically encouraged it.

•"Kids got some darkness" -FP on Jug

•Man they almost went full Carrie with the Pigs Blood.

•Nice Cheryl is something else…

•Cheryl needs a hug, and a therapist along with the rest of the characters.

•The fact that FP put Jughead in the good school just makes me love him even more.

•Fred why are they writing you like this?! RAS I swear!

•Cooper woman face off

•Reggie Mantle who?

•I live for the hallway scene

•Alice drop Hal already


•Please tell me it’s FP’s!! Otherwise why would he be lurking on Alice…

•Oooh unwanted son comes seeking revenge theory! (If this actually happens can you call me your Theory Queen 👑).

•Whoever called the Cheryl drowning, props to you babe you were right.

•You gotta hand it to KJ tho he broke his arm while filming that!

•Betty’s speech was good but this is how it should’ve happened….

•'Reggie Mantle he’s Riverdale, so where the fuck is he?!’

•The Serpents take care of their own! And omg HOT DOG HAS MADE HIS DEBUT!

•I’m really happy bughead didn’t have sex, like we don’t need more Polly’s thank you very much…

•Like it runs in the Cooper family to get pregnant.

•Jughead in that leather jacket made me feel some sort of way…

•Betty over there like “Y'all really had to initiate him tonight.”

•"I’m in the mood for some chaos" Cheryl is back!!

•Pop is alive!

•Did Hiram or Hermione send that thug?



•Got to hand it to the cast of this show their acting has been superb!

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Hello. What are your favorite Lucifer scenes.

mmY g*d here are SOME because i truly love every single episode of lucifer so

- every deckerstar scene. this is a cop out but it’s true. like i was gonna list them but it was just all of them lmfao. i think we all know the big ones but i also love the one where he calls her beautiful when she lets her hair down, and i love their emotional speeches abt each other at the trial and their cute flirting on their date!!! i love them all!!!! i can’t choose.

- all of 1x09 honestly, but i especially love the scene where lucifer talks to god cause it was so well done and bc i relate a little too much to what he was saying dsbfjshbfb. and of course the piano scene at the end but we covered that in the every deckerstar scene bullet.

- “B E C A U S E I T W A S L A B E L E D.” #mood. that’s so latinx. me too, dan. i also love luci being like “but we’re friends now!!” it’s rly cute and so funny!! 

- i also love all the scenes between dan and luci in 2x07, esp at the end when they laugh and stuff together. blessed.

- when trixie and amenadiel hugged. it was so pure. truly. not in the tumblr way, but literally… pure. i also love that amenadiel was like “i’m lucifer’s brother.” and trixie’s like yeah that makes sense bc why wouldn’t it. i actually love that no one ever questions them being brothers much. 

- when lucifer was cryin lightning the blade and amenadiel noticed and put his hand on his shoulder stop i’m cryin again thinking about it……..

- all of lucifer’s puns. all of them..

- bye when lucifer was like “it’s like you always say detective, shake the tree until the truth flies free.” or something stupid like that and chloe’s like?? i don’t think i’ve ever said that idk why it cracks me the FUCK up.

- when he keeps tryin to touch the charred crotch!! lmao

- maze n linda thru the door… gay

- holy fck when chloe thought ella n lucifer were doing it and she was demonstrating how the murder happened and chloe was seething and lucifer was so uncomf it’s so fckn funny…


- oh that scene where linda tells lucifer he’s god’s fav son, it’s so intense and well done. and i think it’s… true. lol

- all of his scenes with god johnson were so great, but especially when he’s asking him to apologize because the way he’s talking is so scary??? like not.. not his anger but the actual words he’s saying. he’s all “YOU MUST ATONE FOR WHAT YOU’VE DONE.” and it kinda feels like a glimpse of what he was like in hell. also it was hot.

- the scene with the satanists and lucifer freaqs and opens the door in chloe’s face when the dude comes out dressed like a goat. bc he doesn’t even like their cheese. i think abt this and laugh all the time.

- when maze was too gay to function about candy!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it, esp her like little stretch/shiver thing lol

- when maze kicked all those guys asses during girls night out. that whole ep actually. Girls <3 i want more of them together

- maze and trixie sleeping watching a movie!! so sweet, maze has such good dev.

- “HOW CAN I HELP WHEN I’M SUPPOSED TO KILL MY OWN FATHER??!!!” kills me legit every single time.


- oh my god i’m gonna shut up now. i didn’t forget any scenes i just need to shut up bc i’ll go on forever.

Kou Empire Princesses

I’ve been dying to make a post about them for a looooong time (actually my second time making the freaking post because I forgot to save it yesterday and it was completely erased). Anyway, I’ve never seen a post about the six unknown princesses of the Kou Empire, so I thought I’d make one. I must warn you, nothing I’ll say here is to be taken seriously, since it’s based on speculations and headcanons. (I’d also like to say that english is only my second language and I’m still learning so I apologize for the mistakes)

That being said, I’m also making this for references if anyone needs them.

Now, we know there are eight imperial princesses, Hakuei being the first and Kougyoku the eight. One of them was named by Kouen when he and Alibaba met in Balbadd before the summit. He mentionned her name along with Kougyoku’s because he said Alibaba had to marry one of the princesses, without knowing Kourin was already married (can’t blame the poor guy, he has nine siblings, I know very well how hard it is!), but since he thought about her, we can guess that she is the youngest of them all, ie: the seventh princess. She might as well be as old as Kougyoku and Kouha are for all we know. But yeah, to me, Kourin would be the 7th.

Now, lets start withe the big stuff. The only episode they appear in is Ep. 12 of the Kingdom of Magic, so if you wanna see them, there you go.

This is the first shot of the Ren siblings/cousins together. And it’s no clear at all. But kinda useful because you can already see some similarities between them and their brothers. For example, the one in the middle of the first row has the same hair color as Kouha. The one behind Kouha has Koumei’s hair color. In the second row, the left one has Kouen’s color and the second one’s is closer to Koumei’s.

Which also can be seen here (what even are you faces guys…)

BUT, except for the fact that it might be cool, it doesn’t mean much. Now. The most logical thing would be that they are positionned like this according to their rank. But I find this boring and not really accurate (even if it’s true, still boring).

So, ready for a ton of headcanons? Here we go.

Remember, when Hakutoku died, Hakuyuu was supposed to take his place but we all know how that ended. When he and Hakuren died, only Hakuei and Hakuryuu were left for the succession. Gyokuen was out of the question at the time and even Koutoku wasn’t in top position. The only one that was ever mentionned was Hakuryuu, not Hakuei who’s still his elder sister. Which led me to think that the princes always have the priority when it comes to being crowned (unless you’re Ren Gyokuen…). My point is: Kouen might as well have a sister as old as him or even older but would still be in a higher position as he is a man.

Does this sound coherent to anyone else but me? Please tell me I’m not crazy.

So, If I had to pick one, I’d say :

This one looks like she could be the oldest. I named her Kouko because 1. I can and 2. it’s easier to remember than purple-haired-plate-wearing-stern-looking princess. Yep. So that’d be the second princess. I don’t know if she could be older or as old as Kouen but I really like the idea tbh. Plus she has the same hair color as Koumei, and since he and Kouen have the same mother… well it proves nothing but I still like it. She looks quite calm, composed. After the annoucement, she’s surprised but not as much as the others though. She apparently has this habit of raising her hand to her chin when she is, showing her wary side.

Now, on to the third one. 

Also called Kouran. I headcanon her as a very introvert and soft spoken. She appears to be very shy which is shown when she places her hands in front of her mouth, as if she was trying to prevent herself from voicing her thoughts. That doesn’t mean she is not offended by what’s happening.

I have next to nothing on the fourth princess, only one close up of her face.

I dubbed her Kounami, cause why not ? I personally like this one a lot but that’s probably because she kind of resembles Erza from Fairy Tail if you hide her hair loop. Compared to Kouko, it seems like she’s depicted as more aware of her surroundings and a bit shy though not as much as Kouran. Looks like she’s more likely to physically respond to stress (sweating, hands in front of mouth, frowning, blush?). When she sees her father’s body, she looks both afraid and angry (upset?) and I like to think that she’s driven by her emotions.

The fifth one is my personal favorite:

She looks like a small bubble of anger and doesn’t that frown remind you of someone ? She’s like a mix of her three brothers: Kouen’s poker face, Koumei’s untamable mane but with Kouha’s hair color. Instead of being shocked or scared by the events like are most of her sisters, she is glaring at Gyokuen and Al Thamen’s priests. My headcanon for her is that she tries really hard to behave like the perfect princess but inside she really is loud and brash. Picture Myron Alexius, now add a frown and no talking. There you go. I called her Kouzue.

(Is anyone still alive at this point ??)

Next and sixth princess: 

Here is Kouhana. Small and cute. Seems like she’s really close to Kouzue for some reason because she is practically glued to her when Kouen goes up to meet Gyokuen. She needs protecting, hence the hands to the mouth and he stick-close-to-allies behavior when Kouen leaves: she needs reassurance. She share this lack of confidence with Kougyoku but unlike her, Kougyoku more or less managed to get over this. (This being said, the princesses are confronted to their father’s corpse, so I guess anyone could act differently in moments like these). But I feel like this one needs a blanket and hot calming tea.

Aaaaaaaaaand, the seventh and last one (finally!)

See this small and cute looking girl with the Mickey Mouse hair ? That’s the one I think could be Kourin. She’s the smallest of them all and look at this baby face of hers! She struck me as the king who would act all cool and composed but would be an actual giant dork inside. She’s the one who looks the most like Kougyoku. She behaves as well as she can and tries really hard to be like her older sisters. Also very competitive.

That’s about it. I don’t think this was really necessary but I felt the need to do it anyway. ALso note that I don’t know a thing about how Japanese names are formed so if anyone has an accurate translation of them or better names I’d be glad to hear it! :)

Here are some pics for refs is case anyone needs them:

Tadah, done. Told you it’d be long.  

Oh good, they’re taking an actual break before the craziness of the tour and Buddy System.

WTF RHETT WHY THE PRANK :0 I hate pranks, but I like this play-by-play thing.

Rhett is such a good liar that I almost want to smack him.

The placebo effect is in full effect for Link, apparently.

“Maybe your butthole will tell you.” :|

I hate pranks, but I was interested in this because of how much Link believed it was working and how chill Rhett was about lying.

“Become a human chair for your bff.” Can we see Randl demonstrate that again pls. :3

“You were so passionate about it that I was like, ‘I must be wrong.’” Can we talk about Link trying so hard to make this thing work. X)


“I didn’t want to let you down. You JERK.” Let him have it, Link.

I liked this ep mostly because it was something Different. Also I hope Link actually gets Rhett back. Knock that ego down a few pegs. :P

Why the Stardust Crusaders OVA is actually pretty good: a post

So, the Stardust Crusaders OVA gets a lot of shit from, at least, Western fans on tumblr - idk how Japan took to it. And while the art style is a different brand of strange from the original, and while it takes a lot of liberties, it’s actually pretty fucking good? I mean christ, Satoshi Kon was called in to help out with showing Dio’s timestop - the people making this were clearly trying to do the series justice. Like, Skywalker Sound was involved in the making of this OVA?? Apparently, the only time they have worked for an anime.

Tho that doesn’t stop it from being a bit…messy. The first episodes were made in 1993, starting with the introduction of Iggy and fight with N’Doul. This half is 6 episodes long, and highlights the following fights: N’Doul (spanning 2 episodes), D’Arby, and then 3 episodes following the Dio fight. If you’re not a fan of the series, and don’t know the backstory, you’re going to be horribly lost. Especially when it opens up with this:

Even if you’re a fan you’d probably see this like “since when is this a Battle Tendency OVA???????”

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Men Being Creepy and Shitty, Season 1 Ep 2

Following a tense moment between Aria and her father over Byron’s affair:

Ella: What was that about? You two were getting along so well while we were away, I don’t get it.

Byron: Well, you know, she’s a teenage girl, Ella. Aren’t they all moody and unpredictable?

Blaming Aria’s emotional distress over his affair on “being a teenager”.

Bonus: lying to his wife. Again.


Aria: I want to transfer out of your class.

Ezra: I wish you’d stay in the class.

Aria: This isn’t an easy decision. But I feel like it’s the right thing to do.

Ezra: I can keep my feelings in check.

Or how about you respect her wishes and allow her to get away from you and your predatory behavior instead of trying to convince her to stay when she’s clearly uncomfortable? Just a thought

Wilden: *shows up unannounced at Hanna ’s house with takeout and insists on staying over *

Forcing himself into the Marin home after making it clear he’s suspicious of the teenage girl that lives there and is targeting her and her friends in his homicide case. There’s a word for this, hang on.

Intimidation? Yeah but there’s another one too…

Oh yeah, it’s stalking.

Spencer: I’ll take a vodka soda.

Melissa: She’s just joking.

Wren: Actually I’ll take a vodka soda.

Wren: *allows Spencer to drink from his glass*

Supplying a 16 year old with alcohol. In public. What a swell guy.

Ezra: *shows up at the movie theater Aria is at with her mother, and knowing that she’s uncomfortable being around him, STILL goes up to her to make conversation and then decides to sit next to her in the movie theater instead of declining when Ella invites him to sit with them*

Sure is respecting them boundaries, mhm.

Spencer: I didn’t know you like design.

Wren: Mhm. *stares at her intensely * And I appreciate beauty.

Grown ass man flirting with the teenage sister of his fiancee. Charming.

Wren, a grown ass man: *kisses the teenage sister of his fiancee*


Wilden: *casually spying on Hanna at the mall*

Hanna: Are you spying on me?

Wilden: I’m just doing my job.

There’s that stalking again.

Bonus: “Your mom may be hot, Hanna. But she’s not hot enough to make that go away. ”

What a gentleman.

Ezra drives past Aria and offers her a ride home.

Once again ignoring that Aria stated she was uncomfortable being around him. Once again CHOOSING to spend time, alone, with an underage student he has already made advances on. Not okay.

Ezra: *kisses his underage student. Again.*

Bonus: whatever asshole keeps pairing these scenes with romantic music to romanticize predatory behavior and make it seem okay.

Byron, to Aria: We need to talk. You can’t keep doing this. You’re not very good at hiding your feelings. And your mother knows that something is up. Look, Aria, I don’t like to lie, but sometimes telling the truth does more harm than good.

Guilt tripping and manipulating his teenage daughter so she will continue lying for him and hiding his affair.

Bonus: You’re too young to understand this, but truth is I gave into my emotions.

Excusing harmful behavior. Also being a condescending ass.

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May we get more of Victor the Doting Husband?



1. creepily steals Yuri’s pillow if he has to travel alone - Yuri would bitch more about his pillow disappearing but he’s the one hugging the dog and sleeping in his husband’s shirt so he has no room to complain.

Victor cannot sleep alone any more. He has slept with a dog for years then he got used to having a husband, and he bought a Yuri dakimakura pillow to tease Yuri but honestly now he needs it if Yuri is away. The case lives under Yuri’s pillow case until Yuri leaves on trips and then it goes on the body pillow and smells like Yuri. he still sleeps poorly though.

2. Victor is actually really – invested doesn’t sound like the right word, but it’s closest to what I mean – really invested in being part of a married couple. Like he used to be Victor The Famous Ice Skater and now he’s Victor, who is married to Yuri. and there’s a lot bound up in that for him. I keep thinking about this and having a Feeling, but Victor, at the start of the series, is very isolated.

We went through the series looking for this, and group chat is agreed: Victor actually never touches anybody affectionately except for Yuri and Makkachin – he touches Yakov once, but in his persona of Victor the Skater, and he touches Yurio in ep 10, which is uhhhh not affectionate at all.

Otherwise, he stands at a distance from people and he often uses Yuri as a barricade between himself and people he doesn’t know well. (If you watch ep six, at the hot pot restaurant and the backstage area, Yuri is between him and Phichit and the others, and he stands behind Yuri and away from the others.) He’s not a classic introvert, but he does show a constant pattern where he has a very clear Public Persona and a very different self when he’s alone or with Yuri, and I think he personally prefers the person he’s able to be with Yuri.

Also if you watch  10 you see in the end credits how he kind of circles around Yuri before joining in. This is not a person who is used to being spontaneous and unguarded, is what I am saying here.

So he’s still Victor the Skater and he still loves skating, but the part of his identity that he found with Yuri is the most important thing to him, and he’s very very invested in having symbols of it. Which leads to

3. He’s always fiddling with his wedding ring. He taught himself not to do it when he was nervous, because talk about a tell, but he often touches or puts it against his cheek or brushes it against his mouth when he’s happy. Sometimes he looks at it, and then at Yuri, and then he gets up and puts his head on Yuri’s shoulder like being near him will convince Victor that it’s really real.

4. He invented, independently, the Spare Kiss Storage System, which grosses Yurio out so badly he can’t even think about it, but which actually is very helpful for Yuri’s anxiety so Victor doesn’t give a shit. He used to give Yuri a couple extra kisses in the morning, but that just felt like he was kissing all over his husband even if he told him that they were for later if he needed them. So now he kisses Yuri’s wedding ring a couple times in the morning and if Yuri really needs a kiss to remember that Victor is always with him, he can press his ring to his mouth or cheek, and there’s a kiss there for him. Yuri does it for him too.

(side note about Yuri: I’m convinced he manages his anxiety behaviorally instead of with medication. If he does take meds, they’re low dose and he doesn’t take emergency anti-anxiety pills. Also, he’s pretty specifically anxious but not depressed. Victor I could write as depressed but not anxious, but I haven’t thought about it enough to come up with a way to write it.)

5. It took people to work out what they were doing, but when one of them performs, he skates out and touches his ring to his mouth or cheek, which would be bad enough, but some bright fangirl actually thought to look over at the other, and he’s kissing his ring at the same time. Even if they’re competing against each other. SO GROSS??????

6. Victor is a groomer, which sounds weird but he always wants to comb Yuri’s hair and do his tie and smooth his shirt out and put lip balm on him. Yuri enjoys it. I personally don’t think it’s actually a kinky thing to them, but ymmv. It’s definitely possessive on both ends though. Victor likes it when Yuri wears his ties or cufflinks too and as aforementioned, he Ascends when Yuri wears his shirt..

7. HE BUYS YURI SO MUCH STUPID SHIT WHEN HE TRAVELS if it’s there and it looks like something Yuri might like, he is by god going to fit that pooing Santa statue in his luggage somehow.

8. He has nightmares that he didn’t dance with Yuri that night after all.

(Picture from C.G Warrior)

This is a very long list of replies. I haven’t answered some which I don’t really know what to reply apart from THANK YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS!! <3

(Look for your picture below the cut - it will be easier to navigate this jungle of text!)

I think I am going to start posting individual reply posts when you guys comment like I see other people doing, because this took me like 2 hours of copying and pasting :/ lol 

Also - I will try and catch up with all of your blogs soon! PEACE!  xxx

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Tsukista TV Ep 1 Summary Notes

This was the first episode of Tsukista TV which aired on 4/5/17. It focused on Kiyama Ryuu, who plays Kakeru, and Yokoo Lui, who plays Koi. These guys in Six Gravity talk a lot faster and talk over each other more than Procella, so sorry if I missed some things. With this post, I’ve finished writing notes for all six episodes. I know I skipped over this episode initially, but thanks for waiting for me to get around to it! You can find links to the other summary posts on my Scans/Translations/Misc page, but if you’re on mobile and can’t view it, I made a text post with links to each as well.

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Hyde’s Core Characterization

The writing and characterization on That ‘70s Show is inconsistent, but one can come up with a core characterization for each of the main characters based on a selection of episodes that define and depict them consistently. The characters’ personalities, goals, and feelings can – and should – be complex, as long as those complexities are substantiated by consistent actions and subtext.

I often write about certain behavior and choices I consider OOC for the characters. I do so because I’ve formed my understanding of their core characterization from a specific set of episodes. I write my T7S fanfic from this understanding, too. When a character acts contrary to previously established beliefs/feelings/behavior without a proper grounding for that contradiction, I consider those actions OOC.

My understanding of the characters’ true natures isn’t the only valid one. People can form their own understanding from a different selection or interpretation of the episodes.

But below the cut is a list of S1-S4 episodes, with explanations, from which I’ve formed my version of Hyde’s core characterization. I don’t list episodes from S5-S7 because they either confirm, further, and deepen what’s already been established – or they evolve/devolve Hyde’s character based on his core.

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Sanders Sides Sentence Starters

basically i made this instead of doing homework at some point so rip my education.

ep. 1 my true identity

“ do i really know myself as well as i should? “
“ i need to sit down myself myself , figure myself out , and maybe come to a better understanding that we all could learn from. “
“ believe it or not i was quite the nerd in school.”
“ greetings wonderful citizens and you nerds. “
“ what’s goin on , kiddos? “
“ one day someone will accept us , flaws and all. until that day i shall learn to love myself. ”
“ um are we bringing up flaws now , because if so , get ready to take a lot of notes. ”
“ nope nope we are not talking about fears i am well aware of those. “
“ hey! we have the same glasses. “
“ where do babies come from? i know it has something to do with storks um but after that … “

ep. 2 way too adult

“ hi my name is ______ and yes i have worn this shirt for the fifteenth million time let’s move on! “
“ do you know how often you say you can’t cook? lots of times. do you know how often you try to learn how to cook? zero times. “
“ not true , there was that one time a few months ago .. you’re right , it’s already a bad sign that i have to go back that far. “
“ i am literally failing at the process of becoming an adult - which we all know it referred to as adultery. “
“ i treat the stove in my kitchen like a friend i’ve been neglecting. “
“ you should probably stop showing people your well … one problem at a time. “
“ remember , you’re a real pizza - work. “
“ i wish you the best of luck in your adultery. “

ep. 3 taking on anxiety w/ lilly singh

“ i said fork why was that bleeped? “
“ i’m sorry was i not wanted at this exact second? “
“ what are you doing wrong? what are you forgetting to do? “
“ right now i hope and dream to get rid of my anxiety. “
“ oookay , can’t stand that guy. “
“ he / she / they won’t let me go to bed without thinking about something i did seven years ago. “
“ this is actually a really good episode.”
“ you’re just mad because i came from a my chemical romance concert. “

ep. 4 a new year of lying to myself .. in song

“ it’s the beginning of the year which means we … make new years resolutions? “
“ wait a second this is my turn , this is the video where i come to help. “
“ what about learning to cook , and all those other steps toward proper adultery? “
“ i get what you two are saying , and i do care about that , but here’s the thing … i don’t really care about that. “
“ you’re the least popular character and you know it. “
“ ugh , i do not like you. “
“ i won’t do so much riffing. “
“ ha , lie. “
“ i won’t sing so many disney songs. “
“ resolutions are nothing more than empty promises to yourself. “
“ you can’t always rely on a catchy tune to solve your problems. “
“ see this was my video. i helped. just me. no one else. “
“ my new years resolution is 1080p. “
“ you are an emo nightmare. “

ep. 5 the dark side of disney

“ i dispise carrots. “
“ did someone say prince? “
“ did someone say atrocious?”
“ really? this is where you cross the line? “
“ why are you only quoting mary poppins? “
“ because julie andrews is a beautiful goddess and because i can okay??? “
“ sure , just literally wait around your entire life subjecting yourself to the cruelty of your ungrateful , ignorant family members until some magical fairy comes along to save you. don’t take action yourself. “
“ not to mention men can’t memorize the face of a woman they’ve been dancing around  with for hours they have to rely on the shoe ergo , men are idiots. “
“ yeah , i’m a hufflepuff i tend to run away from every situation. “
“ don’t make all hufflepuffs out to be like that. “
“ what’s with all the prince hate? “
“ also when elsa passes away , olaf’s gonna die too because the magic will be gone so just prolong the inevitable? “
“ and they can get what they want by lying and deceiving their way right into the castle and getting the princess. “
“ i know what you’re gonna say : stockholm syndrome. “
“ man is dangerous. “
“ white man is dangerous. “
“ well now we’re back the lack of consent with sleeping woman. “
“ still don’t like you. “
“ there’s never a wrong time to dress in drag and do the hula. “

ep. 6 i’m in a disney show

“ pleanty of things have been happening recently that have had me asking ‘ is this my real life? ‘“
“ i tried squid … gotta stop ending on the boring one. “
“ you know why i’m here i love disney. “
“ i just want to support you in everything you do … plus i saw you had some leftover pizza. “
“ you make wrong choices. “
“ which is kinda a coincidence because ____ also - i just realized it’s not a coincidence i’ll stop talking. “
“ well dad ain’t right. “
“ can you like stop for once in your life? “
“ next step : becoming a disney prince. “
“ what? i know your limits that’s all i was saying. stop looking at me like that. “
“ misleading compliments are just click baiting insults. “

ep. 7 the mind vs. the heart

“ today i’ve come upon a very important break through in my life : i am an indecisive mess. “
“ usually it’s your pop who pops in on you. “
“ adopt them. “
“ buy a bigger house! c’mon though bigger house means more dogs. am i right? no? i’m getting worse? i’m sorry. “
“ did you just make a dad joke? “
“ please don’t be proud. or tell anyone. “

ep. 8 alone on valentines day

“ roses are red , violets are blue , sunflowers are yellow , tulips come in all sorts of colors , so do roses , i really like flowers , daffodils are also yellow. “
“ do you have a date? i don’t. and i don’t know where i’m going to get one. “
“ i know big words too. saxophone. “
“ i got an idea : don’t. don’t even try. “
“ as humans, one possible objective is to procreate. “
“ would you like to copulate with me? “
“ you know what people like? bagels! “
“ this was the whole problem he was trying to circumnavigate. “
“ you can’t just touch people. “
“ wow , this is horrible. i never realized how stupid and untalented you are.”
“ well , i’m hopelessly crushed. “
“ not talk about me? “
“ you find out what might be making their life difficult … and you kill it. “
“ in no reality would this be your situation. “
“ you’re upsetting him / her / them. “
“ i’m feeling all types of bad. “
“ i wasn’t trying to help. “
“ if i could give you butterfly kisses do you know what those are? with the eyelashes? “
“ your existence is inconsequential , i mean unimportant , i mean good. “
“ you’re all so handsome , just not as handsome as me. “
“ aw , you think i’m hot. “
“ his / her / their face is so red behind that white foundation! “

ep. 9 losing my motivation

“ home maintenance is not a joke. “
“ i’m just a textbook procrastinator. “
“ oh no, you procrastinate on much more than just reading textbooks. “
“ no you can’t play with us! “
“ okay, yeah, you’re gonna let him play. “
“ no , i found a dollar in my pocket! it was in my cardigan since my character was first introduced. “
“ you actually look in a mirror to put that on? “
“ can’t be a bad video if you never make one. “
“ when in doubt , remember that everything we do is all pointless anyway. “
“ elementary my dear … daddy. “
“ i’m not always the bad guy. “
“ ____ and i are playing dress up , ____ is making us question are existence , and i found a dollar. “
“ ha , i like that nickname and i’m gonna use it now. “
“ i am a knight , thank you very much. “
“ feelings. the bane of my existence. “
“ this is a bigger ending twist than the oscars. “
“ how dare you speak to sir sing-a-long that way. “

ep. 10 my personality q & a

“ i’m with pouty mcspecks. “
“ don’t screw it up. “
“ i love word association games. “
“ why do flamingos sleep with one leg up? because if they slept with both legs up they would fall over! “
“ do you know how birds fly in a v formation and a lot of times one side in longer than the other do you know why that is? because there are more birds on that side! “
“ from rags to riches she’s the baddest of - “
“ bippity boppity booya. “
“ i am on a solo quest to help save myself for right now. “
“ i am the walrus. “
“ now i know you intended to hurt my feelings but i am just so darn proud of you that you made a dad joke. “
“ eat a cookie. and when i’m feeling dangerous … eat a second cookie. “
“ i basically just listen to the campfire song song from spongebob on repeat. “
“ i gotta say , you impress me … by being a clueless moron all of the time. “
“ i am done. i am done here. i am done with all of you. “
“ i know big words. “

ep. 11 am i original

“ sometimes i just gotta be me … an. “
“ one option , and i’m just throwing this out there , is to hide under the covers until the sun goes away. “
“ i am not some bread roll to hold you over while you wait for your dinner , i am the main course. “
“ pew pew brainstorm. “
“ i’m just glad that when you called me i had my pants on - no i don’t. “
“ that is a good example of a horrible suggestion. “
“ is this why princey spit yogurt at me yesterday? “
“ i’m always serious. clearly. i wear a necktie. “
“ i’m not saying we fight physically , although i certainly would win. “
“ you’re next , i have just decided. “
“ wow i am baaaad as this game … that’s a sheep. “
“ quiet you jerky mcjerk face. “
“ it felt weird , you calling me princey when it was serious talk time. “
“ hey ___? you’re my hero. “

ep. 12 my negative thinking

“ i don’t even know if i want to think about it … you know what yes i do. “
“ i am trying to learn a particular phrase in a multitude of languages. “
“ it’s way more work than it should be. “
“ ah you’re using lin manuel miranda’s words against me! “
“ a cream based broth will upset princey’s stomach. “
“ coginis disportion. “
“ hogindas dispersions. “
“ i don’t know what you’re saying. “
“ i would write an angsty sonnet illustrating my contempt for you if i actually cared enough about what you were saying right now. “
“ i am ___ , your supplier of semi-humors tumblr posts at three in the morning. “
“ you’re right. i’m an adult. me me big boy. “
“ he / she / they made me feel itty bitty butterflies in my tummy and sunshine in my heart. “
“ that’s tbd : totally believable dude. “
“ i’m sorry did he / she / they just hiss at me? “
“ time to panic and / or cry. “
“ your mom is preposterous. “
“ lets leave the mothers out of this alright? especially considering the fact that neither of you have a mother. “
“ savage. i’m saying he’s acting like an aggressive , brainless savage. oh no , is that another contemporary slang word i have to learn? “
“ i’m ready to give my closing statement : this is stupid , he / she / they’re stupid , i’m out. “
“ you learning things is the closest i will ever be to feeling love. “
“ i was barely trying. i hissed at you. “
“ i’m sorry , while that was savage … it was a little extra. “

ep. 13 growing up

“ i too have to agree with surley temple over here. “
“ animal noises go! “
“ this is not the time for word association games. “
“ look who needs another lesson in adultery. “
“ sorry , look whom needs another lesson in adultery. “
“ like pancakes , you fall flat. “
“ don’t you dare turn breakfast food into a negative metaphor. “
“ independence is a celebration! it’s got dance right in the word. “
“ that’s probably what i would sound like if i were giving birth. “
“ they were all real events in my life. except the 3 am one , i usually stay up much later than that. “
“ well then it’s just 5 am and you need to go to bed. “
“ i need you to hit me with your car for a video. “
“ did you ever wash that shirt? you’re wearing it right now. “
“ i am serious right now. and always have been. and always will be. neck tie. “
“ why do you only take whatever i say literally? “
“ i’m sorry. does ‘ aldulto ‘ work? “
“ what else should i do to properly grow up? “
“ into the woods is not better. “
“ wash your filthy shirt you heathen. “
“ you look like the man. i fight the man. i wanna fight you now. “
“ is no one gonna acknowledge that he just dabbed? “
“ life is short. might as well make it short and fantastic! like danny devito. “
“ wow , i am ashamed of myself. “
“ my eyes! “

ep. 14 making some changes

“ listen buddy don’t blame us because your mind is so empty. “
“ boy what an ass…set to your personality. “
“ where are my star thingies? “
“ with sudden change the heart tend to be confused. “
“ uh oh. feelings. “
“ more sentimental than on avalanche. “
“ with you i’m always home. “
“ you need to chill out. “
“ what up anxiety? “
“ i hate it when you’re just vague. “
“ that’s why i’ve been feeling more confused than beverage. “
“ my face is immediately scratchier. “
“ i’m a fun guy that’s fun sized. like danny devito! “
“ okay, i love you! “
“ deal with it j delightful. “
“ i waste my best material on you. “
“ you’re dead to me. “
“ i’ll wet your bandit … that doesn’t make sense. “
“ hello , my name is ___ i’m short and nonthreatening. “
“ did i make you proud ___? you proud of me? “
“ nothing beats the real thing. “
“ uh oh , i just littered those pennies. hope the coppers don’t come after me. “
“ oh my precious bangs. “

ep. 15 becoming a cartoon

“ am i early? i’m early aren’t i? “
“ randy dandy and quite grandy. “
“ we’re talking toons dr. gloom! “
“ see , why would anyone need to move their face as much as you just did? “
“ i have no idea where you’re going with this , but i blindly support you - where’d you go? “
“ not today logic! “
“ don’t worry, everyone loves the villain. “
“ can we change the locks on the building again? i’m kinda tired of these weirdos getting in. “
“ fun, fascinating. tomato, solanum lycopersicum. “

ep. 16 accepting anxiety pt. 1

“ you know what i wanna talk about? eating food. or maybe actually about that tv show i just watched. “
“ you seem uncharacteristically careless. “
“ you good fam? “
“ wow , that was bad , but you’re a really good trier. “
“ is everything gucci? “
“ you make one mistake and this is what happens! “
“ time out for thee and time out for thee , focus on issues or focus on me. “
“ flames. on the side of my face. see-seething. seething fire. “
“ having trouble with adultery? “
“ don’t you go shortening the word family by cutting out my three favorite letters: i l y. “
“ you look like a hot mess. nay , not hot , cool. nay , not cool , uncool. you look like an uncool mess. “
“ oh dear sweet mother of hairbrushes what is your hair? “
“ you have kind hair. kinda hair that grows on a dogs butt! “
“ welp love has failed me. “
“ i don’t fear death. “
“ took my pants off! “

ep. 17 accepting anxiety pt. 2

“ that’s what you missed on me! “
“ i am terribly afraid of spiders. i would like to switch places with someone. “
“ well i literally don’t see any spiders in those. these curtains are literally covered with them. “
“ lets call them what they are : creepy crawly death dealers. “
“ i love my dark strange son. “
“ you’d think the creative side would find a nicer way to talk to others. “
“ you’d think the smart side would know when to mind his / her / their own business. “
“ aww you poor little anxious baby. “
“ that is enough out of you, logic. “
“ now , while i still have your attention , do you think that maybe we could switch places? “
“ you’re like an oatmeal raisin cookie that’s primarily composed of raisins. a raisin oatmeal cookie! no one wants that! “
“ pump the breaks princey. “
“ a prince has got to slay. “
“ i just got a lot of feelings. “
“ we are buddies. “
“ i am bitterly , jitterly , and not very glitterly. “
“ e equals m c scared. “
“ i’m gonna cry i just don’t want to loose any of you. “
“ being anxious about the idea of growing more anxious. yep, sounds like me. “
“ i’m more proud of myself for enduring the great spider threat of twenty seventeen. “
“ ___ , shut your ever flapping gob talker. “
“ i have to tell you that i’ve been theorizing on it for a very long time so if it’s not exactly the name that i think it is , i will loose it. “

ep. 18 fitting in

“ halloween. is that the reason for your new plum pigmented pili? “
“ your head looks like barney’s unshaven armpit. “
“ congratulations on the cool colorful crown. “
“ i’m already full rainbow all the time. “
“ i wanna see what good old panic at the everywhere has to say about this. “
“ i guess there is sort of a dark edginess to it. like one of those crayola crayon halloween packs. “
“ you only help to lift me up you sweet and sour misunderstood shadowling. “
“ being the odd one out was my whole presence here and it was not fun. “
“ i literally almost took your whole face out. “
“ aragog. a ginormous spider in the harry potter universe. he’s bold , he’s terrifying , and no matter where we all fit in , we are all his prey. “
“ it’s a metaphor , erlinmeyer trash. “
“ oh , school him! don’t be mean though. “
“ fantasy is not my jam. my jam of choice is crofters. “
“ i don’t think i’m smarter than everyone else … i know i’m smarter than everyone else. “
“ you’re the softest little puff ball we got , padre. “
“ what the heckity heck. five abs in one peck. “
“ if you keep talking bad about yourself i am going to physically fight you. “
“ slytherins are not all evil, okay? let’s just get rid of that idea right now. “
“ we get it. you’re adorable. “
“ you are hardworking. working hard to make ____ paran-vigilant. paranavigilant. did you like that that? i just made up that word just now i’m basically shakespear. “
“ not modest , more self deprecating. i talk bad about myself. “
“ you are very good at finding new ways to insult me. “
“ ooooooo i look like a pirate. “
“ good point. see that , that was a really good point to you , also valid argument. “
“ and then there is what everyone expects me to be. “
“ i don’t need to belong to a specific hogwarts house in order to belong with you guys. “
“ make it work , project runway. “
“ prince 2.0 my goodness. “
“ your shoulders were so boring to look at before. “
“ i set the bar too high for you , that’s okay. “
“ i actually really dig the purple. “
“ that is magnificent … how you’ve managed to become even angstier. “
“ who needs a hogwarts house when you have your own hog-wild style? “

Seven Things About Supernatural: 12x06 - “Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox”

So apparently we need to take everyone down to the Hot Topical for Supernatural merch.  How do you get this many hunters together and only one of them has anti-possession mojo? 

(Also, someone please notify our hunting team that ice is solid water.  Oh, and I don’t care how much character that Pentacle of Mars has, nobody has time to draw a fucking scorpion in ashes with a scoop.) 

  1. So this whole ep is beautiful, but I’m really taken with the way the show handled the exposition required to make an story centered around a dead stranger work: Mary tying up loose ends, Asa being inspired to take up the hunter’s mantle, the montage of his life, and the abrupt, terrible shock of his death.  It’s exquisite storytelling, done in minutes, and damn.  Just damn. 

    I smiled at the ways Asa’s unique, smiled at the ways he’s like Dean, was warmed by his determination and joy at the work, even though it’s difficult and scary, loved the way he wrote to Mary, who only exists to him as the hunter who saved him, and as a blurry Polaroid from 1980.  

    It’s so smart, because it shows us that not all hunters have traumatic loss origin stories, reiterates that hunters bear a special responsibility to hunt because someone has to, and places Mary – who is retiring and doesn’t want her kids to hunt – into the position of being Asa’s inspiration to become a hunter.  
  2. And hey, let’s look at Mary in this ep.  She passed the work down to Asa, even if she didn’t intend to or realize it, just like she did with her sons, and then Asa dies on a hunt not long after she returns not only to life generally but the life.  In her scene with Asa, she is already Dean’s mother, but she also mothers Asa before sending him back inside by helping straighten up his hair and clothes.

    When Loraine confronts her in the kitchen about her role in Asa’s choice to hunt, some of that is mother v. mother conflict.  Loraine is Asa’s rightful mother, who brought him up and stuck around, while Mary is mythic, a Mother of Hunters, whose influence was so much stronger.  They ultimately reconcile – which, holy chickens, is a personal manifestation of the overall reconciliation of Mythic Mary with actual Mary – but I think we can agree that Mary’s crisis mid-ep is pretty justified.  

    She didn’t ask to be this person.  She tried to be the opposite.  And yet, like Sam points out, it’s an inextricable part of who they are.

    (Also, can we take a moment to stand in awe of the scene where Sam and Mary are talking over Asa’s body and Randy’s blood drips down from the ceiling onto his face?  Because holy shit, this is a terrible, shared horror, and I’m not sure Jael could have known, or orchestrated it so perfectly.  When it happened, though?  Holy fucking fuck.)  
  3. The inclusion of Jody in this story is wonderful – calling the boys out on – but particularly great because she’s such a crucial bridge for the boys.

    She’s the reason they attend Asa’s wake.  They’re a relatively isolated pair – John kept them separate, they were hunted for a while, etc. – but they care about her and want to support her.  She helps bridge the emotional gap for them as an informal maternal figure who is now adjacent to their actual mother.  She’s also a bit of a bridge for Mary toward the boys at the end, helping complete the circle.

    All of the character stuff – the way she’s like FUCK YEAH NETFLIX AND BOOZE, her whole you stink/here eat this thing with the boys, confirmation that her life without them is increasingly interesting/full, Sam outing Dean’s hentai habit, etc. – is also fantastic, and Kim Rhodes was fucking fantastic with red eyes.  

    Also, how is Jody getting home?!  She rode in with the boys.  Please tell me they all go to breakfast together. 
  4. So Sam and Dean are surprised that people tell stories about them, but uh, guys, there are whole books about you.  

    (Gods, can you imagine some random hunter stumbling across the books?  Can you imagine them finding the fan fiction?  Oh, and did we mention Dean killed Hitler?  We did?  Because that happened.)

    So yeah, 12x06 adds hunter lore as another layer to the story within a story within a story thing that the show has.  We’ve got reality prime, created by but ultimately independent from Chuck.  We’ve got the books, which exist in tandem but aren’t 100% in synch.  We’ve got myriad forms of in-show fan reaction/interpretation.  And, just to be difficult, we have the implication that show canon itself isn’t quite accurate given differences in the way Sam and Dean speak and act in the reality show footage in 3x13 (and possibly even the student film/video letter left by Kate in 8x04). 

    I have to wonder what the hunter lore about the Winchesters is like.  It seems like we’ve come a long way from like Gordon Walker, Kubrick, and Creedy, moving on from “let’s murder them in their beds” to “let’s be awkward at Sam about Lucifer.”  It’s another big part of bringing them into a new place as characters, and I like it. 

    (Bucky, on the other hand, is fucked.)
  5. One of the things I especially liked about this ep is that Loraine didn’t turn out to be the big bad.  I went in expecting a Ten Little Murder Victims story – the Clue ep that isn’t The Clue Ep, so to speak – with the Wronged Party acting out revenge in a fit of psychotic grief.  

    We still got something in that vein – a locked house with a killer inside – but the way it plays out is so much more satisfying than another variation on a bad old trope about predatory women.  It’s so much smarter the way it plays out with Jael, the even more obvious big bad, being…well, more or less an attendee.  A disruptive, murderous attendee with a score to settle, but an attendee nonetheless.  
  6. Billie.  BILLIE.  She’s such a great antagonist, and Lisa Berry is amazing, and I was very concerned at the end when she tries to collect Mary as payment for letting Dean into the Fox family home through the warding.

    Actually, I’m still kind of concerned, because owing Billie is probably not going to be great in the longer term, even if she was bound by the rules not to just collect the Winchester Of Her Choice without their consent.  

    Then again, she really just needs to be patient.  It’s not like she won’t get to collect all of them eventually…  
  7. I’m really enjoying this longer arc of Mary processing on her own terms, and how difficult it is for Dean.  He’s still pretty heavily locked into (toxic) ideas that John taught him about how families work, and so Mary’s independence is terribly hard for him to process.  

    He’s afraid, he hurts, and it’s not a terribly good or productive look on him, not least because there’s no good way for Mary to answer to him.  On some level he’s still trying to be proprietary about Mary, but now that she is living and real he can’t be in charge of her memory.  He’s so used to hanging on to her that when she needs to be a person, he loses it.

    Jody’s talk with him at the door is so important.  She’s someone who has lost family and would take them back in a heartbeat, but it can never be the same as it was.  She speaks directly to his fear and makes sure to leave the door open.    

    We’re seeing him get better about this, but we also see him have one of his old, bad dark moments about the hunting life ending in violent death, so we know the work is still in progress.  I’m glad it is taking a long time, because when he gets there it will mean something.     

    Mary is also modeling how to process things a an individual, which is pretty remarkable in terms of parental influence on both of the boys.  Her actions are difficult for Dean, but they’re entirely healthy and reasonable, and I love that she makes her own choices without caving.  

Bonus Thing: Holy crap, I think this may be one of the few episodes with near-equal gender representation.  Our active players are Sam, Dean, Max, Bucky, Elvis, and Loraine, Mary, Alicia, Billie, and Jody.  Jael takes a body of each.  

Randy and Asa skew the totals, but Randy dies early and Asa is…well, he’s pretty much dead for the action of the ep.  

Bonus Thing: I love Max and Alicia Banes so much.  I want them to come back.  I want them in on Wayward Daughters.  I want to read a dozen books about them.  Also, I think Max was coming on to Sam before Elvis interrupted them to ask awkward fanboy questions, and this delights me.  

Bonus Thing: Between the bacon and the “I’m fine,” Dean and Mary are so related.  It’s neat, too, the reversal that’s happening with Sam having to play voice of reason/peacemaker between them after Dean had to do that with Sam and John.  Bacon is the Winchester olive branch.

About Yuri!!! on Ice ep 12

Before I start I have to say I cried because of this episode. Please do note that I’m not an emotional type of a person, I rarely cry. But I did. This just shows how precious the last episode is. Therefore, I’m not going to choose just some scenes like the previous rants. I will talk about AS MUCH SCENES AS I CAN because I have class after this.

First, this scene hit me. We all know that Victor smiles a lot, no? He looks happy most of the time so a scene where such a bright character has tears in his eyes…. just like someone punch me in the gut as I see it. Our living legend cried. Him getting mad? God I love how this show can properly portray human’s complex emotion.

YES FOR LETTING SOMEONE WHO’S NOT A SEIYUU INTO THIS SHOW. It adds the feel, that we’re actually invited to Spain in this show. Thank you Stéphane Lambiel for being a YOI family member ///v///

Then this scene also happened. I fucking feel for JJ. Like seriously. I was once a bowling player in the past and I fucked up my first competition. Pretty badly. So bad that it was like a beginner who hadn’t really played before and just suddenly showed up in a competition. I might not be a good player, but my scores in practices were fine. I really, really hated myself that time lol. That’s why I’m so glad JJ could pick himself up and finished his FS JJ style *CLAPS FOR JJ*

Yes, Seung Gil smiled for JJ I can’t even explain it well but his smile is so precious even more when he doesn’t do that often ///v///

Then. *clears throat* YOU CAN’T JUST NOT SMILING LOOKING AT PHICHIT LIKE SERIOUSLY. HE’S SO PRECIOUS I ALWAYS SMILE SEEING HIM///// And look at that dream of his OH MY GOD IS HE AN ANGEL????? Where’s my Phichit!!! on Ice I need it now

And this right here was making me cry again. THIS SHOW JUST PLAYED WITH MY EMOTION GOD–

This. Look at how they shook hands and then Yuuri letting go first leaving Victor’s hanging as if not wanting to let go. I sobbed.

Okay I admit I was too entranced by Yuuri’s performance, but this one hit me again. LET THIS HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP SINK INTO YOU GUYS. He doesn’t want to keep Victor to his side only. He also thinks of Victor, what is good for him and act to it. Though, if I can say something, it’s always good for you to think of your partner’s well-being, but the decision to act upon it is your partner’s. Respect their choices as well, okay? Let the both of you talk it out with cool head, I’m sure you’re going to be fine/// this psych student can’t stop herself to preach on this I’m so sorry Continue onto the next one!

At this point I cried. Congratulations Yuuri you’ve succeeded in making your point why you decided to retire across Victor. You light up Victor’s competitive side *cries again* Oh my God this is so beautiful I can’t thank Kubo-Sensei enough (;-;)

THEN IT’S THIS HOT STUFF’S TURN. Look at his face when Victor and Yuuri cheered for him. That’s just so cute OMG;;; Also,


OTABEK’S TURN!! At first I was like “Whoa he picked that piece?” when I heard the music playing. And the costume looks so good on him I LOVE IT. I was so entranced by the performance there was a time when I thought “If Otabek wins the gold medal I won’t be surprised, he’s so good;;”. He’s just so manly and solid I fall for him and I’m a fan of the piece he picked. But then…

The narration is Otabek’s but the scene was showing Yuri instead. I thought “…Oh no, it’s like he’s giving a place for Yuri to shine…” No, I’m not saying Yuri win because of Otabek giving him a slack. Yuri is capable, strong enough to win with his own skill to count on. It was just a hunch of mine, saying that Otabek isn’t going to win a medal and Yuri is going to get the gold medal.

Lastly, it’s Yuri’s turn. I’m so happy to see Yuri’s point of view and the flash back. Here we can see him getting his interest piqued by Yuuri. He didn’t suddenly mock Yuuri, instead he saw him as another competitor who could do better. For me, he’s not a childish brat who can only diss people out, he thinks of their capabilities too and that’s a good point of him.

Since he saw Yuuri as fellow competitor, he wants him to keep skating. This episode isn’t just about Yuuri making his point across to Victor through his skating, Yuri is also doing just that to Yuuri. 

So turns out I guessed right. Yuri took the gold medal with Yuuri slightly behind. And then…

OH MY GOD I CRIED. YUURI WANTED VICTOR TO STAY WITH HIM IN COMPETITIVE FIGURE SKATING. Victor wanted to be with Yuuri. Yuuri wanted Victor to return to be a competitive skater that he is. Accomodate both and you got this. KUBO-SENSEI THANK YOU/////

So yeah I’m already happy with how the things are. I’m pleased to see this show. I thought it was just like that, but–

There’s Yuuri. With Victor’s free program. And I noticed how his costume was similar to Victor’s, only with different color. I kept watching and watching, entranced more and more to the performance. Both the choreograph and piece were so good I can watch it all day. 



I hope we can see more of your works, Sensei.

See you NEXT LEVEL!!


Hey thanks @an-alien-or-sutin for tagging me in this. I love talking about my favorite albums! and like you, this will probably take me hours. HERE WE GO. (aside from #1, theyre in no order. Im listing them as they come.)

Jakes TOP 10 ALBUMS (for now)

1. Frances the Mute - The Mars Volta : This is still my favorite album after years. The first time I heard this, it blew me the fuck out of the water. I didnt know albums could be this large in scale. All the songs flowed perfectly, and the amount of instrumentation was just dizzying. Its a challenging listen to most, but spend time with it and you’ll see.

Fav track : Miranda, That Ghost Just Isnt Holy Anymore

2. Hot Fuss - The Killers : This may come as a shock, but this is one of my most beloved records. Every song stands out. Its a pop record, but It goes deeper than that. Brandon Flowers voice on this album is just heavenly. The final song on this record, “Everything Will Be Alright”, has brought me through so many things and for these reasons, it makes the list. It just has a nice sound.

Fav tracks : Everything Will Be Alright/ Glamorous Indie Rock and Roll

3. Mellon Collie and The Infinite Sadness - Smashing Pumpkins : This record has been a recent addition to the list. I dont even have to say how huge this fucking record is. It incorporates so many different sights and sounds that span the albums massive 2 hour length, and its almost as if half the songs are Echo and The Bunnymen meet Black Sabbath, and the other half are the sweetest songs you’ve ever heard. Its just a great mix.

Fav tracks : Bodies/Farewell and Goodnight

4. You Are My Sunshine - Copeland : This album brought me through the most difficult year of my life so far. It hold so much value in my heart and mind, and every track is the perfect amount of dreamy mellotron lines and sharp lyrics. From start to finish, its almost entirely perfect. Ive been at risk of wearing every one of these records out, but this one, I can always come back to.

Fav track :On The Safest Ledge

5. Lonerism - Tame Impala : This album is exactly what I think when I hear the term “psychedelic”. This album is layered in so many thick synthesizers and noisy guitars, and its done in the most perfect way. The lyrics all over this album are very personal and relate-able to pretty much anyone in my current age group, and thats why this record has held so much weight lately. And it also helps that the instruments make you feel like your’e floating. This album is just fucking colorful.

Fav track : Music To Walk Home By

6. …Like Clockwork - Queens of The Stone Age : Now, this isnt the most groundbreaking record on this list, but it doesnt have to be. Every last thing about this record absolutely hits it’s mark and doesnt go over board. Its such a tight experience with songs that stick in your mind FOREVER. As you can tell, Im a sucker for good lyrics, and this record does not lack in that regard. From hilarious lyrics like “I got my own theme music. It plays wherever I are” to lyrics that cut my heart in two like “I go missing, No longer exist. One day, I hope,
I’m someone you’d miss“. Its just so well put together.

Fav track : I Appear Missing

7. St. Vincent - St. Vincent : This is the album that made me realize that pop music isn’t all that bad. Annie Clark inspires the hell out of me. She’s put out 4 incredible records that all stand on their own. This particular record best exemplifies St. Vincent as a whole. Every single song is strong. Shes riding the line between dissonant/ugly and harmonious/pretty. It’s surprisingly minimalistic in its approach as well, with not nearly as many auxilary instruments or over dubs as her previous work, yet, its still so powerful and demented. Its honestly a perfect album. Thank you for inspiring me to continue playing music, Annie.

Fav track : Severed Crossed Fingers

8. Congratulations - MGMT : I can’t NOT include this. I love this album so much. It’s one of the most “me” sounding albums that I can think of. So many quirky things all over this record. I absolutely adore the instrumentation and tone of each individual instrument. Andrew’s voice is top notch on this one too, and his lyrics are a little too real for my sad self to handle sometimes. “If youre concious you must be depressed, or at least cynical” like FUCK. This album is super 60′s and I love every last minute of it. I always will.

Fav tracks : Siberian Breaks/Flash Delirium

9. The Family Canvas - Aneirin : No one reading this will know who this band is, but that is ok. Aneirin were a local band from my town from about 5 years ago. Before I heard this EP, I was legitimately one of those kids who would comment on youtube videos and say ‘music today sucks. there is no good music past the 80′s”. I was THAT kid. And then this 4 TRACK EP came along and changed my fucking life. It changed everything. My outlook on modern music. My outlook on music that had screaming or weird guitars in it. Even my entire guitar playing style changed after sitting in my room for HOURS trying to figure out the insanely catchy and difficult guitar parts that adorn every song on the album. I will always love this. Go listen.

Fav track ; The Family Canvas

10. Come Now Sleep - As Cities Burn : Its hard to describe what exactly this album to did to me when I first heard it. But trust me, It did something crazy. This, along with the Copeland record that I mentioned were there when nobody was. I know thats mega cheesy to say, but its the truth and I dont like it either. This album really helped to inspire me musically back then as well. It pulled me out of so many slumps. The guitar playing on this record changed my life. As far away that I get from it nowadays, I will still always love this album. Just dont listen to it when youre sad. You’ll hate yourself.

Fav track : Contact

AHHH im done. That took forever. Thanks for caring. Do this if you want! @mbdtyler @evnbwrs @blessyourheart-forbeating @ibleachednirvana

A Quick Revisit Stefan With PTSD

This is sort of my hiatus event to remember and keep alive the old narratives regarding Stefan and Caroline.
Chapter 1 A Quick Revisit Amnesiac Stefan

Chapter 2:
When Stefan gained his memories back, he had a bad visitor named PTSD along with the memories. He constantly had little panic attacks as if he was in the safe drowning over and over again and as usual he chose to distance himself from the people he cares(Damon, Elena, Caroline and so on…) until he ran into drunk Katherine… He told it himself that he was avoiding people.

So nobody knew about his PTSD though Damon suspected there was something wrong with Stefan. He wanted to deal with it alone, by himself and with a glass of alcohol which clearly wasn’t working.
In the meanwhile Caroline and Elena were dealing with newbie vampire ripper Jesse but I’m not gonna get into that storyline.
Aside from Stefan, Katherine was also dealing with her own problems and so through their situations and with the push of Stefan’s compassion and hero hair they had some bonding moments.

Which is parallel to Stefan’s catching Elena in season 3. btw I sooo want him to catch Caroline too one day!! That’s Stefan at his core which is what Katherine said.

Stefan made it his job to keep Katherine alive, imo he did it for two reasons. First he’s that person such as who values the life as it is, kind of something like that and you know he had some sort of feelings for Katherine imo and Secondly it was sort of a way to distract himself from his PTSD. But then Katherine told that if he wants to keep her alive she can’t work with the people who cannot give their %100.(Though I genuinely believe that even though she didn’t say it she wanted to just help him because she cared about him) So she called Caroline for Stefan’s PTSD. So that our queen made her shiny appearence lol

So when Caroline heard about Stefan PTSD, as always she dived into the books and studied some psychology to help Stefan. It wasn’t enough she got her mom drop off the safe for them to use which kinda scared me a little actually and I guess Stefan too.

Oh btw she even sanitized it, did I mention I love Caroline so much?

Caroline is not a doctor nor she’s 500 years old nor she’s the smartest person on the planet but “when push comes to shove” she always finds a way to help her friends in her own power and so did she again. She came up with her own terrifying(to Stefan) solution to PTSD problem. Stefan’s failed with his own way she thought “which I agreed” that Stefan should deal with his PTSD head on. This is one of the reasons how they are balancing each other which was mentioned earlier by threadsandspiderwebs

“We’ve gotten to see how both Stefan and Caroline have issues that are core to their characterization (though Stefan’s is still more in analysis while hers are more clearly presented), but the extent to which either are able to move past and not let their issues control them them reflects the difference in growth:. For Caroline, it’s not debilitating** (yet?) Yeah, those issues are there, will always be there, but it’s not overwhelming, and when it threatens to be, she copes in other non-self sabotaging taking-care-of-self ways.(x) While Stefan…

But what if was always meant to have a certain symmetry….Early on, with the first couple eps of the season, I think we expected Stefan and Caroline’s pathologies to be problematic at the same time…


…which they were for a moment, but the CLASH didn’t really act as the SOURCE of a continued disconnect. Because what’s interesting is the on-edge, in-denial, “tunnel vision” Caroline of the first two eps, was supplanted with a calmer, somewhat more removed, but eventually more…resigned? to all of it Caroline***..” ( X ) (About S6)

As it’s been mentioned that Caroline’s issues are clearly presented, spoken and discussed by other characters while Stefan’s is a mystery and interpretation is left to us, the viewers. (in s6)

Back to the PTSD storyline, Stefan gets into the safe. He starts panicking, feels like drowning and the name he calls is “Caroline” for help. Not “hey” not “Katherine” not “guys” or not any other way for calling help it’s Caroline. Hmm…
The scene shows Stefan in the safe and Katherine-Caroline’s voices coming in outside of the safe. So Stefan hears what they are talking.

Katherine: Have you two ever… uhmm you know?
Caroline: No I don’t know.
Katherine: Come on you know. Have you?
Caroline: Oh my god! Katherine seriously!
Katherine: That wasn’t exactly a yes or no.
Caroline: We are friends!! (lol sure whatever Care, we know how that turned out:) )
Katherine: Your loss he’s great in bed!
Caroline: Oh god I’m so not listening to this!

So in 5x09
Caroline: We are friends!
In 6x08
Stefan: She’s my
So Stefan actually hears what Katherine and Caroline talk. So it means “friends” was mentioned four times which I realized I didn’t notice this one when I was writing it in my old meta.

(I think you can either be friends with someone or in love with them” (5x18) So he ignored what amnesiac Stefan felt to a some point but we all know what happened in the second half of the season. Holding her hand in sleep? Brushing her cheek? He got confused, he couldn’t be sure about what he’s feeling and also remember this.

Caroline: You are my friend (5x12)

Stefan: Remind me. We were friends (5x16) *if I lose my  memories*

Caroline: We’re friends, right? (5x20)

So many unnecassary “friend” mentioning in the second half of the season with the first quote in 5x18 which may have confused him even more and forced him to ignore what he felt since his amnesiac time period. It wasn’t a possibility because she kept saying “friends”. So when he asks “how did I miss it” it’s saying like “I didn’t want to miss it”) ( X )

So how can we blame Stefan for being oblivious to what she is feeling about him?

So Stefan loses his conscious in the safe and Katherine-Caroline decide to push Stefan even more. Katherine gets into the safe with Stefan because she knows he can’t overcome for himself but he can always overcome for others. ***I so loved the tension between Stefan and Katherine*** In the safe Katherine points out Stefan’s real problem which is avoiding the emotional pain of the break up and instead focusing on to the physical pain ***which is what Stefan is going to do when he loses Damon, Instead of dealing with the pain he’s gonna run away, create a prison for himself(starting over routine), get beaten up by random people*** So in the safe he overcomes his PTSD not for himself but for a “life” whether he cares about or not.
When he’s coming out of the safe Caroline’s standing there waiting for him. This is one of my favourite scenes of s5. First of all they hugged, they smiled

it was so cute and adorable but there is one more thing that I found this scene so meaningful. Two episodes earlier Stefan told that he wanted Damon and Elena to be the one to save him from the safe

but when he got out of the safe they were not there. Tessa took him, he lost his memories so when he regained them he went right back into safe with all the pain because of the PTSD. So in 5x09  this is actually the first time he gets free of the safe and pain, all of that. And Caroline is the one who is there for real.

She studied psychology, came up with a good idea, carried the safe, cleaned it but in the end Katherine was the one who got most of Stefan’s attention and probably most of the viewers too because she’s the one who got into the safe, shared those intense moments with Stefan, had sex with him later. So to me even though we are giving Caroline the credit she deserves, I don’t think rest of the fandom(I mean besides sc fans and caroline stans ***except exceptions***) gives her enough credit.
Anyway later on Stefan and Katherine you know:)

Regardless this was so hot^^ And Caroline overhears it, I wonder how much of it she listened lol First Amnesiac Stefan flirted with her in 5x04, then they had dance in 5x06 then she overheard him having sex in 5x09. Wellll so much for platonic I guess lol
One more bonus gif!