can we also please appreciate this man's beauty

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Okay, but can we please take a moment out of all the awful drag Peter wore to appreciate his natural good looks beneath it all? He's always been beautiful and very handsome to many of us, and I don't think he gets nearly enough appreciation as he should! I mean yeah, Davy and the others are great looking guys, but Peter has this angelic quality to his smile that I just adore! (I also feel like his looks don't get talked about as much, but maybe that's just me! 😉)

Absolutely! Well, that’s the entire point, really…that Peter wasn’t “pretty” the way Micky was, but he was “man-pretty,” and the costume people clearly didn’t know how to properly dress/accentuate the features of a handsome man such as Peter or turn him into an attractive woman. But yes, Peter was quite attractive back in the ‘60s, no question about it, and definitely had that dimple working overtime for him. Here’s a few favorite Peter pics…

The skies have cleared

All acne has been cured

Our souls have went to heaven.


Well, because our ears and eyes have been blessed by the phenomenal comeback of the one and ply B.A.P.

Who is B.A.P you may ask?

Well, they are only one of the most epic groups in the Kpop industry(at least for me).

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So to be honest, the last few comebacks(the ones after B.A.P’s dispute with TSENT) though they were cool, they were not so epic. don’t get me wrong, I loved all the songs and I am grateful for anything from B.A.P, but i guess my heart always yearned for something more bombastic. 

So when Noir was announced I got extremely so excited. And the teaser pictures got me more hyped than ever, After all, it looked like we were about to get a plot driven video. 

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And did we get that?

YES! Infact, i personally got more epicness than I hoped for! So much that i had to digest the video and song for  a day before writing a post.

So lets start with the song: AMAZING! That chorus is so good! The whole Skydive part followed by rap is just a blessing! 

The M/V…. without spoiling much, just proves how great B.A.P is at having plot driven, curve ball throwing concepts.

Now lets go to the members:


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I am so happy he finally got his turn to shine! His acting skills are so good! I was constantly captivated by him. He was so confident and cocky in this M/V. He really did an amazing job and proved himself not only as a dancer but also as an actor.

Great job Jongup! You go get your spotlight!


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First thing first, can we appreciate that he finally got more than 2 line in a song? About time may I say. Even Bang Yongguk knows that Himchan has talent… Its just that most of the time his vocals do not properly fit the songs.

But this time he proved why he is so great!

PS. About Himchan’s weight… Am i the only one not at all against him not being the skinny boy he was during the Power era, but rather a man with a normal, healthy (in fact what some people somehow find fat) body? He just looks so much sexier for me now.

Also, can we please appreciate the chemistry between him and Jongup?

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So good!


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Do I really have to say anything about this young man? I mean, he already proved himself as a great actor in One Shop and this was just the cherry on top! Especially with his voice also being so prominent in this song! He was just fantastic!


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Once again…. what shall I say that is sot super obvious? Daehyun is amazing. He has such a beautiful voice and such good visuals. I literally find myself speechless every time i see him.


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Our precious maknae is all grown up! He’s all tall now and big and his rap just keeps improving! Zelo is probably the first ever maknae that i truly liked and thus he holds a special part of my heart!


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Yongguk is actually my bias. And that is surprising as I do not really have biases… like ever… But Yongguk just stole my heart.

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He is an extremely talented lyricist, who raps amazingly and brings a smile t peoples’ faces. And thus it truly saddens me that he, this precious human being has got a panic disorder and allegedly has been suffering from depression for quite time now.(something which i wanna elaborate more in my next post)

So thank you B.A.P for once again giving us an amazing comeback! We will try to cherish and love it for life, just like all you other work!

I hope that all members remain healthy and that they do not become scared of seeking for any help as it could ‘affect the group’.

Real BABY’s will always wait… Promise!

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Firstly, can we appreciate Tessa’s HOT HOT fiance/boyfriend please? I would let that man take me up any mountain. Secondly…

Major Thorpe- Will Thorpe has a lopsided smile and I still think his jaw is too definied to make him trustworthy, BUT I tollerated the car scene relatively well. Also, let’s appreciate how BEAUTIFUL Ellen was in tonight’s episode.

MaLuca should have remained simple.

Arizona, poor baby, is sat in a rowing boat on her own in the middle of a lake trying to paddle with one oar. It WARMS MY HEART that she went to Callie though. I’ve personally been there- you’re feeling AWFUL about something and all you need is that one person to say you’re ok. She didn’t get it but I enjoyed Arizona’s sentiment.

Amelia and Arizona. Look at baby one giving wisdom to baby two. Did I miss something? Has Amelia been in this situation? Cos she spoke as if she had experience! Sweet scene though.

April and Jackson are bleugh- MESS-EEEEEEEE. Poor babies. I am totally not sure where I stand on the whole thing to be honest. Jackson should be involved, but then again, April has a point- divorce means they’re done and a baby shouldn’t change that. TBC…

Alex BOSSED the role of being Meredith’s person. “You lose people then we find new ones”. BYE CRISTINA. (I miss her, but also, Alex Karev is my baby so sorrynotsorry!)

Cross needs to be limited to one liners. The way he was talking, I felt like clipping him round his ear! Respect young man! Have some!

Owen and April- this was potentially my favourite scene. It was so honest and Sarah was so freaking vulnerable, and Kevin’s acting in wrapping that woman up in his arms… shit me. I want that hug. “It’s a miracle”. You’re a miracle Owen, YOU ARE A MIRA- oh wait…

Omelia. Amelia is not equipped to deal with this shit at the moment. She’s doing well with her sobriety, she said staying with him was bad for it in 12x10, and now he’s given her even more reason to believe this. But she ran because she had to, she needed to. She’s going to need to take time, realise he’s as damaged as her and that she either needs to face that side of him or call it quits. Personally, I think this is a minor blip considering their past. ON A LIGHTER NOTE- that opening scene nearly killed me. The dog chat, the “adult house” chat, the birthday chat, THE NUDGE, the dinner chat, the cooking chat (I refer you to Owen’s description of his perfect woman in 10x16), and then IT ENDED WITH THAT FUCKING LIP BITE. I’m a happy bunny.


Toughy but I’m going to give it to Jo Wilson for using this as a comeback: “Steph, when was the last time you had sex?”


I am a mother of about six or seven babies at the moment, Will Thorpe can stay for a maximum of two more episodes before I shave his stubble off, we all need a tiny hint of Calzona in our lives- let’s be honest, MaLuca should go make out against an office door again, Owen gives THE BEST HUGS, Japril is more of a hot mess than Donald Trump’s hair, and Omelia will be fine and get married. Right?!

Oh, also, I’m very much sexually attracted to Amelia Shepherd when she bites her lip! Other than that, I’m all men, all the time.