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i’m having issues contacting the hospital i went to after my accident to tell them i was insured they put me on hold for 10 minutes and then go “yeah we can’t take your call at all. leave a voicemail and we’ll call you back in two days” and i’m losing my fucking mind


                                there’s only one thing we all know for certain and that is …

things i love about Shiro
  • wears New York Black™
  • the dad friend
  • that fresh fade
  • literally so beautiful, inside and out
  • soft and delicate
  • but like also terrifyingly adept at fighting 
  • just wants to help  
  • he is also just, so damn beefy like hot damn 
  • will not let Lance make dirty jokes
  • is A Dork™
  • “let’s take a break” “let’s break for now” “let’s break”
    *everyone sits down for 2 minutes* 
  • sometimes he just  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • honestly probably needs a 5 hour hug
  • feels so responsible for everything all the time
  • the most bestest, most genuine person
  • when he smiles i am undone, my son
  • literally did nothing wrong
  • encourages everyone to do and be their best while struggling with his own self doubt 
  • *also side eyes people on the reg* 
  • this screenshot:  

worst fear: this is all real there is no s5 this is the end it was all a lie from the start
fear: theres a s5 but it stays platonic this was all a lie from the start
true neutral ending: there is a s5 and its ambiguously non platonic
realistic good ending: they tanked this episode on purpose because the bbc wouldnt let them make it gay anymore and they wanted the bbc to drop their contract so they can be picked up by someone else who will let them do johnlock
good ending: there’s a secret fourth episode that will resolve everything and give us johnlock
best ending: we’re all just in the wrong splinter universe now and the 12th doctor is gonna pop up at any minute and take us all back through to the s4 that makes sense

An Evening with Ed Sheeran (2)
  • Ed: I have anxiety anyway, but not over songs, just over crowds of people.
  • Interviewer: Talking about anxiety, I think it's been made so apparent recently that it takes its toll.
  • Ed: Mine's just come recently. Mine first came, 2015. I'd been taking all my friends on holiday and we were staying at one of our mates' houses, and I had to go back to film something - a show called The Bastard Executioner - and I got back on a flight to England at two o'clock in the morning on my own. And ever since then, I've had it. Because it was just horrendous. I can't be in large groups of people without getting really shaky and just having to go. So I will last at a house party like ten minutes, and then probably have to go. I guess it's something to do with a panic attack? And it's not necessarily talking to people, I just feel... like even when people aren't staring at me, you kind of feel it. It's a weird thing.
  • Interviewer: Is it because of the job? Because you've had so much scrutiny?
  • Ed: Yeah, well, it's being so recognizable. It's having bright ginger hair and colorful tattoos and a scar on your face and not really being able to hide it. I dunno. It's something I haven't really addressed. But something that I'm very aware of. And that people are beginning to understand. Like if I leave a house party or a bar or something, like people would be like why did you leave? And now they're beginning to sort of clock it. Half of it, as well, is I just don't feel there's any point of me being there, because I'm not having like a real conversation with anyone, or like gaining anything from it other than just feeling a bit anxious, so I usually just leave. And hang out with my cats.
Play loud music through your head set, well let me ask you some questions.

I take a train to work every day. About a 45 minute commute each way in a very comfortable train. Usually quiet and we all can take a nap before and after work. A new guy started taking the train that is a total jerk. He has these head phones that are super loud. Whenever someone asks him to turn down the music, he gets very confrontational. So one day he sits next to me and I am not about to ask him to turn it down! Oh no! I am about to become his best friend. I ask him what song is playing! I tell him I heard it once and want to buy it. He tells me only to put his music back on. Next song comes up. I ask him what that song is. He is clearly aggravated by now. I let the third song go by, but when I see him look at me I give him the ‘ahh not a fan’ . Fourth song I tap him again and ask him what it is. I then ask him if he could show me how to buy these songs on iTunes. He is clearly pissed because he has a Samsung, but I play the village idiot. I keep being nice to him entire ride but I disturbed like 7 songs.

Next day he sees me in the train car and moves on to the next one.

Studying with Mental Illness: Self-Care
  • Eating and Drinking:
    Make sure you eat food, and drink water regularly. Carry a water bottle everywhere you go if it helps. I always have a water bottle, and something I can snack on in my bag, because I tend to forget otherwise. Eat healthy foods where you can, but honestly, something is better than nothing. Take the time to eat, and drink. Nutrition and hydration is important for fueling your body and will help you focus, and stay focused. 

  • Taking breaks:
    These are necessary. It doesn’t have to be long, but you should aim to take at least five minutes every hour, and some longer ones here and there. It can be hard to stay focused, and you can burn yourself out easily if you try and study for hours on end, day after day. Listen to your needs. Getting a headache? Take a short break. 

  • Mental Health Days:
     We’ve all had those days where we’ve had good intentions to write notes on some chapters, maybe work on an assignment, read a chapter in the text book, or whatever, only to wake up, and feel like our mental illness is getting the better of us, and study just isn’t on your radar. It’s okay to take a day off to do something mindless, or enjoyable, or relaxing. It’s important to take these days when we need too. Don’t feel ashamed to take a day off for your mental health. 

  • Socialising:
    Go to that party, catch up with that friend for coffee, Skype with that friend, catch up with your dash board, or Facebook news feed, whatever it is, it’s okay to do those things. Just as long as you don’t always do those things. Not letting yourself do those things, especially when you’ve been struggling with mental illness and motivation to study, and you take your socialising away from yourself entirely as punishment, can contribute to the cycle of not studying. Find a balance that works for you.

  • Talk to someone:
    A therapist, a friend, a significant other, sibling, parent, teacher, whoever. If you trust them, and ask if it’s okay to talk to them about things that are bothering you/going on for you, then you should talk to them. Talking about things can really help you to start working through things one by one when it all seems overwhelming, and upsetting. Also, don’t be afraid to let your teachers/professors know that you are going through difficult times. Utilise the programs and resources your school/college/university has to offer. Ask for that extension if you need it.

  • Exercise/Stretching:
    It’s good to not only have a regular routine for your overall physical health, and fitness, but during your study sessions, it’s also good to get up, and move around, and do some stretches every once in a while. Just like with taking breaks, you can use those break times to incorporate some movement. Get up, walk around the house, stretch, do some star jumps (I think some people call them jumping jacks???). I am terrible with exercise regimes. I am working on trying to include walking around the block, weights and resistance, and other things into my week, because I know that exercise is supposed to help with focus, and my overall physical health. And it’s supposed to help with mental health too.

  • Sleep:
    Get some sleep, and get some good sleep! 7-9 hours of good quality sleep per night, is ideal for most people. Know yourself, and how much sleep you need. I personally need about 8 hours, anything less and I struggle. Sleep can be hard if you’re struggling with insomnia (I do) but giving yourself as much opportunity to sleep as possible (within reason), will really help. Also, taking naps during the day can really be helpful. I often take short naps when I get home from classes, because I find it helps me to consolidate the knowledge better, and revitalises my body, and my mind for me to continue with my day, as classes take a lot out of me mentally, and physically. Don’t stay up all night, you’re better off getting some sleep earlier, and getting up earlier. And take naps if you need too!

  • Be fair to yourself: 
    This is really important. Know your needs, and treat yourself fairly. Even if you don’t get everything done that you wanted, even if you had to take a mental health day when you have so much to do, it’s okay. Your feelings are valid, and you are not weak/worthless/incompetent/insert other self-hating statement here. You’ve done so well to accomplish what you have managed today. You are amazing. 

    This is the last post to my post series Studying with Mental Illness:  Some Ideas for Studying, Motivation, and Self-care. Here can find my general post, studying post, and motivation post. Thank you for reading. I know these ideas won’t work for everyone, but I hope that they might be useful to someone. Take care. 

Can we take a minute to appreciate that B.A.P went through hell and back, overcame impossible odds, took control of their lives after years of what was essentially slavery, and when they came back and released their new album they put the fan appreciation song first on the album, even before the intro track and their own story? That was them saying that all of this was for us. That even though they had to leave for the sake of their own health and wellbeing, that we were what was worth coming back for, what was worth fighting for. That was them confirming, in the very tracklist of their album, that what they said, when they said that awards and popularity didn’t matter as long as we were happy, was true.

I don’t know what miracle brought us such perfect angels, but as we near five years with B.A.P, let’s not forget everything that they’ve gone through and how much they care about every single BABY out there.

In my 2nd edition campaign, I chose to be a Female Bard name Lucifer.

SO in the first few minutes, we came across an inn/tavern. There were pies, so my party bought one so we can eat it together.

Paladin: I’m gonna take the first bite of my slice

Ranger: I second to do that.

Cleric: (Says as they drink a bit of ale) Eh, not really interested right now.

So I sit back in watch after I heard the DM say ‘make a constitution check’. Some of the members failed, getting sick. So I’m sitting here, looking at the pie and tried a bite. I didn’t get sick, but it tasted a bit bad - kind of like what spoiled grapes taste like.

So I looked around the room and turned to the DM:

Me: Who all besides us is sitting in this tavern?

DM: Well, there’s this big burly dude, the bartender, a couple of elves in the corner in cloth, and people going into the upstairs segment.

Me: I’m gonna thrown the pie at the burly dude.

DM:…roll to hit?

I roll decently to land the pie in his face. He then comes up and makes a beeline to me, and takes a full pie and forces my face in it.

Burly Dude: Next time, I won’t be so gentle.

Me, covered in filling and crust, extended my hand: I’ll be looking forward to it.

I caught him off guard, and he introduced himself, as I did so myself. 

He then said to me: Do you have any plans for tonight?

I replied with a smirk: My only plan for tonight is checking you out. 

It went back and forth from there.

Someone’s probably touched on this already but it deserves repeating! Can we all just take a minute to appreciate that even pre-Sportacus Robbie knew enough about the town kids’ likes that he was able to effectively bribe them into going back inside (or wreaking havoc, in the case of Trixie) when they first started playing with Stephanie?

Like, we know you’ve been paying attention Robbie, you can stop pretending you don’t know their names when you apparently know Stingy’s main vice well enough that you told him that the game you gave Pixel was actually his in order to get him out of your hair.

One of my best friends was meeting with a guy from tinder. They were going to go to a movie and then hangout and have some drinks back at her place. Her date asked if we could make it a double date; naturally she asked if I would go with them. And of course I agreed to take one for the team. We show up to the movie and they were nowhere to be found, turns out they were ASLEEP and showed up 20 minutes into the movie. During the credits my date didn’t even look over and introduce himself until half way through. My friend’s date talked to me more than he did so I got the vibe he wasn’t interested in getting to know me at all, which was fine. We get to my friends house and start taking shots, so he opens up a little and I can tell I really like him. My friend and I go to the bathroom and she gives me a pep talk about how I need to make the first move. My drunk ass left that bathroom, marched my little ass over to him, sat in his lap and and planted a big fat kiss on him. We made out for a long time and then I realized I got too drunk. I started vomiting. You know what he did? He held my hair back for me. I decided I wanted to go to bed in the spare room. He set up on the couch because I didn’t ask him to come with me initially. When we woke up he scratched my back and asked for my number. My friend and her date don’t talk anymore more but my date wants to be my boyfriend. What I thought would be a long awkward night ended up being a possible beginning to something really great.

notch0607  asked:

Can we just take a moment to love this girl?

Just wanted to taje a few minutes off to thank this message, and ALL the other messages supporting me with the animation issue. You know “The Rushers”

I’m currently on vacations and will continue to be for the entirety of the next week. I really needed this time to keep my mind off these stressful things. I swear people in youtube is driving me crazy lmao.

As of now, I have 14 minutes of animation. I don’t know if I’ll reach the 20 minutes mark, there’s only fight scenes left to be made which are really time consuming, but they’re very short (I think you know who’s fight I’m talking about *wink wink*)

Starting next week after my vacations, I’ll animate non stop until I finish this episode. I’m pretty confident that I can get it done on February.

Until then, I’ll enjoy myself

Thank you all! ♡♡♡