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guys remember when Zarkon told Keith that he fights like a galra soldier?? What if the team uses that to their advantage and asks Keith what would he do in the galra’s position and then they try to work around it like a Team™

why the signs are excited:

Aries: their fave is blessing them with new content
Taurus: their fave is blessing them with new content
Gemini: their fave is blessing them with new content
Cancer: their fave is blessing them with new content
Leo: their fave is blessing them with new content
Virgo: their fave is blessing them with new content
Libra: their fave is blessing them with new content
Scorpio: their fave is blessing them with new content
Sagittarius: their fave is blessing them with new content
Capricorn: their fave is blessing them with new content
Aquarius: their fave is blessing them with new content
Pisces: their fave is blessing them with new content

I think all of Harry’s fans, whatever they believe his love life to be like, owe him the decency to listen to his album when it comes out, without preconceptions about what he should be saying, is not allowed to say, or how he wants to express it.

He has made a very personal record, and in my opinion he’s being brave in the way he sends it out into the world. I hope we can all shut up for a minute and listen to it. You know, let the music speak for itself for at least one round, before we all come back here and fight about the lyrics. These guys spent months working on melodies, song structure, drum sounds, tunings, should we add more vocals here or a piano there… Don’t get me wrong, I expect some lyrics that will make me feel disillusioned, but I believe I owe him a few spins of that dramatic white vinyl that I ordered.

It’s a vulnerable thing, music. I feel what we shouldn’t do, is attack this album like a pack of wolves, pulling a piece of bloody meat out of the hands of the makers to rip it to shreds.

I Want to Lick It

Summary:  You’ve been living with the Winchesters for a couple years and you have a thing for Sam.  A slip of the tongue makes your feelings known and leads to SMUT.

Characters: Sam x Reader, Dean

Word Count: 1113

Warnings:  SMUT (fingering, oral, unprotected sex), fluff

A/N:  This is my first time writing Sam, please be gentle.  As my URL says I’ve got it bad for Dean.  But I have some lovely Sam girls in my life and this is for them.

BEFORE I go I need to thank the lovely and talented @wheresthekillswitch for being my beta.  Thank you Lee!!

My tag list is open so send me an ask if you’d like to be added.

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You’re standing in front of the pantry in the bunker kitchen trying to reach a box of cereal on the top shelf. 

“Sam could you grab that?  I can’t reach it.”

Laughing Sam walks over to you.

“What would you do without me?”

“Probably buy a ladder, but I prefer keeping you around,” you wink at him.

You’ve had a thing for the taller Winchester since he and Dean saved you from a demon two years ago.  But you’ve never dreamed about making your feelings known, you flirt, but it’s all for fun; he and Dean look at you like the little sister they never had.  He reaches up to the top shelf revealing the V of his muscular torso and you think to yourself, oh god, I want to lick it.


Sam looks down at you confused.

“What?” you say panicking as heat flushes your face.

You know you must be beet red so you look to the floor.  Oh, my god!  I said that out loud.

“Oh look we’re out of beer,” Dean says.  “See you kids later.”

He grabs his keys before dashing out of the room.  Without a word you turn and run out of the kitchen heading towards your room.  Sam jogs after you reaching you at your door and catching your arm.  You keep your head down examining the bunker floor as your embarrassment reaches its peak.

“Y/N, look at me,” Sam says curling his finger under your chin tilting your face up.

“Sam, just leave me alone,” you say trying to brush past him and into your room.

He stays planted in front of you.


“What, Sam?  I’m extremely embarrassed, I know you aren’t into me like that, it’s fine.  Just let me go to my room and we can forget all about this…”

“Shut up, Y/N,” Sam says brushing your hair from your face.

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DannyMay Day Thirteen: Jonny 13/Lucky

…How? How is it that he can defeat the Ghost King but can’t even tell the Goth chick how he feels? He’s getting sick of the little punk’s denial. It’s obvious that they like each other. It’s obvious to humans and ghosts. He reaches a decision.

He’s gonna have to play Cupid, Jonny 13 style.

Riding down the streets of Amity Park is the infamous ghost bicker Jonny 13, and Shadow, faithfully following. He’s come to spy on the little punk. See what’s up with him and the Goth- hey there girl you looking fine- no, no. He’s on a mission. He can flirt after.

He rides past the park and spots his target. There they are, all three of them. They look like they’re just chillin. Jonny slams on the breaks and kills the engine. He knows he can’t get too close without alerting the kid’s Ghost Sense. That’s it! He can use this to his advantage.

“C'mon Sam, the only reason you think that is cuz he wears black.”

“So? You like Spider-Man for his nerdy background”

“But we can all agree that Super Man is the greatest right?”

“Shut up Danny”

“Aww c'mon guys-gasp”

Damn, the kids got a wide range. He can see him tense his muscles. His friends getting into defensive stances seconds after the gasp. Well whatever, gonna have to play this by ear. He makes his way over to them. Putting on an impassive expression.

“Relax punk, I’m not here to cause trouble, yet.”

“Jonny? What, have another fight with Kitty?”

“Something like that. Just wanted to get away, ride around a while. Ya know, see the sights”

“And by sights you mean anything with a skirt on?”

Damn, that Goth chick’s got a sharp tongue. How does this kid deal with the constant sass. Whatever, to each his own he guesses…Anything with a skirt huh? He could work with this. He smirks.

“Well girlie, you’ve got a skirt on”

She makes a face. A cross between walking in wet socks and sucking on a lemon. The techie friend just looks horrified. He would have laughed but He’s gotta observe the punk’s reaction. And boy what a reaction it was. The kid looks about ready to tear him to pieces. Fists clenched, muscles taught, eyes glowing green. He shifts in front of the Goth chick.

“Watch it Jonny”

“Why? You dating her?”

“Well no-”

“So you’re not her boyfriend”

“No but-”

“So she’s single”

“Yeah but-”

“So you have no say in who wants a piece”

With each fact his confidence shrinks more and more. Shadow is just cackling behind me. The Goth chick looks caught between wanting to tell us off and waiting for the punk’s answers. The Techie friend looks like he’s caught on to whats going down. We make eye contact. He nods slightly. This is perfect.

“Yes I do-”

“Why? do you like her?”

They both freeze at that. Gotcha. He starts to sweat. Goth chick can’t see his face but the both of them look like cherry tomatoes. Maybe he’ll admit it if I’m more forceful? He snaps out of it and starts sputtering excuses.

“W-what!? No, I mean yes, I mean…”

Goth chick looks like a mess. Her eyes betray her bored expression. He can tell she’s holding her breath. Techie is watching like a hawk. This kid is crashing and burning fast.

“Do you?”

He stops the word vomit and looks at me. He just stares. Like he’s in a far away place. After a few seconds he looks like she’s come to a decision. He squared his shoulders, puffed out his chest, and stared daggers.

“Yes I do. So back off.”

The surprise is tangible. Didn’t think he would admit it just like that. Techie is silently celebrating. Goth chick though, she looks like she’s about to explode. Face red and caught between laughing and crying. I guess my work here is done.

“Alright whatever man. See you around then.”

He turns to leave the same way he came. She asks if he meant what he said. As he makes his way to his bike he smirks. He’ll have to check in later to see how it went. Now though, he’s gonna go check out those sights, maybe flirt a bit with the locals, try a Nasty Burger.

Sitting on his bike watching the setting sun he wonders if his plan worked. Hopefully. When the entire ghost zone has a betting pool as to when the two of them are going to get together, you know it’s serious. It’s honestly ridiculous how perfect for each other they are. Maybe he will go check in on them. However as he makes to turn on the bike he sees something that just makes howl with laughter.

There, walking hand in hand is Goth chick and ghost punk. He smirks. They just made him the richest man in the Ghost Zone. What a lucky break.

some of my favorite tags on my most recent lance photoset

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#danger noodle son
#lance is that guy that everyone is in love with a little bit

Simsrena: the day Serena watched Bernie swimming....

In case you don’t remember, something happened between our lovely ladies which caused Serena to walk around like someone took all the wine away and Bernie to cry. Bernie, crying! It just doesn’t seem right to have the two words in the same sentence. 

In light of all that, last weekend I gave Bernie a bit of TLC… now that’s got my mind working… move it along, Rex!! Bernie agreed to join a group of people from work at a party in a nightclub and figured, yeah, some alcohol, a bit of dancing, a dip in the pool…. wait… skinny dipping is an option?! Bernie… swimming naked?!?! 

But wait, I thought to myself, this was supposed to be about Bernie. You’re supposed to be making Bernie feel happy! Get your shit together Rex and focus instead of feeding whatever little fantasy is going on in your mind - yeah I can see what you’re imaging and it’s not cool! 

Hang on, I said to that little voice in my head, swimming naked feels pretty good and Bernie deserves to feel good doesn’t she? Wouldn’t that make her happy? And that’s the whole point of this isn’t it?

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Oh you devil you!

So anyway, here we are, swimming naked in a pool on a roof top when…

Shit, fuck, bollocks! It’s only Serena Bloody Campbell! 

Now, I know, you might be thinking, isn’t this a good thing? And in any other circumstance it would be great to find out they were part of the same group but recently whenever Bernie has been stood in front of Serena she just starts crying and then they argue. So you see, I actually would have preferred them to not see each other for a little while. I mean, just while they get over whatever happened….

Oh ok. Never mind. 

Right. Well, ok then. Apparently we’re forgetting whatever happened…

I think erm… I just… I’ll just…

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Sorry… there was a moment there where I forgot all time and space. Who am I? What was I doing? 

Oh yeah. Simsrena! 

Anyway, after Bernie and Serena snogged the lives out of each other Bernie jumped back into the pool and I have to admit, I did invite Serena to join me…. I mean join Bernie! Oh shut up, all of you!

Can we please just take a moment to appreciate the close up of Serena watching Bernie swimming naked. Oh I know and you’re welcome!

You’re also very welcome for what’s coming up now….

Oh yeah. Bernie and Serena, skinny dipping in the pool. THIS IS THE SHIT I PLAY THE SIMS FOR!!!! I think I’m far too worked up over this. I mean, it happened over a week ago and I’m still not over it!! Look at how sweet they were after they got out and dried off! 

I might be too invested in this. Am I too invested? Maybe someone needs to stage an intervention? Can someone organise this please? Can someone please send help?

I’ll be over here, sitting on my sofa playing Simsrena in my pjs and thinking about the possibilities for the next Simsrena update… SEND HELP!


Apart from my slight unravelling and mental breakdown Simsrena seem perfectly fine. They both had very unproductive days at work the next day because all they wanted to do was this….

And yeah I was happy to watch them do it…

Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Forget the help. Forget the intervention. Fuck it all. I am pure Berena/Simsrena trash. And I am happy to bow before thee!

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anonymous asked:

what do you base most of your charactizations on?! I love the way you write Kitty and Charles, and I just wanted to know where to check that out haha!

Oh hey! I mean, mostly, my characterizations are just a combobulation of every piece of X Men content ever, except for Pryde of the X Men and Wolverine Origins lmao!!! I think I only consciously try to stick close to the spirit of Chris Claremont though, because he is the absolute best contributor that X Men ever had. I always recommend that if you want to get into X Men, start with Claremont’s run because though it is no way void of problems, it’s just the best characterization of all the faves! 

My Charles is a little more James McAvoy than most just because i like his charm, but I think he’s mORE XM-Evolution or tumblr user jadenvargen LMAO. mostly, I just write him as a dad who’s really bad at being a dad and also, loves making children fight supervillians to.. i dunno? build character?

 I think my Kitty is most heavily based off Excalibur and XM-Evo (I dunno if you can tell but I really really love X Men Evolution, this is well documented). I’d say its more classic Kitty Pryde era, like her being a sassy little bitch gremlin like that’s what I aspire my KP to be honestly. Claremont wrote peak KP.

I have specific inspo for everyone tbh because that’s just how i butter my bread lol! Great question!

Just Sorry? A Mini Series (Chapter 11/??)

Warning: Following chapters will contain Smut, Violence, Explicit Language, Daddy Kink, Rough Sex, Angst etc.

Previous Chapter: 10

Word Count: 2,491

“Has anyone seen Jinyoung? He was supposed to help me prepare the cake but he disappeared before I could even start.” Hana huffed out in frustration as her slender hands reached behind her to untie the pink apron hugging her waist.

Everyone had already settled in the dining room waiting for the artist to come down and join them for dinner. Except no one had seen him since the morning when he told Youngjae he had to go into the city to meet up with one of his patrons about a new art piece in the works.

“I don’t know maybe he’s still out. Can’t we just start without him? Your boy is hungry over here.” BamBam groaned and patted his stomach to only receive a light slap to his arm from Natalie beside him.

“Oh shut up. We can wait an extra five minutes all the food isn’t even on the table yet.” She pointed out as Youngjae beside her smiled her way causing the young female to blush. Still haven’t mustered up the courage to talk to Youngjae about her feelings, every time his eyes would land on her, she felt an electric wave jolt through her body.

“Nah, BamBam’s right. Babe we can start without him, he wouldn’t care anyways”. Mark chimed while motioning Hana to take a seat beside him. Once everyone was settled in and all the food had arrived, dinner begun without the brunette.

Surely, he wouln’t mind.

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