can we all just ship them now


he’s all i aspire to be:

  • has absolutely no fucks to give
  • is the epitome of chill
  • doesn’t do much but gets shit done
  • take a closer look, his eyelash wing thingy is on point
  • has hot people riding relying on him
  • is noticed by takashi fucking shirogane

and now where is this magnificent creature?? aboard a ship with five humans who’ve only had alien goop for months, among them a master chef, and in the entirety of this season, kaltenecker is only seen in this episode, are. you. FEELING. ME???


I can’t believe everything is so good right now in Richonne world. Like… it’s been a little over a year since our beautiful ship sailed and it’s all been so wonderful. Even with the whole “Saviors beating our heroes into the ground” roadblock. Like… I am just so happy with where are ship is and where it’s going. While other aspects of this show have let me down, Rick and Michonne always deliver. 

  1. Rick and Michonne got an episode that focused in large part on them called “Say Yes”. In this episode, we got to see them laugh together, make love, kiss, hug, and, in a way, become engaged (if not married). The Walking Dead has never showcased a couple like this before – and it was a welcome gift. 
  2. Not only “Say Yes”, but the mid-season premiere’s highlight moment was Rick and Michonne mowing down a herd of walkers with a steel cable then cuddling in a car afterward – on Valentine’s day no less. Then the next week’s episode, “New Best Friends”, had Rick giving Michonne a cat statue because he wanted to replace her old one, emphasizing Rick has been mindful of Michonne and what she likes for a long time. It goes to show the series is making a point to display how strong Rick and Michonne’s love is, and how it has not done anything to weaken their resolve. If anything, it has strengthened it. 
  3. Richonne has been blessed to have both the actors portraying the relationship, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, be incredibly outspoken about the ship in positive ways. Neither one has had a rotten thing to say about the relationship, and both have actually gone out of their way to promote Richonne. Andy especially was notorious even before Richonne became canon, being very vocal about wanting Rick and Michonne as a couple – even while AMC was trying to sell Jessie as a potential love interest. 
  4. Not only have Andy and Danai been supportive of Richonne, but so have other cast members (Chandler, Norman, Sonequa, Josh, Melissa, and Jeffrey come to mind). It’s so nice to see the team giving the thumbs up. 
  5. AMC’s social media, while still having its stumbles (like its instagram posting a Lori/Rick fan art with the caption “The original power couple” the same week “Say Yes” aired), has been far more Richonne positive than ever. It used to be like pulling teeth to get them to acknowledge Richonne, but now they actively use the word “Richonne” and promote the couple in their tweets. Skybound’s Twitter has also been much more pro-Richonne recently than usual. It makes it all the more real, and all the more indicative they believe in this relationship. 
  6. Professional critics have been overwhelmingly positive about Rick and Michonne’s relationship. While they’ve been negative about other aspects of this show this season, for the most part, they regard Rick and Michonne’s love for one another as a light in the darkness. 
  7. Nevermind the content we’ve received with Rick and Michonne in the canon, which is unarguably the best of all. Just all their scenes. It’s all so golden. So good. What did we do to deserve such wonder and majesty?

And, to think, the season isn’t even over yet. :)  

When Did I Start Shipping Richonne 7.12 Celebration

This is the scene that got to me. I ACHED after I saw this. 

They way he steps into her and then quickly steps out. Their voices are so tender, especially his. Check out how he looks at her gift and then looks away. He’s unsure but totally smitten. You can feel “it” swirling around in the air. It’s just a beautiful, subtle setup. Writers of all shows should study this scene. This is how you write for a couple. 

I would like to say that I shipped them from the beginning in S3 when they saw each other at the fence but I wasn’t that smart. “Clear” got me wondering but I shook it off. I did look in the Richonne tag after “Clear” aired and saw that there were only a few posts. And now…look at how we have grown. 

Widowtracily, the new ot3!

So, I hardly ever make my own posts on tumblr, and I never done this kind of post before, But I want to show the new headcanons I came up with after we were introduced to Emily, Lena’s adorable and really cool looking girlfriend.

Also, just to make things clear, while fanon can’t undo canon, anyone is allowed their headcanons, we can ship who ever we want, it doesn’t matter if one of the characters is in a relationship, as long as we respect canon.

Now, back to the main point here. Emily is adorable, I don’t want to see her separated from Tracer, but I’m also a hardcore Widowtracer shipper, and that’s not going to stop just like that, so what’s the only logical step, ship all 3 of them together! So here are my first headcanons of widowtracily:

  • Lena Emily are already together for a while now, and Emily starts noticing how Lena acting weird after some missions.
  • Tracer has found out about Widowmaker’s reconditioning during a raid on a Talon base. She knows now what happened to Amelie.
  • The file she found didn’t have a lot of information, but it did say that the experiment wasn’t perfected.
  • Now Tracer has been trying to revert what was done to Widowmaker. But has been keeping it a secret.
  • Emily finds out pretty fast.
  • Lena panics when Emily confronts her about it.
  • They talk it out, Lena explains everything the best she can. Emily understands it, but isn’t very happy that Lena is on this by herself.
  • With a few connections and help from a unsuspected Winston Emily helps Tracer find somethings on Widowmaker.
  • Tracer keeps trying to reach Amelie for the next few months, and it seems to be helping.
  • After months of trying, Tracer is saved from talon agents by Widowmaker during their fight. 
  • Tracer doesn’t understand what just happened.
  • Widow leaves, literally taking Tracer with her.
  • They’re on the run from Talon (and Overwatch, but that’s just Widow) for a while.
  • The two get really close, but Lena still misses Emily a lot. But something in her is also pulling her to Amelie.
  • After a while, Widow confirms that Amelie Lacroix isn’t her true self, that Amelie died together with her husband, and the one here will give them closure. No matter what.
  • A whole bunch of stuff happens. Overwatch decides to give Widowmaker the benefit of the doubt.
  • During their time together they form a bond, there’s n attraction there, that at some point they start getting intimate with each other. Lena tells herself that’s Widowmaker’s reconditioning wearing off and she’s just resetting her emotions, there’s noting deeper there. Until they share a kiss after the big battle to prove Widow is on their side to Overwatch.
  • Lena’s realizes what’s happening and she’s freaking out. She definitely has feelings for Amelie, but she still loves Emily, she’s sure of that.
  • Widow is surprised with how upset she feels after Lena leaves in a rush.
  • Lena actually talks with Emily after the kiss, and she’s terrified of her reaction.
  • Emily listens to it all and asks to talk with Widowmaker.
  • Tracer’s heart stops for a few seconds.
  • After the shock passes, she accepts. Lena brings Amelie with her the next day.
  • They talk, they don’t really have a lot in common, except for the focus of their affections. Lena is sweating bullets the whole afternoon.
  • Lena and Amelie are taken by surprise when Emily makes the proposal. 
  • Lena’s heart stops again, but to her surprise, Amelie accepts. With both women starring at her she has no choice.
  • The 3 are now in a relationship together. 
  • Tracer has no idea what just happened.
  • Things are kinda weird in the beginning, Emily learning to adapt to Amelie, and Amelie not really paying her a lot of attention.
  • It takes a while for Emily to gain Amelie’s interest. After a serious problem with Talon when they found Widow, that was solved by a great idea from Emily Amelie truly starts respecting her.
  • After a while they’re comfortable enough that it can be seen, they’re not just each in a relationship with Lena, they’re all in this together.
  • Between Emily and Amelie, Lena doesn’t stand a chance. If they’re both on the same side in an argument against Lena she will most certainly lose.
  • Amelie and Emily take turns cooking. Lena isn’t allowed to cook anything other than fish and chips.
  • Widow is much more physical than both Emily and Lena, always a small touch here. a quick peck there, stuff like that. Lena is very okay with that, but Emily gets really embarrassed, she never expected that from Widow.
  • They’re truly in love with each other. They share something special. Tracer feels that both of her girlfriends are just as much of an anchor to the present as her Chronal ccelerator. Amelie has finally put her past behind, the other Amelie can finally rest together with Gerard, she has a new family now and she loves them just as much. Emily is so happy to see this two women, that suffered so much being truly happy, and she’s part of the reason why, she thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world.
The Parts of the Gotham Fandom

(Some people are in Multiple parts)

Classic Batman Fans: They don’t like Nygmobblepot or some of the other parts that stray from the cannon story. More critical when watching.

Nygmobblepot shippers: They love the new content. They live off of Nygma and Penguin. Many are currently in denial or distress. This is where the most emotional trauma and tears occur.

The Jerome Cult: Now they are just freakin’ crazy. They can quote all of his scenes and has seen his episodes multiple times. To them, even frankin-Jerome is the sexiest thing on the show. Nicknames for Jerome here include, dad/ daddy, son, or puddin’

The Zsases : They love Zsas. Every time he comes on the screen is a blessing. Seriously we need more of him. Also he is perfect in every single way possible.

Fetus-Bats Gang: The reason they watch is all for Brucie and his gang. They love seeing him and comparing him to Batman. The most popular ship here is Selina and Bruce.

GCPD Officers: Jim Gordon makes the show for them. Whether they ship him with Lee, Vale, Bullock, Penguin, or Barbara, they are all united under the cinnamon roll that is Jim.

Sirens: Babs and Tabs. They love the woman power and pure ferocity is the Gotham sirens in Gotham. 

I can't believe they're canon.

Like, SO canon. Like we have all been blessed with this ship. Like it felt like it would never happen but now that it has I just want to see them hit all the milestones. Particularly the one that goes “I love you.”

Honestly… I tried to take off the shipper goggles for a second, and I just. COULD. NOT.

And not because I’m bellarke trash (although I certainly can’t deny it) but because this episode was dripping with the reasons I started shipping Bellarke in the first place.

Trust. Loyalty. Understanding. Empathy. Love. Partnership. Gratefulness. Safety. Comfort. Hope.

All of these things were given to us from these two characters this episode. And it was so good to see again.

This is it, you guys. These are the building blocks to an endgame relationship. We didn’t see them a lot in season 3 because they went in different directions, but now… NOW they are getting right back on track.

The writers aren’t wasting any time getting there either. They were sure, in the VERY FIRST EPISODE, to start building Bellarke up as much as possible. That little reaction shot of an empathetic Bellamy after Clarke breaks down? That’s a building block. Clarke thanking Bellamy for keeping her safe while their ship theme played in the background? Another block. The fact that every scene they stood next to each other, they were never more than a foot apart, always framed together in each shot? YOU GUESSED IT: it’s a building block.

So… Sorry fam. I can’t be objective about this. I’m leaving my shipper goggles on. Because this season, this ship is going to be entrenched in what the show means as a whole: hope.

reefharmos679  asked:

In a way I do. I never truely believed they were real, I hoped, with all my heart but my logic kept me frm giving in fully to the delusion. I still think they would make an amazing couple, which is why I still ship them. I just think that now, we can just focus on the idea of them and not stress so much on the proving they were real. I'm still immeasurably happy to have found Camren, it brought me to 5 incredible ladies and to this dedicated fandom. Definitely feeling free 😊

”I still think they would make an amazing couple, which is why I still ship them.” same with me.

i like the idea of shipping them without analyzing things, maybe some of us will learn and there wont be any more problem

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Can straight people not being their toxic culture into us? Now we have to deal with "ohhh louis with men is sexy i am gonna ship him with that, that too". There is already a "queer people are not loyal" opinion for years. They think we are in a relationship to have sex, that's all. And I hate it.

I could say it isn’t like that, but it is. I got an ask about someone saying they’d ship Louis and Luke because it’s fun and we should unclench about it. Just the “I’ll ship them with whoever is close” thing is terrible and people will rather do that then believe Harry and Louis are in a committed relationship for the past 6 years so yeah 

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It's sad you have to stop theorizing abt camren on A CAMREN BLOG. But I get it, anons's hate seems harsh.. I'm your ride and die anon, we'll be 2 on the cr ship but that's ok!! Just wanna say this fandom has a short memory.. Few months ago, we were all sure cr was AT LEAST real at some point, now they were friends all along.. It's like the next drama could erase years of ambiguity.. I don't secretly touch my friend's hand or serenade to them Wtf..??

Loool I probably will theorize again cause I can’t help it, the delusions are just part of me now 😂

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I thought about kara teaching mon-el how to ice skate earlier and i had to share it with you and your followers bc ive been fangirling over the idea all day

Thank you for sharing, love! We can now collectively imagine Karamel ice skating and Mon-El being completely horrible at it and landing on his ass while dragging Kara down with him and then both of them laughing on the floor. Eventually, he’d get the hang of it and they would just ice skate for hours while holding hands with big smiles on their faces acting like the pure space puppies that they are. Why were we blessed with a ship that allows us to imagine such cute scenarios?

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It’s just us now, okay? We can talk. Hey, uh you remember that day we, uh– we got drunk and, uh, ran around Lincoln Park setting off all the alarms on the Priuses? 
And then we, um– we climbed the Lincoln statue and gave Old Abe some, uh, lipstick with red sharpie.
Yeah yeah.
Yeah, you were, uh, fucking fearless. 

I literally can’t get over Jake and Ezekiel this season. A lot of people have started shipping them this season now that the mutual frustration has been overshadowed by the bromance

whereas some of us where just shipping it since day one because we always knew they cared this much underneath all of that

but ugh it’s so nice to finally see them start to really flow easier as partners and friends while still maintaining their ~banter~

every time Jake touches Ezekiel I want to scream, why do they have to be so tactile?

Thoughts on Shipping

The funny thing about people dissing gay ships is that they’d absolutely love most of them if they were straight.

Take Destiel, for example. Can you just imagine if Castiel was originally introduced as a female character? How everyone would be all over it saying all the stuff we say now like how Cas gave up everything for Dean and how Dean went near crazy when he lost Cas?

Or Johnlock. How everybody would totally ship it because John is the only person to ever really elicit emotion from Sherlock, as long as Johns actually replaced by a female of course. Irene, Molly, hell I bet some people would rather stick Sherlock with Mrs. Hudson rather than consider that he could be gay.

I’m just mad that we all get called rabid shippers who try and force everything to be gay when the real problem is people trying to force everything to be straight.

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The fact that sasuke never loved her but all of a sudden does by chap 700 feels wrong to me.Or at least he started loving her in a time we don't get to see.Other words this ship looks extremely forced so kishi can get some kids for a sequal.Now if we actually got to see them courting that'd help.I use to ship them,but I dispise how they were just thrown together just because sakura loved him.The ship looks extremely contrived.Funny how naruto loves flashbacks but in gaiden we don't get any.

Okay then. I really can’t be asked to convince you otherwise.

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so this is extremely embarrassing and i feel stupid lmao. i literally AM a bisexual and like... i completely forgot bisexuality exists re: shipping kara??? b/c like i definitely shipped her with jimmy O but then supercorp took over my life and i was like "just let them be lesbians" but actually it makes so much more sense w/ bi kara & like power lesbian lena tbh. (where's that skype emoji that hits its head on a brick wall when u need it??? callout for my dumb ass)

Hey we all make a mistakes.

I remember when Ruby first came out as Sapphic on Ouat and I was like fuck I can’t ship Frankenwolf now. Then someones like “Nor You are Bi you should know she could still hook up with Dr. Whale and Dorothy.” And I am like wow….that was stupid. I was just pointing out it is one of my biggest fandom pet peeves, to make characters canonically attracted to the opposite gender and then make them homosexual when it’s obviouslly possible for them for them to like THE SAME GENDER AS WELL. It’s like you are a gay man and you see me ship canonicaly gay Alec Lightwood with Clary and say hes bi, or put cannonically Lesibian Lexa with King Roan and she’s bi . [Honestly I classify everyone as Bi until told otherwise that way the character still has a chance to be queer] But anyway…

Honestly I dont care if Jimmy, Winn, Kara, and Lena are in this Polynormal relationship where Jimmy and Lena have Kara three Days a week and Every Other Friday. Like I am glad we have Sanvers and sapphic rep, but sapphic rep is, the woman’s a lesibian, that is it. And I think it’s hella important for a central character not only to be Queer, but to show that they can love men, but still be queer [ which is why I am gunning for Bi!Kara as a Bi Woman, but honestly

Now I am not saying have every girl be a NOT be a Lesbian. Just like its impossible to to have No Straight Women, It’s impossible to be no Lesbians in the world. However if every other Queer ship had a Bisexual in it, then it would be more realistic. As much I am not a C/lexa fan [I perferred Clarke’s Bi plot went with someone from the ark and not a stranger] I am so glad the show exclusively adressed Clarke is not a Lesbian, Crazy Ex Girlfriend also adrdressed this well by making one of it’s main’s Darryl a Bisexual man who was recently divorced and has a daughter. Hell, do you know how happy I am LoT is not afraid to point out Sara Lance is Bisexual. Then to go out of CW, you know how happy I was Annalise Keating in HTGAWM is freaking Bi?! It normalizes it for women and men who say “HEY” THEY LIKE TWO OR MORE GENDERS! I LIKE TWO OR MORE GENDERS TOO!

Anyway didn’t mean to make this a whole thing, but I am reassuring you its okay to make the “You Must Be A Lesibian to be Sapphic” mistake cause I have made it too, Bisexuality is being normalized, but the fact you recognize it and saying AH! Kara can still be with Lena despite Cannocialy liking men is a big thing and not many are brave enough to do it X3.

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Not seen you much right now. Wanted to how your feel about current storylines. I'm still struggling, still trying to find points in positivity posts. But, dont answer this if you're uncomfortable.

Hello lovely. I totally understand that you are still struggling. I’ve struggle to see the point in it all if I’m being honest. They promised us one thing and gave us another. I’m not really sure where they are going with this story right now but I’m going to wait it out. I absolutely refuse to get caught up in the spoilers and speculation right now. What’s the point? What’s done is done and we just have to let it all play out. 

I needed a couple days to sort though my crazy thoughts. Which in all honesty can be really difficult when you follow people with such opposing views. But I’m not going anywhere. I’m still invested. I never even fully considered no longer shipping them. I still love Robert. HE’S A FUCK UP BUT HE’S MY FUCK UP! When you TRULY LOVE a character you don’t just love them at their best. YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM AT THEIR WORST TOO. Aaron was my first love but Robert wormed his way in there and now for better or worse we are all stuck together. As you can see my bi pride icon is still in place and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

I know it might seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel right now, and this is a totally different set of circumstances, but there have been a few times while watching these two that I thought this is it. I can’t do it anymore but somehow ED was able to turn it around for me. I’m holding out hope that they are able to do this again. I know it will be hard but I’m not ready to give up just yet. There are so many amazing people who are really lovely and positive. Try to stay with them and try to steer away from the negativity. Most people are kind enough to tag so if you can blacklist DON’T BE AFRAID TO USE IT AND BLOCK WHEN NECESSARY! Anything that makes your time here less enjoyable. I’m not sure this helped at all but if you ever need someone to talk to I’m here anytime. Massive amounts of love and hugs to you. <333

Bethany was left out due to the fact she dies if Hawke is a mage.

Isabela: Stages a jailbreak with some of her crew and anyone who will help. She does it as stealthily as she can, but more than a few templars are left dead as Hawke and a number of other mages escape. If Romanced: She greets Hawke with a kiss and tells them not to be so careless again. She cackles in delight as they take off on a ship. “We’re all fugitives now, Love,” she croons, “isn’t it exhilarating?”

Aveline: She was trying to figure out a plan to save Hawke when she caught wind of Isabela’s plan. She suddenly stops fretting and mysteriously, only has Donnen stationed anywhere near the Gallows, and he’s drawn away by something else (a pickpocket, so he claims) right before the incident happens. When questioned about it, she just shrugs. “That’s… a real shame. We’ll just be more vigilant in the future.”

Carver: (If prior to Act 2) He tries to act cool about it, but he’s actually horrified and terrified– “Anyone but my sibling, please.” He helps Isabela break his sibling out. He grumbles the whole time and scolds his sibling for being so careless, but he is relieved to have them out. If Templar: helps Isabela by taking up guard by where the pirates are breaking in, and keeps the alarm from being sound. Afterwards, he feigns innocence. Until then, however, he keeps the other templars from abusing Hawke, and from turning them tranquil. If Grey Warden: he hears about it after the fact, after they’re broken out, and has them join him. He’s not sure if he’ll let the other Wardens let his sibling go through the Joining, but he keeps them safe.

Fenris: He’s terrified. He can’t bear to lose the one person he absolutely trusts. When he hears Isabela’s plan, he volunteers. He’s gotten people out of prisons before, and he’ll do it again. He helps Isabela, though he makes no effort to help any of the other mages. He just grabs Hawke and gets them out without a word, though later he gives them a sharp warning to be more careful. If Romanced: he runs away with them, as far away as they can (probably on Isabela’s ship). His scolding is far more panicked, and finally he sighs and tells them not to do it again, pulling Hawke into his arms quietly. He never wants to let go.

Anders: After the initial rage, he’s at the front lines of Isabela’s break-in, insisting that as much damage as possible be done, and as many mages as possible escape. He’s livid, fueled by rage and vengeance, as the Circle is broken into. When Hawke is rescued, he is happy, though he only calms down after all is said and done, and everyone escapes. If anyone is injured, he tends to their injuries proudly, and praises all involved repeatedly. If Romanced: Justice takes over, and a trail of blood follows as more templars than expected are slaughtered. Later on, when Hawke inquires as to why he’s covered in blood, he just shrugs. “I did say I would drown us both in blood to keep you safe.”

Varric: “Shit!” he curses, and he’s about to try to bribe his way to the top when he hears Isabela. He helps with the plan to break in. He knows the city head-to-toe, and he finds the stealthiest and quickest route in and out of the Gallows. He also buys the best weapons possible for all combatants, and bribes numerous templars to keep away and keep quiet. He joins in, Bianca in hand, and rescues Hawke at any and all costs. He won’t lost his friend. When he tells the tale, it’s even larger than what actually happened. “…and then we fought not one, but two possessed templars and a dragon…”

Merrill: Her blood runs cold when she hears what happened– being abducted by templars is one of her worst nightmares, and now that Hawke… She shakes herself and asks, desperately, what to do. She’s part of the group breaking in, and when she finds Hawke, she cries in relief and hugs them tight. If Romanced: she kisses them, again and again, just so relieved. “Ma vhenan, thank goodness!” Later, she goes on the run with them, and she tries to look at the bright side. “It won’t be so bad, Vhenan! We’ll start our own little clan. It will be fun!”

Sebastian: Is torn apart. He’s devastated that his friend has been taken by the templars, but to break into the Circle would be against the Chantry itself, to which he took vows. He hears about the break-in after the fact, for Isabela was afraid he’d snitch. He’s hurt and confused and wonders about his alliances, and where Hawke should truly be– and about mages in general. If Romanced: He tracks down Hawke afterwards and takes them to Starkhaven with him. They’d be safe there, and out of Meredith’s hands. He wouldn’t be torn away from Hawke again.

Avengers Chatroom: Ship Wars

Requested by @seapanda02

Pairings: None for reader. Slight Brutasha, Staron and Scarletvision.

Scenario: Some ship Finnrey and the others ship Reylo. The Avengers take their ships very seriously.

Peter has created a chatroom.

Peter has invited Steve, Tony, Nat, Sam, Clint, Wanda, Vision, Bucky, Rhodey, Scott, T'Challa, Bruce, and Sharon.

Peter: I just watched The Force Awakens again! It’s so good.

Clint: nerd.

Wanda: Didn’t you watch it, like, 3 times?

Clint: …You have no proof.

Steve: The what now?

Sharon: It’s a Star Wars movie, babe.

Steve: I haven’t seen them yet.

Bucky: Watch them, you must.

Sam: Force you, we will.

Sharon: We can have a date night and watch the movies, Steve.

Steve: I look forward to it.

Bucky: smh

Rhodes: I ship Reylo <3

Tony: Same!


Scott: Your ship is TRASH. Finnrey all the way!

T’Challa: I agree with Scott. Why would you ship Reylo? He murdered his father.

Sharon: Exactly! FINNREY.

Bruce: Well, I like Reylo. He deserves a chance. Even monsters can be loved.

Nat: Bruce, you know I adore you, right? But I’m with Finnrey.

Steve: Well, Sharon ships “Finnrey”, so I do too.

Tony: You suck

Bucky: Rey and Finn have an amazing friendship though! It would be ruined if they started dating. So Reylo.

Wanda: Rey kicked Kylo’s lame ass. Plus, there’s more between her and Finn. FINNREY!

Vision: But the possibility of one who seems like they cannot be loved and being loved eventually, is fascinating. I side with Reylo.

Sam: I’m seeing some subliminal messages in these ships, guys. Finnrey, though, there’s no choice there. They’re perfect.

Tony: Kid, whose side are you on?

Peter: I’m sorry Mr. Stark! But I choose Finnrey!

Clint: NO, come to the dark side!


Rhodes: Uh, Reylo > Finnrey.

T’Challa: I can’t believe you people actually ship Reylo!

Bruce: We need to settle this.

Nat: Yeah, I know who to ask.

Nat has invited Y/N to the chat.

Sharon: We’ll just ask the one who knows the most about this! Good idea, Nat.

Wanda: Y/N, Reylo or Finnrey?

Y/N: … Maybe neither? Do we have to ship Rey with someone?

Y/N has been banned from the chat.

Clint: Can you believe Y/N?

Tony: The NERVE.

Scott: How dare they.


Vision: Our ships will remain strong. We do not need Y/N’s opinion on which is the better Ship. It matters to us only.

Wanda: I agree. So truce?

Scott: I guess so.

Peter: Anyone wanna watch the other star wars movies with me?

Bucky: I’m in.

Sam: Me too.

Steve: Sorry, I have a date with Sharon.

Sharon: ;)

Steve has left the chat.

Sharon has left the chat.

Tony: Ew.

Tony has left the chat.

Peter has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Scott: I have to check on my children.

Clint: Ants aren’t children.


Scott has left the chat.

Clint has left the chat.

Bruce: I have to Science.

Bruce has left the chat.

Rhodes has left the chat.

Nat has left the chat.

Wanda has left the chat.

Vision has left the chat.

T’Challa has left the chat.

I love the crew message board!  So quick thing with what my Ryder would post before I leave~


[Mira] Hey guys, all these crates in the halls and in the middle of rooms?  Can we move them to storage or wherever is appropriate?  Thanks!  <3 <3 <3 (✿◠‿◠)

[Mira] Thank you Liam and Vetra for helping me move the crates!  Ship looks neater now!  I hope the plants and the drive core and whatever enjoyed everyone else’s attentions in the meantime!  <3 <3 <3 (゜▼゜*)

[Gil] Uh, can I just say that the Pathfinder’s emoji use is weirdly intimidating?  Who do I talk to on the Nexus about a hostile work environment?

[Cora] The plants and I are doing fine, thx, Pathfinder’s dumb emoji habit!

[Mira] I hope no one forgot a crate through all the cleanup, and placed it somewhere others might trip over it in the middle of the night!  °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°  <3 <3 <3 <3


[Mira] It was my turn to do dinner tonight, hope everything was good!  <3 <3  (☆^ー^☆)

[Suvi] O my god, Ryder.  I haven’t had pasta since we left the Milky Way!  So good!

[Vetra] Did you sneak something on board without me knowing?

[Mira] Nope, learned on Mars to make do with light rations.  And I hate settling for mediocre food!  

[Mira] Also, I hope the Hyrre goulash was good with you, Vetra.  You mentioned you stayed there for a while.  <3 <3 <3  o (^‿^✿)

[Vetra] Um, yeah, it was good with me!  You can cook dextro better than most dextros!  Hope you were careful, though.  Don’t need the Pathfinder out with an allergic reaction.

[Mira] Don’t worry, I borrowed a pair of Lexi’s gloves!  (◡‿◡✿)  <3


[Mira]  ((*゜Д゜)ゞ”

[Liam] Lol, I don’t think anyone thought you did.

[Liam] Thanks for clarifying, tho.

[Lexi] I don’t need them back, Mira.