can we all just ship them now

Written for @aryaxgendryweek​ Day Six → This is not a drill

This is not a drill.  IronMaiden is a go.  IronMaiden is a go.

IronMaiden???? That’s the fucking ship name you chose.

What?  It’s a blacksmith reference and a “she’s a girl,” reference.

If you had to pick one of the seven, I’d have gone for the warrior, maybe?

Look can we not do this now Lommy?

I’m just saying, I think that it’s important to make the terminology right and IronMaiden is a dumb name for a relationship.

Well what would you prefer then?

I don’t know.  I don’t see why we have to have a ship name for them at all.  They’re actually our friends, you know.  Not like…fictional characters or anything.

Look, I just came here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now.

Shut up memelord.  Are you sure it’s not a drill?

I’m 100% sure.  They were definitely making out while I was getting the pie out of the oven, and were all flushed and shit when I came back in and I’m p sure Gendry had a hard-on because he crossed his legs and stuff.

Ok that’s too much information.


Is this payback for me ragging on the ship name?

Probably.  Anyway.  Not a drill.  We can start planning the wedding now.

Bro…they just got together.  Chill.

I just want to bake their wedding cake.  Is that too much to ask?

Yes.  If you put pressure on them too soon they won’t stay together.  Let them have their fun.

Can I at least make them a congrats on the sex cake?



They take care of the members like no other 

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And laugh together like no other

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To tears sometimes 

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Namjoon used to pull Jin just to make a heart

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Or concentrate so hard (to make one)

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Today they make them with the eyes closed

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They crush while dancing while we pray no one will break a bone

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They have these weird moments we can’t get but still love

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Just keep in mind  they are the eldest and the leader 

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Namjoon thinks Jin is so cute

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He watches Jin acting cute like he is witnessing the next big thing since pizza

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He also tries to make Jin cuter (GOALS)

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Or, remember when  they were  alone in the studio

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And namjoon wasn’t able to take his eyes off Jin

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But again … he isn’t the only one

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Mr third guy from the left is worldwide handsome and VERY caring:

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Speaking of Namjoon’s obsession he usually holds Jin the same way

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by putting his hand around Jin’s wide shoulders

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Namjoon is way too smooth

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And it works because Jin shares his food with him and yall know how much Jin loves his food (MAAANHI MANHI if you had no clue)

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THE aura. THE charisma. THE air around them changes when they stand together. Their presence together is THAT powerful.

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SO powerful. Even their cute selfies revived the dead ARMYs killed by the previous events

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They are soooo~oooo cute and precious and must protect material when they play with filters, you forget that one of them is called rap “MONSTER”. 

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“Jin put his hand on Rapmon’s thigh as he laughed. Namjoon ignored all the cameras and he held it thightly while smiling” It sounds unreal but …No. This is not a fanfiction. This is reality:

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The way Rapmon hugs him and how Jin just puts his head on his shoulder is like a scene from a movie too

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I mean, look at this, you can’t feel nothing even if dead

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And space is not part of their dictionary: look at all the empty seats but they slept next to one another

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It was never a coincidence (Did you just “Awwww” now? don’t worry 99% do)

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And we can’t let out a post about these two without the GIFT SENT BY THE HEAVENS this year: THE kiss!

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It’s the ship that the WHOLE fandom approves no matter what. Why you say? I mean look at them. How can you not?

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So with flying kisses from both our lovely Jin and beloved Rapmon,  I finish this post wishing it has made you smile a bit <3

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I love these two so so so so much so I hope you liked it too^^ 
If you want to see more Try: 


By @mimibtsghost

Dear rest of the Spn Fandom,

What Destiel is NOT about.

1. Hating Sam/Jared
Okay, I have no idea where this one started, but honestly I don’t care what you ship if you hate on either of my tol cinnamon roll babies, YOU WILL BE FACING MY WRATH. ALL 5'2 OF IT.

2. Hating the women that they were with.
Personally, I love Jo and Lisa. Cassie was just there for an episode, so I don’t really have any opinions on here.
I don’t like Meg for other reasons (her character inconsistency was annoying and her voice got on all my nerves) but hating her just because she kissed Cas is pretty shallow.

3. Two hot men kissing.
Right. This. Look, if the only reason that you ship them is that it would be hot to see them kiss, I’d just like to tell you that YER A FUCKBUTT, HARRY. Other people can probably explain this better, but you’re fetishising a whole community and you need to stop. Now. And get off my blog while you’re at it.

4. Hating on their wives.
This is probably more of a Cockles thing than a Destiel one, but most of the Cockles shippers that I’ve encountered were all awesome people, so I’ll say it on their behalf, we don’t hate Danneel and Vicki, okay? Seriously, why would anybody, when they make Misha and Jensen so happy?

5. Making everything gay/The gay agenda
No. No. Say it with me, no. We do not ship them because they’re both men
We ship them because they have amazing chemistry and it makes sense that Dean and Cas be together. And it would obviously be the bisexual agenda, if it was an agenda. Which it’s not. At all. *Cackles in the distance*

• What Destiel is about

1. Unconditional Love
2. Dean finally realizing that he's​ not damaged and deserves love. Also realizimg that he’s not the perfect manly man soldier that John raised him to be, and that’s okay.
3. Cas understanding that he will always have a home with Dean (and Sam, by extension)
4. Two people who help each other to be better people.
5. Two people who constantly screw up, but forgive each other, because that’s what love is about.
6. Seeing people at their worst, and still loving them. (Dean forgiving Cas after he becomes God and Cas telling him that he deserves to be saved)
7. Unconditional love (I’m sorry, I’ll never be over the “I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”)
8. Both of them, giving up so much for each other.
9. Sticking up for each other

• Obviously I can’t speak for the entire fandom, but these are my views, and generally the views of people that I’ve encountered. Thanks for taking the time out to read it!

A Destiheller

Slytherin x Ravenclaw

- first of all, sytherin is absolutely adorable. like puppy-in-a-tea-cup adorable

- except the puppy is a pit bull and it’s angry 

- so like cute as hell and kind of terrifying 

- ravenclaw is weird; they spend more time in their own head than in the real world

- *stubs toe* “oh fudge

- has a weird fashion sense that they get bullied for

- until slytherin secretly took the bullies aside and threatened to shove their wands so far up their asses they sneeze splinters

- definitely partners in crime 

- like they would be notorious for their pranks, worse than Fred and George 

- slytherin would have sadistic glee in coming up with them

- ravenclaw figures out the logistics. nothing is more satisfying than seeing that marshmallow fluff land exactly where they wanted it to 

- most things they do are out of boredom 

- “hey so I found this in the potion stores the other day—" 

- "baneberry potion? dude, you could kill a city with that shit.”

- *smirks like the grinch* “I know." 

- they would skip a lot of class, but only because they know everything already 

- slytherin being protective of ravenclaw

- *hugs slytherin*

- “um”

- “..”

- “ok this can stop now”

- *hugs them tighter*

- “..ok”

- ravenclaw getting really excited about the nerdiest things, like figuring out a new potion or seeing a rare butterfly

- and slytherin just smiles and thinks they look so adorable

- not being very into PDA, but they always link pinkies whenever they’re next to each other

- braiding each other’s hair and taking it really seriously

- “I’m so glad we hate all the same people”


Is this the real life?
Or are they baiting me?
Is this a new gay ship,
That I can see on my TV?

Already too late.
I’ve chosen the fate for me…..
I’m just a queer girl, spends to long on AO3

Although the stray bullets,
my OTPS,
Despite all of,
The history
I’m hooked on a ship that may not ever be… ever be…

It seems to me.
That two women on the screen,
Can really only be seen as..
Gal pals. Why is this the case?
Why can’t they just go kiss each other’s faccceeee.

Shipping, ooohhhhhh
You see all it really takes,
Is a prolonged hug, stare or romantic gesture
For them to be, my OTP and all-time new obsession.

we should mention.
That we do actually have our share,
Of canon couples who now share some…
Screen time on our TVs,
But let’s be truuueee
The White Guy™ has more screen time than they ever dooooooo.

*cough* sanvers *cough*

Writers. Here’s a few tips,
If you wanna please the queers,
Here’s a list of things you really shouldn’t do……

(Gay Instrumental #1)

First here’s the thing all queer characters should be:
BULLETPROOF, (just take a look at jroth).
All stray bullets are a no,
For a gay girls way to go, see:
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
We won’t ever let that go….
Let that go-o-o-o-o.

It’s really tiring, seeing the same storyline.
Surely you should be trying, saving a queer from time to time.
At least until the end of the season three.

Lesbians, and bullets, aren’t one of the same.
NICOLE HAUGHT. Oh, can you see that on her chest. (Can you seeeee)
NICOLE HAUGHT. It’s a bulletproof vest. (How trippyyyyy)
NICOLE HAUGHT. A bulletproof vest. (I’m impressed)
A bulletproof vest (I’m impressed)
Oh yes, they are the best.
Stops every gay mess, oh

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Oh, learn-from-Andras, learn-from-Andras, (she really likes the gays)
Or make the queer females all immortal like Delphine,


(Gay instrumental #2)

Also remember that happy endings exisssttt.
And that queer couples can also live in blissss.
Root, Shaw; that wounds kinda still raw.
Arizona and Callie, Greys Anatomy what the hell?

So if you’re still struggling,
To write successfully,
Maybe you can just watch,
A show called Carmilla (season three).

Won’t ever let that go…..

Human Cuisine Vs Aliens

From a bit in Voltron: Legendary Defenders and other sources, what if humans are weird in being the only species to have created cuisine.

Not just roasting and/or cooling food, but baking, sauteing, deep frying, etc. are wholly unique to humanity. we don’t slap a full potato on cow meat and call it good, no, we mash and grind that potato to a fine paste, add condensed cow milk (butter) and other small spices…


But yeah, we take a specific part of cow to selectively heat in so many variety that we have a list of options for that, so that we can specifically enjoy that part of cow.

Peas are simple somewhat, we just need to choose whether or not we want them in their pod or not. But then again, humans are weird and can prepare even the basic pea with our witchcraft cooking.

So imagine if the first time a human visits even an alien ship for food after basic relation have begun and we come to a casual meal and we find what we consider ration food handed to us.

“Oh, I’m sorry to intrude Salir.” John apologized.

“Why is that John?” Salir had learned a first name basis was a sign of comfort among humans.

“You just seem to be short on food right now is all.” John hesitantly smiled, confusing Salir a bit.

“Not at all, we have plenty more, though I thought we would have a small meal.”

“Small?!” John seemed to be outraged. “This is naught but a freeze dried steak and a hand-full of carrot bits!”

Salir processed the analogs of their meal to human food sources. “Yes, that would be an ample meal.”

“Oh no man, I may not be any chef, but even I can do better than this.” John stood to move to his bag. “Get me a pan and a fire, you’re lucky I carry some spices around for something like this.”

Humans are space Orcs

So I’m going to toss in one of these cus why not.
What if all aliens just don’t get the concept of “Pets”

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 3
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
Today I was assigned as the new ambassador to Earth. I have gone through most of the lessons of human quirks, but I still have to go through “Pets”, and “The will to survive” I have no idea what pets are, but I have a good idea what “the will to survive” is.

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 4
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
I have borded the Human vessel “Edmonton” in order to be transported to Earth. I have met the Human ambassador on bord, and she is in charge of teaching me the concept of “pets” Her name is Alexadra. She is very kind, but the fact that femal humans always have their teets, even when not nursing child, confuses me. If evolution was slightly different on Gu'mek, perhaps we would to.
It also baffles me that Humans are the only spiecis that the name of the spiecis is not realed to their planet.

Almost as soon as I was done writing my log, Alexandra came to me and said she wanted me to meet someone named “Doug”
It turns out Doug is on of these “pets”. He is a domesticated Earth canine. Alexandra explained that humans keep domesticated animals as companions. I guess being the “Apex preditor” of your planet has its advantages. She also explained that hundreds of human years ago they used these animals to help hunt, and still do.
I do not understand why humans still hunt, now that they have had farms on their planet for hundreds of years, and access to food replcation technology for about 96 years.

Year of Gu'mek 34..why am I doing this, no one is going to find us.
We crashed of Tummaah 4, and everybody exept Alex and her dog, and obviously me, has died. Alex has told me that now I shall see this “will to survive” humans are so famous for.

It has been 20 days scince the crash, and I have given up on rescue. When I brought this up with Alex, she simlpy stated “then we will make this hellhole our home”

Day 50.
We have built a crude house out of the wreckage of the ship. Alex is sad about the loss of the ship. She said it was named after her home city.

Day 61
DISASTER. A brutal storm struck and completely destroyed the house we resided in. A peice of debrie landed on Alex and Doug, wounding them both. Alex completely disregarded her own injuries to treat Doug. Her injuries I may add, were quite extensive(broken leg, cracked rips, and a piece of debrie sticking out OF HER STOMACH.) This. This is the human will to survive. Alex, after making sure Doug was comfortable, finaly started treating herself.
I would try to help, but I know little about human physiology.

Day 70.
We have re-built the shelter, and even after all of her injuries, she insisted on hunting for food, despite the fact I offered to do it. She told me “I can still go out and hunt. Yes it will be painful, yes it will be harder than normal without Doug by my side, but I can do it. You on the other hand…well the Gu'mek are not that stealthy. You evolved to blend in with rocks and such, Humanity evolved to hunt. Now stay here and make sure Doug gets enough water, he is very sick, and I don’t want to lead anyone else.”

Day 100.
A ship has found us!! Its landing..ITS THE QUA'TALL

We have been on the run for 5 days. Alex came up with a crazy plan. Take the Qua'tall ship. Its a ship of 50. We are 2. 3 if you include the dog. Alex told me that if she can get one of their guns, she can do it by herself.

We did it. We have a gun. Doug and I are to stay here while Alex goes out. If she dies, I am to care for Doug as long as I can. He is aparently 12 years old, and dogs live for about 14.

IT WAS AMAZING. Alex has killed all of them. That was the human will to survive. It was amazing, she was hit multiple times. She just got up and kept going. We are now on the ship, and heading for Allied space.

Ok so this turned into something completely different and long.
But hey thats my addition to this tag.


he’s all i aspire to be:

  • has absolutely no fucks to give
  • is the epitome of chill
  • doesn’t do much but gets shit done
  • take a closer look, his eyelash wing thingy is on point
  • has hot people riding relying on him
  • is noticed by takashi fucking shirogane

and now where is this magnificent creature?? aboard a ship with five humans who’ve only had alien goop for months, among them a master chef, and in the entirety of this season, kaltenecker is only seen in this episode, are. you. FEELING. ME???


My yoonkook story is going to be a gaming au! Normally, I don’t like gaming culture, but streaming culture I could adore! The two met online through overwatch during college, and had such a great dynamic in one game, they befriended each other. Little did they know, they went to the same school, so they decided to create a channel together to forget about struggles they’re going through in their real life. I’ll be working on some more comics of their interactions.

Other notes-
Other pairings are going to include namseok, onesided-sugamon, jinmin/vmin(can’t decide for now so we’ll see how it grows haha)

Feel free to send asks about this au– (jflaskdf sorry i make too many aus;; i just have so many ships i love;; i gotta make a storyline for each of them– I’ll try my best to answer them all– even without drawings because when I leaves asks in my askbox for too long I feel so bad about answering/not answering them;;;thanks guys)))

okay but seriously: what if Finn is the revolution

what if the story gets around the barracks in whispers – you know a stormtrooper can’t scratch an itch without everyone knowing – and some of the whispers are horrified (treason, betrayal, a trooper gone rogue) but others are trembling with hope. he wouldn’t kill for them! he stole a ship and they couldn’t stop him and he’s free!

and suddenly the AWOL rate spikes as stormtroopers on assignment see their chance and slip away into the night. I could find my family. I could live a normal life. I never have to hurt anyone again.

but there are a few who stay, too. they cautiously seek out others like themselves. they work out codes and signals. at first it’s just the rank and file, but then a disaffected squad leader tells them about a conversation between officers that he wasn’t supposed to hear. and so the conspiracy spreads.

hardly anyone remembers Finn’s number, but every last one of them knows who he is. he’s the one who got out. he’s the one who wouldn’t kill for the Order.

two years later, when the conspirators seize a capital ship and deliver it to the Resistance, the captain asks if her crew can meet “the stormtrooper who made it out.” He was the first, she explains. We all should have known it was wrong, but he was the one who showed us. 

General Organa smiles – it’s too rare a sight, these days – and thinks maybe now he’ll understand just what a miracle he is.

You know what’s more difficult than a pining, lovesick Red Paladin?

A freaking dense as a brick Blue Paladin. I adore Lance, and I think he can definitely be a smart cookie!

But he just refuses to see that he’s in love with Keith. Like, all the signs are there, I freaking wrote them. 

But he’s like nah, Keith, he’s my buddy now, and we hated each other, but now we’re cool, and I would die for him and totally wingman for him, not that he should need it, because he’s all attractive and stuff, and did you see him do that barrel roll and fire his laser and blow up that ship? So cool! … And sorry, what was the question?

*author screams in frustration*

I mean, he’s had his moments of being somewhat oblivious:

But boy has got some brains on him, so at certain points I have to make Keith more withdrawn in order for it to make sense that Lance wouldn’t pick up on Keith suffering for love of him.

*sigh* Lance, you are lucky that you are not only cute, but also sweet and funny.

Yeah. So. Here’s dense-as-a-brick Lance finally realizing that Keith is not only in love with him, but also that Lance, Blue Paladin of Voltron, may also have a tiny (read: massive, everybody else saw it, literally every alien race you’ve encountered has pointed it out) crush on Keith in return:

Don’t Have to Read My Mind (You Oughta Know)

Wow. And I thought writing angsty and in-love Keith was difficult … Congratulations, Lance, you win. I’m sure you’re very happy to get this one over Keith.

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The other day my friend looked at me and said how she thought it would be funny if Lucia was secretly dating Chief Dodds and Barba didn't know because he would freak out when he finds out and now I'm curious like is this a thing?? Do people actually ship them? What do you think?

…. wh.… oh my god…. but.…… YA’LL…….. THIS IS BRILLIANT!

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Barba: “Chief Dodds! What’re you doi… M- … Mami…?!?!?!”
Lucia: “Rafi, it’s not what it looks like-”
Chief Dodds: “I, uh, should really get going now…”
Barba: *has no idea what to even do* “OBJECTION! MAMI?! OBJECTION! OBJECTION!”

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Chief Dodds: “This isn’t court, Barba, don’t be a dramatic nancy-”
Lucia: *mama bear* “Don’t you talk to my Rafi like that.”
Chief Dodds: *shit shit shit* “Okay, I’m sorry, Rafi-”

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[[okay but seriously; Barba’s father was abusive and not there for him at all // Dodds Sr was overly-involved in his son’s life // both Barba’s father & Dodds Sr’s son are deceased at this point // this dynamic could actually be pretty fulfilling for both of them and us viewers: giving both of them what the other lack ((Someone to actually stand up to Dodds / Someone to actually be supportive for Barba)) / are most upset about ((saying this because obv Chief Dodds misses his boy, and Barba has mentioned pain due to his father more than he’s shown aaany consideration to a romantic relationship)) / could fill the gaps in their character’s desires without going cliche at all… and I really would love more Lucia… I really really wanna right a shortie story about Barba & Dodds having a drink after this discovery now….]]

Regarding Ships

So I know a lot of my followers are here because of my posts about Tythan and Ethan and Tyler in general but it’s come to my attention that people might think it’s being taken too far. Yes, I mean the post from not long ago that I reblogged. I’ve decided to make a full on post about it so that people don’t get the wrong idea. 

Yes, I ship Tythan. Ethan and Tyler are super cute and loving towards each other and it’s a perfectly fine ship! 

Yes, I understand what Ethan finds uncomfortable and I respect that. 

Yes, I know that it’s a bad idea to tag them in anything regarding the ship because it might make them unhappy or even upset.

These are things everyone needs to know when it comes to shipping, especially when the ship is made up of real people. I can understand if one person makes the mistake of tagging them in something on accident but that’s no reason to explode on them. If you see something in the tag that is mentioning the ship, just message the user that posted it. You don’t need to make a post trashing the ship entirely. Some people like to ship things and that’s fine, that’s what a fandom can be built on after all! Yes, after the whole Septiplier thing it can be considered inappropriate to ship them but we’re keeping it down more now. The people who shipped Septiplier took it too far and that resulted in a long discussion from both Mark and Jack on multiple occasions with them asking not to stop making their art or shipping it but to stop with the NSFW stuff or at least stop tagging them in it. That’s what made it unhealthy. 

Just because one ship had a bad run doesn’t mean we can’t still ship people. Please understand the difference. 

Thank you for your time.

Their Amy; His Liebling (pt. 19)

Host staggers about in the heat, smoke rolling around him in waves that burn his throat and nostrils with every gasping breath. Fear strikes like lightning in the pit of his stomach as he narrates at the top of his lungs, hoping someone will hear. The chaos of the fire sends everyone into an uproar, and Host is lost in the waves of noise and searing heat that blister his cheeks and cause sweat to roll down his face.

He’s about to really and truly start panicking when a pair of hands grab him from either side, pulling him close and wrapping protectively around him. Host’s narrations are too crazed for him to understand who it is, but the person shouts, “Hold on, Hosty. I’ll get you out of here,” before Host feels his feet pitch over his head as he tumbles through Warfstache’s void.

They burst through to the other side, safely in the house where Amy is relaxing in the den with a book on her lap and a glass of her iced coffee nearby. When she sees the two of them, she smiles until she smells the smoke and sees the terror in their eyes. “What’s happening?” Wilford disappears with a poof of pink vapor, leaving the Host to try to explain.

Wilford reappears in the Board Room only to find flames, not a single Ego in sight—not that he can see very far in the blaze. The flames lick at him, scalding his skin and singeing his clothes until Wilford is forced from the room. He finds Doc, Ed, and Silver trying to make their way to the stairs, and transports them from the building as well.

Back at the house, Amy is already treating the Host’s minor burns, and when she sees the others, she cries out in relief and pulls them all into a tight group hug. Wilford disappears again before Amy can begin to protest.

“I tried to keep everyone together,” Dr. Iplier gasps, tears mingling with the sweat pouring down his cheeks. “But some of them scattered! I couldn’t—I couldn’t…” Amy shushes him, forcing him to lean back on the couch. He’s burned badly on his hands and arms, and Silver and Ed stand by worriedly. They were far enough away from Yandere that they escaped with only a few blisters. “And Yandere—Amy I could’ve stopped him. I could’ve…”

“Doc, you’ve got to stop,” Amy says through tears, trying to make him comfortable.

Wilford finds the Googles desperately trying to fight the fire. The sprinkler system is no match for the blaze, and the droids are doing everything in their power to cut off the oxygen supply. “We still don’t know where Bim or Dark are! We can’t cut off their air,” Google Green protests loudly.

Oliver is scanning the cameras, but they’re going out quickly from the heat and the smoke. “I can’t find them anywhere. I don’t know where they are!”

Google Blue flips through sensors, “Just scan the building for lifeforms!” He gets nothing but flashes of red. Their systems are failing, and soon, they’ll have to abandon ship.

“Come with me now!” Wilford demands, reaching a hand toward them all. “You can’t stay here anymore!”

Google Red’s eyes flash. “We are programmed never to leave another Ego behind. We cannot break protocol!”

“You can if I say so,” he growls, grabbing them by the collars of their t-shirts and dragging them all through the void at once. A pain ricochets through his chest. Wilford knows he doesn’t have a lot left in him, and while he trusts Dark to take care of himself, Bim is still in the building somewhere.

He’s back inside the house in a flash, only stopping long enough to hear Amy scream, “Wilford, no!” before teleporting away again. Where would Bim go? Why wouldn’t he stay in the Board Room? And then Wilford remembers, Bim hadn’t moved all of his plants out of the house yet. He’d burn to death first before he left them behind. Wilford curses under his breath about to poof to Bim’s room when the roof caves in.

The TV show host cowers in the corner of his bedroom, a few small pots gathered in his arms. He’s trying desperately to use his powers to combat the flames, but it’s no use. He simply can’t do it. Then suddenly, he’s seized and dragged to his feet by a pair of cold hands. Dark glares down at him, seething but coherent among the choking smoke. Bim can’t speak, but lets himself be carried through Dark’s void to the door in the basement. “Go, now. I can’t make it through!” Dark shoves Bim forward, and Bim glances back before staggering through the door into Host’s arms.

“Where’s Wilford?” Amy shouts, practically hysterical but trying to keep her fear at bay for the sake of the others. “Bim, where is Will? Please, he came and got you, right?”

Bim shakes his head. “N-no. I-it was Dark that found me… You mean, Wilford hasn’t made it out yet?” Amy sinks to her knees in a fit of tears as Host pulls Bim over to lay down on the kitchen floor where they can treat his wounds. “Wait, we have to go back to him,” Bim protests, but the Host shushes him and sets to work.

Somewhere, Dark seizes Wilford’s arm through the rubble, pulling him from the ashes and into his void. Moments later, Wilford tumbles through the door into the house, completely unconscious.

His hair and mustache are completely gray, and he’s covered in horrible, blackened burns.

Amy rushes to his side, and Ed joins her. “W-will, p-please answer me! Will?” Amy cries, shaking him.

Ed grabs Wilford’s wrist, checking for a pulse, and then goes to his neck. After that he places his ear directly beside Wilford’s mouth and waits a few seconds before pulling away slowly. “H-he’s not breathing, and I couldn’t get a pulse.”

Amy screams and shakes Warfstache all the harder until Dr. Iplier stumbles over. “Let me help, Amy! Move!” He gently pulls her off of Wilford and sets to work trying to resuscitate him.

Amy crawls as close as Doc will allow and takes Wilford’s hand, pressing it to her cheek. “Will, don’t do this. Please wake up.


SnK Chapter 93 Poll Results

The chapter 93 poll closed with 1,143 entries. Can I start with a wow? With so many responses, this is going to be a long one.

(1024 responses)

The Marley Files continue to grow on us. 77% of respondents rated Chapter 93 very highly.

Best chapter I’ve ever reviewed in a while. I hope next month will deliver heavy stuff.

My Jaeger reunion hype was amplified by 3000 eggplants after this chapter

Loved the diversity in the new characters. Riener is so torn mentally & emotionally. I believe few more pages on the warrior are still needed before getting back to Paradise. I sense a glimpse of hope in escaping a doomed end. somebody will live & achieve freedom. who? hard to tell.

Everybody has different opinions about the plot, but I do not think anyone can argue about the art. Love this manga. Want to see Levi again!

I never imagined I could love these characters even more. Now I do. Bravo Isayama-sensei, I never felt so hyped for this chapter for the longest time!

Stop trying to make these new kids happen, Isayama. It’s not going to happen.

My interest in the manga is reaching an all time low with this focus on Marley. And it looks like we’ll still be there next month. I’m so done.

I haven’t minded these recent chapters, but I haven’t felt like I enjoyed them since its a virtually unknown cast. I did however enjoy chapter 93!

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Richonne(A dark skin reflection)

If you follow me, or have seen my posts, you know I am super Richonne affiliated. Why? I just love them. Not only do I love the characters, but the actors who portray the ship, Andrew Lincoln and Danai Gurira, do so perfectly.

But why do I just love them? It’s more than the trope of, “I am a dark skinned woman, thus I love this pairing because of that.” I love this pairing because of it’s bravery. Even in this modern world, others still can’t get over the fact that the most popular love interest for a white male lead CAN BE a dark skinned woman. It is not a crime. We need some loving too. Diversity, Inclusion, Representation: I’m all here for it.

Now this actress, Danai Gurira, is intelligent. Highly intelligent. How she handles criticism of this role, and let’s face it, the extreme hate she receives because of it, astounds me(I have never even seen a single retort back to the hate). She is nothing but a class act. I respect her because she understands how important it is to see a WOMAN who is beautiful, strong, complex, but knows she does not fit the standard acceptance of beauty.(She is super beautiful though. I would kill for her body, uggggggh).This makes her highly targeted, and often the only one singled out. Often times, when people down this ship, I’ll look at their profile and see countless photos of Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, and Tom Payne, but never much Michonne (Oh okay, Michonne is your favorite character, but I ain’t seen her ass in any picture or gifset I done flicked by on your dash. But I digress).

We are talking about the most watched show in television history. This coupling is seen over the entire world. What blows my mind even more is that the lead star, you know Andrew Lincoln, has actively campaigned for the pairing to be realized on the television screen. Now, this man has not seen one episode of his own show, but is aware of the magnitude that the Rick and Michonne pairing would have on the world.

He has constantly said that this relationship would be inevitable, and now that it has come to fruition, I start seeing mini Merle’s come out the wood works. (What I’m seeing when I read hot button words like “cringe,” “uncomfortable,” “I just don’t understand,” “no chemistry,” “Rick’s not good enough for Michonne,” makes me upset.) Y'all really want to say, “That’ll be the day I see a nigga kissing Rick.”(At least Rick let Merle know what day it was). Ain’t no white meat or dark meat homeslice, lol.

So, what gets me is that I constantly hear “Michonne is great we love her. She is a bad ass. She is my favorite character. But, and l want you to listen to this big ass but, I don’t like her with Rick, our white male hero. She can take care of his kids and kill for him, put her life on the line for him, but not love him. That’s too much. That’s crossing the line.” I’ll proceed to ask why and get responses like. “I don’t like two strong characters together.”(Oh, so you like strong ass Daryl and strong ass Caryl together? Or a strong Maggie/strong Glenn? Or, strong Daryl with a strong Jesus?). OK, gotcha. Or, “I never saw this coming.” (I never saw Trump becoming president, shit happens). Roll with it.

I’ve recently read, “I can’t wait for her to die.”(Thanks for waiting, she won’t). Or, “why are you always attacking us for an opinion”(why you all up in the Richonne tag lurking and getting angry cause we getting spoiler after spoiler and just dancing and drinking our wine, eating our popcorn and preparing our caskets for 7b).

Guess what, I’m not fond of a lot of things. I don’t like watching water polo( I don’t actively care if others know that fact or not). That’s like me going on every social media account and screaming to everyone “I like all water sports, swimming, diving, you name it, but I don’t know, water polo makes me uncomfortable. I want to barf when I see water polo. That’ll be the day I see water polo being played.” (See, that sounds silly as hell). This is how y'all sound with your dehydrated selves.

Richonners, y'all are lovely people. I’ve never liked a fandom so much. Nothing but positivity comes from us. I even support many other ships ( Caryl, desus, gleggie, tara/ denise, aaron/eric. I even low key ship carol/Morgan, carol/Ezekiel). So just stop it haters. Stop lying to yourselves.

That dark skin has some mighty power, if it gets your panties in a bunch like that. Here’s some Gatorade for that salt y'all be losing in the tag.

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jeon-jungkxxkie-deactivated2017  asked:

Okay so I've always been into Jikook- or Jeikook now xD (god I love Jimin XD)- but I was quite unsure if they were 'Real'. But after all of this stuff Jimin is posting and Kookie is doing, I am 100% sure they are real and I'm screaming (Well I'm sick so it's more of a silent scream)

First of all, I hope you will get better <3, being sick sucks. And second, I totally understand you. I wasn’t sure too. It was just shipping them because I liked how cute they looked together. But after “backhug scene”  (I’m sure every jikook shipper knows this backhug) I was like: WOW THEY HAVE SOME STRONG FEELINGS FOR EACH OTHER.

And now seeing them posting all those videos and photos where they look so comfortable with each other makes me think that they are real. Idk but these days they look so boyfriend. Maybe we can’t see it sometimes at first on camera but when we look closer we all can see how subtle they can be. All those stolen glances, “accidental”skinship etc. Also Jimin with that tag:  Jeikook. Very nice ^^

I think that this is how they are in real life. I mean look at them

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 They are so in love. Now we can see it even in their eyes. <3 
And in the last gif where in original video we can hear a kiss sound.
I can talk about jikook for hours but I don’t want it bo that long :D  

princess-sparkle-thong  asked:

Of course, we can ship what we want, but if some characters wind up in same-gender relationships, shipping them as straight would be homophobic. Just throwing that out there.

I have to say I disagree with this. I was trying to work out how to respond to you for a bit, and that’s pretty much it. You could make the same argument for someone ending up in a het relationship and then say well now you can’t ship them in a same-sex relationship. Which clearly, we do all the time, and no one has a problem with. I realize that there are very different dynamics at play there - one relationship is marginalized while the other is not. And so we don’t want to erase any marginalized identities. I completely get that.

But… since the conversation is clearly about Mor/moriel lately, I think we can talk about that in particular.

A lot of people read moriel as a ship. It was one of the four major ships of ACOTAR. Across the board. This was not a fringe ship. This was not the random thought someone had in the middle of the night during a bout of insomniac blogging. This was read in a particular way, by a lot of people, and they (including myself) were very invested in this het ship for a long time. Thousands of words of meta and fic have gone into this. You can’t expect people to just… ignore that. To just let that go.

Now if this had never been a thing, if Mor had come out early on, if we knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that she was lesbian, then yes. I would not want to ship her with a male. But the fact is she is bi, and whether she ends up with a man or woman, does not erase the fact that she is bi.

I also had wanted to wait to respond to you until after I had read her coming out scene completely, and… I identify with her an incredible amount right now as a bi woman in a really similar situation, and I don’t really like the implication that if I still decided to ship her with Az, I’m homophobic. That’s just not true. We can’t just make statements about people across the board like that. And any statement that follows the format of “yes X, but…” immediately signals to me that X was not actually ever believed. So I’m still going to ship Mor with who I want, I’m going to maybe write Amren and Varian and still consider her mostly ace, but sexuality is fluid and changes and shipping is a place where we are free to express our feelings about characters, and I’m not going to shame anyone for whatever/whoever they chose to ship.

I completely respect your right to disagree with whatever I’ve just said, and whoever else disagrees is fine too. But I don’t like that some members of the fandom, based on asks I have received, are feeling ashamed about identifying with characters or events, just because others have decided to say something is problematic.

Widowtracily, the new ot3!

So, I hardly ever make my own posts on tumblr, and I never done this kind of post before, But I want to show the new headcanons I came up with after we were introduced to Emily, Lena’s adorable and really cool looking girlfriend.

Also, just to make things clear, while fanon can’t undo canon, anyone is allowed their headcanons, we can ship who ever we want, it doesn’t matter if one of the characters is in a relationship, as long as we respect canon.

Now, back to the main point here. Emily is adorable, I don’t want to see her separated from Tracer, but I’m also a hardcore Widowtracer shipper, and that’s not going to stop just like that, so what’s the only logical step, ship all 3 of them together! So here are my first headcanons of widowtracily:

  • Lena Emily are already together for a while now, and Emily starts noticing how Lena acting weird after some missions.
  • Tracer has found out about Widowmaker’s reconditioning during a raid on a Talon base. She knows now what happened to Amelie.
  • The file she found didn’t have a lot of information, but it did say that the experiment wasn’t perfected.
  • Now Tracer has been trying to revert what was done to Widowmaker. But has been keeping it a secret.
  • Emily finds out pretty fast.
  • Lena panics when Emily confronts her about it.
  • They talk it out, Lena explains everything the best she can. Emily understands it, but isn’t very happy that Lena is on this by herself.
  • With a few connections and help from a unsuspected Winston Emily helps Tracer find somethings on Widowmaker.
  • Tracer keeps trying to reach Amelie for the next few months, and it seems to be helping.
  • After months of trying, Tracer is saved from talon agents by Widowmaker during their fight. 
  • Tracer doesn’t understand what just happened.
  • Widow leaves, literally taking Tracer with her.
  • They’re on the run from Talon (and Overwatch, but that’s just Widow) for a while.
  • The two get really close, but Lena still misses Emily a lot. But something in her is also pulling her to Amelie.
  • After a while, Widow confirms that Amelie Lacroix isn’t her true self, that Amelie died together with her husband, and the one here will give them closure. No matter what.
  • A whole bunch of stuff happens. Overwatch decides to give Widowmaker the benefit of the doubt.
  • During their time together they form a bond, there’s n attraction there, that at some point they start getting intimate with each other. Lena tells herself that’s Widowmaker’s reconditioning wearing off and she’s just resetting her emotions, there’s noting deeper there. Until they share a kiss after the big battle to prove Widow is on their side to Overwatch.
  • Lena’s realizes what’s happening and she’s freaking out. She definitely has feelings for Amelie, but she still loves Emily, she’s sure of that.
  • Widow is surprised with how upset she feels after Lena leaves in a rush.
  • Lena actually talks with Emily after the kiss, and she’s terrified of her reaction.
  • Emily listens to it all and asks to talk with Widowmaker.
  • Tracer’s heart stops for a few seconds.
  • After the shock passes, she accepts. Lena brings Amelie with her the next day.
  • They talk, they don’t really have a lot in common, except for the focus of their affections. Lena is sweating bullets the whole afternoon.
  • Lena and Amelie are taken by surprise when Emily makes the proposal. 
  • Lena’s heart stops again, but to her surprise, Amelie accepts. With both women starring at her she has no choice.
  • The 3 are now in a relationship together. 
  • Tracer has no idea what just happened.
  • Things are kinda weird in the beginning, Emily learning to adapt to Amelie, and Amelie not really paying her a lot of attention.
  • It takes a while for Emily to gain Amelie’s interest. After a serious problem with Talon when they found Widow, that was solved by a great idea from Emily Amelie truly starts respecting her.
  • After a while they’re comfortable enough that it can be seen, they’re not just each in a relationship with Lena, they’re all in this together.
  • Between Emily and Amelie, Lena doesn’t stand a chance. If they’re both on the same side in an argument against Lena she will most certainly lose.
  • Amelie and Emily take turns cooking. Lena isn’t allowed to cook anything other than fish and chips.
  • Widow is much more physical than both Emily and Lena, always a small touch here. a quick peck there, stuff like that. Lena is very okay with that, but Emily gets really embarrassed, she never expected that from Widow.
  • They’re truly in love with each other. They share something special. Tracer feels that both of her girlfriends are just as much of an anchor to the present as her Chronal ccelerator. Amelie has finally put her past behind, the other Amelie can finally rest together with Gerard, she has a new family now and she loves them just as much. Emily is so happy to see this two women, that suffered so much being truly happy, and she’s part of the reason why, she thinks she’s the luckiest girl in the world.