can we all just ship them now

i’m so over the twelve year old girls in this fandom attacking people for not supporting their ships and literally fetishizing the boys. miss me with that.


They take care of the members like no other 

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And laugh together like no other

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To tears sometimes 

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Namjoon used to pull Jin just to make a heart

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Or concentrate so hard (to make one)

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Today they make them with the eyes closed

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They crush while dancing while we pray no one will break a bone

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They have these weird moments we can’t get but still love

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Just keep in mind  they are the eldest and the leader 

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Namjoon thinks Jin is so cute

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He watches Jin acting cute like he is witnessing the next big thing since pizza

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He also tries to make Jin cuter (GOALS)

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Or, remember when  they were  alone in the studio

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And namjoon wasn’t able to take his eyes off Jin

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But again … he isn’t the only one

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Mr third guy from the left is worldwide handsome and VERY caring:

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Speaking of Namjoon’s obsession he usually holds Jin the same way

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by putting his hand around Jin’s wide shoulders

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Namjoon is way too smooth

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And it works because Jin shares his food with him and yall know how much Jin loves his food (MAAANHI MANHI if you had no clue)

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THE aura. THE charisma. THE air around them changes when they stand together. Their presence together is THAT powerful.

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SO powerful. Even their cute selfies revived the dead ARMYs killed by the previous events

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They are soooo~oooo cute and precious and must protect material when they play with filters, you forget that one of them is called rap “MONSTER”. 

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“Jin put his hand on Rapmon’s thigh as he laughed. Namjoon ignored all the cameras and he held it thightly while smiling” It sounds unreal but …No. This is not a fanfiction. This is reality:

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The way Rapmon hugs him and how Jin just puts his head on his shoulder is like a scene from a movie too

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I mean, look at this, you can’t feel nothing even if dead

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And space is not part of their dictionary: look at all the empty seats but they slept next to one another

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It was never a coincidence (Did you just “Awwww” now? don’t worry 99% do)

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And we can’t let out a post about these two without the GIFT SENT BY THE HEAVENS this year: THE kiss!

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It’s the ship that the WHOLE fandom approves no matter what. Why you say? I mean look at them. How can you not?

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So with flying kisses from both our lovely Jin and beloved Rapmon,  I finish this post wishing it has made you smile a bit <3

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I love these two so so so so much so I hope you liked it too^^ 
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By @mimibtsghost

Slytherin x Ravenclaw

- first of all, sytherin is absolutely adorable. like puppy-in-a-tea-cup adorable

- except the puppy is a pit bull and it’s angry 

- so like cute as hell and kind of terrifying 

- ravenclaw is weird; they spend more time in their own head than in the real world

- *stubs toe* “oh fudge

- has a weird fashion sense that they get bullied for

- until slytherin secretly took the bullies aside and threatened to shove their wands so far up their asses they sneeze splinters

- definitely partners in crime 

- like they would be notorious for their pranks, worse than Fred and George 

- slytherin would have sadistic glee in coming up with them

- ravenclaw figures out the logistics. nothing is more satisfying than seeing that marshmallow fluff land exactly where they wanted it to 

- most things they do are out of boredom 

- “hey so I found this in the potion stores the other day—" 

- "baneberry potion? dude, you could kill a city with that shit.”

- *smirks like the grinch* “I know." 

- they would skip a lot of class, but only because they know everything already 

- slytherin being protective of ravenclaw

- *hugs slytherin*

- “um”

- “..”

- “ok this can stop now”

- *hugs them tighter*

- “..ok”

- ravenclaw getting really excited about the nerdiest things, like figuring out a new potion or seeing a rare butterfly

- and slytherin just smiles and thinks they look so adorable

- not being very into PDA, but they always link pinkies whenever they’re next to each other

- braiding each other’s hair and taking it really seriously

- “I’m so glad we hate all the same people”


First Meeting

Day and Night (x) (x) (x) (x)

night was the first to wake up

what was on my mind when i drew this was viktor and yurio on a ship crossing the ocean of dreams on their way to the moon realm. day was retelling dawn how he first met night all those centuries ago. 

yuuri and viktor first met when they first came into existence (which you can read in detail from this wonderful fic!! man just!! day and night coming from the sun and moon’s spirit is such a good idea so yes it is done!!) they both woke up in what we now know as the sky court and everything else blurs from there. viktor can’t recall what happened that made them suddenly live in different realms or how the creation of his council even started. but he could never forget the first sight he saw when he opened his eyes. 


The great thing about what we do, any art, is anybody can read into it what they want to take from it. - Katie McGrath

Dear rest of the Spn Fandom,

What Destiel is NOT about.

1. Hating Sam/Jared
Okay, I have no idea where this one started, but honestly I don’t care what you ship if you hate on either of my tol cinnamon roll babies, YOU WILL BE FACING MY WRATH. ALL 5'2 OF IT.

2. Hating the women that they were with.
Personally, I love Jo and Lisa. Cassie was just there for an episode, so I don’t really have any opinions on here.
I don’t like Meg for other reasons (her character inconsistency was annoying and her voice got on all my nerves) but hating her just because she kissed Cas is pretty shallow.

3. Two hot men kissing.
Right. This. Look, if the only reason that you ship them is that it would be hot to see them kiss, I’d just like to tell you that YER A FUCKBUTT, HARRY. Other people can probably explain this better, but you’re fetishising a whole community and you need to stop. Now.

4. Hating on their wives.
This is probably more of a Cockles thing than a Destiel one, but most of the Cockles shippers that I’ve encountered were all awesome people, so I’ll say it on their behalf, we don’t hate Danneel and Vicki, okay? Seriously, why would anybody, when they make Misha and Jensen so happy?

5. Making everything gay/The gay agenda
No. No. Say it with me, no. We do not ship them because they’re both men
We ship them because they have amazing chemistry and it makes sense that Dean and Cas be together. And it would obviously be the bisexual agenda, if it was an agenda. Which it’s not. At all. *Cackles in the distance*

• What Destiel is about

1. Unconditional Love
2. Dean finally realizing that he's​ not damaged and deserves love. Also realizimg that he’s not the perfect manly man soldier that John raised him to be, and that’s okay.
3. Cas understanding that he will always have a home with Dean (and Sam, by extension)
4. Two people who help each other to be better people.
5. Two people who constantly screw up, but forgive each other, because that’s what love is about.
6. Seeing people at their worst, and still loving them. (Dean forgiving Cas after he becomes God and Cas telling him that he deserves to be saved)
7. Unconditional love (I’m sorry, I’ll never be over the “I’d rather have you, cursed or not.”)
8. Both of them, giving up so much for each other.
9. Sticking up for each other

• Obviously I can’t speak for the entire fandom, but these are my views, and generally the views of people that I’ve encountered. Thanks for taking the time out to read it!

A Destiheller


Is this the real life?
Or are they baiting me?
Is this a new gay ship,
That I can see on my TV?

Already too late.
I’ve chosen the fate for me…..
I’m just a queer girl, spends to long on AO3

Although the stray bullets,
my OTPS,
Despite all of,
The history
I’m hooked on a ship that may not ever be… ever be…

It seems to me.
That two women on the screen,
Can really only be seen as..
Gal pals. Why is this the case?
Why can’t they just go kiss each other’s faccceeee.

Shipping, ooohhhhhh
You see all it really takes,
Is a prolonged hug, stare or romantic gesture
For them to be, my OTP and all-time new obsession.

we should mention.
That we do actually have our share,
Of canon couples who now share some…
Screen time on our TVs,
But let’s be truuueee
The White Guy™ has more screen time than they ever dooooooo.

*cough* sanvers *cough*

Writers. Here’s a few tips,
If you wanna please the queers,
Here’s a list of things you really shouldn’t do……

(Gay Instrumental #1)

First here’s the thing all queer characters should be:
BULLETPROOF, (just take a look at jroth).
All stray bullets are a no,
For a gay girls way to go, see:
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
Hint hint Lexa. (Hint hint Lexa.)
We won’t ever let that go….
Let that go-o-o-o-o.

It’s really tiring, seeing the same storyline.
Surely you should be trying, saving a queer from time to time.
At least until the end of the season three.

Lesbians, and bullets, aren’t one of the same.
NICOLE HAUGHT. Oh, can you see that on her chest. (Can you seeeee)
NICOLE HAUGHT. It’s a bulletproof vest. (How trippyyyyy)
NICOLE HAUGHT. A bulletproof vest. (I’m impressed)
A bulletproof vest (I’m impressed)
Oh yes, they are the best.
Stops every gay mess, oh

Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh

Oh, learn-from-Andras, learn-from-Andras, (she really likes the gays)
Or make the queer females all immortal like Delphine,


(Gay instrumental #2)

Also remember that happy endings exisssttt.
And that queer couples can also live in blissss.
Root, Shaw; that wounds kinda still raw.
Arizona and Callie, Greys Anatomy what the hell?

So if you’re still struggling,
To write successfully,
Maybe you can just watch,
A show called Carmilla (season three).

Won’t ever let that go…..

Human Cuisine Vs Aliens

From a bit in Voltron: Legendary Defenders and other sources, what if humans are weird in being the only species to have created cuisine.

Not just roasting and/or cooling food, but baking, sauteing, deep frying, etc. are wholly unique to humanity. we don’t slap a full potato on cow meat and call it good, no, we mash and grind that potato to a fine paste, add condensed cow milk (butter) and other small spices…


But yeah, we take a specific part of cow to selectively heat in so many variety that we have a list of options for that, so that we can specifically enjoy that part of cow.

Peas are simple somewhat, we just need to choose whether or not we want them in their pod or not. But then again, humans are weird and can prepare even the basic pea with our witchcraft cooking.

So imagine if the first time a human visits even an alien ship for food after basic relation have begun and we come to a casual meal and we find what we consider ration food handed to us.

“Oh, I’m sorry to intrude Salir.” John apologized.

“Why is that John?” Salir had learned a first name basis was a sign of comfort among humans.

“You just seem to be short on food right now is all.” John hesitantly smiled, confusing Salir a bit.

“Not at all, we have plenty more, though I thought we would have a small meal.”

“Small?!” John seemed to be outraged. “This is naught but a freeze dried steak and a hand-full of carrot bits!”

Salir processed the analogs of their meal to human food sources. “Yes, that would be an ample meal.”

“Oh no man, I may not be any chef, but even I can do better than this.” John stood to move to his bag. “Get me a pan and a fire, you’re lucky I carry some spices around for something like this.”

If I had a conversation with Juleka


hey you 

Yes, You. 

I’ve heard you have an handsome brother. Is it true?  

Yes Juleka, why?

It’s ok sweetie.


look at this

Yes, yes we all ship them 

but now look at HIM 

he calls her just a friend 

I know right? But we can change that, Your brother could. Mind calling him?

That’s my girl.

(I have serious problems sorry) 

Quiet Humans

Humans are very noisy. We burp, fart, laugh and talk constantly. Even our heart beat can become loud enough to hear when we are startled. All this means that it’s not that hard for aliens to keep track of us. Now let’s get us some aliens who are living with a person who could easily pass as a ghost even to other humans because they are just that quiet. The aliens would just lose their human constantly and would most likely place a tracking chip on them just for ease of mind. Especially when said human realized how to turn that sneakiness into a weapon of mass chaos in the ship.

Humans are space Orcs

So I’m going to toss in one of these cus why not.
What if all aliens just don’t get the concept of “Pets”

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 3
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
Today I was assigned as the new ambassador to Earth. I have gone through most of the lessons of human quirks, but I still have to go through “Pets”, and “The will to survive” I have no idea what pets are, but I have a good idea what “the will to survive” is.

Year of the Gu'meks: 34458, 45, 4
Human year: 2254, 11, 15
I have borded the Human vessel “Edmonton” in order to be transported to Earth. I have met the Human ambassador on bord, and she is in charge of teaching me the concept of “pets” Her name is Alexadra. She is very kind, but the fact that femal humans always have their teets, even when not nursing child, confuses me. If evolution was slightly different on Gu'mek, perhaps we would to.
It also baffles me that Humans are the only spiecis that the name of the spiecis is not realed to their planet.

Almost as soon as I was done writing my log, Alexandra came to me and said she wanted me to meet someone named “Doug”
It turns out Doug is on of these “pets”. He is a domesticated Earth canine. Alexandra explained that humans keep domesticated animals as companions. I guess being the “Apex preditor” of your planet has its advantages. She also explained that hundreds of human years ago they used these animals to help hunt, and still do.
I do not understand why humans still hunt, now that they have had farms on their planet for hundreds of years, and access to food replcation technology for about 96 years.

Year of Gu'mek 34..why am I doing this, no one is going to find us.
We crashed of Tummaah 4, and everybody exept Alex and her dog, and obviously me, has died. Alex has told me that now I shall see this “will to survive” humans are so famous for.

It has been 20 days scince the crash, and I have given up on rescue. When I brought this up with Alex, she simlpy stated “then we will make this hellhole our home”

Day 50.
We have built a crude house out of the wreckage of the ship. Alex is sad about the loss of the ship. She said it was named after her home city.

Day 61
DISASTER. A brutal storm struck and completely destroyed the house we resided in. A peice of debrie landed on Alex and Doug, wounding them both. Alex completely disregarded her own injuries to treat Doug. Her injuries I may add, were quite extensive(broken leg, cracked rips, and a piece of debrie sticking out OF HER STOMACH.) This. This is the human will to survive. Alex, after making sure Doug was comfortable, finaly started treating herself.
I would try to help, but I know little about human physiology.

Day 70.
We have re-built the shelter, and even after all of her injuries, she insisted on hunting for food, despite the fact I offered to do it. She told me “I can still go out and hunt. Yes it will be painful, yes it will be harder than normal without Doug by my side, but I can do it. You on the other hand…well the Gu'mek are not that stealthy. You evolved to blend in with rocks and such, Humanity evolved to hunt. Now stay here and make sure Doug gets enough water, he is very sick, and I don’t want to lead anyone else.”

Day 100.
A ship has found us!! Its landing..ITS THE QUA'TALL

We have been on the run for 5 days. Alex came up with a crazy plan. Take the Qua'tall ship. Its a ship of 50. We are 2. 3 if you include the dog. Alex told me that if she can get one of their guns, she can do it by herself.

We did it. We have a gun. Doug and I are to stay here while Alex goes out. If she dies, I am to care for Doug as long as I can. He is aparently 12 years old, and dogs live for about 14.

IT WAS AMAZING. Alex has killed all of them. That was the human will to survive. It was amazing, she was hit multiple times. She just got up and kept going. We are now on the ship, and heading for Allied space.

Ok so this turned into something completely different and long.
But hey thats my addition to this tag.

Jikook’s “matching rings” are adorable. I keep seeing people say they are not identical. Maybe they are maybe they aren’t (each photo i’ve seen looks a little different from the next). But why does that matter? The point is that they are both wearing VERY SIMILAR rings on their left ring finger. It doesn’t really matter if they are EXACTLY the same or not. It’s still cute. And wearing similar rings on that finger typically has a significant meaning. But even if it doesn’t mean anything romantic, it could still be a friendship thing like Taegi and other members have. Saying they aren’t identical doesn’t do anything to make me think it’s not cute lol.

Also side note: since when do rings have to be completely identical for it to mean something? Go on any wedding band / promise ring website and I assure you that you will find many of them to be different from each other. That doesn’t take away the meaning behind them or the significance of wearing them on your ring finger. Anyways carry on with your day lol I’m still going to be here hyping up the rings for MY ship just like you hype up the rings for YOURS.

© Mastermind_PJM


he’s all i aspire to be:

  • has absolutely no fucks to give
  • is the epitome of chill
  • doesn’t do much but gets shit done
  • take a closer look, his eyelash wing thingy is on point
  • has hot people riding relying on him
  • is noticed by takashi fucking shirogane

and now where is this magnificent creature?? aboard a ship with five humans who’ve only had alien goop for months, among them a master chef, and in the entirety of this season, kaltenecker is only seen in this episode, are. you. FEELING. ME???

okay but seriously: what if Finn is the revolution

what if the story gets around the barracks in whispers – you know a stormtrooper can’t scratch an itch without everyone knowing – and some of the whispers are horrified (treason, betrayal, a trooper gone rogue) but others are trembling with hope. he wouldn’t kill for them! he stole a ship and they couldn’t stop him and he’s free!

and suddenly the AWOL rate spikes as stormtroopers on assignment see their chance and slip away into the night. I could find my family. I could live a normal life. I never have to hurt anyone again.

but there are a few who stay, too. they cautiously seek out others like themselves. they work out codes and signals. at first it’s just the rank and file, but then a disaffected squad leader tells them about a conversation between officers that he wasn’t supposed to hear. and so the conspiracy spreads.

hardly anyone remembers Finn’s number, but every last one of them knows who he is. he’s the one who got out. he’s the one who wouldn’t kill for the Order.

two years later, when the conspirators seize a capital ship and deliver it to the Resistance, the captain asks if her crew can meet “the stormtrooper who made it out.” He was the first, she explains. We all should have known it was wrong, but he was the one who showed us. 

General Organa smiles – it’s too rare a sight, these days – and thinks maybe now he’ll understand just what a miracle he is.


Charity Project for Puerto Rico

I’ve uploaded the following prints to my store -CrispArtPrints on etsy. If you just type CrispArtPrints in the search engine the store should pop up for you. I chose these based on popularity and size (my local printer dictated it).ALL of the proceeds will go to the to aid those who have been devastated in Puerto Rico.I have felt a calling to help them and ,maybe, we can all do this together. :)

Now, this will take trust on your part but (if you guys want me to) I can post the amount (and receipts) every week on a tumblr post and you guys can keep up with the amount. Keep in mind that I have to pay for shipping supplies (which won’t be terrible) and that will slightly cut into the overall sale. Just know, it’s all going to charity and that my goal is to help people (and not get sued for profiting off fan art). Now, I have a brand new job working for a game company starting tomorrow so be patient with me as far as posting goes.

 This set will be up until November 2nd (because I leave for the Burbank Convention on the third) and if I’m able to add a new Zelena and Hook one those will be left up for a month.

anonymous asked:

How about a langst where Lance gives himself to Lotor to save Pidge and when they find him again in Lotor's bed Chambers they try to get him out only to find out that his feet were drilled into the floor?

Hi! Wow! This is super dark! I might change it a bit so the implications are just a little different if that’s okay? I hope you like it!

Warning: This will be bit dark and gory, if this makes you uncomfortable please refrain from reading!

The team sits silently in the dining hall with solemn looks on their faces. Coran and Allura are at the head of the table, a damaged Galran drone in front of them. They share a look, one that seems to convey more than words ever could, before turning to face the paladins.

“We have… reviewed the footage once more, and we have come to a decision.” Allura pauses to look up at Pidge, “Pidge, I’m sorry, but I believe that it will be best if you stay at the castle for this mission.”

Pidge leaps up from their seat. “But Allura I-”

“No. My decision is final.” The princess’s voice is like ice. She turns to look at Keith, Hunk, and Shiro. “You three will lead this mission. Shiro, you will be in charge of keeping Lotor and his team distracted. I will help you. Hunk and Keith, you two are in charge of locating Lance and getting him out as fast as possible.” She stops speaking and turns her gaze to the table. Coran takes this as his prompt to start speaking.

“I know that we’re all worried about Lance, but we need to be careful. No one else can be captured, the universe can’t afford it. Lance has been in Lotor’s hands for several days now. You will have to get him to the medical bay as soon as possible.” Coran says. 

The paladins take everything in with a determined expression on their drawn faces. Their friend has been trapped on the ship of a monster for days on end. Will there even be someone left to save?

Allura takes their silence as acceptance and begins to stride out of the room, tossing a command behind her as she goes. “We will be within range of Lotor’s ship in five minutes. Get to your lions. Pidge, go with Coran.” The echo of her voice is lost amongst the sounds of scraping chairs and feet pounding against the floor as the paladins rush from the room.


Hunk fidgets anxiously in his seat as the other paladins begin to enact the plan. Allura and Shiro have their lions attacking Lotor’s ship right now. What if something goes wrong? What if Lance isn’t even there? What if-

“Hunk.” Keith’s voice breaks into Hunk’s thoughts. “It’ll be okay. We need to go now. Can you fly, or do I need to take control? Green would really prefer you…” He trails off and Hunk realizes that he expects a response.

“I’m fine Buddy. I’m just a bit worried. I can pilot Green. We should be grateful that she allowed us to pilot her, since this mission is too dangerous for Pidge.”

Keith nods in agreement. “Alright. Now let’s go.”

Hunk releases a breath and moves green onto the battlefield, invisibility cloak activated.

All around them drones are attacking the Blue and Black lions viciously. There are a couple of faster pods that could be being piloted by Lotor’s generals. The green lions sneaks past all of it as it makes it’s way to the under belly of the galra ship.

Once they’re sure that they are out of view Hunk and Keith exit the lion and begin breaking into one of the release doors that litter the ship. It’s not hard, and soon they’re inside.

Hunk looks around himself at the dimly lit tunnel. Keith nudges his arm and points in the direction of what appears to be a hallway for the cleaning drones and lesser ship members. Hunk nods and begins to follow him. That’s going to lead to every room on the ship.


After a while Hunk realizes that the corridor really does lead to every room on the ship. They’ve checked several room and haven’t had any luck locating Lance. Hunk is about to give in and call for help when Keith stops him.

“Look” He whispers, pointing towards a large door to the right. “That must be it.” Keith sounds so sure, and Hunk has to agree that this door does look very ‘prisoner-y’.

The each take a side of the door, counting to three before Hunk blasts it open with his Bayard. Keith rushes in immediately after, shield raised, but stops dead in his tracks. Hunk almost slams into him, but soon freezes in place as well.

The room before them appears to be some sort of twisted ballroom. The walls glow a dark shade of purple and the floors are made of steel. The only light in the room is coming from a chandelier made of balmeran crystals. There are several torn banners hanging from the walls and ceiling, shredded like something clawed at them.

Though, the room isn’t the only horrifying aspect of what the paladins are witnessing.

There, in the center of the dance floor, stands Lance. His body is frozen in position for the waltz, unmoving except for the rising and falling of his chest.

Hunk and Keith rush forward as soon as they register what they’re seeing. They aren’t prepared for what they see when he comes into focus under the dim lights. Hunk can’t hear anything but the sound of his own heart as he stares in horror at his best friend.

Lance’s armor is shredded and melted to look like a sort ball gown. The sharp spires of his destroyed pants form a dangerous looking skirt, coated in what Hunk really wishes wasn’t blood. Lance’s arms are held in positing by chains hanging from the ceiling. His hands appear to be completely drained of blood. The feet are even worse though. Instead of chains, Lance’s feet have been forced into metal heels that are attached to the floor. To keep that paladin from stepping out of them they appear to have been melted onto him.

Hunk feels ill as he turns his gaze to Lance’s face. Above Lance’s eyebrow is a cut, and from it a stream of dried blood cascades down into Lance’s eyes, his very own mask for the ball.

The two distraught paladins don’t even register when Lance lets out a strangled laugh.

“I know I look fabulous, but could one of you help me? These heels are killing me…”

“About Damn Time” // G.D Imagine


A/N: I know in the last imagine post I said I was back, yeah well life happens and I forgot to update. Here’s a request that was requested weeks ago. 

Feedback is always nice xx 

REQUESTED BY @maria-diver12

Can I have an imagine where the reader has toured with Ethan and Grayson for a while and all the fans know her as part of the crew. But in recent videos and and photos fans spot Grayson staring at y/n and becoming really close and they all start talking about it which makes Grayson talk about the crush he’s developed on y/n and then telling her.

HOPE YOU LIKE IT! XX Sorry it’s up so late ): 

The screams of thousands of fans filled your ears as you stood in front of tje large crowd. You held your camera up to your eye as the boys stood next to the silver ball and DJ Khalid. 

The job as their photographer was was fairly easy due to how photogenic they both were. The hard part was when you found a good shot of them but they decide to move before you even take the picture. It’s a guessing game with these two. Are they going to move before you take the picture or will you actually get the shot? You never know the outcome but you have a lot of funny pictures you sometimes send them as memes. That of course sometimes annoys them but you love it. 

You’ve known the boys for ages now, probably around seven years. The three of you met in Jersey when you had just first moved in into the neighborhood. The two boys and Cameron walked over to the house to greet you when you were about to leave to walk your dog. Grayson started sneezing non-stop as he stood near the dog. When you asked him if he was okay he just awkwardly laughed and said yes. His sister then went on to explain to you that he was highly allergic to dogs which is the reason as to why they can only have pet birds in the house. 

The four of you hit it off from the start but you would always have a stronger bond with the boys considering how close in age you were to the two of them. You three would do everything together and when they started embarking on social media you were there to support them every step of the way. They would ask you to help them film or to take a picture of them. That was when you spark in photography started. When the boys asked you to be their official photographer you of course said yes. 

Now here the three of you where in NYC Times Square at the relaunch of TRL. Both the boys were host of the show and you were doing what you love most; photography. 

You snapped pictures of the happy smiles both the boys had as the ball officially dropped. Ethan and Grayson counted down loudly with the timer and the moment it hit zero they started clapping along with the crowd. You took pictures of every moment and loved how happy they looked on camera and off. Their happiness radiated off of them and that made you happy. 

The boys finished their surprise appearance and the three of you were escorted back into the building. The building halls were quiet as everyone was outside or in the opposite side of where you were. You could still hear the screaming fans and the DJ playing music. The boys were walking in-front of you while talking to their manager. You trailed behind them inspecting the large building that you would be going back and forth in for a while. 

“Hey Y/N, can you take a picture of us in this hanging chair thing?” Ethan asked while pointing at the wall with three round clear plastic chairs that were hanging up in the air. 

“Yeah, of course.” You smiled while walking over and standing in front of them. The boys dashed to sit in the chair. Ethan beat Grayson, who pouted knowing he would have to sit on the floor. 

“Gray can you please put your hands over his legs. You look awkward when your arms under them,” you laughed softly at the boys position. 

“Like this?” Gray asked as he did as told. 

“Yes, perfect,” you mumbled while closing an eye and looking out through your camera lens. Snapping three pictures of the boys in different poses you lowered the camera and inspected the pictures. 

“Can I see?” Grayson asked causing you to look up. You face felt really hot as you noticed how close he was too you. 

Nodding your head you gave him your camera and took a step back from him. Ethan stared at the two of you for a second wondering why you got to flustered over Grayson standing close to you. It wasn’t the first time he’s seen that happen. Shrugging it off Ethan walked over to the three of you and looked down at the picture Grayson was inspecting. 

“These are so good Y/N. I’m so happy we got you to be our photographer before someone else came in and took you away from us,” Ethan complimented you making you smile. 

“Aww thanks E,” you giggled feeling happy that the boys appreciated your work. 

“Yeah these are really good,” Grayson smiled while handing the camera back to you. 

“Thanks Gray,” you smiled while taking the camera from his hands. Your fingers grazed gently against his making your entire body fill with goosebumps and your face to heat up into a crimson shade. 

You turned around and started walking out towards the exit door not wanting for either of the boys to notice your blushing face. As you did so the boys walked a few feet behind you whispering to one another. 

“Do you like her?” Grayson asked his twin brother with a sense of urgency. 

“Yeah, she’s a really good friend.” Ethan responded not getting as to why Grayson was suddenly asking him this. 

“No as in do you like her as more than a friend?” Grayson asked with a raised eyebrow as his face grew a pink from how irritated he was growing with his brother. 

“What no! I wouldn’t do that to you bro. You’ve liked her since we were ten. I mean yeah at some point I had a thing for her but not anymore.” Ethan shrugged. Grayson took a quick glance at you hoping that you couldn’t hear them whispering behind your back. 

You were too busy trying to close your camera bag to listen in on the two boys whispering to one another behind you. In all honestly you have learned to not listen in to their conversations since you two were 10 after the boobs incident. 

“Hey Y/N, are you going back to Jersey with us?” Grayson asked as the two boys walked closer to you. 

“Yeah, I have my cousin’s wedding to attend remember? I’m one of her many bridesmaids and you two promised to go with me.” You answered while looking back at the boys with a raised eyebrow hoping that they didn’t back out. 

“Oh yeah, don’t worry we will still be gracing the wedding with our amazing presence,” Ethan smiled making you laugh. 

“Oh I’m sure they will,” you smiled. 

The conversation was cut short as the loud screams of the fans filled your ears. Turning around you looked out the glass doors and saw fans circling the entire sidewalk. Thankfully they were being held back by metal barricades and security were standing on every corner possible. Despite going on tour with the boys and always being surrounded by a group of fans when you were with them. You weren’t used to the large crowds. One time as you walked by a girl tried to rip your camera off your shoulder. That resulted in your have a large bruise going across your chest and shoulder. 

Grayson came over and had to rip the girl off of your bag because she was so keen on getting the pictures on the camera. Since that day the boys grew more protective on you when you walked out in large crowds. The boys would either make you stand in the middle of them or they would take you to the car and come back to meet the fans who waited for them. 

“Here let me,” Grayson mumbled while walking in front of you and holding the door open for you to walk through. Thanking him you walked outside and let the cool New York air fan you body. 

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my all time favourite shipping trope is “i hate you so much but shit you’re also very attractive so i guess we can make out some but tell no one” and that sort of works until they fall in love and suddenly it’s “oh shit now we have to tell people because if someone hits on you again i might just break something”

Edd’s world has begun to stop spinning…

Since the FANDOM JUST RUINED EDDSWORLD, don’t get me wrong but JUST LOOK AT THE FANDOM. EDD’S POOR WORLD IS STOPPING TO SPIN, AND ONLY MATT IS LEFT! Please, do not ruin the fandom, i got inspired from Edd to animate, the ONLY inspiration was Eddsworld. Nothing more. Please, whatever you do, DON’T RUIN AND MAKE US HATE EDDSWORLD JUST BECAUSE OF THE FANDOM! No, i still love it, but so much harrassment was given to Dudul and Paul. STOP THIS RIGHT NOW, BEFORE EDDSWORLD WILL STOP SPINNING.

Please. Just don’t send them porn drawings, shippings and don’t harrass ANYONE. People are begging for you to stop this madness or Edd will be gone from our hearts, of course we don’t want that to happen. Stop this shit, right fucking now.
Everyone is leaving Eddsworld, and if Matt will leave, Eddsworld will be gone far far away. We all don’t want that, we all have feelings. But that doesn’t mean YOU NEED TO HARRASS AND SEND THEM PORN/SHIPPINGS! Stop this, please. We are all begging, do NOT harrass everyone in the squad, please. We want our fandom to be friendly, right now it’s full of people that harrass, give threats, ETC. If you want, you can reblog this so that everyone knows. No, i don’t want fame, all i care is life and Eddsworld. Go ahead, judge me for being a total dumbass just because of caring about EDD’S world. You all do realize what is it like to be harrassed? Pain, hurt and feeling like huge shit. PEOPLE HAVE FEELINGS. End this stupid bizarre and let people be themselves, i am trying to do this friendly way. But hey, i can’t. Now, good day. Remember, DON’T HARRASS, SEND PORN/SHIPPING TO THEM, PLEASE!

Thank you for reading thus far.

I edited this because some people did not understand that i made this in 10 PM. I was obviously really tired, if i have wrote something not right, please tell me and i’ll redo or repost this. I am really tired right now too, i am not having enough time to rest. Goodbye!