can u stop being this pretty pls

BAD BOY! Jeonghan
  • silent and sleeps all day yet gets really good grades and u’re like ???? how bruh? tbh looks ice-cold and stares at anyone who dare messes with him and gets real close to them and whispers something which makes the other person run away and never come back, das why you stay 100 feet away from the boi at all times.
  • Wears his long luscious hair in a low ponytail with his bangs hanging lose on one side of his face which Makes him look soo DAMN GOOD and he’s also wears leather jackets and ripped skinny jeans with boots and u always sigh bc he’s so amazingly prince/ angelic looking even though he gets into many fights and stuff
  • He’s always sleeping and or hanging outside if the school grounds and you wonder how he manages to get better grades than u? he’s gotten into many many fights bc people think he’s ignoring them but he’s just the type to not really give a damn about others.
  • he has a habit of day-dreaming alot so u catch him staring at something or just sitting there with his mouth open and agap looking lost as hell. and sometimes you’ll see him smile and you melt bc it’s soo SOFT AND SWEET YET HE’S SO STRANGE AND MEAN?
  • one day he came into class with a busted lip and bruised cheek that was hella swollen and just sat next to you huffing and goes  to sleep so u get all worried bc you kinda like him despite his mean aura.. so after last class you gently wake him up and he looks at you all tired and sleepy and u tell him to follow you and he does?! 
  • he follows you stumbling along behind and u take him to the nurse’s office and pull out all the medicine and ointments needed to treat the bruise and cuts on his face.
  • throughout the time you were cleaning his face he looked at you with his eyes half open and it felt like he’d pass out any moment and when you were done with treating him he leans in and you’re like !!SHIT IS HE GONNA KISS ME??! NOO?! BUT YES?? but instead of kissing you his face lands on the crook of your neck and he’s out. 
  • you’re still for a few seconds since he’s asleep? so you gently push him back on the bed and cover him with your jacket and when u’re about to leave he grabs your wrist and pulls u back and thanks u and u’re like “no probs”. and once again he’s out to sleep.
  • u don’t see him for the next few days so u’re worried wondering if he’s hurt again or smthng but then you see him standing outside of the school gates at lunch and when he catches ur eye he smiles. that freaking warm smile that melts you.
  • so you walk over to him all nervous bc no idea wht he might do but instead he smiles more brightly in withing seconds he’s cornered you and go both his hands on either side of u and u’re like.. SHIT.. WHT HAVE I DONE”. he leans in real close and whispers.. “i like u.. alot.. since i saw you.. plus you healed my bruises.. so thanks again for that”. and u’re about to cry bc he’s soo pretty and u like him too but good lord he’s scary af right now..
  • u manage to stutter “i’m glad u’re feeling better” and try to run away but he just presses you more and kisses u and DAMN HIS LIPS!! SO SOFT AND HE LIKE BITE SON UR LOWER LIP MAKING U GASP and then he pulls back and u look down bc u’re RED AF!!!
  • he lifts ur chin making u look at him and whispers again. “i’d like to know more about u” and u’re like.. “we can start from being friends..” and he laughs.. like a little kid and it’s soo cute?? so from that day onwards he always sits next to you and has a arm around you shoulder..
  • he turns out to be really funny and u finally get to know how he gets so good grades it’s by studying entire night and then sleeping in the day and he sometimes stares at u and u blush bc JEONGHAN PLS STOP?! and he keeps doing it.
  • so u ask “why r u staring at me like that”? and he just smiles his angelic smile and says “bc u’re pretty and i like ur blushing cheeks”. and u’re like “I AIN’T BLUSHING! “ and he pokes ur cheek and says “sureee”.
  • and from then he’s always there even if u don’t see him and he gives u piggy back rides or no reason and even allows you to braid his hair and he does the same to yours and i he sees a flower he’ll pick it up and put it in ur hair and u do the same and by the end of the day y’all have a nest of flowers and leaves in u’re hair but it ok bc he loves it no matter what.

atenea4 said: Hii could I request a BTS reaction when they see a girl with half head shaved (that type of haircut) but she still being pretty? I know it’s weird but I have this hairstyle and I’m curious about it :) (sorry for my english)

pls don’t worry about ur english it’s perfectly fine!! i hope i got everything right in this request hehe :>

J i m i n

“I know this style is supposed to be rough but your hair looks so fluffly.”

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J i n

Won’t stop moving with his chair so he can have a better view of you.

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J u n g k o o k

Hands you a razor:”I want what you have.”

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J - H o p e

Randomly and without any warning he takes off your hat. “Now this looks better.”

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R a p  M o n s t e r

I think he would really like your edgy style and even ask you to feature him on his next KimDaily.

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S u g a

“Namjoon I’m sorry to break it to you but I found someone better looking with a sidecut. You’re out.” is it even a sidecut?? idk about hairstyles

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T a e h y u n g

He’d go straight towards you and tells you how pretty you look and asks you all kinds of questions while touching and ruffling your hair.

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