can u say best song of all time

anyway my band promised me they’d be back a thousand times so until they say they’re callin it quits im gonna be savin up my lil pennies and dimes so i can get their entire sixth album tattooed to my face and i don’t care what any of u nasties has to say about it but catch y’all cryin in your little Sadness Pit cause u gave up on em while i’ll be snapchattin u from the front row like “hey sis wish u were here! :) sike! best song ever whoo 👅 ”


Song Suggestion: Speed - What U (the lyrics are hot as hell just saying)

Requested: shika-kagami It’s actualy the first time that i ask some thing ^ 3^)^ umm can i have a Chanyeol smut/(with dirty talk ) pls ? ^ w^ )/ 

idk if you can classify this as dirty talk but there’s some teasing with words lol so imma go with it

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He seemed nice enough. He had good manners, didn’t come across as unsociable, and spoke politely, formally. He really was sweet. Really… he was sweet in all the best possible ways.

He was your neighbor. He was also your tutor, your Korean tutor. Well, not initially, it took a bit of duplicity on his end before you accepted, but he was your tutor now, and in several subjects.

You had moved overseas a couple of months ago with your family due to a recent promotion of your father’s. You didn’t really know the language all that well, so a tutor was in order. But  you weren’t too fond of the idea of meeting and dealing with any new people either. Even if that person was a neighbor, a very attractive one at that.

He had brought over flowers for your mother. To say your mother loved him right off the bat would have been an understatement. 

“Oh, what  a sweet, good looking boy, and he’s around your age too!” Tall, handsome, charming, he completely had your mother, and, well, you, wrapped around his finger. Oh, and did he play that to his advantage.

The very next day your mother shoved you out the door to meet Chanyeol at his house for your first lesson, insisting now more than earlier just how necessary a tutor was for you, just how necessary it was that that tutor was Chanyeol.

“Ahh, Y/N, come in, come in…” Ushering you into the house, your throat became dry. His lips curled at the edges. He eyes twinkled, alluringly, schemingly. Flicking his tongue out just briefly over his bottom lip, he reached around you to close the front door. His fingers lingered on the doorknob, his arms brushing against your sides.

That initial light brush suddenly wasn’t so light anymore. Slamming your back into the now closed from door. “You can say no again now, you know if you’d like…to the tutoring sessions…” 

You could sense the double meaning behind his words, but nonetheless, a few seconds passed and you firmly kept you lips closed, not saying yes, but not saying no either. He smiled, but it was by no means the same charismatic, charming smile he had used on your mother.

“Shall we go upstairs then?”

Your eyes widened a bit panic flooding your body at his sudden directness. “No!” Your voice came out a bit frantic. You may have shot back that response a bit too quickly as his grin only widened, tilting his head to the side questioningly. “Well, you wouldn’t want to do it in a closet would you?” Now not only was your throat dry, but your mouth too. “Studying, that is…”

“Ah, yeah, right, studying is fine. I mean, upstairs is fine, for studying- I mean..” Motioning his hand towards the staircase, for some reason having you take the lead. It wasn’t as if you had been in his house before, you didn’t know where.

Stopping outside the first door in the upstairs hallway, you just stood there, staring at the door. No doubt giving you a questionable gaze. A light chuckle escaped his lip yet again. Reaching his long arms around you, he pushed the door open.

“It’s just a bedroom…” 

You shuddered, his hot breath trickling against your skin. He nudged you forward lightly. You stepped forward just enough to enter the room and allow him to step past you.

Plopping down on the mattress in front of you, Chanyeol laid back all the way, closing his eyes briefly before sitting up once more. He stared at you, his eyes darkening more and more with every second that passed by.

“Y/N….” he trailed off, lifting himself from the mattress and stepping towards you.

The lights were still off,since neither of you had bothered to turn them on. It was still light outside about a half hour before the sunset. The only light that came was through the window. 

Chanyeol now had his chest pressed against yours. His hot breath grazing your skin.

“God… you’re so…” Gliding his tongue across your jaw, you shivered. “I could just sink my teeth into you.” Nipping at the sensitive skin on your neck, your head tilted back. You fingers trembled a bit, quivering out of both anxiety and desire.

“Then take a bite.” Your voice barely came out as a whisper. 

The neurotic pulsation of your skin only amplified as his teeth grazed against the skin on your neck. Finally settling on the area just above your collarbone, he did just as you said. Sucking slightly at your skin, already tender from the biting, his teeth grazed down your body, pulling away only when making contact with the fabric covering your body.

“Oh no, now this just won’t do…” 

As he tugged at the bottom of your dress, you squeezed your eyes shut, unable to bear the sensation beginning to creep up your leg. Pulling your dress completely over your head, you stood there in just a lacy black bra with matching panties.

Whirling you around and tossing you onto the bed, the distinct click of his belt buckle undoing sounded. Within seconds, both his jeans and his t-shirt had been discarded. Crawling on top of you, a gasp sounded from your lips. You hadn’t even realized how much tension had built up in between your legs until Chanyeol had begun to relieve some of the pressure, grinding his prominent bulge against your clothed core. The friction of the fabric only adding to the intensity of the pulses beginning to flood your body.

Lifting his hips upwards so he no longer rubbed against you, you groaned, the feeling of discomfort flooding your body once more. Your eyes fluttered open to make contact with Chanyeol’s. His eyes glintened with mischief, him enjoying every ounce of discomfort and pleasure inflicted upon your body because of him.

His already large grin flickered upward even further as a sharp gasp sounded from you. Sliding two long fingers into your undergarments, he began to massage your clit. Placing the already dripping bud between his two fingers he squeezed. Flicking his fingers upwards and releasing the bud, he repeated the action a few more times causing a string of unfinished profanities to escape your lips.

Finally satisfied at the dampness caused by his fingers, he hastily unclipped your bra and removed your underwear along with his boxers. He wasted no further time with teasing or foreplay, especially considering just how much you were already dripping below. Thrusting into you with no more warning than the removal of your underwear, you whimpered.

“What was that, Y/N? You like that? Do speak up…” Biting his lip, he rocked his hips inside of you. You couldn’t even manage a nod in response as you seemed to be out of control of your entire body.

The feeling of him inside of you made you shudder. Your walls tingled, pulsating even before you had even began to get close to your high. He was pumping into you slowly at first, but not without gut wrenching force.

Your walls stretched slightly at his size, amplifying both the desire and pleasure within you. As his thrusts became quicker, your whimpers became more frequent, louder, eventually turning into squeaks as the power of his thrusts came to the brink of unbearability.

“Scream, scream my name, Y/N.” You opened your mouth to do as he commanded.

Chan…..” Your voice started out at a scream, but faded out nearly entirely as the pulsation within you reached a high, clenching completely around him for several seconds before releasing entirely, riding out small, less frequent pulses on the way down from your high.

Moaning out loudly at the feeling of Chanyeol exploding inside of you just before you rode out your high completely, his hands clenched tightly against your breasts, stimulating your orgasm just a bit further before finally finishing.

Falling down beside you before rolling over to look towards the ceiling, Chanyeol’s legs tangled into yours.

“I do hope you continue with these tutoring sessions.” The room was almost entirely dark now as the sun had finally set. His voice rasped out just above a whisper. “It’s been most…obliging thus far.”


stars is the simplest song on the album. it’s a stripped down piano ballad that speaks about love in its simplest form. sometimes life and love come with this facade that causes things to be overwhelming and artificial. with stars, I’m telling the boy I love that I’m willing to shed my pride of he’s willing to shed his, and if we stop trying so hard, we can just simply be in love-and that’s all we really need. No confusion, no lying, no pride, simply just each other.


-the second verse has a line that says “rap on my window”. No, I don’t mean hip hop. Rap is a term used to describe a fast strike or a swift hit. So essentially, I’m saying “knock on my window”

-this song makes my best friend cry every. single. time. (hi won’t call u out but u know who u are yeaHgADdAWoH)

-I was 17 when I recorded this and we kept the original demo exactly the same. So what you’re hearing is 17 year old little Alessia