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Hi! Can u plz do a would include where the reader is autistic and a member of the Avengers?

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Being an Avenger and on the Autism Spectrum would include…

-          When you tell the Avengers that you’re on the autism spectrum, they take it very well.

-          Thor and Steve wouldn’t have a very good idea of what it is, but will seek out information to try to understand it, as to not be insensitive.

-          They all tend to focus on the positives rather than the negatives, like they’ll always know what you want to eat since you always eat the same, your ability to focus on long periods of time despite distractions, and your attention to detail can help them.

-          Of course, there’s the negatives, like when your senses get overwhelmed and you break down- which is worst when on a mission.

-          When that happens they just surround you and protect you till you can calm yourself down.

-          They understand you like your time alone and are happy to leave you alone for hours on end, only seeking you out when necessary.

-          Your view of the world interests Tony, so expect him to ask you questions about how to perceive things to try and get a better understanding of your mind.

-          He’d probably learn something brand new about autism that would help researchers on accident.

-          You’d be looked up to by autistic children and adults alike- it’s great to have someone like you shown as a hero and successful.

-          The Avengers would be protective of you when there’s someone insensitive or when they know you might get overwhelmed or anything of the sort.

Hope you like it!

*Not my gif

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sometimes “doing your best” is being top of your class, straight As, etc. sometimes “doing your best” is just showing up to class without your homework and sleeping through half of it because that’s the best you can do. be proud of yourself either way.

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*slams hand down on table* hey I like ur voltron head canons can u plz post some more thank u

ur welc

  • [anyone does anything] “nice power rangers reference”
  • lance is actually a really good listener
    • he doesn’t really look like it?? but even when he seems like he’s zoning out, he’s at least half-listening
    • and since he’s surrounded by geniuses who usually talk through complicated problems out loud, he sometimes picks up bits and pieces that come in handy
    • so sometimes someone’ll be complaining to lance about a problem and he’ll be like “well have you tried (x)?” and it’s like. what. how did you know how to do that
    • *lance voice* “i have an approximate knowledge of many things”
  • hunk is a steely-eyed missile man
  • several weeks into her altean education pidge can identify a bunch of obscure (and terrifying) altean animals but still doesn’t know how to say “hello my name is pidge”
  • shiro doesn’t care or anything but lowkey whenever coran calls him “number one” he’s like- he’s not smug about it but–
  • keith tries to figure out how to bond with red by watching hunk with yellow
    • rumor has it that if you wander the castle at 3am you’ll hear keith going “uh… who’s a good kitty?? you are!!… am i doing this right are we bonding red”
    • but that’s just a rumor of course shut up lance you have no proof
  • someone: [wiggles their ears] allura: “……what the fresh hell”

Small tips that make a (healthier) difference

Hey you! I dare you to try your best to follow this checklist tomorrow! But hey! Not so fast. Why not try it again the next day (and every day after that)? Sometimes it’s the smaller changes that can in fact help improve our health and wellbeing, especially when we think we’re short of time. School stressing you out? Everything is going to be ok. Try a few little things here. Tick everything off that you completed! Tell me how it goes for you!

This was a spontaneous post and I’ve found that I’ve been making errors in my posts recently! Plz correct me bc I am an egg. Hope u like it anyway.


  • Wake up as soon as you do naturally or when your alarm goes off. Make your bed! Open the blinds!
  • Get out of bed and s t r e t c h – all the way from the very tips of your fingers to the tips of your toes. (Trust me, this feels good)
  • Set your intention for the day. This might be weird for some, but try it. Example: Today I will be productive. I will be focused on my tasks and I will take the time to relax when needed. It doesn’t have to be as complicated – Example 2: I can do this. Remind yourself again.
  • Eat breakfast. A MUST. Try my favourite: eggs (poached, scrambled or fried) on toast with avocado or baked beans. Yes. We are on a roll today.
  • Drink one full glass of water within the hour of waking (don’t down it all in one go though!).
    • Add 1/8 of a lemon to this. Lemon is great to alkalise the body and getting that digestive system of yours goin! This will flush out toxins in the body and support your immune system too!
      • Side note: Wait half an hour before brushing your teeth after this (or maybe do it before) because lemons are acidic after all and can probably do some damage to your shiny whites.
  • Try having a water bottle by your bedside and beside you throughout the day as a constant reminder to drink water as you see it. Trust me, this has helped improve my water intake a lot.
  • Organise your day. What are your plans? What are of priority and what are not? Try brain dumping this, and then organising each task/item into a list, categorised in importance. This will help decrease stress throughout the day and easy referral back to this list.
  • Dress in some lovely clothes! Your fave sweater and some cool black tights? 100%!! What about that pretty skirt you like with a nice top? HECK YEAH!!!


  • Lunchtime! Eat again. Wholesome foods are an absolute must whenever you can.
  • Aim for 3-4 cups of water by lunchtime (inclusive of the glass of lemon water you had this morning).
  • Remember that intention you set this morning? Say it again.
  • Throw a compliment at someone. Be genuine. This will have a butterfly effect. If someone throws one at you to – don’t disagree! Say thank you. You rock, don’t doubt that.
  • Are there any ticks beside those tasks on your checklist from this morning? I hope so!
  • Throw in a random burst of exercise! In public too – who cares! Pick one of these: 50 starjumps! 3 sets of 10 squats! A quick walk around outdoors!

Arvo (/Afternoon… Straya):

  • Hit that 3pm slump? Same. Here are a few ideas to get you going, especially coming home from a long day:
    • NAP! 15-20 mins. No longer. No less. Be strict here or your sleep pattern might go funny and we don’t want that. (And groggy headaches are gross)
    • Exercise! This is so fundamental to our health and wellbeing. Try out short pilates videos (no equipment) here (that as living proof, work) or some really cool yoga videos here, here, and here. Yoga is great. Try this daily. Or take a brisk walk for 30 minutes  = wake up your brain, pick up your mood AND burn some fat. C’mon, go get your shoes!
    • Have a healthy snack, such as those listed in this great post by @tbhstudying. Get your brain and bod going, my friends!
  • Write down your to do list for any work, study or event related things that you need to complete this afternoon. Set out all your equipment, sort out your papers from the day and get organised!
  • Clear your (bedroom/bed/desk/floor/work/closet) space for 5 minutes every day. I’m guessing that you’ve started to pile a few things here like I do. This will save you time and help maintain cleanliness, staving away from the complicated stress that comes from having to reorganise just about everything which we all know to hate when we’re busy with other things.
  • Have you had your 5th and 6th cups of water of the day yet? Get to it!
  • Sit up straighter and you’ll look more confident and feel more confident. Your back will also be very grateful for this.


  • Continue all your extra to-dos. Get this done. You can do it!
  • Make sure to put something in your body guys. I’m talking food here by the way… don’t let that sentence mislead you! This is especially important for those of you probably thinking “I’ll just eat later” or “I’m not hungry”.  Eat. EAT NOW. PleASE.
  • Spend some quality time with your family. How’s their day been? Tell them about yours too.
  • Glasses of water No. 7, 8 and beyond should be here.
  • Prep your meals, lists, notes, outfits, etc. for the next day. Getting these things sorted now will help you get it out of the way and save you time!
  • Settle down a little. It’s time to wiiiind doooooooownnn. Read a book. Scroll through Tumblr (aaayeee!) – but not too deep into the pits okay guys. Watch a little TV.
  • I know a lot of posts say to switch off 1-2 hours before bed. If you’re literally glued to your electronics, try switching off 5 minutes earlier every day and replace that with something else. What about doing your prep items for the next day (listed two points back!!)? Or, do get those pesky chores out the way.
    • Side note: Cleaning your room often will help freshen it, get rid of itchy dust and decrease the chances of bugs and other smol random things to crawl around your room. (If that’s not a little motivation then I’m not sure what is…). It’ll also keep your space maintained so you don’t have to do it all at once. *Shudders* Plus the likelihood of those gross germs from the world hanging around and building up in there is a no-no.
  • Sleep! 7-8 hours. Your body will thank you for it. CRUCIAL for healthy brain and body function. Plus your mood and skin will improve (i.e. gOODBYE EYEBAGS and hELLO GLOWING SKIN).
    • Side note: I see you reading this at 12am when you should be sleeping. I see you.

I hope this has helped you guys a little or at least inspired you to make a small change to your daily routine! Try doing a few items here (e.g. glass of lemon water, sitting up straighter, 8+ cups of water) and record this on a habit tracker! The smallest changes often have the greatest effects!

Don’t forget to let me know how you go.

Kalyisah (@studywithkal)

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I dont know if you do that, but would you do a comperance of tony starks beards in rhe different marvel movies?


iron man 1, we have the pretentious, I-Rly-Fucked-Up-And-I-Need-To-Fix-Things™ Grief Playboy Goatee™

IRON MAN2: we have the slightly unkempt Human Disaster I’m Gonna Die Soon Grief Goatee™

AVENGERS: Grief Goatee™ has transformed into Slightly More Trimmed Grief Goatee (Because-I-Have-Cool-Superfriends-and-I’m-Trying-To-Impress-Them)

IRON MAN 3, peak Grief Goatee™, human disaster, u can feel the sadness in the individual facial hair follicles

AGE OF ULTRON, slightly Trimmed and Upkept I’m-Recovering-But-I-Accidentally-Created-a-Murder-Robot Grief Goatee™ . not recommended to wear unless if u want to fuk up rly bad

CIVIL WAR. not too unkempt, but this is the Grief-Goatee-of-Ultimate-Betrayal™ . notice the extra hair length on the sides for Ultimate Best Friend Loss™

ALAS, SPIDERMAN GRIEF DAD GOATEE™. Less Human Disaster, but more PETER PARKER PLZ DO NOT FUCK UP LIKE ME GOATEE™. (ten bucks this convo is him begging him not to grow a goatee. it ruins lives)

MORAL OF THE STORY: do not grow a goatee. misery and grief will consume ur whole life

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single dad aus make me soooo soft but listen ,,,,, can u plz do a single dad au for wonho-- I am in love with him. Love, Your Biggest Stan <3 P.S. ily <3

i finally thought of a cute plot for this so here u go hehe
other versions: hyungwon 

  • wonho has a daughter who he absolUTELY adores
  • she’s already starting the first grade and wonho literally threw a party for her and invited everyone and their grandmothers and cried when he realized at the end of it that his lil sunflower was going to SCHOOL and he wouldn’t be able to see her for half the day
  • and kihyun had to hold like three boxes of napkins on his lap while wonho mumbled about how she’s his life,,,,his angel,,,,his sTARS AND UNiVERSE
  • and hyungwon was like bro it’s school she’s going to have fun and make friends
  • and wonho is like but sHES MINE,,,,she’s my babY,,,, and everyone was like oh no here he goes again 
  • minhyuk somewhere: can you imagine how bad he’s going to be when she goes off to college????
  • but yes,,,wonho has never in his life been upset with her,,,,he coddles and loves her more than anything in the world
  • and it’s amazing you see him out grocery shopping making faces and singing to her while she sits in the cart and like every single parent in town is super heart eyes at wonho because like,,,,,,,look at him
  • but wonho only cares about his kid,,,,,,,,,,like that’s it,,,,,,,,she’s the only one that matters
  • and you,,,,,,,think it’s pretty cute because you work with wonho and his enTIRE desk is covered in photos of his daughter
  • but,,,you don’t have a kid of your own and when the office decides to honor ‘bring your kid to work day’ you’re kind of,,,,,,,,,stuck
  • and you can’t believe it but as the office bustles with the noise of children and worried parents
  • you walk in,,,,,,,,,,,,,,holding your cat
  • and your co-workers laugh because aH your cat is your kid??? and you’re like “kinda??? i mean she’s cute,,,,but she’s not as fun????” 
  • and your cat is lazily resting on your desk,,,,completely oblivious to the fact that you’re sTRESSED your boss might be mad about you brining a pet and not a person
  • but then you notice,,,,a small hand
  • and that hand is rubbing your kitty’s belly and you’re like,,,,wait
  • pushing your chair out a bit you see a small girl on her tippy-toes,,,reaching out to play with the fur of your cat
  • and usually,,,your cat is ok with all things BUT belly rubs
  • yet this small hand doesn’t bother her at all
  • and you’re like “hi!! whats your name?” the girl mumbles it,,,obviously more interested in your cat than you
  • and you’re looking around to see if any co-workers that her parents are nearby but everyone looks preoccupied with their children
  • and you’re like “whose your mommy or daddy?” 
  • sniffling she makes a motion to the desk opposite yours,,,,you blink and look at her again and realize she’s wonhos,,,,,,,,,,,,,all those pictures of her on his desk should have given that away pretty easily
  • and you’re like “do you wanna pet the kitty’s head too - she likes that the most?” 
  • eagerly nodding you pat your lap and the girl climbs up and sits comfortably,,hands going out to play with your snoozing cats ears 
  • a couple of minutes later,,,as you’re using one hand to type and the other to keep the girl safe in your lap wonho comes back holding a plate with cookies and other kids snacks
  • smiling he finds you with his daughter and he’s like “there she is- should have known she’d go for the cat.” 
  • you laugh and go “if i were her, i would also go for the cat.” 
  • wonho pulls up a chair and tries to get his daughter to take a bite of the cookie,,,but she’s still lost in petting your cat
  • and wonho pouts and goes “she’s given up her father for your pet,,,” you grin and shake your head 
  • for a while you two sit like that,,,, wonho’s daughter looks like she’s yours with how happy she looks in your lap
  • at some point even leaning back against your arms and watching you finish something on the computer
  • wonho,,,,cautiously watches but at the same time,,,,,feels perfectly at ease with his daughter in your hands
  • and every now and then you chat about this or that
  • and suddenly wonho asks,,,,,,,would you ever want kids?
  • you hesitate but nod,,,,you make a joke about how the cat is great and all but kids are cuter,,,,,in your opinion
  • not seeing the small smile on wonho’s face you go back to your work as his daughter slowly falls asleep
  • by the time the work day is over,,,she’s been napping for a good hour and your arm is numb from where you’re holding her but you’re content as ever
  • and wonho wakes her up gently only to hoist her into his arms so she  can sleep again
  • you,,,,well you take your cat in your arms and as you and wonho are leaving the building
  • he stops and asks if you’d ever like to come over sometime and play with his daughter again
  • you grin and motion to the cat in your arms and you’re like “im assuming she’d want me to show up with this one as well?”
  • wonho laughs and you feel your heart skip a beat,,,,because it’s a laugh that’s so,,,,,,,,,,,,sweet
  • he agrees but before fishing his phone out of his pocket for your number he adds
  • “im not just asking you for the cat, my daughter would love to see her again but i,,,,,,,,,,id like to spend more time with you too.”
  • the words make your knees melt and you’re worried you might be blushing like some middleschooler that you hide your head by looking down
  • but when you exchange numbers, wonho waving as he turns to leave with his daughter
  • you can’t help but lift your cat up,,,,her lazily opening her eyes to watch you and you go “i,,,,,,,,think you got me a date!”
  • all you get is a meow in reply,,,,,,,but,,,,,,you’re too happy to care hehe 

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Heyo! Can u do some fluffy V headcannons plz? The baby needs some love💙

~I’ve done so many and still it seems that it’s never enough, because we all need more V. 

[V/Jihyun Kim]

  • Has a floofy monogrammed robe and absolutely can not take a bath unless he can wear it afterwards 
  • Composed and played a song on the piano specifically dedicated to MC on their first anniversary and since then it’s become a tradition to play it every anniversary after 
  • Likes to go to karaoke with MC on the weekends 
  • WILL PICK FOOD OFF OF YOUR PLATE (BUT he always shares some of his in exchange) 
  • Carries really nice smelling hand moisturizer with him wherever he goes, he has soft hands 
  • Loves the smell of jasmine and lavender 
  • Ordered two wall calendars because he COULDN’T PICK, one is desert landscapes and the other is baby animals 
  • Emails jumin funny cat videos 
  • Also, him and Jumin email back and forth a lot and Jumin is like an old man and does those forwards (you know the ones) to V and V always just laughs 
  • Enjoys breakfast for dinner 
  • Can’t swim very well 
  • Collects old books just for the smell of them 
  • Him and MC go antiquing and they split up, making it a challenge for whoever can find the most interesting or odd thing. The loser has to buy it for the winner. Needless to say, their place is filled with some…..interesting stuff 
  • Wishes he could sell fruit at the farmers market, but he goes there often to take photos 
  • HAS worn mismatching shoes and socks before (thanks eyesight) 
  • Eats a lotta bread 
  • Love cotton candy and also afraid of carnival rides 
  • Very sentimental and keep random trinkets that mean something to him 
  • Actually super funny and witty??? When he goes to a party or gathering he is always center stage and making everyone smile and laugh 
  • And Jumin just (every chance he gets cause he is so proud of V) 

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Ur art is so cute!! The way u draw makes the characters always look so innocent. Is that a good thing?? I mean it like a compliment!!!! I was looking through all of ur mm tag and it was all so cool but I noticed there wasn't much jaehee :-( can u plz draw some baehee for me?? Also I love you so much ❤ keep up the great art!!

First thank you! Second I do feel bad that doesn’t draw much Jaehee, so here’s a sketch of MCxJaehee

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I light of the new dancing emotes can I get headcannons with lucio, sombra, symmetra and zen dancing with their s/o \(°^°)/ thank you

I’m gonna try something different and try and reply with gifs aha (~°u°)~
plz excuse the multifandomness of these gifs


Originally posted by sov-ja

It’s kinda goofy, kinda cute. He just likes seeing you happy and he holding you as the two o you dance like nobody’s watching


Originally posted by supercerealstevenuniversegifs

Romantic, slow, lots of twirling. It’s cute. Both of you are very shy and giggling the whole time.


Originally posted by hey-ass-booty

mmmmmmmmmmmm yes. It’s all very hyper and random and you loved it. The type of dance when neither of you care and you just go crazy.


Originally posted by crivil

neither of you can particularly dance so you just stand there and bob along to the music, but you make each other laugh as you do so and that’s what matters

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could you write a real quick imagine/blurb type thing about being pregnant and your hormones are making you kind of short tempered so every little thing aggravates you so with your mood swings and stuff you take it out on Harry so it causes an argument (not a really bad one but still an argument) and you end up crying and feeling extremely bad for everything but he forgives you fluffy plz if u could

I think i’ll alctually be like that throught my pregnancy period, omg. And yeah, of course i’m gonna do one, sweetie! This sounds really goodl.

“No, Harry, i’m telling you for seventh time - i don’t need to stay in bed all day” you can’t help, but snap at him.”It won’t harm the baby in any way if i just go out on a walk. Alone. Just for fifteen minutes. Without you, breathing on my neck.”

His eyes widen and he furrow his eyerbrows. The thought to leave you alone for two minutes is driving him insane. And you can understand him, you’re waiting for the baby to be born every minute, because you’re in your ninth month. But sometimes all his attention and protection is just too much. You two had the same fight two weeks ago when you were doing the laundry all by yourself.

“Look” he starts, “it’s not necessary to scream at me so you can make me agree with you. I told you hundred times - it’s dangerous. What if your waters run out and you can’t call me, because the pain is just too much and-”

“Harry, listen to me!” you scream. “It’s not going to happen and your pessimistic ass is just being paranoid, okay? So just let me go on a walk, i’ll call you if i get too tired to come back home and everything will be alright.”

“If you start giving birth without me, it won’t be my fault.” he muttures angrily.

You can see the tears in the corners of his eyes, but he turns his back to you so you can’t see him, making them go away. Before you can even think about it, you hug him from behind, starting to cry too. He turns to face you again, this time completely okay with you seeing him all voulnerable and messy. His eyes are red because he rubbed them and he tugs at his hair, before kissing your forehead. 

“Sorry, sorry, sorry” you start sniffing. “I didn’t mean to, sorry.”

“My love” he smiles, putting a slight kiss on your lips, “Shhht, it’s alright. Don’t get sad, it’s alright.”

Both of you calm down after a solid hour of hugging and whispiring sweet things at each other, begore you come to a consummation. You go on a walk for twenty minutes, but you keep your phone in your pocket and he’s waiting you on the veranda.

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CAN U PLZZZZ!! Make a workout post..I want to start working out this year but Idk where to start..I use to have trainer but ehh. Ur body looks so good gurl..what do u do? Even if it's just a simple workout plz post it

Thanks! So for working out I have a really strict routine i follow it EVERY SINGLE DAY except sunday. (Atleast i did before winter break but im def back into it) You haveee to be consistent with your work outs figure out days best for you and the most important thing is work out around the same time because thats how your body gets used to it. This is what i do:
Mon/Wed/Fri: I do legs/stomach
first i either run or get on the tredmill for 30 min
4 sets x 12 reps of leg curls
4 sets x 20 reps of hip abductions
4 set x 20 reps of hip extension machine
5 sets x 20 reps of leg press machine
Then I do
4 sets of 12 reps ab crunch machine
Then i twist with the ball for my obliques

Tues/Thurs/Sat: I do legs/arms+shoulders (im mainly focusing on my rear delts)
first i either run or get on the tredmill for 30 min
4 sets x 12 reps of leg curls
4 sets x 20 reps of hip abductions
4 set x 20 reps of hip extension machine
5 sets x 20 reps of leg press machine
Then I do
4 sets x 12 reps shoulder machine
4 set x 12 reps bicep and tricep machine
4 sets x 20 rep rear delt machine
walking with ur back straight with a pole placed on ur shoulders will help straighten them out too and thats what im working on my posture

Dark Asks (plz ask)

1. Do you wanna die every day or just sometimes?

 2. Do you think about dying during baths? 

3. Who do you love the most? 

4. What makes you want to die the most?

5. Who makes you want to be alive or what?

6. What do you enjoy about death?

7. Which is the best dying or loving someone?

8. Bloody shit  or gun shit ?

9. Kill or be killed? 

10. Favorite time to stalk friends, you know? 

11. Favorite serial killer/mass murder/spree killer/killer  , why, how, ?

12. Do you think you’re insane or just weird? 

13. Do you think about ‘sex and death’ or ‘death and killers’?

14. Who do you have a crush on in the TCC? 

15. What can you do best? Eat? Sleep? Complain about living?

16. Do you like to cry ? 

17. Which Lana Del Rey song do you love the most? 

18. Does your mum know about your blog??

19. When are you planning on telling your mum about the blog?

20. wHY U STILL ALIVE ?!? ( proud dude )

Thoughts on my child

1. what the fuck is on his ribs do yall see that shit?? It looks like something for binding and I’m hoping its just his skin but sfkfsakjlfjkl


3.”lil guppy hello would you like this egg here I gots in my hand”

4. (Should be 1) I really hope the tall manfish fucks my mute lady here oh my oh yes

5. (should be 0.5) do yall think his dick is a tentacle bc regular dicks are boring and I can totally get into a tenta-dick-

Edit: Continued -