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can you please write something about an really really fat Yuri dont fitting in any clothes and became more and more lazy

I wanted to say that you asked for this but it turned out into something different so I can’t really blame you lol.. .I’m sorry.
Fun fact: I only write trash. It takes me forever to write smth serious and decent. Also not native eng, rip grammar. I’ll probably get embarrassed and delete this later haha…

Yuuri woke up due to warm rays of the sun shining through the window. Now waking up didn’t necessarily mean he opened his eyes, so he just blindly reached on the other side of the bed to pull Victor closer. Or he would if the other side wasn’t already empty.
,,Victor!“ he whinned, slightly annoyed with his early birdy husband.
,,Yes, darling, love of my life.”
Yuuri lifted his head from the pillow and dumbfoundly stared at Victor leaning against the doorframe.
,,I can’t believe you.“ he mumbled. Victor’s smile just got wider.
,,I made you breakfast, my Yuuri.”
Yuuri burried his head in the pillow again.
,,Oh my god no, Victor I can’t eat pasta for breakfast two days in a ro-“
,,It’s not pasta.”
,,That’s exactly what you said yesterday.“
Victor dissapeared in the kitchen and was back with a rather large bowl. He sat down on the bed and kissed Yuuri on the nape.
,,Hey, don’t fall asleep, solnyshko.”
,,I don’t want your pasta again.“
Victor just put the bowl on the back of his husband’s neck.
,,Argh! That’s so cold!”
,,Well, it is ice cream so…“ Victor laughed.
Yuuri stared at him for a while then shrugged and took the bowl. It was a mountain of chocolate - vanilla ice cream with bars of chocolate topped with melted chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. It looked sinful and delicious.
,,You know that’s not a real breakfast either, right?”
,,You’re the one to talk. At least I didn’t eat sugared cereal for a whole week.“
,,That was one time.”
,, …You got me there.” Yuuri sighed. ,,I think i let myself go way too much. Mom and dad always outdo themselves on their anniversary.“ he kicked the sheet off and grabed at his plump stomach. ,,Look, Victor! I even had to buy new clothes before flying back! That would be like two months with your awfull pasta and brocolli and like a thousand hours in the gym! I need more reasons to live, Vitya!”
,,Im not buying you any more of my posters, the lady at the shop was looking at me weirdly.“
Yuuri looked at him playing annoyed.
,,Where did ‘my Yuuri, love of my life’ go?”
,,Well, I know where he should go.“ Victor purred and grabed at Yuuri’s love handles to pull him closer. ,,I also know he doesn’t need to make everything into a pepe meme.” he grinned. Yuuri kissed him on the nose.
,,You should eat it before it melts.“ Victor pointed at the forgotten bowl on the night stand.
,,That would be plus five hours in the gym.”
,,Wrong. That would be plus few more inches of my fluffy pillow. I love fluffy pillows. My Yuuri’s fluffy pillow.“
,,Oh my god, don’t say it like that.” laughed Yuuri and hid his red face in hands.
,,My fluffy marshmallow muffin Yuuri.“ cooed Victor.
,,Aaaaa! Stop!”
,,My sweet pudding cherry cake"
,,Okay, that sounds just disgusting.“ Yuuri looked at him through the gaps between his fingers.
,,I like puding. Fluffy pudin. My sweet flu-”
,,Okay! Okay! I’ll eat it, okay?“ Yuuri laughed and took the bowl. To be honest he would eat it anyway, it looked so good.
,,Good boy.” purred Victor. Yuuri got a pleased look on his face. ,,Now, I got you something when you were in Hasetsu. Wait.“ Victor got up and took a bag from night stand on his side of the bed.
,,There. It’s also an apology. I’m sorry I couldn’t go with you.” he handed Yuuri the bag.
,,Thank you, husband.“ he said awkwardly. Victor blushed.
,,Yuuri!” he threw himself at the poor katsudon.
,,Stop strangling me, husband.“ wheezed Yuuri. Victor looked at him with tears in corners of his sparkling eyes.
,,Are you even real.” Yuuri lovingly caressed his husband’s face.
,,Yuuri, we-“ Victor’s voice cracked before he could continue ,,We will also have a wedding anniversary next year.”
,,Oh my god…“ whispered Yuuri and huged Victor closer with all his power. ,,You’re right. We’re married. We will have an anniversary. We’re going to have a wedding aniversary.” he sobbed.
,,Our first wedding anniversary.“ Victor added with a sniff and sat up. ,,The gift.”
Yuuri took the bag from where he threw it when Victor tackled him.
,,This better be new clothes, Victor. I don’t think any of mine will fit anymore.“
,,You don’t need any clothes if you’ll stay in bed.”
,,Tru.“ Yuuri opened the bag and pulled out a box. It was a laptop. He snickered and hugged Victor again.
,,You’re impossible. If I’m not misunderstood it was you who drowned the last one.”
,,I’m not giving up watching Free! in bath. Besides the main gift is the anime you wanted inside. I managed to get raw versions.“
,,You’re the best husband ever, you know?” said Yuuri in a loving tone.
,,Best husbands belong together.“ grinned Victor. They lovingly gazed at each other all words being said by the glints in their eyes. Untill Victor’s phone ringed. Victor sighed ,,I’ll have to go my Yuuri. It’s so unfair. I took the day off yesterday to be with you after one whole week of suffering without you and you just slept.” he lamented with a fond look on his face.
,,Yeah yeah, sorry.“ yawned Yuuri. Victor kissed his forehead.
,,I’ll be back with a proper lunch. You should rest some more.” he got up but before he could he leave Yuuri stopped him. Victor turned back at him. Yuuri pointed on mess on the floor. The forgotten bowl of ice cream.
,,You need to make me another breakfast, Vitya.“
He did.

reasons behind the placements of the homunculi's tattoos
  • greed: puts his hands on literally everything in a 5 mile radius
  • sloth: u can only see his back as he nyooms away
  • gluttony: he licks literally everything. that cat? boom. that lamp? boom. that ass? boom.
  • lust: homunculi bahoobies
  • pride: we don't know so we're assuming he's a demon summoned from the deepest pits of hell
  • wrath/03 pride: he's got his eye on u so stop being a lil bitch, talking to you jimmy
  • 03 wrath: step on a crack and u break ur mother's heart by denying her
  • 03 sloth: has habits of just lying down chest to ground. no one knows why

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10 facts abt nero, james, and mason!! (u can choose one idc lmao)

- Represents the sin of Sloth
- Is a high class demon
-LOVES to read
-Has his own library
-Has two tails
-Hums a lot. All the time.
-Knows how to play the violin (probably played “The Ghost of You” by MCR cuz he an edgy lil shit like me) 
-Loves to cuddle
-Really protective of his sister.
-Feared in the demon world. Works for THE Sin of Sloth. Rarely does his job tho :D

-Son of the goddess of life and the god of time
- Loves to spend time with Leaf
-Every time he touches Robin (Fire boi), a fuck ton of steam comes out
- Tries to help everyone
-When angry, his skin goes slightly gray and his eyes glow orange
-I drew him for the first time when I was sick. Giggled on my own as I destroyed his pride by drawing him on the “The Little Mermaid” pose. You know, the one on the rock with all the water when she’s singing
-His dad named him James cuz James Pond :D
- Sings often.
-Has control over sweet water
-Will steal shiny things

-Loves to hang out with his moms
-Styles his hair in a braid cuz Sandra (one of his moms) styles it that way
-Has a thing for blue hair
-Loves to pull pranks
- Loved to steal things (nothing major, mostly food)
-Wants to own his own shop
-Will protect anyone and everyone just try him
-Questions everything
-It relaxes him when someone is braiding his hair
- Loves to go on adventures.