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Akuma Riders Headcanons
  • The whole ‘motor-bike’ theme was Oso’s idea, to be able to see more of the mortal world. Everyone just kinda went with it because it seemed like fun at the time.
  • They can actually grow to be a gigantic size (like they can in the Greek Gods AU), but they just prefer to be small; you’re not exactly the best at blending in with mortals when you tower over them.
  • Being Princes of Hell, they’ve all got their own castle in their circle of hell, each one in a different style of architecture and a unique floor plan.
  • They each have their throne rooms catered with to them with their sins (e.g Kara has a big banquet hall, Choro has a huge bed, etc.).
  • They’re regarded very highly by all demons, especially those that specifically serve them; treating them like royalty and following their every whim and command to the letter (Think of the Diamonds from SU).
  • They all take delight in the pain and suffering of others, they laugh in delight when someone’s tortured, and make a ton of death and hell-related puns and jokes.
  • If you want to flatter them, you should probably use synonyms of ‘horrible’ in their presence. 
  • The brothers all admit that Oso is their leader, although they say this with varying degrees of acceptance.
  • Oso’s has some… anger issues. There’s always a stress ball nearby him for this reason, unless his servants want the castle top blown off again during another one of his tantrums.
  • Kara’s large flower, while technically married to him, occasionally acts more like a pet than an actual spouse (I like the image of Kara in the middle of something and vines encircle him, making him sigh and look to the ceiling with the face of “can u not”).
  • Choromatsu, despite being the embodiment of sloth, is always busy and therefore doesn’t get much sleep. He’s developed a bit of narcolepsy problem because of this and is prone to falling asleep at random times.
  • Ichi actually helps to make all the lesser demons, as they’re all creatures born of envy, and has a special influence over them all.
  • Jyushi’s gift to mankind was the metal detector, as well as the concept of multi-million dollar baseball. He subtly helps his favorite team at the moment, (it always changes) while he’s invisible in the stands.
  • Totty runs the Vanity Fair; it’s a rather nice place, where you can find anything you didn’t know you needed, so long as you know how to give a flattering compliment.
reasons behind the placements of the homunculi's tattoos
  • greed: puts his hands on literally everything in a 5 mile radius
  • sloth: u can only see his back as he nyooms away
  • gluttony: he licks literally everything. that cat? boom. that lamp? boom. that ass? boom.
  • lust: homunculi bahoobies
  • pride: we don't know so we're assuming he's a demon summoned from the deepest pits of hell
  • wrath/03 pride: he's got his eye on u so stop being a lil bitch, talking to you jimmy
  • 03 wrath: step on a crack and u break ur mother's heart by denying her
  • 03 sloth: has habits of just lying down chest to ground. no one knows why

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Can't sleep and due to anxiety not able to even close my eyes. Any advice?

Go on youtube & watch baby sloth videos omg u will feel so much better afterwards. Or baby deer videos. Or you can take a xanax . Or you can drink tea ANd watch baby sloth videos. Hope u feel better xo