can u not sloth

reasons behind the placements of the homunculi's tattoos
  • greed: puts his hands on literally everything in a 5 mile radius
  • sloth: u can only see his back as he nyooms away
  • gluttony: he licks literally everything. that cat? boom. that lamp? boom. that ass? boom.
  • lust: homunculi bahoobies
  • pride: we don't know so we're assuming he's a demon summoned from the deepest pits of hell
  • wrath/03 pride: he's got his eye on u so stop being a lil bitch, talking to you jimmy
  • 03 wrath: step on a crack and u break ur mother's heart by denying her
  • 03 sloth: has habits of just lying down chest to ground. no one knows why