can u not look at me like that

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listen i am so emo abt those macdennis headcanons can u give me more they're so sweet

  • mac eventually tells dennis about the erotic nightmare he had about him. dennis can’t stop thinking about it, so one night he decides to reenact it for mac, who finds the whole thing so amusing that he can’t look at the other man for a whole week without bursting into peals of laughter. dennis tries to be angry about this, but it’s hard to when mac is smiling like that, all because of him. 
  • dennis loves tracing his fingertips (and when he’s buzzed, his tongue) along the freckles on mac’s shoulders. “i’m trying to count how many you have,” he says to mac every time, but really he just likes the way mac sighs and leans into his touch.
  • mac likes it when dennis wears any kind of makeup, but he especially likes it when dennis wears lipstick. a lot. not just because dennis looks prettier than usual (which he does), but mac absolutely adores that dennis’s kisses leave a mark behind on his skin.
  • they still go to guigino’s without fail every month - the only thing that’s new is the hand-holding. dennis lets mac order whatever he wants, as long as they get to share dessert (which mac feeds to him, of course).
  • laundry day is something both of them look forward to; mac because dennis lounges around the apartment wearing mac’s old sleeveless tees, and dennis because mac does the same, only he’s shirtless.

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hello, im sorry to bother you, but i just need some advice. well, this may seem a little weird but, for some reason, a whole bunch of nsfw things have been coming up on my phone and some times...i can't get myself to look away from it. i'm 12 and i feel like i shouldn't be seeing these things, i try to stay away from it but i just keep coming back. i don't want this to become a part of me and i need some advice on it because i need to know if someone has had this experience before. thanks

!!!!!!!!!!! OK OK so if i may assume that u mean nsfw content keeps poppin up on tumblr mobile then i wanna say block as many of those as possible!!! if it’s not tumblr ur talking about then try these tips to block specific sites on using your phone’s settings!

And I mean. Getting curious is…something that happens to us all at some point? But I feel like thats something you should wait until ur older because there’s definitely sensitive material out there not meant for younger ages 

wow would u look at that it’s march 23rd which means i’m seeing the love of my life ariana grande 2nite so if you’d like to see my adventures in seattle u can add me on snapchat here thanks i love attention

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Hey I just wanna let u know your art inspires me a lot. My art style is kinda like your small art style, (soft,round, kinda simple) and I get down on myself a lot abt it tbh, like I feel my art cant be good at all bc its really simple and cartoony. But when I see your art and I see how its really good it makes me feel better about my own cause its like "hey, his art style is very cartoony and good, yours can be too!" And so yeah ur gr8 just thought id let u know

Yes!!! I’m so glad to hear that!!!

Every art style is different, it has their very own way to look like, because you’re putting your feelings and your soul into it.

And we’re all different.

We create our own universes. And there’s people out there who are really interested about it! You just don’t know who these people are. That’s why you gotta go out there and be like ‘’I did this thing!!’’

Some people see the colors as a first thing, the palettes that you use, others sees the line art. Some people like detailed drawings, other like realistic ones, others just stick to the simple. We all have different likes and dislikes because that’s how we work. Because that makes us ourselves.

Honestly, going out there and show people what you do it’s kind of a hard process. But believe me, it’s totally worth it.


Look what I bought myself ❤️ I bought this ring to carry me through hard times because it’s not only really beautiful but also reminds me of Cas and angels in general and it just gives me strength to carry on ❤️

Bonus is that I saw a Tumblr post years ago about a destiel wedding ring that looked similar and I think this would be a beautiful wedding ring for them ❤️ *happy sigh* and a great drawing reference for future projects.. ^u^ ❤️

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What would you say is your least favorite SW species? It uses to be Ithorians for me, but then I found out they're all super nice space hippies and now I love them--now I'd say Cereans, cuz their heads look stupid. idk. what about u, tho?

HMM… I don’t think I have an absolute least favorite in terms of design, I like how unique a lot of them are, I can’t list anything off the top of my head rn

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This anti blog wrote a post saying: “Would u tell me Louis stunted for FOUR YEARS, then took a break and A YEAR AND A HALF later he started again?????” Like, hoe. Y'all forgot Briana and Danielle really quick. Congrats! Spending money on look-a-like bitches is really paying off 👏🏽😴

Hsjsjskslsls are they fucking kidding with me… He didn’t have a break in 6 years! Always attached to someone, always a nasty, he can’t be single for one month. Antis are truly blind 

Happy fucking birthday dad

After all the stuff you say about us and try and make us look bad in front of the family because we dont like how u treat us with your wife? Yeah I can see how “we” are the bad guys. And how you say we put you through therapy? YOU DONT EVEN KNOW WHAT I BEEN THROUGH SINCE FIRST FUCKING GRADE DEALING WITH YOUR WIFE CRITICIZING EVERY FUCKING THING I LIKE OR DO AND U NOT STANDING UP FOR ME. MAKING US LOOK BAD FOR NOT WANTING TO DEAL WITH THE EMOTIONAL ABUSE ANYMORE. YOU SAY YOU LOVE US BUT YOU WONT APOLOGIZE. DO YOU EVEN REALLY LOVE US? I apologize I had to get this off my chest

stolen dance // you

i want you
our eyes meet
the electricity jump starts my heart
i drop what i’m holding.
your hand brushes on my leg
in a way that is entirely intentional.
“i like talking to pretty people”
you say
every cell in my body goes weak.
your touch leaves my skin bright red wherever it goes.

we can bring it on the floor
we are out
you’ve had two shots
i’ve had seven
we dance but not together
every time i look up
your eyes are already trained on me.
and suddenly you are behind me
with one hand on my shoulder
the other on the wall.
you tell me later you were barricading me
someone wanted to dance
you told him i did not want to dance with him.

never danced like this before
we are scandal personified.
but we are also fairytale personified.
i’ve only ever known one or the other.
you pull me under your sheets
and we are together but not.
your hands go where nobody else’s have.
i let them.
you care so deeply
that you scare the shit out of me.

but we don’t talk about it
you start dating my best friend.
you break up with my best friend.
it is impossible to dull the electricity when she’s around.
“it’s funny how alike you two are” she says
i don’t mention the night we fell asleep
trapped in each other’s arms.
you don’t mention telling me
the one thing you feared most.

shouldn’t talk about it

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Ok so I'm into ddlg and my bf like being called daddy but I don't think he understands what that means. I've shown him blogs but he has put the pieces together. How can I explain it to him without ruining the chance of him actually trying to be a daddy?

Ok so act casual , let’s say you guys are watching a movie , u know like be calm don’t scare him off 😅
After the movies finishes ,go on your phone and make sure he can see
Go on ddlg posts
Hopefully he’ll ask what’s that you’re looking at
Then tell him it’s ddlg
Then define what ddlg is and means to you
Say it’s something you want to try out with him and ask me if he’s willing to try something new out
😊hopefully this works!
Update me! I love hearing stories about these thing! They’re just sooooo cute!

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you know, Dom... something I forgot to say is that you are a great example of how mixing races and ethnicity makes beautiful looking human beings. You're breathtaking and it's fun to look at you and being like: I can't tell where this boy is from! In the end you're just a beautiful Cali boy trying to find his place in the world, but the many stories you bring in your DNA are probably great conversation topics for rainy days. I'd love to be your friend and listen to those stories. Much love to u!

This is amazing! Honestly, I love this and I love whoever you are for saying this because it’s probably one of the nicest and most different things anyone has said about/to me :) thank you so much




PRIZE: ITS ASHLEY’S OFFICIAL POST-VOLTARIAN/AKARAN(thats woevers ruling chrysaline at the time ok) OUTFIT 






if u wanna do her hair u can too

be aware the horns stay

U can make her like royalty too thatd b qt


Bleas make it appropriate…

bleas make it practical

Thank u


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I know the Switch is out now, but I’m still thinking I might just get a Wii U? My reasoning:

  • It’s probably not sold out everywhere.
  • Cheaper? I haven’t actually looked this up but it seems safe to assume.
  • I can still play Breath of the Wild on Wii U, which is the main reason I wanted a Switch in the first place.
  • From what I understand, Wii U is backward compatible with the Wii and other older Nintendo stuff, and Switch isn’t? It would be nice to be able to play Wii games since I never actually owned one.
  • None of the upcoming Switch exclusives are that exciting to me anyway.
  • I don’t care that much about Switch’s portability which seems like its main selling point.

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plis help how do guys even dance (that trans guy feel when u only know how to dance like a Sexy Girl)

Fuck if I know!!! Boy I can do the cupid shuffle and the cha cha slide and if the wedding is white enough, you’ll find me doing the YMCA just to get my parents to look disappointed in me.


<<  5pm alps >>


By the way man, this why we work well together, you know? You see free soup, you make a decision to eat it.