can u not be perfect for a second though

y’all i just love… seeing people enjoy stuff i’m involved in? like. every second of a session of d&d i feel like i’m a fumbling idiot but. my players are having fun? people still enjoy it even though i’m not Good at dming but. the times i fuck up aren’t hugely important bc if people look back on a session and laugh at something then i’ve done an okay job and it just feels nice knowing that 

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Describe the perfect summer day at the beach with Mia, Jack.

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“ Perfect? Well—It would be cloudy even though it was summer because then I wouldn’t have to put on any of the sun-stuff. but it would still be warm! we would leave really early in the mornin’ too so that I could have a donut for breakfast— ” there’s only a second of pause, so that he can catch his breath. “ and when we got there I would get to wear just my underwear for the water. at home I have to wear all of m’clothes but not at the beach—and then….I would try t’get in the water but sometimes ‘s a little scary, ya’know? Mia would help me though….but I would mostly play with the sand ‘nd she would nap or read or somethin’. She knows how t’do lots of things! She’s very smart…theres another longer pause, and his little face contorts, thinking of what would be next on their agenda. which wasn’t too difficult. “ ‘nd then…after all the playing, we would get t’have ice cream. but mia would probably make me have a bath after—-buuut if it’s the perfect day then no bath! and after the ice cream maybe we would go to see the fish museum and then we would go home and we’d get to have a nap until dinner. The end! ” 

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do you have any tips for drawing an oc or another character multiple times? i made and oc but every time i draw her she looks completely different and its very frustrating. how do you get them to look like ,,,, them?

Definitely try and reference the original picture. Try and use distinct shapes to make it easier to remember what things will look like. Like for eyes try and make it an easy to remember shape. 

Honestly for me it was hard to draw the same character at first too. Having the same hair and clothing can really help if you have a hard time getting the face right. Practicing more and more will help I promise, even if the character doesn’t look the same. Sometimes its just a matter of growing comfortable with how the character looks and letting yourself adjust to drawing them. 

But for now just don’t worry too much, let yourself get comfortable drawing her. She might change but you might find the changes to be interesting. 

Don’t give your character up though! You created her and now you get to decide everything about her. Its okay if things change you have time in the future to fix them or get the perfect!

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there's this stereotype that intjs always type w perfect grammar/punctuation/spelling etc regardless of situation and ive honestly never understood that. w te as our aux making efficiency like our own personal brand of crack, shouldnt intjs embrace textspeak and informality (so long as it doesnt impair our ability to communicate)? shouldnt we adore being able to skip over "superfluous" punctuation and abbreviate entire sentences? im not saying we should abandon "proper english" entirely (1/2)

CONT:  “ im just wondering why intjs are so often stereotyped as the type to believe that informality on the internet is sacrilege. (not that theres anything wrong w always typing in formal english im js) (2/2)”

INFJ admin: In my opinion Te only cares if things are efficient and if the thing works. If abbreviations are understandable, work well in the sentence, cause 0% confusion and help to shorten things in informal settings, then I think Te has no problem with that– hell, HBF actually types like a complete slob when we’re texting despite having excellent writing skills in formal papers. I actually told him he could help with the blog in the sole condition that he types properly (my blog is a formal place, dammit). Te values efficiency over everything, and if for example unneeded grammar or extra typing causes someone to type very slowly, then they will more likely sacrifice formality for more efficient and faster typing (so long as it’s understandable).

With Te users, the problem comes with the other function– Ni and Si. Ni is a perfectionist, and it can be an overbearing beast– sometimes sacrificing all reason for a complete perfect ideal, especially for Ni-doms. Some Ni-doms (myself included) will absolutely refuse well known spelling errors (like “u” for “you”) used to shorten time spent texting because “it’s just not right” or “it makes me appear unintelligent” (which is a huge thing for xNTJs especially). So we put ourselves through extra work to strive to meet that ideal. Some Ni users (like HBF and others) can forego certain perfectionisms but cannot forgive others– like for example they may spell “you” as “u” to be more efficient, but then the second someone spells “relatable” like “relateable” they’ll be the first ones to correct you. *shrug*

As for STJs, a telltale way to tell them apart is they will write with perfect grammar, punctuation, and spelling because “this is how it’s done” “things should remain consistent” “we have pre-established grammar rules for a reason”, etc. Though they’re usually not against commonly established abbreviations in informal settings.