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Can u extend on maybe johnny and ponyboy's friendship please!!!! Ily 💙💙

friendship is the most crucial and prominent theme of the novel, and the bond between ponyboy and johnny is deep, profound and unique. it is also very important to the main plot, because it reveals a lot about each character individually. i believe that both johnny and ponyboy had a great deal of respect and understanding for one another; they were able to accept each other and treat each other as brothers.

their bond was unlike any of the other members of the gang. they could speak to each other without actually voicing themselves, and they shared a very strong and mutual outlook on life and things in general. johnny killing bob in order to save ponyboy from drowning reveals that johnny was very protective of his friend. on the other hand, ponyboy running away with johnny and equally sharing the blame of bob’s murder reveals that ponyboy was just as protective of johnny. while they were at the church, this relationship strengthened immensely. both boys became closer, because they had to rely on each other.

as i’ve said before, i feel that ponyboy was most likely johnny’s first friend in the gang. ponyboy was the baby, and johnny was the pet, everyone’s kid brother. they trusted each other, looked out for each other, and had each other’s backs. they didn’t have to speak in order to understand each other. their friendship was the epitome of special, and this is why it was so difficult for ponyboy to come to the conclusion that his best friend was gone at the end of the novel.

when ponyboy eventually reads johnny’s letter, it no longer hurt to think about both johnny and dally, because johnny was able to accept his life the way it was, and he was able to tell ponyboy that it was all right to be who he was as an individual. ponyboy, at this point, decided to write the novel so that people in predicaments like himself and his friends are able to know that there is still good in the world, despite the cruelties that they are often faced with.

Elliott Dunstan Testimonial Shitpost

quotes not guaranteed to be exact. in fact mostly the opposite

-incorrigible flirt
-’elliott pls’ @scarletsalamander
-”cant believe it’s #confirmed that the reason ur shouty in hs is bc u cant hear //: problematic” let me live @parasiteseeing
-’i’m stealing all your characters so they can be happy and live in peace’ @lhassinu 2k16 (and probably 2k17 too lbh)
-’one day you’re going to become half caricature half trash and it’ll be amazing’ @viomuses
-re. another blog “a poisonous flower. ily but thats s o pretentious im la ughing dkjd” @parasiteseeing
- “short and salty” - @fairyboydammit
-also @xyriath: “i need a rival” and i’m pretty sure i just accepted that role at some point

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your hurley cosplay sounds so cool! I'm not sure about the hair (the curling sounds pretty nice), but I like your idea for the sash! I kinda always imagined braided vines for it.

thank u!!! i keep flopping back and forth on hair tbh like i definitely see it being short and i have a few potential wigs i could wear but ill always jump at the chance to Not Wear One lmao
and yeah the sash seems p well accepted as how most ppl imagined it so im def goin w that idea!!! mostly i just hope we can get the masks looking good, im not super expierenced in prop making but my girlfriend (who will be sloane) is pretty good with them so im sure well figure them out somehow!!!

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"Who hurt you this badly to make you this way?!" // I HAVE WAITED FOR YOU TO REBLOG THIS MEME BECAUSE OF THIS SENTENCE. HERE U GO.

Deep Ass Starters. |accepting|


Brown eyes widened at Moon’s question, and the mouse just stood their for a moment, staring up at the koala. Part of himself told him to just turn around and leave, because by god he did not want to have this conversation. But he was frozen

His thoughts go to his father. And even the mental image of him caused Mike’s heart to feel as if it were being squeezed, and his breathing became slightly heavier. 

“I, I don’t want,” he mouse began, his voice immediately cracking. It hurt him to be seen in this slightly vulnerable state. “No, no please I can’t talk about it, I can’t talk about him.” 

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I'm the one who asked about "Imagine for once Steve making Tony blush, and when he realizes it, smugly makes him blush more" SO do u think you can write something like that ? 😂 xx also i love ur blog

hi! thanks for loving my blog!

currently I am not accepting prompts, so I will have to decline for now, but you can keep checking!

(also, when I open my prompts, and this will be your request, I will ask you to elaborate and give me more material to work with and make a proper fic out of it, just so you know, for future reference when you ask for fics, writers like to get prompts with a bit more plot and idea behind it)

This just in

Your gender and sexuality are valid even if others don’t understand or find it strange

ok but can we talk about the fact that penelope alvarez wasn’t okay when her daughter first came out, just for the fact that her daughter being gay wasn’t something that she expected, but she never let elena know that. she went out there and did research on lesbian culture, went to a gay club and talked to people about her feelings and was even more affectionate toward her daughter than she usually is just so elena wouldn’t notice her struggle and feel bad about it. she wanted her daughter to know that she’s loved and accepted so penelope went through the entire adjustment period without ever letting elena feel anything but supported. she struggled to accept that change but was still supportive of her daughter from the very first moment and anyway my point is that penelope alvarez is the best kind of parent and i love her

look i got white privilege but even i, a saltine cracker, cant relate to all u other dumbs with white privilege jus being like “just accept the presidency and respect him, he’s your leader” like no??? i’m not going to??? he gives me diarrhea and is a racist like …. y'all also are probably the type of people who are friends w someone who bullies other people but ur ok with them bc they’re nice to u…. so u can choke






You cannot forget not because you want to remember, just because u cannot forget something that has truly hurt you; changed you; altered life for you. All you can do is forgive and find peace in it. Forget, will not happen, just acceptance of it will. Embrace it and move on.
—  lovetrulyalways, My Heart and Brain
8 things I learned by the age of 18:
1. Everything takes time. Whether it’s getting over someone, making a change or finishing something, it takes time. And that’s okay. We’re always in a hurry and we forget to appreciate or even just accept the process.
2. Other people are not the answer. You may think others can heal you or make you feel better, which they might. However, in the end it’s up to you. Learn how to love yourself instead of waiting for someone else to do it. 
3. Grow. Never stop working on yourself, on things you’re passionate about, or on your future. Grow into the person you want to become - even if you’re not sure who that is.
4. The more that you wait, the more time that you waste. Don’t keep telling yourself “you’ll do it tomorrow”. Now is now and who knows what happens tomorrow.
5. Often, people are temporary. Accept it. It hurts, it’s unfair, but sometimes friendships end or people leave. Treasure every moment you have with someone rather than being afraid it could end.
6. Some days will suck and it’s okay. Find peace in the days you’re feeling sad, find peace in being bored. Without having bad days, good days wouldn’t be as good. 
7. Don’t let anyone determine who you are. Only you decide which way you’re going, only you decide what you wear and only you decide what you want to be like. Don’t let anyone take that right away from you.
8. Change is inevitable. No matter if it’s positive or negative, change is one of the few things you can always rely on. Don’t fear it, but feel reassured - you won’t live the same life all along.
—  t.k.

 Genre: Angst, Badboy! au (M)

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Length: 16,038 words

Summary:  He was the boy with the tattoos. And you were the girl who fell for him.

Part: 1/? (Again, if you like, let me know and I can continue)


A fic dedicated to the lovely @jimins-goddess, for being a sweet friend and a great person to talk to. Also consider this an early birthday present x

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I HAVE FEELINGS ABOUT ANY AND EVERY POSSIBLY JEWISH CHARACTER. but i gotta tell u that holster is jewish and the only thing he knows how to make are latkes. that's it. all he can cook is make latkes. but he teams up with bitty (who got his recipe for matzoh ball soup from online, but it's ok as long as bitty made it it'll be good) and on the first night of hanukkah they make dinner for the haus (+ cait, nurseydex, etc.) & holster skypes w/ his family when they light the menorah @ home it's great

you saying that it’s the only thing he knows how to make is making me picture holster’s dinner night at the haus. like every week it’s his day to make dinner and everyone’s just like, whelp, it’s latke time. someone asks him if he’s ever thought of learning how to make something else, he just stares at them for a minute.

what’s his opinion on applesauce v sour cream though?

like literally like. th moment u stop being afraid of liking something, whether its bc its for kids or its not something you usually enjoy or the thing is seen as embarrassing to others, like, the literal Moment you cast those insecurities away and Accept that you like things and like them without question, you feel so, s o much better

like theres so many people right now like ‘why is lazytown popular??? isnt that a k i d s thing???’ ‘why is there a lazytown fandom???’ ‘this is good….if you ignore its for kids its Good’ like

get rid of that!!! that doesnt matter!!! you can still enjoy it!!! it’s ok!!!! literally just let yourself enjoy it!!!!! get as invested as you want in it!!!

like th literal second i stopped limiting myself to enjoying stuff bc it might be ~~~embarrassing~~~ or its ~~~for kids~~~ ive been such a happier + more passionate person??

like. let yourself like things. dont cut yourself off from enjoying something for silly, unnecessary reasons. if you find yourself liking something, go! go watch it! enjoy it! have fun!!!! its ok!!!!!!!!!!

trans dipper stuff !! !

• the reason he wears a hat all the time is when he was like 9 and started realizing he wasn’t a girl, his parents wouldn’t let him cut his hair short but they would let him buy the star hat. so he put his hair up in it and wore it all the time. when he turned 11 or 12, they let him cut his hair short, but he kept the hat bc he was so used to having it on his head.

• and like what if his parents didn’t ever let him cut his hair? or really accept that he wasn’t a girl? and then on the bus in the middle of the trip to gravity falls he just got up and muttered something like “nope, i can’t stand this anymore” and got up and headed for the lavatory at the back of the bus. and Mabel jumped up after him and started banging on the door and yelling bc what if he’d done something really horrible?? but then he just opens the door with kiddie scissors in his hand (from mabel’s Craft Suitcase) and his hair is all weird and messy but it’s //short// and he’s grinning kinda and “sorry i scared you mabel. there was just no way i was gonna meet people i’ll be spending the summer with while i had long hair.” And that’s why his hair is so messy

• in the previous scenario i mentioned, dipper buys his binders from the same site mabel buys her sweaters from, so the parents don’t really bother to check through pages and pages of receipts that say things like “MEOW WOW MID-PURPLE BEDAZZLED SIZE M” for Trans Activity

• stan somehow doesn’t?? know??? enough abt his grandchildren to know that dipper is trans? which is why he gives dipdop the whole pituitary gland talk. like he’s been so out of touch that he hasn’t had much knowledge about dip and mabel before now so he’s just like ‘hi dipper hi mabel!’ when they step off the bus and calls dip by he pronouns and dipper is so relieved

• mabel reads everything she can get her hands on about binder safety and being respectful on pronouns and stuff like that when dipper comes out to her, and she sticks bedazzled post-it notes that say things like ‘remember to cough!’ and stickers that have like 'UR A RAD DUDE’ on them in neon bubble letters, in places dipper will see them

• she swears to dipper that if their parents kick him out, she’s packing up and leaving with him.

like on one hand i get why people get annoyed about overscoring in collegiate gymnastics but on the other hand ncaa gym becomes a million times more enjoyable once you accept that the rules are fake and the scores are fake and its all about entertainment value……. lmao


You know I love everything about new BatB and there are a few special moments which are missed in the original picture of 1991. 

I just can’t stop thinking about Days in the Sun scene (which is more touching and sad than Human Again no doubt) it’s not just because of Beast remembering his mother and how his cruel father didn’t even let him say goodbye to her upon her deathbed (IT’S A REFERENCE TO WHEN BELLE ASKED BEAST TO LET HER SAY GOODBYE TO HER FATHER FOR THE LAST TIME do u understand?!) 

It’s more because of these lines of Belle: 

How in the midst of all this sorrow
Can so much hope and love endure

Belle was quite confused how everyone in the castle is so loyal to Beast FOR GODDAMNed 10 years and they even accepted that they are guilty for the curse somehow. BUT then Belle realized all those feelings LOVE AND KINDNESS AND DEVOTION they had for each other and for their master AND HOW STRONG THEY ALL MIGHT BE and that’s how she started to think that Beast is not that bad and there must be a reason he’s so cold and everything…


happy candlenights everybody, i hope everyones holiday is good no matter how u celebrate it!
i hope all my neurodiverse and lgbtq+ followers are doing good if ur forced to be w family who arent accepting.
Remember: merle had to stick w a dad who pushed his religion on him and he’s still truckin and fuckin.
taako doesnt talk about his sexuality to the doofuses he hangs out w so dont ever feel forced to talk about yours with people who dont make you feel safe.
and if your like magnus and find yourself with a family you had to create yourself rather than being born into, for whatever reason, know that youre feelings are always valid and whatever way you celebrate will never be wrong because they arent blood related.
i hope you all can take this day to breath, relax, and focus on yourself and your own happiness and know that i love each and every one of you ♡

that episode of one day at a time when its the day after elena comes out to her mum is so important

because thats the thing i don’t see tv shows or even ppl talk about an awful lot

me and my girlfriend just had an hour long discussion about how even after two years two whole years!!!! of us being an a committed relationship together (and my mum knowing about me liking girls for about three years now) we still find it difficult to talk to our mums about our relationship or even just gay stuff in general

how we know they love and support us but they still aren’t entirely comfortable about us liking girls

because thats the reality! when u see or hear a story of a parent being accepting of their kid coming out it doesn’t always end there, sometimes they find it hard to process and sometimes they just don’t get it and it’s still a lonely experience even if u know at the core of it they do love u

i’m glad that there is a show where kids can see that coming out isn’t just in the moment, it’s in everything else after the moment