can u help find


Some words I had written in the past but really needed to read again in the present.

Focusing on the present moment, being mindful to what is stable and present -with you, is so important to being able to calm down. Remember to breath, wrap up warm, and allow yourself to rest. It’s going to be ok.
  • 707: hey yoosung i lost something can u help me find it?
  • Yoosung: Sure! What is it?
  • 707: my will to live

Updated some things on my blog

  • Pop Up Links Added so you don’t have to strain your eyes trying to read my pages ! Sorry it took so long lmao. Also theres now a pop-up ask
  • NEW RULES PAGE ! Please read my new rules
  • ADDED A RELATIONS TAB ( which also acts as an Exclusives page )
  • ADDED A VERSES TAB ( there are only two so far lmao )
  • ADDED A TAGLIST TAB ( mainly for myself because I be forgetting shit )

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Hey, do you have some link to watch Skam? I saw all your post and now I want to see it too.

girl i gotchu 

link 1 | some season 2 eps | some season 3 eps | some season 3 eps v2 | season 1 eps | some other season 1 stuff | this lovely youtuber also uploaded a lotta eps!! rip if they get taken down tho lol

ok heres the thing youre gonna probs encounter lots of problems lmfao but thats why i gave u a ton of links so hopefully you can just try them all out if one ep isnt working for you for some reason or another or if one link doesnt have all the eps then hopefully another has the rest?? idk feel free to hmu if theres a specific problem!! 

hope this helps! hmu if u ever wanna talk about skam lmfao


04. idfc theme

i am back and at it again with another theme! it’s been close to a year since i published my last one lmao. Anyway this theme is p cool i’ve been using it on my main for a while now, i’m in love w/ tiny sidebar images lmao, so here u go!

code/live preview


  • 300/400px posts
  • optional search bar (though i highly recommend keeping it, it looks a lot nicer w/ it)
  • infinite scroll
  • 3 links
  • optional title
  • a good amount of color customization as always
  • faded images
  • ..other normal theme stuff lol 

anyway! you can always ask me questions if u need help or if u find anything wrong in the code. Enjoy~

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MC is a piano player, RFA+V and Saeran's reactions?


- Always asking you if you could play while he works

- Anytime he’s on his break, always asking if you could play for him

- Gets you a professional teacher to help you

- If you have concerts, always going to them, and like buys the whole two fronts rows??


- P RO U D

- Sometimes asking you if you can help him find his pitches

- Falls in love with you every time you play??

- And thats a lot


- When he has a headache 

- When he’s sick

- When he’s tired

- 24/7 always asking if you could play for him


- Enjoys the waltzes you play

- Probably encourages you to play in the coffee shop?

- Is always happy when you play

- Loves the slow, loving songs


- When he’s stressed with work, he asks you to play

- Always keeps his headphones off to hear you practicing

- Loves it when you play for him only


- Is very impressed 

- Loves it when he shows off his photography and you’re playing the piano in the background


- Sneaks photos of you playing

- Has a whole folder named ‘MC + PIANO’


- He was annoyed slightly because he’s a stressed baby

- When you play soothing music he sometimes falls asleep??

- Always relaxed when you finish if he’s not asleep

- Never shares your talent with the world

- He wants you to himself

- Scared if you get famous, you’ll forget him.

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omg hi so i looked through voyeurism, mutual masturbation, and blowjob and couldn't find this one fic where dan is flexible and he starts to suck himself off and then phil walks in (this is such a mess). i may have skipped it by mistake but can u pls help lol

The only fic I know of/could find where dan sucks himself off (the terms is self-sucking for anyone intersted) is mine, called Safe, but this is not the description for it by any means. 

Does anyone know?

- Eliza


[I had wanted a heart this whole time, but gaining one so suddenly is (hic) too much to handle at one time. (hic) From the recent events, is this what they call guilt?]

[This hurts; please make it stop.]

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Hi was wondering if you can help me please ,I am looking for a fic that wasn't set in za it was where Rick came to investigate a case which was about missing women, Maggie was a news reporter , Abraham was the captain and Glenn, Shane and t dog was in the story as police officers and Eugene was the coroner, if u can help me find it started reading it and can't find it anywhere now, thanks

Hi there anon. Thanks for the request.  I hope this is the fic you’re looking for:

You Don’t Know by nyese3529

Richonnefics Admin - SBK

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Hey, sorry, I need a little bit of reassurance-- But it's abuse if my mom yells at me for everything, calls me "a lazy selfish bitch", "an error", etc, always treatens to leave me in the streets and sometimes hits me, right? I feel so so so much fake

yes that is abuse. i recommend finding help so u can get out of that situation. stay safe ♥

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Hi! this is kinda random but a few weeks ago u posted a video of some afroamerican dudes dancing to Jongin's verse in a song. I've been looking for the video and the song for awhile now but I can't find it. Can you help me? Thank u

Hello, Anonymous! I think you might be referring to this one? The song is “Can’t Bring Me Down” from EXO’s Lotto album

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im looking for a taehyung scenario where y/n slips on a cliff at the beach and loses her eyesight?? becomes permanently blind and taehyung is trying to help her but shes upset because she found out he was going to propose the day she got into the accident and she thinks he doesnt love her anymore because she's blind. her best friend was yoongi and at the end tae gets her a guide dog! if u can help me find it i would appreciate it😭

that sounds so angsty and sweet TT_TT!

Anyone know it?

Hey so tumblr mobile showed me a

video of a cat in bubble wrap

but of course the shitty app refreshed and now I can’t find it help if any of u reading this reblogged it