can u guess what is my favorite scene in this movie


Lordt….I see why umm… never mind. Let’s just get right into it! LOL



inookii: Hi Luscious! Finally, we meet for our chat. Welcome!
xLUSCI0USx: ty! its an honor to be here
inookii: No it’s an honor to chat with who I think is top 3 (if not #1) sexiest pornstar! How is that going?
xLUSCI0USx: oh hush it, ur gonna make me blush
xLUSCI0USx: its going great :)
inookii: LOL. Now, you’re Director of Modeling at IX, correct?
xLUSCI0USx: yes i am. well one of them. i share the role with Henvoiv.
inookii: Oh OK, does he handle the males and you the females?
xLUSCI0USx: no we tag team the whole department together. we work as a team :)
inookii: Oh cool. And what does you guys’ job entail? What do the Directors of Modeling do? Do you assign the tasks?
xLUSCI0USx: we come up with task, ideas or whatever things we can do to improve our work at ix, and we report back to Aly (the queen of porn in my eyes) 😝

inookii: Yes, she is the greatest at this porn/model group management thing
inookii: Do you inspect and approve work before it hits the tumblr boards, too?
xLUSCI0USx: no, we let our stars post whatever they want as long as it’s not offensive or brings drama
inookii: Oh nice.

xLUSCI0USx: we dont want them to feel like their being censored

inookii: OK, so management but not micro management.

xLUSCI0USx: exactly


inookii: And how did you get started in the porn world? Who discovered you or were you born this way? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: well i met Henvoiv like 2 years ago or longer. After knowing him for a bit i found out he did porn and didnt even know that existed
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: at the time i managed and worked at a strip club that belonged to a friend too. started hanging around him and more ppl of the porn world. he asked me to join and at first i wasn’t.
xLUSCI0USx: i was curious for sure but wasnt sure if i would be able to do it lol
inookii: LOL and now you’re killin it!
xLUSCI0USx: i dont know about that but i enjoy it thats for sure
xLUSCI0USx: i owe it all to him
inookii: Oh please. LOL I know like 3 guys who lust after you daily…and I don’t even know a lot of people.
xLUSCI0USx: lol can i get names?
inookii: Like, my boy Wolfie. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i am single now lol

LUSCIOUS IS SINGLE!!! *waits for stampede*

inookii: Oooo! Let’s talk about your being single…sounds like you’re ready to date. How does that work with you being a pornstar?

inookii: What if your guy wants you to quit?

xLUSCI0USx: im just taking it one day at a time, if a guy catches my attention so be it, but living the single life right now lol

xLUSCI0USx: most guys know what i do and they have to be ok with what i do, cuz i enjoy it and it’s a part of me

xLUSCI0USx: As far as he wants me to quit we would have to be together for a while and i would consider doing it

inookii: Oh, so you’re open to not just pornstars for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: oh yeah, i dont have to date pornstars. As long as they’re nice and sweet i dont care if their pornstars or not

inookii: I agree. Don’t change overnight for anyone.
inookii: Isn’t it funny how guys meet you a certain way, want you to change, but still chase girls who are the way you were when they met you?
xLUSCI0USx: exactly, i dont get it. Dont force me to change, make me wanna change for u
xLUSCI0USx: thats how i see it
inookii: Exactly!!! Inspire the change, madafaka!


inookii: So you model and porn, do you prefer one over the other?
xLUSCI0USx: being a pornstar i definetely enjoy that lol
inookii: lol I bet
xLUSCI0USx: but i love doing photo shoots too. i like to mix it up lol
inookii: You do both very well. Seriously. I think your stuff is always lit!
xLUSCI0USx: aww thanks love, that means a lot. im my hardest critic
inookii: :) So let’s talk dirty….
xLUSCI0USx: my favorite topic lol
inookii: Who’s your favorite porn partner? I know Eric loves you as a partner, but who is yours?
inookii: LOL sorry I’m spilling your beans, E
xLUSCI0USx: lol, Eric is a sweet heart. i love him. not many guys like him out there
inookii: true
xLUSCI0USx: but favorite pornstar….thats a tough one
inookii: Ok top 3
xLUSCI0USx: so many good guys up there
inookii: Don’t worry about feelings. If they’re not named, they’ll work harder. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: obviously supamanexclusive was my top cuz he was my ex but hes gone
inookii: awwwww
xLUSCI0USx: sorry guys if u dont make it its nothing personal :)
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: so my top 3, lets see…
xLUSCI0USx: gotta put Henvoiv on there
inookii: Da Henny!!!
xLUSCI0USx: or as some of the girls call him white chocolate lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: i started talking to Rob from Legends a little more and discovered he’s pretty good
xLUSCI0USx: so he’s in there too, and Gumbosauce…love his stories
inookii: I think I know Gumbo. I’m so horrible at remembering names. :P
xLUSCI0USx: he’s in IX too
inookii: Congrats guys. The rest of you work harder to be on the Luscious List! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol if u guys want to put in the work im available to work with u
inookii: LOL You’re about to be booked til Christmas.


inookii: Im surprised no girls made the list tho
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: Are you strictly dickly or prefer dicks?
xLUSCI0USx: oh i thought we were talking guys only
inookii: Oh is there a top 3 girls?
xLUSCI0USx: no i like the occasional pussy licking lol
inookii: nam nam!
inookii: I mean, oh…interesting! lol
xLUSCI0USx: Aly is number one… no doubt
inookii: Yay, Alyyyy!
xLUSCI0USx: Dolly also is so yummy…our up and coming star, she might take my job away from me lol
xLUSCI0USx: i know ur not a pornstar but i love ur work that u put out… super hot
inookii: Waiiiit…me???!
xLUSCI0USx: yes u, girl ur hot
inookii: LOL I was like huh??? :O
inookii: awwww thank youuuu! you’re sweet.
xLUSCI0USx: yw but just speaking the truth, and i love ur products too
inookii: Aww thanks so much. I’ll send you some, if you have some on your list. The support has been great.


inookii: Do you create, as well?
xLUSCI0USx: no i dont, i dont have the patience to create lol
inookii: lol it IS annoying
xLUSCI0USx: my creativity is in porn lol
inookii: We love your porn
xLUSCI0USx: i tried it once a long time ago and almost threw my laptop against the wall lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im glad my porn brings smiles to ppls faces lol
inookii: I get help a lot. I don’t have the patience or the time all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: i give it to u for doing it still, not my thing lol
inookii: So let’s talk about your porn some more, then…
xLUSCI0USx: sure
inookii: Are the scenes real…or are they poses, or a bit of both?
xLUSCI0USx: ill say 95% or more are real
xLUSCI0USx: i go all in lol
inookii: LOL yesssss!
inookii: And are you into BM poses, BM pose and RP or just RP?
inookii: well, i guess for your work you do have to have the poses.
xLUSCI0USx: bm and rp
inookii: Nice!
xLUSCI0USx: yeah for the most part but rp is the biggest thing with me
inookii: Great RP is key!
xLUSCI0USx: u cant have bad rp cuz then the poses dont do anything. u can still have a great time with basic poses as long as the rp is on point
inookii: true!
xLUSCI0USx: i just cant get into it with guys or girls that have bad rp skills


inookii: So recently, someone was beefing about stuck up pornstars…are you one of the stuck up pornstars? LOL Meaning, are you picky about who you do or …?
xLUSCI0USx: the thing is most ppl are surprised that im not stuck up when they meet me, they always assumed i was stuck up
xLUSCI0USx: but im not really picky with who i work with. ive worked with many different guys from different companies
xLUSCI0USx: the only ones i dont work with are the ones that are always surrounded by some kind of drama, i dont do drama
inookii: LOL omg the drama is at an all-time high!!!
inookii: So who’s on your radar to put in some work with next? Like who are you dying to work with? Or do they come to you since you’re such a umm
inookii: since you’re like top of the line, right now.
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have anyone on my radar right now but i did get to work with Rob recently and he was on my list before we did our pirate scene
xLUSCI0USx: but if anyone out there wants to work with me just let me know lol
inookii: hmmmm… you said Rob twice. I feel like there’s something there. LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol i plead the 5th
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: we just friends and talking thats all
inookii: o.O


inookii: So when was the last time you had a secret affair? Something hot and sneaky.
xLUSCI0USx: oh wow that’s been a while
inookii: Whaat?!?!
xLUSCI0USx: it had to be before i became a pornstar
xLUSCI0USx: yeah ive been a good girl lol
inookii: People are so busy with drama, no one is sneaking into DMs to be freaky anymore? Shame
inookii: LOL @ good girl
xLUSCI0USx: i get some DM on tumblr but its usually from the guys ive worked with
xLUSCI0USx: just a little flirting here and there but nothing big or serious
xLUSCI0USx: im just a flirty person and i guess i bring that out in the guys and in some girls too lol
inookii: LOL Good, we need the fun back. Everybody should flirt and fuck and stop fighting.
xLUSCI0USx: fucking fixes everything lol
inookii: This has been proven lol


inookii: Do you remember what your favorite scene was? The most enjoyable ever?
xLUSCI0USx: probably my first one
xLUSCI0USx: cuz it was new to me and didn’t know what to expect
inookii: The spontaneity and not knowing what to expect was the turn on?
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah ma :p
inookii: So when you and Rob begin to date, how do you imagine the perfect date night to be?
inookii: Are you into dinner and a movie or straight to the bedroom?
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: if Rob or any guy begins to date, a perfect night would be as simple as sitting and hanging around
xLUSCI0USx: i need a guy that keeps my attention with talk, and not make it about sex all the time
inookii: oh gosh, that’s hard to find on imvu
xLUSCI0USx: ik it is
inookii: Everybody is super horny all the time.
xLUSCI0USx: but there’s a few out there that have. that’s what i find attractive on here
xLUSCI0USx: if u do that to me, my panties come off lol
inookii: Yes, someone who has more than dick to offer
xLUSCI0USx: exactly
inookii: Yes, make me wanna give it to you…don’t just crave me. Make me crave you too.
xLUSCI0USx: yep, when guys do that to me im usually the first one that makes the move to head to the bedroom lol
inookii: LOL same
xLUSCI0USx: if u come to me straight up asking for pussy don’t bother cuz u aint getting it
inookii: omg i thought that was just me
xLUSCI0USx: looks like we have a lot in common lol
inookii: Yes. LOL
inookii: Do you date girls on imvu?
xLUSCI0USx: i havent dated any girls on here, just hooked up with a few but just never dated one
xLUSCI0USx: just never happened i guess… but im not against it 😝. hit me up ladies lol
inookii: LOL Wow…I always say girls are for hookups, boys are for dating.
xLUSCI0USx: if i got with a girl she gotta be ok with me getting the penis every so often lol
inookii: Would you date a futa girl? Or would you be a futa for her?
xLUSCI0USx: nothing against them but not really my thing
inookii: Another thing we have in common.
xLUSCI0USx: it has to be a guy dick in me lol
inookii: I have a lot of friends who are, and I love them dearly, but I’m not into it.
inookii: I want my dick to come from a big retarded man lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol u know it


inookii: Do you watch regular real porn or are you too busy making your own?
xLUSCI0USx: oh no i be watching real porn too. always have
inookii: What are you into? Genre? And who is your fav pornstar?
xLUSCI0USx: dont really have a favorite pornstar but i like watching big booty girls get it
inookii: yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: if a girl in the porn isnt hot i cant watch it lol
xLUSCI0USx: do u recommend any pornstars?
inookii: Jada!!! Lol Jada Stevens.
xLUSCI0USx: ill have to look her up
inookii: She’s so sexy.
xLUSCI0USx: if u say she is im sure she is. so i know what ill be looking up later
inookii: Yes, just her demeanor…the way she moans, the way she sucks dick…amazing

inookii: My least fav thing about porn is the cum shot…whats yours?
xLUSCI0USx: my least favorite is how a girl moans. some of them are annoying.
xLUSCI0USx: i fast foward to the parts shes sucking dick and when shes riding the guys dick lol
xLUSCI0USx: sometimes i pretend its me lol
inookii: LOL You’re so bad
xLUSCI0USx: no I’m a good girl lol
inookii: If you had only 5 minutes, would you fast forward to the ride, the dicksuck or the pussy eating?
xLUSCI0USx: the ride  :p
inookii: oooo!  the pussy eating is my fav… and I like to watch anal too
inookii: But Im a prude, not a perv so…lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: So we know that guys who know how to finesse you and make you want them is a turn on…what are some things about you that turn you on. For example, I love to not wear panties…it makes me feel sexy and naughty.
xLUSCI0USx: i like to show off my body. the less clothes i wear the better
inookii: Yesss!
xLUSCI0USx: as u can see right now, i got my tits hanging out lol
inookii: LOL Im covered up like a nice girl.:P
xLUSCI0USx: still looking hot af
inookii: awww ty!
xLUSCI0USx: yvw… wouldnt mind taking u back to my place :p
inookii: OMG! LOL Are we making each other horny??
xLUSCI0USx: sorry didnt mean to say that out loud lol
inookii: LOL Let’s talk about church
xLUSCI0USx: i got horny the minute i walked in here lol
inookii: Have you ever fucked in a church….fantasized about fucking in a church or….? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no i never have but now that u mentioned it im gonna be thinking about it
xLUSCI0USx: lol sorry lord
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: im going to hell
inookii: That would be an awesome porn scene… giving head to the pope, while he’s wearing his gown thingie
xLUSCI0USx: omg girl lol u something else
xLUSCI0USx: i love it
inookii: LOL we’re going to hell
xLUSCI0USx: mhm
inookii: Whats the freakiest place you’ve done it on imvu or irl?
xLUSCI0USx: in rl i fucked in the coat room at my friend’s wedding lol
inookii: omg lol
xLUSCI0USx: ppl just on the other side of the door
xLUSCI0USx: could of easily opened the door and caught us
inookii: Well, at least it wasn’t with the groom or was it? LOL
xLUSCI0USx: no no lol it was my man
inookii: oh ok… and on here?
xLUSCI0USx: on here, ive fucked in public rooms before with ppl watching lol
inookii: omg back in the day??  i miss those days
xLUSCI0USx: mhm  when everyone went to rooms and chill with ppl
inookii: yes and u could walk in and just join a sex act
inookii: now people wanna expose you…like, who slutshames on a sexual game?! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ikr lol but i dont care if someone wants to expose me.  i know i get around lol


inookii: Soo what made you switch from red hair to blue? I love it, btw
xLUSCI0USx: ty love. just wanted to try something new
inookii: Very cute!
xLUSCI0USx: ty :) eventually ill go back to the red at some point. like to keep it fresh
inookii: Are you XPlus or XXL or you just go with whatever’s sexy? Guys wanna know when they go shopping for you. Hint hint!
xLUSCI0USx: i usually wear both. just depends on whats sexy when im going shoppin 😝 lol
inookii: IDK why I thought I saw you with bigger tits. Not that I’m looking O.O  -_- <closing my eyes
xLUSCI0USx: its ok u can look *sits back and lets them out more than they are*
inookii: LOL Girl, your tiddies is showing LOL I just zoomed in!  wooohooo
xLUSCI0USx: told u
inookii: I thought it was just sideboob
xLUSCI0USx: i like to let them breathe
inookii: LOL Lord help me
inookii: Lordt Ok let’s talk about church again
inookii: So… church… lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Who does an aspiring pornstar or someone who wants to leave their crappy group contact to join IX?
xLUSCI0USx: we are looking for some male talent. Anyone interested u can hit me up, or Henny or Aly
inookii: I know Wolfie is dying to become a pornstar. You know him.
xLUSCI0USx: i dont think ive had the pleasure but then again im bad with names if ive only met u once or twice
xLUSCI0USx: but if hes interested tell him to hit me up and we’ll give him an interview. but remember Wolfie, gotta have good rp lol thats the key lol.
inookii: Noooo, you know him. He’ll die if he sees you saying you don’t know him. He worships you.
inookii: Let me find his real WolfBoi
xLUSCI0USx: oh ok now i know who u talking about lol
inookii: The funny thing is he has a gf. I hope she’s not on tumblr to read this.
xLUSCI0USx: sorry gf
inookii: lol
xLUSCI0USx: lol


inookii: Aright so let’s play marry, kill, fuck…
inookii: wait…no kill… Marry, fuck, oral LOL
xLUSCI0USx: ok lol
inookii: Amber Rose, Beyonce, Rihanna
xLUSCI0USx: marry beyonce… girl got money lol
inookii: yessss lol
xLUSCI0USx: fuck amber, and rihanna oral lol
inookii: omg i agree
xLUSCI0USx: lol
inookii: fuck the shit outa amber’s fat ass, and rih is so delicious
xLUSCI0USx: hell yeah… if amber rose showed up at my house i would wish a dick appeared on my body so i can fuck her good lol
inookii: LOL
xLUSCI0USx: all i need is half hour tops lol
inookii: Would you watch Rob do her and then eat her off his dick?
inookii: wait…the interview went left.
inookii: disregard disregarddddttt! LOL
xLUSCI0USx: why u keep bringing his name up? Lol but yes i would lol …i hope he can handle amber rose lol


inookii: Which one is Rob? Robydenell or something like that?
xLUSCI0USx: yes him
inookii: Oh i think i saw his name in beef recently
inookii : LOL the beefs ….let’s talk beefs …very briefly because no one has time for lames
xLUSCI0USx: lol ok
inookii: Do you think these miserable fucks who start beef do it because they’re ugly and bitter or just to get their names out there?
xLUSCI0USx: i think its mostly cuz their bitter but i can see them doing it cuz they want their name out there. what better way to get ur name out there than attack the ones on top
inookii: True. So true. Put some damn work in, you lames! Some good work.
xLUSCI0USx: that’s why some ppl can’t keep ur and aly’s name out of their mouth
inookiiinookii : I hope they choke LOL
xLUSCI0USx: lol we just all need to get along. no need for the hate. we here for fun


inookii : Aright, I’ve kept you here long enough looking at your booty fall thru the seat of the chair and your little cute tits stare at me…LOL
xLUSCI0USx : they like what they see lol
inookii: So before we go, let the fans know how to reach you…and if you have any words of advice for aspiring stars…
xLUSCI0USx: anyone can reach me by messaging me on tumblr…thats the quickest way ill get back to u
xLUSCI0USx: and for all the aspiring stars, keep at it and dont give up
inookii: Now you know some of them need to give up but awww that’s sweet. lol
inookii: jk….never give up!
xLUSCI0USx: lol


I swear, this was so much effin fun!  😜

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Dude I have no idea what the show the labyrinth is but reading your thing made me want to watch all of it then invest and all the merchandise

this is my favorite ask ever and i am going to use it as my PLEASE WATCH LABYRINTH campaign for the several people who’ve said things along the lines of “i’ve never seen labyrinth/ dont know what it is but i’m into this” about my fic. ( @illyriantremors and @birdiethebibliophile i see y’alls tags/replies >:) )

Labyrinth is a cult classic fantasy movie ostensibly for children, along the lines of a modern Wizard of Oz/ Alice in Wonderland. I say ostensibly because it’s the story of a fifteen year old girl coming of age via a fantasy realm of her own imagining in 1986, and thus one of its central features is David Bowie in very tight leggings, leering sexually, wearing leather coats and poet shirts, singing in every other scene, and glittering liberally.

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The protagonist is Sarah and she’s charming and I love her.

Originally posted by altlivia

Baby jennifer connelly brings down the entire fucking kingdom of the dude trying to intimidate her (and FAILING) by making friends with everyone in it! She gets to wear a pretty dress! She’s a realistically immature but also resourceful and kind teenager gets to live out her fantasies and have fun and grow up in a healthy happy way!! She’s a NERD WHO RUNS AROUND IN A PRINCESS DRESS IN THE PARK BY HERSELF.  R E L A T A B L E

Originally posted by neonearthtone

Also, this is a Jim Henson production, so the Labyrinth is populated with crazy puppet shit. WHICH I LOVE, YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARY (hi lauren)

It’s my favorite movie of all time and it’s literally so weird and makes no sense and it’s simultaneously so wholesome and so “wow Jim Henson really did make a full-length film version of a fifteen-year-old nerd girl’s wet dream with a bunch of musical numbers” and also this fifteen-year-old nerd girl was me, probably, the fact that I wouldn’t be born for another ~10 years not withstanding

I mean look at this

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^ me, popping up to tell you to watch this thing

So that’s my pitch, sorry it’s kind of incoherent. bottom line is please watch Labyrinth, so you can be way less impressed with my fic because you can see how many of the lines i just wholesale stole, but also your life will be immeasurably richer for it. Even if u hate it it’s so fucking bizarre it’s worth seeing once. Sadly it is not on netflix but it is VERY easy to find other places, ifyaknowwhadimean

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also if u watch it for the first time as a result of my fic/ this post you are REQUIRED to come and tell me what you thought. ok NOW i’m done <3

Okay so I’m doing my favorite daily activity again, which is thinking procrastinating extremely important work and thinking about the season 2 soundtrack.

So far, we’ve heard at least 5 of the 7 new main tracks (lets exclude the background/atmospheric stuff likely featured on disc 2 for now).

APETITAN obviously is the beast titan theme, heard throughout numerous instances in ep 1-4, the episodes where BT was more or less responsible for the ongoing action. 

YouSeeBIGGIRL or Call of Silence is the new Vogel im Käfig ft Gemie, used during Ymir’s transformation in 5, and the RB transformation in 6. Personally, I’m suspecting it to be Call of Silence, only because its a more general title. Honestly its just a guess though, could be either.

attack音D is what I suspect to be Counterattack mankind 2017, heard twice in ep 2 and once when Eren was standing up to Reiner in 7 before becoming the flying titan. 

ERENthe標, according to Fuku-Shuu, means Eren the coordinate, which is pretty appropriate considering we’re getting the coordinate this season. And since that’s arguably one of the most epic, monumental, large scale intense sequences in the whole manga, it’d be appropriate to give it a theme matching its proportions, which, so far, I suspect to be the track that plays just before RB transform in ep 6 (Reiner revealing his arm, Mikasa slicing and dicing). This definitely is not part of Vogel, we’ve heard portions of Vogel in ep 5 that were covered by this track in ep 6, so its definitely its own thing (can also briefly be heard during the herring scene). It’s probably my favorite track out of all the new ones so far and if it doesn’t play during ch 50 I’ll punch a goat.

Barricades is the upbeat track heard in PV2, which we haven’t heard at all in the season. There is a slight possibility that, when Connie was preparing to leave Rakago behind, the opening notes of that song started playing, but we’re not sure. Quite frankly, I’m starting to get worried about where it’ll end up being placed: it’s way too upbeat for anything starting chapter 48, but too fast paced to only be applied in the middle of some dialogue sequence. The only possibilities I can think of are some sort of extended departure from the wall next episode, or perhaps some point in ch 47 (RBY leaving, SC pursuing maybe). Other than that…I’m out of suggestions where the track would work out. 48-50 are WAY too dramatic for anything really upbeat. 

This leaves us with two tracks yet to be confirmed/heard. son2seaVer….I don’t even know what that means, but that’s not exactly unusual with Sawano. We know it’s not credited to have a vocalist, but that’s not to say there won’t be vocals at all: background vocals, even if by his main singers, aren’t always credited by Sawano. Another track we’ve yet to hear would be the 2nd Gemie track, the one  that isn’t Vogel 2017 (my money on it being YouseeBIGGIRL/T:T). This one definitely has vocals, and we definitely have yet to hear them.  

Those two tracks ultimately are the biggest questions marks left. I was hoping we’d hear some of them during the AT fight, but the 2nd movie OST took over. So….next episode maybe? Hopefully? Pretty please?

We still have a few undetermined tracks used in the season though. An atmospheric background piece at the end of ep 2 when Connie returns to Ragako, which reappears during the RB/Eren talk about the hometown in ep 6, and a little later when Reiner reveals their identities. Another atmospheric track is used in the opening scene of ep 3 in Ragako, it reappears in ep 5 during the snowstorm and ep 6 when Ymir is lifted up the wall and a bit further. There’s a new piano track playing during the yumikuri scene at the end of ep 5, which is pretty damn lovely. Last thing is an ambiance thing playing when Historia is yelling from atop the tower just before CAM 2017 starts, but that could be just the natural prelude to the new CAM. I find it unlikely that any of these tracks are part of the main tracks mentioned above, and suspect them to be the additional tracks listed on the 2nd disc.

Conclusion: we have two main songs that we haven’t heard at all, and we should look forward to them. 

i finished watching the Judas Contract.

ok, guys, let me explain before i start. 1 )I’ve been a fan of the Titans for a long time. i watched the animated series when it aired, when i was 10 y\o. read the comics when i was 16. i prefer the comics version of the characters, but my favorite characters are still the titans i loved from the animated series- i just love their comic book, older personas better. these characters mean a lot to me.

2) i’m used to seeing a lot of shitty products with their brand name on them.

3) i have an entire au in my head that is based around them- it sort of combines my favorite elements from the show and comics into one.

I’m telling u all of it because this is the closest version i’ve seen of the titans i have in my head. and for that, i’m already impressed. i enjoyed this movie a lot- i know it’s far from being perfect, and i’ll address it soon. but my review is mostly positive, because i came in with very low expectations, and got a pretty good product. 

spoilers from now on:

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Twenty One Pilots x Reader : Friday Night Fun

A/N: As always, requests open. Love you guys! Sorry if I’m inactive or not posting as much, due to school starting up this week. Don’t be afraid though, I still plan to check in daily and try to at least post one fanfic a day. I love you all! You’re amazing! Hope you enjoy this!

You went to the drive thru of Taco Bell, ordering their favorite burritos and a couple drinks too. You knew Josh and Tyler had a long day at the studio, and they would be exhausted, tired, and hungry by the end of the day. You grabbed the food and drove to the studio, arriving with two large bags full of Taco Bell. You knocked on the door, and their manager let you in, and you walked in, standing outside the glass of where Tyler was recording some vocals. “Hey y/n!” Josh greeted happily.

“Hello,” you smiled. “I thought I’d bring you boys something to eat.”

“That’s really nice of you,” he grinned. “Thank you. Tyler should be done soon. We just finished recording my drums.”

“How’d today go?” you wondered, handing him a bag.

“It was a long day, but it was fun. We got a lot accomplished,” he stated. He took a peek in the bag and instantly smiled. “How’d you know my favorite order?”

“I know you guys,” you just laughed.

“Thank you so much,” Josh repeated. “You’re awesome y/n.”

Tyler looked around and you guys made eye contact, and he grinned. A couple minutes later he was done recording, and he got out of the studio, greeting you with a hug. “Hey y/n!” he exclaimed.

“Hi Tyler,” you chuckled. He released the hug and you handed him a bag, and he looked in, a huge smile spread across his face.

“You didn’t have to,” he insisted.

“But I did, because you guys deserve it,” you reminded. “How you feeling?”

“Tired, but we got a lot done, so happy,” he nodded slowly. “Good job, Josh.”

“You too, Tyler,” Josh replied.

“So what do you guys feel like?” you wondered.

“Maybe a nap,” Josh joked. “That sounds nice.”

“Come on, let’s get out of here,” you rolled your eyes. You argued with Tyler about driving until finally he complied, and you drove them both to your house, both of them in the back seat eating their Taco Bell and singing a silly song about Mexico. You, Josh, and Tyler had all been good friends growing up. While they started a band, you started your own business, however you still all stayed close. It was always on Fridays when you’d all get together and hang out, whether they were at the studio or on tour or whatever. Your job was flexible, and you were able to travel if they were a while away, and if not, you could always still Facetime them.

“Hey y/n, I had an idea,” Tyler piped up.

“What?” you wondered.

“How about we go watch a movie?” he asked.

“Oh yeah!” Josh agreed. “I’ll buy.”

“You sure?” you wondered. “What movie are we even going to watch?”

“I don’t know, but let’s go. Come on, it will be fun,” Tyler begged.

“What time is it?” you inquired. “Are there even any showings left?”

“Of course there is,” Josh insisted. “Come on.”

“Okay, okay,” you agreed, making a U turn and driving to the nearest movie theater. You looked in your rearview mirror, sneaking a glance at the boys in the backseat, who were busy munching on their tacos. You pulled into the parking lot and they threw away their trash, and you walked into the movie theater, looking at the board.

“There’s only one showing left,” the employee sighed. “Sorry guys.”

“It’s fine. Uh, what movie is it?” Josh wondered.

The employee pointed at the marquee, and you all three looked up, staring at what it read. It was a horror movie, and you cringed, but the smile on the boy’s faces was impossible to resist. “Y/n, it’s a horror movie!” Tyler exclaimed. “That means a thrilling adventure filled with stupid screaming and really cheesy monsters and jump scares.”

“I think it would be fun,” Josh shrugged. “What do you say?”

“Let’s go!” Tyler grinned.

“You’re just saying that because I’m paying for it,” Josh laughed.

“No, really. I think it would be fun. Don’t you y/n?” he asked.

“Uh yeah,” you nodded, although you weren’t quite sure what you were getting yourself into. It sounded like something strange, and it wasn’t every day you would go to the movie theater with the boys, so you decided heck, why not. “Let’s go.”

“You sure?” Josh wondered. “It’s okay. I know you’re not always the biggest fan of horror films.”

“What am I? A crybaby?” you retorted. “I can put up with it.”

“Okay,” Josh chuckled. “Just looking out for you, y/n.”

“Thanks,” you whispered, giving him a small smile.

Josh bought you guys the tickets, Tyler got a large popcorn for the three of you to share, and you bought a couple pops for everyone, and you all entered the theater with a couple minutes to spare, Josh sitting in between you and Tyler. During the commercials, trailers, and previews before the film, you all tried to throw popcorn in each other’s mouths, acting like children. One of your favorite things about being with Tyler and Josh was the fact that you were always having fun, no matter where you were or what you were doing. They always managed to find a twist on life, make things seem better and bigger than they appeared, and there was never a dull moment between the three of you.

The movie began to start and you all calmed down a little bit, staying in your chairs and beginning to watch. The first jump scare made you stifle a scream, but you heard a pathetic feminine sounding yelp and you and Josh both whipped your heads around to stare at Tyler, who had just jumped in his seat and spilled the popcorn all over his lap. You and Josh both burst out laughing, Tyler’s face turning red but eventually joining in with the laughter, and then you guys kept watching. A few scenes made a shiver go down your spine, but when someone got murdered all of a sudden, you found all three of you accidentally let out a scream. Once there was a really good jump scare, and you practically fell into Josh’s lap, jumping up and falling on top of him, and you both chuckled, you mostly embarrassed. Another time Tyler jumped back, and hit his head on the seat, making you concerned, but he reassured he was just fine. The rest of the movie was filled with occasional yelps, screams, laughs, and also Josh almost falling out of his seat, but it was a great experience nonetheless.

When the movie was over and the lights came on, all three of you stared at the mess of popcorn and spilled drinks you had created, looking at each other and bursting out laughing. The ride home, which Tyler insisted he would drive instead of you, you three tried to guess who was scared the most. “Definitely y/n,” Josh chuckled, turning to you. “You almost fell on the floor!”

“Me?” you laughed. “You did fall on the floor!”

“How about Tyler’s screams though?” Josh reminded.

“Shut up, you were scared as heck too,” Tyler rolled his eyes. “Josh was just trying to be brave.”

“Whatever,” Josh shook his head.

“I thought it was fun,” you grinned. “I’d do it again.”

“We caused a mess though,” Tyler reminded.

“Yeah, but we always do, no matter where we go,” you admitted.

“So what do you think? What’s up next?” Josh wondered.

“Most places are closed,” Tyler sighed.

“Yeah, that rules out most things,” you added.

“How about my place? Since we’re already kind of freaked, how about we watch some Stranger Things on Netflix? Creep us out even more,” Josh offered.

“Sounds scary,” you cringed.

“Sounds like fun,” Tyler shrugged.

“Sounds like a plan,” Josh decided.

“Let’s do it,” you all three agreed. Looked like this night would be filled with a lot more screaming, laughing, but also tons of fun. There was nothing else you’d rather do then spend time with your two best friends in the entire world.

every moment that can POSSIBLY be classified as pynch in trc part 1: the raven boys

alternatively titled: i have nothing to do with my life now that this series is over…. let me enjoy myself


Last week, he and Adam had taken turns dragging each other on a moving dolly behind the BMW, and they both still had the marks to show for it. (pg. 21)

this is the first mention of them interacting off-screen and it is so funny bc like…. don’t they hate each other??? don’t they only associate because of gansey??? what the fuck are they doing just dragging each other around for funsies??

Adam Parrish had been Gansey’s friend for eighteen months and he knew that certain things came along with that friendship. Namely, believing in the supernatural, tolerating Gansey’s troubled relationship with money, and co-existing with Gansey’s other friends. The former two were problematic only when it took time away from Aglionby, and the latter was only problematic when it was Ronan Lynch. (pg. 38)

this is my favorite thing… it has always been the best thing bc I’m….. it’s like adam…. this is your FIRST POV you have the opportunity to make it ALL ABOUT YOU! but he doesn’t lmao!!! he starts his first point of view talking about how he can’t stand ronan I’m living anyway we continue

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Genre: angst/fluff

Length: :D

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Swearing

Part 19/?

Gif credits

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Well, here we are again at the end of the year. Last New Years I compiled some good things from 2013. Figured I’d make it a tradition. Here are my favorite things from 2014:

  • The Bumblebee Dance (RWBY)

I’ll be honest in that I was never much into Bumblebee compared to White Rose. That was until season two when I started to like their interactions. I never expected that in the same season those two would dance together. It made me quite happy. We only got to see the end of their dance on screen, but that was good enough for now. It’s too bad Sun had to come in and ruin everything. 

  • Captain Earth

Ever since Eureka Seven, I have followed Bones closely, considering them my favorite anime studio. I always anticipate that they will make something that will catch my attention like Eureka Seven, like they did with Xam’d. This year, they did, with Captain Earth. It gave off some Eureka Seven vibes, so I was immediately interested and set off to follow it day one. I started watching it for the Eureka Seven feeling, but it became it’s own thing, and held my interest with it’s story and the interactions of the main team, as well as the individual stories of the main antagonists. It was definitely one of my favorite anime of the year.

  • Eureka Seven returns on Blu Ray

Speaking of Eureka Seven, that which I wanted to happen finally did. The series was rereleased on Blu Ray, along with the movie itself. I have long since rewatched the whole series and the movie. It is still the best anime series ever, and I am glad that the world was graced with a Blu Ray edition of it. 

  • Frieza’s glorious return announced

Now here is a glorious return I never expected, but welcome all the same. For a long time, Frieza has been made a laughing stock in the Dragonballs Z series, starting with Trunks one shotting him, which I’m still not pleased about. After that, Frieza appeared a few times, only to be humiliated again and again. I never thought he would get the respect he deserves…until they announced him as the main villain for the next major movie, and are having him train for the first time in his life. THE FIRST TIME IN HIS LIFE. The power he had that forced Goku into his Super Saiyan form for the first time was his own innate power that he didn’t even have to work for. With him training, the Z Fighters and the world will learn to fear Lord Frieza once again, and I can’t wait to see it. 

  • Godzilla 2014

This year has been an excellent one for glorious returns, and among that prestigious list stands the King of the Monsters, Godzilla himself, in a worthy portrayal in the first movie of the new Legendary Godzilla franchise. Though his appearances in the movie were brief, they did him justice, and his confrontation with the memorable new Kaiju pair the Muto was one of the best scenes among many in this excellent movie. Though his return does not end this year, as sometime in 2015 Toho will be making a new Godzilla movie for the first time in years, and the sequel to Godzilla 2014 will follow in 2018, with Godzilla facing three of some of the most famous Kaiju from the Toho series. I cannot wait to see both of these movies. They are sure to make this list in future years. 

  • Gotham

Batman is for sure my favorite comic book hero, and more than once I’ve related to him on a personal level. As such, I was excited to hear there would be a TV series before he took on the cowl, showing the origins of Bruce Wayne and the rise of crime in Gotham. With Jim Gordon as the main character, we got an interesting look at how an ordinary man deals with Gotham’s worst, and it did not disappoint. I can’t wait for the series to return from it’s break. 

  • Hanabi and Hinata’s relationship expanded upon

This certainly won’t be the last Naruto related thing on this list, (You can probably guess what the other thing is.) but it outdoes everything in the cute department. Just look at this image. It is by far the most diabeetus inducing image in the history of anime, and seeing Hinata and Hanabi’s relationship unfold is even better. We never knew much about their relationship, until the anime team (bless them) decided to dedicate two episodes to it, revealing how dearly Hanabi loved and admired her sister, until the two were torn apart by rigid regulations of the Hyuga clan. The rift between did not last fortunately, and the episodes were an excellent setup for the upcoming movie. I can only hope at the end of it all that the two sisters remain united. 

  • Hyrule Warriors

I love Hyrule Warriors. I cannot say that enough. It is everything I’ve dreamed of as a Zelda fan, and it gave me so much more than I ever expected. There are a few times in the Zelda series where you can play as other characters besides Link, but they are short and sweet and always leave me wanting more. Well I got more, and then some. If you told me that two years after Skyward Sword I would get to play as Fi, I wouldn’t believe you. But Hyrule Warriors made it a reality, and it was pure joy. Playing as Midna, Zant, Ghirahim, and Ganondorf was also wonderous, and topped off with a bevy of Zelda fanservice, Hyrule Warriors is one of my stand out games of the year, and I still haven’t even gotten close to 100% completion. I look forward to what characters they will bring for the sequel, when I’ll likely still be playing the first game. (Make Saria playable this time or else…)

  • Kill La Kill Finale

Kill La Kill was a ride, filled with humor and very memorable moments that left me in disbelief and in awe. Watching it was a journey, and when the story culminated in the final showdown, with Ryuko and Satsuki finally bonding as the sisters they should have been, it was an excellent end to a great series. Ryuko and Satsuki are right up there with Hinata and Hanabi as the best sisters. 

  • Majora’s Mask 3DS Confirmed

This was what I and many others wanted for a long time, and after a lot of teasing, this year it was finally confirmed. Majora’s Mask is being remade for 3DS, like Ocarina of Time. From what I’ve seen already, it looks fantastic, and there are a number of interesting changes already, from Gyorg’s redesign to the potential complete overhaul of Clocktown with it being seamless and having no loading screens. I’m very excited about this remake, and can’t wait to have it in my hands. 

  • Nagi no Asukara Finale

Nagi no Asukara was on my list last year as the stand out anime of the year, and it deserves a spot again this year. Nagi no Asukara is one of my absolute favorites, right up there with Eureka Seven. It is an exceptional anime, with a beautiful setting and unique story that came to an excellent end this year, with a conclusion that was heart wrenching and in the end heart warming. I love this series dearly, and what I want more than anything now is a Blu Ray release in the US so I can experience it’s majesty again. 

  • Sekai Seifuku

This show was another favorite anime of mine this year, with it’s unique story and characters and crazy brand of humor. It was an interesting look at a ragtag group of “villains” who want to take over the world, with a precocious little girl as the leader who is not what she seems. Top of it with having one of the cutest duos (Asuta and Renge) and you have a great show that is worthy of this list. 

  • Sonic Boom Hilarity

I was iffy about Sonic Boom right when I first saw it. It had all the makings of a trainwreck, and in the end I was right. I never bought it, as I could not possibility support such a grievous mistake. However, I’ve seen plenty of the game, and the one good thing I can say about it is that it is the funniest damn game of the year for it’s glitches and absurd moments like the one in the picture. It has provided much entertainment. Just not in the way the developers wanted. The other silver lining is that the TV show itself is actually good. 

  • Zelda Wii U gameplay demo

This is the one other thing on the list I never expected to see this year. I thought that anything Zelda Wii U would be saved for E3 2015, but Geoff Keighley and Reggie Fils Aime pulled the rug out from under us with some brand new actual gameplay footage of Zelda Wii U, showing off the massive map and the game mechanics. It was a joy to behold, and the only bad thing is that it left me wanting more. 

  • Toph’s Return

Finishing out the year of glorious character returns is none other than Toph Beifong, the greatest earthbender and metalbender to ever live. She has been my favorite Avatar character for a long time, and it was wonderful to see her again in Korra. I wish she had done more in the time she appeared, but just seeing her one last time was great. 

  • The Legend of Korra finale

After her traumatic poisoning at Zaheer’s hands, season four was about Korra’s road to recovery and her eventual triumph over the final series villain: Kuvira, The Great Uniter. Kuvira was a foil to Korra, and she was very much part of Korra’s recovery, as she represented Korra overcoming herself. The finale of Korra was an excellent conclusion that brought all the major players together in a bid to take down Kuvira’s Mecha Giant, ending with a final confrontation between Korra and Kuvira, with Mako and Bolin getting their own moments to shine. In the end Asami reunites with her father, working together for the first time in years. Though it ends in heartbreak for Asami, she finally gets a moment of peace, vacationing with Korra in the Spirit World. There we see for the first time that Korra and Asami are actually together officially, and the two of them finally get the peace they deserve. It had been a tough road for Korra, but in the end she made it, and her legend will be cemented for all time. I followed the series since the beginning, and though it did have some narrative problems, it was a great show and I’m glad I went through Korra’s journey with her.

  • NaruHina CONFIRMED

This…this right here is the pinnacle of a long journey of more than ten years. My longest supported anime pairing, Naruto and Hinata, of which I went through a rollercoaster ride as the two of them were tested and threatened again and again, each growing by using each other as a source of inspiration and strength. Finally, after countless battles and fearsome enemies, the two of them triumphed and found each other, finally getting together. I had been waiting for this one moment for so long, and to finally have it happen brings me such joy. Truly the defining moment of 2014, and it isn’t over yet. There is still the movie that shows how they get together. Nothing is going to stop me from seeing that movie, even If I have to travel halfway across the world. The movie is culmination of their relationship, and is everything I have ever wanted to see. I can’t wait to see it, and may NaruHina live forever.

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omg do hunger games

1. Favorite scene of the series.

Probably the scene where Katniss is looking at Peeta’s drawings and sees the one of herself in silver because like WOW, WOW, YOU TAKE THIS SHIV AND YOU PUT IT IN MY HEART AND IT HURTS SO MUCH BUT IM SMILING BUT IT HURTS and like, as much as Mockingjay is the hottest of hot messes, the Katniss/Peeta Hamlet/Ophelia realness is probably my favourite thing in the series idek their relationship/joint arc is so complex and flips so many ya relationship conventions and gender norms on its head and i love it and them so much soooo much

2. Favorite villain

Probably the Careers - if they can be counted as ‘villains’. MORE ON THIS LATER~

3. Least favorite “main character”

I don’t consider him a “main character” really but, like. Gale. More on this in #12

4. Favorite “sidekick”

Again, not really a sidekick series? As far as secondary characters go, I pretty much like them all - Finnick and Annie would probably be my favourites.

5. Character you love to hate.

CAREERS LET’S TALK ABOUT THE CAREERS. Child soldiers literally raised to fight and DIE in the games and told that it’s the only thing that matters, only to get into the arena and realise how precious their lives are and how they’ve been wasted by their parents and society just before they die ITS SO FUCKED UP IT IS LITERALLY THE MOST TRAGIC THING and i looooved the extra Careers stuff in the movies because like, THESE KIDS PROBABLY GREW UP TOGETHER AND TRAINED TOGETHER AND THEY BAND TOGETHER KNOWING FULL WELL THEY’RE ALL GONNA TRY AND KILL EACH OTHER IN THE END let’s talk about Clove/Cato let’s talk about how hopeful they must have been when the Capitol said a pair of tributes could live LETS TALK

6. Favorite friendship

HAYMTICH/KATNISS/PEETA MESSED UP VICTORS IS EVERYTHING TO ME TBH. I love their relationship so much and how theyre like, I CARE ABOUT U SO MUCH IM SO MAD ABOUT IT because there is that connection there of being the only people who understand what it’s like to survive the games and even though they resent that connection and the suffering it’s caused, they’re obviously really glad to have each other and to be able to support one another? And like that just goes double for Haymitch who has had to mentor these kids for years and years just to watch them die, and then suddenly get this pair that not only both survive but like START AN ENTIRE REVOLUTION and he’s been pretty much not caring about anyone for like, 20 years and then suddenly TWO REALLY DUMB DANGER PRONE KIDS HE CAN’T HELP BUT LOVE katniss and haymitch taking their pain over losing peeta out on each other is so much it is SO MUCH

7. Friendship that never felt real to you.

Look. You know that kid you’re best friends with when you’re little, and you run around together and you make mud pies and you hang out at each others houses, but then you get to high school and you make other friends and the old friend doesn’t and they get real fuckin whiny, and real fuckin angsty, and you end up not inviting them to your bowling alley birthday party and they get really upset and tell your mum, and then the two of you never talk again but because you live in the same town you still see each other sometimes and make awkward eye contact before looking away and pretending it never happened? That it Gale and Katniss.

8. Favorite wise-guy/jokester character


9. Least favorite villain

I really feel like in this series - and in most dystopias, tbh - the villains are really underdeveloped. Like, what the protagonist is fighting against is ~the regime~ and the villain is just kind of a face for/the embodiment of that regime and so we don’t really get to know them as a person? I feel like the humanisation of the enemy/bringing them down to the same level as the protagonist is an interesting and underused plot device in dystopias. Anyway, I guess I’d have to say Snow? Or Coin, idk we don’t really know either of them and can only judge on the shady shit they do. One of the things I really like about the Hunger Games movies is how they show us more of Snow and behind the scenes of the Capitol dictatorship, which I really think was missing from the books.

10. Least favorite book

MOCKINGJAY OH LORD JESUS SAVE ME FROM THIS HOT ASS YA MESS. I get what she was going for, I really do, but jfc this was just a badly structured book. Frustratingly small in scope, terrible to like half or even more than half the characters - just all over the place, seriously. So much of this series’ world and secondary characters are so poorly developed and just lacking in detail, idk I find it really takes away from my enjoyment of the series.

11. Talk about a character with a bad story or character arc.

WHERE TO START LITERALLY WHERE TO START. Shoutout to Johanna, Prim, Gale (yes. even Gale) and a trillion others but this one has to go to Finnick and by proxy Annie because like YOU DIDN’T FUCKING NEED TO TAKE THIS ONE SUZANNE AND YOU KNOW IT, I GET IT THE FUTILITY AND SENSELESSNESS OF WAR BUT LIKE YOU ALREADY TOOK ENOUGH FROM THEM like Finnick was prostituted out by the Capitol for YEARS and you implied that Annie was sexually tortured by the Capitol and they were both battling with mental illness and probably ptsd and a whole host of other traumatic shit and they actually carved out a place in the world together where they could be HAPPY but oh no, FInnick has to go get eat by a bunch of rabid ANIMALS like they were messed up enough for it not to be a happy ending which u are so clearly against!!! You suck on the real

12. Character that just pisses you off no matter how much you try to like them.

I am not about stock characters. I am not about Nice Guy assholes who give girls ultimatiums because they feel insecure in their relationships. I am not about personality-less, barely there for two thirds of the series, mainly seen through the memories of the protagonist 'love interests’ that are meant to bring drama and tension to an already complex and dynamic romantic relationship and thus I am not about Gale Hawthorne, ever, in this life or the next.

13. Plot device used too much


14. Favorite character death scene

I didn’t /enjoy/ it, but I think the most significant/best written death in the series is definitely Rue’s. It hits you right when it’s meant to and is just the most chilling and sobering proof of the brutality of the Games, and you can see how it changes Katniss and how it, in turn, changes the reader. Much more poignant and cleverly crafted than the endless stream of death in Mockingjay (I know, I know, the pointless savagery of war, deaths that serve no purpose, IT WAS STILL A HOT MESS OF A BOOK I WILL STAND BY THIS FOREVER).

15. An abandoned or unanswered plot line that will always bug you.


Rogue One Initial Thoughts

Wait first off I have to say….you guys…. I saw this movie on Monday (12/12/16) at a press screening and have been literally D Y I N G keeping my lips zipped until the movie actually came out to the public!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BUT NOW I CAN TELL YOU GUYS ALL MY THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS AND THINGS OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!

Anyway since I will be spilling spoilers left and right, everything is under a cut. DO NOT READ IF YOU DON’T WANT ROGUE ONE SPOILERS!!!!!

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here are sum more recommendations of shows/documentaries/movies on netflix to watch when you’re sick or feeling bad (it’s under construction and i’ll add more later but yea)

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aurora x diaval oops

                                        paps your face because otp

001 | send me a ship and I will tell you:

  • when I started shipping it if I did: I’m gonna be 100% honest, the moment I saw him as a person I was like oh god dammit I’m going to end up shipping him with the princess why me. No joke, that’s like basically what I thought. ; u ;“
  • my thoughts: wOW they are perfect, just they’re so comfortable with each other (obviously) and they seem to make each other happy
  • What makes me happy about them: just anything with them interacting in makes me happy. also the fact that she gets to call him pretty bird because UGH WOW RIGHT IN THE HEART.
  • What makes me sad about them: those scENES IN THE MOVIE – the first one being where Aurora’s asleep and the camera just fOCUSES ON HIM looking at her with like this little sad expression that lOOKS TOTALLY LOVELORN TO ME OKAY. Also the same expression he gets when Maleficent’s all "there is no true love” and he’s like well what if aurora doesn’t think that mally ??? huh ???
  • things done in fanfic that annoys me: this one is really complicated for me. I like the idea of her relieving stress from being queen by hanging out with him, but I also kind of really don’t like her only liking him so that she can feel free from it. That’s just kind of icky for me for some reason.
  • things I look for in fanfic: idk. just. fANFIC OF THEM. tbh my crappy one shot is one of the only three that isn’t ot3 friendly sobs ( i mean i don’t mind ot3s but i just ??? don’t ship them ??? )
  • Who I’d be comfortable them ending up with, if not each other: Probs Maleficent for either & Philip for Aurora I guess ?? I’m not a major shipper of the others, but I like Malora and I don't dislike the others.
  • My happily ever after for them: tbh ?? Aurora being all ‘WHATEVER SYSTEM I GREW UP IN THE FOREST LET ME HAVE A RAVEN KING" and then doing that. she’s the queen, y0. 
  • who is the big spoon/little spoon: diaval’s probs the big spoon but really who cares which side either of them is because aH THEM CUDDLING EITHER WAY
  • what is their favorite non-sexual activity: playing around (like hide and seek and stuff iMAGINE THEM RUNNING AROUND THE CASTLE LIKE LITTLE KIDS), cuddling, joking around, trying to prank maleficent because they’re lil shits

athenaswatch-dog-deactivated201  asked:

Percy got everyone to "make plans" so Nico's lonely and finally gives into texting Jason, you can take it from there. A little cuddles would be nice. It being Winter would be nice too.

took me a while but here it is. A lot of texting and piper! and i think i like seeing the people bet on other’s relationship.

6:34 PM from “Coffee Shop Cutie”


Jason looked at his phone in shock. It had been two weeks since he had given Nico his number and this was the first time that the boy had texted him. Piper raised an eyebrow.

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