can u get wit it

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I just want the pumpernickel sis in the linens wit them. Can my hot fudge bitches get wit your vanilla friends?

u got the lyrics wrong but u have my love for quoting azealia banks


Throwback Thursday

Can U Get Wit It (1994)

Before Usher was USHER, this was the first single off his self-titled 1994 debut and introduced the R&B world to a then-15 year old Mr. Raymond. The song and video received weren’t received too well due to the underlying sexual content and thus the single tanked on the Billboard Hot 100 at #59. However, he scored his first R&B/Hip-Hop Top 20 hit at #13. Not one to be deterred, he came back strong after his first album flopped with 1997’s My Way and the rest, they say, is history. 

I’ve always felt that Usher’s longevity in the game has been overlooked. Sure, he’s had his ups and downs but he’s been around for 20 years and throughout this lengthy period of time, he’s given us numerous hits, classic albums and has established himself as one of the top performers of his generation. 

*Note how the haircut he’s rocking in this video is sorta similar to the faux hawk he sports sometimes.

Living With 5sos

U: Alright guys. Get your lazy butts out of bed.

M: But I don’t wanna!

U: I didn’t either, Michael. But it’s almost two in the afternoon so you should probably get up.

A: Where’s all the pineapple?

U: You ate it all last night. Remember? You were watching that movie and-

A: Can we not talk about that movie?

C: Why? Did it scare you?

U: Calum, shut up! And alright Ash. But we still don’t have anymore pineapple.

A: Okay.

U: I’ll go get more pineapple later.

U: Luke, get up! Are you still cuddling that penguin?

L: It’s soft. And you won’t cuddle me so yes I’m cuddling it.

U: I won’t cuddle you cuz you need to get up.

U: Lucas Robert Hemmings! What have I told you about sticking your tongue out at me?! It’s very disrespectful!

L: Sorry.

U: Just please get out of bed.

L: Okay.

U: Thank you.

U: Calum seriously?! You just got out of bed! Put some clothes on!

C: But I’m going to take a shower.

U: Then get in the bathroom!!

U: Michael give him his towel back!

U: Ashton stop whining about the pineapples!

U: Michael what is with you and taking stuff that isn’t yours?! Give Luke his penguin back!!

U: Michael, come here!

L: Ooooo you’re getting in trouble.

U: Zip it Hemmings. Or the same fate awaits you.

M: What is it y/n?

U: Sit on this couch. No touching anything. No talking to anyone. And no playing video games. Got it?

M: Awe but why?!

U: Because you need to learn that it’s not okay to take other people’s things!



U: Luke you’re going to get beat up.

L: No I’m not.

A: I will beat the living shit out of you.


A: Sorry y/n.

U: Just sit down and stay still. Please. Both of you. And no penguin Luke.

A, L: Yes y/n.

U: Thank you.

U: Calum I swear to god if I see your bare ass again!

C: Well stop looking!

U: Go put some pants on!

U: You’re own pants you nit wit!

M: Can I get up?

U: Have you learned your lesson?

M: Yes.

U: Then you can get up.

M: Yay! Hey Cal, wanna go play some FIFA?

C: Yea! Lets go!

U: Calum out clothes on first!

C: Ugh fine!

U: Oh my god you guys are insane.

A: It’s them. Not us.

U: Shut up pineapple boy.

L: Haha pineapple boy.

U: What was that penguin boy?

U: That’s what I thought.

L: Can we watch a movie?

U: No.

L: Why not?

U: Because I said so.

L: Please?

U: No.

L: Awe

U: Ashton I’m going to go get some pineapple soon. Do you want to come?

A: Sure!

L: Can I come too?

U: I guess so.



U: Oh boy.


I might sound a little hasty…

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u probably get in gud wit hpopular artists so u can get free art

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Honey, tell me again where you see any of this so-called “free art” I receive? Because I’m pretty sure I’ve spent a few hundred over the years on all this “free” art.

Unless you’re referring to gifts I’ve received, in which case I have never asked people to make gifts for me. And there are only a handful of gifts I’ve received.

Also, why would I ask for free art when I can make my own?

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